Big Brother Spoilers: Jordan & Rachel discuss how if they don’t win HOH of them will be going home next.. *Updated*

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12:40pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen.. When the live feeds come back, the houseguests are leaving the HOH room. HOH lock down is over. Rachel stays up in the HOH helping them pack up their stuff. Rachel asks Jeff and Jordan if they went to bed after that? They says yeah. Jeff says what about you? Rachel says yeah. Rachel and Jordan go over their strategy for winning tonight’s HOH competition. Jordan says that if she goes before Rachel she will go for a hole in one and that Rachel should go for a number. They talk about beating Porsche and say that just because she came close in the last one doesn’t mean she’ll do well in this one. Rachel gets called to the diary room. Jeff and Jordan head downstairs with all of their stuff. Adam is in the kitchen cleaning up and putting away the rest of Jeff’s HOH basket. Jeff and Jordan head into the candy room to get settled in again.

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1pm – 1:15pm Jeff says that he wants to call Shelly out so bad! Jordan asks what?! Jeff says he isn’t going to it doesn’t matter. Adam comes into the candy room and says that Porsche is taking this bed back …unless she wins HOH .. but she won’t because I will! Rachel comes in and lays down. Jordan then comes in and asks if they are doing DR’s. Jordan says to Rachel that we have to win today because if we don’t one of us is going home. Jordan says that she can’t get nervous …because then she will mess up. Jordan says that if we have to pick the balls out ..I don’t want to be first. Adam says that he doesn’t think the snake ball game has anything to do with the HOH. Jeff, Jordan, Adam and Rachel talk about the missing items in the house. Jeff mentions that there are three musketeers (Dani, Kalia, Porsche) that might know where Rachel’s puppy dog is …and that there might be a fourth musketeer (Shelly) that might know now too.. Adam remembers when they game them the game in the backyard they were told who ever has the best balance may be rewarded. They wonder if it will be a speed competition. Adam thinks tonight’s HOH will be questions. They talk about how they have been hearing banging in the backyard. Jordan says that we will know if its the snake game for HOH is we have to pick orders. Jeff sarcastically says yeah ..if we walk out into the backyard and there is a curly looking board ..we’ll know .. They all laugh..

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1:20pm Porsche joins them in the candy room. Jeff and Adam talk about how in the beginning Dominic was stealing their jokes… and that it pissed them off but that they didn’t want to say anything because it was the very beginning. They discuss how Keith and Cassi were in the house for such a short time and then had to wait in sequester just to be told …okay go home. They talk and joke around about farts and other random stuff.

1:30pm – 1:45pm Shelly and Rachel are in the bathroom. Shelly tells Rachel that she needs to do what is best for her. Rachel says that she is trying to weigh out the pros and the cons. Shelly says that this maybe the only time to do this. Shelly says that we need to have her guarantee that we are safe. Rachel says that the pro for Dani is that it gives you the chance to win. Shelly says well yeah for you too. Shelly says don’t do a damn thing until she guarantees. Shelly says that if she is in the jury house she will make sure they don’t say a damn thing about you. Rachel says when you are in the jury house …it is different no one will listen. Rachel and Shelly talk about the deal Jeff, Jordan, Dani, and her together and that they were trying to bring in Dominic. Rachel says that her and Porsche were just friends …they didn’t have a deal. Rachel explains the whole thing with Dani trying to backdoor Jeff and how they all blew up. Shelly says that what she is trying to accomplish is that the two (Jeff and Jordan) of them don’t get all the money. Rachel says that she thinks Dani would turn on them before Jeff and Jordan would. Shelly says thats the thing never know .. as soon as someone wins HOH …everything goes out the window .. and people just say okay you got me. Dani comes into the bathroom and talks about how Kalia is in the havenot room crying about how she doesn’t want to lose me (Dani). Shelly jokes that Dani is going to have to get a restraining order. Rachel jumps into the shower. Shelly comments that the sun is wrinkling her skin .. she jokes that she came into the BB house and all she got was more wrinkles. Shelly jokes with Dani saying what if she (Kalia) starts walking around saying vote her out. Shelly laughs and says okay! Shelly tells Dani about how she is turning on Jeff and Jordan and how all of America is going to go bitch!! Shelly sticks up her middle finger.

2pm Rachel asks Porsche in the candy room if Kalia was really crying. Porsche say I don’t know. Rachel says that she heard she was crying in the havenot room. Rachel asks if she was really crying because Dani is leaving. Porsche says I don’t know. The conversation changes to talking about tv shows with Adam. Meanwhile in the bathroom, Dani and Kalia are in the bathroom. Kalia talks about how she was balling in there forever! Dani ignores the comment and changes the subject. Dani talks about how she won’t have another hard boiled egg for a yeah .. that she has had dozens..

2:20pm – 2:40pm Kalia and Dani are in the kitchen. Dani talks about how she has her suit case and two full trash bags full of stuff that she has collected from the big brother house and competitions. Dani talks about all the stuff she got last season she was on BB. Dani says that she has the letter that they gave to Rachel that said that she gets a golden key and her dad isn’t coming back. Porsche joins them in the kitchen. Porsche talks about how Shelly’s BLANK cover fell off and she thought it was a ring. Dani says that only on Big Brother will your most embarrassing moments be caught on the internet for ever… They continue to talk about random stuff. Shelly joins them. Dani says that it will be another hour till the mock at 3:30pm.. Dani talks about how the hoe bag stole her blanket. Dani asks if Kalia has her speech ready. Kalia says yeah …the same as what she was saying last night. Dani says what if I feel a tingle in my loins ..can I ask questions during it?
3:20pm TRIVIA YO

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313 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Jordan & Rachel discuss how if they don’t win HOH of them will be going home next.. *Updated*

      1. the photo of Cassi is photoshopped to the max. Cassi is harsh looking, she looks like her mother and father were brother and sister.

        1. Photoshop the other women in the house all you want, they will still look like trash next to Cassi.

          Hottest BB player ever.

        2. Everyone in that house and all the evicted houseguests say she is absolutely gorgeous in person.

          She is fine as hell.

          1. LOL, you’ve got to be kidding. Cassi has no T&A. She’s basically got the body of a ten year old boy. Gross. No thanks man. Not into the pedo thing.

            1. She has a nice rack. Ten year old boy, ha.

              Cassi doesn’t have an imperfection on her body.

