Big Brother 11 Spoilers – The Big Brother FINALE is tonight! Who will win?!

8:25am Big Brother cuts the feeds to FISH… and at 8:30am the feeds cut to a new screen…
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10:10am The feeds come back to Natalie, Kevin, and Jordan still in bed with the lights on in the red bedroom…
12:35pm Kevin, Natalie, and Jordan are all still fast asleep with the lights on …


12:50pm – 1:40pm Jordan is now up and in the pool room packing up her things. All of the house guests are now up for the day. Natalie and Kevin go to the bathroom to have their showers. Kevin then goes to the red bedroom and starts ironing his clothes for tonights show. Jordan comes by and mentions that they should have a glass of wine a couple hours before to calm her nerves. Kevin thinks they might get in trouble but Jordan says its fine. Jordan then goes to the bathroom where Natalie is still showering and is fixing a blue dress so that it will fit Natalie. Kevin is in the red bedroom backing up all of his belongings. Jordan and Kevin are talking in the red bedroom about the house guests that are in the jury house and what they are doing right now. Natalie calls for Jordan, but Jordan doesnt hear her and Kevin tells Jordan that she was asking if the dress was ready. Jordan then goes to the bathroom and gets Natalie to try on the dress as Jordan pins it to make it fit. Natalie asks Kevin why he couldnt dress up for just one day … just one day!? Kevin says this is just the base coat. Natalie continues to say one day …one day!! As Kevin leaves the bathroom..

2pm – 2:15pm Kevin helps Natalie close her suitcase by sitting on it. Looks like Natalie’s leaving the house with a lot more than she came in with… I bet shes got a lot of Big Brother stuff that will be going up on Ebay once shes out of the house. Natalie had stuffed Kevins hoodie in her suit case because she really wanted it. He took it out and then took her suit case to the storage room. When he comes back to the red bedroom she had taking the hoodie again and they wrestled. Kevin wanted it back, and Natalie said that she really, really, really wanted it … He eventually gave in and lets her have it. They then talk about what it was like when they first walked into the house and Natalie says she want to take her key. Kevin says that he thinks that they give it to them later… and the audio cuts to the big brother music but the cameras stay on the house guests…


2:20pm The feeds cut to the new big brother screen: “Who will win the $500,000 Natalie, Jordan, or Kevin ? THE FINALE TONIGHT ON CBS
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3:05pm The feeds are blocked showing the screen at the top of this post … tune into the live finale show to see who wins Big Brother 11!! Then the live feeds screen switches to the screen shot shown to the right.
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Jordan will Only win if Kevin wins HOH and evicts Nat…..Kevin will win otherwise!


Nat has no chance at winning!!!

jordan all the way

I have the most sickening feeling that if Jordan wins part 3 that she will infact take Nat. JMHO, she seems to be more active in telling Nat her conversations with Kevin, rather than telling Kevin her conversations with Nat. It feels like she is buying into Nat’s lies all the way. And…that be the case, Nat has a good chance at winning BB, the jury house typically votes in favor of the most strategic player no matter how dirty. And, Jordan has basically said that would include her vote for Nat if Kevin evicts her. 🙁 Should still be interesting tho.


Yeah, but if Kevin evicts Natalie, Jordan will get her vote… I think Natalie will end up being the deciding vote this time around.

nasty h8ter

If Jordan wins and takes Nasty,Jordan will win 7-0,even Kevin will vote for her,he’ll look at it as a smart game move,who in the hell would vote for Nasty!!!

Dawn D

i think you might be right. In fact, I was thinking Kevin’s best chance at winning is to lose the final comp to Jordan and have her boot Gnat, but if he threw it, he would really have to trust Jordan to take him to final 2!


I just read on another blog that PP & Kev saw in banner in the BY. Is this ture?



Who do you want to win Big Brother 11?????


KEVIN!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


i’m with you AimeeLynn

GO KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!


