Big Brother Spoilers Emmett to Andrew: “I’m pretty sure you are fine Big Guy”

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary


11:33AM Andrew and Emmett hot tub

Andrew: “I wonder what this week will bring”
Emmett :’What did last week bring.. there was five people”
Andrew :”Nothing it was boring.. we’ll we had the freeze task”

Andrew: “Gary is walking around like a zombie which is good.. “
They both Agree that Talla is much quieter

Andrew: “I can’t get over the fact there is 5 of us instead of 4”

Andrew presses the dangers of It being Talla and Jillian against Gary in the HOH. Andrew: “Then what if Talla and Gary team up”

They start working through the scenarios. Emmett brings up if Andrew goes home this week then it’s him versus Talla for the Veto which is better than HIm versus Andrew, “I’m being honest with you.. man to man”
Emmett does understand they have a better chance to win HOH if Talla goes cause it will be Jillian and Andrew Vs Gary but if Talla stays it doesn’t matter who wins the HOH.

Emmett goes on about how honest he’s been with everyone and told them if they are staying or going. Andrew knows that Emmett will make the decision that is best for his game. Andrew mentions how Gary was complaining yesterday that the next HOH will be mental and the ask questions about what happened in the house when GAry was in the jury. Andrew: “Don’t come to me telling me what’s fair you got you a$$ voted back in”

Emmett: “I’m pretty sure you are fine Big Guy”

Andrew goes on about how they should have put Andrew and Talla up and maybe Gary wouldn’t have tried so hard in the VETO. Andrew: “How much were you willing to do? I would have done it all.. everything he was willing to do plus this haircut”

Emmett says it is funny that Gary came back then won the Veto. Andrew points out that To Gary it’s more important to have his hair than the Veto he’s said it many times.

Emmett and Andrew confirm that Gary is on Slop for the rest of the season.
They start talking about the possibility of another twist. Emmett jokes that Gary is in the house for just one week. Says arisa will say “We brought Gary back for one week you are now all competing for final 3” Andrew smirks says it’s just wishful thinking.

Andrew says there’s a better chance of Arisa saying “Gary’s back in the game and we also want him to win.. we’ve given him the coup d’etat”

Emmett: “THey didn’t give him anything though”
Andrew: “I wouldn’t be surprised that Gary wins Canada’s favorite player”
Emmett :”Ya he’ll probably win Canada’s favorite player”

They talk about who will come back in Allstars. Andrew thinks it will be Emmett and Gary. Emmett thinks Andrew and Jillian would be on it.

Emmett: “Two people leave Thursday night”
Andrew: “we don’t know that for sure.. you would think that”

Andrew mentions how he would have thought there was a least one girl in the house “With big ol Fake b**bs” and flashing them around. Emmett says the closest thing they had was Liza walking around in her thong, “She used what she had”

Emmett plans on checking out the internets when he gets out of the house see what people say about him. Andrew: “There’s 15 websites Andrew Monaghan is a A$$Hole”

Emmett says he hasn’t been truthful the entire time, “There is some merit in telling the truth.. but nobody won Big Brother being 100% Truthful”



12:30pm Andrew and Emmett

They both agree there should only be one chance in this game and bringing someone back is bullsh1t. Emmett adds that it’ll hurt Gary a lot with jury votes but he’ll still win against Talla in the final 2. They both agree Talla has zero chance to win this game.

Emmett: “Jillian and Gary have the highest percentage chance of wining this game.. they both have 2 chances to protect themselves next week.. I only have one”

Andrew: “Makes you wonder who is watching.. they save Suzette and Gary… we have no chance”

12:50pm Everyone milling around Emmett invites Gary up to the HOH to play him in Chess after he plays Jillian.