              Her ass always looked perfect on the feeds. Nice little plump ass, perfect size, no cottage cheese, no stretch marks.

              1. The only problem I see in that photo is her hands. For some reason, they look odd to me. Maybe it’s tanning incorrectly.

            2. Yeah sure, that is why she is in major magazines and ads. She is a high class model and in my opinion too good for BB.

          2. I personally don’t see what is so gorgeous about Cassie! To me she looks like any other skinny country girl from around here, dime a dozen. Not saying she’s ugly! Just don’t see what’s special I guess

          1. Cassi is fine as hell she is the BOMB ——She can put her shoes under my bed anytime ——Its always the fat or ugly girls that got something to say

          1. “Porsche talks about how Shelly’s nipple cover fell off and she thought it was a cock ring.”

            HAHAHA, even the houseguests think she could be a he/she. Lol.

    1. She probably be Victoria Secret magazine. Model agency had her post it so men look at her. Better yet, she audition in playboy magazine. Hot! HUH!

    2. I liked Cassi , but I could see why other women might not because of her personality in the game. She didn’t always come off as welcoming. Even if you are pretty ,another woman who isn’t as attractive may not have a problem with you if they have a connection with you. If they were jealous ( which they all were not) it probably wasn’t just because of her looks. But because they had no connection or use for her. Rachel probably wouldn’t have shown any jealousy towards her, if Cassi would have kissed her ass and wanted to be in her alliance.

      1. not jealous at all. I like my women to look like women not 15 year old boy drag queens with a case of the crazy eye.

    3. Here’s your angel.

      She was making such funny faces that I started clicking the button so take pictures. She did these every time she’d do her hair or makeup. I have a whole bunch of these cuz I couldn’t stop clicking and laughing.

  1. Still not sure what Rachel is doing,but I pretty much think she will stick it to Dani. I really hope that snake game is not the HOH,but it might be since the simpleton Jordan is good at it,she’ll end up winning.

    Shelly is in big trouble if that happens although the idiot Jordan is fixated on evicting Kalia for no apparent reason.

    1. My thoughts –

      Rachel is trying to “convince” Shelly to vote for Dani. She knows that Adam is 100% against Dani, so that vote would be from Shelly and Jeff/Jordan are already questioning Shelly. Rachel didn’t want Jeff to confront Shelly until after Dani is gone or it would mess her gameplay up. Rachel is actually playing a really smart move – exposing Shelly.

      1. I don’t know why Rachel would work with Shelly. Dani straight out told her last night that Shelly hates her and that it was Shelly that took her dog.

            1. I understand that, but she knows Shelly doesn’t like her and, after a week or two of Dani and the girls badmouthing her, would she really feel safer with them than with JJ? It’s a risky move, but I agree that JJ are a threat to win the money. I’m not sure what’s going to happen tonight, but I’m ordering pizza later and I’ll glue myself to the tv/feeds for the night.

              1. enemies make the best allies.

                ever heard….the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

                nobody stands a chance to win against JJ, so Rachel needs to get them out. It is time.

                1. Problem with that is that dani porsche and shelly would probably put up jeff and rachel if they won HOH. I wonder what’s sitting in rachel’s mind… who does she think they’d put up – jeff and adam?

              2. Think about. What is the point of anyone working with Jeff and Jordan to get to the final 3?

                Who cares if you like someone or not, this is a game.

                NO ONE CAN WIN AGAINST JJ.

          1. why does everyone think you have to keep dani to beat them??? jeff isnt playing hoh next, so whoever wins, put up jeff and jordan….they both are going to be here after this next eviction no matter what….vote out dani, the strong player, then get them seperated on your own….i still dont understand why you have to have dani there to get rid of jeff and jordan

      2. Agreed! I think that is what Shelly was actually trying to do to Adam, but it did not work. It could get crazy on the live show tonight!

      3. For once, Rachel is using her head…

        She is exposing Shelly BIG TIME!

        When the vote goes down, Jeff and Jordan will immediately know it was Shelly…

        Now…what is funny is that Shelly is the biggest floater in BB history and she is making a stupid game move…because in the end, Shelly can not beat squat.

        Dani goes tonight, Shelly is exposed and hopefully Rachel, Jordan or Adam win HOH and then take one of those 3 ladies out.

        1. That is bullshit – Adam and Rachel will both be calling her BS. JJ won’t believe Shady Shelly over Adam AND Rachel saying that she’s lying and all of a sudden her and porche are BFFs.

        2. I really hope that Rachel stands up right before voting and exposes all of Shelly’s lies to everyone in the house and then kicks dani’s butt out the door, and then that Rachel wins HOH and kicks Shelly’s lying butt out the door. Shelly is really such a horrendous role model for her little girl. Actually, think that Shelly is going to go down as the skankiest person that has ever been on bb. She is just a low class lying example of everything that a mother should not be. Her daughter will unfortunately have to bear the brunt of the skank her mother has turned out to be on BB. Shelly should think of her child before herself. She is a sorry example of a mother!!! So hope Rachel sticks with JJA tonight and they get rid of everyone else. Really would not mind seeing Adam or Rachel or Jeff win. The rest of this cast is just so disgusting!

      4. I hope so. It would be the 1st time I would love Rachel if true. I was behind Shelly in the beginning, now I think I hate her more than any player from any season of BB! Can we all say two faced beeyatch? Smug Dani needs to ride her daddy’s coattails right outta there!

      5. I’m thinking the same thing. It’s exactly what Adam should have done. Rachel’s got more stones though and doesn’t care so much about making enemies.

      6. Thats what I thought, she’s gonna make Dani think she’s safe and get a double reward – Dani’s shocked face and Shelly in the dog house with JJ! GO RACHEL!!

        1. You guys are missing one thing….Smelly might be a liaer but she isnt stupid. If she sees Dani dosnt have the votes she will simply vote her out….say that she was just getting info out of that side. She votes for Dani to get evicted….what is Roach going to say?

    2. I’m confused as hell. I watched all of last night’s conversation between jjr then jjra (and the previous rd convo and the da and the sd ones) and it seems jjra are on the same page and i’m waiting to the big blowout where jeff goes off on shelly – but it wouldn’t surprise me if Rachel let her emotions get in the way of her alliance with jj if she truly believed Dani telling her Jeff threw the veto. At this point, I think she will vote to evict Dani (why would she have that conversation with jj last night instead of just keeping it quiet?). Maybe she’s just telling ds what they want to hear, but who the hell knows.

