Big Brother Spoilers: Adam says he respects Dani and so he tells her that he is not going to vote to keep her..

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2:40am Up in the HOH room are Rachel and Jeff are talking. Rachel says that she doesn’t want to start a lot of drama but she was told that Jeff threw the corn hole competition. Jeff asks who she heard that from. Rachel says maybe from Dani. Jeff says Dani told him that too. Rachel says that is funny because that is the competiton Brendon went home because of… Jeff says he never said that or did that. Rachel says it is not that she doesn’t believe Jeff but when it comes to something that involves her fiancé she has ask. Jeff tells her to think about the situation Dani is in, she is now stirring up things and telling lies in an attempt to stay in the house. Jeff says how the BLANK did I throw it? Rachel says she doesn’t know and that she wasn’t playing the game. Rachel says she believes Jeff but they all agreed to come to each other with stuff. Jeff says he isn’t upset with Rachel they did agree to come to each other. Rachel says that she is so frustrated with Shelly and Adam right now and Jeff agrees. Jeff tells her that this is exactly what they want, to stir everything up before the vote. Rachel says that Dani thinks Shelly and Adam will vote to keep Dani. Jeff says that Shelly and Adam are protected no matter what, if Porsche or Kalia win then they aren’t going up and if Jordan or Rachel wins then they are also safe. Jordan asks if they think Shelly’s vote is still good? Jeff says he was thinking about going to get Shelly right now and talk to her but wonders if he should do that right now.
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2:50am In the bathroom Dani and Adam are talking. Adam asks her what was up with Rachel? Adam calls Rachel a whackadoo! Dani says she and Rachel talked about how personal the game had gotten between the two of them. Dani says that she doesn’t know how or why it wouldn’t benefit you.. Adam says that he has been trusting his gut the whole time. Dani says and your gut tells you not to trust me? Adam says yes, I know it sucks to hear that. Dani tells him he will feel like an idiot for saying that after he watches the show back. Dani says that he is wasting his summer here and that he is just signing the check over to Jeff. Dani says that she would 100% have his back. Dani tells Adam that he is going home next week if he doesn’t keep her. Dani tells him that he can’t win the game by piggybacking and that he has to make big moves or else he has no chance in winning the game. Dani asks Adam if is a 100% no on a vote to keep her or will he sleep on it? Adam says he respects her so he is going to tell her now that he is not going to vote to keep her. Dani says okay.. I’ll see you in jury… next week! Dani tells Adam that nice guys finish last. Adam tells her he has made his decision and he knows she doesn’t like it and probably doesn’t respect it. Dani tells Adam that her dad hates him, he didn’t used to but now he does hate him. She again tells Adam he is going to feel so stupid when he finally watches the show back. Dani gets up and starts to leave the bathroom and tells Adam there are people here that like her. Adam jumps up and tells Dani not to leave angry like that. Dani heads into the metal bedroom and Adam goes outside.

3:15am Dani and Shelly are talking. Dani tells Shelly that she thinks she can get Rachel to vote to keep her. Shelly says everyone is going to have a heart attack tomorrow when Dani stays! Shelly says that if Rachel goes up there and tells Jeff & Jordan then she is BLANK. Dani says Rachel won’t do that. Shelly says she will just tell them that Rachel is a liar! Dani says that her and Shelly are friends for life now!! Dani also says that her dad is going to hate Adam but is going to love Shelly. Dani thinks the competition will be questions tomorrow. Dani says that Jordan is terrible at that. Dani says that she is going to act shocked and that Kalia is going to die!
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Meanwhile up in the HOH room, Jeff, Jordan and Rachel are talking. Jeff says that he is going to talk to Adam and tell him that they are cutting out Shelly and that they can offer him a final 4 deal …Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Adam. Jeff asks who is she with, she’s trying to throw everybody under the bus? They talk about how Shelly is a liar and how she’s been working both sides. Jordan says they can’t say anything to Shelly until after Dani leaves. They can get it all out into the open with Shelly but they should wait until after they get rid of Dani. Jeff says that you know everything they say down there is BLANK. Jeff warns Rachel not to go and have late night talks with them and make herself crazy, he tells her to just come back to the HOH if that starts up. Rachel laughs and says she will sleep on the HOH couch. Jeff heads down stairs finds Shelly in the havenot room with Dani and asks for a smoke and then they head outside. Shelly tells Jeff that it seems like Adam is freaking out. Jeff asks what is Adam freaking about? Shelly says she doesn’t know he is acting weird. Jeff then goes back up to the HOH room. Jeff tells them that he found Shelly alone in the have-not room with Dani. Adam joins Jeff and Jordan in the HOH. Adam says he is trying hard not to lose it. Adam says Dani was throwing BLANK in his face. Adam tells them Dani told him that her dad is going to hate him, he didn’t but he will now. Adam says that Dani is desperate. Jeff tells Adam he thinks Dani has Shelly. Adam says it doesn’t matter because without his vote it doesn’t mean anything. Jeff says that he wants to cut Shelly out of there deal. Adam says that he is BLANK willing to do that. Jeff tells Adam that he went downstairs and he found Dani and Shelly alone in the havenot room talking. Adam says that he is just biting his tongue and that he doesn’t want his temper to come out, when I unleash my fury it is BLANK bad! They all agree that they will wait until after Dani goes home tomorrow before starting a war with Shelly. Jeff thinks if Porsche wins HOH they could easily make a deal with her. Adam tells them that he admitted to Dani that he was 100% not voting for her. Jeff laughs and says that’s when she got mad. Adam tells Jeff all the things that Dani has been telling him to get him to vote for her.

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4:15am Dani, Shelly and Rachel are in the storage room talking. Dani asks them if they are all good ..are we all on board? Dani says that Porche is 100% with us. We’re all solid. Dani says that the HOH competition tomorrow is only going to be Jordan tomorrow and Adam. Shelly asks if Rachel is going to be board if Porche is? Rachel smiles and laughs and says we’re all nervous. Shelly says that when you went upstairs.. I was like what the BLANK? Dani says that Shelly was nervous because you were talking to Jeff. Rachel says don’t worry I won’t say anything. Shelly says that Dani said you wouldn’t. Dani asks so we’re all good, it’s okay? Rachel says that she is so BLANK tired. Shelly asks Rachel are we cool? Dani says that you have no idea, seriously, you have no idea. Shelly says that they are going to freak out on us tomorrow. Dani says that we’ll figure it out. Shelly asks Rachel how she can be so cool? Rachel says because I can, I’ve played it before. Shelly says you guys wait a minute as Rachel heads out the door. Shelly motions for her to come back but Rachel turns and heads out the door and go gets in her bed. Shelly asks where is she going? Dani says look at you in here freaking out. Shelly says that she thinks she has hives. Shelly tells Dani that you better make her shake on it. Shelly puts her hood up and starts pacing around the room. Shelly asks why do I have this felling that she’s going to walk Jeff and Jordan in here and say everything. Dani laughs and shakes her head no. Dani leaves. Shelly keeps pacing.