12:55pm HOH Emmett and Gary .
Emmett says he just told Andrew he’s going home in Thursday and now he’s pissed.. Emmett: “It doesn’t benefit me to send Andrew Away.. it only benefits you”
Emmett says he’s screwed himself out of Andrew, Aj’s and Talla votes in the final 2 now.
Emmett: “I know i’m taking you.. and so is Jill.. you are fine mother f****r the only person that might beat you in this game is Talla.. so I know you are taking Jill”

Gary: “Emmett.. you are getting too shaky.. ”
Emmett: “NO I know what is going one.. Gary it’s smart for you to take me and Jill because Jill will take you and so will I.. ”
Gary says if Andrew stays he’ll win the HOH and take Gary out that is what Gary is worried about.


1:26pm Andrew and Jillian

Jillian tells Andrew she needs him in the game, he helps her more than Talla .. Andrew says Emmett is scaring the sh1t out of him right now.

Andrew: “I’m like Emmett what are you doing man..we had a final 3 deal“

Andrew: “He’s pissing me off completely.. I think Dan told him to make a big move”
Jillian: “Dan didn’t say anything specific just ran through scenarios”

Andrew says he’s taking Jillian to the final 2 and so is Emmett so she’s set but Emmett can’t play in the HOH. Jillian adds that Gary will take either Emmett or Talla to the endd.

Jillian points out that Gary was saying that everyone in the jury will vote for Andrew, Jillian suspects it’s all part of Gary’s game.

Andrew suggest that maybe he should go up to Gary and offer him a deal to team up with Andrew and take out Jillian and Emmett. Jillian: “ya sure do whatever you can to stay in the house”

Jillian points out that Emmett makes it sound like all the competitions she’s won are nothing.

Jillian: “I’m scared of Emmett changing.. I need to get him away from Gary”

Jillian mentions that maybe Emmett is still with the beast coast maybe he’s just covering his a$$ with Gary.

Andrew: “You are my number one.. I do like Emmett but I want it to be you and I”

(Video uploading)

1:47pm HOH Jillian and Emmett
Emmett explains why Andrew has to go this week..

(Sounds like they are both on-board to get rid of Andrew.. Jillian would rather Andrew stays but will listen to Emmett on this one. )

(Video coming)

1:50pm Hot tub Room Andrew and Gary
Andrew explains to Gary how the finale works and going in alone is very dangerous. (Kinda hinting that Emmett and Jillian are a locked final 2)
Gary says he wants to be like “p-diddy.. stay up all night an hustle” He wants to work the social media and interact with his people.

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WOW, Andrew. Please shut up. He just goes on and on and on. Players have come back in the past. Stop talking about what would have been because it’s not happening. Damn.

I hope he leaves this week. There is a better chance that Talla will grow a brain and flip with Gary.

Andrew is just ridiculous. Loyalty to the point of idiocy. He reminds of me BB13 Adam.


Andrew has been loyal to the Beastcoast and he’s being let go for Talla – I’d be pissed to.


Funny, sounds to me like Em’s doing his fair share of whining about Gary being back… In fact, Em complains quite a bit, usually when he’s with Jillian. If he’s complaining this much when things are going most definitely his way for so long, just how bad would he be if he had to fight as hard as Andrew has, who hasn’t had a Jillian to keep him off the block nor has he had a Jillian to do his dirty work, getting her hands bloody but leaving the impression with jury members he had nothing to do with the blood letting .. Just you know, putting it out there

Do you think Em’s blowing smoke telling Gary keeping Andrew would benefit Gary more than Em? Is he trying to make Gary feel more indebted to him? Or make him paranoid, throw him off his game, thinking Em could keep Andrew?


