Big Brother Finale Results – Cookie Dough Monster VS K-TOWN ***JORDAN WINS Big Brother 11***

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Winner of Final HOH = JORDAN
As Head of Household Jordan chooses to evict = KEVIN

Winner of Big Brother 11 = Jordan
America’s Vote = Jordan
Jessie’s vote = Jordan
Lydia’s vote = Jordan
Russell’s vote = Natalie
Jeff’s vote = Jordan
Michele’s vote = Jordan
Kevin’s vote = Natalie
America’s Choice $25,000 PRIZE = Jeff


Just wanted to take this time to tell everyone thanks for coming to this site and making it an awesome experience. I hope to see you all around again, don’t forget to stop by once in awhile to catch up on what the houseguests are up to once they leave the house. I’ll continue to update as Big Brother news becomes available. Also Big Brother 12 is already casting so get ready for a whole slew of crazy rumors..
There just too many people to list but I would like to thank all the regular contributors that made every day a laugh (you know who you are).

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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893 thoughts on “Big Brother Finale Results – Cookie Dough Monster VS K-TOWN ***JORDAN WINS Big Brother 11***

    1. Yes, a big thank you from me too Simon for all the enjoyment you gave me with your updates and spoilers. Also, please let Randeep know that he did an excellent job of providing information while you were away. This Canadian really appreciates both of you.

    1. Besides proposing to Gnat so that you can share if she wins, what redeeming quality does the greedy, nasty, horrible,selfish, self absorbed witch have?

  1. i hope jordan wins! so sad that im not going to be able to check updates every hour on my phone :( i have a feeling kev is bringing nat and if jordan wins she will bring nat…kev did evict jeff..

  2. Thanks Simon and Randeep for your hard work, patience and humor. Kudos to the best BB spoiler site on the net! See you next season. I am in the west, so I would appreciate updates from people in the east as the finale airs. If Nat goes on to win, I would like to be forewarned. LOL.

    1. Yes please – I need to know if I will need to have a bucket ready.

      Thanks Simon, Dawg and Randeep – you all do a great job. I am not working right now so I can’t donate but I hope to be in a better position next year.

  3. You’ll be posting followup stuff? So will we eventually learn that gnat used her $2500 in winnings and stiend to get strung out on meth and eventually kill herself? Awesome I can’t wait

    1. I’m so sorry everyone, what I wrote was terrible, it just was not right and I am deeply sorry, I meant to type stipend, not stiend. Again so sorry.

  4. Thank you thank you Simon. We all appreciate everything you’ve done to keep us informed and entertained this season. No matter who wins tonite, you’re the winner!

    PS: But please don’t let it be Natalie LOL

  5. I told you that dumb bitch wanted to take Natalie to the final two. It was my last post. I pray that Kevin wins the HOH and takes Natalie with him. That would serve that dumbass cookiedough bitch right!!!!…Oooooooooh I am Sooooooooooo mad at Jordough!…Ugh!!! Go Kevin!

    1. “Dumbbitch” wow that’s really mature…you need to stop judging…Jordon (that’s her name btw) has a better chance of winning if she takes Natalie rather than Kevin okay…calm down now.

    2. hopefully you will truly be Former BB addict and you won’t show up next year. It’s over, JORDAN won! So shut up, go to bed, it’s past your bedtime.

  6. Simon. I would like to thank you again as with every year. It was awesome! You really make watching that much better. Ill be back next summer no doubt as the houseguests are announced! :D

  7. Ok.. you know I don’t like her so don’t start hating when I say it but, Natalie looks very pretty tonight! Go Jordan, Go Kevin, anybody but Natalie!

    1. I love that Jordan made the smartest move in the game and took Natalie. As much as I didn’t want Natalie to win anything, Jordan could not have won against Kevin. How’s the foot in your mouth tasting?

    1. It’s okay, you know she won’t have it long for gambling it away….. 50TH doesn’t go very far….. the hardest thing for her is trying to get people to take her money for anything though. I’m betting no one will show up to her wedding….. she probably just uninvited them after tonight.

    1. For a nanosecond, I liked her for saying that there are 2 witches in the house now. I know Jordan isn’t a witch but I think I’m gonna be nice, and not call her “dumbo”.

    2. yeah, her and Natalie are the same in my book…… the only good thing about each of them is that they hated each other.

  8. OOOOKKKK kevin has to win now , because the jury house is indeed voting on “strategy” and natalie “floatin”, “lyin” and flat out being “evil” kept her in the game but didn’t let her win anything her HOH was questions which are pretty much lucky to whoever wins……… if natalie goes to final 2 she WILL win…GOOO KEVIN

  9. Ok…Jury house, Jesse, Lydia and Russel will vote Kevin over either Jordan or Nasty. Looks like the only hope is for Kevin to dump Nasty, then she’ll get on the Jordan train and with America’s vote she’ll win. But that’s her only chance at winning.

    BTW…I love Jeff, but he is being a bit of an ass!

    1. I think America did the worst thing by giving That dumb stupid Jeff money he is so stupid that he does not know how to spell or count and Jordan is just as dumb. I am so mad they got the money as much as I did not like Natalie, I was hoping Nat won and I did not want America to give Jeff the 25,000

    1. This is the worst big brother ever the worst I hate Jordan and Jeff. Some advice for them take the money and go back to school they are so stupid.

  10. ooo thank you simon and dawg for doin all te hard work lettin us know whats goin down in the BB house in “detail” i for one will be on this site for BB12…..

  11. I hate jeff! everyone is listing the final 3’s pros and cons and he’s acting as if jordan was the best player ever and did nothing wrong. why don’t he tell russell how she is the one that convinced jeff to take him out and why doesn’t he tell michelle all the things that jordan said about her and how they both called her crazy.

    1. that is true I can’t believe everyone thinks Jordan and Jeff is so nice when they backstab people and lied. Jordan is not any better than Natalie. I am so mad she and Jeff got the money also when Russel won the Hawaii trip Jeff stole it from Russ. I really am mad that America voted for Jordan and Jeff also.

    2. I know how u feel. He’s talking about Jordan as if she was a better player than Kevin or natalie which she wasent and when someone said anything about jordan he got sooo offended but he could talk whatever about kev and nat I HATE Jordan and Jeff
      I was team Kevin all the way

  12. Jeff is hysterical with those comments he was making with the other jury members. Traffic cone…, Jessie’s hand up Lydia’s back…Jessies head too big for the room-no ceiling. Russell was enjoying it too.

    Go Jordan..

  13. You sure have to give it up to CBS, they know how to edit shit the way they want someone portrayed. I?m really hoping Nat win, even more so than before. Secondly?thank God Jeff has no shot in winning!

    Looking at all them sit together, it is clear which of the HG in the jury house the bigger fool is.

    Yes! Jourdough won! I hope like hell she takes Nat.

  14. Jordan rocks lmao. Only missed by 1 number lol. Go Jordan go. Please take kevin just to make sure natalie gets nothing.

  15. WTG Jordan! However, I think these votes are going to be tough….hopefully she wins it with Michelle, Jeff, America and maybe russell or kevin. I think kevin is not going to like natalie’s answers.

  16. OMG!!!! Did you hear the crowd when Jordan missed the question on Jeff??? OMG!! That was a gimme….!!! AND she had us fooled! She said in the DR that she would take Nat!!!! I am getting the garbage can ready to hurl!!!!

  17. Kevin you ass twister!

    I was really into you, seeing how you can take your final two house mate and turn things around. I don’t know if it was the editing from CBS or just you, but whatever it was, it was a turn off. You just don’t know how bad I was hoping you lose tonight, just on hearing how you were thinking.

    Jordough, I hope you keep your word and take Nat with you. I won’t hold it against you if you don’t, but it sure would be nice if you did…Yes! Jordough takes Nat to the finals!

  18. Actually, she’s making a dumb move by taking Nat with her. However, this will turn to her advantage because the jury house is upset by Nathalie’s schemes. I wonder how Jordan will feel once she saw how Nat played her, how she took a full advantage of her being naive.

  19. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nat won 50KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL All your spite and hate towards Natalie backfired on all y’all

  20. I think I would have to vote for GNAT now….. Jordon is such a dumb ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. HURRY SOMEONE and Reply to this…OUR TV STATION IS DOWN. We can see nothing going on past Lydia flapping her gums at Jeff that’s it. Thank you for who ever posted JORDAN won thank you thank you if its SIMON keep updating by the minute please the whole area is down we can’t see anything.

  22. the only thing that make jordan and natalie the same is their both “floaters” and rode other coattails to get this far, natalier being the bigger floater of the 2

  23. Just got our station back but still don’t know what game was played for Jordan to win. Plus what I can see is that Lydia and Jesse are choking about giving money to Jordan. She played as much if not more than those freaks knew. Its ok for Nasty to say she aligned herself with strong players and to lay low to middle but it wasn’t ok for Jordan to play the same type of game. Jordan also aligned herself with a strong player and she was the biggest instigator in getting those votes with Casey till Ronnie Flipped the bastard.

  24. guys, for jordan

    this is the best scenario, ive never been a JJ fan, BUT, if you wanted her to win, she HAD TO TAKE NATALIE

    notice how you all hate her? so does the jury.

    1. “acunamatada”…it’s a song from the Lion king…..It goes like this…..acunamatada..what a wonderful word…it means no worries for the rest of your days….

    1. I didn’t want to see her win any money either but it was Jordans best chance at taking 1st. It did help to know that Jordan took out the person who got Jeff. I don’t think Jordan ever forgot/forgave that.

  25. Well Rockstar, you may get your wish. I doubt it, since the most votes Nat can get is 3. That would make it a tie, with america voting for Jordough. Either way, I’m proud of Nat and than Jordough for at least taking Nat to the finals.

  26. GO JORDAN GO!! 2nd best move of her game was to evict Kevin… and man did Nathalie ever screw herself over in this game and in her speeches!!!


      1. Why doesn’t she deserve to win,she won four comps,and pulled out 2 of the most important ones in the game.She fairly beat Nasty and Kevin,whether you like her or not,she did deserve to win!

  27. If Natalie came clean about her age during the questions I think she woulda won handsa down. I think now Jordan wins.

