Big Brother Reality Rally 2012 Photos

Reality Rally is a charity event held 2012 April 13 to 15th. It is modeled after The Amazing Race where teams are driven by Reality Rally Transport. The teams travel throughout the city in a competition involving crazy activities. The event is held in Temecula Valley California “Wine Country”. It’s all for the fun and for raising funds for the charity. This years charity was Michelle’s Place Breast Cancer Resource Center. The Event had plenty of reality stars attending including a whole whack of Big Brother players.

This is just a random Collection I found, Attendees were Rachel and Brendon, Michelle (BB10), Michelle (BB11), Evel Dick, Adam, Lawon. Kevin (BB11) was there but wasn’t participating in the charity event. Last years event gathered a larger roster of Big Brother Alumni, Matt, Ragan, Annie, Hayden, Brendon, Rachel, Michelle, Michelle

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Awesome! Hayden, where is your girlfriend!

BB King

Who is the dude with his arms wrapped around Lawon in the first photo? Sorry I don’t watch much TV.


Is that Michele Noonan (BB11) with that blonde hair? If it is, she had totally changed!

Not a PH D Student

wow, I am totally suprised to see Brenden and Rachel at the event. We’re having a cow plop contest next week. I can’t imagine them turning that down if they were invited.

April Whitt

I would loovvvveeee to go to these events to meet my favs :). I hope I make the cut for #bb14 ;). follow me on twitter @ohioBBfanApRiL


Hey if Jeff and Jordan somehow end up back on there, just remember to never turn on them or else the crazy cat ladies will have your head.