Didn’t watch the E/J video, just read the comments & that was bad enough! Over 30K have watched this video & how many watched it during After Dark (according to 1 comment it was shown there)?
Still some observations:

I’m wondering if this happened after 1 of the booze nights? An excuse maybe but can see that happening. Consider:
there is an attraction;
the unrelenting closeness factor of having HOH together so often;
the out & out fact Emmett was/is always groping her (sometimes looks like he’s milking a cow – sorry),
& as was pointed out here, no matter the conversation, he starts sucking face, pushing her back on the bed, couch.
Pretty easy to get carried away…

Plus, it’s amazing how quickly you get used to cameras & actually forget they’re there. I was working in a TV newsroom when they changed the format to from having cameras focused just on a news desk to shooting out in the room at large. At 1st everyone was hyper aware of the cameras, on best behavior, but as time went on, you forgot them. Led to some embarrassing shots – especially if someone ticked off a camera man or Director just before air – grins. Fortunately, I was lucky not to do so, they’d give me a heads up if I was in the shot. Once was on a break, reading the paper & got a 5 sec heads up “you sure you want Canada to see you reading the comics?” LOL

I’m not saying Jillian is the poor innocent virgin here & EM the big bad wolf card. Not at all. Just can see how it can happen & do believe Jillian will be mortified.

Ahem – also maybe explains why Andrew’s been a bit more cranky lately & Emmett a little more chill. 1 is going on 6+ wks cold turkey — Talk about your Haves & Have nots!


Try this foolishness on for size!!

What if the F4 isn’t going to be treated the same as BBusa. We haven’t seen any mention of a double eviction by Arisa. She hyped the last double eviction. So what if the game is going to be different the last week stacked in Gary’s favour again. Lets say it’s heads up with no POV. You lose the comp you go to the jury. Now lets say idiot emmit keeps Lala. Gary battles Lala the winner to the final 2. No vote or save possible. Then the second is Jillian versus E.mmit and I’d be thrilled if this was endurance! HEHEHE So Gary gets a cake walk F2 and wins 100K versus If there is no double eviction this is how they help Gary steal the money. You think Andrew was p*ssed this week see Emmits reaction to this choice turd!

Any other suggestions on how they can screw the game further? All opinions welcome.


as much as I would like to see andrew win, he lost a pivotal HOH (a puzzle! almost designed for him to win!) AND the Veto this week (a “how bad do you want it”, also designed for andrew, don’t you guys think?) it SUCKS if he goes out before gary, but gary did win the veto and it would have come down to talla and andrew anyways. if emmett and jillian turn their back on andrew over talla, there is nothing andrew can do. this unfortunately just proves that andrew did not have the social game he thought with emmett. if he did, he would prove to them that keeping him is worth it because he can help them take out gary (he should be appealing to jillian/emmett WAY more about this) and he would be throwing talla under the bus (saying that it reflects bad on their game taking her all this way and if she teams up with gary, she could win – at least he mentioned that last part). he complains enough about her, time to reason with jemmett that he is the one to keep! he should really lay on the bullshit that he would take emmett to final 2 (right now emmett knows he’d take jillian, why on earth would emmett keep him…) i hate to say it, but if he cant convince jemmett to keep him, this is big brother… he will have to go….
i would love him to start working on jillian and gary’s vote. he should tell jilian that gary is 100% coming after her and wants final 2 with emmett so that she needs andrew to stay and help with that, and that specifically, talla cannot help them out with this. once emmett tells him he’s the one going this week, i hope he goes ALL out and tells gary that emmett is FOR SURE to win this game if they dont vote to keep him and then he’ll work his ass off to make sure to get him out next week. but i don’t think andrew will even appeal to gary….
i will really miss him if he goes bc watching emmett is just not fun. god that guy is boring and such a dick. i wish he was more entertaining bc then i could get behind him winning this whole thing. he’s such a dick i wouldn’t be surprised if he took gary final 2 instead of jillian just to make sure he won the money.


there is no way emmett is going to take gary to F2.. he will take jil, so either way they both win money.


