Jason “Why couldn’t you have painted condoms before when we needed a shallow person to stare at people?”

8pm – 9pm Morgan, Jason and Kryssie are in the backyard studying the days/events of the house.
Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-27 23-00-09-667

9:20pm HOH room – Kryssie & Jason. Kryssie – if they want to air thanks giving dinner, I just hope they air it as it happened. Every time they asked him (Justin) to wake up he had f**king cotton balls in his ears and he was breaking the rules all day .. and he got away with it. Jason – just showing thanks giving makes it look like it wasn’t game related and that he was just a home sick baby! Kryssie – he’s a pouty little b***h and he’s mad at you. I touched on that as much as I could. More than once I used the phrase over the last couple of days “You’re butt hurt because you’re mad at Jason.” “You’re butt hurt because Jason didn’t pick you.” Jason – he is butt hurt. Kryssie – he’s text book butt hurt. Jason – I tried to put the shoe on the other foot .. yeah I would be a little hurt but would I be acting like this!? I can’t even fathom behaving as he has. Kryssie – sincerely hope you wouldn’t. Because I would be disappointed if you did. I didn’t think that was the kind of person he was. All he does it take, he never gives back anything thing.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-27 23-00-11-646

9:45pm – 11pm Morgan and Justin are playing Jenga. They head to the london bedroom. Justin talks about living life care free… I don’t have any kids .. you know.

11pm HOH room. Jason and Kryssie are talking about random things. Jason – why couldn’t you have painted condoms before … when we needed a shallow person to stare at people. They talk about how Shelby was as “shallow as f**k”.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-28 03-50-11-967

12:25am All the house guests are sleeping..

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-28 03-59-11-449

Monday 28th @ 3:46pm

GAmes.. Jason kicking a ball around…. Morgan and Justin are in the bathroom wondering why Big Brother wont tells them the time of the comp.

8:00pm Chilling in the Yoga Room

Pretty much just chit chat today.. Looks like Justin isn’t talking to Jason and Kryssie.
Tomorrow is the competition.

8pm – 9:50pm Jason, Morgan and Kryssie are studying for the competition.

Justin is reading the bible.

9:50pm – 10:25pm Kryssie and Jason head up to the HOH room. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Justin and Morgan are playing Jenga.

11pm Morgan goes to sleep.

12am – 3am Jason and Kryssie stay up talking about random things in the HOH room.


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Go Morgan 4 the win!

Hillary Lies Mattered

I want Morgan too but please just end this train wreck.


I would like morgan to beat justin if not i do not want justin to win bb .Ballsmasher fans remember how horrible Justin has been to them and the taunting was not ok. It annoys me that he kissi g up to bs fans now after getting into Shelbys face. I dont want justin or jason cant stand krissie but at this point for me shes better than justin and jason . Hope Morgan wins . Morgan first krissie 2 and jason 3

Well now..

I may not like Jason all that much. I will say, being a returner, he should win. He played the game,and was not voted out. He should not be penalized because his fellow houseguests was not with it enough to vote him out.


Jason and Krissie are really trying hard to prove bald faced lies with no proof to back up over half of the crap they’re accusing Justin of, and plenty of what they say are just an extension of assumptions that they themselves are guilty of! Why not just stick to what you know to be a fact, instead of adding extra you know absolutely nothing about, but get a kick out of tarnishing someone’s character. Ijs and Morgan said on a few occasions that BB is like a prison, but when Justin said the same thing she said prison is better because you can have visitors?!?!? If you don’t have the feeds you don’t see every little thing. House pets say and do one thing and then switch up and do another so don’t take one part of a thing and run with whatever suits you and what YOU think, which isn’t the whole story most of the time like Krissie and Jason with a sprinkling of Morgan trying to do, topped with most comments.

Susie Q in Blue

Seriously, the delusion of Jason & Kryssie is really quiet frightening. They need some psychological counseling to help them come to terms with the fact that they are horrible, f___ed up little trolls! Not enough sense between them to fill a thimble.

Susie Q in Green

The delusion of the Morgan-Justin Love train simply because we can’t get rid of kryssie and Jason is amazingly overrated!
Can’t you see the game that was being played here??? Stop being a personal stuck-up human (non)being and compare games!
Do not consider comparing social games because those should only be considered in the winning verdict when all parties have played a similar competitive/strategic game!
Since it hasn’t, stop trying to make this a season of BBUK because we get o choose the winner who has PLAYED the best game.

