Big Brother Canada Spoilers “T-A-A-L-L-A-A Talla Talla Talla Cheer”

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)



11:40pm Kitchen

Andrew is preparing food for Emmett. He’s really playing up the “servant” roll. mostly chit chat..
Talla comes back from the Diary room. Andrew tells her part of their duties is to make the beds. Talla doesn;t want to do it she wants to go to bed. Talla tells Jillian the Diary Room wants her. She says goodnight to everyone and tries to leave. Peter calls her back, “Talla.. Talla.. May I please have a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk”
Talla: “Why didn’t you ask while I was a way”
Peter: “Because I was waiting for you … lovely”
Talla goes to grab a cup, Peter: “Can I have a large cup that’s clean”

Emmett says him and Jillian are going on a date he’s drinking milk and she’s drinking wine.

After preparing the food for Peter Talla heads to the bedroom to help Andrew out with the sheets. when she meets up with him
Talla: “what are you doing”
Andrew: “What do you mean what am I doing”
Talla: “What are you doing”
Andrew: “We gotta make the beds”
Talla jokes “You’ve only done one”
Andrew: “You only made one sandwich”

Talla chants out her name “T-A-A-L-L-A-A Talla Talla Talla Cheer” Peter points out she spelled her name wrong.. (Everyone laughs like crazy)
Peter: “you put to many A’s in there”
Talla: “Sh1t I was doing a chant”
Peter: “You were spelling and you got it wrong”

Stooges banter at it’s best,. They are making the beds in the main bedroom. Andrew comments how one of the sheets is stiff. He doesn’t like stiff sheets.

Andrew starts telling Talla what he knows about her. Born in Turkey, spent the first 12 years in Denmark. Talla: “You’re wrong.. 4 years” Andrew: “Your mother is living with you with your twin.. Tannis she’s the better looking more successful twin” .. “You won’t tell me what you do for a living.. you recently reunited with your bother and father after 16 years” Talla: “Yes correct you know a little more about me than I do about you”

Andrew explains to her how important the next POV is.. THe HOH only gauntness you safety the POV give you safety and the only vote.
Andrew: “Nothing else to do just a game.. I’m going to give Peter this crunkly old sh1t sheet I hope he gets a rash.. kidding I love him.. This feels like a bunch of 5 dollar bills sown together”
Talla is grabbing clean sheets, “here these ones are feeted” Andrew: “Feeted” Talla: “Fitted”


Backyard Jillian asks Andrew if he would ever have a relationship up with Talla. Andrew says no way he’s not attracted to her one bit. He likes her as a friend but nothing more, “She’s too self absorbed.. my good my twin brother was here and all she was rambling on about was cheerleaders”.

Andrew: “I like her very much.. but she’s very self absorbed many people in this game are self absorbed”
Jillian: ‘I hop I’m not”
Emmett and Andrew agree the three of them are not.

Emmett: “her and Gary stand out the most”
Jillian: “That is a teenage thing to be so self absorbed”
Andrew: “She’s a sweet girl.. but she’s in this game because we’ve taken her she’s floated her way to here.. Look at us between the three of us we’ve gotten 10 of the competition wins.. There’s only 20 comps so far”

Jillian: “Us three and Talla I feel like we played the least amount of game.. I played game when I had to I was HOH and Had to put people up but I wasn’t scheming for no reason. ”
Andrew: ‘Like Liza and Alec”
Jillian: “It’s more that we played naturally won competitions and put people up”

Emmett: “It’s going to be funny.. 15 people came in here only three from Nova Scotia are going to make it to the final”
Jillian: “Thats weird and EXCITING”
Jillian and Emmett decide to head into the hot tub to have their date

Andrew: “Peter has been living in Vancouver for 6 years but was born and raised in New Brunswick”

2:05AM Everyone sleeping

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IF BBCan didn’t have two double evictions then they wouldn’t need to bring someone back into the game via a powershift…So far I don’t find the extra rewards and punishments interesting…..Seems production tends to lean towards the extreme..




LMAO @ Emmett, Jillian and Andrew for saying not one of them is self absorbed in anyway. Get a grip on reality you 3 ! Jillian is so obsessed with herself and how she looks. Emmett is self absorbed in thinking he is a sweet kind hearted person ( meanwhile blowing kisses from his A** ) and Andrew is obsessed with thinking he is better than anyone else because he is older and knows the NEW World Order. That being said Andrew is playing the best game of the 3.
I would laugh if the house guest to come back was the only person allowed to vote out the next house guest. You would see Tall flip out LIVE now that would be funny as Hell.


hahaha when jillian was like i hope im not like that and they were like nono I actually said out loud um YES!!! she is verrrrrry self absorbed….and emmet is in a love affair with himself and his hair, those two never stop looking in mirrors or playing with their appearance!!! I still literally cant understand how jillian stays so small eating so much…i know she works out…but she eats constantly and not always good food!!! Kudos to her, and for sure she at least works out but heaven help her if that ever catches up to her…hopefully its stress eating!!


Exaggerating. Imagine being stuck in a house with strangers, no book to read, no movie to watch, can’t go for a walk or jog. No Internet. What do you do knowing you’re on camera 27/7?
Where would you prefer them look instead???
And you call this self absorbed and compare it to Talla’s constant talking about herself?


not at all…im not saying thats wrong….but who are they to pass judgement on talla…sorry but i dont think pot calling the kettle black is acceptable ever tbh!! I think its hilarious and talla does it because shes bored too! that stuff doesnt bother me….them judging her and saying those things about her when theyre bad too…that does….dont bother responding…ill be busy!