I think Jillian is catching on… Gary is the other woman!


just because she knows this doesnt mean shell go against emmett unfortunately…she has said that dan just doesnt know what her heart wants and shes going to come in second….i still think she has a better shot than emmett though unless emmett wins veto.


the other thing she and no one realizes except emmett is that gary wants jill F2


ANDREW is campaigning in his own way by playing the guilt card with J+E. He knows it’s in their best interest to keep Lala over him and just pretends he has blind faith as a strategy to stay.
He has 2 angles he keeps bringing up:
“I know for a fact you’ll take me over Lala, because, we’re in an alliance”
“She doesn’t deserve to be there”

Everybody in this game lies and criticizes others for things they do themselves without feeling bad.
When it was Peter vs Lala, he kept saying that Peter’s “she doesn’t deserve to be there” was “ridonks”.
When it was Alec vs Topaz, he criticized Alec for campaigning all the time. Now, he’s campaigning all the time, by reminding them what the “moral choice” would be and pointing out how sick he is of Lala 24/7. Just like Alec, he’s so aware of the danger that he’s overplaying, getting on their nerves.
The only thing that would save him would be yet another twist. But since he’s not witty in a funny way without Lala, production won’t see any need to interfere. Them doing nothing is the twist this week!

LALA lays low and hopes for the best. Sure, she’d love to win HOH or POV to be sure, but I think she’s pretty confident she’s going to get dragged along.

GARY fell asleep several times during his challenge. He knows production is on his side to move on at least to F3. Lala is more deserving, she’s still on her first life in this game.

JILLIAN tells Andrew that Emmett is the one betraying him so that Andrew gives Jillian his jury vote. Still, she won’t vote for him to stay as Dan pretty much told her was the obvious thing to do. She wouldn’t benefit from it, since Andrew will vote for her anyway, Andrew wouldn’t get saved anyway, and she would have Talla, Emmett and Gary, all 3 players left in the game with her, mad at her: Talla because she voted for her eviction, Emmett because she betrayed him and he got more blood on his hands by breaking the tie. Gary because now he’d have a valid argument to tell Emmett to get rid of Jillian asap… since he’s hated her for a while anyway!
So Mastermind Dan’s suggestion wasn’t meant to improve her chances, but to create drama for TV.

EMMETT has beaten all his competitors, and he had them eating out of his hand and they’d probably have taken him to F3. Now he had a new opponent brought to you by Chevro-duction: Dan, with the clear mission to convince all the others they should get rid of him before F2. Even when Jillian clearly told him she’d take Emmett, Dan went on and on and insisted “well, it just sounds to me like that would be the most difficult way for you”.

Unfair, as usual, but in the end, I hope that Emmett will earn his own F2 spot by winning the final comp: If it’s against Jillian and Gary, Jillian will win endurance, and unless production interferes even more (dq anyone?), I can’t see how Gary would beat him in a physical/mental comp: Emmett has been memorizing the events in the house while Gary was frolicking around all day. Emmett is fit, Gary will have been on slop for 2 weeks.
The final portion of the 3-part-challenge usually is a A / B comp where they have to attribute quotes to jury members. He’s been listening a lot, and Jillian, besides saying she’s the “least observant person in the world”, has had the bad habit to constantly interrupt people in mid-sentence to talk about herself instead.


i have this to say about the DQ-ing. Emmett earned that! Talla learned her lesson after the Bee comp. Emm didn’t! He is like the kid who continues to get in trouble, until he finally finds out that mom and dad are going to stick to their guns! Then he whines and complains every time a situation arises where he could get in trouble and says “See, I’m not doing that” and then plays the martyr.

Just had to get that off my chess.. er.. i mean chesT


Don’t forget about when Andrew wanted Alec out, he made a BIG deal about Alec already having won 10k. Now that Andrew has won 10k, he hasn’t said a word.


