Big Brother Over the Top Final HOH results

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Morgan and Justin compete in the final HOH the winner advances with Kryssie and Jason to the final 3. the loser has to leave the Big Brother house after saying their goodbyes.

Morgan wins the final HOH

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Final 3 Is Kryssie, Jason and Morgan

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-29 17-52-32-682

Justin was Evicted from the Big Brother House

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-29 17-53-10-064

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-29 17-53-07-622

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Tomorrow at 4pm PST the houseguests get to plead live to America. For tonight they get some drinks.

7pm – 8:30pm Jason, Kryssie and Morgan sit in the living room reminiscing about the seasons. They move to the kitchen and continue talking about past events.

9:15pm – 11pm Jason and Kryssie lay in bed chatting. Morgan heads to bed.

11:50pm – 1am Kryssie and Jason chat about random things and then go to sleep.

1am All that house guests are sleeping..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-30 16-01-44-777

Wednesday 30th 4:00pm Houseguests get to give us one last plea for the 250K award.

Jason says he’s grateful to being still in the house and thanks America for the help. Highlights him being a vet and having a huge target on him. Says he was pro active and went out and “Did it”.
Jason says Kryssie didn’t do much in the game and isolated herself to one side.
Says Morgan never did anything huge.
Jason says he’s a BB historian “I’ve had the steepest road to the top”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-30 16-04-18-181

Kryssie – 9 weeks in 2 minutes here it is..
Says she worked with Whitney and won a HOH. Kryssie makes a bunch of stuff up like claiming she won the first HOH, working with all sides of the house etc etc … (Kryssie has a distorted memory of her time on Big Brother)
Kryssie says Shelby came on the show pretended she was a waitress and just looked dumb. Kryssie is a real waitress and those people skills she’s acquired is why she is still in the house.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-30 16-10-44-190

Morgan – I don’t know how I’m going to follow both of those I’m terrible at speeches..
Morgan thanks America . says the experience was great.
Morgan – I’m the only America’s nominee to survive..
Morgan – a vote isn’t a vote for me it’s a vote for my alliance..

Morgan – for the last time ever Bikini Girl out.

4:12pm Final 3 chatting..
Kryssie pissed about Shelby being the most educated of all of them and telling them she’s a waitress. Kryssie is a waitress and this bother her.
Kryssie – just because I quit medical school doesn’t mean I couldn’t have completed it

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-30 23-25-52-170
7pm Jason tells Morgan and Kryssie about Corey’s goat burning story from last season. Morgan – wow! That’s worse than Monte’s squirrel story. Jason – that’s why all season long everyone chimed on it. Everyone was like are you f**king serious?! Animal activists… Monte’s squirrel story was nothing compared to this. You tried to burn a goat!? Like what the F**K is wrong with you!?! I had lots of reasons to dislike Corey. The conversation turns to talking about how Paulie was bragging about boning Zakiyah.

11:30pm Morgan is sleeping in the london bedroom. Jason and Kryssie are chatting about random things in the other bedroom.

1:40am The final 3 are all sleeping

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Congrats to Morgan on winning the final HOH! Now set the timer to see when Jason and Kryssie start ripping her apart like they did to Justin.


They only won’t rip her apart if they take her for granted and assume that because she has been America’s Nominee, she’s already lost this one. Otherwise, they are gonna be on fire with a new character for their “Worst person in the world” campaign.

Hillary Lies Mattered

Team Morgan all the way.

Save The Cheerleader...Save The World! Vote Morgan To Win!

Celebrities endorsing a Morgan win:

Shelby endorsing a Morgan win:

Save The Cheerleader...Save The World! Vote Morgan To Win!

Shelby passed the bar exam! Now lets get a win for Morgan!

Save The Cheerleader...Save The World! Vote Morgan To Win!

Remember to vote 20 times Wednesday night before midnight bb time/pacific time(3 am eastern time Thursday) and another 20 times on Thursday before 1 pm bb time/pacific time(4 pm eastern time Thursday)

Team Morgan

Save The Cheerleader...Save The World! Vote Morgan To Win!

