Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche tells Shelly that Adam is with Jeff & Jordan ..we’re done with him! *Updated*

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8:40am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. Everyone stays in bed but Porsche who changes her battery and then briefly whispers to Shelly but can’t hear what she says. Shelly and Porsche bump fists. Porsche says that those two were talking last night and that Adam said he is playing with them (Jeff and Jordan). Porsche says we are done with him ..there is nothing we can do at this point. Porsche says she was practicing the ball game in the backyard and got 4 out of 5 of the balls to the end. Shelly gives Porsche the thumbs up. Porsche then climbs back into her havenot bed. Big Brother announces that there are fresh batteries in the storage room. Adam gets up and changes his batteries. Dani then get up and heads to the bathroom and then goes back to bed. All the houseguests are still sleeping.
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10:20am – 10:45am Shelly gets up out of bed and heads into the kitchen. Shelly starts cleaning the house.. (She can’t smoke because they are on an indoor lock down while Big Brother sets up in the backyard for the Live Show Tonight.) Rachel wakes up and goes through the kitchen to the bathroom. Rachel comments that she thought Shelly was making breakfast. Shelly says no… I could make you something if its easy though. Rachel says no that’s okay. Rachel talks about how she stayed up till 5am and is really tired ..not good especially today being the HOH competition.. Adam gets up and wonders when they will all be called up to the HOH room. Rachel says about 11am ..are you taking a shower. Adam says yeah. Rachel says all staying up late does is gets up bags under your eyes. Rachel asks if the HOH competition will be the snake game? Shelly says yup. They comment that it could be for anything though.. Shelly and Rachel both says that they just need to make sure they win HOH tonight.

10:45am – 11am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen. When they come back, All the houseguests are up in the HOH room except Adam. Adam is in the kitchen frantically pouring a bowl of cereal. Adam then heads up to the HOH room and sits down at the HOH table to eat his breakfast. Porsche is listening to Jeff’s cd, while the others sleep.

11:45am They are still on an HOH lock down.. All the houseguests are trying to sleep..

12:15pm HOH lock down continues… Silent HOH..

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307 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche tells Shelly that Adam is with Jeff & Jordan ..we’re done with him! *Updated*

    1. I would love to see Adam’s face when the competition is over and learn that Jeff called him “Bozo”. I think that he doesn’t want to vote for Dani not out of loyalty to JJR but because he fears Jeff, what a pussy! BTW I think Jeff anyone noticed how Jeff is now using “Big Jeff” all the time? seems that he wants to make it his trademark, oh yes! he is “Big” a BIG ARROGANT BULLY!

      1. Arrogant how?

        What has Jeff done during this game to make himself be arrogant??

        The guy has played a straight up game and made a move to take out Dani before she got him.

        Maybe he goes immediately after her, maybe not…but, the HOH and POV competition’s will determine that.

        I can not blame him 1 bit for taking the head off the snake…and I can not blame Adam for riding along. If Adam flipped this week, he would have Jeff, Jordan and Rachel all mad at him and he would be out of the game even quicker.

        1. oh please….telling people “I’m proud of you for coming to me with this information” give me a break…it’s like he’s talking to 6 year olds…..then threatening anyone that dare go against him, …lying to Rachel about throwing POV while pretending he is such a great supporter….but then calling everyone else liars….lying is part of the game…but what makes him so self-righteous?

          1. Thank you! Jeff and Jordon fans are such hypocrites. Their relationship is phony to begin with yet nobody finds THAT offensive? At least Dani’s fans admit she’s made a lot of mistakes and don’t cheer for her when she’s done something stupid.

        2. Right on!! I agree with you. I am a jj fan and not afraid to say it. I will be so upset if the other side wins hoh, but can’t let it get to me too much.

      2. I think he would have loved to call himself “Big Jeff” back on his original season. Too bad it would have been seen as a total joke considering that Jessie easily dwarfed him.

        1. Jessie AND Russell that is. LOL, I think Jeff has little man syndrome, he’s finally the most athletic guy in the house, and it only took narrowing the male population to him and Adam!

    2. Why because Adam is being true to his word and not a lieing snake like shelly. Its nice to see people keeping their word for a change.

        1. exactly…is this show Big Brother or Tell the Truth?….lol…I think some people think they are watching a soap opera, not a game show…

    3. I think Bored Don is bored-dumb. What is up with all the Dani fans? She is the most pathetic player in BB history. She cries almost as much as she lies. She is so full of $hit its hard to tell what end she cr@ps out of. Now before anyone criticizes me for ending a sentence with a preposition remember that this is an internet blog and not a grammar competition. I don’t expect any Dani fans to know the difference as you have to be pretty f#ck’n stupid to believe anything she says.

      Shelly is disgusting. If she thinks she can win by lying and backstabbing both sides she hasn’t watched enough Survivor.

        1. Why can’t someone dislike Dani’s gameplay without being accused of being on Jeff’s “balls”? I want Dani gone but it has nothing to do with Jeff it has to do with Dani and Dani alone. You can’t go after someone and expect not to get repaid in the same manner. I know Dani loyalist are just as pathetic as Jeff loyalist but come on people use some common sense. All of her talk to Adam about my daddy’s not gonna like you was the most childish move anyone could make. I guess the zingbot was right even with her daddy gone she still tries to ride his coat tails.

            1. Did you even read my comment or just spout off at the mouth? Not once did I say anything about not liking the show I like the show just fine lie, cheat, and steal whats not to like some of the fans are idiots but what can you do?

      1. No one cares about your post of grammar. Some one like you should hang out with jeff so you both you “dudes” can talk about how smart you both are.

      2. Americas sweethearts have officially become Americas dimwits. Their showmance has long expired. A part of me wants big Jeff to win so he can dump that idiot once and for all and move on with his life.

      3. Hard time imagining how someone who has racked up 9 individual comps and a 2nd place can be most pathetic player in BB history.

    4. I cannot wait for Dani to be out the game tonight. I don’t care what happens afterward, it will be a happy dance when she’s gone!!!

        1. I have the same initials and didn’t know there was another RJ until I read your posts so I added the “2” to my name. If there is another RJ2, I’m changing my name to “goldenchainofveto”, lol.

      1. Hi RJ, Iam with you. Happy to see her go, She has been very mean to Rachel and every time she opens her mouth before she bashes Rachel and now she is begging for her vote? Glad to see that Shelly will be exposed. Karma is a bitch, Dani. Dani tried to backdoor Jeff however, Rachel and Brendon did not follow through and got Dominic evicted. That got Dani so made that it was her mission to evict Brendon and she did, so why was so obsess on hating Rachel. Dani, Karma is a bitch.

