Maddy about Raul “He is going to get so f**king roasted on twitter. Like really bad!”

POV Holder: Jared Next POV April 9th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 11th
HOH Winner: Maddy Next HOH: April 14th
Original Nominations: Jared and Kelsey
Current Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch
Have Nots Raul, Nikki, Kelsey

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Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-12 06-52-12-394

10:30am In the bedroom – Raul wants to talk to Jared and Kelsey. Raul tells Jared I’m going to have to go against you guys now. Jared asks are you f**king kidding me? Kelsye says you can’t be mad. Raul says yeah. You can’t be mad though, that’s the thing. Jared says whatever and leaves. If you’re going against me then why do I need to humor you. Kelsey tells Raul its too early for this. He’ll feel better after his morning breakfast and cigarette. Raul and Kelsey hug and leave the room. Raul says he’s so mad. Kelsey says he’ll be fine. Kelsey and Jead head out to the hot tub room with Tim. Tim says we need a plan guys for next week. Jared says Rual just said he is going against us now. He’s going to go to the brothers. Tim tells them to work on Nikki. She’s already angry at you. And that’s just how Nikki works. If you do one thing… Kelsey says it was literally nothing. Tim says just work on her. Kelsey says she literally woke up in her sleep and got made at us while we were sleeping. Tim says just keep her on our side for now and then she’ll go. We just need her vote. Jared says its just me, Cassandra, you and Joel. That’s all we need.

By the pool – Rual asks Joel I just want to know where you stand with me, or Jared and Kelsey? Joel says there are pros and cons to both. Rual says this is my deal, right now I’m an outcast. I have nobody. If I get you, Maddy, Ramsey and the brothers we can at least create a group. I know at this point Kelsey is going to stay because she has Cassandra campaigning for her and Cassandra has Tim. My deal is that we stick together and start working together. With me leaving they will probably start picking off the people that aren’t doing a lot in the game. I have to go against Jared. Jared is always going to put Kelsey first before me. Joel says I see what you’re saying but I’m not going to say one way or another right now.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-04-12 08-26-44-105

11:20am – 11:45am By the pool – Ramsey, Cassandra, Maddy and Nikki are talking about Raul. Cassandra says if Raul says one think to me I will have a BB scene …I will go Rachel Reilly Reilly on his a$$. Nikki talks about how Rual was asking her to help him get on Big Brother UK. Nikki says you’re the last person I would help. Maddy says that he is going to get so f**king roasted on twitter. Like really bad. Nikki says he is suck a bully. Ramsey says goodbye Felicia. Maddy says I am not f**king hugging him. Bye B***H! Cassandra says that if Kelsey wins HOH she would probably put me and you up because I’ve distanced myself from her and am friends with you now. Maddy says Kelsey can’t win anything to save her life. Maddy says if its mental I know I can win it, then I could be HOH back to back. Cassandra says If I go to the end with them I am 3rd… I need to start thinking about my game. Nikki impersonates Rual when he gets voted out and says are you kidding me? I’m sure I’m not suppose to be going. Check the votes again! This is my house!

12pm – 12:50pm By the pool – Tim and Maddy are talking extensively about the movie “Into the Wild”. It was the movie they watched while being head of household. They finish their movie club talk. Tim comments on how he thinks this is the last time he’ll do big brother.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-12 09-23-43-195

1:45pm The house guests are on a backyard lock down. They’re all lying around. Tim is chatting about what animals would win in a fight: Great white shark vs a polar bear, etc. Tim then starts talking about the House Guest backyard photos. Tim thinks Paige looks like she’s in her 30’s not 19. He wonders if Kelsey had gone home the first week if Paige would have gotten together with Phil or Nick and they would have been the Jared/Kelsey of the house.

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Nobody, better lay a finger…on my ButterFinger!!!


This was such a mean post!!! I cannot possibly tolerate anonymous remarks posted on the internet, especially if it’s regarding such a sophisticated form of entertainment like reality television! STOP WITH THE HATE!

Go find a hobby!
You’re obsessed!
Go watch wheel of fortune!
Enough with the STRAWMAN!
So much STRAWMAN I can’t take it!



I’ve got a Fan!! or Stalker? You sir have constructed a colossal pile of straw and bullshit. Were you up all night thinking how you can make your butt stop hurting?
Tip for future commenters: Don’t tell someone who is ranting and raving about someones weight, slut shaming, calling people bitches and turds, to find a hobby or suggest a different gameshow,!
Because that will only make them butthurt and cry!

