Big Brother Spoilers – ENDURANCE competition on the live feeds

HOH: Tiffany
Secret HOH :
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Next two weeks are Double evictions.

6:04 pm Alyssa and DF have fallen. First 3 houseguests to fall are Have nots

DF – I’m so pissed I’m a have not this will be the worst week of my life
Alyssa – I Can’t believe I passed out on the rope.

6:07 pm

6:12 pm Claire drops

6:13 pm Hannah Drops

6:16 pm Xavier Drops

6:17 pm Azah drops
Both Azah and Alyssa puked.

6:23 pm Tiff and Kyland still in it

6:30 pm Ky falls. Tiffany wins Head of Household (Bye Bye Alyssa)

feeds cut.

6:50 pm Claire and Tiff celebrating “BACK TO BACK”
Claire says Ky kept wanting to make a deal “I was like you got this you got this”
Tiff – I told him I could do this all night

6:52 pm Tiff apologizes to Azah for not throwing the compeittion to her
Azah – it’s okay ..
Tiff says she’s putting up Alyssa but wants to double check with X first.
Azah – Ky could have dropped off
Tiff – that is what made me uncomfortable…

Tiff tells Xavier Ky should have dropped she was going to throw it to Azah. She also says she’s prepared top put up Claire.
Tiff – I don’t know if I really want him to have three HOH.
Xavier- what are you considering for nominations
Tiff – you tell me
Feeds cut ..

6:57 pm BIGD and Azah

BIG is pissed because it wasn’t a strength or eating comp (LOL eating comp?)
Bigd – Call is a BIGD tantrum .. it is not a fair playing field.. it should be new beginnings.. there should be changes

6:59 pm Alyssa tells Xavier that the noms will be the two of them if veto is played Kyland will go up and get evicted.

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And without a battleback! I hope you have Dramamine on you because Kyland could be HoH again


So question— the first DE has to be null & void right? Unless there is a battle back – b/c the dates don’t work otherwise.

Sept 9th: F8 out (fourth juror), F7 out in DE
Sept 16th: F6 out first, F5 out in DE
Sept 23rd: F5 out

Meaning they wouldn’t have a short week for F4 eviction as they always do & full week of F3???

I think they must be nullifying the first DE —- OR ELSE — they are doing a battle back on 16th. Part of me thinks they are going to wait to see who gets cut at F7 in DE & if it’s Claire, Big D or Azah let it go & have a battle back but if it’s X, Ky, Tiff or Hannah lock the door, set off sirens & signify the DE is null & void.

Does that make sense lol?

another name

2 houseguests leaving on the 9th takes us to final 6.
2 houseguests leaving on the 16th talkes us to the final 4.
play out the final four week as a full week to the 23rd.
Final 3 start the final hoh on the 24th. part 2 pm of the 26th or 27th.
finale on wed. 29th.


yeah I worked out the dates the same way- but they’ve NEVER done a full week of F4 or F3 – that part of the game is boring AF so I still think something else is afoot (hence the two hour episode on the 16th). I’m just not sure if it’ll involve a battle back or null & void first DE — Julie’s wording of “we’ll do IT ALL OVER AGAIN” did leave a window for TPTB to do something else as I immediately read that as a do-over. Mind you if they want to ensure a specific result all they have to do is pull Azah in a room to let her practice so she wins the DE HOH puts up Ky/Claire & they make POV something not suited to Claire winning.

And TBH I think Production wanted it that way in the event Claire, Big D, Azah leave in the Double they could do a jury battle back in the first hour (whether a comp or fan vote) BUT if it’s X, Ky, Tiff or Hannah I really could see them locking the door, sirens blare & they cancel the eviction. Then the following week after F7 person leaves Julie comes on & says okay so we’re doing this all over again – it’s another DE night.

I’d also imagine TPTB aren’t that enamored with Ky if he’s the reason for back-to-back DE instead of a triple. Odds are they’ll want him out sooner than later b/c he’s such a pain. Ditto with X — which tells me they both had some pre-season promise that they would be F2. I know we’ve had Buella & Muffy but I’d still like to see Tiff get to the end as I’ve enjoyed her full game play – yeah the camera chat may be too much but she was the one who helped DX a ton with strategy.