Actually voting might reset at midnight eastern time(9pm bb time/pacific time) so for certainty get your 20 Wednesday votes in well before this, then another 20 when you wake up Thursday and before 1 pm pacific time/4 pm eastern time

Thanks Dawg and Simon for great coverage – I cant wait for Big Brother Canada!

Team Morgan


Woo go Morgan!

I wonder what terrible things we’ll hear about her tonight.


Jason is already starting on Kryssie. Jason “Im tired of hearing her think we are shit next to her. She is like Justin but more tactful.”


Jason is already starting on Kryssie. Jason “Im tired of hearing her think we are shit next to her. She is like Justin but more tactful!


Ok, now we at least have one normal human being in the end. Let’s do the right thing for BB and make a deserving person win. We have the power. Let’s finally have a deserving good person win BB! Vote As many times as you can however you can. Please for the love of god make Morgan win and send those two vile, nasty, gross human beings home and let them see how sick they really are!




He’s also a little peice of fucking shit. You should consider that!

Botox Pelosi

I say give Morgan the money and Jason a bean bag chair and a lava lamp for his Mom’s basement.

BB Clue

Jason actually played a terrible game, He should have never kept Morgan over Alex (purely emotionally game move) when she still had a Care Package. Making a fake F5 wasn’t done to help his game, it was done out of meanness. Farting on pillows, calling Shelby a C and a whore, Seriously that’s fighting his way to the end? Even Alex and Scott said that nobody would dare target Jason because he was America’s “golden boy.” And to top it off, he wins a gimme Veto by slithering around to find 3 corn cobs??? Nobody has ever had an easier ride to F3 than Jason.

Disgusted BB watcher

But Jason is a disgusting piece of crap and has nothing to do with his sexual orientation he’s just not a nice person.


All my votes are going to Morgan

Morgan For The Win!

Yes congratulations Morgan, well deserved

A reminder, Alex is on robhasapodcast tonight at 10:15 pm et

I would love to see the nastiest house guest alltime Jason lose in final 3 to one of the nicest people to ever play Morgan

I think Morgan has played a really good game, won crucial comps and had a fantastic social game

Go Morgan!


You think Morgan is one of the nicest players ever! You must have selective hearing or not watched her on the feeds. Last season Paul lost because of his sh** talking and everyone was outraged. You are all about to do the same thing to Jason even though he clearly played the best game. I mean this is Morgan we’re talking about handing the title of best player to. Last season was out of our control but this season we have the chance to award the person who fought the hardest, not the person who seems the nicest, or who production wanted to drag to the end.


Jason has not played the best game…he was protected by his fans. No matter how bad his behavior was his fans banned together to vote out any one in Jasons way to advance. Sorry…that is not good game on Jasons part. It was Americas involvement that dragged him to the end.




So meaning he played the best game because this edition required to work with the fans as well and the others could not get fan support to help their game. All three did something right to get to final 3. Now it’s left to all their paying fans to vote. Unfortunately, Jason probably has more paying fans since most of the paying fans knew what he was going in.


Since America was going to play such a huge role Jason had an enormous advantage having fans prior to BBOTT. It was so not a fair game. And now with America voting for winner it is so not right.

Game theory

This is Big Brother, you roll with what is given to you and adapt to changes. Not sure why so many people are looking for “FAIR”. Was it fair to have a sister twist? Was it fair for Corn Bread to be among 20 something? Fair was gone when they walked into those doors and people had to adapt to when Jason walked into those doors. Kryssie adapted and made it to final 3. Morgan adapted to survive to final 3. Now people who paid to vote get to choose where the money goes. That is all fair.


Dear Big Brother fans, Let’s vote Morgan for the winner please! Jason and Kryssie became Cinderella’s evil stepsisters this past week, totally undeserving for the win. Morgan and Alex overcame obstacles as sisters and no one ever found out…that deserves to be rewarded in itself. MORGAN for the WIN!!!!

tech difficulties

Morgan will get all my votes. A special thank you to Simon and Dawg. It truly amazes me on all the work you do putting this together every season. Great job guys. Thanks so much.

Morgan For The Win!

robhasapodcast changed to 9.30 pm et tonight with Alex

Everyone unite and lets get a win for Morgan


I will vot for Morgan for sure, she played great and deserves. But i know CBS will give to win for Jason, of course, as always they decide the winner.