Kevin! Kevin! Kevin!

nasty h8ter


gettinluckyinkentucky T.ross

Simon or whoever ,Can you please tell me if the JH will get to see footage of the last few days in the house or the last 2 comps leading up to tonight ? And one more thing Gnat is telling Kev she will tell people not to vote for him if he gives her the boot ,I’m thinking she will not have time to do this since the show will be live.What do you think?


So happy they both (Kav n Jor ) will not be taking NASTY with them ..
The look will be priceless !!!


That is exactly what I said Natalie would do a week ago if she wasn?t going to win the final HOH and Kevin had a chance. I equated it to the move Maggie from BB6 made when she didn?t win the final HOH. Maggie told Ivette, who won the final HOH, ?If you take Janelle over me to the finale I?ll make sure no one in the jury house gives you a vote.? I?m wondering if THIS is why CBS/BB changed the elimination of the last house guest to the finale night. Less of a chance for Natalie to spew more lies and possibly change votes.


I’ve been wondering the EXACT same thing!!! Everytime an evicted houseguest went into the jury house, the DVD they brought showed the HOH, Veto and eviction…so I am hoping they get to watch those events live with us!! I mean, it would only make sense to do it that way, because in the past they got to see ALL the comps up until finale night. Also, we will probably get to see Michele enter the jury house, and I think they will be surprised, most of them had her pegged to win by the sounds of it.
Also, I don’t think she will have time either, plus even if she said to them “don’t vote for Kev, he backstabbed me”, I don’t think they would care, they know now that she is a liar and they will no he made a good move for HIS game.

nasty h8ter

Remember,Michelles been in the house,since she was evicted last week,I’m sure she is confiming that they both are liars and Nasty doesn’t even try to win anything.I think after she gets there,the LML will come out also,which will change Russ’s vote to Jordan.

A no no moose

I’m just guessing, but at the point of todays eviction isnt the jury essentially down the hall…So there’ll be plenty of time for them to view a dvd, grill whomever. By this time, they’ve viewed the dvd Michelle brought with her sexy self…I THINK they’ll be caught up with the necessary info…I see Kev winning tonight, showing his superior game play and taking Jordon into the final.
Cant wait to see Michelle tonight…


Jordan would win BB11. Jeff will be proud.


Exciting stuff. Too bad we still have hours to go before finale starts. I don’t think the house will be very exciting until then.


*Yawns & Stretches*

REALLY my name is Michele

regardless of Nats Nasty ways i will say this had been a fun ride. every one of us BB fans loved to hate her. i do feel bad for Nasty Nat but hopefully she will change some of her evil ways after she reads these blogs. u have to admit what we are saying about her would hurt anyone. she is not a child and knows right from wrong but if she chooses to do wrong she will play the price. and alllll these blogs was her price to pay. she is going to need some serious help after reading this stuff. im sure it will put her in a major depression. anyway i just feel bad for her. she made some stupid decisions and will pay dearly. so back to BB, again i had a fun time. i enjoyed coming in here everyday and getting the 411 of the day..THANK YOU!! tonights show will be fun!! i cant hardly wait!! and to those who say if Nat wins they wont be back next season?that cracks me up hahaha everyone will be back!! just like me, ill be back and i will love to hate the next one just like everyone else. so till next time everyone take care and god bless!! *smile*

wild bill

nasty nat will not care what people think about her. she has no feelings for others. She is a terrable excuse for a hunan being!!! Evil!!! I hope that Jordon wins. But i cannot figure out who she will take with her if she wins HOH??? I too am from ths south. I am not very educated I know a lot of people like Jordon. at least she has a good heart. She cares what people think about her. I know she has shown her body but she is inocent in the ways of the world. Kevin is just one rung up on the ladder from nasty nat. Ihope Jordon wins the big prize she has played the best of her ability. Mom needs a new house. GO JORDON!!!!!!!!!


POLL: Who do you think will win and what will be the outcome?
Let’s see who is right at the end of the night.

