Big Brother Spoilers – Jillian and Emmett will wait till Wednesday to tell Peter he’s going home

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)


9:30am Backyard Andrew, Emmett, Talla and Peter

TAlla: “What day is it”
Andrew: “ Monday day 54”
Standard morning chit chat..

Andrew ate salmon, steak and lobster, ribs, sushi the week before being on slop he thinks he’s lost 6 pounds so far.

Andrew: “Sometimes I weigh myself before and after I take a dump. Wow that was a 1 pound dump. yours (Talla’s) are probably 3 pounds because you’re mostly full of sh1t”

Talla says she never farts outside the house like she’s been farting inside. Andrew jokes that Emmett has never farted in his life.

Emmett: “I only fart after I eat McDonalds”
Andrew: “I love to fart.. my father taught me Pull my finger at a young age.. I was like YES this is the greatest thing ever”


9:50am Kitchen Andrew and Peter

Talk about how self absorbed Talla is but in an adorable way, Andrew: ”Adorable Most of the time” They agree that Gary was also very self absorbed and he believed it whereas Talla would joke about it. Andrew mentions how Gary cried when he was put on slop, “HE handled it well though” Peter agrees.

Andrew mentions that Talla is a nightmare on slop. Peter:”It’s one of the toughest aspects of the game”
Andrew: “And I have to serve you guys on top of it”
Peter: “We’ll that will be over by 5 o’clock today”


10:00am Backyard Jillian and Emmett

Jillian: “Emmett we’re going to have to talk to Peter.. have you?”
Emmett :”No.. but about what.. how we’re voting”
Jillian: “Ya”
Emmett: “tell him Wednesday”
Jillian: “Do you think he knows”
Emmett: “Maybe”
Jillian: “Like I don’t even have to vote.. “
Emmett: “You’ll vote if Peter is to stay”
Jillian: “If you vote Peter to stay I have the decision and I can’t go against what you do or that makes something look wrong with us.. and you have a wart on your foot”

Jillian: “Do you want Peter to stay don’t you.. “
Emmett: “No it’s not our best move”
Jillian: “I thought you changed your mind”
Jillian jokes that she could get Emmett out this week.. “That would be my best move”

Talla joins them


10:16am Cards


10:25AM Jillian giving Andrew a pedicure. He says he’s going balls to the walls in the next HOH. Jillian: “You better win it”



10:50AM Hot Tub Talla and Emmett
Talla is nervous about the upcoming competitions, Andrew says the last ones are really hard. She’s been trying on every one and still cannot win.
Emmett telling her the best thing she has going for her is she hasn’t won a lot of comps.
Emmett: “Andrew is going to try and win this next HOH for sure”

Talla starts counting the Jury votes.
Gary = Emmett
AJ = Andrew
Alec = Andrew
Peter = Emmett
Topaz = Emmett

Peter joins them and starts talking about Biter Jury syndrome and how last season Dan was the best player in the season but Ian won in the end. Emmett: “How did they justify giving it to Ian”
Peter: “he was a student.. the best player does not always win”-

Peter brings up that sometimes there is a final 2 with people so disliked in the house that they pick the lesser of two evils. Peter points out that Season 8 was like this everyone hated Danielle more than Dick so Dick won.

Talla and Emmett hottub

(Video coming)


11:45AM More cards


12:00PM Hot tub Jillian and Andrew chit chatting

Andrew mentions that his twin brother “Peter” says he was being recognized around in public. Andrew: “We have no idea how big this show is”

12:16pm Andrew and Talla
Hilarious Stooge talk.. Andrew does the Talla cheer. (Probably the best video of the bunch so far.. slow morning the video is uploading)

Peter/Emmett sleeping
Andrew showering.. and the girls are chit chatting while Jillian gives Talla pedicure.

(PArt of Talla’s pedicure is being uploaded)





2:20pm Random chit chat about past Big Brother seasons. Andrew joins them says he hopes the POV Ceremony is quick today.