  28. Notice all the ooooooh’s and ahhhhhhhhhh’s as Jeff opens his mouth?!?!?…It makes me wanna gag!…I predicted just about everything that’s happened in this game and I predict that douchbag Jeff is gonna win the 25K too….America you suck!!!!

  29. Can someone please please tell me what is happening – my cable on cbs and nbc both went out about 37 minutes ago. Please – what is happening????

      1. Bummer, wanted Kevin to win. Gnat gets money, double bummer. And then there’s Jordumb. The coattail riders shall inherit the Big Brother cash. Did Jeff get the 25Gs? Was hoping for Russell. Oh well, that’s “reality tv” for ya.

    1. jordan won hoh takin nasty with her jury has locked in there vote and rest of house guest has come back in and telling on all of the ones that was left on the jury ronnie apoliges to mich and called out nat for all of her lying

  30. Hold up, Katy Perry!! There’s no Kanye West around here!!! Jordan, a kitten, my ass!!! You’ve just insulted a whole race of very smart animals actually.

  31. Simon, Dawg- gotta say this is the coolest site ever. I think I’ve enjoyed reading the comments on here more than actually watching the show. I will definately be back next season. Thanks for the updates!

  32. Even though Natalie might win, would any of you sell your public reputation for $50 or even $500 grand? She will forever be known as an a-hole.

  33. Jesse said Hakuna Matata…”it means no worries,..for the rest of your days..” =) I’m pretty sure that means she got his vote!

    1. Actually I think he meant it as a silly way to say “Coup D’etat”. In one of his interviews he said it that way anyway. I could be wrong. But when I saw his vote I knew it was obviously over :D loved the look on her face when Jesse’s key was announced!

    2. no he said cop de ta:) lol im glad he voted for her. maybe theres hope for jesse after all lol. i love how sweet and geniune jordan was when she won…did didnt mention herself when julie asked what she was gonna do with the money..til after she said something for her mom and aunt.

  34. jessie is a P.I.M.P and if you know the TRUE definition of it , you would know it;s more than having a women pay you to sell their body it;s gettin in theirs heads top the [point where no matter what you do to them they will do ANYTHING for you, and jessie demonstrated that with lydia,natalie and chima …they made up all kinds of “bullshit” asto why jessie should still be in the house and what type of person he was ( which we al know was flat out bullshit) and they way they acted that told us what impact he made on them soo Jessie the Douche Bag is now a Jessie the pimp IMHO

  35. big brother is the most racist show i ever seem. This is season 11 and how many black or hispanic, asian,indian, had won nome. only white win big brother. I knew from the start that the winner was going to be a white person. when i saw jordan, nat, kevin. i knew that jordan was going to win. She didnt do anything but sleep with jeff. i cant believe she won. fix fix fix

    1. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! She won based on looks and so did jeff. They can lie, but they’re pretty so y’all will overlook it. Natalie is ugly to y’all so therefore her lies or worse than everyone else. Oh and Jessie voted against Nat b/c it turns out that the “liar” did have a boyfriend and now a fiance and he was upset.

  36. I am so happy for Jordan and Jeff..America you got it right!!!!!

    Simon thank you so much for a wonderful season and I hope to see you next one.

    Thank all of you for your updates and your comments. Its been a long summer and I now might get to sleep longer. Going to bed at 3am is hard to do each day..ha ha.


  38. YEA FOR JORDAN AND YA FOR JEFF. As soon as I saw the vote from Jesse for Jordan I know she had the win!!!!!!!! Pigpan got trapped by Michele’s question about her being 18 and she STILL lied to the jury house. i think thats what sank her. Julie didn;t even speak to her~~~~

  39. YAY I am SO glad that Jordan won and Jeff got America’s favorite! I love those two. I do wish Nastalie wouldn’t of won a dime, but at least Jordan won the prize.

  40. Fitting that the worst season is over and the worst player won. I really really hope they cast next season much better.

    Thanks Simon and Dawg for all the updates. See ya next season

  41. Simon & Dawg – thank you for the updates! This site has been great.

    I’m really disappointed Jeff won America’s Fave HG.. I strongly believe if people had been reading spoilers and saw the live feeds they wouldn’t have voted for him. He didn’t play til he was handed the coup d’etat and then he let power go to his head, betrayed his alliance and that’s why he was overthrown. Michele deserved that money over Jeff. Sigh. I’m truly disappointed by his winning that money.

    Oh well. It’s over. My life is back.

    Signing off til BB12
    Michele (really my name and how I spell it) tata!

  42. Best part was Gnas face when she saw that her so called “best friend” Jessie voted for Jordon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take that GNAT!!!!!!!! He so called strongest ally in the house didn’t even think she played the better game. Where are all the Gnat fans now???????? Looks like the majority of the jury didn’t like her either. HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. yeeeaahhhh!!! thats my girl!

    so will we get updates on the wrap parties and all of that stuff too? and will we be able to find out if jeff takes jordan to hawaii? haha.

  44. I am sooooo happy that Jordan won and soooo sorry that Gnat came in second! I think Kevin wanted to change his vote after he heard her age confirmed. Jeff, take her to Hawaii–no excuses! Another shout out to Simon, Dawg, and others who made this the best BB site ever!

  45. YEA FOR JORDAN AND YEA FOR JEFF. As soon as I saw the vote from Jesse for Jordan I know she had the win!!!!!!!! Pigpan got trapped by Michele’s question about her being 18 and she STILL lied to the jury house. i think thats what sank her. Julie didn;t even speak to her~~~~

  46. The win is bittersweet. Natalie, Witchema’s replacement still got $50,000 more than she deserved! The bag wasn’t even happy she got the money. Shows you her character, doesn’t it? And Kevin, he really is a pssy.

  47. Thank You AMERICA & BB Players…You all got it right, except for Russell and Kevin…Jeff & Jordan RULE…I can sleep GREAT tonight

  48. Well, the Jeffy fans rewarded the egomaniacal prick with 25,000. From his behavior, even he he sees what a prick he was in the BB house, he’ll never admit it, because his and Hordo’s belief that America wuvs them was rewarded.

    If there is a BB superstars bring back Russell and keep the Prick out of it. God, even when confronted with the evidence of the LML, the Prick acted like he didn’t get played when he did.

  49. Never again will I be visiting this shitty site. The person who writes these spoilers can’t spell or even write properly, so that right there is scary, but to insult a woman who is very genuine and loving is just rude. I’m very glad the best person won. Hope you(the writer) go to hell. Bye, bye :)


  51. soo glad Jordan won. sorry that gnasty won anything. but how about the wizard wining the $25K!!! so at least my 2 faves one something nice.. gnasty’s money will be gone in no time. watching the show now – just got home from work.

    so many thanks to Simon & Dawg for all their hard work!!

  52. now i know why jessie voted for jordan, because he’s JEALOUS that natalie is no longer a possibility for him HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ……. i retract my “Jessie is a pimp comment”

    Jordan = BB Winner Jeff = America’s Favorite

  53. I was always a Jeff fan but he was kind of jerky there….I know he was mostly joking but dude you don’t have to try to SEEM so cool all the time….I’m sad to admit he turned me off a bit.

  54. I have a question hopefully someone can answer…will they show the reunion in Vegas that they were talking about? Also, is there a place to see any updates on some of the House Guests like Jordan & Jeff to see if they actually do continue a relationship? I spent so much time watching these people on TV I would like to follow up on their lives to see how they are doing after BB. Hopefully somebody will know.

  55. Jeff is a big loser and I can’t believe that America pick him to get the money he is a lying dog and he and that dumb ass Jordan who can’t read or spell should not have won. Russel and Michele should have won.

  56. Woohoo for Jordan!!! I’m so happy she won!!!! (I’m also happy Jeff won America’s favourite player!!!)…

    This was a great site…thanks for all the updates. I’m bookmarking it for BB12!!!

  57. Glad Jordan won but sooooo annoyed she took NataLIE with her… what a dumbass!!! Wait til she sees the shows and how Gnat played her… she gave her word to Kevin… very disappointed in her choice… would have liked to see Kevin get the $50K and wish Michele had won the $25K. Oh well… til next year… THANKS SIMON… great job on the site!

  58. Hell freakin yeah!! Team J/J are ROCKSTARS…..shows that being a good person actually can pay off in the game! And yes, they are good people…esp compared to the rest of those DOUCHES like Natalie, Jessie and Lydia.

  59. YEA!!!! CONGRATS TO JORDAN! I wonder how Natalie feels seeing that JESSIE voted for JORDAN. I just wish second prize ($50,000) could have been split among Kevin and Michelle. They played a great game and need to be rewarded.

  60. Thanks Simon for doing an outstanding job on this site! I only discovered it a couple weeks ago…It was super fun coming on here!! I’d like to make a donation, can I do that w/ Paypal? Where on here do I make a donation b/c I don’t see it…Thanks again!!!!

  61. kev showed class and true sportmanship .it’s a shame it came down to nat and jordan…two very unworthy contestants but then again life is not always fair.hopefully, next year will have a better quality of HG’s as this years (jeff, nat, jordo, jessie, lydia, chima) were pitiful excuses for human beings.’good job running this website…now hopefully you can take a much needed break.

    1. oh, and how could jeff win america’s choice with that spoiled, bad-tempered attitude of his?he turns my stomach.funny, now that jordo won she didn’t even give him a hug or say hi…she just stood there waving to the crowd ignoring him. true colors.

  62. I agree that Jordan that dumb bitch should not have won she is the most stupid dumb ugly nasty girl I have ever seen on big brother I hate her so much she is worst than Chima and the stupidest and Jeff is as dumb as a doornail and I can’t believe America gave him 25,000 he has no class and is a lying sack of shit

    1. You do realize that with the words you’re using right now, that you are no better than what you’re calling them, right?!
      Just sayin’.

    2. umm I think you mean “dead” as a doornail? You might want to check your insults in wiki or something before you start calling other people dumb.

  63. I am so happy for Jordan. I wish Jeff and Jordan shared a big kiss…oh well. A big hello would of been good. Jordan woudnt have won if it wasnt for Jeff! That was a freaking awesome show…and Jessie what a shocker! Thanks!