4:30am – 5am Up in the HOH room Jeff and Jordan are talking. Jeff says that he doesn’t get why anybody buys Dani’s BLANK. Jeff says that he is the only one who doesn’t and that is why she is pissed. Jeff says that she doesn’t know he threw that veto she’s just making it up. Jordan says that Rachel kept telling her the first time Brendon went home that she shouldn’t trust Shelly. Jordan says she hates to think of Shelly turning on them. Jordan doesn’t want to attack Shelly because she has a family and a daughter and she doesn’t want to embarrass her. Jeff says that Shelly keeps bringing up all the money Jeff and Jordan have won and he says he knows that she has money. Jordan says that we know she is spreading lies but we don’t need to go and have a bash session. Jeff says she brought it on herself, she made three separate final three deals. Jeff and Jordan decide to go to sleep..
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283 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Adam says he respects Dani and so he tells her that he is not going to vote to keep her..

    1. I use to think that evil dick was so mean for not having a relationship with his daughter. But now it all makes sense. She probably had a little girlie fit over something he did or said and was the one who wouldn’t talk to him. He must be sickened by her game play right now!

      1. He is. He made some great points on his show and me saying that is something cuz the production, lack of professionalism and constant interrupting make that show hard to watch. I like how dani says if I leave you are signing a check to jeff but if roles were reversed she would b getting Check. Ugh. Hey dani, do you have a car or you still ride your dads coattails?! ZIIINNNGGG!

        1. Adam is screwed either way, but he’s really looking like a pathetic wuss. He’s in love with Jeff, meanwhile Jeff is always saying what a useless goof he is. Both sides just want to use him for his vote.

      2. What’s wrong with what she’s doing. She’s in a pretty hopeless position and she’s fighting to stay. I give her respect.

        1. I am not insulting for her fighting now cuz she is on block, I expect that but she made too many bad moves prior to this. She had a golden key and then a 3 week safety rein with her and k Hoh and only made a deal with jeff. She should have made deals while Hoh cuz now she cant b taken seriously. Of course she should fight I just don’t think she is doing a good job.

      3. I guess, if you are “Bias”.

        Any player that has the ability to stay in the house, whether it’s verbal, physical, or mental, is considered a good player. Before you take over God’s job (judging), always put yourself exactly in their situation.

      4. If you think about it, Dani says she wants to get out of Dicks shadow, but she is using the “my daddy will like you if you do what I say” line every chance she gets with Adam… lol…

          1. It doesnt matter if she uses it on one person or 20… if she uses him to get her further in the game, she was riding his coattails..

            1. yes it does matter because it shows that she’s not Riding His Coattails but that she is playing into a players WEAKNESS
              big difference

      5. Absolutely agree.What a whiny baby! Ps…since evryone thinks that JJ are in a fake relationship,why don’t you ever put the stuff they say to each other on here?Like the kisses,the I love U’s and all the laughing and playing?Bugs me.

      1. Jeff absolutely threw that competition! And anyone who’s followed Daniele and Dick’s relationship since their season knows that there’s plenty of reason to love ED, but there’s also plenty of reason to know that Daniele’s not exactly making up reasons to stay estranged, either.

        1. Even if she does end up leaving, Dani plays hard. I would have lost interest in the season by now if she wasn’t in in it.

        2. As I recall Adam got a hole in one anyhow and didnt need Jeff to “throw it”….perhaps I am wrong…anybody??

    2. Adam, should have told Dani that he is King of the Newbies and that Dani was #5 on their list. That she can’t offer him anything and that He, P,K, and Shelly have been playing her for weeks because she’s an idiot. Then, say Brendon’s dad don’t like Dani neither and he could care less what Evil thinks. Then, watch baby Dani go cry in a corner.

    3. WOAH CAN YOU GUYS BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED! I cannot beleive Jeff just used the coup de tat, Jessie and Natalie never saw that coming. WOW, biggest game move of the year, my prediction, is that Big Jeff takes home the gold. More power to ya, I hate Jessie and you just blew his mind. Way to go Big Jeff.

  1. Has anyone mentioned the teaser at the end of the cbs show wednesday that said THIS thursday is the double eviction? did i hear correctly?

    The houseguests are expecting it next week -did anyone else hear this?

    1. yeah, the houseguests are just guessing, they dont tell them until right before. They just know it normally comes soon.

    1. hopefully the light at the end of this tunnel isn’t another train!

      Good call for Dani telling Rachel that Jeff threw POV.


      1. I will f’n freak out if Rachel flips…
        we need a good episode tonight…
        I hope she does.

        Maybe Dani is pushing the all girl alliance thing too…
        minus Jordan.

        Did anyone happen to see this convo…
        live feeders? BBAD watchers? someone? anyone?

        1. go to 1:28 this morning; they kind of hash it out and have a heart to heart. i’m buying what they’re selling! team dani!

            1. (oops hit enter by accident LOL)
              anyway… i hate that BBAD almost NEVER shows good drama or gametalk, it’s a waste of money and 3 hours to me I’m thinking of cancelling Showtime

              1. I watched 3 hours last night and the only thing that was good was when Big Brother said “That’s what she said” over the loudspeakers while they were practicing the comp and trying to get the ball in the hole. It was pretty funny, but not worth 3 hours for one laugh. At least it’s not hours of Team Grenades giving shout outs to Steamboat and predicting how famous they would be. Sheesh.

          1. oh okay…
            I hope Rachel is buying it too…
            I mean it IS the truth…

            Dani needs to pound in Rachel’s ‘thick’ skull that Jeff threw the POV…
            and then voted Bredon out…no sympathy vote or nothing.

            Team Dani!

            1. If Dani hadn’t put Brendon up on the block, then he wouldn’t have gone home. Dani could have chosen anyone as the new nominee.

        2. I don’t think Rachel will flip, because she went up and asked Jeff and he told her, she has a better chance at final 3 with J&J than with the others. I hope Dani gets gone for the first eviction and then Rachel and Jordan win the doubles. Wishful thinking but that’s what I am hoping for.

          I think Dani’s game play was good until she started with the hiding of things, that’s just wrong and messing w/someone else s stuff shouldn’t be tolerated. And she did the same thing she accused Rachel of …the crying etc blah blah blah…. it’s a game, you gambled and you lost so get over it already!

    2. Newsflash! Jeff is a liar… I’m glad that Danni told Rachel the truth. Wake up BB houseguests, Jeff is a lying loser, and he only cares about himself.

      1. Yes Jeff is liar. He just lied to Jordan. Sounds like he didn’t tell her that he threw the comp. Dani, Jeff, Adam were the ones initially in on the comp throwing. ‘m beginning not to like Jordan. She’s cute but her and Jeff’s bitchiness and her cutesy dumb act is grating. Rachel is evil in a bitchy, psycho, nasty, skanky way and Deni is evil in a cut throat, manipulative way that I kind of like. She diplomatic and honest to manipulate just when she needs to be. Porsche looks not all there bur she and Jordan both surprise me at how astute they can be sometimes about reading people. If this game is rigged that would be disheartening. I do think it was a set up for Brandon to win against Lawon. I mean come on a tall athletic guy, who had is girlfriend telling him the answers and a non athletic, theatrical gay guy who seems clueless most of the time about everything. A dance off, Lawon would have won. I hope Thursday has some shake up that gets either Jeff, Jordan, or Rachel out. Jeff and Brendon’s Bitch-assness is so annoying the way they were yelling on and being all bully to the women in the house. One thing about Adam, he did hold his tongue when Dani was being out of pocket and talking out her mouth to him. He’s at least a gentleman even when confronted by a shrew. Brandon and Jeff are douche bags who will probably be in a 69 with each other in the future. Jeff’s goodbye speech to Brendon was suspect.