Big BRother: “all houseguests except for Andrew will be locked out of the Big Brother House in One hour”


2:30pm Slop chips

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as much as shes in a showmance…i really feel like theres a big part of her that wants andrew to win hoh, and talla or andrew to win hoh so emmett is gone and she had nothing to do with it…i wouldnt blame her at all….it would be smart…..too bad gary will mess that whole thought process up!!!


Poor Peter, he got in Emmett’s ear about the dangers of not nominating Andrew coz he’d use the Veto on Talla and Emmett would be going home, and the Milkmance hadn’t thought of this as Jillian admitted in the episode. He however didn’t see the dangers of leaving a visible strong showmance this late in the game because the longer they’re both in the game the harder it is to get them out.
Now I don’t know who Jillian would have nominated had Peter not talked to Emmett, all I can say is Peter will kick himself for this coz he’s the one going home.


yep, im pretty sure i facepalmed when he said that to them…they literally hadnt thought of it and viewers were ecstatic…and i dont think they wouldve figured it out on their own because neither of them know big brother well enough!!! peter shouldve said that to andrew/talla….this is peter being cocky again though and thinking he knows what hes doing, just like throwing that hoh was supposed to be some brilliant move….but its ok, don’t feel bad for peter, because alec will be proud and hes only leaving because the people in the house are too dumb to think logically, right?…..*facepalm*


But truthfully, Peter has a much better chance of the milkmance taking him to the finals than he does of Andrew/Talla taking him (through ties with Emmett as well as Emmett really getting annoyed with Talla lately). So it DOES make a bit of sense that Peter would tell the showmance before the stooges… whether that was a smart decision or not will have to be decided later depending on how things play out.

But not using the veto in the last episode? Yeesh–I’m not sure what Peter was thinking there. That would have gotten Andrew out and kept Topaz in to big “the target” for another week. Be default, Peter probably would have made it to the final 4 with that move, and by that point everyone’s going to be backstabbing each other and they’d really want to secure Peter’s vote.

Bill from Halifax

When Peter told Emmett the flaw of his plan, and the person with the LEAST chance of winning POV had to be off the block, I didn’t take that as being cocky. Peter at that point saw himself as part of the F3 and so I think he really was trying to protect Emmett.


Forgot to add, Peter did the strategizing for the Milkmance, regarding this week’s nominations. Now they have no use for him and he’s out the door. I’m not a fan of Jill and Emm but I’m thrilled Peter is to be evicted.


Why is Jillian so easy to hate?


Can someone explain to me why the hate is so strong for Jillian


i agree! i don’t know why everyone hates on her. she’s playing the game! i love her and her game play. hope she’s final two!


Because the hate is thinly veiled jealousy stemming from brainwashed 1950s values which make the weak-minded think a woman who shows superiority to a man should automatically be degraded even though a man acting with identical behaviour in the same situation would be applauded. The same reasoning is why she’s being bashed as a lying, cheating slut for her public displays of affection to Emmett to further her game, and the fact that he is doing the same thing is conveniently overlooked.


well said! it’s so true. she’s a strong woman who hasn’t done anything except play the game! and who cares if she’s makin’ out with emmett! kudos to them for finding eachother and staying strong this whole time in that pressure cooker. i’d say she’s more in control of emmett then emmett is in control of her. she makes her own moves, she just takes emmett’s opinions into consideration, as she should since he is her closest ally. nothing wrong with that!


technically the reason shes being bashed as a liar is , well …… BECAUSE SHES A LIAR! the only thing now is to see if shez lying to emmett or andrew, she recently made a f2 deal with andrew


She wins, she whines. She gets luxury, she whines. She whines about how she is being portrayed, then continues the same behavior. As a game player, she should win based on her ability to win. Hands down. She was the one I wanted from the start. In diary she says she has her own mind, one apart from Emmett, but I have yet to see that, other than her making final 3s with Andrew and Talla. I like that she can beat all the boys…I just don’t like her


Just because she listens to Emmett does not mean she does what he tells her to. Emmett told her to nominate Talla and Andrew this week, he wanted Talla going home and Peter for final 3 because Peter would help get rid of Andrew and Talla does not like Emmett. Jillian kept Talla and Peter is leaving and she did diplomatically so that Emmett didn’t get mad at her. Now she’s telling Andrew or Talla to win HoH so they can get rid of Emmett in a way that Jillian won’t get the backlash. If she was playing for Emmett to win, she’d be convincing Andrew to get rid of Talla next or telling Emmett to win HoH.