  64. did you see the look on gnat face when jessies keys was pulled….classic!!!! let reality begin for the nasty gnat…i can wait til evil dick gets a hold of her tonight. go away gnat go away

  65. What a difference a day makes!

    Congratulations Jordon. I’m shocked I’m happy she won, not because Natalie lost but because she took Natalie with her to final 2. She won points with me.

    I was happy Ronnie apologised to Michelle and I don’t know how that girl can keep the tears in because I would have bawled my head off.

    I was mad at Ronnie for going against Natalie because it is obvious that she was on his side.

    One thing I know for sure is true and that is that Jeff is a douche bag. He makes Kanye West look like a kitten and I hate Kanye West and Jon Gossellin.

    I am loving Russell.
    Kevin redeemed himself and voted for Natalie to win.

    One thing you’ll be shocked to read me say is that I really hope Jessie chokes on Lydia’s tongue piercing. Jessie is now on my shit list. He is replacing Jeff. Jeff is now #2.

    I’m still proud of Natalie. She did stay true to her alliance even when her alliance did not stay true to her.

  66. WOOHOO!!!! Natalie’s face was PRICELESS when she heard Jesse and Lydia’s votes for Jordan! She thought she won and she didn’! YEAH! Thank goodness. At least there is some justice at the end. I really wanted Michelle to win, but if she couldn’t, anyone but Natalie would do. I do think Jordan could use the money, so I am happy for her,

  67. yes, yes, yes…. There is justice after all!!!!! The only way it could have been better is if Kevin had got second place and Natalie was evicted, oh well this is sweet enough.

  68. Congratulations Jordan, you played one of the cleaniest games. For those of you that thought this girl was “dumb”, she should have put all those thoughts to rest when she chose to take Natalie over Kevin. She is niave and thats what we love about her. I hope the future holds only wonderful things for you and yours. You could have been a little nicer to Jeff when you got out, it looked like you were trying to avoid him. Never forget the people that helped get you where you are.

    Natalie, your beginning to end lying is what cost you the most. I hope you learn from this experience what you need too and it is much. I usually wouldn’t interfer with my sons relationships; however, after watching you and if Jason was my son I would have to break my own rule.

    Kevin, how can you think that Natalie played the better strategic game?? You were more of the brains than she ever could be and you know it. You let your bitter and envy stay with you right through your vote. I hope you learn how to respect people as you would like people to respect you and your choices. I am still blown away by how you treated so many of the HG’s, in particular Jordan/Jeff and Michelle.

    Glad to see that good over evil prevailed this year!! Looking forward to BB12, please screen the contests better. Constant cheating/cheaters should not be tolerated anywhere, anytime by anyone even BB.

  69. That is so true about Jordan and Jeff I think that they need to use that money they won for school but maybe a school for dumb asses

  70. Jesse said hakuna matata…if you watch disney movies, you know that means “no worries” Then following that up w/ lydias comment about loving a blonde..I REALLY thought they were trying to throw us off. Wonder why Jessie changed his mind? The engagement maybe?
    And speaking of that…Kevin should not have voted for her just b/c she lied to him today. She said she didn’t want Jessie to know about the engagement, yet tonite she said she wanted everyone to know. I hope she takes her broke A$$ home now.

  71. glad jordan won, although i wanted kevin to win and jordan i wanted second. the fact that natalie gets 50 thousand pisses me off. However Ronnie calling her out was pretty priceless. And for the next little while, Natalie is gonna get dirty looks every where she goes and probably spit on. So it will all come back to her.

  72. YAY Jordan won all this… soooo happy Nataliar did NOT win big brother… I was either going for Kev or Jordan. Kinda didnt like the fact Nat got 50,000$ but Jordan had to do it to get the cash… good move!!!

    This was my 1st time on this site since big brother ever started. I knew about it, however didnt wanna know who won before the shows was airing to spoil the surprises… however this time i decided to check it out… come to find out, every day i came here to check and i learned ALOT more about the game and the houseguests then i would to ever watch just the shows*… all and all, thanx to the people feeding this site, your doing a great job and i will sure be back next season, possibly even getting the live feeds as well… thank you once again!!! :)

  73. Jeff, Jordan, and Natalie, the most useless Big Brother player, the second most stupid Big Brother player, and the combined most stupid and second most useless Big Brother player walk away with all of the money. What a joke.

  74. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Just when I thought I couldn’t HATE Jessie anymore
    he votes for Jordan and………..Totaly redeems himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. So proud of you Jordan oxoxoxoxoxox.
    Jordan you honestly deserve to win you have the biggest heart and Bank Account on BB 11 now . Way to go girlfriend you did it how America said it (cout e tat) not to sure how to spell that ,Jorden raise your head high sweetheart and stay true to yourself and you’ll do just fine.
    God Bless from the D Sisters.
    From (Canada )Toronto Ontario.

  76. I want to thank Simon and Dawg for all there hard work, I have been following big brother with them for a few seasons now, and I think that this is the best web site for all your big brother news. I subscribe to the feeds but still check this site because I love reading everyone’s comments on all things big brother

    See you all next summer, well I can’t lie, I will be checking back before that but hey what can I say I am a huge fan of bb and this site.

  77. So Glad Jordan Won she own her victory to jesse and lydia because they voted for her ans she could lose 4 to 3….natalie didn’t even deserve 50k

  78. Finally a result that made me smile. My faith in BB has returned. It was worth watching the whole season just to see the look on NataLIE’s face when it was revealed that Jesse voted for Jordan. Now I want to hear that Jeff & Jordan actually get together. From what I saw, they could very well make it as a couple. I don’t know what her parting comment meant though. As I understood it, she said, “We weren’t a showmance, were we?”

  79. Yeh! Jordan won!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in shock the good actually won over good. I lost hope after evil Dick had won I thought here we go again evil might win. YEH! JORDAN!!!!!!!!!

  80. So the Nasty wins $50,000. Wedding dress and wedding and now she’ll have to have a fancy diamond twistie ring, $20,000. Partying, vacation honeymoon $5,000. Vegas $5,000, Savings $20,000 which will go towards a downpayment on a little house which will go into foreclosure as soon as she loses again! Prospects of her having any of this after 3 years? (Remember she’s a business major) with a job at Blockbuster?

    1. she won’t get the 50g’s, she’s gotta pay taxes on that so she’ll end up getting about half of that or a little more so at least we can look at it like that!! I’m so glad that Jordan won, as a Southern girl myself I connected with her a lot not just on the southern part but just in general, i’m a blonde and people think I’m the typical dumb blonde and she proved people wrong!!!

      1. You’re right, probably $30K, but because Nat’s so self-absorbed, unless her dad intervenes and has a “financial responsibility” talk with her, my point is that she will spend it all because she DESERVES these things in her own head. The fact she won something will roll into “I WON BB” — I’m a poker champion — I WON the olympics….when the truth just isn’t that convincing. She lied and floated in BB, the olympics were in grade school or high school, not recent, and who looks for a gambler/poker player on a resume? She is setting up her boyfriend Jason for failure, he will need to step up his game to keep up this fantasy lifestyle, and we know she will push and push and bully him into working for her … like a pimp……especially if she gets pregnant …… then she will have even more justification to be a bossy bitch. WATCH OUT JASON, read these blogs, you are in over your head — Get Out!


  82. Yeah JORDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now she can go to Hawaii with or without Jeff!
    I wish Michelle had won the $25K prize.
    Jordon was smart to pick Nasty Nat.


  83. woooooo whooooo that was great i am kinda lost on russles vote tho didnt expect that but loved jessie and lydias sayings when they locked there keys in i feel jordan needed the money the most but what was up with her like totally ignoring jeff when she come out of the house??? kinda makes u wonder if the hole jeff jordan thing was part of her game??

    1. No her family was standing right there,she grabbbed her mom instantly,Jeff and the rest were all hugging and shaking hands with Casey and them.

  84. GnastaLIE is now just regular ole BYE-BYE. C YA, but not if i can stop it! How long B4 Jason fesses up about being HOMELESS!?!? What was tgat thing they talked about all season … KARMA! In all seriousness, Holly Homewrecker, if u get ’em that way, ur BOUND to lose ’em that way. Then again, Gnat may alraedy be old news since SHE LOST! She can’t buy a house now.

  85. Yeah! Gooo Jordan!!! I just wish Kev got the 50gs but she would have never won against Kev. And Jessie gave Jordan his vote!! LMAO He is Pissed nat lied and is engaged!! Haha too Funny! It all worked out in the end!! LOL

    Now it would be perfect for Jeff and Jordan to go make Perfect little Big Bro babies! LOL

    See u all next season!!

    I will be on there one day!!!

  86. WOW! Congratulations Jordan! I was at the edge of my seat the whole show. I’m so glad jodan won. Did y’all see nats face when jessie voted for jordan? PRICELESS! Just goes to show that you don’t have to play evil and lie to be the better player. Good does win over evil in some cases. HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT LIFE JORDAN!!

  87. Way to go Jordo!!!! Nice gals don’t finish last!!! On another note I would love to see Jeff and Jordo do Amaising Race how funny would they be!!

  88. It was great to see Jordan win! It was also great to see Jeff take America’s favorite! I also really enjoyed the look on Natalie’s face when she saw that she did not get Jessie’s vote. It was priceless. It was the most class he has shown all season. It was a great ending to a season that I recently thought was going to end horriblly. I’m glad I didn’t quit watching and I got to see it . Thanks Simon. See you next summer.

  89. SOOOO mad that Jordan won. I guess dumb hoes really do win in the end and she won cause she’s just sooo nice and can’t hurt a fly……. My ass!! Kevin should of won

    IF JORDAN WINS WE RIOT that was my sign sooo pissed

    1. Idiotic comment. Kevin should have won? He couldn’t. You know why? Because Jordan ejected his ass!!!!! Have a great winter…lolololololololololololololololol

  90. THANK GOD Jordan won! From the beginning, she was my number 1 favourite. Then after the Russell fiasco, I couldn’t stand her. But out of the three of them, and ESPECIALLY Pig Pen, I wanted Jordan to win the most. She was the most deserving person out of the three and needed the money the most.
    I wanted Russell to win the Jury Prize but I don’t mind that Jeff got it.

  91. WWHHHOOOAAA!!! America’s Sweetheart won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best show and I’m sucked in for another season. Go Big Brother 12!!!!!!