I hope at least Morgan, Alex and Shelby gets to play again

Sir Peanut

Voting for Jason!! Only time I want to see Shelby again is when or if she becomes an adult and learns to talk to people. Morgan I can see again.


You’re an idiot! You say that about Shelby, but you’re a fan of a basement dwelling lowlife that projects his failures in life on anyone else that has initiative. He’s a sick jealous, gossipy, loser that contributes absolutely nothing to society. Unbelievable how he’s winning in the polls, against a smart, kind, hardworking young women. It really goes to show where society is heading. (American society anyway) When a pice of trash like that has people looking up to him. No wonder they have the president that they do! GOD BLESS CANADA!!!


That’s what i want to know. What the heck is wrong with so many people jumping on the “i love evil and nastiness and the more the better ” wagon! Turning their noses up to the most less vile person and most respectful and considerate person in the house! Forget how his game sucked, he even went out with a smile and wished those that couldn’t stand him well wishes. Why so much hate and prejudice?



Morgan For The Win!

robhasapodcast now on periscope with Alex interview

you can watch it on demand as well

Team Morgan!


Yeah!!! Morgan won. I can actually vote for a good player. I am very happy for Morgan..Jason and krissie may not be.


Go Morgan! Great job.


I really like Morgan as a person but I don’t think she really played the game. She relied on Alex and then Shelby. She had no clue as to what she was doing. And yeah, her social game was great,,,, locking herself in the HOH room so she wouldn’t have to socialize with the rest of the house. So yeah! Morgan for the win!!! And let’s not forget about her pandering for America’s male votes as bikini girl. A great strategy! I even fell for it because I’m a stereotypical perverted Male. But seriously folks, even though Jason and Kryssie were crude, mean, and vulgar, Jason played the best game. How this group of idiots didn’t vote him out early on I’ll never know but out of those three he’s the only one that played at all. Sorry but so true. And I hate him.


Jason sucks. I hope will never see him or his glitter buddy Frankie Grande ever again.


Mr. cucumber! I do believe we’re related! I think your parents were organic and grew up on the same plant as my parents. I totally agree. I would love to never see Jason again too. Great vegetables think alike. As a side note, Shelby could be very attractive if she didn’t always have her scrunched up frowny face on.


My votes are going for Morgan. I feel her and Jason played the best games and feel it’s a toss up between those 2. Jason has 4 comp wins to Morgan’s 3. I feel Morgan had a better social game than Jason and is she is a very likeable person. She kept the sister twist until the end and for most of the game her and her alliance America has been against them, which is a very difficult feat to battle against. I feel she is very deserving if she wins, but have a feeling Big Brother will have Jason win….

Thanks Simon and Dawg I appreciate your hard work.


Always appreciating Simon and dawg hard work. I found this website a few months ago and am so thankful there is something like this for me to check into and catch up and follow the game. Thankful for all the funny and interesting comments that come in. I come here every day. A few times a day. Props to the guys for keeping us all up to date and keeping it real. Love you guys.


Thank you Jennifer! 😉


Ditto to what Jennifersaid. Like to read what you guys post and appreciate the fact that you guys interact with us lowly posters on the message boards. Thanks again and look forward to the next Bb season with you guys!!


Go Jason…you’ve earned the win.


Jasons fan club deserve the win. Jason not so much.


BWAHAHAHAHAH! Justin! You moron! You evicted yourself! Worst way to go… Had you voted for Shelby to stay, there was a better chance for you to conquer this: Morgan would have broken the tie, Kryssie would be gone, and that would guarantee Jason picking YOU over anyone to take to the final. Plus, based on statistics, beating Jason is easier than beating Morgan in a comp, so you’d have a better shot at getting to the final if you were against him. But anyway, don’t let the door hit you on your way out. Smarmy Jason and smarmy Kryssie are definitely happy for your loyalty and for your role in being their trash talk subject number 1. Now they are gonna try to do that to Morgan. Let’s see if America is dumb enough to buy it or not.