    5. WTF! They are trying to flip Rachel????? and the people doing it are shelley who insulted and falsely accused her of being a liar. And dani who wanted to punch her in the face all season??? I don’t think rachel is flipping. I think she is now playing with her 2 tormenters. She knows that since they could not flip adam, shelley would switch her vote back and she would never get caught breaking her jj alliance. Rachel is playing both of them. when the vote come down 3-2 shelley will finally be exposed. Both adam and rachel will confirm it to jj and she will be toast. Shelley sitting down with jj will be AWKWARD and a SHOCKER………….

      1. As much as I dislike Rachel and want Dani to stay,I don’t believe Rachel would be stupid enough to try and avenge Brendon’s eviction by voting to save the HG who put him on the block TWICE. He couldn’t have been an eviction threat without Dani nominating him it so to think she’d save the ‘executioner’ means Rachel is far more mentally unstable than I realized.

        Now I wouldn’t knock her if she did. It would certain knock down that smug Jeff/Jordan a few pegs. They are both on a path to glide right into the win. The game is hardly even worth watching at night anymore since it’s so boring. Dani staying would definitely liven it back up.

    1. She went right up to them and told them what was going on and about Shelly. If JJR and Shelly are still around after tonight they’re going to rip Shelly a new asshole.

      1. LOL, she did not mention very much of that convo. Just the throwing the veto part. No mention of Shelly trying to get her to vote for Dani. Rachel will vote out Kalia and save Dani. It’s a good move. Rachel thinks Dani will be easier than Jeff to beat.

          1. But Dani has been so mean to Rachel, hateful remarks and “wish you were dead” looks.
            Plus Dani got rid of “her man” twice. If Rachel can forgive all of that…I will be surprised.

            1. For Rachel its not about forgiving, she isn’t about to get to the end with JJ and then watch them be in the final 2. Rachel is here for the money.

            2. hmmm but…
              Rachel does the same thing.

              Back when they were in power and they called Dani out…
              for wanting to backdoor ‘Prince Jeff’…
              Rachel had a lot to say then…
              its funny that when Rachel is not on her ‘high’ horse…
              everyone has to walk on eggshells around her.

              1. I think everyone thinking that Rachel is going to flip is wishful thinking. He she said last night that she is still voting out Dani. and she walked away when S&D tried to talk to her in the room where they have all the food.

        1. I do not think so, she knows how mean Dani was to her and she evicted Brendon twice. She will not vote to evict Kalia, she will evict Dani.

        1. I know! I hope it plays out like this… Dani goes home after a 3-2 vote. Andthen jordan wins the hoh comp and Adam and Rachel tell JJ that shelly voted for dani to stay. JJ then put up shelly and kalia an shelly leaves right with dani.

          I used to think shellys lies were her just playing the game but at this point she believes her own lies and the Rachel bashing is getting so old.

          1. Doesn’t Jeff and Jordan know that Shelly is working both sides? If they do know this then they can’t be mad at Shelly for making a move for herself

          2. Yes guys, finally people are seeing that Rachel is not a bad person, emotional yes, but true to her words. JJRA final four and after play on. The number one snake should go next Shelly.

  1. I’m gonna love the look on Dani AND Shelly’s face when Rachel votes with JJ and Shelly’s plans blow up in her face. If Dani could be trusted working with Rachel I would love that team up, but I think Dani will lie to anyone. Also, sweetie… I don’t think Dick cares about Adam one way or the other.

    1. If Rachel does flip the best part (besides Jeff’s ‘captain confident’ routine exploding in his face) Is Adam realizing that his vote and loyalty didn’t mean shit. Especially if Rachel is smart (and she can be) she’ll act outraged that Adam would turn on them and throw him under the boss claiming he made the ‘swing vote’. I’m a fan of any move that flips the game on it’s ear.

    2. I am in the east coast and storm Irene passing by and so anxious to watch the game and see Dani evicted and Shelly get exposed. Hoping for this scenario and I think it will happen. Dani is no one to blame but herself and also what she has done to Rachel, Dani very mean girl, especially if she does not get her way.

  2. Shelly is such a lying snake. I feel really sorry for her daughter who has to grow up with a mother like her whom even her daughter knows is doing wrong by lying like she is on the show. Shelly is such a poor role model for her daughter and unfortunately her own daughter knows it. No amount of money is worth her daughter’s respect, but guess Shelly did not think at all what a sorry example she would be for her daughter or either she just does not care. Sorry for the kid!!

    1. Thankfully you are not in house to play a moral card on shelly. And her kid will soon get to know understand that all is fair in love and war, and that at times you gotta know what you want and do everything you need to do to get it. given her position in her alliance anyone with ambition would know better.
      the order is
      and whoever else how are u supposed to win anything with that.

      And heck who are you to pass such judgement.

      1. isnt it funny when they showed shelly’s kid last week, she said her mom needs to stop lying, go figure, even she knew her mom is going to the extremes of lying…..

    2. it’s a game, get over it.

      i suppose if you’re playing poker and you, God forbid, bluff to win a pot… that makes you an evil liar and a snake who will lose the repsect of children?

      playing a game is not the same as real life.

      1. I think it is expected people will lie about gameplay. What is disgusting is lying about people, stealing, and “mean girl” cruelty. Dani, Shelly, Portia, and Kalia are sharks in the midst of a feeding frenzy. The constant baiting, taunting, ridiculing and lying in the four on one attacks are so personal it is painful.

    3. I am sure you a perfect and have no shame. Get over yourself. She’s playing a game, and when she was gathering information for JJ I didn’t see you getting all up in arms over it. Now that she’s not working for your favs she’s a bad person? OK, just wanted to make sure I was on the same page as your hypocracy.

      1. No one hates shelly for trying to win the game. They hate her because shes called racheal everything under the sun and she’s done the same things. That my friend is a hypocrite.