    Kevin was right in what he said about America voting for the cute couple

    worst outcome everrrrrrr

    why Kevin whyyyyyyyyyyyy

    1. No America don’t like nasty,lying people,we like good decent people.C’mon,when Nasty got so called engaged,her first words was CBS and BB should’ve got me a ring and pay for my wedding.All she’s after is a free ride,she’s a user.wonder how many items she stoled from the house!!!

  93. I will always have one huge question that I may never get the answer to. so, if anyone here
    ever finds out please post…..Would Kevin, if he won HOH ever follow through with the eviction of that nasty bisnatch? His vote at the final was curious at best. I am not sure
    BB didn’t put him up to all of that talk and he never had any intention of taken Jordan to the end which he would of been smart not to. The funny thing is I was pulling for him to win so he could evict nasty. Then Jordan could win and he win 2nd and Nat gets nothing but that
    boyfriend that at the end of the show she wouldn’t even look at him! Weird?

  94. poor jessie did you see guys he was kinda pissed and crying
    that was so sad
    told you queer jessies bulldog are bad news
    wohoooooooooooooooo jordon won
    hope now she can buy a house to her mom and no more boobs jobs lol
    jefff you are and as……………

  95. I loved Jordan’s gameplay…and indeed she showed them all that she did not need anyone to carry her ass …SHE did it by herself!!! When it counted the most!!!! So much for the dumb blonde huh?? AND the fact that Jesse voted for her just goes to show you that he saw it too!!!! Bye bye Nasty Nat!!! Lying only got you 50,000!

    1. If Jeff hadn’t carried her DumbA** she wouldn’t have been that far and if DUmba** Jeff had let her walk out the door like she wanted he might have won it all. So they both are stupid. Kevin should have won but the luck of the blondie skimming by won it all for her had she picked Kevin she would have lost. So I do give her credit for at least getting one thing right.

      1. Oh c’mon now,she totally told everybody tonight what her gameplan was from the beginning,she was the smart one,the HG’s was the dumb ones for having no faith in her.She was stronger than Nasty was in all the comps.Nasty even admitted that she rode the coat tails of Jessie,Chyma,Ronnie and Kevin.Miss BB expert dumb enough to say..I didn’t think I needed to try and win any comps,so I rode everyones back.She’s a user and a loser.

  96. Couldnt have gone BETTER! WHAT A NIGHT!!!!

    JORDAN WON HOH, evicted kevin cuz she wanted revenge and to win against nasty, and Jeff got the $25000 cash prize for favorite house guest. and you heard from julie. it wasnt even close!! so that shows who america still LOVES even if he did make a mistake. so

    GO JEFF AND JORDAN!!! i hope they get married go to Hawaii and live a long happy life!

    THat was by far the best season evur! im glad everything went as planned and hope some of the houseguests are back for All-Star season coming up sometime. maybe not next year but soon after.

  97. WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO CONGRATS JORDAN!! Sorry that Natalie got the $50k but guess it was the sure way to guarantee Jordan’s win!!!

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that Jesse voted against Natalie!!

    Thanks for another great season and all your hard work on this board!!!!

  98. fUNNY, people criticizing jeff for deffending jordan in the jury house… if he didnt do it, people would say even worst things… You know what? im a minority and yes, i love jordan and jeff all the way! and jessie not voting for nat? priceless…

  99. Very disappointed in CBS coverage. Love it was 2 hours and love what theydid give us — great questions by Julie! Called out Jessies “platonic.” heheh. Called out Ronnie being mean to Michelle! Love it.

    However, cutting to commercials after the winner was shown, ending the show just when they all were going to chat together all causal. Geez. They could have ‘let us eavesdrop on the houseguests” for 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes. SOMETHING!

    And ask the jury how they would have voted if it had been Kevin and Nat.
    And have Julie interview Kevin 1:1
    Then Nat 1:1
    Then Jordan 1:1

    We needed 15 more minutes at least. Dumb producers tried, but they still didn’t get it right. Unless it was a ploy to make us tune in tomorrow morning on the Early Show.

    I wonder if the live feeds came back to Superpass? If so, that would be worth the $13/month in September. You guys watch them cook and do laundry for a week, the payoff comes, and cut out completely. So wrong. I would have stayed in Superpass if I could have gotten 2 hours after the winner is announced to watch the conversation and interviews. Totally.

  100. 1. Jordan winning is an insult to the whole show. She deserved $25000 and not a cent more. Natalie should have won. BB is about lying, not about being cute.
    2. Jeff was an annoying bully and a jerk for the whole episode. He did lose his mind in that house afterall.
    3. Kevin deserved to win the game out of the whole jury house and finalists. I was rooting for him the whole summer. ggrrrrr.
    4. Jessie voting for Jordan is proof that Lydia is actually controlling Jessie. Not the other way around.
    5. I like and respect Lydia a lot; even after all her crazy outbursts. Which is very weird. I like her more than Jeff for sure.
    6. Jessie is like a shy girl. He looks like a deer in headlights all the time. I think he has constant headaches and can’t focus on the outside world, much less take a stand in it. He’s a spineless pus$y, but it looks like something neurological and maybe he can’t help it. He seems very spoiled though. Lydia and him are perfect for each other. Both damaged and crazy in a way.
    7. Russel, Michelle and Kevin came out smelling like roses in the end. :)

    1. You make no sense,you said Nasty should’ve won,then you say,Kevin deserved to win,thenyou say you respect Lydiot.for what not playing or winning anything in the house,or do you respect her for giving HJ’s and BJ’s on tv……nice people to like and respect.

        1. What Jessie said was a line/ song from “The Lion King” animated movie… can’t spell it, so I am not going to try, but it means “No Worries”.. (ok, maybe I will try…”accumma matatta” is what it sounds I said I can’t spell
          “Accumma Matatta for the rest of your days…means No worries, for the rest of your days.. ”
          Anywho, when he said that to Jordon, I said to my husband.. What? No worries? Is he going to vote for Jordon? and sure enough, he did… wonders never cease.

          1. YEP, I spelled it so wrong.. forgive me. LOL I don’t speak Swahili, but I did watch THE LION KING with my niece when it came out a few years ago… Just wanted to correct my terrible attempt at spelling the pharse Jesse used when placing his key and addressing Jordon… here goes..
            From Wikipedia: Hakuna matata is a Swahili phrase that is literally translated as “There are no worries”. It is sometimes translated as “no worries”….

          2. It’s Hakuna Mattata. When he said it I knew what he was about to do. Jordan didn’t catch it though, and I didn’t see Nats face so don’t know what she thought.

  101. I’m so happy for the outcome, the show was great & I’ll spend next season on this site obsessed as I was this one. Great job Simon & Dawg, ya’ll are EPIC GUCCI lololol!!!!

  102. Sorry I wanted to Thank Simon and Rendeep for the spoilers, I was just so happy for Jordan, And a specail Thanks to Julie Chan your a stunning pregnant lady good luck and God Bless.
    Ty CBS.

  103. Prediction: Jordan wins 5-2, Jeff gets the 50000, Ronnie apologises to Michelle, Jeff does not agree to take Jordan to Hawaii, and tomorrow Natalie cuts her wrists and the world breathes a sigh of relief

  104. I knew Jordan would win from the get go cuz Big Brother is fixed!! I knew they would give it to the cute southern blonde girl who is as sweet as her cookie dough! I like Jordan and am glad she won but it wasn’t for being a good player.

  105. Internet / Cabo provider : 150.00
    Subscription to the Live Feeds: 40.00
    The look on Natalie’s face at Jesse’s vote for Jordan : PRICELESS…

        1. i bet Natalies excuse now that she lost is……Because Jessie realized he couldnt have her after finding out she was engaged? lol she’s so full of it! U GOT GOT SUCKER!!! ..LOL

  106. Yay! Jordan! I’m so happy the good girl won! I just wish Natalie got nothing but it had to be done to ensure jordan’s victory. She is way smarter than we alll thought!!!!!!

  107. Yay Jordon !! I’m so happy that she won !! and am sooooo happy that Natalie didn’t !! her behaviour on this show was horrible .

    1. No, because as much as everyone hates Natalie she did play the game better than Jordan. I am not a Natalie fan but I think Russell voted for the right reason.

      1. I don’t think he voted for Nat for strategic reasons. He doesn’t like Jordan. This is the same girl he called fat and orchestrated his eviction, or atleast fueled it. Natalie and Russell bonded, especially when J/J were giving him the silent treatment. I figured he’d vote for Natalie.

        I was more surprised by Jessie’s vote for Jordan. You could tell Nat was really hurt by that one.

          1. I was suprised Russell didn’t vote on who played the better game… I think his and Kevin’s vote was personal. I understand Kevin’s …he just got evicted by Jordon and I knew he would vote for whoever evicted him, it being so new and raw. And I think when Russell seen Jordon, and heard some of her answers, it brought back the memory of his eviction, and it was an emotional decision. Jordon clearly won more comp’s than Natalie, with less allies in the game. Between Jordon and Natalie, Jordon played the better game, in my opinion. Apparently all the Jury members thought so… other than Russell and Kevin. (I liked Russell and wish Kevin went to the final w/Jordon, rather than Natalie.. but am glad Jordon won).

      2. Please tell me how her game was better,Jordan won 4 comps,Nat won 1,and to boot,Jordan beat her at her own game.Nat was a floating instigator,she did nothing but spread lies and steal stuff.Jordan was a floater as well,but when she needed to,she won comps.So please,give her some respect!

  108. As promised, I return. A donation is coming for helping me with raising my enjoyment level. One comment, hope all is well with your family. One complaint that almost drove me from site…the photos were cute for a day but I still do not know who the straitjacket represents or why. I love porkchops. It does not define me. Love your work especially trying to cover a very boring final four.

    Congrats to Jordan. Why did Casey not get to speak?

    next season. Come on Survivor.

    1. Rewatched…missed my fav Casey when kid was begging for fifty bucks..[like asking Hannity to vote Democrat} so sorry. All love. Wish Casey could have gotten $26K. Does he get the proceeds from -?

