Big Brother Finale Results – Cookie Dough Monster VS K-TOWN ***JORDAN WINS Big Brother 11***

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Winner of Final HOH = JORDAN
As Head of Household Jordan chooses to evict = KEVIN

Winner of Big Brother 11 = Jordan
America’s Vote = Jordan
Jessie’s vote = Jordan
Lydia’s vote = Jordan
Russell’s vote = Natalie
Jeff’s vote = Jordan
Michele’s vote = Jordan
Kevin’s vote = Natalie
America’s Choice $25,000 PRIZE = Jeff


Just wanted to take this time to tell everyone thanks for coming to this site and making it an awesome experience. I hope to see you all around again, don’t forget to stop by once in awhile to catch up on what the houseguests are up to once they leave the house. I’ll continue to update as Big Brother news becomes available. Also Big Brother 12 is already casting so get ready for a whole slew of crazy rumors..
There just too many people to list but I would like to thank all the regular contributors that made every day a laugh (you know who you are).

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Sorry, but you wrote 12 instead of 11.


Thank you Simon for all your hard work!!! 11 minutes till finale starts. Hoping for Jordon for the big win and Kevin 2nd runner up.


Yes, a big thank you from me too Simon for all the enjoyment you gave me with your updates and spoilers. Also, please let Randeep know that he did an excellent job of providing information while you were away. This Canadian really appreciates both of you.


Thank you Simon for another great BB season and look forward to the next one. You have done a fantastic job!!!!


, winner of BB12 ? s/b BB11

its over

so glad its over so instead of picking on nat you can look at yourself.

hate this season

Besides proposing to Gnat so that you can share if she wins, what redeeming quality does the greedy, nasty, horrible,selfish, self absorbed witch have?

Plastic Boob Inspector

Thank you and again

Plastic Boob Inspector

Go jordan. Good lucky sexy.


i hope jordan wins! so sad that im not going to be able to check updates every hour on my phone 🙁 i have a feeling kev is bringing nat and if jordan wins she will bring nat…kev did evict jeff..


Thanks Simon and Randeep for your hard work, patience and humor. Kudos to the best BB spoiler site on the net! See you next season. I am in the west, so I would appreciate updates from people in the east as the finale airs. If Nat goes on to win, I would like to be forewarned. LOL.


Simon for president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Yes please – I need to know if I will need to have a bucket ready.

Thanks Simon, Dawg and Randeep – you all do a great job. I am not working right now so I can’t donate but I hope to be in a better position next year.


So have they played the final HOH competition? If so who won it?

hate this season

Final HOH Comp is live.


You’ll be posting followup stuff? So will we eventually learn that gnat used her $2500 in winnings and stiend to get strung out on meth and eventually kill herself? Awesome I can’t wait


I’m so sorry everyone, what I wrote was terrible, it just was not right and I am deeply sorry, I meant to type stipend, not stiend. Again so sorry.


Wow am I a cold hearted bastard or what. I just realised what I wrote…my punctuation is terrible.


But seriously I hope gnat dies a slow and painful death!


You’re killing me – sitting at work trying not to bust out laughing & have to explain myself!!


Many thanks for the great work Simon and Sandeep!!
All the best!!


I think Julie Chen is wearing a snuggie. hahaha


silk/satin snuggie..looks comfy.. I need to get one for thanksgiving!


that’s what it looks like!

thank you! it was driving me crazy!

Jordan All-time BB Fan

Jordan FTW!

nasty h8ter

Thanks Simon,Dawg and Randeep,for the best BB site out there.


Why does ‘Nat” walk like she is 40 weeks pregnant????? Just curious??? GO JORDAN OR KEVIN!!!

As U Think U R

Perhaps BB should do a cavity search on her way out. You’ll probably find the missing property of all the HG’S ergo the waddle. Go Jordon!!!


its because she has a stick up her a$$!!! LOL!!!


She walk’s, talk’s and acts likes an inmate. And I should know as I am a Correctional Officer


She walks like she is part “dude”


Thank you thank you Simon. We all appreciate everything you’ve done to keep us informed and entertained this season. No matter who wins tonite, you’re the winner!