Hmmm, I’ve always noticed that when a woman plays the game she’s not likely to win. The same power plays that get a man recgnition get a woman tarsh talked. Too bad.


my dislike for jillian has NOTHING to do with the fact that she is strong in challenges, it has to do with the fact that i feel she is not strong as a woman. in the last aired episode she said to emmet “i don’t know what to do, i’m a girl” she also said she isn’t threatened by peter because he’s “like a girl”. it is sad to me that she thinks this way about herself and other women and she is a teacher. she also repeatedly turns to emmet to be told what to do, and on more than one occasion, as flatly asked him to tell her what to do. i think she has the capacity to be a very strong, inspiring woman. she has dominated the competitions and is clearly a good person, i simply wish she would reflect more on her “1950’s” view of women.


i can’t take her whining it’s too intense

yeah she’s a liar and clearly good at it because she’s in the position she’s in. I’d be happier if she owned up to it instead of being like “canada’s gonan hate me, i don’t want to be a villian”

you’ll be 100k richer than any of us so own it.


I can’t make up my mind about her. My opinion changes daily, ranging from indifference, dislike, and love. I find that when she is one on one with people and more relaxed/laid back/toned down and doesn’t have Emmett in her ear telling her what to do, I can really start to appreciate her and her gameplay.


Several reasons :
A) Topaz is gone , so everyone needs someone else to dislike…
B) People like women to be passive aggressive/ submissive , which she is on all aspects ( cooks and cleans for Emmet- nothing wrong with that ) except for the game which makes sense since she is here to win 100 k lol
C) She whine/ complains and is uber fake , The thing that makes it worse is that they give her a good edit on TV.
D) Since she’s always standing next to Emmett it makes her look worse because he comes off more likable in comparison to her
E) She’s very inconsiderate – she gets mad at people being upset for being on the block. If she has the right to be upset that she has to put up two people and make enemies why would she not understand why Topaz would be upset that she actually has to go on the block.

I couldn’t stand her from the beginning though , just something about her lol.


Because she’s cheesy, a goodie two shoes, her accent is annoying and she doesn’t put out.


Not everyone, but some of her hate stems from jealousy. She’s pretty much the perfect woman. She’s wifey material. Beautiful, can cook, clean, would be a good mother, etc. She complains? Yeah, that’s what girls do. I’d take every one of her faults in return for her postitive attributes. If she’s emotional, I’d hold her and tell her its ok. Anyone that knows how to treat a female should get along just fine with her. I don’t have a crush on her (I reserve stuff like that for people I actually know), but I’m just saying, as long as she ain’t sleeping around I’d put up with any complaining she wanted to do.


wow what is wrong with jillian…” cant go against emmett or what will ppl think?” … how about having a mind of your own silly woman!! she really should get rid of emmett this week


Seems Emmett going on the block has crossed both her and Andrews minds.. Talla too. If she put him up and Andrew and Talla voted him out then she could blame it on them. Sadly, Emmett has her on a tight leash..She always asks him, what should I do (for you, not us)? Jillian has allowed her emotions to interfere with her game play..Emmett being backdoor is the kind of twist that viewers love..If by some divine intervention Emmett was put up and voted out then what. Peter (production) will see the disturbance in the force and take advantage. Then mystery HG to returning.. Jillian would follow Emmett out the door.. I think it is Jillians fear of the unexpected from BBCan that makes her think her best shot is to stick to her milkmance partner..