Meg, please. You clearly don’t watch the live stream. Every time someone goes to talk to Jillian when she doesn’t have makeup on, her response is don’t talk to me now, I don’t want to be on TV looking like this. She yelled at people at one point during her last HOH because she didn’t want to be on TV ‘talking game’ with no makeup on. And you want to say she’s not self absorbed? Every time she’s called into the diary room and she’s not dressed up or has makeup on or her hair isn’t perfect, she freaks out. SELF ABSORBED is an understatement …


I agree with you 100%….But Gary is an emotional person and I can see him trying to finish what he wanted to do before and that was to get rid of Andrew…He will play personally (I think – I could be wrong)…He knew Topaz wanted him gone and if he didn’t get the info of what happened with Alec and Topaz with Jillian, he may put Andrew and Jillian up. If Emmett wins POV (or Jillian), Andrew is going home. Talla is safe AGAIN. Gary will try to take someone’s spot in J/E’s alliance (like Peter tried)…..They want Talla b/c she is useless and now that Gary is here (if its him), you want him there too….Jury might not want Gary to win b/c they may not feel its fair and Andrew has won a lot of comps….sooooo….in my eyes, if Gary comes back, Andrew is the target.


I know they will have to play with 5 again when one of the jury comes back (please let it be AJ), but Andrew needs to watch his back with his alliance…Talla won’t gun for him, but Jemmett will. They said they would throw the HOH to Talla if they can so one of the 2 of them can win POV and get Andrew out….Jillian almost spilled the beans to Andrew the other night….I hope he realizes this…..That is probably why he was trying to light a fire to Talla about how crucial the POV is at final 4…..Now it will all depend on who comes back. If Gary or Topaz comes back, Andrew is in trouble…. will be their targets…I think it will be Gary though…I hope when he comes back he realizes J/E need to be broken up badly or one of them will win.


why do you think that andrew would be gary’s target? I really dont think thats true! I think, as much as he personally likes emmet, his target will probably be emmett…hell totally split up the showmance if he has any say…how can he not? I mean he has NO chance if they stick together. Andrews problem has been I don’t think he wants jemmet together…but what can he do, no one else can play the comps that has been on his side….if gary banded with him? They would have a good shot because gary and andrew are both strong players!!! Andrew will probably flip out with the twist though! haha


I agree that if Gary should win HOH he will target Vommett. Gary might not like Andrew but he is not stupid to keep the power couple.
I am sure Topaz filled him in that Villian is a big bold faced liar and cannot be trusted even if she swears on her mother.


Peter calls her back, “Talla.. Talla.. May I please have a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk”
Talla: “Why didn’t you ask while I was a way”
Peter: “Because I was waiting for you … lovely”
Talla goes to grab a cup, Peter: “Can I have a large cup that’s clean hhahahahahahaha this is hilarious making Talla so angry.gosh its funny to watch talla sometimes


Yeah.. I can understand how people find it funny. One the other hand I wonder about the extremes of productions shenanigans. The slop looks terrible Apparently smellings and tastes terrible. Why all three? Why are the havenots not alllowed some other food same as they do in the US.. Plus for days, having to make food for others when your hungry and feeling ill from the slop. Add to this the stress of the game and being isolated from the outside world. Also Talla in withdrawal from tobacco. A visit from a loved one and you’re not allowed to response.. To me this forced bullly type of activity by BBCan goes from milldy amusing to mean,and possibly harmful to the HG physical and mental health…


you realize the show is called big brother right???? like….thats the whole point….read 1984 if you havent and maybe youll understand the show


Georgeorwell….Sigh… Seems you were comfortable expressing your condescending reply. Talking down to me… Perhaps you are confused. BB is suppose to be a game about strategy. Using your mental, social and physical skills, Dealing with expecting the unexpected . Not like the show Fear Factor where the whole point is to force contestants into dangerous and repulsive physical situations… BB last 10 weeks. Fear factor is on for an hour.. There’s a thin line between acceptable task and circumstance in the name of game play. And that of causing pain, both physical and mental. The subject open to discussion was how much humiliation and other forms of discomfort is either entertainment and/or degarding abuse..


Umm correction – it’s also a study in human behavior.

From Wikkipedia — From a sociological and demographic perspective, Big Brother allows an analysis of how people react when forced into close confinement with people outside their comfort zone (with different opinions or ideals, or from a different socioeconomic group). The viewer has the opportunity to see how a person reacts from the outside (through the constant recording of their actions) and the inside (in the Diary or Confession Room).


I still think it would be unfair for Alec and Topaz to be in jury and have the opportunity to talk to AJ and Gary as they would certainly tell them how they were lied to by Jillian. This would fire Gary up to get Jemmett out because of what they did to his friend, Topaz. Although, I think Gary (or whoever comes back) would be smart enough to know who they have to target if they have any chance of winning this game. Should be interesting to see what happens next.

BB all around Fan

I don’t believe they are in the jury can pretty much bet they are being held in sequester in a hotel with handlers so NO communication with each jury member. USBB has done in Past also .BB14


only gay men and Young 15 year old girls want gary back

BB all around Fan

I am not a 15 year old girl nor am I a gay guy. what ever that has o do with reasoning for wanting Gary back. I DO want Gary back just to stir up the snooze feast