        1. he wasn’t lying to jordan about throwing the comp…read it carefully or find a youtube clip…he is saying how can dani say that he threw the comp because she doesn’t know he did because he didn’t tell her that he did…dani is just guessing to stir up crap and that is what jeff is mad about…he wasn’t saying he didn’t throw the comp he was saying he didn’t tell dani he threw it…

      2. wake up will…all house guests are liars and are only thinking about themselves…jeff and jordan are the only 2 that are actually thinking about each other…anyone else in either side of the house is expendable no matter what the alliance is!

            1. I don’t think Jeff would do that, he gave up winning their first season for her,Jeff is a good guy, the only reason he went back in his deal with dani is because she tried to backdoor him and she’s a bitch

    1. Yep, I LMAO seeing how she’s using her estranged father as a bargaining chip. Who cares what a 50-something loser with anger management issues thinks anyway? Other than Adam?

      1. But I’m curious why she didn’t if that’s all she wanted? How come she didn’t tell Jeff the whole conversation, or the details of what Dani was saying about Shelly/Porsche, or that they were in the storage room?
        I just don’t understand why she would be hiding things from Jeff unless she was really considering it

      2. this is the funniest thing I’ve read on here. I don;t know why no one talks about the pink elephant in the room. Shelly is a lesbian and it looks like her husband may be a homosexual. I’m just saying……………………….!! And before anyone attacks me. I have no problem with gay people. It’s just funny how no one wants to talk about the OBVIOUS!!

        1. not attacking you…. but probably no one talks about it because it has nothing to do with the game being played and we don’t care.

  2. It is totally obvious Jeff threw the veto. He was, by far, the best cornhole player and he didn’t even get ONE in the hole!
    Not only that, he and Jordan refused to vote for Brendon when they were clearly in a public alliance in the house.

    If Rachel and Shelly flip (looks like Shelly already has), it will be the best game move this year.

    They should put Uncle Fester on the block with his daddy, Jeff.

    I can’t remember, but in double eviction, don’t both people on the block get kicked out?

    GAME ON!!!

    1. I respectfully disagree. The best game move for everyone at this point is to get Dani out of the house. She has a track record at winning comps. When you do that, you need to get that player out when you have the chance.

      If Rachel gets upset and decides to flip because Dani told her that Jeff threw the POV that sent Brendon home, then she is an idiot. Dani EVICTED him twice. The only reason Jeff had the opportunity to save Brendon is because Dani kept going after her.

      I don’t believe that she is going to flip, but the logic in the house is sometimes, well not there.

      My hopes….Dani leaves, followed by Rachel

  3. Hot damn! I love rachel and hopes she wins if she really keeps dani, that would blow jeffs mind then she could blame adam and shelly genius!

  4. so wait rachels keeping dani or was that all smoke up thier asses? cuz like if dani stays im running down the street yellin team dani GRAAAANAAADE

    1. I think she’s messing with both Dani and Shelly. Dani should never have told Rachel that Shelly hates her and hid her stuffed dog if she was trying to win her over on the team. But Dani has played dumb since week 3, so SHOCK-ER! Or to quote her, “It’s soooooo stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppiiiiiiiiiiiiid.”

  5. I haven’t watched much the past few days, is Rachel flipping on JJ or lying to Shelly and Dani about how she is voting?

  6. I always thought that evil dick was mean for not having a relationship with his daughter. But now it all makes sense to me. She’s a whiny bitch and probably drives hin crazy watching her stupid actions!

    1. Pretty harsh don’t you think?
      You Dani-haters are a trip to me. She is playing a GAME that involves scheming, manipulation, deals, sometimes outright lying….. NO WINNER HAS EVER WON WITHOUT A LIE. EVEN PRECIOUS JORDAN.
      Geez it’s like half the people on this board have never seen a full season of BB before, and don’t know how to appreciate the art of the GAME that they’re playing.
      Just because you are rooting for the other side doesn’t mean a player is a bad human being.
      I’m scared to know what you think about theives and criminals and animal abusers if Dani is so HORRIBLE for trying to stay in the game.

      1. I agree Dani I’d just trying to stay in the game. I am not a Dani fan and I hope she is evicted but there is no reason to hate her or any of the houseguests! It’s a game!

    2. WHAT….If Dani pulls this off she is anything but sad!! She isn’t doing anything different then everyone else in the house. It is kill or be killed.

      I am NOT a Rachel fan…but if she flips I will be pulling for them as final 2! It will make BB history :)

  7. GO DANI!! He he he..

    And can I say Rachel is pretty awesome too? If Rachel actually goes through with this, I hope that there are some real apologies given to her… People have been really terrible to Rachel (specifically Shelly, Dani, Porshe…) They definitely need to re-evaluate their opinion and their attitudes towards her…

    1. I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can ever use the word ‘awesome’ when describing Rachel… ever. That for me would be like waking up with a huge lump the size of a softball on my forehead, freaking out and running to the ER, then when finding out it’s not cancerous, telling the docs ‘Omg, that’s awesome!’, then refusing surgery to remove it, anyway.

      1. lol Okay… perhaps not awesome.. But the situation is pretty cool.

        However Rachel switching like this makes me wonder if the animosity between Dani and Rachel this whole time has been somewhat fake. It’s so hard to tell what is strategy/personal issues/DR influenced in this game…

  8. OMG where was I when this Rachel deal was being hatched??? How did this happen?? Has it been secretly happening this whole time, like still the deal from before Brendon left? Am I just oblivious?
    I’m so excited!!! I hope Rachel isn’t blowing smoke up their ass. Or wait, is she?
    Ugh someone explain to the slow girl please :) (me)

    1. the only thing that makes me think Rachel will overlook that… is Brendon told her many times before he left to align with Dani. To trust her and not to trust JJ. I’ve wondered this whole week how come she didn’t take that advice….

      1. you are exactly right – this is exactly what Brendon told her to do. Hopefully Dani reminds her that “this is what Brendon wants”.
        It would be a perfect alliance, too, because nobody would suspect it.

        I realllly realllllly realllllllllly hope Rachel votes to keep Dani and then pins it on Adam. That nut-hugger really deserves to go home.

    2. Now that I’ve watched the feeds I can tell you that unless something major happens today, Rachel is NOT voting to keep Dani in.

      They’ve figured out what Shelly is doing and they also know Dani is trying to split them up. Supposedly, they’ll ll behave today but the shit is going to hit the fan after the eviction tonight. That may all change tho depending on the second eviction.

      As of now, they plan on final four being JJRA with Jeff and Jordan working together and Adam and Rachel working together. They’re done with Shelly and Dani.

        1. Sorry Stephie. I’m not a fan and hope she goes, but those of you on Team Dani should just sit tight and see what happens today. They could make Coo Coo Bird nuttier than she already is and cause her to flip. A lot can happen in a few hours.

      1. That’s the way I see it, too. I haven’t watched the feeds, but from the recap here Rach never outright agreed in the storage room with Shelly & Dani, which is why Shelly was freaking out. Shelly knows that if Rachel tells JJ, she (Shelly) is screw-ed! It’ll be interesting to see what happens tonight, but I really don’t see Rachel flipping at this point.

    3. There is no chance that Rachel will team up with Dani and Shelly. Dani back doored Brenden and Shelly stole her stuffed dog not to mention called Rach a liar when SS was the one lying. Dani is delusional!

    1. If Rachel actually flips, as much as I dislike her and I can’t believe I’m saying this…I would actually vote for her if she made final 2 with anyone but Dani.

      It would be a huge game changing move, and if they (DPSR) win HOH, Jeff is gone.