Your right Chili. Emmett always complains. But he does it behind everyone’s back. How the hell can you complain about everyone when you suck face with a WHINER it makes no sense to me.
Andrew is lost he just goes on and on about ” I thought we had a Final 3?” when in fact Emmett is thinking one move ahead always. I think Andrew would have done much better if he didn’t play with so much emotion. Sure he got Gary out the 1st time but really that was an emotional move. Why on earth would Andrew ever keep a power couple together to go to the F3 with? Makes no sense at all.
On another note, I don’t mind all the Twists this season but wish they would have done this last one earlier. They will figure it out for next season. LOL @ Emmett and Andrew talking about ALL-STARS . I would rather see them do a BBUS against BBCAN now that would be fun.


he didnt have much choice….when a power couple is seriously a power couple winning back to back to back as he said you can chose to work with them or against them…he made it this far by working with them….he had no one else and that makes it hard for him to have really made it to F2 despite a lot of us wishing for it!!!

Comforting chats with Emmett

“I’m pretty sure you’re fine big guy”

Well thanks Em, since we are in an alliance and you would vote in the chance there was a tie. You being “pretty sure” really gives me all the confidence I need to continue.

Come on and wake up Andrew – ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!


Since Dan’s visit ended, the house has now become nothing but every HG totally lying to every other HG, about everything. Everyone’s now got their own final two with every other HG. They clearly did pick up on Dan Gheesling’s “essence, didn’t they!”

I think our OBB “dynamic duo” reported that Dan was no longer working as a teacher. I’m not at all surprised to hear this. If I was Dan’s boss, after watching BB14, and seeing what his mind is capable of, game or no game, the last thing I’d want is to have Dan working under me, worrying he’d try to “mist” my bosses boss into having a final two deal with Dan, sending me home!


true…but dan kind of said that he decided not to teach when he went back for bb14 before the show…


I’ve taken a week off of blogging because I couldn’t stand seeing Gary get voted back in and my worst nightmare came true. Now Andrew who was playing a good game and had a lil’ bit of good luck will probably go to jury. Emmett is becoming too egotistical and with good reason and Talla is gonna win Big Brother Canada. They all wanna take her to jury with the argument that she has done nothing and doesn’t deserve to win, but that exact argument is gonna come back and bite Emmett and Jillian in their asses! Bitter jury votes will once again rear they’re ugly heads and they will give Talla the win just to screw either Emmett or Jillian. it’s going to be a final 3 so all the final 2 planning in useless. Gary will win HOH and Emmett is gonna be the last person sent to the jury house. Final 3 is Gary, Talla and Jillian. Well. I shall return on Finale night. Later my peoples.


I like Andrew, but unfortunately, I don’t think production was a huge fan of his, as the only extra thing that he got was a visit from his brother. Emmett, Jillian, Alec and Peter all got interviews from family members. This to me, is the litmus test of who production wants to see go further. At that time, I think they really wanted these 4 people, until Alec killed himself and his fellow alliance members by making stupid game moves (i.e. saving Andrew, purposefully losing POV, etc). Production also clearly doesn’t think that Talla will win either, or they would have had some kind of interview with her twin sister. If production finds a way to have one of Gary’s family member, then that would be a clear sign that they want him to win or at atleast, set it up so audience members will be satisfied with him winning. Unfortunately, Andrew is imploding this week… Emmett is still playing a great game, but it would be amazing if someone other than Jillian or Emmett won the final 3 HOH and then chose Jillian to go to the final 2 with them. Like I mentioned before, I think, for entertainment purposes, I think the best final 2 would be Gary versus Jillian. In this case, Jillian would have a good case going into jury, but then all would rest on how she answers the questions. Whereas Gary would be an underdog, but then, may be able to win it, if Jillian implodes emotionally when jury members question her. If Emmett makes it to final 2, yes he would certainly win, but then what’s the fun in that? too predictable.


Emmett telling Andrew “I’m pretty sure you are fine, big guy!” means the exact same thing as being “pre-approved” for a loan. Absolutely nothing…….