Plus going back to week one when Frenchie tried to spin something DX said about Tiff as racist & she stood up for him & befriended him. It’s also uber annoying that Big D (and X) try to take credit for the CO inception when it was proven Tiff went to Big D first to open the discussion about doing it. I wonder if that’s the REAL reason Big D wants her out b/c it doesn’t make sense others can talk back to Big D but Tiff can’t – it’s always seemed to be about something else IMO.

For ratings TPTB have to keep Ky, X, Tiff & Hannah longer than either Big D/Azah if not both especially if they do elect to do full week for F4 and f3 ousts. Who is going to want to watch X, Ky, Azah, Big D F4 that lasts from the 16th to 29th?

another name

Season 22. They did day 72 Memphis, day 79 Christmas, day 85 NIcole.
Season 21 They did day 86 Tommy, Day 93 Cliff, Day 99 NicA
It was BORING as hell feeds.
it’s the most recent precedent.


Damn I think its selfish of them to not throw it to azah once it was all cookout left. I mean they are all together so why not let her have hoh this time.

Lorrene Kohnhorst

That was supposed to be the plan Derek or Azah but I don’t blame Ky when it was just down to him and Tiffany because Ky is alone now and he knows tiff doesn’t want to put up Claire. Plus Tiffany kept saying she didn’t wanna win because she didn’t want to be the one to put up Claire, she is kind a hard to trust


I can understand that ..


I don’t think they should have to throw anything to Azah or DF. If you want an HOH, earn it.


I respectfully disagree. No comp should be thrown at this point in the game. Reasons:

1) Risk of being put on the block. Even though the CO controls the vote, there is a chance that two CO members go on the block (if HOH puts a non-CO person on the block and the other non-CO person wins veto and takes the non-CO person down). This scenario results in two CO members on the block. One of them will get evicted. Even if you are a pawn on the block and your alliance controls the vote, there could be a twist. The only person 100% safe from eviction is the HOH. So, why not secure your HOH win and guarantee your personal safety?

2) Each CO member has preferences on whether Claire or Alyssa goes this week. X would prefer to keep Alyssa because if she stays and wins HOH next week, she won’t put him up. Tiff would prefer to keep Claire for the same reason. Why not secure your HOH win this week to ensure that you control which person stays and which person goes, so that you are better set-up when it’s down to the CO only?

3) Throwing an HOH comp to someone because they have never been HOH before should not be an expectation of any BB alliance. It is not selfish for the CO members who can win these contests to go ahead and win them. They agreed to look out for each other, but this is not a team sport. Only one of them walks away with $750k.


Exactly — plus Tiff knows Azah was putting up both Ally/Claire whereas she didn’t trust Ky to do that. AND let’s be real – Tiff has a F2 with both Hannah (her preference) as well as Ky & knows it’s possible he could win out so she didn’t want to drop just to let him get a freebee giving him 3 HOHs in case they do end up F2 – now she has won as many comps as Ky. She was more than willing to throw to Azah but wanted Ky to drop first. And Ky doesn’t trust Azah so didn’t want to throw it to her.

Tiff already told X she’ll put up Claire if she has to (ie: if Ally comes down) & asked what he wanted to do but it would be dumb of her to put both of them up. I’m wondering if we’ll see X/Ally or if she would go Ally/Big D – with the fear being X would save Ally — the issue here is X can’t complain to Tiff about Claire & then turn around & save Ally b/c it’s the same thing.


Why do they have to throw it to her?! Why can’t she win it by herself if she wants to win the money?! Do you think by throwing it to her somehow will make the jury want to vote for her more instead….? I am confused…in a fair world Big D and Azah should be voted off next. If you’re not good at anything @ all and can’t win sh***t , you shouldn’t be here PERIOD! BIg D can’t even say ” I vote to evict someone ” and he’s attempted to say it half dozen times and failed each time. Come on people, get this man out of the game please!!!

Sir Kirby Williams

Why not her just go out and win? She lays in bed all day and wants to be given wins? Forget that, she is just a vote for them and an easy win if they take her final 2. What has she done this season? She’s done less than Big D.
She’s just a little princess wishing to be a queen. I strongly feel she would power trip during an HOH, even one she couldn’t earn.