      Poor Jeff, stuck in the jury house with motor mouth Kalia for a week.

      Maybe Jeff and Brendon can do a London Bridge with Kalia. ewwww…

    1. I think Dani knows she’s going more than hopes she’s staying. I don’t think you’re going to get the reaction you’re hoping for, really.

    2. Without talking about who’s hot, has nice tits, is fat, ugly, sleazy, an airhead, annoys you when they eat, etc. (all of which I’ve been guilty of, btw, so I’m not judging), I’d like to know who you all are rooting for, based strictly on their gameplay and gameplay only. I’d love to see some answers here because for the life of me, I can’t understand why there are Adam fans here, why some folks seem to adore Rachel so much lately, etc., etc. I’d really like to hear valid reasons why you’re rooting for who you’re rooting for here!

      1. i am pulling for jeff, just because i like how he says ” you put me up, i put you up.” ya there is fibbing in the house, but i believe he is staight foward ( not shooter) with what he says, he can be abbrasive at times, but at least he doesnt add to the b.s drama…….

      2. Pulling for Dani. She was pretty much up against the entire house (only had useless Kalia on her side) and has been fighting hard to survive. She evicted the biggest threat in the house, Brendon, twice, bloodying her own hands for the benefit of the entire house (the whole house voted Brendon out and they were relieved to see him go) She’s had the guts to make big moves (even if one was too early and backfired). She’s not depending on kissing ass to survive. And now she’s fighting back from the dead. Even if she does go – She brought the most entertainment this season. I can probably find more reasons why I like her, but I hate posts that are too long.

      3. I’m rooting for Dani to stay in the house- for all the obvious reasons of being the underdog, I respect her gameplay, etc. But at this point I’ve settled for rooting for Porsche if Dani leaves because recently she’s shown alot more of her personality and BALLS to stand up to people. I think she’s smarter than people think and she will win comps more than they plan on. I also have alot more respect for Shelly now! I think she’s so freakin smart and it’s showing. If the house stays as it is, and Dani leaves… I would hope to see Porsche and Shelly in the final 2, and I don’t really care which gets first or second.
        If Dani stays…. that would mean Rachel flipped and Shelly kept her word…. and out of sheer respect for AWESOME strategy I would like to see Rachel Shelly Porche and Dani in Final four and I don’t care who wins it all.
        That’s my 2 cents :)

    3. Do not want Rachel to vote to keep Dani as Dani’s face will be priceless when she is tossed out the door and want Rachel to stand up in front of everyone before eviction and out Shelly for the liar that she is on National Television. Now that will be priceless and actually worth watching BB tonight. So hope the Wicked Witch and the lying Witch are booted out the door tonight!!!!!

  9. Maybe I missed something but when did Rachel make a deal with DSP? And who in the same hell would believe Rachel keeping Dani would even be an option. She has been giving her the death stare and stink eye at least 10 times a day.

  10. My god,Dani is really pathetic,my daddy is going to be mad at you adam
    who f. cares?
    if they don’t vote this girl out tomorrow,my season watching BB will be over
    i cannot stand her,all the bs about it is not fair,she deserves to be there,the production team will leave if i got voted out
    who the f.. does she thinks she is?

    1. I TOTALLY AGREE!!! if that primadona stays tonight…I will NEVER watch another CBS show!!! I will be done with that network and all their rigging and buying votes for skanky danky!!!!! I wouldn’t even care if Jordan voted to keep her (don’t think that will ever happen???) ut if she stays…I go!!! I hope that Pat” is right and Rachel is doing all this to set shelly up, but who knows??? Just about the time you start liking Rachel again…she flips on her alliance(whoever they are at the time)!!!

      1. How about the fact that at 1:39 am, Dani tells Rachel that she is sorry that production set this up for them to be together at the last minute? It clearly appears to be rigged to keep Dani and of course, must be because she is the set in stone winner for this season! Tonight’s episode will clearly verify production has this rigged!! Instead of “shock – er” how about “over it”.

        1. I clearly hope you are right because this has been a nerve-racking few days hering COWLIA make deals ‘as if’ she is such a great player. I love it when they flash to Jordan and she can’t wait to ‘put Cowlia up’; yet Cowlia will never ever put Jordan up? wtf?? In any event, if production did say this; Rachel is doing a darn good job confusing everyone because she did not look like she was into saving Dani when D/S cornered her in the bathroom area.

          Jeff DID throw the Veto; he said it on the show that he did not want to get his hands dirty AND he didn’t vote to keep Brendon just out of respect for him as a player because he did not want to go against the house (shelly/adam)…are you kidding me? I hope production reminds Rachel about those conversations and tells her that she has a better chance with Dani then the JJ pair.

          I’m glad production intervened. None of these people are outspoken to call a spade a spade and ‘hide’ away instead of going at it together.

          If they keep Dani; then Jeff/Adam should be put on the block; if either of them win the Veto then put up Jordan. These 3 idiots need to GO.

          The final 4 should be Dani, Shelly, Porshe, & Rachel. All 4 of them should come together and at best pair up (ex: Dani/Shelly vs. Porshe/Rachel). Play the game with a little integrity and be upfront about it and let the best pair of chicks win.

      2. They help out JJ too. Jordan won this game before…you really think someone as brainless as her could do it on their own.

  11. Rachel hates Shelly shes blowing smoke in Dani and Shelly’s ass. Rachel is not stupid she knows shes gotta get rid of Dani but shes thinking about her alliance and she knows jeff and jordan are close to Shelly. I truly believe Rachel is saying she will vote for Dani to stay so when the voting happens she will vote to evict Dani and thus making it a 3 to 2 vote and everyone will see Shelly voted and be kicked out of the alliance, thus making Rachel closer to her alliance and less of a target. Shes smart and why do u think Shelly is super nervous because she doesnt trust Rachel and its a huge risk on her part if she votes for dani to stay, it will be a huge gamble. Lol.

      1. If she’d said that last night or too early today Shelly would have plenty of time to straight shoot her way out of it. But if Rachel waits until as late as possible and *then* says something, then Shelly is screwed.

    1. I have been watching big brother and so happy that finally Shelly will be exposed. You can play the game however, her lies are going to be over. Dani has been trying and how she criticized Brendon and Rachel before for doing the same thing. Brendon and Rachel campaigned before but it was limited to no personal attacks. Dani has managed to attack Rachel and has said horrible things on what she will do to Brendon in the jury house. The time has come where justice is done. After Dani, Shelly needs to go. Dani opens her mouth and first thing that would come out was to bash Rachel and now she is pleading for her vote? Good riddance Dani you caused your own demised and you are really a mean person. I wanted for you and Rachel for final 2 before, not anymore.

      1. i was very offended how dani and porsche were laffing at rachel and the possibility of rachel being pregnant, what is so funny about that??

    2. What are you all reading ….. YEAH JJRA YOU HAVE FINALLY FIGURED OUT OLD LADY SHELLY!!!!!!!!!Rachel is totally playing Shelly and Dani …. Rachel thinks Dani is a liar and Hates Shelly …. Did you see she wanted to go to bed so she didn’t have to Deal with them. You see how Shelly reacted she knows Rachel is going to vote to evict Dani. Shelly is now going to go to Jordan and try to Cover her A$$… Stupid Shelly she was sitting pretty but she had to stab JJR in the back… I didn’t want Rachel to win but now I hope JJ Or R does win … GOOOOOOOOO TEAM JJR.

