Big Brother Over the Top POV and America’s nomination results “Can I call a friend”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-24 19-28-08-008

5:59pm Ball smashers
Discussing getting Jusitn to vote out Neeley
Scott – if Justin isn’t down with it.. I don’t know what else I can do.. .
Scott tells them his plan is to get America’s vote by shit talking Danielle. He’s thinking America doesn’t like Danielle so if he positions himself as the advisary of Danielle maybe they’ll keep him in the house.
Scott – likes that’s my only plan.. pots and pans in the London room… WAKE UP DANIELLE Eval Dick style..
The girls tell Scott to chill about his plan until they get a chance to talk with Justin and get a feel for it.
Alex is listing off possible deals they could make with Justin.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-24 19-31-00-379
Scott messing with Danielle in the kitchen about Shane’s speech. Jason and Justin also in the room.
Danielle – I can’t wait for you to go home.. God I can’t wait for you to go home..
Scott keeps trolling her
Danielle – you’re going home everyone is voting for you to go home
Scott – oh are they.. OK .. that’s news to me

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-24 19-35-01-086

6:15pm Alex, MOrgan, Shelby and Whitney
Scratching their heads why Scott is doing what he’s doing. Morgan says she’ no way using the veto on him now.
Alex – I didn’t know he was goign to do that..
they laugh..
Counting the votes.. they have 3 votes on their side and 3 on the other side.
Shelby – America is the tie breaker
They wonder if they can get Justin’s vote.
Whitney doesn’t think Justin will lie to them.
Alex says if Scott is still in the game he’s goign to be a huge target. Neeley is a threat to win this game.
Whitney says Justin isn’t playing strategically..
Jason comes by tells them Scott is being a d1ck “he’s being arrogant”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-24 19-38-20-827

6:33pm Kryssie and Justin
Kryssie – Scott seems to think they are goign to vote out Neeley ..
Justin – really
Kryssie – you go to make sure your girl MOrgan…
Kryssie – it’s dead even
Kryssie tells him she’s putting Whitney up when Morgan uses the veto.
Jason joins them says he thinks America will vote out Scott but they still need insurance.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-24 19-43-46-741

7:36pm Alex, Scott and Whitney

Scott says they have a much better shot now. “I have way more faith in Justin than Shane and America”
Scott – our odds are way better than week 2

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-24 19-39-55-611

7:39pm Bathroom Jason and Shelby
Jason tells her they need to stop lying about their votes to regain trust. Shelby doesn’t think neither side will be able to rebuild trust.
Jason says the 4 girls are close and they will get rid of Scott before they get rid of Shelby.
Jason – to walk in on him(Scott) cheering… he’s all about TV time.. we gave him his tie vote.. ugh..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-24 19-46-43-473

7:47pm HOH
LNJ complaining that the other side is still playing games with the vote. They want everyone to vote out Scott.
Jason calls Shelby, MOrgan, Alex and Whitney “Centipede of 4 b1tches”
They agree to all vote out Scott and they will try to get MOrgan’s vote. Neeley will work on MOrgan.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-24 21-21-48-002

9:04pm Morgan and Alex Storage room
Alex saying they need to try and get Neeley.
Morgan says keeping Scott is more beneficial for Alex’s game and keeping Neely is beneficial for Morgan’s game.
Alex reminds her they trust each other 100%.
Alex says Scott annoys her and she feels that he gets mistreated by the other side. Says Scott will always vote for her and Morgan.

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YES—way to go Morgan, go home Neely

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Way to go Morgan.

Jason-Bitter much?

I agree!

Shelby “Shane got 3K in stipend money and a step child! Congratulations!”
That is just as disrespectful as all this biased shit!

Like if your posting shit for us to read, than make sure your unbiased! Ballsmasher?


Shoot em up!

Shelby “Shane got 3K in stipend money and a step child! Congratulations!”
Shelby “Shane got 3K in stipend money and a step child! Congratulations!”
Shelby “Shane got 3K in stipend money and a step child! Congratulations!”

Shelby and Jason are the same person!