I think Jillian turning against Emmett will hurt her game, even though it would be a beautiful thing to watch. As far as she knows, and as far as we all know he’s very loyal to her and will probably take her to Final 2.
If she gets rid of him she can’t play for HOH this week therefore she has no one on her side and has to depend on winning the Veto. These guys know she kicks a$$ at endurance comps and the FinaL HOH comp is endurance so they might wanna get rid of her before then.

She’s putting herself in harm’s way if she gets rid of her closest ally. Emmett might change his mind about taking her to Final 2 we don’t know, but right now as things stand it’ll be bad for her game to take out a person who looks like he has a high chance of sticking with her to the very end.


I haven’t been able to watch over the last few days nor did I see last nights episode but I did try to get some catch up done today and I am thinking the Jillian/Emmett showmance is getting old for both of them. This would be a GREAT week for Jill to boot Emmett. Is it just me or is she actually getting closer to Andrew???


Yes I think if she would make the move and turn on emmet she would gain a little more respect from the jury members, maybe.


When is the finale ?


Thank you!

And thanks for all you and Dawg do with this site season after season


Then how can someone come back in to the show to play for the money??? There would be too many people.

Current people in the house: 5

Thursday May 18 – vote out 1 down to 4
Thursday May 25 – vote out 1 down to 3

3 go in to the final week to play down to final 2 for the May 2 finale

If you bump the house up to 6 you would have to do another double eviction either this week or next?? This seems way off.


I think Arisa said there will be another double eviction next week.


That’s bunk


I did the exact same math. I’m sure you meant April 18 and 25th followed by Thursday May 2nd. F3 is 1 full week on the main network so it’s just a question of how you get the HG coming back in. You’d need another double eviction show on the 25th or a later finally. The math has been my only glimmer of hope that perhaps it’s hosting a comp and not back in the game for the money.
Just as a side note. I’ve dropped 7000 places in the Slice BB game in a week getting everything correct. Got a feeling alot of folks aree cleaning out thier cache.


I think Jillian is gonna have a really tough time winning if she makes it to the end. She’s just pissed too many people off by lying straight to their face lol. I know you have to lie in this game, but you have to be careful not to piss too many people off at the same time. There is a history of the most deserving people not winning because the jury was bitter. Dan last season is a great example. I think would seriously consider taking Jillian to the end if i were Andrew/Talla.


Seems the myth is Emmett is unbeatable at comps. Yes he’s good when he finds an angle or cheats. I say cheat as he’s been DQ several times.. Complains and pouts when events don’t go his way.. I think Jillian is way better at comps. But for some reason lacks the confidence in herself to see she’s a threat to Emmett. Her other alliances with Andrew and Talla are weak. Dependant only on her plan B should someone else evict the milkman. Peter seems attached to Emmett at the hip. Completely missed the opportnity to backdoor his buddy by not using his veto to save Topaz.Jillian could be his number 1 target if she turned on Emmett. All the elements for great game play are there. Just the players are not so good. As I said many moons ago. The HG that gets to the end are there thanks to the mistakes, not game play, of the other contestants..


Yup just ask Danielle(pimple popper) on BB14. Had a garunteed 50k and no worse than 2nd. Took Dan off the block F4 and ended up 3rd. Like you say most F2’s are the result of other folks mistakes. Terrific observation!


Jillian is not showing superiority to in Seana’s commet above..”what do you think I should do” is what she asks Emmett..She cooks for him, cleans for him, she is being the 1950’s woman. If she thought about it she should have Emmett doing everything for her because yes she is superior to him but she just can’t seem to get that through her head ..The HOH room …hers..the wins were hers not Emmetts. Would be a shame if she gets to final three and booted and she watches Emmett win the money


Have not watched any of the shows or feeds since Thursday. This week is sooooo lame. Hopefully Gary comes back with the diamond power of veto and puts Jemmet up!


I’m hoping that whoever comes in the game is just there for whatever but not to join the game, nuch like Rachel going in hte house after Brendon opened Pandoras Box.

I like twists but within reason. As for this one Gary better be coming to the house to throw glitter all over the place and then get the hell out.


i doubt gary would put up emmett, he always has liked him. gary would most likely put up andrew and jillian, or even talla, he never trusted her.