You will sustain a bombardment of people painting you in the position of a multitude of falsities and fallacies.
-Being intolerant of mean or hateful remarks.
-Stopping people from expressing their opinion.
-Telling people to stop the hate and negativity.
-Telling people what show they can or can’t watch.
-Taking comments to personal.
-Expressing how the language here is inappropriate.
-Not being able to take the dishonest and deceptive straw man replies.

And then after a night of fuming, tossing and turning, thinking about little ol me! They may come to the boards impersonating you, because they care sooo much it hurts!!

Yep! these are your BB Fans, and proud OBB commenters!


Internet. Serious Business.


maddy wants to win HOH back to back? What?


ah true ya..very possibe! I dont think i want to see that.


I really hope Canada is the HOH for the second eviction. Let’s put up Kelsey, Jared and Maddy. Two go home: Maddy and Jared.


Maddy one to talk her ass is getting roasted on twitter already Lol


Ya because that matters in life, *face palm*

Leon 16

Hey dawg. 71 days til BIG BROTHER 18


Maddy isn’t that bad


BBus is much more better


Much much more more better better.

Really depends on the season though, last few seasons of both haven’t been that good. Anyone remember social media megastar Frankie? Worst. season. ever.

Never thought I’d be missing Sabrina from BBCAN or Amanda from BBUS, but alas, at least they added some spice. They seem to cast too many floaters, I want the damn boat rocked!!! lol.


After BB8, the alcohol was pretty much cut off and that lead to a real drop in fights. Plus producers changed. I’ve been watching since S1, free black and white feeds on AOL and the cameras didn’t move around w/conversations. The housemates are now fully aware of social media (who don’t want to be boo’ed like Christine or Erin), want to be famous (like Raul – remember Enzo – he was the worst about it) or they’re recruits (gag) that know nothing about Big Brother. Most seasons I just get more frustrated as the season progresses because I don’t think they care about the old school fans when they put in a Fakie Grande (if you forgot how awful he was – just go watch a 2 minute YouTube clip and you’ll remember, lol) – last season it was the Austwins that grated on us. I want to watch to cheer people on – not hope they get evicted. My favorite Big Brother seasons are when it’s a split house and power shifts regularly. Throw in some alcohol so we have some fighting, and the feeds are gold. As a female, I also don’t like how the women cannibalize each other and if Vanessa couldn’t take out a win last season – I don’t see it happening. The only way we’ll see a female win is when she’s up against another female in F2. 🙁


Not necessarily true… Sarah Hanlon Won Godfrey Mangwiza


Is it bad that at this point I’d rather Tim win BBCAN than any of the Canadian players. Terrible casting this year, except your international characters. Good job.


Is it smart strategically for Raul to declare independence from Jared while on the block? Two minds on that one. One part of my brain says yes, it’s smart to risk losing one vote in order to attempt to secure six others. The other part of my brain says, sure show that when the going gets tough you’ll abandon your allies, nobody will notice that at all.
What was Raul’s selling point to the brothers in campaigning? He can help them stay attached to Jared instead of being Jared’s target. well that selling point is lost now.
Campaigning to Joel? Raul has spent the better part of four weeks ignoring Joel or telling people he wants Joel evicted. That would be pretty suspect.
So, if he was better connected to other people in the house, the move to detach from Jared at this point would be brilliant, but the fact that he has not cultivated those relationships enough (never talked game to anyone), and been more exclusionary than inclusive makes the move more of a flop. What he is showing the other house guests is that when the crosshairs are aimed at his allies, he won’t be on their side.
Raul doesn’t realize that Ramsey has a secret deal with Jared. the entire I don’t care how you vote part of the equation will now change. Raul has declared himself a deserter. The brothers have a secret deal with Cass right now. They have some weird understanding with Ramsey and Maddy right now. They have an alliance with Joel right now. They like Kelsey more than Raul. The string of changes in sentiment that have to occur in order for the brothers to vote to keep Raul is practically impossible. It opens them up to being more of a target.
The only salvation Raul would have is to loudly announce all of Kelsey’s secret suite information. She’s already let it slip to a number of people. It would be believed. But at this point, Raul has announced he’s defecting before he has a new nation.
It’s Tuesday, anything can happen at this point. But I think Raul is miscalculating.


Raul may not have chances to stay, but he’s doing what he needs to do in these given circumstances instead of simply resigning himself to going home. He has nothing to loose anyway.