I’m Natalie for the win and it will be 4-3 in her favour


I think Kevin will win!!! He has Lydia, Jesse, and Russell… Maybe Michelle for game play. Jordan has Jeff, Gnat, possibly Michelle. If it comes down to 3-3, America (I hope) will vote for Kevin’s game rather than Jordan’s. America loved Jeff ( not her) so that’s my two cents.


I think Kevin will take Nat. with him to the final two. Nat mentioned to the other hgs that her boyfriend told her she had a lot of haters….I think he is smart enough to figure out that he will get america’s vote if he is up against nat.

jordan, jeff, jesse will vote for nat
lydia, russell, michelle & america will vote for kevin


Kev doesn’t trust The Gnats explanation for PB. She lied then changes the lie to a proposal with a twistee she could have gotten from the house(no ring for proof), then Julie never mentions the engagement (on purpose). Bet he wondering if she told the truth. I know I would be questioning her explanation.


So therefore the hate comment carries no weight


i disagree … i don’t think Jeff and Jordan will vote for Nat.


Remember that Michele told him, she would not vote for him. I think Pigpen beats him 4-3


If you think Mich would ever vote for The Gnat weren’t not watching the same show


I think Kevin for the win, although I would rather see Jordan take it!!!!!!1


Rockstar – break down what you feel is the 4-3 version of Natalie winning. I would like to see your reasoning.


Natalie v/ Jordon

Votes for Natalie: Jessie, Russell, Lydia, Kevin
Votes for Jordon: Jeff, Michelle and America

Natalie v/Kevin

Votes for Natalie: Jessie, Russell, Jordon, Jeff
Votes for Kevin: Lydia, Michelle and America


There is no way in hell that america will vote for Nat.


I think Kevin might win but if he takes Jordan, he won’t. Many won’t vote for Natalie but I am not sure.


Looking forward to your comments tonight!!! Whether Nat wins or loses. I also hope Grandmabb is ok haven’t seen her lately.

get a grip

What a surprise to hear you say that, you are either nasty’s bitch of a Boyfriend or you are a huge lesbian… The only way Natalie will even be in the final 2 is if Jordumb wins because she is stupid enough to pick her. If Kevin wins he will take Jordumb which is dumb on his part because he would win hands down against Natalie. If it was Kevin and Natalie in the final 2 Kevin would win and the only vote Natalie would get is Jordumbs. Ironically I think that jordumbs best chance is against Kevin but she is too stupid and just wants to get revenge for Jeff by eliminating Kevin.


luv u too.


If Jor takes The Gnat it would be a dumb move? According to the polls, that is the only way she wins $500,000. Maybe your the dumb one


i want natalie to win with a 7-0 vote and i want her to win the 25 thou for fav hg.

j&j -not a fan no more

hahahaa…lisa..i can only imagine the kind of person you are when nat is your favorite…loser!!


LOL you are delusional as that would never happen. GNat sucks!


You might be a bit delusional if you think this is going to happen. lol

nasty h8ter

HAHA…ok Rockstar,it will be Jordan 5-2


Kevin wins final HOH…Takes Jordan. Jessie=Kevin, Lydia=Kevin, Russell=Kevin,Jeff= Jordan,Michelle=Jordan,Natalie=Kevin, America=Jordan…Kevin 4-3

get a grip

There is no way natalie will vote for kevin if he evixts her… Jordan wins 4-3 against Kevin.


I agree with you 100%


Jessie willnever vote for Kevinhe is too homophobic and Kevin was the vote that evicted him–he will not vote for Kevin regardless……..


i think Russell will vote for Jordan


I cannot see Natalie giving Kevin her vote. She will not be able to see past the “good play” and take it too personally. She only gives props to those kinds of plays when she’s the instigator in it. She thinks “the big lie” was the best move ever, yet said Jeff’s move was back stabbing and unfair….she’s a brat..bottom line. The only way Kevin can win is to lose the HOH to Jordan and she take him to the finals.


You spell favor like a canadian…cute!


probably because I am one. but I don’t say “eh” haha


I am for Jordan winning it! I got tired of Nasty and Kevin calling Jordan & Michelle “bitches”. That gets a bit tiring. I think Russell, Jeff, Michele and America will vote for Jordan.

nasty h8ter

Jordan wins !!!!!!