    4. I mean seriously, LISTEN TO YOURSELF!
      This is a GAME of manipulation and lying. In all 12 seasons of BB nobody has ever won telling the truth. Shelly knew exactly what she was getting into and the way she voices reason to people, I’m sure had many talks with her daughter and husband. Get off your soapbox and talk about the GAMEPLAY or attack Shelly HERSELF if there’s stuff you don’t like, but leave people’s family and personal life out of it because you DON’T KNOW.
      Getting tired of the holier-than-thou’s on here…. sheesh

      1. Yep. Even sweetheart Jordan lied her way to 1/2 million. Just ask Kevin and Natalie from her season who she promised to take to the final 2…

    5. I agreed! Shelly, you say lying is wrong and have to write sentences. Well, Shelly you been setting a bad example of teaching your daughter lying is wrong. Probably your daughter and your husband watching now. I’m really sorry to your daughter and her husband as well. How wonder Tony is thinking that I married to a liar. Geez Tony, Probably will have this talk as a couple and teaching your daughter lying is totally wrong. Your bad mother of teaching your daughter how to lie and getting into trouble. I will be embrass that your husband will see this and give an explanation of why she doing this. She needs to come clean and tell the truth. To all the mothers, please don’t teach your children to lie.

    6. Dude, Shame on you for mentioning kids or role models with this show. Nobody gives a crap about your “children morals train” if u are really following this show, toot toot. Now you know why a train goes toot toot, cause it’s spewing out gases and toxins of sh!t. I’m sorry is big brother on PBS now?!?!
      First of all these people are in a game where they r watched 24 hours and constantly being judged by smug aholes, just for 500,000$. If your gonna judge, judge everyone for their actual game, judge them for their game play and interaction IN THE HoUSE. as a viewer, maybe you should Leave their family and everything else ie lives, spousal cheatings, etc out. Get off your cross please, You as the viewer have no idea what it’s like in there, and should only judge the players based on what is inside the house. By including their daughter in the game you, not shelly but YOU, have become the ah0le. Now Shellys gameplay is not the best, but maybe she thinks it is, and perhaps she is doing it for her daughter, ya know the person that you felt needed to be brought upon a negative way. You should be ashamed of bringing the daughter into this game, not shelly, because most of us who r not dumb as dog doo know shelly’s gameplay is in no way or how a reflection of her parenting, BECAUSE ThEY ARE 2 SEPARaTe concepts.try to sit back and relax and just enjoy the reality ho down of dysfunction, its better if you don’t make something that isn’t there , there.

    7. Cherie – I know tons more people out here think that same way as you do so you are not alone. It is okay to observe and call it what it is! Calling a black kettle black is not lying – unless of course it is a different color! LOL

      1. Woah woah woah haha, I hope you weren’t serious about that observer comment feather… a great observer, You must have observed her name wrong cause your fellow observer ” Cheri” is actually called Sheri. Well, for that we must award 1 pointless point for the observer house, and 0 for the Gryffindor house……thumbs up….

    8. OMG, A woman is actually lying?

      I’ve been single for 35 years of my adult life and have dated more women than I care to remember. Practically every one was a liar at one time or another and I can only imagine what they would have done if there was a half million $$$ on the line.

      If you’re so pure Sheri, perhaps we can meet up sometime. I’d like to meet a woman who doesn’t lie before I check out.

      BTW, I already know that men are just as bad if not worse, so please spare me the obvious.

    9. im not a big fan of rachel, but she has put up with a lot of crap from DSP, they need to look in the mirror and realize they have just as many faults as rachel, plus rachel may be a bitch, but she doesnt pretend to be anything else, zinbot got it right last nite calling shelly a dude, danni riding daddy’s coat tails…………………

    10. It would be stupid for Rachel to flip. If Jeff or Jordan win HOH, they would put her on the block in a nano second.

  3. can someone tell me if rach is actually going to vote with shelly&porche to stay and blame her flipping on adam or is it a ploy

    1. I really think Dani is staying. Rachel is motivated by jealousy (doesn’t want Dani and Brendon together). Also, she is not going to play second fiddle to Jeff and Jordan. She loves to be the center of attention and she loves the big move. It’s a done deal.

  4. an someone tell me if rach is actually going to vote with shelly&porche to keep dani and blame her flipping on adam or is it a ploy i hope it happens to see jeff and jordon’s face after they thought the black widow was gone

  5. I want Danni to leave. Notice how she is not chummy with Kalia no more. She and P have become bffs. Shelly the snake should go next!

  6. Production does things to keep the game interested, it’s so freaking boring when there’s no big moves begin made and just watching jeff and Jordan who are so freaking boring and a bully win. They aren’t cheating because at the end of the day Dani and Rachel make their own decisions, I bet dani was saying in the DR that she couldn’t get Adam to flip so they told her she hasn’t tried Rachel, so what, just like last year when regan knew he was going home and wasn’t campaigning and just sleeping, it was so boring and production urged him to campaign and not give up, it gave them something more interesting to air than him just sleeping, he went home anyway so they didn’t rig anything

    1. Jeff and Jordan’s “holier than thou” attitudes are driving me crazy. CBS needs to quit editing them so the viewers can see they are a sham, not America’s sweethearts. Don’t know why anybody is a fan that keeps up with this site or feeds.

        1. The crying/whining aka campaigning will be aired tonight.
          Sunday’s show shows Thurs-Fri (sometimes Saturdays) events
          Wednesday ‘s show shows Saturday-Monday
          Thursday’s show shows Monday-Thursday

        1. You can always tell when they feed her “cute” things to say
          (not that other people don’t sound like they’re fed lines too, but hers are dumb “cute” comments)

      1. When it was Danit, Jeff, and Adam left. Jeff asked Dani who her target was. Dani said Brendon. So Dani, who had made 3 for 3, threw it first. Then when it was Jeff and Adam. Jeff tried to get as high of a number as possible. Adam barely won even though they were trying to hand it to him.

  7. the last 10 hours have been the most interesting on this show in weeks.

    I’m not launching any sort of protest or boycott, but if Dani leaves tonight, I will probably tune out.

    I don’t really care who wins, but it will just be boring TV if one side of the house has all the power.

    BB, if you are reading this…and I assume you are, because I have seen a number of things from here used on your show… please cast a more “interesting” group of people next year. No more alumni, no more lazy sleepers, more alcohol and type A personalities.

    1. See you later Dani and bye bye to you too Rachel’s Shrink (from watching the show). I am in favor of Dani leaving, but I do know what you mean. I think it’s best to have a full cast of vets or full cast of newbs because it just is an obvious split, at the beginning at least.

    2. I posted that last year and look what we got… Casting needs to be fired! And another thing, Jeff is being so sanctimonious about Shelly having made final 3 deals with everyone. He is one to talk. What the heck are JJA, JJS, JJR, JJD? Dani should out him NOW! I REALLY wish I could be there to see the reactions when these people watch the playback of this season and feel like fools for being so gullible, especially Adam and Rachel. I am at the point of not being able to root for anyone to win.