Damn, wish we had united to nominate Jason instead now. He’s such a jerk. Whatever, he’ll get my votes next week, even if Neeley is still here.

doesnt matter

if Neely is still there, she cant be americas nom again


Hmm, not sure if I want to evict Neeley or Scott, probably going to evict Scott even though I voted for Neeley

wont matter

the numbers arent there. (here is a great example of clueless voting)


Neely can go home if America votes for her to be evicted.


Neeley can go home even IF america doesnt vote to evict her

Hey Doofus

Neely can go home even if she doesnt get americas vote *facepalm*


I absolutely refuse to vote out super fan Scott, because all that would do is help Jason, and I refuse to help Jason, who has behaved disgracefully

The Ball Smashers and Scott and Justin and a large amount of viewers want grandma Neely gone, I am voting out Neely



I also find it odd that she’s just 33 and looks 55! That’s so weird considering that black people’s skin takes longer to wrinkle and their hair takes forever to turn grey. I wonder if Neeley has lied about her age…


Yessss, so happy Morgan won, can’t wait to evict Scott.


Even with americas vote going to evict scott, the numbers arent there


Why are people thumbs downing this? Sorry Scott isnt leaving.

Even IF Scott got americas vote, thats 3 votes with Jason and Dani. Neeley is leaving!


check your numbers Scott can go with America’s vote.


So happy Morgan won
Cant wait to evict Neely – and save Scott & a Ball Smasher in the process
More meltdowns from Krissy and Jason the scumbag if this happens will be funny to see


5-2 Neeley goes home? Assuming Shelby is repl. nom

Jason- Shelby
Danielle- Shelby
Justin- I am thinking he goes Neeley
Morgan- Neeley
Alex – Neeley
Whitney- Neeley
America- Neeley

Watching Jason’s head explode with rage….priceless. On her girl Kryssie’s HOH…. EPIC

America's Vote Sucks

Honestly, I hate this America’s vote thing. Just because we like a houseguest now, doesn’t mean we’ll like them later on and just because we hate a houseguest now, doesn’t mean we’ll hate them later on. Last season, if we had the same powers we do now on BBOTT, I would’ve voted out Victor before jury because I hated him at first. However, he ended up being my favorite at the end. Also, in the beginning I liked Nicole and would’ve tried to help her with my vote but at the end I couldn’t stand her, and I wanted Victor/Natalie to win instead. So that’s why America having such a say concerns me….If we had the same powers we do now, Victor wouldn’t have stayed for so long and we wouldn’t have gotten to see him grow.

Game theory

How do you know if the people voted pre jury in the past would not have grown on you too? It really matters not how America votes, it’s no different then the players voting, except players have taken advantage of America’s votes.

The only issue is that America does not understand players big picture and are messing people’s games.


That awkward moment when Neeley took being nominated better than Jason did. Props to her for not lashing out like him. Wish we could send him home instead. I feel like Neeley has opportunity to grow


Oh my God, Jason is a terrible human being. I don’t know how he has so many fans but the way he talks about Shelby is horrible. He saying he’s wants to spit on here grave and repeatedly calls her a whore. He’s a scumbag and he’s a lowlife degenerate. And even saying involving production and saying that America is very petty is going over the line. Not only that but making threats saying he’s going to put chap stick on his “Brown star” and give it to her. No wonder America chosen someone from the LNJ to be on the block, America saw their true colors and how awful they are all. Let’s hope Neely goes this week and PRAY TO THE LORD Jason goes up next week.I just don’t see how people like him, he degrades Shelby as if she’s a prostitute when bitch she has a better job and makes more money then you. Sorry not sorry, Jason is a person with no much hate in him.


jason is so entitled and disgusting af but what’s new


And bitter as hell.


Jason wonders what america sees about Shelby. Well for one, her in a bikini !!

Ball Smashers fan

Great win for Morgan, the sisters are safe!

Krissy hissy fit and Scotts porn star audio and Justin messing around, giving his dog a shout out, joking and laughing during the POV was hilarious haha

Vote out Neely!


Ready to vote Neeley out. Jason next week.