I would rather have natalie win 500k over Jordan. I despise natalie but at least she played the game of BB the way its supposed to be played. Jordan only plays repeat, mimicing what she has heard so that she fits in. She is a follower not a leader and a follower does not deserve 500k. Kevin for the win!!!! The other two can fight over the 50 thousand.


Hoping karma catches up with Gnat tonight.


dont you think it already has?


Nat dont know Karma until she hit the public….andI can hear her whiney voice what did I do…i just played the game


Thanks Simon for all the work you put into this site this summer, i know where I will be coming for my BB12 info. I hope that Kevin wins tonight and evicts Nat and then Natalie will be pissed off at him and vote for Jordan to win. I do think that it will come down to the questions that will be asked from the Jury though, Jordan does not seem like she can speak that well under pressure and Kevin can.
Thanks again Simon


some players made us soo angry and some players touched our hearts….as big brother 11 comes to an end…..ya got to luv the game and all the players, that put themselves out there for our entertainment. i know i wouldnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t feel sorry for Natalie. She is the greediest most unlikable person ever on BB. She is still wearing Kevin’s hoodie, the one he got for HOH, and she refuses to take it off and give it back. She says she wants it and he can’t have it back. What is wrong with this girl? She seems to have a problem understanding the concept of personal property. She acts as if she is entitled to whatever she wants. Not a very good strategy to get taken to the end for some money. She lies for the sake of lying. She cheats because she can’t win fair and square. She uses people because she is too chicken to make a move on her own and take the consequences for her own actions. I don’t see how she thinks Michelle played a dirty game. She backstabbed Chima, but so what? Nat has backstabbed just about everyone in the house. Lately she blames all of her schemes on Jessie, when a few weeks ago she was bragging about running the house and that Jessie only did whatever she wanted him to. The only person she hasn’t said bad things about is Chima, who is the one person that deserves to have bad things said about her. BB is all about lying and backstabbing, but Natalie takes it to a whole new level. Most people will only lie when it serves a purpose in the game, but not Natalie. She just lies for the sake of telling a lie. At this point, what is the the point of trash talking anyone? The jury is out of the game, and now they will vote for a winner. The final two will be determined tonight, and Nat has no say in how that goes down, so you would think that the lying and scheming would stop, but not with Natalie. She has degraded the game and I so hope she leaves with 3rd place, no cash, no prizes. Finishing third is the worst place to finish, and Nat has earned the spot, and I so hope neither Kevin or Jordan are inclined to take her to final two. From there, I don’t care which one wins, as long as Nat is out of the money. Someone that lies for no reason and will try to steal a hoodie from an ally is showing personality traits that extend beyond the game. I get the feeling that she is a trainwreck waiting to happen once BB is over.


Chloe: I TOTALLY AGREE!!! Go Kevin!!!


BTW: I think Gnat has already poisoned Jordan– even though she doesn’t realize it. Her filthy habits and ways with food (I think) is why Jordan has so much diarrhea– unless J has IBS, she probably wiped her hands on the kitchen towel Gnat used, then bit her nails; transferring the raw chicken salmonella (sp?)!!!!!


Well said!! I don’t love to hate nat – she is not a competitor. If this is how the game will be played going forward I am out for future bb. This is the first year I allowed myself to cheat and read online blogs and watch bbad. Was I just one of the sheltered viewers that had no idea bb was manipulated and had such horrible house guests or is this the first season of such cruelity, cheats, and disregard for fair game play? I need to know because I took the red pill.


Chloe- I agree 100% with your post. Third place is where she needs to be. It is the worst place to be in…especially since BB is not allowing them into the jury house to trash talk the final two. I do believe that BB did this on purpose – with hopes that Nat would be #3. If she is 3rd-she has absolutly no say in the jury house and no money to take home. I have watched all seasons and there is always a villian but not to this extent. She is in for a very rude awakening when she gets out in the real world. Hopefully, she will learn from this and become a better person.


