“Tell us more about how we were your servants playing into your hand.. NOT for a second b***h!”

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-23 22-29-44-403

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8pm – 9:35pm The house guests are sitting around the kitchen table chatting. Jason talks about how Vanessa on his season was a professional poker player but he didn’t find out until press day after the finale. Jason comments on how he won’t be competing any more comps. Morgan – at least all of us one 1 comp … none of us are Victoria. Justin asks who Victoria is? Jason explains Victoria from Big Brother 16. Jason – when I cam in here I wasn’t going to squander this … I almost did .. but I didn’t. Kryssie – you’ve proven you can win when you had to.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-23 22-31-06-438

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-23 22-35-06-614

9:45pm – 10:30pm They head to the bedroom and chat about random things.. the people they miss and the HOH competition.
Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-23 22-38-22-889

10:30pm Jason gets his HOH room.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-23 22-37-32-061

10:45pm – 11pm They all have one of Jason’s alcoholic “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” and cheers to being the final. Jason – Congratulations to all of us being in the final 4 and we’ll all be here basically till the last day. Jason tells them about how he got voted into the house. I kind of told Kyrssie and Justin but Justin didn’t comprehend what I was telling him. No offense against Jozea but I couldn’t have been up against an easier person. Kryssie – he’s probably hosting the Grammys right now.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-23 22-46-52-887

12am – 1:30am HOH room – Jason, Kryssie and Justin are hanging out chatting. Justin – its been a good run and if I don’t win … f**k it. Jason – there is only one person left to go through. Today was pressurized and she (Morgan) didn’t do sh*t. She only had to play from when Alex left and on … before she was the floating .. chill sister.

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1:45am Kryssie and Jason talk about Justin. Jason – you got me f**ked up if you think I came here to have you speak down to me. Oh hell no! And if you think its going to be that easy I’m going to give you a run for your money. I you think that I’ll put on the f**king Jason show. I can do that too. You’re not creating no new strategy .. you’re just being fake. We can all be fake and just tell America what they want to hear. Instead I’m just being real. Kryssie – I think America would like to hear a lot of different things from both of us. I’m sure the fact that we’re both sad self deprecating isn’t something that everyone likes. But I would rather be this. Jason – would rather be unconfident, self deprecating a$$hole… than be an overzealous, arrogant, think the world owes me something a$$hole. America doesn’t own him nothing. He owes all of us things 14 times over. I’m mostly mad at myself because in the last week I was like you know what Justin is showing his loyalty back … maybe I would take him. F**K HIM! Tell us more about how we were your servants playing into your hand…. not for a second b***h! You didn’t do sh*t around here … all you did was eat pizza. He was like lets all spit some tea.. his spilling tea was all of y’all are d**ks and I’m great. Like you’re f**king kidding me!? Kryssie – he is getting mad that we’re playing the poor card. Jason – poor is a loose term .. we’re not saying we’re homeless. Kryssie – I said I’m poor and he said I don’t believe in that shit. Jason – I’m tired of being nice to him and him being a c**t nine ways to Sunday.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-24 06-43-28-496

3am Kryssie and Jason. Jason – nothing to do now. Kryssie – no… now you need to spend a week writing a speech.
Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-24 06-41-33-773
4am All the house guests are sleeping..

3:08pm Houseguests get Turkey for thanksgiving.. Morgan, Jason and Kryssie go about preparing.. Justin lays in bed pissed that Jason won’t take him to final 3 he’s taking Kryssie.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-24 16-22-55-893

4:26pm Happy thanksgiving

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-24 16-30-46-658

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-24 20-32-22-400

7:04pm Tokyo Morgan and Kryssie
Kryssie says Justin doesn’t deserve to win but her and Jason do because they’ve been playing the game since day 2
Kryssie complaining about Justin saying he didn’t do anything today expect for show up to eat.
Kryssie Burps
Morgan agrees with Kryssie lists off a bunch of things Justin didn’t do.
Morgan – He’s (Justin) is handed a lot of things he wants
Morgan says Justin was banking on them tossing the win to Justin.
Kryssie brings up Justin saying he was the underdog this entire time
Kryssie says Justin is fine if he doesn’t win Big Brother “He’s got his life taken care of.. he doesn’t need this”
They agree Justin is always playing up how Thankful, grateful and blessed he was all season but he didn’t act like it today. Kryssie points out that Justin doesn’t like what Thanksgiving stands for.
Kryssie – it doesn’t make me super happy either.. but.. the modern day tradition with it is to get together with your family and celebrate what you’re thankful for.. In Big brother we have to play it up.

Morgan – he could have at least helped with the turkey
Morgan – he thinks it’s the Justin game
Kryssie – It isn’t and I’m upset..

Kryssie wants them to drink the wine without Justin tonight.

Kryssie says she’s never seen one of the newer Big BRothers she only saw 11 and 12 before coming into the house.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-24 23-53-15-595

8am – 9pm Bedroom – Justin, Morgan, Kryssie and Jason are laying around barely talking. The conversation turns to talking about periods, blood and tampons. Morgan heads to bed.

10:25pm – 12am Jason – maybe I should go wank off in the HOH bathroom. Kryssie and Jason stay up chatting about random things.

12am – 12:45am All the house guests except Jason are sleeping. Jason is watching the fish in the dark while talking to them.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-25 00-48-37-853

1am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Can Krissie get any further up Jason’s but!!!!!! She turned on Justin in a New York minute! Jason’s ranting on Justin is over the top! I know that Justin is not the best player in the house but neither is Jason. He got help by America which we also know that is Production’s way of manipulating the game. Why did they have ear pieces on for the corn maze comp that Jason won. There was no reason to be wearing ear pieces for that comp when they had a card giving them instructions.