This is what happens when 3 becomes 2. 1 person often decides to really fight after POV ceremony. I respect that more than someone laying around til Thursday. Raul appears to understand he doesn’t have the votes so he’s scrambling. This is were social game almost always shows. 2 from the same alliance who does the house keep? Kelsey is nothing special but Raul is a pill that is hard to swallow.

Timmy watch….
Or little tiny Tim has the whole house eating out of his hand. He has a group with 3W and Cassie Poo plus another with Maddy, Ram and Poo plus Timmy. It get really tasty when you consider Timmy talks with Bro’s, Joel and Nikki the lush! Let this guy get to 6 and ouch.
He reminds me of Dan in his season, NOT coaches were he was a complete turd. The season he won he was really good at house dynamics. Little Timmy the exact same this BB Can season. Timmy watch is the only real fun unless you enjoy Nikki blow ups when she is sober. ROFL

Cassie Poo is still my dark horse as she has Timmy working with her atm. We’re in the back stretch and my pony is coasting mid pack and no whip. Don’t break a freaking leg!…….”They shot horses don’t they?”


Jared, Raul and Kelsey made a deal with Loveita to keep her safe until Jury. She promised not to put them on the block. She kept that promise the second time she was HOH, they did not keep their promise and now it has come back to bite them in the butt! Maddy clearly needs to be the target going forward. She is the loosest cannon in the house!


I appreciate Raul for campaigning finally for his life. Jared losing his marbles because Raul “dared” to campaign? Pathetic to say the least. Who does he think he is anyway? He is not even on the block. Maddy was so bent on sending Kelsey out in the beginning , but now she seems quite ok with Kelsey staying . What a joke …

sunny dee

Hi, joel, i know i put you on the block only for spite, and in addition, chose to put you on slop for your THIRD week when there were still people in the house who had never been on it, but can we work together now?

ok, Raul, good talk.

And Maddy, as delusional as ever. I bet real money she thinks she is winning at twitter.


my gfriend likes Jared 🙁
how? I don’t even know anyone that likes him.

yes he is cute but damn such an arse. LOL

(in her defense she doesn’t read spoilers or watch the live feeds)


This is my first time on the spoilers and I don’t like Jared


Cannot believe this group Cassandra hides two bottles of honey which is something the have nots can have but cannot find because she takes and uses it for herself and they are still going on about Raul taking the brownies …… Oh for the love of it enough already move on people. Cassandra is playing both sides and of course she is for team Kelsey that is why she is tearing apart Raul and talks smack behind their backs just for show to get info from the other group to share with Tim. Reminds me of what Mitch did and allot of other double dippers from previous show both here and the States.


I can’t figure out who Tim and Cassandra really want to work with. It seems to me they are playing both sides. I watched the videos last night and the only one that has a good read on Tim is Nick (explaining how he tells everyone what they want to hear). Does anyone know what the Jon Parady thing is that upset Phil so much? I wanted to laugh when Phil was explaining to Nick how he was the leader placed in a cage and all the followers abandoned him. Was he really a leader? He was a little more outgoing but I don’t think a leader. BB really needs a zingbot to indicate to the HGs just what Canada really thinks of them. We should assign who sleeps with who …. ha ha ha. Nick and Kelsey – Ramsey and Cassandra – Maddy and Jarad – Joel and Tim – Phil and Nikki –


Raul loves Kelsey but not Jared . She has had his back from get go and he had hers. He turned to Mitch when she first left not Jared. If Kelsey had not spilled the beans on Mitch he would be still there. Also she saw both Tim and Cassandra playing on both sides of the fence and did not tell anyone to my knowledge I wonder why she choose to do that. She could of blown up their game as well. Poor Nikki has resorted to hiding the tuna fish from the other houseguest so I guess that is allowed. I wonder if her name is indeed inside that bag when they pull for veto comps…. The only time she played was when she was up on the block. At least that is all I can remember………Hmmmm


Nikki was on the block?




I hope its a double eviction. I want Kelsey and Jared gone. I think they should change “afterdark to the afterdark kelsey and jared show”. Im so tired of them focusing on them most of the time. She just walks all over Jared. He need to grow a couple and dump that stuck up bitch.


Sorry she was picked for a veto comp not on the block my bad Maddy was thinking about putting her up oops


Sorry Oops my mistake


Maddy thought of using her as a pawn but changed her mind because Nikki used her whinny voice to talk her out of it lol.


Nikki’s whining to maddy was her one game move of the season so far. She told maddy she heard she was going on the block as a pawn through Jared to get Maddy mad at Jared. It was Tim that told her. She kept herself off the block and put a wedge between the two couples that she’d complained were together for hours the night before.