      But this is good BB TV at the moment.

    3. 20/20! As much as I hate to see Dani go and would love to hold out some glimmer of hope in Rachel saving her, I seriously doubt, and would be quite shocked if she did. As for Jordumb, not exactly the sweet little thing she was last year. She’s showing a real catty side to her, though I suspect it’s because she’s older and, sexually frustrated! ;-)

      Regardless of whether my gal Dani stays or goes, shit is going to hit the fan one way of the other tonight! Looking forward to seeing tempers flare, as well as insults and accusations flung!

      1. Dani’s all but certain to be voted out. Production loves to cook up these cliffhangers. You notice they always start a slow boil around Tuesday and by Weds they reach a fever pitch to keep us all on the edge of our seats. Dani should’ve been courting Rachel immediately. She could’ve played up the conversation B/R/D had in which Brendon said Rachel should stick with Dani and not trust J/J. Shelly was already ripe for the picking so that would’ve been best route. Instead they wasted the whole week working on that lump of flesh Adam who’s more attached to Jeff than co-joined twins.

        1. Absolutely! Dani’s dislike of R and her pride are what got in he way of her talking with R sooner. Desperate and with only hours left to her possible eviction, she swallowed her pride and made the right move buy a little too late. However, I also think that Dani may also have wanted to shake things up and screw some people (namely S) in the event R didn’t buy D’s offer. Should be an interesting night regardless!

    1. Reason Rachel keeps Dani

      Rachel’s insecurity and jealousy won’t allow Danielle to be in the jury house alone with Brendon.

      1. Has that conversation ever come up with Rachoe (about dani)? I don’t thing brendumb would go for Dani, but if Porche was the one being evicted then Rachel should worry!

    2. You are serious? You don’t know that rachel is gonna vote out Judas? OMG if anyone thinks Rachel won’t vote out Judas, please share your drugs with me!

      1. Dani actually doesn’t deserve Rachel’s vote, but she’s definately considering it. If they work together, they could get to final 2.

  2. Adam said he is going to win HOH. That’s the funniest thing I ever heard. The sad part is that he believes it too. Poor guy. So delusional.

        1. Jeff will go before Adam.
          That is the point of the switch – get Jeff out as quickly as possible.
          Adam is harmless/useless

    1. If you think about he has a good shot at winning just because of who he’s playing against. Jordan,Shelly,Porche,Rachel, and Kalia. None of those people seem to be playing very good in comps this year so he has just as good as chance as anyone.

  3. An opinion from a portuguese fan:

    Rachel is trying to be in the middle, that’s why she say she would change the vote in order to keep Dani.
    However, she knows that this is the perfect time for the newbies to attack, and so she has to keep her alliance with the vets, since they are also the strong ones.
    Rachel, you girl are so smart! ;)

  4. super interested how adam handles shelly after tonights eviction. either he’s gonna get blamed for Dani staying…..OR……Shelly tries to get in good with JJ by laying about him after Dani leaves. im actually excited about a BB episode this season!!!! (for the first time)

    1. IF Rachel flips and Jeff goes home in double eviction Adam’s going to find himself aligned only with Jordan. That right there is worth the price of admission.

  5. Wait so Rachel didn’t tell them she found the dog? And she hasn’t mentioned being approached by Danielle? She really may plan to flip. Wouldn’t surprise me

          1. Did she vote him out? NO the HOUSE did, and JJ voted him out the 2nd time, they controlled whatever SA did , all they had to do was tell them keep brendon or they are out the group. Jeff knew he couldn’t beat Brendon in comps both comps Jeff won, Brendon would’ve destroyed, Jeff knew what he was doing when hem and Jordan voted out Brendon, they knew how strong they were together and Brendon and Rachel would’ve taken them out since they made the mistake not to the 1st time.

            1. They tried getting Adam to vote and keep Brendon but he didn’t want to. So even if Jeff and Jordan voted to keep Brendon, the tie breaker would have still voted him out. JJ were just going along with the house to not ruffle feathers.

          1. Agreed! She’s gotten quite testy and arrogant lately, as if she’s angry that people are standing in her way from rightfully claiming another $500K. I’d take anybody over J/J any day for the win.

    1. Is Rachel flipping??

      After J&J told BR they were voting with the house and before Brenda was evicted he told Rachel to not trust J&J and to work with Dani and Rachel agreed. Brenda also told Rachel to lay low and be a floater if Jeff won HOH.

      Time for Mr. Integrity to eat his own words tonight and meet Brenda in the jury house after the dbl eviction, with Kalia driving them both nuts blabbing and crying all the time.

      1. I laughed out loud at Kalia driving them nuts by babbling and crying… Poor Kalia, she just doesn’t have it in her to play BB correctly. Anyways I hope your predictions are good. It would be the best scenario

      2. A final 3 composed of Dani, Rachel and Shelly would be awesome!

        In my opinion, even if they are all hated, they are the only ones who play the game properly.

        What is Kalia doing to stay? Nothing, she cries for nothing and talks about Rachel
        What does Porcshe to stay? Nothing, she eats, suntan and talks about Rachel
        What does Jeff to stay? Nothing, he is traumatizing the other players by playing bully
        What does Adam to stay? Nothing, he’s too busy licking Jeff’s ass
        What does Jordan to stay? I am wondering if Jordan at least knows where she is right now?

        Shelly is one of the worst liars who have been cast on this game but at least she found a way to get near the $ 500 000 so to me it is really whatever floats her boat.

        Dani and Rachel are vile but at least they offer a good show.

        Brendon too, although I strongly dislike him, was a good participant in this game

        In my view, a final consisting of Dani and Rachel pr Rachel and Shelly or Rachel and Dani would be fantastic and would be worth watching. Any other scenario is silly in my humble opinion.

        1. I just can’t believe that anyone with a brain would think for a second that rachel would save Judas after Judas voted BOOKIE out twice!! Come on people!!!

    2. I’m thinking Rachel will flip and blame Adam…. Adam and Jeff are soooo screwed.. I’m thinking that BB/CBS want rest of the season to be an all female season, BB productions wants a cat fight war!!!! Please flip Rachel!!!! Make BB exciting so i can see Big Jeff the douche throw a tantrum !!!!