Seriously what grown man can only eat pizza chicken strips and fries and will wear an elastic some girl gave to him for weeks on end.

Have you seen a more pathetic individual then Peter in all your years on this planet???

Not too mention he acts like hes running the show and thinks hes something great when hes in the DR. Guy is such a loser!!!!!


couldn’t have said it any better agree 100% big time ZERO, probably lives in mommies basement too!


I don’t see how Peter’s food aversion relates to his game play. He has a serious problem that can take years of therapy to change and can seriously compromise the immune system. There was a recent case in the news of a young girl who could only stomach eating noodles and doctors said that her immune system is worse than an 80-year old’s. I don’t think anyone would choose to have this problem if they could eat “normally”


i hope peter wins. he has said time and time again he lives alone and likes it. also he is in vancouver and his family are out east. new brunswick i think.


don’t like jillian, especially her voice. she must think she is talking sexy but she sounds like a child.

golden girl

lol @ Hobbit Talla sleeping


Talla’s vote count is wrong I think

emmett or andrew F2 – andrew wins
Gary = Emmett (will prob be back in the house)
AJ = Andrew
Alec = Andrew
Peter = Andrew (since Jemmett are evicting him this week)
Topaz = Emmett (hates andrew)
Talla= Andrew
Jillian= Emmett

emmett or jillian F2 -tough call but i think emmett would win
Gary = Emmett
AJ = Emmett
Alec = Emmett?
Peter = Emmett?
Topaz = Emmett (Jillian broke all promises)
Talla= Jillian
Andrew= Jillian

andrew or jillian F2 – andrew by a landslide
Gary = Andrew (disliked jillian)
AJ = Andrew
Alec = Andrew
Peter = Andrew
Topaz = Andrew? (just bc she hates jillian more?)
Talla= Andrew (unless he votes her out)
Emmett= Jillian

Anyone against Talla in F2 would win. Gary may make F2 (assuming he’s voted back in), but I can’t see people voting for him to win since he left the game for a bit (just Topaz and maybe Alec if he’s against Jemmett).


Pretty good set of guesses at this stage. I see Topaz as the sort of bitter person who will vote for the least deserving of the final 2 and not on principal. Other than that being said her is the thing to remember. It’s home the HG view the 2 finalist and not how we view them. Jillian will get a better review from the voting HG’s. At this point I only have Talla with no shot F2. I don’t think the speaches will make a difference but I do see the F4 loser spending a week in the jury house potentially having alot of influence. Lets say it’s not Talla but Andrew. He could wreck the vote on a E/J finally. Jillian sends him out the door having an F2 deal with Andrew rather than Talla could cost her votes. The jury already knows she is a liar(part of the game) and just need 1 reason to vote anyone but Jillian. This presumes Emmit is HOH and Jillbot is the lone vote.
I think it is also tough for Andrew POV F4 as he either evicts Talla or Jillian. That doesn’t help him either way as both would believe they are safe if Andrew wins POV. Talla would have to be HOH for Emmit to have any issues at F4. He saves Jillian over Talla if POV winner with Andrew HOH. In fact Andrew HOH is best for both if either E/J win POV.


after watching topaz’s evic video, maybe she would vote for jillian in f2, maybe gary and talla as well so maybe my jillian f2 votes aren’t as decided as i thought.


i dont know if im 100% on board with exactly who you think will vote who….not all the players are bitter in that jury house!!! but i agree that if andrew goes to F2 i think hell win! not just on his wins…even if people liked jemmett more, jemmett had a solid 2 person alliance the whole game….andrew was targeted early on (emmett wasn’t really being put up the first week is only meh), andrew literally almost went home, andrew also made his way through the game without a true alliance for half of it….thats a lot tougher than teaming up with someone else who is good at competitions. plus i think its awesome that a 38 yr old can beat them in so many competitions and hes a much nicer social gameplayer! He doesn’t really bash other HG, he might not like them but hell always make a point of just being like not for me, but thats ok! I would LOVE to see andrew win it just as someone who respects that kind of game play…i love a good liar, i am a huge dan fan, but i dont think we have a good liar in the house! Jemmett lied a lot, but they never pulled a fast one over on anyone…well maybe emmett sort of did, but not in like a dan or dr. will way. I feel like if you are going to win the game being a liar you need to be the BEST liar. Emmett to be fair, rarely lied, which he will totally use if he makes F2 because he was always just wishy washy…i just think he has no soul! haha