      Great to share after a two week self imposed suspension,

      I said week one this was my final results in order of outs:
      drum roll please……xxxxxx
      13. Chima ..the terrible laugh..the ‘they r ho’s” remarks..the griping
      12. Jessie…the free 2nd chance of a lifetime. The posing mad me sick
      11. Laura…The looks and mouth. She could not keep a confidence.
      10. Russell.. Out Now or never. Huge game threat but could not shut up. I did not know this week one.
      9. Natalie…her 18 lie would be caught due to alcohol or it is too hard to lie to same folks.
      8. game..I refer to them on reality shows as game leaches..they get to heavy by now.
      7. Ronnie… Alliance sees him as the fake he really was.
      6. Kevin…begins to play the game too hard after team is gone and has to go.
      5 Braden.. Wears on everyones nerves…lies all catch up.
      4. Jordan..a breakup was pulled and Jeff was not known to me to be a protector then. iit was her turn.
      3/2 Michelle’Casey These two had real game and cliques took them out. I could not choose.
      Winner over either…Jeff. He had game, he had ability and he could stand toe to toe with anyone.

      I was so wrong but felt it was cool to admit my choices and share them with you all.

  109. Wish Kevin had won he deserved it more than both Jordan and Nat. Jordans best move in house on her own was booting Kevin he had it won hands down. Nat would have voted for him in the end and that would have given him all but america’s vote, Jeff(gag me) and Mich. Jeff carried Jordan the whole time he was on the show. I guess I can’t tell my daughter you can’t sleep your way to the top (JOrdan did). Don’t get me wrong Jordan was sweet but I feel she got used by a guy trying to get into her pants hope she see’s it for herself. Wish that a woman would use a man in this house like they do the women.

    What would have been interesting is if Jeff and Jodough had gotten to final 2 what her reaction to him throwing her under the bus would have been. Hope Jordans mom takes her daughter far and fast away from Jeff or he is gonna play her for all she is worth (500K). He wouldn’t even commit to taking her to Hawaii but yet hell yea if she wins the big prize he saw a chance for them. Sometimes people say what they really mean in joke fashion like Jeff did tonight. Really didn’t like this year think the forced grouping by BB caused alot of mixing that wouldn’t have happened. But alas I will be watching next year and HUUUMMM wondering if game is as fixed as alot of people are claiming these days.

  110. why aren’t the live feeds available? it said watch the BY interviews on live feeds…..nada…..tried to watch them on but omg, horrible, audio and video kept breaking up

  111. if the houseguests were SMART, they would remember that on the eligibility requirements to apply for big brother, it states that you must be at least 21 years of age at time of application. duhhhhhhhh houseguests! they should have realized this and evicted PP very early in the game! i hate Gnat

    sooooo glad she didnt win!!!! i want to go to jeff and jordans wedding haha

  112. All was good until Jeff received favorite player. The best outcome was Jordough winning last comp and taking Nat, insuring that Nat got $50,000. I guess Lydiot gave Jess a few more hand jobs to persuade his dumb ass, at least stick with your alliance bro. Not only did you shock Nat with your vote, but you should have seen my look. Just because your chance of being with Nat was over once her boyfriend purposed and she accepted, should not have made you vote against the person you lay up with most of the time and was your strongest ally. I had so much respect for you dude, but all that went out the window with your vote. Not that it would have matter, since we all knew it would be at best 3 ? 3 with Americas vote sealing the win for Jordough.

    Congratulations Jordough!

    I was not in your corner, but you won when it most counted. Job well done!

  113. I just wish that laura had more airtime on the finale. She is so beautiful and she has amazing breasts. CBS would have been smart to put her on more because they would have gained a greater male audience for the final show. I hope laura gets more airtime on other reality shows so that she can dazzle america all over again with her wonderful bust and figure. What an amazing smile.

    1. I can’t believe you are commenting like that, you a male pig. laura is not a real women with those fake tits, She has horse teeth and a tiny ass, get a life you pig.

    2. I agree with you sacboy, Laura’s breasts were amazing, I would love to get the chance to motorboat here, I would be so kind to that body. I hope she does alot more widespread modeling in the future, if you know what I mean. Playboy would be nice but even better would be hustler or penthouse, mmmmmmmmmmmm, gotta go my heart is racing!

  114. I know I had some points this season where I lost it but overall I have to say this was a pretty solid season. I can’t wait for next season. Thanks so much Simon your website saved my life!

  115. Akuna Matata such a wonderful phrase it means no worries for the rest of ur days it a problem free philosiphy akuna matata!!!!!!! sorry cant spell

          1. Haha…..I know your all upset that she didn’t win….but i’m looking for that one phrase we agreed on from you…lol…..who rules Rockstar….. _ _ _ _ _ _!!!!

            1. I never agreed on that tater. You never said you would call me Queen of the Universe if I won so all bets were off. haha I did say I was happy she won so come on, I’m distraught, not because Jordon won either. Let me sulk. I’ve been betrayed.

  116. Who was that girl beside Jordan? Was that the girl that said she had half the jury as her friends and thought she had this game won.Again Jordan proves she can beat Nasty at her own game.Oh BTW haters,sounds as if Jordan is a lil smarter than you thought,looks like she had a game plan,and stuck to it till the end,her speech was awesome about why she deserved to win.She basically told everyone,I played the dumb blonde and made my moves,when I needed to the most.

    1. Luckily though, Natalie, who did even less didn’t win. And the best was that her “alliance” actually voted against her too!! The look on her face was priceless and certainly worth having to live through the last couple of weeks. I’m glad she came in 2nd just so we could watch that.

    2. Haha. Riiiight. Between the two that were left (whether you like them or not), she was BY FAR the best competitor and best player.

      Would I have voted Kevin over Jordan? Definitely. He played a much better game. But Jordan vs. Natalie isn’t much of a contest. Natalie cheated and quit on almost every competition. There is a big difference between acting weak and not wanting to be a target and downright just being worthless and terrible. Natalie was tipping the scales at being downright worthless and terrible.

      Jordan beat Natalie one-on-one and then beat Kevin one-on-one, and had the brains to boot Kevin and keep Natalie. She won when it mattered most, and had much more satisfactory answers than Natalie.

      Kudos to Jordan.

  117. The majority is viewing Jordan subjectively as some sweet, cute innocent lady (oh please, America!) — she didn’t do shit, she was Jeff’s hag.

    Kevin > Jeff > Natalie > Jordan

    In the juror discussion about the final 3, Jeff mentioned why no one voted Jordan out when all those times she was up for eviction because ‘you all saw some strength in her’ … Yes Jeff, her strength is being a bag. A bag with a constant face in perplexity, expecting you to do everything for her. I don’t think Jordan even realized this until she was up for eviction with him. She did NOT play the game — it is this occurrence of Jeff being evicted sparked a need for her to get off her lazy ass and play the game.

    I’m disgusted.
    After Natalie won HOH, she unveiled her arrogance — Nevertheless, she deserves the prize x10 more than Jordan.

    Thus Kevin should have won.

    1. Where does it say in the BB rule book……To play game 1. you must lie.2. you must cheat.3. you must stab others in the back.Everyone tries to play this game like past house guests have and thats their mistake,you think Jessie would’ve learned his mistake from last season,but he played the game,exactly like he did last year.IMO,Jordan won because she played a game they never seen, she never watched BB until in her hotel room,CBS and BB approached her to play.So she played herself and nobody suspected anything from her,Kevin and Nasty the other night said” the bitch is stupid” and a few days ago said ‘the bitch can’t win anything” well looks like the Hamsters of BB11.. got got by the dumb,blonde,southern belle!Goes to show that you can be very honest and nice and win this game,with a small amount of game play!

    2. Natalie didn’t “deserve” crap. All she actually did was act like less than the 18 year old lie that she claimed to be. Jordan would not be the first player to ride someone else’s coat tails to the end and that also doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a stategy of some sort whether she realized herself or not. I already said I would have preferred that Kevin got the 50K over Natalie, but was glad Jordan won. Not sure majority of the jury would have given it to Jordan over Kevin in any case, so it looks like it was the best move for her.

    3. What exactly did Natalie do to deserve the prize more? She couldn’t win anything until almost everyone was out of the house and even then she won a game of “lucky guesses”, not any sort of skill. Now if it was a booger eating contest, she should have won hands down!! But unfortunately for her it is BB and social skills are also an element of the game and she couldn’t even deliver a convincing speech to Jordan about why she should stay. She didn’t even make eye contact.

  118. Jordan did nothing?? And what the heck did Nat do, except lie and eat like a damn man! Jordan was down to earth, she didnt stab people in the back nor did she use anyone to climb that ladder to the top….she deserved to win and Im glad she shut all the phonies mouths….even jessie voted for her and not nat….I wonder what was going thru nats head when she heard that one!!!!! Im so glad Jordan won, she needed that money and it will be put to good use, not spent on material things…WTG JORDO!!!!!! and WTG JEFF for winning amercias choice…..

    1. And this is why I stated people viewed Jordan subjectively — I don’t give a crap whether she did or did not stab people in the back. You’re suppose to play the game, she didn’t realize this until she was put up for eviction with Jeff. For the past times, she’s just been riding along. She didn’t do anything strategically up until that eviction. She was contentious. She just FOLLOWED Jeff. At least Jessie and Natalie played the game.

      1. Niether did Natalie if you want to be so damn technical about it!The nasty bitch won 1 thing the whole game,Jordan won 4 comps,including 2 in the finals ,beating both Kevin and Nasty Nat.Kills me how you haters get on here and talk about Jordan riding Jeffs coattails,but even that skank admitted tonight that she rode everybody in her alliance coat tails,her own buddy Ronnie called her out on her gameplay!

  119. Just wanna say thanks to everyone who works on this site, it was a great link to the house, I signed up to the live feed because of this site, so I hope you guys get a piece of the action upon sign up with CBS because you are doing them a big service !!

    Congrats to Jordan,she’s about as sharp as a bowling ball, but that pretty much comes with the territory (ie The South), so as long as that hideous creature Gnat, (one of the most unlikeable people I’ve ever watched on reality TV EVER !!) didn’t win, I was happy.

    Jordan seemed to need it most as well…..Cheers….Canadian BB Fan !!

