Big Brother Spoilers “Day 61 my friends we’re down to single digits.. congratulations”

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary


9:20AM Kitchen Andrew and Emmett
Andrew saying that Talla hasn’t done anything in the house she’s playing for second place. Andrew adds that last person to leave the house that hadn’t done much was Suzette. Emmett says seven Liza did something in the house, she never won anything. Andrew: “Unless of course you are putting Jillian up” Emmett looks at him the both chuckle. Andrew is going to see if he can cut his mohawk off this morning..

Gary joins them they start talking about specialty restaurants . Gary mentions a restaurants in the “Beaches” that just serves Milk and Cookies. Gary says he was thinking about starting to restaurant because his aunts can cook but they all felt like it would tear the family apart.

Gary starts talking about his hair how he cannot afford to get it cut because it’s part of his image. Andrew: “They said a BIg Brother Hair Cut.. not a Bad Hair Cut”
Talla joins them.
Gary is going around looking for Jillian so he can wear his makeup. Andrew mentions that Jillian doesn’t really want Gary to use her makeup. Talla: “It’s not exactly good to share your makeup.. but he lost most of his palette” Andrew cannot understand why Gary wears so much makeup he looks just fine without it on, “For God’s sake he’s only 21”.
Talla: “it’s easier to say when you are on the other side..”
Andrew: “what do you mean”
Talla: “If he didn’t have to wear makeup he wouldn’t”


10:11AM Talla whispering to herself on the hammock going over stuff she will say to Emmett..

“Andrew won’t take Emmett to the final 2.. Jillian is playing a good game.. Oh my God”
(Random stuff)

10:25am Bathroom, Jillian, Andrew and Emmett
Andrew: “Emmett any idea what you are going to say today.. short but sweet”
Emmett: “Ya”
Andrew: “That Veto could have been different”
Emmett: “It’s not how bad you want it it’s how fast you are”
Andrew hints that Talla must of gotten some prizes during the POV competition.

Andrew brings up what Dan says about a big move, “Big move could mean getting rid of me”
Emmett: “Big move doesn’t have to mean getting rid of a big player”

Andrew: “Day 61 my friends we’re down to single digits.. congratulations”
Andrew wants to get his hair cut, They go over with Jillian what she can do to fix it up. They are guessing maybe cut the mohawk down a bit.


10:30am HOH Emmett, Jillian and Emmett Andrew and Emmett are going to play chess.

Andrew: “What do you guys think about this week.. I would like to talk a bit of game. “

Andrew: “We’re in an alliance so obviously you will vote to keep me.. and JIllian you will break the tie”
Jillian: “YA”

Andrew points out that HOH does matter next week because if Gary does win HOH then it’ll mean one of them do not make it to final 3. Emmett still thinks POV is more important. Jillian disagrees thinks HOH is still very important.

Andrew points out if Gary wasn’t brought back into the house Emmett would have still won the HOH and he would have won the POV. They would all be going to final 3 like planned.

Jillian says she would have been pissed if she needed that Veto and had to cut her hair to get it.


10:34am Talla wandering around the house talking to herself about what her game moves are.. she was on the hammock and now she’s in the hot tub room

Talla: “I did make a promise to Gary.. I will definitely be breaking a promise with Gary.. what I am doing is i’m covering both ends just in case”
Talla: “I don’t know what to do right now.. I need to figure this out”

Talla: “I’m a way better final 3 to Emmett and Jillian than Andrew is”
Talla: “I need to talk ti Jill.. figure this out.. Gary won’t take her to final 2

Talla is talking to the moose in the Hot Tub room. She calls it “Henry” . Tells Henry she’s going to take care of business.. “lots of work to do.. that’s what I saw play my cards right.. OK Henry good talk thanks”
Talla: “Maybe a little bit of a twist and you can come into the game and play.. Oh.. don;’t count on it.. OK”

Talla: “Yup i’m losing my mind.. talking to a moose”
Talla gets up to leave “ceya Henry”

Talla heads up to the HOH and tells Jillian she wants to talk to her later. Emmett beats Andrew in chess.


11:07am Talla, Emmett and Jillian HOH

Talla: “I cannot speak english.. I went from speaking english fluently to… “
Jillian: ‘We’re all losing our minds”

(Just a bunch of slow chit chat.. )

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Oh Andrew, trust nobody in this game, it’s going to be hard watching this week, it’s obvious production wants him out of the game too. The Gary twist was terrible, he had two weeks safe from the block, got to find things out in the jury that will benefit his game and now he’s in the final 4 by sitting on his ass for a couple of weeks. I like Gary but that’s just not right, too many twists and bullshit for BB Canada’s first season in my opinion, they let nothing play out and interfered every week. I’m still rooting for Andrew but he’s clearly too trusting of E/J and will be sent out the door this week, too bad.


Andrew has no reason not to trust Em/Jill in his mind. They have been in an alliance for several weeks now. Emmett and Jillian have been on board with Andrew’s thinking that they should keep the competitors and not the schemers or floaters. So he would never dream that they would want to keep Talla over him. The Gary twist is complete bullshit. If the final 4 were Alec – Peter – Gary – and Emmett they wouldn’t have brought someone back. They probably would have, but they don’t want to see 3 people from the East coast in the finale. Andrew is absoulutely hilarious on the feeds, but he is almost never shown that way on the show. The editing is infuriating.