  8. I think shelly’s lies have finally caught up to her. JeJo are going to hate her guts tonight and she won’t have anyone to run to other than Porsche. Bye bye $500k…

  9. They should change the shows name from BB too the Dani Show, i have always believed production “directs” the outcome of this game but they really showed their cards on this one. Having Shelly magically flip after a long DR session and then arranging the meeting last night with Dani and Rachel when it became obvious that Shelly wouldnt be able to flip Adam. All you Dani fans must be proud of her and really excited if she stays.. lol…she has played a terrible game so far and deserves to be the second jury memeber and if it wasnt for production she would certainly be leaving the house…As deluded as you dani fans are, if production pulls this off you will all be saying that Dani is the greatest, she made the house filp. Not sure who is more deluded Dani or her fans. LOL

    1. The dani show? seriously?
      That paragraph only went to prove you’re a deluded JJ fant o event hink it’s the Dani show. Dani is going to the jury house tonight, and did you even watch last night’s episode? If you did and think it’s anything BUT the JJ show there is something wrong with you.

  10. I cannot stand the righteousness of people that think that I you lie in this game then you’re a horrible person. Get over it people, it’s big brother! It’s what you have to do. Most loves player of all time was Dr will and he was the biggest snake, mind you he was a riot about it so we loves him. Shelly is a great mother, that’s obvious, that little girl adores her and vice versa.

  11. Yes this is a game .. we would all be silly fools if we thought for one moment that there would be no lieing …But my head is hung low for the stunt shelly pulled by stealing someones property and hiding it … now lets see how many of you condone that behaviour.. there is no excuse for those kind of stunts…Would like to see the snakes reaction if someone did that to her…. wait .. might just still happen … this cast of catty chicks are acting worse then nasy 3yr olds in the playground ..

  12. Wow. Reading some of these comments are mind-blowing lol. Wishing people to die, burn in hell and talking about family members.

    Anybody else frightened by this?

    1. Not frightened, just a reminder that when people can function with anonymity like on the internet, they reveal their true self.

      Their comments say more about themselves than those they are castigating.

  13. The only thing I don’t get is how they think its beneficial to keep dani they wont be able to get rid of her now if she does stay and they wont win against her if she does make it to the end
    ..if they had common sense and didn’t wanna turn on jeff they would do it after dani is voted out and jeff can’t play in the Hoh comp then try taking him out lol there dumb

  14. How come all of Dani’s fans are perverts? That’s the kind of people I tell my kids to stay away from. All there comments has to do with sex! Or sexual body part! So sick!

    1. need I remind you how those kids came to be ??

      I don’t have a horse on the argument I just thought your statement was funny .. and perhaps a little absent minded

  15. I don’t know why so many people are against Jeff ? They compare how Jeff is not made any big move? He made A BIG move by backdooring D! He also helped in taking out Brendon when he could … D has made some really stupid moves this season, she deserves to go home. Last person who deserves to go home is Jeff!

    Amongst all houseguests… the most honest has been Jeff and Jordan. No doubt everyone here is to win and eventually has to lie / backdoor or manipulate. But I think Jeff fought for himself and his alliance the most and lied the least compared to others.

    Whatever, its a game. At the end of it, you should hear what everyone says and how they change their personality. I really hope Jeff wins this season…

    1. yea, Jeff is so honest. lmao. You mean when he lied and told Dani she was safe? Or when she told Adam he was in a final 3 but then states over and over he wants to be in a final 3 with Rachel because no one will vote for her? Or when Jeff said he didn’t throw the PV contest when he could have saved Brenda but in the DR talked about how easy that game was and how he could have won it if he wanted.

      It amazes me that many of you are so blind in that you only see what you want to see. Jeff lies, Dani lies, Shelly lies, etc. etc. It is a game in which the best liar usually wins.

      I hope Dani stays only because it makes the game more interesting. A JJRA final four would be the most boring season yet.

    2. a lot of who people cheer for is based on personality and whether people identify with that person or would have that person as a friend or associate in real life. Most people like to get behind the underdog or the one(s) they think aren’t getting a fair shake. BRJJ both fell into that category in their respective seasons.
      Jeff presents a much different personality this year, in my opinion. He has lost the integrity he had in his season, he is rude and condescending to Jordan and his ego has grown to a level that is painful to watch. Despite rooting for him in his first BB season AND again on Amazing Race, he isn’t someone I personally identify with anymore – he reminds me of the office douchebag.

      Dani, on the other hand, while having a bad week this week, is a strategic player, not afraid to make a big move, a fighter until the end, and for the most part she keeps her word. I do identify with that, and that is why I am rooting for her.

      That is my opinion.

      I try to keep my comments mostly based on strategy and “what would I do in that situation”, although it is hard not to comment on things like Shelly’s compulsive lying (and that she actually believes her lies) and Adam being Jeff’s lap dog. I find both of those things unsavory.

      1. I personally differ. Dani changes her words like a Chameleon, but I guess that’s the game. No one can trust her!!! Either way, this season everyone apart from the VETS are SHIT! They hardly win any competition or are competitive at all… Kalia won because of luck and I don’t’ think she has been CLOSE in any other competitions… they are brainless farts when it comes to competitions.
        Jeff, Dani, Rachel and Brendon on the other hand have won competition… and Jeff has won on occasions when he really HAD TO! Rachel and Brendon have poor social game, and I don’t think anyone would vote for them in end. Dani and Jeff are most likely the most competitive….. It’s just bad luck for Dani that Jeff made the BIG MOVE to backdoor her. But it was a GOOD MOVE for his game. Jordon on the other hand is just a sweet dumb person … who if wins, will win the same was as last time … i.e. bring a good social player.
        Shelly is playing the house well, but I think she over did it… which is going to come and haunt her. Porche and Adam can be the underdog if they win the competitions and make some good moves! …. Let’s see what happens. Everyone has a personal opinion… this is MINE!

  16. RACHEL IS NOT FLIPPING! Rachel is playing as discussed with Brenda, to not trust J&J because THEY ARE ONLY OUT FOR THEMSELVES and to play with Dani to go further in the game.

    DANI DID NOT EVICT BRENDA, SHE PUT HIM ON THE BLOCK, KALIA, PORCHA, (and the integrity duo) J&J EVICTED BRENDA BY THEIR VOTES. J&J refused to cause a tie and force Dani to cast the eviction vote for Brenda.


      1. did Dani vote, nope, so mute point.

        Brenda even told Dani in front o Rachel he understood if he was chopped again and would not hold it against her and that Rach and Dani SHOULD work together to the end!