I know LNC isn’t too popular at this point so I get why people are voting to help the BS. However, there have been cracks forming on LNC since before Shane was evicted. Although they aren’t quite as big there are cracks starting to form with BS too as they have started talking about sacrificing some of their own. Until then, I’m looking at it as an individual game instead of a game of alliances. Scott is my least favorite player and definitely my least favorite of the 3 on the block so I would be thrilled to see him leave Wednesday-especially since he was positive he would be there for Halloween. Besides, I think the girls would do better without him.


The girls are actually better with Scott (a very loyal extra number, a comp threat and shield). I don’t take kindly to being called petty by Jason as to how I voted. My Americas nom vote was strategic. I also cannot stand the way he talks about the other side with the spitting, shitting comments etc. He seems obsessed with imposing his bodily waste onto others, like he has already done with his armpits and like he described doing when he pees in peoples drinks at parties. So his number Neely I will vote out.


Scott tried to get Jason and Justin in an alliance. He has talked several times of getting rid of Morgan. Justin is likely to vote out Neely and Danielle over any of the BS girls except possibly Shelby. Although there are always long shots that take a comp I still think the BS have better odds of winning comps than the LNC. Even Kryssie, Danielle and Neely have talked about targeting Jason and Justin before some of the BS girls. I don’t think they need Scott at this point and, if he gets too far in the game, I don’t think they can trust him.


At this stage its better for the girls to be going into the next HOH with an extra number. If Scott stays they will have a 5-4 advantage, but a 5-3 advantage in the HOH as opposed to 4-4. With Scott there he is a shield in front of them and he doesnt mind taking alot of the heat for them.


what scott doing to daneille now im voting him out
we know how Jason is already but scott this is not you
neely was already going home but now I want you to go home
this week


so you, jason and dani can vote out scott, and he will still stay!


Don’t rob fans of potentially one the biggest meltdowns on Wednesday from Krissy if Neely goes. Grandma Neely needs to be in her nursing home. Alot of her comments have been toxic, calling the girls the c word and many other insults. Scott is much better feeds, continuing his rivalry with Krissy. Scott is a much better player, did way better than her in the veto and has a passion for the game that far exceeds Grandma Neely, a very mediocre player. At times Neely has made comments as bad as Jason and Krissy and Danielle. Every single reason I can think of makes me want to keep Scott. Also I think Jason’s side should feel what it is like to lose someone on their own HOH, like what happened to the other side twice now.


I’m finally happy with big brother!
Jason is making a fool of himself and painting a target on his back and finally Danielle seems to be less of a target, I’m rooting for her because she is strategic and a complete underdog now.


I am liking this outcome so far. Pretty sure Whitney will be replacement nom. Here is how I hope it plays out…..
Alex: Neeley
Morgan: Neeley
Shelby: Neeley
Jason: Scott
Danielle: Scott
Justin: Toss up, but I think he votes Scott
America: Never know, but I think Neeley

Neeley evicted on Kryssie’s HOH would be totally epic seeing the LNJ’s reactions, oh the drama would be fun to watch haha


Justin is voting Neely out


Justin loves Whitney and knows it is better to keep Scott so the guys dont get wiped out

He keeps saying he wants to pull the trigger on Neely

Here is your chance Justin

He seems to prefer the company of the Ball Smashers


I’m voting out Neeley for sure, so what if Scott and Danielle got in a little argument. Seriously Danielle is such a hypocrite, she’s also complaining about the ball smashers and Scott. If someone finally talked a little shit to her she damn well deserve it.


Hat did Scott do to Danielle?


LO!! All it took was a couple of words. Scott said that tit stunk that the people not playing in the Veto comp stuck in the HOH room could not watch the comp. Danielle said that the was laying down taking a not. All scot Saint was pretty much like every day for her then. Dani got all upset at that.


Dani DOES sleep all day. Her and Shame put the sunglasses on and slept. Occasionally BB would tell them to wake up.


And all my dreams came true this evening! Watching Kryssie “bleeding all over the wall” but miraculously close ups of her hands didn’t show any blood, certainly not enough to have “bled to death”. Neely not up to the challenge. Morgan, Scot & Shelby kicking butt!! And best of all Jason imploding after nomination!!! Scot finally getting a dig into Danielle. He’s been taking their crap all season, it’s about time he give a little back! YAY! See ya Neely!