Krissy believes only poor people should win BB. She turned on Justin even more just for saying none of them in the house is poor. Poor is when you only have 1grain of rice to eat. Krissy is jealous of Justin and playing on it to further her game and strategy.


Simon…did they have ear pieces on that you know of? Can anyone tell me how they know this to be true? Thanks in advance!


I didn’t look close enough to see an ear piece. I usually think Productions manipulations are done through DR’s, twists and the such. I think during BB18 there was a ear piece issue that kinda evaporated away.


Evel Dick mentioned it on his twitter. He said they were talking about it on the feeds after the comp.


Justin has a better personality then Jason and Krissy regardless of what happened in that house. He carried himself very well without being nasty and vulgar, even with house pets he KNEW didn’t like him for no valid reasons. Shelby referred to he has been called a crack head cockerspaniel by Shelby for playing his own game and refusing to let her play him out the game, as well as someone that can’t read when obviously he can. That house is jealous of Justin just like the people in comments because he is a good person that’s not foul sneaky and vulgar and plan nasty like they are, unfortunately. This is how Trump became president Smh


I think Jason is threatened by Justin not on his game play but on his personality. He is doing everything to throw him under the bus to America. I don’t think he is worried about Kryssie or Morgan getting Americas vote. But he might think that Justin might get it on his personality alone.

Dependocrat Purge

Bitter, party of one.

Watching feeds

In the first week in the house, everyone was in the bathroom when Justin striped naked and was exposing himself in front of Morgan and the other girls, when he saw how shocked she was, he quickly jumped in the bathtub. That’s when the BS became very leary of being around him.


If this is who you like?


I you haven’t checked your mirror lately

Justin's Ho

Was that englush?


Jason will win. This game was designed for him to win since day 1. Disappointed in how it played out.

Botox Pelosi

Nobody else ever had a chance. The fix was in.


Jason is ganna win this game and he’s so undeserving of it. :/


Call him undeserving, arrogant, nasty or whatever you want, but the guy won when he needed to win. I really like Justin, but unfortunately he cannot keep his big mouth shut. Morgan, while being a very attractive young lady, and young is the strong word here, she really has not done anything to deserve the win, other than aligning with the “pretty” people. Her attitude and carrying on in the last competition was beyond juvenile. Kryssie, I won’t even waste my breath on her. I don’t know when this became a game of DESERVING TO WIN, and how you all judge who is deserving and who isn’t, but just looking at it from a game perspective, I find Jason has done what was needed to get to where he is now. Whether he wins or not, winning that Veto and then the final HOH was huge. Whether he lives in his mothers basement or on the moon, has nothing to do with BBOTT.


Very well expressed! True indeed


very true. You want to win, you have to win these final comps, that’s the bottom line. Nothing else at this point matters, you take yourself. anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional. I had thought Morgan was a player, but seeing the results of that other comp, i guess not. she also had the unusual chance of competing in this HOH round as well, to help secure her place in F3, and failed.. justin somehow thinks Jason owes him something i guess, to be expecting him to take himself rather than Kryssie, but i don’t watch the feeds, and my recap reading is intermittent, but even i could see jason wouldn’t be choosing Justin as long as Kryssie was still in the house, not if he wanted to win if F2. he knows he’s F3. but he’s also letting his big mouth run. he may just pull off another jason/dayvonne moment, where he can’t walk the tightrope to keep everyone happy, because you never know what will happen at the end. Jason isn’t out of the game yet, so blasting at him in any way is not smart. especially since regardless if he apparently has this attitude, he still remained loyal to their group of 3 when he had a chance to not be.

it’s bb suicide not to play every angle, and stay cool and collected with everyone thinking you are their friend to the end. i can just see jason being out on F3 by Justin just because he couldn’t shut his mouth.


Jason is 100% guaranteed final 3 bc of this last HOH win. He saved Kryssie so she’s a lock for final 3 too. The 3rd spot depends on who wins a competition bw Morgan and Justin. So, really, it doesn’t matter how Jason and Justin are acting towards each other bc at this point neither influences the other’s game anymore.

T-town Chick

I agree 100%.


Why is Justin sleeping while the rest of the houseguests are cleaning the kitchen and making Thanksgiving dinner from scratch? It’s actually funny to watch Kryssie taking on the mother role, telling Jason and Morgan how to do things since the two of them don’t cook. Has Justin resigned himself to Jason taking Kryssie to the final 3?


Jason went ahead and told Justin last night that he was choosing Kryssie because they’d “been together a day longer” or something like that. He then said that Justin just needed to beat Morgan now.


Can anyone tell me about what time Jason told Justin he was taking Kryssie, I’d like to go back and see that. Thanks for any help.


12am ish on 11/24pst according to pocket big brother




I guess you have never had a mood swing under pressure before. It’s so obvious when he can see the possibilities of where his game play could be headed. You sound like Krissy Morgan and Jason, and they would be acting worse then Justin if the tables were turned, i promise! He is still cordial


Shelby was like a female version of Paul.


I hope Justin pulls a win out of his arse to shut Morgan and Krissy and Jason crap talking. He is still being nice to their behinds and they can’t stand his guts and they should be looking at themselves before saying the things they are saying about Justin. He can’t even get any peace of mind to be by himself on Thanksgiving, because they say he isn’t being thankful or grateful when it really counts after all BB did to make their day enjoyable. Um, excuse me. He is the MOST THANKFUL PERSON IN THAT HOUSE AND WILL LET ANYONE KNOW HOW THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL HE IS. But those morons take just one day out of the year to show even a little bit. Krissy and Morgan and Jason has become very arrogant and entitled but they’re saying Justin has become that way. Their attitude makes me sick