        1. Actualy Brendon changed his mind, he told Rachel stay in the middle as long as she can. Especially when she does not have HOH

      2. Brenden and Rachel admitted to Dani ,and then again to each
        other, that their biggest mistake was not going with Dani in the first place.

    1. Sorry but you are wrong…

      Rachel wants revenge for Brendan going home…Dani made that so, regardless of who or how the vote fell.

      Rachel is using them to see what traitor is in the group.

      Tonight is going to go like this….Porsche and Shelly are going to vote out Kalia, Jordan, Adam and Rachel are voting out Dani…Rachel will expose Shelly for hanging Jeff and Jordan out to dry and also create a rift because Porsche chose Dani over Kalia.

      In the end, Dani is gone.

      And…if, by some chance she stays…that means nothing if Adam, Rachel or Jordan win HOH…because then she is going right back up again, but this time with Porsche.

      1. So what you are saying is that Rachel will go against the word of her man, that will never happen.

        And her man said to work with Dani and be careful of J&J

        1. I think she’s going to flip…. I don’t think she will go against brendons advice and also CBS hadn’t hardly shown any of rachels DR sessions lately which is the only place she would admit it

  17. I am still pessimistic about Dani staying but if she does I wonder who’s reaction I wanna see more Jeff cause his plan failed or Adam for realizing he went against the house and now screwed cause his gut was wrong. Or kalia for not understanding what just happened.

    I think the best will be seeing Adam trying to get back in with DPSR lol.

    But in the interest of keepin the sleeper hidden (Rachel) If they pull this off dani should walk by Adam and thank him for his vote to throw JJ off
    But it is

  18. Today is the day for Dani last meal on Big brother house. It’s a shame that Danielle is going home. Will miss you and we’re moving on. Oh! I can’t wait to see Hungry hippo Kaila gone as well. Both Dani and Kaila are bffs and it’s sucks. I rather have boring show than drama. See ya Dani and Kaila.

  19. Omg! It’s a freaking game! Big brother is not the game for moral judgement! She hid the stuff, hilarious! Part of the game. People get over yourselves, go watch little house on te prairie reruns.

    The game is finally getting good!

    (sorry for any spelling errors, iPhone autocorrect lol)

  20. The very fact that Rachel has not confronted Shelly about stealing her property tells me she is only setting up Shelly.

    1. I so hope you’re right! That would be fabulous. Not only does Dani still go home but Shelly get’s caught red-handed.

      1. And Porche also,so why would she work with people who steal from her? Rachel is setting them up. It will throw them off from HOH!

    2. I disagree.
      Rachel may very well choose to go against J/J, but she will at
      some point come after Shelley and Porsche, unless ……………..
      things change.
      That is the game.

  21. I say dani is out tonight and jeff will also be out tonight then that leaves rachel who annoying as hell and the rest of the people who aren’t worth a dime in this game so pretty much a floater will win it no one wants to see Rachel and brendon win that’s for sure!!!!

    1. I disagree. I wouldn’t mind seeing either one of them win this game. I’m all against Dani winning.

      Had to pick a different name because I see someone already with the same initials and don’t want to confuse anyone.

  22. Jeff needs to break Dani’s gigantic teeth with his fist.

    Was she in the process of growing a beard in the mugshot of her on the side of the page?

    1. Why are JJ fans so crazy.

      Honestly, how can you have such intense feelings about at tv show? About people you don’t know or never will meet.

      1. I don’t know about other people but I’ve had the chance to meet Jordan and she was the sweetest reality star I’ve ever met (I’ve met a fair share of them). That’s why I’m rooting for her to win… again.

        I don’t condone violence in any sense but I wanted to reply to your comment. I don’t like Dani either. She would have never game in 2nd place during her season with “America’s Player” or her dad. She’s a horrible game player and gotten this far based on reputation alone.

        1. Aren’t most Reality “Stars” and/or celebrities usually on their
          best behavior when doing promotions?
          It is a job and if they want to get paid they will smile and make nice.

        2. And Jordan would never have won without the Coup. And Dick would never have won without Dani’s 7 comp wins. Etc. etc. etc.

        1. True for me too, the only thing I like about Dani, her looks and that she got that pussy of a man Brendon out…. couldn’t be a fan of that Douche Bag or dumbass women who fell into 500k, and is not pretending to be a strong competitor

  23. Interesting to see so many gullible people on this site. Because if anyone believes that Rachel is flipping to vote to keep Dani in the house; then I definitely have a bridge to sell in Brooklyn to you. Dani is the one person Rachel would never help out of any situation.

    As far as Adam and Shelly they are both making strategic moves based on the outcome of the HOH competiton to be held tonight. It all depends on who wins, KP, JR or AS. We all know what happens if KP or JR wins. But the most interesting results would come from an A or S HOH victory.

    Let the fun begin. I think I hear a Newbie munity on the horizon.

    Awe, those pesky “floaters” (snarky as I roll my eyes) definitely have no game. LMAO @ ????

  24. The reason it’s smarter to keep dani is because they need a strong competitor on their side specially to remove JJR, even jeff said it himself, he said if they are to flip they should do it now and keep a competitor, because he knows they (JJR) will run circles around those newbies

    1. They don’t need Dani. If they all join forces, Jeff and Jordan are done for.

      Both Dani and Jeff need to go.

      They have the numbers to do it, especially since Jeff can’t play in hoh. But will they realize that Jeff is getting handed the money.

    2. So then they have THREE strong veterans still in the game and lose a newbie … and there is no guarantee Dani will stick to her word for even five seconds as she has proven repeatedly. She would promise anything to anyone at this point, including JJ if she thought it would get her anywhere. Not sure why even Dani fans really believe its in anyone’s “best interest” (other than Dani’s) to keep her in the game at this point. JMHO :)

    3. They “need” a strong player to take out Jeff???


      As Adam said, “If I can not win a competition to remove someone from the game or keep myself alive, I do not deserve to win $500,000 bucks”

      Shelly is flat out worthless and will not win 1 competition..

      Kalia will only have a chance on comps with questions.

      Rachel/Porsche/Adam/Jeff can win anything thrown at them.

      Jordan needs a miracle to win anything, other than being the nicest person in the house….even in her season, she was carried to the end and pulled off the miracle win to get in the Final where everyone loved her.