I guess the clip from earlier tonight helps set up people (Twitter audience) blaming DF for Hannah not lasting longer since her head was hurting


I dunno about that man DF

another name

Mid comp Ky asks for everyone to give him and Tiff a couple minutes (to deal?).
WHERE ARE THEY GONNA GO? Put their fingers in their ears and yell lalalalala?
Prodo goes wbrb for a second.
During that second I said out loud… are you shitting me?




Yay! Tiffany won. I could not take another Kyversation HOH

Lorrene Kohnhorst



So I guess this means Alyssa and X going up


It would appear that way. Can’t see her nominating Claire.


Yup. With a wrench in the plan if Alyssa wins POV…


I can see X winning POV but whether he would take down himself or Alyssa I’m not sure? Probably himself


Tiff was willing to throw & the plan was for Ky to drop as soon as Ally went out – since he didn’t want to be a have not it was fine he didn’t drop 3rd but he could’ve dropped right after Claire went down or X. When he didn’t Tiff wasn’t going to let him stay up & win his 3rd HOH and not throw it to Azah.

There was NEVER any convo about Tiff dropping before him (he’s making that up to cover his ass). The truth is Ky didn’t want to go back on the block & knows Azah would likely put up Claire/Ally but he would be the re-nom (not Tiff) & he doesn’t want to hit the block again. And Tiff also knew Ky might’ve put up her/Claire instead of Claire/Azah so she also had a reason to wait for him to drop.

She’ll target Ally & likely need to put up X b/c she can’t trust he’d win POV & take down Ally which would also be bad so it’s better if he’s up beside her. If he elected to save Ally instead of himself (especially after she said Ky would go up if one of them came down) that would be bad for his game & Tiff would respond by putting up Big D is my guess – and they’d vote out X for pulling that stunt.

another name

Cookout boys are going to be PIIIIIIIISSED!
Correct me if I’m wrong.
Ky and X told Tiff she had to throw multiple times last week.
Ky told at least two women in cookout he’d throw once Alyssa was out. Told the others he wanted to win it.
So did Tiff stay in because Ky was supposed to throw and didn’t?

bb23 WEEK NINE.jpg

Yea, I read the situation as both Ky and Tiff were supposed to drop to let Azah win. But I suspect Tiffany was mad that Ky wasn’t dropping and decided to stay in it.

another name

Ky is trying to say he would have thrown it to Azah… but Tiff was supposed to drop before Ky dropped. He’s saying this to X.
With Ky’s history of saying one thing and doing the opposite… is anyone buying it anymore?
The big question.


Not exactly. Kyland had a conversation earlier in the week that annoyed the live-feeders to no end because of his arrogance

another name

Which one? LOL.
I mean his Kyversations a couple weeks ago already put him on my nope list, so I’m wondering which one got to everyone else?


The one where I swore Kyland was going to talk himself out the door because he was mixing “we (he and X) are better than all of the girls left with trying to say he should be taken off the block (which was starting to annoy X).

Meanwhile what in tarnation is Vegan slop and what ingredient does regular slop have that Claire can’t eat?

another name

Milk solids. they are mixed in with the whey protein and spices.


Yup – I think it’s two-fold. First factor is Azah was going to put up both Claire/Ally (Tiff was fine with that) but she didn’t trust Ky to do that. Second, Tiff has F2 deals with both Hannah & Ky with the ideal boot order being Big D, X, Ky, Azah (her/Hannah F2) but Ky believes they are going F2 -except he’s sketchy — so my thoughts are Tiff knows Ky can win out & if she sits beside him at F2 she didn’t want him having significantly more comp wins – now they both have 3.

Buh Bye

Yep. Tiffany actually made a good game move. Whether you like ‘throwing’ a comp or not, Ky has lied too many times to trust him dropping out for Azah. And he didn’t. The Super Sofa was out quick. So, no toss to him. Ky didn’t drop while Azah was still in it, so Tiffany stayed up to keep Ky from winning.

No fave yet

This was supposed to be the comp Big Dummy wanted. He couldn’t wait for one that needed muscles cause he said he was strong…….ha ha ha


What’s Tiff going to do if she puts Alyssa and X up and Alyssa wins POV?

another name

Break cookout and target X.
When she jokes with him that he wouldn’t evict her instead of taking her to final 2… he doesn’t correct her.
Or lose a jury vote and put up Claire claiming she can’t do it to the others.