I hope it’s not gonna be the “Angry Andrew Two-Step” all week. Talk game non-stop. Then go insult Talla non-stop, Then go talk more game, non-stop. Then go back and insult Talla some more. I think I’d rather be bored by the others, than to watch *that* Andrew. That’s not the Andrew I’ve loved watching. When he’s right, his one-liners make him a PhD in comedy. Now *that’s* the Andrew I want to watch all day and all night – not this human ball of frustration, spewing his verbal venom!


Emmett would take Gary f2 before Jillian. He had a talk with Dan about which player would be definitely not get votes over him and he is distancing himself from Jillian. He’s reminded her enough times about their ‘no hard feelings’ discussion and he knows Jillian would have a chance of getting jury votes from any of them who see her as playing the game hard (especially for a girl) and who liked her social game. Plus he suspects Jillian of having deals with everyone else – which she does.

On the other hand, they all have a chip on their shoulder for Gary still being in the house.


Well Damn!!! After reading Jim’s last comment I had to respond!! Jim you are great with words my friend! I too am so frustrated with Andrew’s decline into paranoia and depression…. His 1 liners were amazing and his positive attitude was great tv. Now he sounds like a broken down version of Starscream from Transformers G1 circa 1984. Bitching and Moaning and getting nothing accomplished and nobody taking him serious anymore. He needs to take a day off of complaining. Wake up tomorrow and come up with a new plan.


Thanks for the kind words, Finesse!


“Now he sounds like a broken down version of Starscream from Transformers G1 circa 1984”
OMG! Just had a 25 year flashback! And it’s so true! 🙂
Still LOL


I would be super pissed if I were Andrew. The game is so rigged. I do like twists for most part but above all i like fairness. How could anyone wn and say they won fair and square at this point? At this point if any of the others win (which I realize is the case) I am probably going to stop watching.

The thing that irritates me the most is that Jillian has never been put on the block. I would like to see how she handles things considering her blow up trying to send someone home last week. I would never consider her a good player until I see how she handles being on the block and campaigning.

I hate the editing. Andrew and Talla look like they hate each other on tv and in the meantime they are so funny together in the house. They show Andrew yelling at her all the time or talking about her.

I think the show has been strongly in favor of Emmett. Even when the show started I said that. If you think of everything that went on in the big brother house, the twists, everything, anyone would agree. Even though it rots me, emmetts going to win and everyone knows it.


i still cant believe that they haven’t aired a stooge/stoogette segment… talla and andrew are HILAR and it would make for such good tv. the only thing i can think of is that they don’t want andrew shown in a good light?


How anyone can think the games are designed for specific contestants makes no sense. How would production know months ahead of time, which contestants would need which game when planning and making the said games. Also, I think these games have been pre-planned to be played on certain days, the equipment prepared to be set up quickly in a short time so switching the game for a certain person to win would upset the whole schedule.

People say the same thing about the BB USA games and no one has ever proven that’s how it was done. After all these years, someone would have sniffed out production was screwing the contestants.

I agree production wants drama, viewers and another season but if they blatantly set up games for a certain contestant, and it got out to the viewers, they would have more to lose than a few upset viewers……………they would lose sponsors and without those, there would be no show.

Don’t accuse the producers, blame the house guests that have blinders on and don’t see what’s right in front of their eyes. Dan planted seeds in each one’s head about what could or might be if played a certain way but they are too wrapped up in their own way of playing that they dismissed his hints.

Someone pointed out a while back about Dan’s huge suitcase and him asking if anyone was looking for things in the house. Alec and Peter remembered BB US did that and looked but these newbies never even considered it.

Unless Production actually drew arrows to things for them, they wouldn’t know what to look for or how to take advantage of an opportunity. Andrew has a good knowledge of the game but doesn’t use it. Gary wants to win but is more interested in looking ‘good’ and promoting his ‘brand’ as well as being famous when he leaves. Talla may or may not be acting stupid but if she is acting, she might have a career waiting for her already doing just that. Jillian and Emmet are smart but rely on each other too much, without realizing they both can’t win so one or the other should boot the other and team up with a weaker player for the final 2.