      Do not get me wrong, I am a Jeff/Jor fan…but, Jeff is probably not going to make it to the end unless one of his alliance wins the HOH for the next 2 weeks…

  25. I cannot believe all of you Dani lovers can think it is ok for her to whine and cry because things are not going her way. Jordan had 2 weeks of have nots and 1 of those weeks was in the humilitard. You didn’t see her whining or crying. What a bunch morons that think that Dani has done nothing wrong. Her and Porsche act worse than teenage girls by hiding things and their caddiness. Nobody is an angel in the BB house. And Dani has the nerve to bring up her dad to Adam what a freakin joke. Talk about being a bully. And for Jeff and Jordan, how can anybody think that he is a bully, just because he has a strong Chicago personality? They have taken Rachel under their wings again and trying to keep her under control, while everybody is making fun of her and running her into the ground. They do not have enough guts to say anything to her face. I can’t wait until Jordan finds out what Shelly has done to her. I only wish Adam would mention to JJ about the convo that happened on the couch when Shelly flipped and made him swear not to say anything.

    1. omg!! hissy fit much!! Dani has bullied her way through this game when she is not complaining , backstabbing or making fun of the other houseguests.

      Not made up dude/dudette go back and check with out, will only confirm what I said. Without, I might add having to resort to searing! Imagine that :) lol

      1. Seeing as I never said Dani wasn’t a bully , just pointed out that so what Jeff… You just made yourself look stupid there ;-P

      2. Good grief! You’re wrong.
        You need to go back and read the BB13 scripts and watch the videos.
        You are suffering from $howmance Delusion.

  26. Simon, Do the houseguests know that when they are playing for HOH that it will be the double eviction night or will they find out after they play for HOH? Because if they don’t find out until after, I feel that Shelly and Adam will not try to win. Just wondering. I don’t remember from last year.

  27. Hahahahahah! Now some of the fans are just as entertaining as the house guests!!

    I also think its funny that people HATED Shelly and said the worse things about her when she was on team JJ but now that she’s with Dani they are trying to protect her from internet slandering. “oh no, don’t pick on Shelly or her daughter… its just a game, lies are ok here” But a few weeks ago it was “leatherface straight shooter disgraces the name shelly”…. SAME PEOPLE but just like that she’s changed sides. OOOOOMMMMMMFFFFGGGGGG!!!!

  28. Can someone give me the website to watch bug brother tonight? Football will be on cbs so they agent showing big brother til Saturday

    1. Farrah there is another CBS channel in my area it is game too but last time they did that I watched BB on some other channel, I think it is WBZ something in the 300s, just check. If you start flipping through the channels you will find alternative CBS then tune in to it for BB.

  29. If Rachel and Adam think they are going to rat out Shelly later today.

    Too bad it is Double Eviction and it will be to late after that. LOL!

  30. Dani is not leaving. no way production let’s two vets (Brendon & Dani) leave the BB house to the jury house back to back. there’s a possibility 3 vets will be the jury house with tonight’s double eviction. Khalia is gone, she’s not interesting enough for the game with the players that are left in the game. Rachel is gonna vote to keep Dani and all hell is gonna break loose if Porshe wins HOH.

  31. Yeah, think I know what Rachael is motivated by. Brendan was kicked out not once but twice by Dani. Dani with Kalia and Porsche have been for the most part have been horrible and just disgustingly cruel to her.

    Payback really is a bitch and this Bitch’s name is Rachael!!!

    Will be so worth it to see the looks on Dani, Porsche and Shelly’s face!!

    1. If this is Rachel’s payback, it’s a pretty uninspired plan. I mean, at most, she has Dani dupped for 12-18 hours…that’s not even as long as Dani’s going to spend in the jury house with Brendon. :)

  32. you are obviously not paying attention. There were pictures posted that clearly show there is no nutsack in Dani’s shorts. :-)

    1. I agree!!!!!!

      Seriosuly, I made a post a couple days ago about this. If you’re seriousyl offended by anything that anyone does in the BB house. Stop watching, stop reading, and especially stfu and stop coming here.

  33. I thought it was hilarious earlier seeing Dani say Adam was the worst BB player in history especially given the fact that she’s likely to (short of some serious manipulation by production) be kicked out of the house pretty soon by Adam.

    1. no idea why you chose my post to make your point, but I do agree with you.
      I have not ever called Kalia nor Keith anything remotely racist.

  34. Did anyone else notice that Kalia was offended because Dani referred to Jeff’s HOH slippers as “Blackies”, but yet the play-doh model of her looks like one of those old stereotypical racist cartoons??? Has Kalia said one thing about it? She must not have if its still being displayed.

    That little play-doh thing makes me cringe whenever I see it.

    1. I agree that the complaint Kalia registered was a real stretch to find something to moan about but I don’t see the problem with the dolls. I think the three of them crafted their own anyway. If not, what could they have done differently? I think they did a good job and find them cute, but to each his own.

  35. I don’t think Rachel will flip but she defineatly should. I don’t believe if it’s her and Jeff at the end that she could win. Rachel should defineatly flip now. From her perspective she should bring someone to the end she can beat and since so many people hate dani I think she has a better chance of keeping her also I don’t believe that Dani’s target is Rachel right now so it keeps her safe for weeks. As for Adam everything Dani said about him his true he sucks as a player, if he makes it past 2nd eviction I will be shocked I think everyone will aim for Jeff but if they can’t get him they will take out Adam

    1. Exactly Rachel can’t win against Jeff, period. But she still needs Dani out.

      Everyone in that house is realizing they can’t beat Jeff in final 2 (except for Adams who doesn’t want to win the show).

  36. Today is my birthday and for my birthday I’d like to see Dani AND Shelly leave the house at the same time. Would totally make my day!!

    I think this will be my last time watching. I really do believe Production runs the show now (newbie here, only two seasons under my belt). It might have been nice to see it back in it’s early times. Maybe when the players made the moves, and NOT Production?

    Two things: Fortunately I have a DVR and can FF thru the BBAD shit (read: poor poor Dani footage) On the flip side, UNfortunately, I’ve been DVRing both shows and my viewership is trackable so it adds to the ratings. Can’t get behind them after this season.

    This board has been the best and most fun part of it for me. Thanks, everyone!!

    C ya,

    1. Production ALWAYS runs the show. It is why it is called BIG BROTHER an ominous over-power that tells everyone what to do. The point of the game is to overcome all of this and be the last one standing. Production intervening and see how the plays adapt is exactly why this show is interesting.

    2. While the DR offers scenarios, they don’t control the player. Do you think they’d be able to control Evel Dick? No. This is for $500,000, players can and should do what is best for them despite what production tells them. If production causes them to make a bad move, it’s the player’s fault.