Well said … like u i just don’t want Nat to win … i hope Jordan wins but Kevin is pretty cool. He played the game well and put his heart & soul in all the challenges.


Youve brought up stuff I’ve been screaming at the TV all season. SHE IS A BRAT. She bullies people around. Do this, do that, make me a something to eat, yes you WILL play pool. etc. She makes me sick ..seriously..and I’m not a hater type person, but this girl sooo rubs me the wrong way. Her not taking off that hoodie last night made me want to fly to CA and snatch it right off her back. Kevin has held his cool with her so well..I have to give him props for the real world he would have beat that girl down weeks ago!



Kevin vs. Jordan

Jessie: Kevin
Lydia: Kevin
Russell: Jordan
Jeff: Jordan
Michelle: Jordan
Natalie: Kevin
America: Jordan

4-3 Jordan wins

we’ll see what happens…


Russell will vote for Kevin, not Jordan…he even said he wanted him to win last week.


Jordan wins final HOH… takes Natalie (bcuz she thinks she’ll win over the Gnat)

Kevin – Jordan (pissed at the Gnat)
Jessie – Natalie
Lydia – Jordan
Russell – Natalie
Jeff – Jordan
Michelle – Jordan
America – Jordan

Jordan wins 5-2


America’s vote only counts if it’s a tie


if it is K/J at the end – natalie will vote for Jordan – not kevin….she will be too mad.


I?ll go out on a limb and make two predictions. First, that Kevin will intentionally lose the HOH tonight, and second, that Jordan will win the $ ? million. Here?s my reasoning. Natalie will be evicted tonight regardless of who wins the HOH, as both Kevin and Jordan have said they will evict Natalie. But who ever evicts Natalie will have blood on their hands, and Natalie will vote against that person and lobby against that person in the jury house. Kevin realizes that every vote counts so he needs to keep Natalie?s vote. But if Kevin evicts Natalie, he surely would lose her vote. Natalie is very vindictive and she will vote against who ever evicts her. Therefore, Kevin needs to intentionally lose the HOH competition, so that Jordan will win, evict Natalie, and thus lose Natalie?s vote. Kevin must do a good sell job, to convince Natalie that he really tried to win. If Natalie suspects that Kevin intentionally lost the HOH, then Natalie will vote against Kevin as a back stabber. Kevin must walk a thin line tonight and sell Natalie on the idea that he tried to win, but Jordan just beat him. Kevin will have to fake a sprained ankle or he?ll say the pressure got to him over the $ ? million and he just couldn?t think. This is Kevin?s optimal move, but he will still lose the $ ? million in the end. Here?s how I see the final voting going.

Juror Vote
==== ====
Jessie Kevin
Lydia Kevin
Natalie Kevin

Jeff Jordan
Russell Jordan
Michele Jordan

America Jordan

Winner Jordan


There is one scenario that you left out. Kevin throws the HOH to keep the blood off of his hands. Unfortunately for him Jordan could kick his ass to the curb as payback for backstabbing Jeff. Lydia, Jeff, Michele, and America hand Jordan $500.000.00. I don’t like Kevin, but I think he will see the folly of throwing the HOH.


I think Russell will give Kevin his vote…


Yeah, he totally will. That much was obvious when they sowed the jury last week.
Lydia – “who do you guys want to win”
Russell – “I think Kevin is doing great”
I don’t know why people think he would vote for Jordan over Kevin.




When they showed Jeff entering the jury house, I heard Russell say that he would like Kevin to win. It’s really a crapshoot right now though.


Yes, I remember that quite vividly as well. Russell seems to be the type that respect the game too much to vote for Jordan…I just don’t see it happening.
Bah!! So many speculations…I can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

get a grip

If Jordan wins the HOH I guarentee she will take Natalie and not Kevin. Fow a few reasons. First Jordan has been telling both of them that she will take them. Secondly she is not smart enough to think about how the votes will go and third she is more about getting revenge on Kevin for evicting jeff. She is a sweet girl but dumb as rocks. There is no chance that kevin will throw the HOH. if he does he will not be in final 2 and that would have to be the dumbest move in BB history. Who in there right mind would throw the last HOH??? You can never trust anyone in the house and I don’t see Kevin being as dumb as you are.