How in the hell do you know how any outcome would have been if Justin had chosen to make the moves you mentioned? Justin was never really liked by anyone in that house, and any play with him included was only used as a number or to get someone out, nobody ever thought of taking him to the end, not even those wishy washy people you mentioned due to shadiness and extra hate inside of them.

Umm nooo

Shelby would’ve won that HoH had she stayed and she would’ve picked Morgan for the final! Jason would’ve beat Justin in the final comp, and he still would’ve went home. Be like like ya dig? Ya hur me? Like ya feel me, itz all gud, no wut I’m sayin?

Get out and Vote!!!

We actually have a chance to salvage this! Vote Morgan!!!


Thanks Simon and Dawg. Love your site. Just a reminder to everyone to donate to the site if you can and do your Amazon purchases through here. I don’t think I would last through any season of BB without this site.


Voting is open. Everyone go vote for Morgan.


In the end, there is only one vote that matters. MORGAN!!!


Any idea yet if there’s going to be a second season?


Jason wins its a travesty

Hal 9000

I hope Kryssie wins. She’s actually played a great game.


Yesss!!! All my votes are going to Jason!!! Can’t wait to see him win! See you guys for BB19!!!! 🙂


Just remember Jason wiped snot and his armpits on peoples things, spat in the tub for Alex to clean & relentlessly and viciously needlessly slandered the girls throughout the season, actions not befitting of a bb winner – if justice and karma prevail he does not win

In terms of his game it was riddled with dumb mistakes like the fake final 5 & evicting Alex instead of Morgan, and his social game was really unimpressive & his jury management with us the fans as the people deciding the winner was really bad – add to this he came in with 70k fans and majority of allumni backing him, plus the gay vote, and playing for the second time – and most of the fan votes went his way, a ridiculous advantage to have

All 3 of Morgans comp wins very mental & physical andd hugely impressive, but most of Jasons comp wins were crap shoots…Morgans ability to make herself not be targeted, and remaining likable even having Justin asking for his fans to vote for her to win shows an amazing social game, and was the nicest person in the house never resorting to Jasons unnecessary viciousness and pettiness

In a jury of 7, Morgan wins(because Justin said he would vote for her)…not only was she the better overall player who didnt have the fan vote advantage that Jason had to rely on many times, but she was the most likable person – so if you are voting for who strategic/social game or personal/likability, in my opinion Morgan is the deserved winner


Well said!


Very well said, and a lot nicer than I would have put it, but unfortunately it seems like there are a lot of peices of shit just like Jason out there that are oblivious to any of this. Probably not well educated, and must of had horrible upbringings to not realize how common sense this is. It really baffles me!

Dancing Shelby(who passed her bar exam) with Morgan


My votes are going toward Morgan. I really hope she wins it a shame her sister was voted out At least one of them made it two fainal three I. Like to see Morgan if she doesn’t win. On again along with Shelby and Alex and shane.

Disgusted BB watcher

Really see what kind of people America is now embracing. First Trump and now the two most foul month disgusting people on BB ever to get this far. I’m gonna predict one of them wins cause rude bigoted Americans are in control right now and apparently they have the vote. Bad decision on CBS


Jason/Kryssie are hardcore liberals. As a Trump voter I fully endorse Morgan for this win!

Game theory

Gotta use this with the ex wife. People are upset at this???? Its hilarious.

“It’s a roach, it came outta your vagina cuz you haven’t cleaned it” — Jason Roy 11/02/16 01:29 AM


Perfect example of a peice of shit loser right here! What a stupid comment!

Game theory

And this is the point I was trying to make. Here you are calling people names and think you are different.

What is the difference between you and Jason? I can’t see any

Not part of a bitter jury

I can not believe u giys can not seperate your personal feelings from game play! Jason by far played the best game, winning crucial vetoes at the right time and final HOH! This guy is a hardcore Superfan that deserves this win way mote than your”bikini girl:, btw her speech was horriblezzzzz. #TeamJason, yes ftw.


im trying to help morgan win morgan fans we got about 10m left go vote hurry


What are 2nd and 3rd place prizes?
1st = $250,000
2nd= ?
3rd= ?
What is the take home for 3rd place for just being there (stipend)?




WTG Morgan