  37. i can’t wait to see todays episode. just because i wanna hear Shellys hypocritical lies in the diary room, lol she’s gonna need to have a long talk with her daughter when she gets home.

  38. Putting Rachel’s crazy-ness aside. She is not a stupid BB player, she just lets her emotions get the best of her.

    Her best move is to still vote out Dani, but to then join the Newbs to get out Jeff.

    Rachel can’t win the money against Jeff or Jordan. Rachel knows she has a chance against the newbs in final 2.

  39. Dani’s fans sick, & perverts! Names with death! Subjects about sex! You Dani fans need help! Dani needs to go! So you Dani
    fans can go also!

  40. anyone that would vote out Kalia over Dani is stupid, but you have to hand it to Dani she has 3 people thinking they all have something special…if they could just step back and think look what she does when she is on the block its gonna be hard to get her out later….i hope Jordan wins and puts up Rachel and Shelly and in her speech tells them you wanted out of the alliance now tell Brendon i said hi…..thats how good Dani is she has Rachel vote for her to stay then become a bigger target than she is……it all comes down to Rachel loving abuse, Jordan was nice to her and she cant handle it, but when Dani is mean to Rachel she wants her to like her, she needs someone to make her feel stupid and talk down to her now that Ike Turner is in the jury!!!

  41. Sorry to bother you Simon, but can you please repost the link to watch the live show tonight? I don’t want to miss this! I can’t wait to see Cowlia’s shock as she leaves tonight, and JJ and Adam’s heads will be spinning so fast they won’t know what hit them.

  42. All this “Jeff is a bully” talk is nauseating. Seems like a bunch of jealous soft white bread wimps are commenting constantly!

    1. You’re not kidding!! I mean c’mon people!! Only girls that can’t get a guy as good looking as him and/or guys that wish they were as good looking as him think he is mean. They are jealous!!! An East Coast Girl can swallow up Jeff and spit him out. He is not mean at all and definitely not hard on the eyes!!

  43. I have been away from this for a few days. Does Dani have any chance of staying? I see where Adam is not voting for her. Anyone else even considering it?

  44. Did Jordon act this stupid during her previous season?
    Is it possible BB has her playing a five-year old cute kid role? It’s seems contrived with Jeff calling her stupid, that humilitard that looks made for her, not sure who Carter was and unable to respond to Shelley’s simple interview questions.
    If she is acting, then she’s brilliant like Gracie Allen and really funny. If not, then it’s truly sad.
    Think she will self-evict if Jeff goes home? She’s so blasé about the challenges, says she ready for BB to be over and only came to spend time with Jeff.

  45. I respected Shelly when she was playing the game and sure being a snake but deep down she was loyal to her first alliance. It’ll be interesting to see her DR sessions tonight and see whether she completely flipped on JJ or if she is just covering her butt in the newbies win HOH this week.

  46. Dani when jam up by sending Brendan out of the house. She should of took out Jeff! But no she was scared of Brendan! Good for her!

  47. Rachel is not flipping! Despite what Brendon said, things have changed in the house.
    She feels Jordan has been the one loyal to her since Brendon left and it’s been her
    and JJ the whole time. She understood that they had to vote with the house in the end.
    She’s been harassing Dani since Brendon left to try to avenge him and been
    laughing saying how Brendon will clap when Dani walks into Jury, all she’s doing right
    now is playing along to shock Dani when she does leave and to get info on Shelly
    to get her out too. Remember – Rachel never trusted Shelly, her and Brendon always
    disagreed about her. Rachel wants Dani and Shelly gone and she’s going to out
    both of them.

    1. I disagree with your assessment of Rachel’s plans.I really don’t think she wants the final three with Jeff and Jordan. She will vote out Kalia tonight. Jeff goes next. Then Adam. And finally, sweet, lovable Jordan.

  48. Best possible outcome tonight:

    Dani gets evicted. Then on the goodbye video Rachel makes fun of her for believing she would vote to keep her. Jeff gets evicted directly after, goes into a fit of rage, Dani makes a snotty comment and Jeff knocks her out.

  49. how has the final 4 gone in past seasons? how many so called “floaters” have made it that far by always losing comps (only winning pov when on the block) and just skated by?

  50. I’ve been using this site the past few weeks to get updates and I’m shocked at how pissed off some of you get at the competitors. Who cares if the lie?? It’s part of the game!! There’s not one person in the past 12 seasons that has won and not lied.

    1. I think people are pissed at Production and not the players. dani had less then 0% chance of staying and then production got involved and now she might be staying. Its like watching WWE wrestling not BB. Thats why people are pissed..

    2. my sentiments exactly. everyone is bashing these people. Calling them names saying their liars. Uh duh! It’s big brother. Even Rachel who obviously has her problems I could give a crap about just show me a good game! and lest we forget that Danielle did this SAME thing to Brendon last week and now she is shocked that it’s doen to her?!?!?! C’mon it’s the name of the game!!!

  51. OFF TOPIC: I think Adam was the one that pissed and shitz all over the toilet last night and Shelly was going off about it because she had to clean it. Jeff and Jordan uses the HOH bathroom and women usually sit when they use it. He’s disgusting pig

        1. You didn’t watch last season, Rachel was sick, and when she finally was able to have a bowel movement she blew up the HOH bathroom, and stopped up the toilet… I know she could piss everywhere, unless she really had a penis?

  52. Congrats Adam for becoming the dumbest player in BB history! Not only did you hand JJ the win, but you are such a fake… some fruity too-shoo metal head you are.

    Fitting end to the worst season of Big Brother ever!

  53. “We’re done with him”. Not too much of a threat when he would have been 4th in you alliance anyway. I think it is more likely that trivia is the HoH game and the snake thing is PoV. And what Shelly and Porsche seem to be forgetting is that they nearly always choke when it comes to competition time. Nerves of jelly.

  54. Everyone keeps plugging away that Dani flipped on J&J, got news for everyone who defends J&J, last week J&J flipped onBrenda and Rachel voting with the house to boot out Brenda.

    Dani predicted to watch how the voting goes and realize Rachel who is really in an alliance with you.

    Brenda made it clear to Rachel before leaving to work with Dani and not trust J&J at all. Rachel floated this week and her revenge will be against America’s former couple J&J!

    Anyone not watch the other night when in the HOH how Rachel was not giving Jordo the clearly right answers from the Zeebot or the ones over the PA.