Remember when Gary left, he mentioned something about not liking how Emmett has played the game. He thinks he hasn’t done much (scheming and winning) so he isn’t deserving. Gary said he will not hold grugdes and he’ll vote based on who played the game in the best possible way.


when did he say that about emmett? i rewatched his evic video and he says he wont hold grudges (i thought this meant against andrew for nominating and getting him out) and would vote for the best player. this is before jillian completely backstabbed topaz and sent her to jury with him… i just watched topaz’s evic video and she also says she would vote for the best player, even jillian and wouldn’t hold it against her. which surprised me! but good for them.


I just got into big brother last summer and there is one thing I don’t understand.
If someone uses the veto on someone else isn’t that person who gave it up now eligible to go up on the block?

I guess what I’m asking is, last Thursday if Peter had used it on Topaz couldn’t they had put him up, since he didn’t have the veto anymore?


I’m not sure what the rules are on that, but I was also wondering. If Peter had the potential to go up on the block I can see why he wouldn’t have used the veto on Topaz… but if the rules say POV winners CAN’T be put up then his decision makes MUCH less sense and may have cost him the game.

Does anyone more saavy on the rules have some context for this situation?


If you win Veto you are safe whether you use it to save someone or not. If Peter had saved Topaz he would still be safe.


As for the veto if you are not on the block you can not be a renom if you remove someone on the block. On the other hand if you are on the block like Andrew and Peter were originally if Andrew used the veto on Peter he would still be eligible to be evicted as he is still nominated.


I just got into big brother last summer and there is one thing I don’t understand.
If someone uses the veto on someone else isn’t that person who gave it up now eligible to go up on the block?

I guess what I’m asking is, last Thursday if Peter had used it on Topaz couldn’t they had put him up, since he didn’t have the veto anymore?


Karen… When either of the two nominees win the veto , that person can 1) take themselves off the block.. 2) Give the veto to the other nominee.. This will mean the person giving the veto away remains on the block and not safe from eviction. The other person could use it to take themselves off or not use it.. When a HG, not on the block, wins veto they can 1) Not use it. or 2)Take one of the nominees off the block in which case both nominee and HG are safe..


Thanks so much for clarifying this for me!! Now I wonder why it isn’t used more frequently by alliances.. Although a new fan of BB I really love it!
Thanks again


Is there a spoiler as to whom (which Jury member) will be returning to the BB House? Judging from the comments, people are assuming it will be Gary. I would like him to return for comedic reasons but unless he can win a challenge, he would get the boot pretty fast. I almost want Alec to return just for the sake of disturbing everyone and *hopefully* ruining their long term plans. One can hope!


gary is the favorite to in the poll above and the fan favorite award poll: (i voted for andrew!) also, all over fb and twitter, lots of people are saying they are using all their points to get gary back in. some are saying alec (for peter), or even aj (for andrew?), but way more gary fans it seems.


“Couldn’t stand her from the beginning – just something about her”. Now there’s some rational thinking.


I think Peter will go down in history as one of the worst players in history or maybe just the stupidest. He is suppose to be smart but is so dumb he votes out the only conceivable ally he could have had this late in the game… topaz. Peter and Alec are the worst players who routinely vote out the only people who aren’t gunning for them making themselves targets.

Votes out Topaz, where saving here would allow them to vote out Andrew. Making it a 2 on 2 with talla as a float and emmet unable to compete. Even if Jill won, then at least they’d have a 2 people in veto in final 5 and both could make 4. Peter thinks emmet is going to take him when he obviously had another laliance that just voted out alec, seriously, just utterly dumb