Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeff Gives it to Ronnie, Jeff: “Trust? Somone FUcked us remember”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
7:40pm HOH Ronnie and Jordan. Ronnie tells Jordan that laura said “I swear to God if I survive this week Ronnie is gone.” Jordan explain that Laura was upset and really didn’t mean it. Ronnie says he tried telling Jeff his plan. Jeff wouldn?t talk until POV was over. I said my plan was for Jeff or Laura to win POV so we can backdoor Russell. Jordan says that it doesn’t matter everyone would keep RussJordan says laura is positive she’s going home, she misses her parents. Ronnie brings up how Jeff won the POV by estimating the amount in a handful of coins.
Ronnie cruses himself for not getting it. Jordan says the veto was really hard. Ronnie aggress it was. Jeff in there now, they start talking about the veto competition. Ronnie telling him that he

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

wished that he had thought of counting how coins were in one handful Jeff explains what he did we had to get $20 so I grabbed a handful of quarters and then counted how much it was. It was $5 so than i grabbed 4 handfuls to get the amount. Jordan woonders how he was able to figure that out so quickly. Jeff says he just counted he was afraid that people would catch on to his strategy and tell Natalie what he was doing but they didn’t. Ronnie he lost because in the first
round he counted what he thought was $10 needed $100 worth but seconded guessed himself and just started throwing it in. He ended up with over $600


Ronnie is saying it was his master plan to nominate Jeff and Laura so he can backdoor Russell and he’s trying to say he’s threatened by Laura now because she wants to put him up. Ronnie tells him that backdooring Russell is part of his strategy this week. he knows they don’t believe him. Ronnie says the other group want Russell out. He says that they were wanting you guys to be the ones that do it. Kevin wants him out. Lydia wants him out. If it’s Laura and Russell up, Russell will go.

Jordan has trouble understanding why russell
Ronnie explains that Russell is making deals with everyone. Jeff says I don’t know it’s hard for me to trust you, bro, you put me up. You said you were going to put pawns up and you did it and you’re still not sticking to “your plan.” If everyone wanted Laura out why did you put her up?

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Jeff calls Ronnie the mastermind, Jordan agrees and says he know everything. Jeff says your not sticking to the plan. so STOP LYING, I know you didn’t fucken vote for Braden. Jordan says she thinks ronnie is scared of the repercussions . Ronnie says maybe I am and I don’t realize it. Jordan tells him he’s scared they’ll put him up it they win HOH. Ronnie admits to lying about braden he did vote to safe chima. He says Braden being around would not have benefited Ronnies game. Jeff
scoffs He was on our team you FUcked us and then you put me on the block. jeff says you didn’t put any of them up because you’re ultimately on that side. I’m not as dumb as people think. You saw the numbers. I’m not a pushover. Ronnies says he doens’t think Jeff’s dumb If I thought you were a pushover, I would have Back Doored you I put you up because you’d fight and you could win veto Ronnie says that he wants to know for sure that they have the votes to get Russell
out. Jeff says yeah suuure remember Ronnie “and Somone FUcked us remember” Yeah i’m sure you remember. Ronnie now says he wants to put up Michelle but he can’t.
Lydia joins them she says that she wants russell gone and so does Chima. Ron says on the condition that he knows he has everybody’s votes and they need to talk together. Lydia says to keep in zipped. Ronnie comments on how it a big move if they did this and everyone has to be onboard, “It will be holy hell” Ronnie tells Lydia hes going to try to make the whole house at the veto mission say they want Russel nominated. He will say “since Jeff used the veto I am going to turn it to the house to tell me who they want up.” and everyone will say “Russell”. Lydia says no way you gotta have blood on your hands for this one we’ll vote for him but its you that put him up.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Lydia asks Jeff why he allied himself with a bigot, homophobic, racist? Jeff shrugs it off saying to her that it was overdone. Ronnie asks them if this is done and they backdoor Russell will he have re-earned their trust. Jeff says he has his trust, Lydia says me too. Jeff leaves tell them to go take care of their business, Ronnie stops him saying it’s his business too. CHima walks in and says they should backdoor Russell. Lydia says this may be our only chance to get rid of him. Lydia says that Russell is like this years evel dick (HUH?)They plan on telling Jessie what Russ said. They say that Jeff will take Russ’s place.Ronnie says will tell Jesse that next week they will put up Michelle and Laura and there back in the plan. Kevin joins them Ronnie asks if Kevin’s on board to BD Russell. Kevin says yes but it going to be tough talking JEsse into it. Lydia doesn’t want Laura out yet she just wants to see her grovel. Ronnie wants her to think she’s going until the last minute so she’s an emotional wreck for HOH comp Ronnie says here is the new plan we cut Russell and keep jeff and jordan leaving Casey and Laura. Kevin doesn’t want Jeff and Jordan. Lydia explains they have to take both because they?re a package deal. Ronnie tells them that he’s 100% sure with Jessie. They decide that they will tell Jessie that they have something to tell him that will be better for his game

Jordan comes in

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Ronnie asks Jordan if something major flip flops with the house can I get you to make a promise to keep Jessie safe for one week. Jordan agrees, if russell gets Back Doored she won’t go after JEsse next week. They now tell her the catch is she must no go after Jesse next week. Kevin reiterates that Jordan cannot tell Laura she’s safe, she has to suffer. They don’t want Laura to feel safe because they think it would cause “Evel Dick times 2”.

Ronnies says ok just to keep it clear in exchange for Jeff using the veto and me putting up and getting Russell out should you win HOH next week you will not put up Jessie. They start trashes Russell in front of Jordan.

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Ronnie is such a Dan wannabe, trying to orchestrate Veto Meeting Games. He needs to go next week.

deborah grimes

he is the biggest loser this year

Secret Perosn

He needs to GO