      1. Someone posted here that Shelley should vote for Dani to stay
        and then after the vote, Dani should walk past Adam and
        Thank HIM for his vote.

        Nasty !!!!!!
        : )

        1. and the Jeff and Jordon show is annoying. Who will Jeff bully when there is no one else there? Jordon. I don’t want to see him abuse her more

  6. I was wondering if they had DR sessions the day of live eviction…
    I guess I got my answer.

    Tonight should be very interesting…
    seems like its up in the air on what Rachel will do.

    Can I get a last…

    Team DANI!…for the Stay!

      1. which means there is no chance for rachel huh…becasue if dani is a bithc then rachel is one on steroids and crack.

  7. Dani & Shelly needs to go! I want the rest of players with stealing cry baby players who can’t get there way! & yes they are lucky they in a tv show. Cuz Cracks Kealoha 4 them! Even the Dani fan perverts needs Cracks!

  8. Rachael seems to just be covering her bases to me, but once she votes she is choosing a side… Unless of coarse she just blames it on Adam.


        1. Awww, isn’t it cute when children get on the internet and try to have discussions with the adults. Don’t let your parents catch you on here, questionable content for a child’s eyes. Wouldn’t want you to get grounded.

    1. Yes America loves the loud mouth punk Jeff who is most probably abusive to women. The people in America that want him and jordan to win are pathetic, they like to lie cheat and steal as long as they can blame some one else.
      Please remember to close the toilet lid when done drinking.

  10. Dani was the enemy to Rachel and Brendon when Brendon got evicted twice……understandable……forgivable

    Jeff and Jordon allies to Rachel and Brendon when Jeff threw the veto which got Bredon evicted…NOT forgivable

    Rachel might FLIP

        1. EXACTLY all Jeff had to do was NOT throw the POV to Adam win, and keep noms the same Brendon stays , Shelly or Adam goes, and whatever, but Jeff wanted Brendon to go, because IN REALITY Jeff knows he can’t beat Brendon

    1. Shelley and Rachel are in the bathroom discussing
      the pros and cons between Dani and J/J.

      Who knows what will happen tonight?
      : /

      1. Brendon wasn’t on the block, JEFF had the chance to win POV and keep noms the same but he wanted breondon out, he threw it to Adam knowing he would taken himself off and he also knew Dani would put Brendon up as the renom, Jeff knew what he was doing he betrayed Rachel and Brendon

          1. hhahaahah love the name Danchel, but ur right, JJ betrayed R more than D did. D put him up which she shouldnt have but JJ were the ones who actually got him booted. Saying they were going with the house. I do not like Dani, sorry but dont but I do hope R flips it and keep D and get JJ out of there. I am sick of them wanting everyone to help them open the door to half a million dollars. the only thing i fear is if R flips and works with D, then D will flip on her and get her out because D does not keep her word. so you just have to weigh which action would suck the least.

            1. JJ arent responsible for Brendon leaving. Team Dani is just trying to justify that as the reason Rachel should keep Dani in the game. Dani put Brendon up TWICE!! If she put up Jeff or anyone else Brendon would still be there, no? Jeff was right that even if JJ both voted for Brendon to stay he would still be evicted. Dani clearly was after Brendon because of what they did with Dom.

    2. I don’t think Rachel keeps Dani

      Dani puts Rachel and Brendon……Fool me once, shame on you

      Dani Backdoors Brendon……………Fool me twice, shame on me

      Fool me three, shame on my parents for not using a condom.

  11. Unless production has offered her a lot of money to flip, she is playing Dani, and Shelly. Dani told her what the mean girls did Rachel is not going to give then her vote. She is going to stick it to them. They think she is going to flip, but instead she is going to get back at Dani for not voting Brendon in when she could of, plus dani and her croonies have been horrible to Rachel. Then Dani threw Porsche, Kahli???a, and Shelly under the bus over stealing her items. Why would Rachel trust Dani??? She also is going to out Shelly after the HOH. Lucy is going to have a lot of splaing to do

  12. I really hope rachel flips and keeps dani for a final four of RSDP. Jeff has already won money, Jordan has already won BB and Adam is just useless

  13. Do they all have to pack their suitcases tonight for double eviction? Which would tip them off that it is tonight…?

    1. Nope only the 1st noms have to pack, the 2nd evicted HG will get their things later after the show the remaining HGs will pack them.

    2. dont think so…its usually a suprise. production will have one houseguest pack the evictees things. jeff needs to surive and win pov if he’s nominated!!! alot of flip flopping going on!!!


        1. Jeff won’t be able to play in the first HOH comp (the Fast Forward), but he’ll be able to play in the second one.

  14. You actually think Rachel will give up the opportunity to say “no one comes between me and my man”.

    Rachel is voting out Dani.

  15. Rachel spoke with Jeff and Jordan last night and told them that Dani was trying to get her vote and that Danni thinks Shelley and Porsche will vote out Kalia. To me that means Rachel has no plans on voting out Kalia unfortunately. Dani needs to have another talk with Rachel ASAP.

  16. In 5 hours Jeff will secure his BB legend when skeletor is evicted. Look at the honor roll of his hoh victims: Jesse, Russel, and Skeletor. All of which are former HOH titans.

    Go He Man! Kill Skeletor!

    1. BB legend you got to be smoking crack

      Yes it;s legendary to get help from Production, since they have helped everyone this season

    2. At the previous veto meeting jeff should have said “with the power of greyskull! I mean veto… Skeletor… step up on that block”

    3. Jeff is a total DB, I HOPE Rachel votes to keep Dani, and see the look on his face. Hopefully they will be able to surgically remove adams face from Jeff’s ___ hole when he gets sent home (soon i hope)

        1. Yeah…that will be PRICELESS. Let’s hope for a miracle. Dani wins HOH and puts up Jordan and Jeff. Goodbye Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That, of course, is in a perfect world.

          1. I would love it if that’s exactly what happens. I’m not even sure he’d even comprehend it though. Might take him a while to catch up to that reality. Hopefully he’ll get time to think on it in the Jury House.