      1. Thanks JJ, I admire that you are realizing that Rachel is not a bad person, She is very emotional but she is not as bad as DKPS are portraying her. They have picked on this girl and about time that others realize who the mean girls are. Shelly number one liar and she will now be exposed.

  12. I think dani is gonna get sent packing but we have double eviction, Jeff going off on Shelly and possibly kalia finding out how hard dani campaigned to stay! I don’t care who stays or goes as long as the show is not boring.
    I personally like Jordan most as a person but she does not deserve to win.

  13. Dani promised 4 days of hell if she was on the block and instead we’ve had 4 days of whining, crying, begging, lying and complete obsession with all things Rachel … strong in competitions or not, I am sick to death of listening to her ;p

    And I am also wondering when this supposed deal with Rachel was hatched? Must have been off-camera or something since I’ve seen no mention of that conversation so far.

    1. Die if you want, but there was no way Dani was gonna go without a fight. I would not expect any less kudos to her for doing all that she needs to do to stay.

  14. Rachel is voting Dani out she is about to expose shelly the straight shooting snake at eviction watch…Rachel figured out shelly was playing JJ and she wants to prove the shelly is a snake…Do u think she would keep Dani she voted her man out and shelly hid het dog.

  15. Rachel is voting Dani out she is about to expose shelly the straight shooting snake at eviction watch…Rachel figured out shelly was playing JJ and she wants to prove the shelly is a snake… she voted her man out and shelly hid het dog.

    1. You’re assuming that Shelly is stupid, she’s not. Shelly thought Adam would be easily manipulated because he’s such a dolt. Unfortunately, he’s being a fool for JJ. Shelly will have an eleventh hour come to Jesus meeting with JJ, pledging her loyalty, and vote Dani out. Shelly can talk circles around these people, if confronted by anyone about her shenanigans, I have confidence she’ll be able to turn it around. I also think that the s-snake game theyre playing is a production homage to Shelly and she’ll win that comp, and an HOH finally. Should be interesting.

  16. I love how Jeff lies and lies and then gets pissed and calls others liars, he is almost as bad as shelly

    1. I guess thats why they get along so well and jordans so dumb and scared of hims she just agrees with everything he says

    2. I know right he did throw that veto as well as promise Dani he wouldn’t backdoor her but don’t worry Karma is a b@#$h if dani does go this week all it did was make him the newest target.

          1. UH NO that’s not what backdoor is. Backdoor is when you put someone up as a replacement with the intention of them never getting a chance to play for POV.
            Technically, Jeff didn’t backdoor her because she was able to play Veto. If you remember, he didn’t even know what he was going to do so he was just taking the chance if she didn’t get it.
            So the backdoor term in this situation is kinda sketchy

          2. no its not.It would have been a backdoor if Jeff put Rachel because she didnt play. Once u get a shot at playing in the pov and u get put on the blk its not a BD

          3., it’s called a replacement, mr know-it-all. If she wasn’t able to compete in veto, it would’ve been a back door. Learn the terminology before you attempt to make someone look stupid, when in fact you’re only exposing your own stupidity.

            1. unless you’ve in the house dont claim to be the expert either. it’s their delicate or terms. Ask Jeff what he did to Dani. i bet you he will say he back doored her. or let me ask you this, how was it going to be a backdoor when Dani tried it on Jeff and jordan in week 3. to me replacements and backdoor are one and the same.

            2. Uh miss stupid a backdoor is when you have the intention on putting someone up if tthey don’t WIN the veto which she didn’t and even Jeff said it was a backdoor so I guess he’s stupid too huh mind ya business unless you know the facts thanks!

      1. Yes and the whole time Dani was telling Jeff she would not come after him and that us exactly what she was planning to do but her team did not win HOH. It’s called BB they all tell the other one what they think they want to hear. Get over it. Dani made fun of Rachel for pouting, crying and whining when things did not go her way and now Dani is doing the same. Dani is not any better than Jeff!

  17. rachel isn’t going to stick with dani. she doesnt want shit to do with shelly. even if J did throw the pov why did D put B on the block? If he wasnt a targey for D? Rachel is just playing along, like what should have did.

  18. would be funny but then who to root for ?? yech not ra chel not woody i mean shelly surely not adam/fester and kalia is out of the realm of plausability so poshe ugh no no jeff better than jordo or porshass

  19. This is one thing that bugs me about bb.

    So many weeks when the votes are clear that im convinced production gets them to float phony deals to create suspense.

    So is Rachel just trying to make the show suspenseful? Is she really considering the deal? Or is she trying to make dani think shes stying then evict her as an fu out the door (and or exposing Shelly) …

    Any of those is possible. Bad week for FF, lots to show tonight.

    1. I’m confused also. It seems like Rachel was really considering keeping Dani and that would be awesome if she blamed it on Adam. It is obvious Jeff was lying to her about the veto competition. Whenever he’s being called out he trys to intimidate. He did it to Adam yesterday whenit seemed like Adam was considering voting for Dani. The problem is Adam and Shelly have no alliance except for themselves. The look on Adam’s face if Dani stayed would be priceless because he is s scared of her. I think Rachel is doing this to expose Shelly though. We ll know how childish she is and she knows Shelly hates her.

  20. Team Shani yo! She has been at the crux of the biggest moves in this game.. absolutely brilliant social game for the shooter. There is a lot going on here.. I’d still say it’s 75 25 Dani stays..

    1. Why would Rachael ever switch to vote for Dani, when not once but twice her man was voted out, due to Dani’s power. This could be the stupidest game move in big brother history, even dumber than Lawon, if she switches, knowing that Brandon was voted out twice because of Dani. Just think if Brendon ever gets jist of this, wholly cow, fireworks will explode.

      1. I hope Rachel will stick with Dani, after all, Brendon told her too before he left. Even though Dani voted Brendon out twice, now’s not the time for Rachel to hold grudges. I think this would put Rachel in a better position for the $500K. That’s why they are all here – the money!! I hope Dani stays!!!!

        1. Sorry, I kind of disagree with you. Rachel will not have a chance to go to the final three with Dani. Dani seems to be obsessed on hating Rachel and she will not take her to the final three. Rachel is better of with JJA alliance, ( Shelly will be exposed and ousted with the JJRS alliance ). Rachel have a better chance even just going to the second place. I do admire Adam for stating that he will vote for Rachel if she goes final two, that is what a fair person does and knows how to play the game and not to be personal like Dani and the newbies.