    Tonight Kalia will be evicted followed in the dbl eviction by either Jeff or Jordo. And if it is Jeff, Adam is done next and Jordo will not survive F5.

  55. I stopped liking Jeff and Kalia as players when Jeff bullied and threatened kalia for putting him on the block. Seriously…anyone can go up there BUT Jeff, and that sense of entitlement simply because he is a vet made me see him in a different light. As for Kalia….she allowed that idiot to bully her. If it had been me, he woudl have met Ghetto Black Chick and that would have been the end of that.
    Adam is beyond pathetic….he is worse than Kalia wanting to be liked and approved by people who could care less. I do like Dani and hope a miracle can keep her in the game…at least she is not afraid to go toe to toe with folks and I have to admit….se may be trying a little too hard to get Adam’s vote. This is the most power he has had in his entire lifetime….I have Adam savoring every minute of it.

    1. Sense of entitlement by Jeff? Are you kidding, what about Danielle? she has acted like day 1 that if you’re not on her train that you’re an idiot. Like with Adam.. how can Adam benefit by being with Danielle, he’ll be 4th or 5th on her list AFTER PORSCHE, KAHLIA, SHELLY, RACHEL…….Dani has acted like a extremely spoiled brat all week!

    2. Agree, I think Adam’s moment is only going to be on live feeds, because he’s too pathetic for network. His whole story has been uninteresting this season, despite his many attention seeking attempts. I think he’s the one with the gross habits too, Shelly’s been cleaning that place since day one, she knows who the pigs are.

  56. I will be laughing if Kalia won this game. She has floated for most of it. Are these newbies breathing? They follow Dani or Jeff. So they question is, do they have a mind of their own? Isn’t a lot of money at stake here? Adam, Shelly, Porsche, Kalia, use your own mind to win the game!

  57. I think Rachel is going to vote for Dani to stay. She knows what Brendon told her before he left, and Production probably “reminded” her of that in the DR last night. Also, JJ did not even TRY to bully Jeff’s troops to save Brendon. This could be alliance payback on Rachel’s part. Also, Rachel knows that she is 3rd/4th/5th fiddle with JJ, she at least has a chance to team with Dani for a final 2. And the look on Kalia’s smug face when she is evicted will be PRICELESS!! I think this will create a hugely, dramatic double eviction for tonight! Think about it.. Dani stays, JJ are FURIOUS with their “alliance”, and all hell quickly breaks loose and payback ensues for the 2nd eviction tonight – Adam or Shelly will go because JJ will think one of them flipped. No way would JJ ever suspect Rachel to flip and go with Dani! Also, Rachel now knows that Jeff lied about throwing the corn hole VETO comp to Adam. What gave it away for me is that Rachel never told JJ everything that she and Dani talked about, only told them that she is stupid, blah, blah (same old thing) and about the cornhole veto. Nothing about Dani and her agreeing to an alliance – she would have happily reported that back to Jeff. I can’t wait for tonight, plus BBAD should be much better tonight! Go Team Dani/Rachel!

  58. Wow so much talk about who’s done what ! They have all done something wrong one time ! I’m for team Dani!!!

  59. Tonight will not be a good time for Jeff, Shelly or Adam considering all day lockdown and no smoking, wonder if Jeff will have another temper tantrum tonight when Julie announces “by a vote of 3-2 Dani you are safe”

    No doubt Jordo will look even more stunned than usual, Adam will poop his pants and Kalia will vomit”.

    BB throwing off the HG’s with the game last night, and it likely being a Q/A HOH comp, J&J/Adam will be sunk by being stunned that Dani is still in the game. Even more stunned when told it’s a dbl eviction tonight and Jeff in anger will not win POV. Imagine how the Jury house will be with Brenda, Kalia and Jeff in there….rotflmao

  60. If Jerry Springer was in Big Brother and suddenly Jeff and Danielle started to fight. Probably, get several security guards to seperate two and get go back fight again. I want to see slugfest and Chaos. Please make it happen, call Jerry Springer now………..get more security and seperate both of them. Rachel will love this.

  61. Every single year its the same: “BB is rigged” ” is the biggest liar>” “I’m never watching again” “Hey what’s going to do?” “Worst season ever”. LOL! Same ol, same ol every year. I love your updates Simon & Dawg, but I think I’ll hold off anymore on the comments.

    If someone is strong, they are a bully (except for Dani of course). If someone whines a bit they are worthless babies (except for Dani of course). If someone lies they are worthless human beings (except for Dani of course). I was a fan of Dani’s the first season she was on. Although not a big fan this time around, I admired some of her moves early on in this season (although wasn’t a big fan of the whole golden key idea). Watching and listening to Dani, however, when she wasn’t in HOH power (directly or thru Kahlia) and watching her this week as a have-not and then up on the block, her hypocrisy is nauseating. Her desperation–very sad. Her hiding things — B-S and just plain dorky. And for all the “Jordyn is so dumb” comments …..there have been so many times this season when all of sudden something very insightful comes out of her mouth (regarding alliances or lying) and she’s been 100% accurate each time—she observes, takes it in. I vote Jeff as I did last time. Has nothing to do with his looks or his Chicago-ness (or, as most of you post, his bullying OMG!), I just like how he operates.

    1. Thanks for clearly listing the rules of the drinking game:
      Every single year its the same: “BB is rigged” ” is the biggest liar>” “I’m never watching again” “Hey what’s going to do?” “Worst season ever”.

      I do a shot every time I read one of those posts. Since Simon/Dawg stopped allowing the “this site has too many grammar mistakes” type of comments, I had to invent new rules to stay tipsy while visiting the best BB site on the internets!

  62. Dani over played her hand and lost the trust of adam. Plain and simple. I think it is parthetic how she is begging Adam and telling him that her father will hate him. I guess the zigbot was right, she still want to ride his coat tails. I am glad she will be gone after today.

  63. Has anyone noticed the funky stuff going on with the Flashbacks on Super Pass??? If you go to 4:14 this morning – on the “quad” feed it shows Rachel, Shelly, Dani in the storage room on Cams 1 & 2, but if you try to go to either of those cams directly, it shows something completely different. This is not the first time this has happened and it seems pretty shady.

  64. I agree Dani just mad because Jeff just did the same thing to her that she did to Branden.Ha Ha Ha I love it cant wait to see her go !!!

  65. Adam has cast his lot and it seems Shelly has cast hers. Shelly and that silver tongue might recover if she thinks she needs to. Rachel is the big question mark now.

  66. I really want Dani out. i have no idea why people even like her. She is a snake also. She has olayed a very crappy game.

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