    1. Hey derik aeorsmith… why yuo callin’ all us dummies in tha south? Why, cuz we cain’t find a way to win 500 thousind buks over an Arizona collidge gratuate?? (It’s actually ignorant hacks like you who give predjudice a bad name. Way to generalize an entire region of people. BTW, where are you from, dude? I know a few ‘rednicks from tha south who wood love to meat you inna dark allie!’)

      1. Dude have you been watching the news lately ? Health Insurance Companies have tricked you people into believing that healthcare for everyone is a bad thing !!!!!!!!!!

        If you can be tricked into thinking that, that is a bad thing, you don’t deserve to have it !!!

        Yes of course I’m generalizing, but the South seems to be filled with Bible-clutching, freak-show Americans, that are too stupid to live !!!

    2. I am from “The South” and resent that characterization. It is prejudicial and and totally ignorant. I hope that you don’t make that generalization about other groups of people. There are idiots everywhere including Canada.

  120. Bah!!! I’m so disappointed Jordan won, cuz by all rights it shoulda been Kevin. He won the most comps outta the final 3. But better Jordan than Natalie.
    From the way Jeff sounded when asked about what is gonna happen between him and Jordan…doesn’t sound like it’s going to amount to much. I think for him it was a showmance and that was all..I think for Jordan it was much much more.

        1. Simon please dont let anyone help that would use the C word. It is degrading and totally insensitive to use that word to describe any woman..

        2. Though I didn’t always sit on the same side of the fence as Jamieboy, he was bright and articulate and funny — his comments were always worth reading, the 2% that were original thought.

  121. Can anyone tell me out of all the 11 BB winners how many won the final HOH?
    I wonder if anyone won the votes without winning final HOH.

    1. On BB2 Dr. Will told everyone that he was going to lie to them, reapeatedly. He never won anything. Was on the block constantly but yet won BB2. It was a good season.

  122. Jordan was NOT carried by Jeff. Jordan was likable and would have stayed against almost anyone. In fact she DID stay when she was put on the block. She did just as much as Natalie except she was much more mature and less annoying. But I think she would have gotten just as far without Jeff because no one was really gunning for her. Everyone else was too stuck on it

  123. What are we going to do now that it’s over?? I have been totally sucked into BB world for the last 70 some days! Do the other nations BB’s go on during the rest of the year? Like Austrailia and where ever else the show is? Anyways… Thank you to EVERYONE who helped with !! You made this season awesome and hope to see you again next season! Thanks!

    1. There’s alot of action on England’s version of Big Brother…They really mix up the houseguests cultures and backgrounds alot more too. We need more diversity on ours…

    1. Jessie respects the game and he saw Jordan winning comps and influencing HG’s to evict the people she felt threatened by was good gameplay.Where as Nasty did crap in the comps.

      1. nasty admitted her strategy was to allign herself with stronger players to carry her through. Jessie saw that. I think he was really put off by her arrogance. Regardless of what everyone thinks about jessie, i think he is probably actually a nice guy and a little lacking in confidence (which is why he is so focused on his body). His oversized ego is just making up for what he feels he lacks a person. but i digress. i think jessie is smarter than people give him credit for.

        1. that is nice of you to say. everyone has a good side and jessie’s voting for jordan proves that. it also suggests that natalie isn’t the evil of all evil’s (she IS young, despite having gradutated from college). there were times when even arrogant jessie did show some signs of compassion. but when it comes down to it, the jury members MUST vote for someone. jessie and lydia’s vote for jordan makes me smile.

        2. Did you happen to notice Kevin’s face when Natalie failed to mention him as one of the people she USED or ALIGNED herself with to get to the end? Kind of surprised he threw a vote at her after that…she sure wasn’t trying to charm anyone tonight, was she?

    2. That was AWESOME!!! Did u see her face!?! She was counting him as a definite vote-HaHa!! I have a little more respect for the guy now.

    3. That was the first time I got excited about the night…Wow, Natalie looked stunned. Everyone here was shock and awed by that vote. Excellent television. Big Thanks to Jessie and Lydia for voting their conscience.

      1. Buddhist girl, yes, thanks to both Jessie & Lydia for doing the right thing — as you begin to read these blogs you will both know your reputation has improved by leaps and bounds by NOT voting for the Gnat. Buddhist girl hope your BB party was fun. Living on the beach in California, raising an organic garden, you seem to have a good life! Thanks for the great comments.

    4. Jesse really liked Natalie when he was in the house. He admitted he wanted a relationship with Natalie outside the house on his exit interview with Ross Matthews. I was stunned to hear him admit that. When we saw footage of the Jury House, every time Natalie’s name was mentioned Jesse rolled his eyes in disgust. So he must have gotten a lot of information from the other HGs that made him realize he had been used by Natalie, making him look like a fool. Jesse even told Julie that his actions toward Lydia were more romance than platonic. What? He almost punched Ross Matthews out when Ross tried to get Jessie to admit that Jesse and Lydia had more of a relationship than Jesse would admit to having. Jesse completely flip flopped on that. And I think it was to make it look like he had more of a romance going on with Lydia to make himself look less used by Natalie. I’ve never like Jesse but his vote against Natalie made him less of an ass in my mind. :)

    5. I think Jessie really liked Nssty. The look on his face when Michelle said she got engaged on the show, pretty much said it all. He was hurt. I think that plus all of the lies, caused his change of heart. He really, really liked Piggy.

  124. I know Jordan was exctied to see her family, but did you see that half-hug she gave Jeff only AFTER she hugged everyone else and then she just turned away back to her family again. I can’t wait to see more interviews because it would be the BEST PLAY EVER!!! if she pulled a Mike Boogey on Jeff. I love Jeff, but that would be, using Kevin’s word, RIDONKULOUS!!!

    1. She was very cool towards him but I think he made a few jokes at her expense and she did not appreciate them. She always thought Jeff was a player…

  125. Well, damn. A member of TeamJeff ended up winning the show after all. And Jesse voting for Jordan to win was pretty cool. Also, props to everyone who worked on updating this site throughout the year. It was fun to read and follow along with.

  126. another thing she ddnt stab nobody in that back because that bxtch had jeff do all her dirty work for her and he’s stupid. russel, michelle or kevin should have won fuq the rest

    1. Really ieasha? Jordan got Jeff to do all her dirty work? Were we watching the same show? Jordan did encourage Jeff to put Russell up once they were presented with the LML (Last Minute Lie) concocted by Natalie & Kevin but that is about the only thing she did in regard to real gameplay until the end and after Jeff “got got” by Kevin. I would be interested in hearing Jordan’s reasoning behind taking Natalie to F-2 instead of Kevin, because I think it was 6 in one hand & half a dozen in the other for her and Kevin had the misfortune of backstabbing Jeff & getting him evicted while Natalie lied to Jordan that SHE wouldn’t have gone back on her word — that SHE wouldn’t have put Jeff up — so I think Jordan was just getting a little retribution by evicting Kevin. What goes around, comes around and Karma is a bitch!

  127. Now Nastily can go clog up her own toilet…..I feel bad for the fiance. I still would like to know her reaction to the whole “Pig Pen” thing!!

    1. I thought Natalie was going to pull a girlfriend out of her hat at the end, but I was wrong. She is not too keen on that fiance of hers…Jessie gave Laura a bigger hug than Natalie gave her fiance…what was with that???

  128. Nice to see Jordon won BB11. She earned it without Jeff being in the house, so push come to shove, she could handle herself. Also, she needs the money more than anyone else in the house. Too bad Natalie still was able to get $25G for 2nd place, but Jordon probably made the correct $500G decision on who to take with her to the Final 2.

    Thanks Simon for a great site for all of us to stay on top of the goings on in the BB house. It’s been a blast. Look forward to BB12!

  129. I agree, we may of had a Boogey ‘OH Snap’, done to Jeff. After she won the final HOH, I was thinking, did she push Jeff to evict Russell, so that Jeff would be next to go??? hmmm

  130. Jordan will give you your minimum wage hours pay to not call her bad names. She just made enough to buy your friendship…mine too.

  131. this was fun to watch. i’m happy for jordan. blech for natalie, although she did conduct herself well tonight. i was happy to see laughter amongst the houseguest. was happy to see ronnie apologize to michele. am happy for jordan and her family. how about jessie and lydia voting for jordan! thank you simon for the fun updates.

  132. Thanks Simon for all the updates, this is not my first rodeo…Hmm..Big Brother….BUT it was the most enjoyable, thanks to this site. I wasn’t all that much interested in this BB at the beginning… then my husband found this site and sent it to me, and I have been more into this season than any other—ALL BECAUSE OF YOU SIMON, and everyone who helps you keep us informed…Dawg & Randeep.
    Have to say I enjoy several of the posters here too. It made this year.
    Glad Jordon won, but I wanted her to take Kevin. I didn’t want Nat to get anything more than she already had won, but it is what it is. Jessee really burned her a new one by voting for Jordon. Oh well.. thanks again Simon. The best to you and your family!! Will check back often and see you next season for BB12. :)

  133. So glad Jordan won the grand prize!! Although I would have preferred that Kevin got second place instead of Natalie, but who knows — Kevin may have won over her – with that kooky jury, you never know. I would just love to see the look on Natalie’s face when she realized that she only received 2 of 7 possible votes and even more so that the person she callled, (with tears in her eyes) – “just a great, great, great guy” – when she realized that even Jessie didn’t give her vote. I can just imagine she really thought she had it in the bag when Jordan evicted Kevin instead of her — no doubt she was convinced the only votes she wouldn’t get would be Jeff & Michelle & maybe America’s vote. I’m sure she had absolutely no clue that she would only end up with a vote from Kevin & Russell of all people. Love it!!!

  134. YEAY JORDO! felt bad for kevin he got teary eyed…but soo happy to see NO ONE LIKED NATALIE at the end. Nat take the 50k and buy yo self a new face…your gonna need it after this! U GOT GOT *LOL

    1. I love to read body language and there was alot not being said tonight. Jordan’s left foot was about to shake off her body…Jessie was near tears or in tears a few times. Missing Lydia’s warm touch already? Russell couldn’t wait for the party…Hollywood is shakin’ tonight! There are alot of bad boys on the loose there…go get ’em ladies.