  21. Jeff’s ego is so fking annoying. He needs to cut it out telling everyone he plays with honesty and integrity. He threw the veto that allowed adam to take himself off the block and he told Dani on at least three occasions that he was not going to put her up. If he mentioned that it was all a game move and such then I’ll understand. but to sit there claiming Dani is telling fking bullshit is ridiculous. I don’t know why cbs does not show the recaps for that like they did with Shelly brendon and Rachel. Adam and CBS needs to stop sucking Jeff’s dick the guy is an ass and bully

  22. This is totally sucked right now. Danielle spreading lies to everyone that Jeff throw the POV competition to let Adam win it. That’s ridiciuous. And now Dani continue to persuade to Shelly, Adam, Porsche, and Rachel about keep her. Jeff is not buying it and better yet she always making fools to herself. Danielle, you did it to yourself. Stop lying and complaining and get on with it. Your going to Jury House. Now Jordan is Questioning Shelly about spreading lies about turn her back with JJ. She will never lied to everyone and especially her family. Jordan wouldn’t embrassed her family but Shelly did this to herself. If Porsche (Floater) wins the HOH, Jeff and Rachel will go on the block. However, Jeff wins the POV competition and take himself on the block and Porsche has to make a decision either put Jordan or Adam as a replacement Nominee. If I was Porsche, I would not make JJR mad and throw HOH competition and give it to Adam,Shelly, Rachel, or Jordan. Beside Dani, stop being a spoiled, catty, immature, self-centered, little brat. You making a fool to yourself. Your responsible of her actions and making threats for what? Trying to persuade them to keep you. You making everyone look bad and of course, you don’t make everyone will like you with maniuplation. No, they will like you whatever you are. In fact, your catiness needs to stop and making threats to everyone is not acceptable.
    Again if I was porsche, I would not make JJR mad or they will come after you. Same as Shelly or Adam. Unfortunately, on Thursday of Double eviction, I can’t wait to see if Danielle pulling a scheme again of making speeches. If I was Jeff, I would go around every Houseguest to vote Dani out as a house than Dani spreading lies to keep her instead of Kaila. This would be “Shocker”. Dani, have fun talking to Juile Chen and she will ask you that are you regret of backdooring Jeff. She will say, “Yes, I will never regret of backdooring Jeff”. Have fun in the Jury House. In the second double eviction, either Shelly, Adam, Jordan, or Rachel wins the HOH (Fast Forward), I would rather put two floaters on the block and keep the nomination a same. I would also want to see Kaila leave big brother house behind Dani. Kaila, have fun talking to Julie Chen or have fun sleeping at the Jury House.
    In HOH competition, if Jeff wins HOH again. Put Porsche (Main Target) and Shelly (Pawn). I think that I’m so suspicious that Shelly up to something that is no good. So, if I was Shelly or Adam, I would come forward and tell Jeff a whole truth of which side are you both on. Don’t make JJR really really mad and they will make you guys a main targets. However, if any floaters tried to backdoored Jeff, Jordan, or Rachel. You guys will make yourself targets and better yet. Avoid the confrontation and make peace.

    1. I read the first line of your post and that’s all I’m going to read, because, again, you’re already wrong. Jeff admitted to throwing that veto in the DR, he didn’t want the responsibility of pissing Dani off by saving Brendon. Fact check!

    2. Haha, Dani isn’t lying. Big Jeff threw the veto and has admitted it numerous times.
      Also lol wut? to this… “If I was Porsche, I would not make JJR mad and throw HOH competition and give it to Adam,Shelly, Rachel, or Jordan.” – Hello CaptainOblivious there will be 7 people left why would you throw the HOH to the other side?

      Just because Dani is exposing your BBF Jeff, doesn’t mean she is lying.

      BTW: the whole JJRSA alliance is falling apart. Here are a few scenarios on how the alliances will stand after eviction.

      If Dani stays
      JJA vs DPRS (This is what will happen if KPS vote to evict Kalia, also Roach has to flip no idea if she will do that)
      JJR vs DPSA (this won’t happen, Adam is too far up Jeff’s butt)

      If Kalia stays
      JJR vs KPSA (Vets vs newbies)
      JJRA vs KPS (This is also possible)

      1. Probably will see on Thursday, I didn’t argument but Here is the scenario just in case.
        Dani Evicted and Kaila Stays:
        JJRSA (Depend on question of loyality of Rachel, Shelly or Adam) vs KP (without Dani)
        JJRA (Shelly flipped) vs SKP
        JJS (Adam flipped) vs RAKP
        JJR (Adam and Shelly flipped) vs ASKP
        However this is double eviction
        Kaila Evicted and Dani Stays
        JJRSA (Depend on question of loyality of Rachel, Shelly or Adam) vs DK (Without Kaila)
        JJRA (Shelly flipped) vs SDP
        JJS (Adam and Rachel flipped) vs RADP
        JJR (Adam and Shelly flipped) vs ASDP
        Second Double Eviction
        Kaila Evicted and Porsche stays:
        JJRSA (Depend on question of loyality of Rachel, Shelly or Adam) vs Porsche
        JJRA (Shelly Flipped) vs SP
        JJS (Adam and Rachel Flipped) vs RAP
        JJR (Adam and Shelly Flipped) vs SAP
        Just remember this is a double eviction.
        JJRSA will never fall apart but will see.

    3. Captain, Dani, Adam, and Jeff were discussing Jeff being safe during the veto competition then Jeff threw an eight and lost.

  23. I hope this is rach grabbing a giant bat that will hit dani and her cronies up side the head big time tomorrow. LMFAO!!! Gooooooo Rach and Jejo and Adam YEAH!!!!!

  24. it makes no sense in the world for rachel to vote to keep the person that evicted her fiance twice and thats been solidly against her the last 4 weeks…. i think this is all a plot by rachel to expose shelly…. if she is serious about keeping dani then its the end of her game because once jeff is gone she is number 2 on the hit list

      1. Brendan changed his mind, he told her to play both sides, especially when she has no power. She is going to vote Dani out, expose Shelly {especially now that Jeff and Jordan know shelly is the liar} and try to solidify her position with Adam. It is going to be up to Adam whether he goes with
        Rachel, If he is smart he will.

      2. But Brenda didn’t know that Jeff would win HOH & veto. Rachel had to side with Jeff this week. Rachel does alot better when she doesn’t listen to Brenda. She is almost tolerable!

    1. She totally has no clue wats going on around her. she is busy planning on next week when she could be out the day later tonight

  25. Rachel is probably going to vote out Dani. Brendon and Rachel made a deal with Dani and she backdoored Brendon for the second time. So now she is making a deal with Dani so she can throw Adam and Shelly under the bus and take the target off herself. In the storage room Rachel doesn’t say much and never verbally commits to the deal…she avoids the questions by laughing or saying she is tired.

    On the other hand if she actually see that Jeff is going to win the way things are going…she could also keep Dani AND throw Shelly and Adam under the bus. Also taking the target off herself and keeping Dani as another target.

    Totally Team Dani….but if she leaves I think I may become team Rachel….smart move on her part whichever way she goes

    1. Is this a new development based on new info (after what you posted here) or based on existing info already posted here?

    2. simon…you’re killing us with this new comment, and then leaving us hanging!!! you know something new that is going to deflate us Team Dani folks now? :(

      1. I didn’t watch the feeds through the night just talked to Dawg and he’s feeling like Rachel will not flip it’s just a ploy to out Shelly.. I’m team Dani all the way but I don’t see her staying this week :(

        It may be time to find another team to support.. and it’s looking like the house will split into JJRA vs KPS , Of course this can all change this morning.

        Can’t wait for double eviction tonight.. hopefully it changes the game up enough.. 3 weeks to go YO !

  26. Rachael just doesn’t want to deal with Dani’s little girl pouty shit. Rachael is going to vote to evict Dani with a giant smile on her face. And seriously, “My dad hates you now, so ugh” I may have given her too much credit calling her and adolescent, she is now behaving more like a grade schooler.

  27. Whether Dani leaves of not, she planted the seed she needed to to make Jeff the house’s biggest target. Everyone, except Jordan and maybe Adam, will put Jeff up and evict him if given the opportunity tonight. Rachel will drive herself crazy questioning if Jeff really threw the veto that got Brendon sent home. In the end, she’ll never truly trust him, and Dani knows that. She might go down, but she sealed Jeff’s game right along with hers. Good for her.