Hey Paulie, Good point. Production did interfere every week basically, so you’re right. Nothing was ever able to just play out organically. Some players were impacted more than others, especially so as the wks went on. Some might say, hey that’s the game, the point is Big Brother controls everything. But I think they run the risk of losing fans cause the passionate, long time gamers are turned off at it & the casual, TV viewer will then expect even more twists, dramatic meddling in next season & you can’t keep up such a pace.

Plus I think the next season(s) players would then play the game so differently, keep things to themselves so they don’t run risk of having their thoughts used against them (even in Diary room cause hey, that might be a Twist used) – that would make for very boring TV. Players might not even strategize, just sit around waiting for the next Twist. I mean, why work at it when Production will just throw a monkey wrench in your plans.



Look at our ratings! The audience loves us!
Count on production praising themselves. They want to be paid to produce another season.
Expect more comedic relief useless players, showmance candidates and plenty of twists.
Count me out.


The thing is Will Dan, Boogie. Hayden didn’t spend all their time in the HOH hiding their moves behind a skirt.. This happen because production interfered with the game..Emmett wanted to go to the end with Tom. Jill a reluctant second choice. If production hadn’t kept Sue and didn’t have the early double eviction the game may have been very different.. More nteresting..


Some observations:
Andrew’s made a few observations the last few days, in his usual humorous way but they actually highlight an issue he’s had to contend with that Emmett hasn’t. Couple days ago: something about E/J being up in HOH so much & he’s stuck babysitting Talla the whole time. When Em has had to deal with Talla 1 on 1 for more than a few mins., he can’t hide his impatience, contempt (the last few days – cause he wants her jury vote, he gives a “I haven’t decided but I respect you too much not to be honest with you if I have to vote you out” then scrams, then unloads on Jillian about Lala. That after briefest time with her…

So, Gary’s in the house & Em & Jill were once again holing up in HOH, now with a “chest” board – Andrew comes up begging to hide out there since he’s stuck with those 2. It wasn’t a ploy on his part. From the video of what the atmosphere was like, can totally see why Andrew has reached the end of his rope dealing with these two on his own for so long.

It’s a dynamic of the game, of course. That’s what isolation in the house is about. However, I do think Emmett & Jillian too have had a pretty easy rid of it, being able to hide away in HOH so long.

I don’t remember any season of BBUS where an alliance was able to hide out in HOH so long. Even Jeff & Jordan were out & about a lot more, they’re alliances won the room too but then you would have 3 – 4 – 5 people hanging out not just same 2 isolating from rest of house. Think explains why Andrew was acting so out of character the last few days. Hoping now that he’s had a bit of a breather, he’s able to get his head back in the game… Yeah, still a fan



I can’t stand to look at Emmett anymore – the cock of the walk with no dirt on his hands. Yeah I know that’s because he played everybody thereby playing a great game, but it still bothers me. Funny, I loved Dr. Will because he was so much more charismatic and funny and interesting to watch in action.


thats a legit point! Dr. Will and Dan had a charisma that emmett will never have which is why the viewers dont like it…that and his showmance…


Blah blah blah Andrew’s going home blah blah blah. Let’s just fast forward to eviction night and get the next HOH comp going already!

-Team Andrew-

So this twist will send Andrew packing. I wont say “oh poor Andrew” because so many people have been screwed over by twists this season it’s ridiculous. I couldn’t even watch last nights full episode becuase I was screaming at the TV – Emmett was made out to be a really ass in last nights episode. I know it’s been coming for a while, but man last night was a whole knew level. As my name states, Im team Andrew so I may be bias, but wow….
Jillian please please please leave him. You want Andrew in the house. Do what you want for christ sake. You did last week, do it again!!!!


Who knows, Talla might start pulling it out of the bag at the very end to save herself a la Jordan Lloyd. She is the “second place goddess” lol. It just might be a Gary & Talla final two! People need to brace themselves!


At this point, there is only one more twist that I would want to see…

Andrew stands up to give his plea at the Veto ceremony.
“Before this thing plays out, I think there is some thing you all should know. Jillian is a f$#king liar. Aren’t you, baby?”
Jillian gets up, walks over to Andrew and they share a strong kiss. She pulls back from it, looks at Emmett and says,
“Emmett, before we go any farther you need to know that Andrew and I have an open marriage. I want you to keep him here.”
Emmett melts down.


I think we are just to nice to play this game lol, I would so love to have seen someone weedle their way off the block. I’m hating to see Andrew go which I think is what is going to happen, but I’m more sorry not to see him try to bambozzle his way to safety.


i agree and i think they purposefully picked a ‘nice canadian cast’ for the most part….i would even just like to see the hoh not get what they want for once!!!


Production fixed Gary’s POV Win
Production fixed Canada’s Vote to bring back Gary
Production will fix the next HOH and POV in Garys favor.
Production fixed the HOH and POV that Gary won.

Bad Bad Production.

The freaking sky is falling.


Emmit needs to consider if Gary wins next POV he can evict Emmit.Dan put the thought in his ear.Andrew could help have that not happen.