    4. LOL, I love that one. It’s like defeating HOH Victims: Jesse, Russell, and Danielle. Add this one, Porsche. If Jeff wins HOH after the HOH (FF).
      HOH Victims
      Jessie: In the House-7/9/09 Evicted Week 5 Coup d’Etat
      Russell:In the House-7/9/09 Evicted Week 7
      Danielle:In the House-7/7/09 Evicted Week 7 Double Eviction
      Porsche:In the House-7/7/09 Evicted ????????
      3 Victims plus one more victim.

  17. Watching the view they are doing the big brother game their HoH comp was pond with contestants dressed as frogs anyone see it?

  18. shelly and rachel are wispering right now in the bathroom about the vote tonight!!! rachel is saying it could be a huge move…bit also a stupid move! she is thinking dani would backstab her quicker than jeff/jordan would.

    gonna be one heck of a show tonight!!!

    go team JJ

  19. If chain smoking and compulsive lying on national TV doesn’t get her a parenting award, I don’t know what else Shelly can do ….ZZZIIIIIINNNNNGGGG

  20. If Rachel votes to keep Dani I truly believe this game is all based on what production wants. Rachel and Dani hate each other and there is no way she would vote to keep her unless production was involvedand if that happens GOOD BYE BIG BROTHER, I will never watch again!!!

    1. This entire season has been rigged for the vets, so if they did make sure Dani stays it will just continue to confirm the obvious….

    2. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo WITH YOU!!! If she stays it shows that they pay off the hg to do what THEY want done!! I pray CBS/BB is not gonna do that!

  21. It is confirmed. Rachel is definitely flipping. She told Shelly just this morning she is flipping because Jeff threw the POV competition. Wow.

    1. No its not set in stone Rachel just told Shelly that she has to think about it cause Rachel thinks Dani will turn on her before J/J

  22. I hope that Rachel flips and keeps Dani. Glad the truth came out that Jeff thru the veto, hope Rachel remember that when she flips. Hopefully Dani stays, wins HOH, puts Jeff and Rachel up, Rachel wins Veto, and she replaces her with Jordan, and Jordan leaves. That would be perfect, than Rachel and Jeff can cry on each others shoulders, and the Adam will be all over the place back trackin…. GO DANIIIIIi

    1. Jeff didn’t throw the veto. Anyone watching saw him barely miss the hole, the cornhole bag slide down and then land on the number. Obviously its easy to claim you meant to do that when someone beats your number by one. Get it, one number separated him and Adam. It was fortuitous luck for Jeff that Adam beat him but Jeff did not throw it. Throwing it would have meant throwing the bag completely off the target the way that Dani did. Dani threw it because if Jeff had won and had he left the nominees he would have made enemies of Adam and Shelly but had Adam won, she had the opportunity to backdoor Brendon. Good for her either way. She threw it because she wanted someone else to be responsible and have blood on their hands. Jeff got lucky plain and simple and production probably led him into claiming to throw it.

        1. I just love internet tough guys! Go clean the Cheeto dust from your Coke-can sized belly button and put some pants on over your tighty whitey’s tough guy. Your mom is probably coming home from work soon!

          1. I know for a fact that Jeff admitted more than twice that he DID throw the comp to Adam… no need to make a pathetic comeback because you know your wrong about your crush Jeff. Go back to jerking off to his pictures.

  23. OKAY So I predict after Dani/Kalia is voted out it will be a question HOH, then soon after the snake game for POV (Jordon or Porsche) will win this I bet. Then the ceremony, then another evicted house guest! *double eviction is sweet!*

  24. Tonight will be (FINALLY) one of the most interesting and UN-predictable BB13 show since day 1. I can’t wait!

  25. It would be in Rachel’s best interest to flip, because she could just blame Adam anyways. JJ already don’t trust him completely anyways, nor like him much. Wouldn’t be all that hard really. Tonight should be interesting.

  26. …but then again, Rachel seems to be unsure. She thinks Danielle and Porsche will turn on her (and Shelly) faster than Jeff and Jordan. Rachel and Shelly agreed they really have to do a lot of thinking. So I guess we still do not know. What I know though is Danielle is 100% sure she is staying. We will see. Exciting night for BB fans.

  27. I’m sure shelly’s daughter will be super proud of her mommy!! The middle finger to the camera?? How old is she again?

    1. That poor child. If Shelly was my mother I would kill myself

      Or maybe it would be awesome b/c the kid could throw her pathological lying in her face whenever she wants something

      1. I did not finish this comment and it posted itself. anyhow, if shelHE was my mum i would have self aborted my self. :)

    2. i think (s)he is 50? shelHE looks at least that. but who knows she lies about everything and i am sure she lied about her age too. that lil girl prob isn’t even hers. lies lies lies sheLIAR.

    3. It’s so weird. What does Shelly gain by being on this show? She has a young daughter and earns a decent living. It could be that she’s in debt or something like that, but it really makes no sense. She’s just nuts.

  28. Having Dani in the final two is Rachels best bet to win. The only person as competent and unfavorable as Rachel is Dani. She would not win Jury votes with either Jeff or Jordan. Rachel is as strong or stronger a competitor as anyone in the house, she needs to be thinking long term on this one.

  29. After failing to get Rachel or Adam to flip will Shelly and Dani start working on Jordan? It makes me wonder how much more Dani can grovel, cry, threaten, whine, get pissy or feel sorry for herself. She’s the queen.

  30. The players this at this time that actually compete are:

    1- Jeff
    2- Rachel
    3- Dani

    And ones who have game somewhat

    1- Shelly
    2- Adam


    1- Kalia
    2- Porsche
    3- Jordan

    1. Floaters are people that DO absolutely nothing in the game to compete for: HOH’s, POVs, etc. They float back and forth based upon who the particular group is that has power at the time or the votes. Shelly is the ultimate floater since she doesn’t compete and she changes allegiances like she chain smokes. It’s not that she can’t compete and win some comps, she doesn’t want to because she thinks she can win by doing absolutely nothing in the game to put people up or take people down and that someone else will get the blood on their hands and THEY are therefore the targets.

      Adam has only one POV and that is because Dani threw it, he was lucky against Jeff, and he needed it. He has stated that he didn’t want to win the next POV because he didn’t want to make enemies. He is fairly loyal to a group (JJR) so he’s a semi-floater.

      Porsche, Kalia, and Jordan are actually trying to win HOH’s and POV’s. They aren’t floaters, they’re just not very good competitors given the current competition (Jeff, Dani, Rachel). Plus they’re not floating back and forth to whoever has power at the time, they are fairly loyal to their group.