Russell is voting for Kevin.


On BBAD, Kevin said no matter what Natalie says to him or no matter what Jordan decides, he is taking Jordan to the finals.

I am wondering if the competition will be something to do with stuff in the house since on BBAD they have been showing things like that — such as the recycle room with all the bottles, plants in living room, red bull or something in kitchen, houseguests photo wall, etc.

I can hardly wait till tonight. I have been such a Big Brother 11 follower this year. I got Showtime free for three months, so I have been burning the midnight oil staying up way too late to watch it. It has got a bit boring the last few nights but those three are still playing the game and still all lying to each other. haha.

Thanks to all that have posted here and left their feedback — whether positive or negative. I have enjoyed reading everyone’s ideas and remarks.

See ya next summer on here.


And a big shout out to Simon. Thank you so much for this site. Hope everything is going good for you. And also a shoutout to those that filled in for you when you couldn’t post.


What is the picture of Laura? It is so small that I can’t make out what it is. With my poor vision, it appears to be a boat approaching a couple of buoys? By the way, thank you for maintaining the site this year.


OMG! That’s a pic of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station!! Every time I drive past it on the way to San Diego, I say “There’s Dolly Parton” and silently pray that she never has a meltdown!”

Question is, how does our Canadian friend know about it?????? Kudos, Simon!!


A horse.


Haha are you serious?!?! That is NOT a horse. It’s whatever JoJo said it was.

nasty h8ter

Did anyone see Inside Dish with past HG’s,even Janelle called her Nasty Nat,I’m thinking Janelle is a fan of this sight!!!!

Lennon's Ghost

It may not be a very good day for Pig Pen NataLie.

Blockbuster just announced it’s closing 967 stores including some in the Phoenix market.

Lennon's Ghost

But she has her “twisty-tie” fiance. LOL


Both Kevin & Jordan know that if either one of them take Natalie to the F2 that they would NOT WIN the grand prize.

Did you see the way Kevin was talking to Natalie last night? He was ripping into her…all of his pentup animosity built up over the weeks against Natalie & Jessie came out because HE KNOWS that she’s heading to the BB jury room and won’t have ANY TIME…NONE…ZERO…ZIP…to sway ANY of the other BB jury members.

Kevin’s mind is made up and so is Jordan’s and if I was Kevin, I would THROW today’s comp…giving Jordan the duty to evict that smelly biz-natch, so Natalie can’t say “But you stabbed me in the back Kevin…why should I vote for you?”

That’s Kevin’s best move…to let Jordan win today’s comp so Natalie can’t bash him later during the Q&A period.


He would be the dumbest player ever, you don’t do that in the final HOH. You can’t trust anyone and believe what they tell you. You have to give it your all and hope to win. I hope kevin wins, Jordan has a good shot since it’s a guessing competition.


I was watching Showtime from last night and I swear watching the Gnat eat makes me want to puke, a cow has more etiquette. If only she would brush her hair it looks like a birds nest. We all complain about her and I hate to do it but hells bells this girl is a lazy slob.


lol…hells bells, your right.


she needs to hack that hair off cause she dun know how to care for long hair!








Yes….but you need to remember Kevin, Jordan, & Nat do not know that the JH hates Nat. Like he said last night Nat has at least 2 jury votes to his 1. The same with Jordan, Kevin said she only had 1 vote to Nat’s 2. So you have to understand Kevin & Jordan’s thinking on this. WE see the whole picture, where they only see bits & pieces. I’m pretty sure if they saw what we saw then both Kevin and Jordan would take Nat to F2.