Production in the Diary Room might give them directions but production can’t tell them what to do. If they did and someone accidently leaked it, they would be in trouble themselves. Just as the contestants have strict rules, I’m sure production and everyone behind the scenes have strict rules. Big Brother is a franchise and as such, must abide by the basic, original rules.

Lets hear more about how the hgs are playing, scheming, lying and everything else we like and don’t like about them and less about how production is ‘fixing’ things for a certain player.

Sorry this is so long but I’ve been watching BB for years and hear the same stuff every season but no one has ever proven that production undermines a player’s’ game. Players do a good job themselves.


How do you explain Dan saying “I only watched the first show so I don’t know anything and can only give you advice?” But he has been making comments on twitter all season about the show? Even if you watch the live feeds vs the show you will find that there are a lot of inconsistencies in what has really happened and what they air. Jillian said on the live feed once that they wouldn’t let her say some things during her speech as hoh. I am not saying that everything that happens is rigged. However, I’m sure they have been pulling some strings for the ones that they want to go far.


Dan didn’t say “I only watched the first show,” but what he DID say was “I watched the first episode.” This gave the contestants the idea that he hadn’t seen anything beyond that, but technically he never said that he HADN’T. That’s just typical Dan–Warping words and working things so that people trust him and tell him what he needs to know.


He said he ONLY watched the first show.
He said that he STOPPED after watching the 1st show.
He said that he did so to come in without a preconceived idea of them.
He said he had no idea of what happened after the first show.
We all know he was lying, and that’s fine, but you should realize that too… If you didn’t watch the feeds, you can check out the videos Dawg and Simon posted here


but he also couldn’t tell them he has been watching because they would want to know what he could tell them. He had a mission and couldn’t have it side-tracked with all the questions he would get. And also they might think he was favouring one HG over another. And this time (now) would be spent with the HGs wondering who was more popular etc instead of how to improve their chances of winning.

Reality Check

It’s very sweet that you believe that, but almost everything you see on TV is fake; this is no exception. Of course production favours certain players and pushes for them to win. It’s too much of a cooincidence otherwise. The proof is in the fact that certain people have gotten farther because of “twists” or a game being conveniently set up for a day when a certain player really needs to win. BB tells them what to do in the DR; why wouldn’t they also fix the competitions? When you say “proof” you mean like an email from one person in production to another saying they’re setting up a player to win? Honestly, if that leaked no one would care, because most people already realize that it is 90% fake. It would be amazing if it weren’t, but there is plenty of evidence in this season.


You are completely and utterly wrong. For someone to say that production that set up comps for certain players makes me think…what show are they watching?


Typo correction: “For someone to say that production DOESN’T set up comps for certain players”
Because they do.


oh my god. this is ridonks! A week and a bit ago everyone on this board was PRAISING andrew to no end. absolutely in love. NOW all of a sudden everyone has turned his/her back on Andrew and is all over Emmett. You don’t think this new found image of Emmett’s is courtesy of production. All he had to do was have an interesting conversation with Dan (which could have been fed to him) and everyone is 100% on his side. It’s pathetic. The same thing happened on Rahcel’s last season. COME ON there is nothing redeeming about that girl. She was terrible the whole show, but then it got down to final 4 or 5 and production started showing her in this different light. All of a sudden she was America’s sweetheart and surprise surprise: SHE WON! The viewers are justa s maniputalted and controlled by BB as the HGs.


Sorry, I watch the live feeds a lot, and I could almost pinpoint the exact moment when Andrew stopped being likeable. It was an abrupt change in behavior from him, as was my abrupt change in opinion of him. So I’d say this is pretty normal: if you see someone you like behave like a jerk 24/7 for days, your feelings for him do change.
As for Emmett, my opinion of him has been pretty constant over the weeks.