  135. Great to share after a two week self imposed suspension,

    I said week one this was my final results in order of outs:
    drum roll please……xxxxxx
    13. Chima ..the terrible laugh..the ‘they r ho’s” remarks..the griping
    12. Jessie…the free 2nd chance of a lifetime. The posing mad me sick
    11. Laura…The looks and mouth. She could not keep a confidence.
    10. Russell.. Out Now or never. Huge game threat but could not shut up. I did not know this week one.
    9. Natalie…her 18 lie would be caught due to alcohol or it is too hard to lie to same folks.
    8. game..I refer to them on reality shows as game leaches..they get to heavy by now.
    7. Ronnie… Alliance sees him as the fake he really was.
    6. Kevin…begins to play the game too hard after team is gone and has to go.
    5 Braden.. Wears on everyones nerves…lies all catch up.
    4. Jordan..a breakup was pulled and Jeff was not known to me to be a protector then. iit was her turn.
    3/2 Michelle’Casey These two had real game and cliques took them out. I could not choose.
    Winner over either…Jeff. He had game, he had ability and he could stand toe to toe with anyone.

    I was so wrong but felt it was cool to admit my choices and share them with you all.

    1. If only Chima had left early on…she was a pill. Braden was really a nasty little racist…understand now why he went first. Forgot about that scene somehow. Liked Laura’s speech tonight…she was smarter than she looked.

  136. “the remaing on her divercoe” ouch.. hehe. (1984 1 – natalie 0)
    btw i think about like this, for beeing locked up inside a house for 3months and getting hated by so many people isnt worth close to 50k.

  137. Best Line of the Night…” This room does not fit your head and we’re sitting outside!”- Jeff to Jessie while debating the final vote.

    1. LOL! That was classic, however, Jeff’s head swelled a lot in this game as well, but Jessie’s was epic. I wonder if Jessie will watch this back and think he is still wonferful? Probably!

    2. I liked the “road cone’ comment Jeff made to Lydia…4got exactly what he said to her but he was basically saying she is as dumb as a road cone. hahaha

  138. Every season I hope that the houseguests will take out the people laying low so only the best survive. Every season the strong pick off the strong and the floaters realign themselves.

    1. That is entirely BB fault for selecting competitions that require no skill. They are only games of luck and guess. All of the competitions should be strength, trivia (that is true trivia and not made up BS or could have happened crap), mentally challenging (i.e. puzzles, picture scrambles, etc.), skill (i.e. putt putt golf or such games).

    2. Maybe the strong then really are just the “strong and the stupid”

      knowing that going into the house with a thrust will up their chances of eviction, laying low would be a SMART thing to do. Jordan held her sh*t together and ran a smooth game.

      smart + laying low = Jordan

      Jordan + the votes = WINNER OF BIG BROTHER 11

  139. Will I guess some of you didn’t see what I saw. Yes Jeff and Jordan were allies. But guess what Jeff wasn’t there when she won the last two, also she took Natalie to the end, it seems to me that Jordan thought it out and realized that Kevin was more of a threat, considering that both Nat and Kev had more allies in the jury than she did. So the dumb blonde thing doesn’t work anymore, and I am a brunette. EVEN JESSIE VOTED FOR HER, so what was that about. Nat road one everyones elses power, so she did not look like it was her. Kevin said it best she is a liar remember Nata LIE. oh well way to go Jordan hope you and Jeff get together, and I respect the way you acted on national TV to respect your family in a showmance (romance). All of you can complain that 11 million people voted, so what is there to complain about. America saw the down home sweet girl and honest vs. Natalie the LIAR, CHEATER, AND FLOATER. While having a boyfriend (fiance’), and the way she acted with Jessie i don’t respect. Then to have him come and propose, actually made him look oblivious. even though she said it was game play. Dan won and had a girl back home and never compromised his relationship with Monica, just to try to get closer to the money. See you all next year and thank you for this website.

    1. You wonder why Jessie voted for Jordan? Two reasons: did you see his face when Michelle announced that Nat got engaged? But the real reason is PUSSY CONTROL. He’s banging Lydia in the jury house and she despised Natalie. You know he wouldn’t be able to hit that any more if he had voted for Natalie.

  140. Yayyyyyyy what a shocker I thought for sure Jordon would take Kevin I am so glad she didnt she might not be so dumb after all.. I think Nats only chance was to keep her mouth shut but we all know that would be impossible Like telling everyone she never needed to win comps she had big players backing her upand telling everyone her alliances and how loyal she was to them duhhh they all caught on thanks ronnie the best person of the 2 won and now I am waiting for Jeff’s own reality show CBS do you hear me I would watch whatever he is on Mabey him and Jordon on the amazing race?????

    1. I totally agree with everything you wrote. Would love to watch anything with Jordan and Jeff. They would make the ultimate couple in life, complementary to each other. The BEST Woman did win in Big Brother, Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. pg, you’re right….I hope CBS is listening. I would love to follow Jeff & Jordan after BB and see what happens with them. Amazing race would be a good start. Congrats Jordan, you are obviously a lot smarter than everyone gave you credit for. You won with class and dignity just as Dan did last year.

  141. I just wanna say to everyone that wants to bash Jordan.Love her or hate her,you have to see the kind heart this girl has.She was very bothered by evicting Kevin and was very sincere about it.

  142. This was a great ending. So glad Jordan and Jeff took it all. Surprised Jessie voted for Jordan. So was Natalie. Jordan won without America’s vote but it was great to see all of us backing her.

    I hated the high school clicks. For the most part this the best bb ever.

    Thank you for this site

    1. you see his face when Michelle announced that Nat got engaged? But the real reason is PUSSY CONTROL. He?s banging Lydia in the jury house and she despised Natalie. You know he wouldn?t be able to hit that any more if he had voted for Natalie.

  143. Is Lydiot not the most vile person there is,she had nothing nice to say about both girls,IDK who I dislike more,her or Nasty……Jealousy is a disease…..get well soon …Bitch!

    1. here’s a twisted situation, if you had to be suck on a deserted island with either Gnat, Lydia or Chima who would it be and how long before you kill them

  144. SO sad for Kevin!! :( I can’t believe how well he took it. He’s a good man!

    Not happy Jordan won either, but over Nat I’m thrilled!! And Russell should have won the 25k! But whatcha gonna do?? :p

  145. Congrats to Jordan! I really wanted her and Kev in final 2 (just cuz Gnat didn’t deserve any winnings). But at least Kev had won some money previously. Jessie not voting for Gnat was a bit of a surprise – but I guess he voted on game play. It did seem to bother him that Gnat admitted to riding his coat tails and didn’t try very hard in the comps. Will Jeff & Jordan get together? Hmmm…I hope they stay friends at least! I wish BB would do follow ups so we know what happened with the HGs. Anyways, I’m glad for Jordo – I hope the money really helps her and her family.

    Here is hoping that BB12 is even better! Maybe an All-Stars coming up within the next few seasons? I’d like to see Russell, Casey or Michele give it another go. Maybe even Laura since she didn’t get a chance to really play and she’s such a fan – she seemed smart also.

    This site was awesome! Thanks! I’ll be back next season! See you all next summer! :)

  146. Funny Fact: Tonight during the HOH competition I did not get even ONE Question correct…NOT ONE!!! I even guessed 93 votes at the end. Did not even beat Kevin…okay, maybe that was only funny to me. Too much wine, need sleep now. Thanks for the fun…see you again…jamieboy you were funny. Simon great job! You too Dawg…Peace and Love.

  147. Kudos to Simon and Dawg (have not seen Dawg post for a while?) for this awesome BB site, also to Randeep for helping out as well :) Its been fun for sure!

  148. Well, the only tool in the house won so I guess this was an overall decent season.
    Next summer is a long ways off haha

  149. Glad I got something right this year when I said that Jordan would take Natalie to the final because she would win against her. How great to see that a genuine nice person won one of these silly things.
    All is good in the world because of this…birds chirping…kids playing. It is a great night!!!
    See you all next year AND…thanks to Simon! You made this site a fun place to visit. Now I can take my life back at least until Thursday when Survivor starts :>)

  150. Gald to see the way it ended. Did anyone notice Nastalies expression when Laura was talking? N was pointing to her teeth and making a face to Jordan. What a waste of Earth N is.

  151. Congrats to Jordan winning BB. Just want to point out what a poor sport and loser Natalie is. When Laura spoke and cheered for Jordan, Little Miss Nasty Liar Scheming Hateful Backstabbing Bitch (Can you tell I do not like Natalie) had her finger down her throat as if she was going to be sick. Real classy there Miss Natalie, as you stated you and jordan were friends. Jordan was the reason why you won 50k. Show some class here and let your opponents supporters voice there opinion. Please realize that other opinions count and your opinion is not the only one. It shows how immature Natalie is. Admittedly Jordan is not a rocket scientist, but the girl has class and did not gesture or roll her eyes for those who supported Natalie.Gee, I am glad Natalie you are not my friend. I know I would make better choices in friends and I am so sure I would not pick you as one of my friends.

  152. Rumor has it that the jury wanted to see if Pigpen was going to fess up about the age lie – thats why Michele asked the jurys question about her being “18” and engaged. Pigpen was so damned dumb and so used to lying that she STILL lied about it. I noticed Lydia high fiving Michele shortly after – that continued lying is what lost her at least Lydias vote.

  153. Although I didn’t want Gnat to go to final two because I didn’t want her to win even $50,000. I’m glad now that she did. It was worth her winning 2nd place just for her to know that Jessie voted for Jordan. That was one of the highlights of last nights’ show. When Julie showed his key, the camera was on Jordan who looked shocked. I was screaming, “Show Natalie’s face!!!!!” I wanted to see her look of defeat. An amazing outcome to this season after it looking so gloomy just a couple weeks ago.

  154. I think Nat was SHOCKED when Jessie voted for Jordan.
    So was I AND Jordan! I would love to know why he did?
    It was a very satisfying ending. Smart of not, I wish one one had Jordan had taken Kevin so little pig-pen had not gotten even the $50 g. But maybe it was the smart thing to do on Jordan’s part, who knows.
    Laura WAS a smart girl and that is why she left so early.