Game theory

Who has played the best game? Hard to say because 4 people are here now. Not one of them played the same game. Most fans prefer people who play each week. Laying low all season is a strategy. How many points for comp wins, veto wins, surviving the block, unfortunately, it’s subjective and people will look for other factors such as the less amount of burbing on feeds should win. Whatever happens it does not affect me.

John Boy

John Boy looks way better than scott!


Jason = Reagan from BB12 with a lot of Joshua from BB9

Morgan = Julia from BB17 and Adria from BB5 and Tiffany from BB18

Kryssie = Joey from BB16 with a “little” bit of Victoria from BB16 and “a lot” of Jodi from BB14

Justin = Jace from BB17 and Jase from BB5/7


Why are they still supplying them with condoms?

Flick of the Wrist!


Everyone seems to be rooting for Justin. Does that mean that Morgan doesn’t have a chance? America always gets what it(collectively) wants.

John Celis

THE LOOK on JASON & KRYSSIE’S FACE when Justin or Morgan wins will be PRICELESS!!!!

Please BB GODS and FANS let this happen!!!

Game theory

Like the look Paul had when Nicole won.


Best part about that finale lol


When is this comp???




I heard on the feeds yesterday that the comp would be at 5pm. I like both Morgan and Justin. It’s Stinky and Stanky that I have a problem with…
This sure was a different experience.


Justin said he doesn’t have to pretend anymore, so he’s been fake the whole season. Morgan has that robotic smile no matter what is going on. Jason and Krissy have been the most real, down to earth straight shooters and I’m glad they figured Justin out for the garbage he is


You really need to stop smoking crack! You sound delusional


Must be a relative of Kryssie or any of the scum LNJ !!


Even if Justin has been fake this season he has not been vile the way Jason has been! Threats to people outside of the house, burning down a mall ( I know he probably would not actually do it) by why even say it, threats outside of the house, calling the women hoes and c****ts, doing everything to Justin’s reputation to tarnish his name to the live feeders( Justin has not gone that low) and wiping bodily fluids on things, If Justin is garbage that must make Jason a dump!


My favorite moment of the whole season-flashback to: Oct. 21 1:27AM—-“The Ignant Tales of Moonshine Falls”.


Jason and Kryssie’s campaign to turn Justin into the worst person in the world is pathetic. They are that type of people that believe that if you say something a lot people will just buy it no matter the facts. They are so smarmy. In the end, anyone for the win but Jason. Calling Shelby a prostitute and all the other absurdities is one of the reasons. Hopefully I won’t ever see that Peewee Hermann wannabe in my TV ever again.


Simon needs to set a timer if Morgan wins the HOH over Justin tonight, because the bitterness that Jason and Kryssie have given to Justin will be unleashed on Morgan. They will have a day and a half to destroy Morgan like they’re doing to Justin. They will probably drink Red Bull and coffee tonight and tomorrow so they can have a 36 hour hatefest against her to get people to vote for Jason for the win and Kryssie for second place.
Get the timer ready…


I hope they dicause it will only turn even more people against them!!


There’s something off about Justin. Can’t put my finger on what it is.
Like a snake oil salesmen.

Aw ya

Be like like, ya dig?, like ya hur me?, be like ya feel me?, no wut I’m sayin?, itz all gud?, yo yo dawg, my peepuls try to rob em, like,…like,…like!


Come on Morgan!
” you can do it!”


Really cool that Lance Bass from NSYNC posted Shelby’s Video of her dancing and said “My Kind of HOH!” Really hope they invite Shelby to Big Brother TV Version. Imagine her and Paul in a room- Debate of Thrones! I want the comps to start already! Who do you all want for the win? When does BBCAN start?! lol #Addicted


Agree. Shelbey should make the Big Show. And Neeley deserves another shot. The rest can go away, especially Corn and the Willetts.


Yes!!! Not a fan of returning guests, but if anyone deserves it, it’s Morgan. She’s strategic, smart, witty, funny, good person, and sexy as hell!


Lol, I meant Shelby, don’t get me wrong, Morgan’s awesome too


I dwant Justin to win because it would piss off Kryssie and Jason. As much as I hate to say it , I think Jason is going to win this season. Morgan is no threat and most likely won’t get America’s vote. Justin might slightly have a chance on America’s vote because he was entertaining this season. I think Jason knows that the other two are not a threat. That is the reason Jason was bashing Justin on the feeds to get America to against Justin. Hope this backfired on Jason so everyone will get to see his true colors.


Krissie! Do you know any words other words besides the f word? That’s all you ever say. Worse than Paulie last season.