      Bottom line is that Straight Shooter Shim is the only true floater left in the game. I hope she leaves very, very, soon.

      1. Nope. Shelly has impacted the game in big ways. She has taken risks. She was the driving force behind Cowlia’s stupid decision to put Lawan up, and she was the driving force for getting rid of Lawan. She stirs it up and so far it hasn’t blown up in her face. She was trying very hard to sway Adam this week. A floater wouldn’t take those kinds of risks.

        Jordan is also a lot of things, but floater is not one of them. On both of her seasons she picked a side and stayed loyal. She has won an HOH, and her shot was the best. People say Jeff and Brendon threw it to her, but we will never know if they would have beaten her if they tried. She also won the luxury comp. She sucks at competitions, but she makes her position known to everyone. Not a floater.

        The only useless piece of wasted space is Adam. It took him all season until this week to choose a side and he chose the wrong one. I can’t wait to see his face tonight when Cowlia leaves and Rachel blames it on him. Suddenly his safety depends on his own ability to compete. If Jordan believes that he voted to keep Dani, he won’t even have JJ anymore. Adam was the only true floater after Lawan left, and he isn’t floating any more. By tonight he will be treading water as fast as he can.

        Porsche is not a floater. She was loyal to Rachel, and when Rachel blew her off, she hooked up with Dani and has been tirelessly working to save Dani. Risky and not the kind of thing a floater does.

        1. Straight Shooter Shim is definitely the only floater. She’s now resorted to flipping off America in the live feeds. That nasty wrinkled-up bag-o-pus and poor excuse for a mother needs to be shown the door. She definitely is not a Dr Will (obviously it’s who she patterned her game after) because other than lying, I see no redeeming qualities in her. Send the Shim Home!!

      2. Well I judge competition according to what anyone tries except standing there quite, nice and cute. So according to the level of how much someone tries and since how long during the season.

        Thus how my ranking comes to this. And having “game somewhat” is very less effort then some, but for a long period of time. Adam may not have been winning comps, but he’s been trying as much as Porsche PLUS he’s trying something else by showing JJ some loyalty. Shelly not much of a competitor in comps to the point one wonders if she’s even trying, however, her sneaky social game & lying is pretty solid. The rest are only trying at comps mostly and really playing any other cards. Kalia likes to make it sound as though she a player, but we all know the truth. ;)

      3. I’m thinking that Rachel is only doing what she needs to do to have Dani think she has flipped sides. It’s called “Sweet revenge” as she always say that “nobody is going to come between her and her man!” Hahahaha! and guess who cam between her and her man? yeah that’s right!

        Revenge is dish best served cold! XD

  31. isn’t this nice the ppl that were talking shit about rachel need her now more than ever, everybody always bashed poor rachel, i have always been a rachel fan and will always be a rachel fan, she is fun to watch unlike these boring house guests. i didn’t say that rachel doesn’t the money, she is a liar, well guess what shelly u r the biggest liar in the house..

  32. Rachel and Shelly, Are you guys nuts? Are you out your mines? Dani is maniuplation and spreading lies about Jeff and Jordan. Come on, Dani is brainwash you two. She can get into your heads and make her stay. She deserve to go to Jury House. Even though, Jeff throw the POV competition and evicted Brendon twice. So what. The past is the past. Try to move on and focus on live double eviction. Jeff would be pissed off if you guys vote against his wishes. If you guys do, he will make you guys an enemy. Better vote with the house. Matter of fact, she will continue to break promise. Rachel, here your chance to get rid of Dani right now. Listen to Brendon and he will make you proud. She needs to learn her lesson of putting up a stronger threat.

    1. yes, I am out of my “mine”.
      It was too dark, wet and cold in there.

      …but what pisses me off even more than that is nobody will serve me alcohol because I am a miner.

    1. Adam may be a dweeb but shelHE is a disgrace to the human race. and Jeff Jord are the most honest, down to earth HG’s that BB has ever had.
      team Jeff (minus that hag man shel)

  33. Rachel gonna make sure shelly vote for dani then vote with Jeff/jordo. She will get team jj to go after shelly. That would be smart game play.

  34. It will be cool if Jeff and Danielle having argument in the backyard. Just like in Big Brother 11 when Jeff and Jordan having a Argument with Russell. Let’s see top that one. Jeff & Rachel vs Danielle. Fireworks. I want to see Dani face. Just like what happen to Russell. CBS production probably get the ratings again.

  35. shelly im starting to love you more and more each day!! i seriously hope rachel keeps dani, i think i would like rachel more in that alliance

  36. you people think Rachel will give Dani a chance to win $500,000 just because Jeff might of thrown the POV Remember Dani put up the replacement because Adam used it, Dani could of put up Jordan again She backdoor him not Jeff besides she know Shelly won’t be in final 4 so why take a chance

  37. Rachel will lose this game either way, but by keeping Dani it at least gives her a window, with JJ she has 0 chance….

  38. I’m so tired of everybody who keeps saying Dani is a sore loser. SHE HASN’T LOST YET!!!!! What do you expect her to do, roll over and die??? If any of us were in her position, we’d be doing everything we can to stay, which is exactly what she is doing!!

  39. OK, I’ve got this all figured out.

    R & S flip to keep D.
    R tells JJ she voted to evict D.
    S tells JJ she voted to evict D.
    A tells JJ he voted to evict D

    While JJ are trying to sort it out and A is trying to convenience JJ he is the only one telling the truth, Jordan and Adam are so flustered they mess up the HOH comp. Dani wins HOH and puts up JJ. lol!

    1. That’s why I like it so much. It’s not only a power shift, but it would be so unexpected that it would completely mess with them mentally for the HoH comp. This would be compounded by them realizing it’s a double eviction and Jeff can’t compete.

    2. That’s pretty much the most logical and sensible thing I’ve heard all day!!! I’m really hoping Dani doesn’t walk out the door…


  40. I think everyone, with the exception of Adam, is finally realizing that when you get down to the wire, you absolutely CANNOT leave a couple together in the game. That’s guaranteeing your demise.