PS: But please don’t let it be Natalie LOL


Go Jordan!!!


jordan is stupid

As U Think U R

That’s deep!!


WOW and you sound incredibly intelligent.


Hmmm … I think Kevin just lost to ‘Stupid’!??!!

love kevin

i really want jordan n kev in the final
i cannot stand nat


Simon, if you want to put this link up for the west coasters…this is streaming cbs final of big brother now.


If Jordan wins HOH and takes gnat, Jordan is and idiot and will lose.


Actually Jordan has more of a chance at winning with NAtalie than Kevin…so get ur facts before hand.


well, Jordan took natalie to the final and Jordan won!!!!!!!!


I told you that dumb bitch wanted to take Natalie to the final two. It was my last post. I pray that Kevin wins the HOH and takes Natalie with him. That would serve that dumbass cookiedough bitch right!!!!…Oooooooooh I am Sooooooooooo mad at Jordough!…Ugh!!! Go Kevin!


“Dumbbitch” wow that’s really mature…you need to stop judging…Jordon (that’s her name btw) has a better chance of winning if she takes Natalie rather than Kevin okay…calm down now.


hopefully you will truly be Former BB addict and you won’t show up next year. It’s over, JORDAN won! So shut up, go to bed, it’s past your bedtime.

Ginger Rogers

Go Jordan!!!!

Jake K.

Simon. I would like to thank you again as with every year. It was awesome! You really make watching that much better. Ill be back next summer no doubt as the houseguests are announced! 😀


Ok.. you know I don’t like her so don’t start hating when I say it but, Natalie looks very pretty tonight! Go Jordan, Go Kevin, anybody but Natalie!


Only because Jordan did another makeover on her!


U can take the girl out of the trailer park…


Even if Jordan takes Pigpen to the end. Jordan gets Jeff, Michelle, Lydia and America at least. Jordan Wins!!!


Jordan is sooooooooooooo dumb!!!!!!


so are youuuuuuu!


So is your mother…You know why???…Because she birthed your stupid ass!!!


She won final hoh and 500 thousand dollars! She’s not dumb.


I love that Jordan made the smartest move in the game and took Natalie. As much as I didn’t want Natalie to win anything, Jordan could not have won against Kevin. How’s the foot in your mouth tasting?


… and the ‘tough’ questions posed to Natalie and Jordan are pretty watered down.


Oh no! The show just started and I do not like Jordan’s diary. She can’t possibly take Gnat.

As U Think U R

Goodness knows I can’t stand Nat but I think Jordon has a much better chance to win with Nat. It is just a bummer that Nat gets ANY money!


I totally agree. Even though is well…u know…Natalie…JOrdan still has a better shot against her.


It’s okay, you know she won’t have it long for gambling it away….. 50TH doesn’t go very far….. the hardest thing for her is trying to get people to take her money for anything though. I’m betting no one will show up to her wedding….. she probably just uninvited them after tonight.


I HATE Lydia!


For a nanosecond, I liked her for saying that there are 2 witches in the house now. I know Jordan isn’t a witch but I think I’m gonna be nice, and not call her “dumbo”.


yeah, her and Natalie are the same in my book…… the only good thing about each of them is that they hated each other.




OOOOKKKK kevin has to win now , because the jury house is indeed voting on “strategy” and natalie “floatin”, “lyin” and flat out being “evil” kept her in the game but didn’t let her win anything her HOH was questions which are pretty much lucky to whoever wins……… if natalie goes to final 2 she WILL win…GOOO KEVIN


wrong! hahahahahahah

nasty h8ter

Well she did…and lost…so now what?


Ok…Jury house, Jesse, Lydia and Russel will vote Kevin over either Jordan or Nasty. Looks like the only hope is for Kevin to dump Nasty, then she’ll get on the Jordan train and with America’s vote she’ll win. But that’s her only chance at winning.

BTW…I love Jeff, but he is being a bit of an ass!


Jeff is an A-Hole and I’m going to throw up in my mouth if America gave that A-Hole money.