As much as I hate this rigged BLM season, I love how much they like to pretend that Derek F. is capable of any sort of ‘endurance’.


BLM season really?!? This is just the first season they have actually made it an even playing field. I’m sure no one thought they (black people) actually have each other’s back (just like the other cast members haven’t caught on yet). Lol

Scott Ellsworth

X knew but if he said it out loud the Instagram posse would have strung him up, lol. You have to admit it’s kind of a dull season. It’s not leveling the playing field, it’s just boring tv.
Next season will be fun with the ethnic blood bath that it will be. Hopefully Tiff wins but don’t be surprised if she s sitting next to Claire in F2


Totally agree with Dominion. If it was the other way around it would be such a different story.


But they don’t have each other’s backs. They all hate each other. If it wasn’t for this manufactured ‘underdog’ image they’re trying to defend, they’d have axed each other ages ago.


Actually they do (hate each other or not) it’s been several times they could have gone against the CO for their own personal game but haven’t.. come again. Ky and X aren’t underdogs, actually none of them are, they have all been in control of the entire game.


Right. Because production planned it from the start.




Are you an idiot or just not keeping up? Of course the non-POC know. They have for a long time. This is a scripted television show. Not really a game involved. The production had it all planned out before anyone even entered the house! They use different tactics such as individually timed challenges, etc. to control the outcome. Just a way to pacify Black Americans. If I was one, I’d be so offended. Regardless, I no longer watch the show…just read these often hilarious feeds. Will probably never watch it again! Love you Simon and Dawg!


No I’m not an idiot and yes I have been keeping up, DX finally noticed it a week before he was evicted and mentioned it to Tiffany. And production has used their “different tactics” way before this season…ughh this must be your first season watching BB, bbrookie


Based on the conversation that Alyssa & X are having, I do hope that Alyssa doesn’t react badly when she is sent out the door and finds out about the alliance

another name

X has been dropping HUGE hints to Alyssa for two weeks.
The ‘couple more people and we are guaranteed a POC winner’ comment, while DX was on the block as target should have been a big clue.
Well, that and Ky and Tiff talking about the 6… while Alyssa was in the room today.


What does everyone make of the Goodbye messages Kyland have to DX and SB? Is he doing it to secure them as jury votes for him?

another name

That’s what he’s trying to do.
However, he should come totally clean not hem and haw about it.
It’s the parts that he is leaving out that are going to cause the jurors (Dx for sure) to turn against him.
I think once SB finds out Ky had final 2’s with Tiff, X, Couch, Hannah and Dx (Dx knows he had multiple final 2 deals), that’s where she’s going to get ticked.

No fave yet

Big Dum Dum wants a fair comp for him…..maybe a lying down comp.
What a lazy whiner.


it always somebody else fault. Victim mentality. C’mon DF be better than that my dude.


His daddy must be so proud, amirite?


If Tiffany puts up Claire and she leaves, she will lose Claire and DX’s jury votes, imo


I hope Alyssa pulls herself together by tomorrow because she sounds like she’s self evicting. It’s going to be a very long week. Then we get to see if CO can evict Clair in the double. Will CO really make it F6?

another name

We’re treated (sarcasm, it’s not actually funny) to Alyssa complaining about her third time on slop. Production yelling at her for eating because she thought they started at midnight. Subconsciously I think she’s also pissed about what she overheard Ky and Tiff saying this afternoon. Discussing Al and X and the six while she’s right there. (sleeping? really? that’s what excuse mongers are pushing… she was asleep? I don’t think so).
Soon we’ll be hearing about Ky being pissed he has to give up his have not condo.

Guess this is the week we’ll see Tiff become Vamp the HOHitis queen. We got a sneak preview when she was in the robe for nomination day. At least she’ll get her beyonce back.

Set up: Tiff becomes prime candidate for the block in the double no matter who goes. The Couch already wants her out.


How on earth have people not called out the blatant racism this season? If a group of all white contestants systematically targeted all of the African-Americans in the house, Julie Chen and others would rightfully call this out. To my knowledge, there’s been mostly silence.

It sure seems like this season has been rigged by producers to achieve a specific outcome.

I’m probably not going to watch any more of this season.

Buh Bye

Buh Bye.