I just think that’s pretty fairweather. I hate that attitude – does no one watch these shows and feel empathy for the people playing? What ever happened to a little understanding and loyalty!! It’s just funny to go from week to week and everyone jumps ship. I do apologize for lumping everyone into this category – it clearly does not include everyone.

Marjory the Trash Heap

Hi Johnny, can I ask which moment or incident that was? I’ve missed quite a bit of the live feeds last couple of days, but I also noticed a change of behaviour in Andrew and was wondering what happened or if he’s just slowly losing it overall?


When Gary won the POV.
From there on, it wasn’t “us 4 against him” anymore, but “Andrew or Talla, one of you is going home”.


hmmmmm…..were,’t people accusing Talla of being a jumper…………running to those in power? Pot to Kettle!


In response to Frustrated’s comment about fairweather I have to disagree. This is not a comic book where your hero stays the same for 50 years, fighting bad guys and preaching good. BB Canada is a reality show. A REALITY show where we the viewers get to see the players 24/7 i their good and bad moments. Andrew has been a sad-sack for the past few days and thats just the facts. I want him to survive this week, but fact is he is not helping his case by behaving so miserable. Maybe you can turn off your computer or television and put things on pause, but most of us logical thinking people know that things in the house continue non-stop. Andrew needs to suck it up and fight the good fight or he is gonna leave like a CRY BABY SORE LOSER… Case closed.


Yes it is a reality show and he is a really person. Real people behave badly sometimes. So glad you’re not a friend of mine! Look up fairweather. It means being there through the good and turning your back when things are bad. Everyone was praising him for being a standup guy and now all of a sudden he’s yesterday’s garbage.


It’s one thing to say you’re disappointed but you still support him or whatever and its another to write rants and put him down so brutally. Pathetic


Sad fact is he is no one’s friend. He is a reality tv game show contestant. People love and they hate. Then they hate and they love. When their favourite is going down, there is disappointment. Then ppl get mad that their fav is not doing the right thing to continue in the game. Then some will hate cuz they had faith their fav was smart enough to pull it off. When the fate is decided, they can stop watching or try to see the value in another HGs game.

Most people don’t stop watching. How can you? What would happen if your fav went first? Stop watching? Or stand by them the rest of game, when they are long gone? Kinda redundant then. Adapt, move on… and get all you can out of the rest of the game.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t make a good friend. This is a tv show remember.

P.S. I understand Andrew behaving the way he has been. What I don’t understand is why he can’t calm himself down and figure a good way out of this mess.


Dan’s visit this week coinciding with the theme of the POV comp seems pretty interesting. Within Dan’s coaching to each of the HG’s it seems like its a theme that keeps on giving, for some. He’s raised some questions that each HG should be considering, should they want to win. ‘ How Bad Do You Want It’ seems to be resonating within the heads of only a few of the HG’s…one of which is Talla, who is sort of waking up but may never leave the ‘surreality’ of being in the BBHouse at this point in the game. But she is trying. Andrew will blow his stay by firmly believing that this weeks comp theme is not continuing past the winning of the veto. To bad for Andrew that he became complacent within his perceived placement within his alliance and was not able to adjust to the twist, whereas Emmett and Talla were.
It seems Andrew would not made F3 even without Gary’s return.


Bailster, in your last sentence, you are the *first* person to make that very important point. You are correct! Gary’s return didn’t destroy Andrew’s game. Andrew has completely misread the situation. He has this huge “Gary mental block” he cannot overcome. “Gary was evicted on my HOH. Therefore, he’s seeking his revenge on mw!” Not true. Andrew was going home this week either way, whether Gary returned to BB or not!


Well, Tala can keep a secret after all, remember when Dan asked about the talking moose? I was sure Talla was going to jump him , again , yelling,,, yeahhhh I talked to Marcia the other day!!!!

Perfect Dan slipped up bad on that one!!!!!!!!