  28. They all lie, deny it, and get pissed when someone lies to them, happens every season. Dani, Rachel, and Jeff are equal in their lies. Good work Rachel, she’ll vote Dani out and expose Shelli

    1. u know
      they love anyone who helps out and hates on them whenthey don’t. Shit, since monday all of the dani trolls loved them some Triple S.

  29. If Rachel keeps Dani, it’s because she doen’t want Dani alone with Brendon in the jury house. I hope Dani goes tonight.

    1. If dani gets evicted why watch the show. Then everybody is just going to pick on shelly who has not won anything. Cp

  30. I hope something happens tonight. The only people who are making the show are dani and rach. I’m almost ready to stop watching

  31. Simon – just curios why you think Rachel isnt flipping? I know she went inside after her convo with JJA and told DPS that they have her vote. You think she is just blowing smoke?

  32. how come is a big deal when jeff lies. but its okay when dani does stupid stuff like that. like don’t get me wrong but everything he does is taken to a whole other extreme. why would jefff keep dani? who’s game would that really be helping. she was coming after him, so he’s taking her out. she’s whinny & has being in power for the past 3 weeks; its time she take responsibility of her actions. she was trying so hard to get away from the shadow of her dad…& it still didn’t work out. don’t get me wrong. i love dani, & i love jeff also; they are both strong competitors and deserve to win. people need to stop being so biased & realize that they both lie & can be very manipulative. at the end of the day, it’s a game. team dani is mad cause things aren’t going the way as planned. if Dani did succeed in back dooring jeff, no one would have complained. if jeff didn’t take out dani’ he’d be walking out the door next week. & thats a fact.

  33. Rachel making a deal this late? That’s really odd. But she did hate Jeff just a week ago. And she can’t be happy playing third or fourth to Jeff and Jordan. This could happen.

  34. It would be to Rachels advantage to keep Dani . Who is more hated than Dani or Rachel? They are the only two left that can take on Jeff and Jordan and have even the slightest hope of winning. Plus if u remember Brendan told Rachel that even if Dani backdoored him to still team up with the girls, and since when has Rachel ever disobeyed Brendon. I think she has been biding her time and waiting for the opportunity to screw JJ and she knows this is the last one she is gonna get.

  35. Rachel is not to be trusted… She will vote dani out and then she will win HOH and backdoor Jeff…. Then she gas a house full of floaters that can’t win competitions!!! Easy easy easy

  36. Rachel is probably toying with her or more likely trying to set up Shelly. A couple votes for Dani and Big Jeff goes into inquisition mode. OTOH it was not long ago that Rachel wanted to punch JJ when they made it obvious they weren’t voting to keep Brendon if the house went that way. She’s also insanely jealous of how much ignorant people who only watch CBS love them and might want to strike now.

  37. I would love to see Volatile Rachel bring the drama into the house before eviction tonight. She needs to pull Shelly into a room with Jeff, Jordan and Adam and start spilling the beans.

    When Adam confirms everything Rachel says, I would PAY to see the look on Shelly’s face. I get that everyone lies and schemes in the BB house, but she seems to have it down to an art form.

    I can deal with liars in BB….but I can’t deal with liars who claim to be saints.

    Shelly….you need to get exposed and I don’t mean any more SUN exposure!

    Dani…I don’t like you, but you are entertaining to watch….but when you pulled the “My dad hates you” card…..she lost any credibility she had. What an egotistical brat.

  38. Dani did not vote to evict brendon she just put him on the block if rach was gonna be mad at anyone it should be jj because they didn’t even throw him a vote when they know br would have thrown either one of them a vote so i hope rach does vote to keep dani!!! team dani all the way

    1. JJA didn’t vote for Brendon. I could see her flipping on all three of them and having DPSR vs JJA.
      Rachel would get to go against the tree people that could have saved her fiance.

  39. i think and hope to god that rachel listens to brendon and votes to keep dani and get in dani’s alliance and take out jeff and jordan fingers crossed hope rachel votes to keep dani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TEAM DANI ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DANI U ROCK I WANT HER 2 WIN SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Please call Jerry Springer, Dr. Drew, or Dr. Phil. Have him come to Big Brother House to calm them down. This will be chaos.

  41. I hope rachel listens to brendon and sticks with dani and then goes with dani’s alliance TEAM DANI ALL THE WAY HOPE SHE WINS THE GAME ALSO HOPE KALIA AND JEFF LEAVE TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. For wanting to get out of her fathers shadow, she sure keeps bringing his name up alot, trying to sway votes based on what she thinks he will think of people. Grow the F up you snotty, bratty little girl.

  43. Dani wants to step out from Daddy’s shadow, but she uses him as leverage every chance she gets.

    Wow Jordan is way to sweet to be in this game, she doesn’t want to start a bash session because she has a family back home. It’s hard not like a person that can be so selfless without descension into martyrdom. Jeff is right, Shelly made her bed, now she has to lie in it.
    Rachel’s being so devious and I like it.

  44. i doubt rachel would keep dani she is just getting info off dani and feed it straight back to jja and oviously production was pushing her to make a deal with dani after adam straight out no! cant wait for double evict because it can go anyway but i think porche or racheal or dani(if she stayed)

  45. Too bad Adam is out of the loop. Smartest thing for Adam to do next is to confirm to Rachel that he asked Jeff to throw Veto, and indeed Jeff agreed and threw it. This would be something to keep in back pocket if Rachel should happen to win HOH. This would get Adam further in the game.

    Also, if Rachel is indeed flipping, and Adam knew, it would then be a smart move for Adam to flip. He could then go to Dani and say he changed his mind. Dani and Rachel have bigger fish to fry in Jeff and Jordan. Should Jeff or Jordan win, they have bigger fish to fry in the form of Dani (if she stays) or Porsche and Rachel (if she flips)

    This is all very interesting.

    Is Adam the new meow meow?

  46. Oh please let Dani believe that she has the votes, only to be sent out the door on a 3(Jordan, Adam, Rachel)-2(Porsche, Shelly) vote. I want to see a bewildered look on Dani’s face and Shelly exposed. Although, I am sure that Shelly will swear up and down that she voted the other way and that it was Adam who flipped.

  47. Hopefully, Rachel, Shelley & Porsche will stick with the deal and vote to keep Dani. At this point, don’t really have a favorite to win but this would at least keep the rest of the season interesting. Seeing people scramble will be much more entertaining than seeing Adam construct a throne to Jeff and watch everyone worship him.

  48. Danielle, a little self-respect for crying out loud: “My dad this, my dad that… You sound like a spoiled lil’ brat.” Aren’t you a grown ass woman? Where’s the strong young lady I rooted for? Geez!!! Like someone else said: “Stop crying over spilled milk and own up to your mistakes”.

  49. Look at it this way, all you Dani lovers can vote for her to win America’s favorite houseguest after tonight’s eviction! LOL I want anyone but her to win after the way she’s acted this week, and I used to like her. She’s pathetic!

  50. i REALLY hope Rachel flips! just when i thought there was no hope! this show would not be worth watching without Dani on it and JJ don’t deserve to win another season. I used to love them, but now I’ve realized Jeff is a bully and a bigot and Jordan is pretty dumb, although very sweet. GO TEAM DANI!!