We have been calling it out. But if you try to say anything on Facebook or other major platforms your comments are immediately deleted. And you know Julie Chen is the most self-righteous, pretentious pseudo-celebrity who thinks they have clout for achieving nothing but marrying a rich guy on the face of the planet. Harkening back to how she publicly blind-sided and shamed Jackson on finale night comes to mind.

Jaymie lee

Ive been told its not racist when Blacks do it. Funny how that works eh. From a canadian and our version no better. Race wars


I stopped watching BBCan from episode one this year. It wasn’t even the shoehorned multicultural nonsense, but that the majority of the cast was gay or trans or any other pseudo-denomination of LGBTQ. EXTREME pandering to minorities for woke points.


Blatant racism?!?! Are you serious? In EVERY season but this one it’s been a group of white ppl targeting the rest of the house, but because it’s only been 1 or 2 black ppl in every season it’s no comparison. It should have always been diversity in the house, but I guess when that happens here come the “prejudice comments”. Why can’t it be “an alliance” plain and simple?!? Geesh


That’s never happened. And the Cookout has blatantly proclaimed several times that they formed because they’re all black and their goal is to vote out everyone that isn’t. THAT’S real racism. You’re just delusional.


Affirmative action should have been implemented to BB a long time ago. All these White people been playing with all these privileges for far too long Uherme.


This is BB 2021, the black Klan…uh..uh I mean the cookout’s game play does not exclude people for racial dominance or advantages at all. Their strategy is about character not the color of one’s skin.


Are you for real? Sounds like your delusion is even worse.


Another Boring week , df still suck, and Alyssa will be evicted next week


Tiffany is the oldest person in the house so I imagine some of these comps aren’t easy – but she’s won a physical & mental HOH. In Big D’s intro he talked about how he’s deceivingly fit & agile. We’ve yet to see it. And he’s not close on the mental comps either.

Sorry but you’re in a house where you could work out every day. This is not about me feeling any way about his shape or weight – it’s about him complaining that comps aren’t built for him or people not throwing them to him. But he doesn’t put in effort to study dates, or try to get in better shape with a gym in the house. And, I’m annoyed how he constantly says he’s running the house — how on earth does this man believe he deserves to win the game when he expects to be dragged by the house to the end? And on top of that he’s constantly belligerent in how he speaks about the women in the house.

Plus there is always a reason why someone else doesn’t deserve to win or be in the house. Earlier in the season Whit had to go b/c “she had too much money” now Hannah should be cut b/c she’s young & won’t appreciate it.

Other than that b*tch Tiff needs to go first of CO, too many b*tches in jury so we need the 3 guys in F3 and I need to make F5 so I make enough money what else has he said/done in this game? Oh right – he was the only one to go for prizes in dominoes so he won $7500 with X on the block & Azah in jeopardy of going up.

He has previously talked about how his Mom pays his bills (but also said he needs win to pay her bills – not sure if he means pay back). And, he said he had to cancel a trip to Puerto Rico so he could be in quarantine. So this guy who says he needs the money implying he’s suffering isn’t IMHO.

Plus he spoke about how he has friends in production hinting they got him on the show & do other favors.

I’m just fed up with his game & that pouty picture up top of the page says everything we need it to say.


This has got to be one of the worst seasons of Big Brother. It has been bland and formulaic week after week. And I honestly haven’t found myself rooting for anyone in the house. What an absolutely do-nothing cast.

We start off with Frenchie’s clown self, where it’s considered okay for him to target the white meatheads, which is such a crappy reason for Travis to be sent home. The only truly great decision made this year was kicking out Frenchie. Then there’s Brent who was basically evicted because he annoyed them? I actually felt bad for him by how terribly they edited his eviction episode to mock him. Whitney’s next to go, and I love how everyone just pretends that she’s this huge threat. Such a joke. Besides Frenchie, Christian is the only other eviction that made sense. At least Christian was an actual threat. Up next was Britini who like Whitney, was a constant “threat” lol. Derek X was next, probably the only person in the house I liked. And finally we have Sarah Beth, everyone’s scapegoat.

Ultimately Alyssa and Claire are screw, and the Cookout has taken the game. Game over. Let’s just get on with it already.


Well you finally figured it out… its a boring blowout.


Did you see earlier today when they briefly returned from episode run through Big D said “why did they take our couch?” I died laughing