    1. I agree, only a complete idiot would take JJ to the finals, nobody has a chance against them.

    1. Holy Crap IllWill were you watching Robot Chicken last night too?
      So funny I saw that and actually thought of Jeff too! I was going to post a link myself, but by the morning I had forgotten about it. Well you are on it, well done thanks for linking to Jeffs secret to maximize =)

  41. Okay R is staying with her groups Dani is such a spoil brat, she is not getting her way and she has been a very spot, what is this about my daddy will not like you he will hate you come on now. Also we all know she is a user of people are you blind to this team dANI Dani is going HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

    1. I know right! Dani is a spoiled, Catty, Self-centered, immature, little brat. Come on, this will be her last day. She will throw a fit. She been using them for getting advantage of winning. That’s stupid, she will attempt to escape this one. Really, she needs to go. Don’t worry Hungry Hippo Kaila will go after her as well.

    2. What is it with anti-Dani posters and the seeming need to stab the English language to death with every keystroke. Here’s a tip: if you want someone to take your point seriously, make the effort to be coherent.

      1. Stop trying to make it seem like the Dani hatred are the only ones speaking like illiterate nine year olds. No one with half a brain is buying that shit.

  42. I have no idea what Rachel is going to do(AND ITS SHOCKING ME), Adam is a fool who will not win this game, Dani will probably home, if she doesn’t CBS pulled some kind of miracle. Jordan is an even bigger idiot than I thought, sending Kalia home does nothing for anybody, Shelly has been caught in all her shizz, she better play hard for this veto and evict Jeff if she plans to stay in the game. Kalia………USELESS and Porsche is playing the game the best way she knows how, doing absolutely NOTHING.

  43. Help! My computer died and I lost the link to the live east coast stream. Missed last nights show and don’t want to miss this because it might turn out to be the best episode of the season. Anyone have the Canadian live stream link?

      1. Thanks hon. Now I am set for what could be the best of the season! Go Dani!!!!! Hopefully Jeff will be gone before the night is through!

  44. LOL at all the Tween Dominic clones and their love for Dani the Tranny. Of course lame ass production is going to try anything they can to protect their little investment. The only hope for this game being semi good rests in Dani tripping, breaking her penis, and being medically unable to continue in the game.

  45. LOL at the dumbasses out there saying rachel has a better chance with Dani. Are you so obsessed with sucking Dani’s nutsack, so entranced in the gleam of Dani’s giant teeth, that basic common sense fails you?

    Dani is a competitor, she wants to win the money and has a better chance than Kalia at sending Rachel home eventually. Rachel’s odds of winning go down with Dani in the house. Why on earth should Rachel trust Dani at all given Dani targeted her and Brendon?

    1. No, you are just another JJ fan. Get into BB reality.

      Rachel needs Dani and Jeff gone. Her only chance at $500,000 is being in the final 2 with a newbie.

    2. Why on earth should Rachel trust Dani at all given Dani targeted her and Brendon?

      Because she wants to win $500,000? and she has no chance at that with Jeff and Jordan?

      Just pointing out the facts here, we’re not talking about competitions we’re taking about votes, Dani will gets 0 vote, while Jeff or Jordan will get the majority and win.

      Regardless of personal rifts, this is about half a million dollars, if Rachel want’s a shot at it, keep someone who has no chance of getting votes

  46. Everyone except for Jordon and Jeff would have a better chance of winning money if they kept Dani. Actually strike that even Jeff would have a better chance

    1. I find it funny that only JJ fans debate the chances of Rachel winning against Dani, when in fact she knows she has NO chance against JJ her and brenda said this while he was here

      Not a Dani Fan I’m a fan of people who are to afraid to make moves.

  47. I can 100% guarantee you that Dani is not leaving. if Dani leaves, she will never be brought back to BB especially for an all star season. Dani has become a franchise player for BB production. it will be embarrassing for Dani to leave and Khalia staying for BB production. haven’t you noticed how many times DR has already called Rachel for her sessions today. they are working scenarios to Rachel so she vote off Khalia instead of Dani. I noticed during the week Adam wasn’t called in DR as much as Shelly was, after a couple of days Shelly just flipped on JJ out of nowhere. Shelly last week was all about taking Dani out, now she’s Dani’s spokesperson. Khalia being let in the game over Dani spells a drop in ratings not only for TV but for the feeds.

    1. and I am 100% in agreement with you that Danielle will not be evicted tonight. I agree with most of your points, especially the manipulation part. However, aren’t Jeff and Jordan also “franchise players” for BB? If Danielle stays, Jeff is surely toast. Whether we like it or not, JJ are more popular than Danielle in terms of fans. As for the ratings, who can pull better ratings: Danielle or JJ?

  48. Rachel is NOT going to flip. She wants to expose Shelly to J/J She is pretending she will vote to keep Dani, to make sure Shelly thinks they have the votes and will also vote to keep Dani. Rachel can then prove what she said before, and that nobody would believe except Brendan. That Shelly is a lying Bitch. If I am right, Rachel has just won me over!!!! I cannot stand “Leather face” Shelly!!!

  49. I want to see them in a competition where they have to swim, that would be something cool and something NEW, and unpredictable.

  50. I would love if Dani and Rachel made a secret alliance. No one would guess it because they both hate each other. And if they both made it to the final two, the winner would be unpredictable. Would be great TV. Sadly, that would never happen. They’ll never look past their personal feelings for one another. =(

  51. even the robot on the show called shelHE out (what do you call a person, who smokes, camps and I forget what else it said (it was hard to understand the robots voice) the robaot asked shelHE. the punch line A DUDE.

  52. I haven’t been watching the live feeds today, anyone know why Dani hasn’t tried speaking with Rachel today? She’s needs to do that asap to have any chance

  53. Did everyone forget that dani won $50,000 in her season..I am so tired of hearing everyone talk about JJ winning again..and Shelly is awful..She has allowed JJR to get her to where she is and is now turning her back on them..I hope Rachel stays with JJ because they have been there for her.

    1. lol wut? JJ have voted to evict Brendon twice.
      BTW: JJ have won $525,000 + $15,000 this year. (Not sure if they won AFHH)

      1. idk if you can count it all in total like that because from what I’ve heard part of the BB contract when you win is that you’re not allowed to share the money with any other houseguest.