  51. If rachel votes to keep dani, seriously the game is riged. I never bought into this before, I understand they sort of gu ide you in the diary room etc, but If rachel changes her vote here, all I see is production cutting a check to rachel….seriously, it makes NO sense

    1. You obviously do not watch the show much since before Brenda left he told Rachel to work with Dani and not make it obvious, he doesn’t trust at all J&J.
      Dani also told while cutting a deal with Rach before Brenda left that they had eachothers back and at the end of Dani’s HOH week Rachel will see who is on BR’s side by the votes.
      J&J used the EXCUSE of voting with the house instead of making it a tie and focing Dani to cast the deciding vote.

      Now America’s couple are exposed!

  52. Do you honestly think that Rachel is going to forget that Dani evicted “her man” twice? Maybe Rachel is playing
    along to give Dani false hope. (hope so, the look on Dani’s face will be priceless). Playing “my Daddy will hate you card” sounds like my 13 year old niece wih her friends. Dani is lying through her teeth to everyone to get to
    stay in the house. First she will vote off Jeff, then Jordan, then Rachel, then Adam, then Shelly, then Porsche.
    If Rachel votes to keep Dani, she is crazy.
    When Shelly finds out Jeff and Jordan are on to her, she is going to go absolutely crazy. She will freak out something fierce. Can’t wait for the fireworks.

    1. DANI did not evict Brenda twice, she put him on the block and the HG’s evicted him TWICE. Second time J&J could have voted to keep Brenda and leave it to Dani to cast the tie breaking vote, but J&J did for J&J and voted a second time to evict Brenda.

      Dani made it clear before the eviction of Brenda to watch how the voting goes to see who is on her side, obviously it turned out J&J WERE NOT ON HER SIDE!!!

  53. Guess Adam sucked Jeff off good, now he’s IN good Job ass kisser, you just guaranteed you won’t even win 50k

  54. If by some miracle Dani stays, I’m pretty sure she could make it to the final. She is a tough competitor. Yeah, she has def made some stupid game moves, ut at the end of the day she is a strong player. Beginning of this season I was team jeff and jordan, but they are really starting to get on my nerves. I hope Dani keeps fighting and Kalia is the one who walks out the door.

  55. See ya Dani! Dani talks about EVERYONE SO MUCH its disgusting! And if I hear her say “im going to punch them in the back of the neck” again Im going to lose it! I would love to see someone turn around and pop her right in her big mouth next time she says that. And always talking about who her dad is or isn’t going to like…..They don’t even talk! How does she know who he will like. She’s a whiny little brat and needs to go home. After her Shelly, then I don’t care who the hell wins this season cause it sucks!

  56. Rachel is a game player too, she knows that one hurdle (Dani) is better than two (JJ)!! She may very well flip, and if she does then it will be great entertainment! She has now become the swing vote, I love it ;-)

  57. I have to say I LOVE RACHEL she is priceless lol there is no way no matter what jeff did or didn’t do will rachel keep dani in this game and now i guess rachel was right she didn’t trust shelly from the begining. So not only can rachel get rid of dani she has found a way to remove shelly and didn’t have to lift a finger. Shelly seriously over played her had what was she thinking telling rachel about jeff now that was dumb lol

  58. Rachel, what are you waiting for? This is your opportunity to get rid of Dani. Remember Danielle evicted Brendon twice. It’s your Destiny to get her back. Jeff already put up Danielle and Kaila on the block. Vote Dani Out now. Jeff already taking care of evicting Danielle. Now it’s your turn Rachel to Evict Kaila in second double eviction. Don’t let Danielle get into your head again. She will continue to maniuplating you. Listen to Brendon, he wants you to take out Dani right now. It’s your time now.

  59. OMG I hope dani is gone tonight! I can’t stand her throwing her dads name in the mess. OOOHHHHH every hg should want E-dick to like them. Wtf?He’s gone, who cares what he thinks. HE probably hopes dani don’t get $$$.
    Hiding stuff, removing peanut butter and crackers and hiding them? Very immature ya skank. Wonder why production don’t make her return stuff?

  60. So let me get this straight…Rachel is supposedly going to flip to an alliance w/people who stole her property(Porche&Shelly) and Dani who evicted her fiance twice!!? hmmm…I don’t see Rachel doing this, the voting will be VERY interesting. I’m getting sick of Shelly’s antics and would love for Shelly to be the only flip vote, her reaction would be priceless!

    1. DANI DID NOT EVICT BRENDA, Dani did put Brenda on the block twice, but the HG’s voted to EVICT Brenda, as Dani told Rachel to watch the voting and see who is on her side.

      How did the voting go? To evict Brenda votes cast: Adam, Kalia, Porcha, Jordan, Jeff.

      Would have been different if J&J voted to evict Shelly and force Dani to be the tie breaker, but J&J looked out for J&J as usual and evicted Brenda to get rid of a strong player so they could coast to winning, opps Jeff you made a boo boo and Rachel knows it!!


  61. Where is all this I don’t tell lies, I have integrity BULLSHIT Jeff pulls out his ass? he DID throw that Cornhole POV for Adam, he just lied to Rachel…Inegretity never was there huh

  62. A final 3 composed of Dani, Rachel and Shelly would be awesome!

    In my opinion, even if they are all hated, they are the only ones who play the game properly.

    What is Kalia doing to stay? Nothing, she cries for nothing and talks about Rachel
    What does Porcshe to stay? Nothing, she eats, suntan and talks about Rachel
    What does Jeff to stay? Nothing, he is traumatizing the other players by playing bully
    What does Adam to stay? Nothing, he’s too busy licking Jeff’s ass
    What does Jordan to stay? I am wondering if Jordan at least knows where she is right now?

    Shelly is one of the worst liars who have been cast on this game but at least she found a way to get near the $ 500 000 so to me it is really whatever floats her boat.

    Dani and Rachel are vile but at least they offer a good show.

    Brendon too, although I strongly dislike him, was a good participant in this game

    In my view, a final consisting of Dani and Rachel pr Rachel and Shelly or Rachel and Dani would be fantastic and would be worth watching. Any other scenario is silly in my humble opinion.

  63. Rachel is not voting to keep Dani, she’s playing them as evil as Dani has been to her . Shelly calling Rachel a lier when in fact Shelly was the lier. bye bye Dani, Shelly you are next. Go Rachel for the WIN!

  64. Adam is playing the few cards he’s got. If he would suck on Dani’s tits, he’d be in no better position then sucking on Jeff’s balls. But the upside is that he is helping to keep the only other Male left in the house! It’s a better position even if it’s a slim one.

  65. i think all this is rigged thru production!!! This game is geared for Jeff you need upperbody strength and Jeff already has it down pat!!!! I think a girl say Porsche win h.o.h. she puts up jeff! he wins p.o.v. and takes himself down production knows what they are doing and who they want to win and influence what the hg do and how they vote!!! i guess the think America is dumb and don’t see what is going on it pisses me off! I wish somebody would make a big move and make this year worth watching it is so……. boring tired of watching it’s sp predictable it’s not even fun to watch i’m done with the show boring!!!!!!!

  66. I have never commented on your site before, but I should have. Just want to say that I have been reading your post here since last year and love your detailed coverage. Your recaps are so good I dont have to follow the live feed. This year I am also following you on twitter. Just wanted to say keep up the good work and we are out here reading.

  67. all these people talking about JJ like its a damn Soap Operah… this isnt a dating show.. this is a game.. and truthfully, they are one of the worst game players of bb history, Jeff has no balls..he never says speaks upfront, always beating around the bush.. Jordan, shes a cutie.. but has no gameee whatsoever.. love her or hate her, best game player of the season is Dani.. this was a booooring season

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