One-Eyed Bandit

Scott trying to get Danielle riled up was a bit off on his part but I so enjoyed it. She is so vile!


Neely is gone will be 4-3 if Justin wilts and stays with Kryssie. 5-2 if he votes with BS + 1. BS will never be stupid enough to intentionally take out one of their own numbers, even Scott. Alex said it tonight. Neeley was handed to them on a platter and you never ever pass up a golden opportunity when you get one. The extra bonus would be if they can flip Justin. That would kill LNC. America, we need to finish the job we started when we nominated Neeley. We need to send her out the door if for no other reason than to see Jason, Dani, and Kryssie heads explode. Gonna be a great show just over 47 hours from now. The venom will flow freely. Can hear all the excuses why the LNC was robbed by production. Beer chillin already! Can’t wait!!!!!


Neeley out and Shelby for care package with a bag of krackles. Jason would really be ticked off.


Jason is such a horrible example of a human. He must go home next!


Jason is going on about “those bitches” nothing but liars. Um Jason welcome to Big Brother! He’s also saying those bitches are voting together and don’t have their own brain. Hey Jason it’s called an alliance sticking together!! The LNC has been voting together too but it’s okay if they do. Such hypocrites!


Shelbey for the win. Hooker in a waitress costume is good enough for me.

Hal 9000

I liked Jason his first season. He would just occasionally insult the twins who no one liked anyway. But this year he’s just a straight up nasty piece of shit. I hope he goes next week. It seems like when anyone comes back a second time they act worse. Frank, Nicole, James, Jeff, Jordan, Jason. I guess the fame gets to their heads.


Monte style:
“Damn Danielle. They’re twisting my words, getting me out because I’m a strong confident black woman. I thought the world had evolved from this”… ~Neely


What happened to Jason this season!?! Nasty nasty nasty mouth.

The nerve of Kryssie telling Shelby to vote out Scott. She wants a clean HOH and the vote should be unanimous. Give me a break Kryssie. And I don’t get why Justin loves Kryssie so much. Kryssie is just as nasty as Jason.

Voting out Neeley this week.


For the life of me I hope Julie Chen demands answers from Jason for his inexcusable behavior. Like, really, I never seen a guy calling a girl a whore to that level of filth. She needs to put him on the spot even worse than she did with Aaryn. He needs to listen to his lines being read back to him. What a scumb*g. I’m not following on social media so I ask you: are his fans still on his side?

I truly hope BS can see that keeping Scott is the best option.

And damn… I can’t look a Kryssie anymore. I have the impression she’s always dirty and in need of a shower. Also have the impression she doesn’t brush her teeth! It’s disgusting.


Now I remember why I didn’t like Jason his season. What a smack talker.


I don’t care what anyone says. I love Jason and I hope he wins this game. How you doin!!!


So you condone his behavior then? Sad.

Liar Liar

Can none of these balls mashers keep a deal? What a bunch of lying petty assed bitches. I like Morgan, but she lets Alex run the show. The other side I won,t waste my breathe on other than to say at least Kryssie intends to keep her side of the deal.


I keep seeing these posts referring to Kryssie as DIRTY. She is not dirty and showers like everyone else. She has stated before that her clothes are old and she needs new ones. I guess because she appears to have less money to spend on herself. What a judgmental bunch of people on this site. There is plenty of other things you can say about her, but no need to go to the extent as saying she doesn’t look clean, and probably doesn’t brush her teeth. That kind of talk is really nasty. I would give money to see what these people who sit behind a keyboard and type this shit look like. I bet it would be a real hoot. Obviously by the amount of typing a lot of people do per day on this site, having a life and maybe personal hygiene might not be at the top of your own lists.


like 6 showers in 4 weeks is not clean


Kryssie herself admitted to not bathing very much…

Ursula sucks

Can’t wait to see Ursula self evict after Neely goes home on her HOH and then America votes her as a have not and America’s nominee


The misfits are vile human beings. “Hypocridiots”. Hope Needy goes this week then back to the plan…..Dani out then Krusti, then Jason. I will love to see them walk out. After that its game on. Win or go home.