        1st time Brendon was against Jordan so it wouldn’t make sense for Jeff to vote for Brendon to stay
        2nd time they weren’t the deciding vote

  54. I have been reading alot of the posts concerning Shelly and what a snake in the grass she is but I chalked it up to game play but I have now changed my mind. I have never seen anyone who plays BB that is sneaky and coniving as she is. I lost ALL respect for her and I hope that tonight with the double eviction she is tossed on the block and voted out. How does she think that she get get away with the lies again after what she pulled when Kalia was HOH? She does have balls I will give her that but I detest Shelly and again hope she gets voted out. Then she has the nevrve to bawl and cry about her daughter seeing this and worrying about what she thinks of her mom etc….she obviousl doesnt care if she has pulled the same crap again…..sneaky Shelly the Snake……

    1. I agree. I was really rooting for her but now idk…
      She’s being so catty, she’s the most immature of all the girls there. You can lie and trick people, sure, that’s the game. But when you continue to insult others behind their backs and to start drama it’s unnecessary and just plain stupid. I want the drama to be abt the game (someone getting backdoored, someone turning on someone else) not abt who hid Rachel’s dog..

  55. Short term it is a good move for Rachel because she is getting rid of Kalia who will def put her up this week and keeping someone in D that won’t. It’s also good because she could credibly blame the vote on Adam.

    So if she did flip she would be safe this week from everyone except an Adam HOH and possibly a Porsche HOH but Dani could control her so prob just Adam. If she stays with JJ, however, then Kalia, Shelly and Porsche put her up with Jeff if they win HOH.

    Long Term it is a bad move for Rachel keeping a strong competitor so it all comes down to how worried she is about the short term and having only Jordan on her side this week in the HOH comp. It’s an interesting dilemma because she definitely could follow Dani right out the door tonight if she doesn’t flip.

  56. Live in ohio and the Browns preseason game will be on cbs during bb13. Is there anyway to watch for free live or will i have to wait until the re air at 2a.m. and trust myself not to look up the results on this wonderful site

  57. This is the problem people have when they look at BB from a personal stance. Everyone hates Dani but loves JJ (for the most part) but no one acknowledges the fact that JJ are a COUPLE if you wanna have a shot at making it to the end you have to take atleast one of them out. Which is exactly what a tandem of Rachel and Dani could accomplish together. Jeff and Jordan will always look out for each other when they have power thus making everyone expendable. Rachel is worried that Dani and Shelly would turn on her before JJ. Why? Shelly or Dani really don’t have anyone in the house they can trust %100. Where as JJ have each other’s back til the end. So whomever plays with them will always be the 3rd wheel (Rachel or Adam). You get what I’m saying, yo?

    1. Dani would trust Porch and Shelly before she would trust Rachel. If Rachel went against JJ she would really be alone and nobody would be looking out for her. Everyone here is blaming Jeff for throwing the Veto and getting Brendan out well guess what Jeff didn’t make Dani put Brendan up as a replacement. She could have put whoever she wanted. She choose to pick Brendan and get Brendan out.

      IMO Rachel’s best shot at getting to the finals would be to roll with JJ and turn JJ on Shelly and Adam. Rachel makes it to the final three she has a shot to go to the final 2.

      It would be a bad move siding with Dani for the short term and long term because Dani and Shelly have both proven that they can not be trusted. Jeff showed his hand to Rachel by putting up Dani. Dani showed her hand to Rachel by putting up Brendan twice…..

  58. It is interesting how people define a “floater”…

    First Kalia is not a floater, she has won one HOH and could have won another, however, she gave Dani her second HOH. She did, however, make a serious game mistake by putting up Lawon and not Jordan against Rachel.

    Second Porsche is not a floater, she has come in second in many of the HOH competitions and more than likely wants to keep the spotlight off herself so as not to be considered a serious threat.

    Third Shelly is not a floater, she probably has more backbone and game play than all of the remaining HG together. She is working both sides of the house and that is some serious strategic risk taking.

    Adam is not a floater, he is waiting to make his move at the strategic right time. Currently each side of the house needs his vote to ensure their goals/objectives.

    The veterans have began knocking each other out. Rachel definitely knows she cannot go to the final 2 against Jeff or Jordan or she would lose.

      1. Well I don’t anticipate Dani making it beyond tonight’s episode. Dani should be probably voted out by 5 to 0 or 4 to 1 (depends if Porsche wants to give her a sympathy vote). The remaining veterans and majority of the newbies want her out.

    1. I think that all of the Diary Room sessions should be seen by the people paying for the feeds. That way they can’t manupilate the HG.

  59. Boy! what a waste of another week and HoH if Dani stays.. A Huge disappointment if she does. and whats up with the fortune tellers’ tweets? cryptic as hell! #TeamJJ FTW!

  60. ok even if rachel is mad at jeff for throwing the pov that doesnt justify saving the person that evicted her fiance twice and used kalia to come after her the week in between…. rachel was 100% safe this week and would be safe next week if adam or jordan won veto so this flipping doesnt make any sense….

    and u guys talk about adam being in love with jeff what about kalia and dani? kalia acts like she would rather get evicted over dani and that her single goal in this game is to see dani win

    1. Once again how does Rachel know that Jeff threw the POV because Dani told her? Why would Rachel all the sudden trust a word out of Dani’s mouth? Why did Dani wait until the 23rd hour to drop that information it makes it look fake. She should have came to Rachel with that in the beginning and worked Rachel as much as she did Adam and it might have worked…….

  61. If Dani stays tonight it has to be the most contrived BB game in the history of the game. Kind of obvious that production has been putting forth a monumental effort to keep her. I said this would happen the second Jeff won the POV, I knew he would put her up and I knew that there’s no way production will let Dani leave the house.

      1. Im kinda hoping its Dani then Jeff. I know CBS would hate that but i think it would shake it all up and eveyone would be forced to play the game for once…

  62. Rachel send Judas to the Jury House….Tell JJ about Shelly before the votes so they know she is lying and not you… Win HOH and put up Shelly and Pacer…. Shelly gets voted out Perfect!

  63. I don’t understand why Jeff and Jordan don’t convince all the others that they (either J) would be the best to go to final 2 with because they have already won so much money. Most people in that jury are likely going to be resentful if either is in final 2 and whoever is left standing with them would probably win. Don’t get why they don’t throw out that ploy.

  64. BTW Danielle, WWE Headquarters just call, they need to audition of wwe tough enough.Just in case if you didn’t win Big Brother 13. WWE Tough Enough will work. Probably train becoming a wwe divas contract and become a diva. Have fun talking to Julie Chen.

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