    1. You wonder why Jessie voted for Jordan? Two reasons: did you see his face when Michelle announced that Nat got engaged? But the real reason is PUSSY CONTROL. He?s banging Lydia in the jury house and she despised Natalie. You know he wouldn?t be able to hit that any more if he had voted for Natalie

  155. I am so happy Jordan won.. Did you see Nat’s face??? I think deep down she thought she had the win in the bag.. When Jessie voted for Jordan it completely shocked her (and me I admit). Jordan was sweet to to everyone (well with the exception of Russell) and thank god she won.. If Natalie had won every edition of BB from here on out would feature lying and deviousness that gets worse every year. You don’t have to be sneaky or lie to win BB.

    Congrats Jordan! Use your $$ wisely!

  156. Jordan won key competitions and managed to eliminate clear threats. Isn’t that what the game is all about?

    Natalie & Kevin referred to her as “half a person” They will regret thinking like that..

    Braeden looked pretty stoned…and added nothing to the finale.

  157. JORDAN DOES NOT DESERVE TO WIN AT ALLL!!!!!!!!!!! If she really cared about her family she wouldn’t have gotten a boobjob. She would have saved the money. I mean come on people. Stupid people shouldn’t win half a million dollars. Shes probably going to buy cookie dough and just get fatter then she already is. She was a floater throughout most of the game. Russell should have the game or at least the 25,000. He was going to use it for very good things. He was going to give it to his brother who was going to start college. So we can have smart people in the world. Now we have a stupid blonde with so much money. She wont do good with that money. She doesnt deserve a penny. Honesty i won’t watch big brother again.

    1. Don’t be a hater. What makes you think you are smarter than Jordan? You obviously are hot for Russell. Did you hear what Jordan plans to do with the money? You’re probably some overweight unemployed loser sitting on the couch fingering yourself thinking about Russell and wishing you were as good looking as Jordan.

    2. The boob job peobably got her more money in tips and also might have had a hand on her getting on the show which in turn got her 500 large so who is the real idiot

  158. I believe Kevin voted for Natalie over Jordan because he said several times that American wants the white couple to win and he didnt like that. He was playing the race card and made sure he didnt vote for the white girl. I liked Kevin, but his racist remarks at the end started wearing on me and then he showed that he could be lied to and disrespected, but would still vote for ANYONE but the white girl. tsk. tsk.

  159. Hopefully, this is a lesson for all the future Big Brother players:

    Break up the ‘cute couple’ early in the game.

    Jordan did not do anything in the game and did not deserve to win, but it wasn’t me that voted. Her fellow houseguests voted for her win.

    I am glad it didn’t come down to America’s Vote being the deciding vote.

    Oh well, there’s always next year…

    1. How in the world can you say that Jordan didn’t do anything??? She won two of the last four comps and it should have been a third until pigpen backed into one on a tie breaker. Her fellow house guests realized that she was the better player for this reason. Why Nasty thought she needed to lie about her age is beyond me, it got her no where except for a loss of respect from her fellow players who ultimately voted against her. WTG Jordan!!!!!

  160. In addition, I want to thank all of the writers here for keeping us all updated throughout the season.

    I don’t usually like spoilers, but this site gave all the info, unlike the TV show that hid most of the reality of the house goings-on.

    Thanks again and see you next summer…

    Now it’s Hockey season!!!

  161. Jessie voted for jordan because of nathalie’s engagement, its that simple… Good for jordan!! I rate this season of bb 7/10 !!!

    1. I completely agree! I don’t think it was game play, strategy, etc. I think it was him trying to salvage his ego by striking back/spurned suitor kind of thing, and I think that Jessie’s vote probably was for Natalie up until Michele came into the house and talked about Natalie’s engagement.

        1. Sorry, but I really have to disagree. Jessie doesn’t give that much of a crap about Lydia, never has, and I doubt she had any influence over him, ‘Booger’ or not.

    2. I’m not convinced that was the deciding factor. I think it was PP reiterating several times that she had aligned herself with strong players and, while she didn’t win a lot of comps, she didn’t need to because the stronger players were carrying her along. Jessie himself commented when watching the hot chocolate HOH comp that she wasn’t even trying. He respected people who won and who tried to win. She admitted she didn’t try and lost his vote.

      1. See, my argument is that Jessie did indeed give credit to people who played the game, thus him giving Jeff kudos during the Coup D’etat. Natalie’s game play was strategic, though annoying to most of us, but I honestly believe Jessie saw that, respected it for the most part, was going to vote for her, but in the end, I think his emotions took over. We all know he was ‘showmanced’ with her, but as time and new arrivals in the jury house take place, Jessie saw the light. He obviously cares about what the viewers think, and I think that once he found out that Natalie was engaged, he immediately went into ‘save face’ mode and voted against her so that he could still come off as the studly Jessie he wants to be seen as by the public rather than Jessie, the loser who fell for the girl who was playing him.

        I don’t think Lydia could convince him to blink his eyes if he didn’t want to, no matter how wide her legs were spread, pardon the graphic;)

    3. umm….Jessie is GAY!!!!! Hello am I the only one that sees the writing on the wall for that one… can tap all the girl butt you want….if your gay your gay.

  162. Can you believe that Jesse voted for Jordan? Pigpen’s closest ally, really screwed her. He even realized that Pigpen was a piece of crap, who would kill her own mother to win. Give Jesse credit. He is an egotistical ass but can credit game play. He told Jeff that the coup de ta was a good move. He saw that Jordan was the best of the two. By the way Pigpen, when trying to get votes, you don’t diss one of the people. She shoved it in Lydia’s face. “I was loyal to Ronnie, Kevin, Chima and Jesse.” Hey dumb ass, You need her vote. The look on Lydia’s face after her question told me that Jordan had won! Pigpen, if you had a brain you would not have voiced your support for a wretch like Chima. America hated you for it and so did your housemates. You know who was loyal, Jeff and Jordan. Jordan knocked out Kevin for Jeff and herself. Jeff fought for Jordan in the jury house. Together they were a great combination. Jordan came through in the end. She proved all her critics wrong and DESERVED the MONEY!!! Put Jeff and Jordan in a new reality show and I would watch!!!!!
    JORDAN YOU ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BIG BROTHER !! $500,000 WINNER————————JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. Jesse voted for Jordan. That was the biggest shocker of the night. I absolutely LOVED the look on Nasty’s face when Julie pulled that key, can I have a 5 X 7 glossy of that please?

  164. Jessie seemed just a “little” bit surprised to hear Natalie say that she aligned herself with strong players…til then she might have had his vote…but she wanted to look clever and strategic to the rest of the voters…the look on his face…haha..he realized…”JESSIE GOT PLAYED”…well..she lost HIS vote…sure am glad she didnt get the half mil too bad she even got 50k…oh well…

  165. Yeah Jordo…Did you guys see Jessies face3 in the jury house when michelle told them about nastys engement? Then his face on the final when michelle asked her why she wanted her to tell them. Jessie looked hurt and pissed both times. More pissed after what nasty said. Wonder what nasty told him under the covers……And gee I’m glad Laura got evcited early ..I wouldn’t be able to take much of her…Jordens to young for Jeff. Hell hurt her in a nice way..there’s alot nicer guys out there Jorden You go girl.. And Nasty go buy yourself a personality…

  166. Oh please – Kevin was just as much of a floater as Natalie and Jordon. He was on the backside of a bad alliance and luck threw him a coup d’tat. The best move he made in the game was hooking up with Natalie who came up with the Big Lie. His game play was being as big of a liar as Natalie which America hates and both him and Natalie knew they were taking chances going that route. In fact both of those racists were discussing how America hates them and loves the “pretty white” couple. What they don’t seem to understand is it has nothing to do with their color but what horrible human beings they played on TV.

  167. There’s an interview on youtube (sorry don’t have the link) done before she entered the BB house where she described what her strategy will be and it was exactly what she had said last night. So she did have a plan all along. In the interview she said she recognized that the strong players who play too hard in the beginning always end up getting evicted. Laying low is a strategy and winning when you absolutely need to.

  168. ROCKSTAR: I always like Russell. I think he’s a nice person under his in the face tactics he used. You could see it in the house when he was being himself and in the JH.

    So, what made you change your mind about Jessie? I couldn’t stand him from the start. He obviously has self-esteem issues if he is such an attention freak. He’s so full of himself and a user. He’s just gross. I did love seeing Natalie’s face when Jessie voted for Jordan, that was awesome, but it still didn’t move him up in my estimations.

    I’ve never been a huge Jeff fan, but I did like him a lot more earlier in the game.

    So I would say who I disliked most in order from most to least: Natalie, Ronnie, Jessie, Chima, Lydia, Jeff, Casey Kevin, Jordan, Russell and Michelle (I didn’t get a good read on Laura or Braden).

    1. I am now on the Jessie must be detroyed bandwagon. Granted. I know he is hurt. He kept staring at Jason the whole time and giving him the evil eye. He knew Natalie played the game. It had nothing to do with her age because she told him and trusted in him. He was just blinded by the hand jobs from Lydia. Jessie was in the jury house for 7 weeks, 6 with Lydia and that whole time all Lydia did was bitch about Natalie and how much Natalie hated him. If he was that dumb not to know how wacked out she was then they deserve each other. Lydia did the exact same thing to Jessie, as Natalie did to Matt in Season 9. Wasn’t he a fan? Couldn’t he smell a psycho a mile away? Jessie went against his alliance. He should have voted for Natalie to win. He will forever be on my shit list. I hold grudges.

      1. But Rockstar even if Jesse would have voted for Pigpen, she still would have lost (no way in hell she had Michele’s or Lydia votes” and with Jeff and Americas vote Jordan had it in the bag. But if it makes you feel any better, when you get picked to play in the future BB, I will support you!!!!!!!!!

  169. I really liked Jordan and I was really shocked that she decided to take Natalie to the end, I thought she was going to take Kevin. But her deciding to take Natalie couldnt really be due to the fact that she thought things out and thought that Natalie was hated by all the jury members because only us on the outside know about all of Natalie’s lies, and of course the jury members, but houseguests didnt have that info.

    So I think it was just a fluk that she chose Natalie to go final two with. But Im still very happy that Natalie didnt win the 500k

    And SOOOOOOOOO happy Jeff won Favorite Juror!