4 real

h is not an a hole




throwing up yet??


Amen sister.


so . . . . how does it taste?


How did that throw-up taste?


Get to gaggin!!


I think America did the worst thing by giving That dumb stupid Jeff money he is so stupid that he does not know how to spell or count and Jordan is just as dumb. I am so mad they got the money as much as I did not like Natalie, I was hoping Nat won and I did not want America to give Jeff the 25,000

nasty h8ter

She was smart enought to beat Kevin and Nasty in comps,so what are they? plus she’s a dumb $500,000 richer…lol


Jordan GUESSED the right number, how hard was that. Not a Natalie fan.


So I guess you got screwed all the way around then, hater! 😉


get some mouthwash to clean your nasty breath!!!!! BIZNATCH!!! J/J All the way!


So how did it teast? lolol yummy

michele nooooooooo

Does it taste good?

Totally Disgusted!

How’d it taste???? LOL


Ha Im So glad he got the money and jordon won they both deserved it !

Fo Shizzle

Finale night brings out the big brother anger in everyone…. this is great


This is the worst big brother ever the worst I hate Jordan and Jeff. Some advice for them take the money and go back to school they are so stupid.

nasty h8ter

Don’t be a hater!


ooo thank you simon and dawg for doin all te hard work lettin us know whats goin down in the BB house in “detail” i for one will be on this site for BB12…..


I hate jeff! everyone is listing the final 3’s pros and cons and he’s acting as if jordan was the best player ever and did nothing wrong. why don’t he tell russell how she is the one that convinced jeff to take him out and why doesn’t he tell michelle all the things that jordan said about her and how they both called her crazy.


just shut up


that is true I can’t believe everyone thinks Jordan and Jeff is so nice when they backstab people and lied. Jordan is not any better than Natalie. I am so mad she and Jeff got the money also when Russel won the Hawaii trip Jeff stole it from Russ. I really am mad that America voted for Jordan and Jeff also.


Don’t act like they were the only ones calling her CRAZY
everyone was .


I know how u feel. He’s talking about Jordan as if she was a better player than Kevin or natalie which she wasent and when someone said anything about jordan he got sooo offended but he could talk whatever about kev and nat I HATE Jordan and Jeff
I was team Kevin all the way


Kevin was a good player. Nasty was a horrible player. Floater……


kevin got this ,,,,,,,,,

hate this season

Kevin has this??? Really?? Guess again!! Go Jordon!!!!!!!!!!!1

As U Think U R

Jeff is YUMMY!!!!!!!!!


Jeff is hysterical with those comments he was making with the other jury members. Traffic cone…, Jessie’s hand up Lydia’s back…Jessies head too big for the room-no ceiling. Russell was enjoying it too.

Go Jordan..


Love Jeff’s accent..traffic coone..


jeff is childish. Talking to lydia is like talking to a traffic cone? Has he heard jordan speak?


Woohoo!!! Yayayayayayayaya!!!!




You sure have to give it up to CBS, they know how to edit shit the way they want someone portrayed. I?m really hoping Nat win, even more so than before. Secondly?thank God Jeff has no shot in winning!

Looking at all them sit together, it is clear which of the HG in the jury house the bigger fool is.

Yes! Jourdough won! I hope like hell she takes Nat.


Well done Jordon….1 away again! Good Girl.

Plastic Boob Inspector

Jordan rocks lmao. Only missed by 1 number lol. Go Jordan go. Please take kevin just to make sure natalie gets nothing.


WTG Jordan! However, I think these votes are going to be tough….hopefully she wins it with Michelle, Jeff, America and maybe russell or kevin. I think kevin is not going to like natalie’s answers.


Jordo HAS to take Nat to win….hate to say it, love Kevin too..but if she’s going to win, it will be over GNAT!!!


CRAP! Nasty is going to win money. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!


Thanks jen2575 for the feed!! I was going to have an ulcer if I had to waIt!!!!!
Thanks Simon, Dawg, and Randeep!!!!


EWWW that was ugly……you must be jealous…..