Well I agree with you that Kevin will win against Natalie, but I don’t think the vote will go the way you think. Kevin/Nat I’m not sure Jeff will vote for him, and Jordan will vote the way he does. Even thou most people think Jessie don’t like Natalie anymore, I sure he still does and will give her his vote. Kevin can’t be that stupid and think he can win against Jordan. I think he’s still playing the game and knowing America hates Natalie he’s saying he would take Jordan to make America like him, and vote for him. Once the votes are in, BOOOOOOOM!!!! he will chose Natalie. I hope he does, Jordan was so dumb in this game, she does not deserve to win, just because she one the last 2nd part of HOH. YESSS PEOPLE THE OTHER TWO, SHE DID NOT WIN ON HER OWN.


Watching Kevin bash Natalie last night is all I needed to see that HE hates that BIZ-NATCH and he came to this conclusion when she disreguarded his plea to “get the key from Jeff” and decided instead to grab all the cash she could while her “teammate” was stuck in Pandora’s box. Kevin figures it will be EASIER to bash Jordan for riding Jeff’s coattails…and just drifting along….He will seel HER as a worthy SECOND PLACE WINNER…not someone WORTHY of a FIRST PLACE FINISH.


The remaining HGs do not know that everybody hates Nasty. They think that most of the people in there likes her and will vote for her. Therefore, Kevin thinks he is doing the SMART thing by not keeping her.


WTH? Jessie was better aligned with Kevin you dimwit, and I think Russel will vote for the better player and Natalie will vote Kevin still, I think Kevin has won but that is my personal opinion, it is a game hun not a beauty pageant.


AMEN, GNAT is a pig. I hope however it turns out tonight that she get booooooooooed when she comes out. I want her to realize how much the viewers despise her. She was threatening Kevin last night that SHE could convince the jury to vote against him….who does she think she is? Also, her boyfriend is a dumba__! Just listening to her chat about Jesse and the gleam in her eye tells me she has it bad for him…… If this guy goes through with an engagement, he deserves the be thje female in the relationship. GO JORDAN…..WIN.


America hates Gnat, not the jury. They don’t know yet that she’s trouble. Kevin took did all the blood work.

nasty h8ter

The blinds are closing,the waters almost off
No more worries,of being a have or have not
Finale 3 are packing,looking at the HG’s wall
America is praying,Nasty takes the fall
Jordan playing dumb,as she has all season
Kevin in deep thought,for Nasty’s eviction reason
Nasty stealing the items,she wants to ebay
Thinking to herself,no shower again today
What a grand season,we wished it never ends
Nasty now wears tampons,probally should be Depends
Production is getting set,Julie’s ready to go
Finally the last day,for her to hear that chomping hoe
Kevin thinking he’s hot,in his pink shirt
But we all know,he wishs it was a skirt
Jordan squeezes her boobs,for the final time
I’d be rich,if every time I was given a dime
Music starts to play,the lights dim low
Nasty is evicted,cuz she’s a Nasty hoe
The audience cheers,as the winner is announced
The winner is…….by a shocking 5 to 2 count!


Just saw on MSN web page that BlockBuster is closing 960 stores – see what effect having Nasty as an employee does?? LOL (My sympathies to the hardworking & dedicated Blockbuster employees-sincerely) Please, Kevin take Jordan! Please, Jordan take Kevin! No money for PP Cheater!! Please!!

Anne BB Fan

Simon – thanks so much for this site. I know it takes a lot of work for very little credit. This is one of the best. Some of the other sites are full of hate, venom and horrible accusations hurled toward others that don’t agree with certain posters’ opinions or favorite HGs.

There’s just no need for taking this personally and calling people vile names behind the anonymity of the Internet. Thank goodness, the posters here haven’t stooped to such low levels. It’s a pleasure to come here.

Thanks again, Simon. You’re the first place I check each day.


Anyone else notice how BB spells Jordon’s name sometimes. On the CBS website they used to spell it with 2 o’s, and above on the mesage from the control room, posted on this site they spelled it without an A. I wonder which is it.


it is really sad to see a young person like Natalie behave and act the way she does. If I were her father I would be embarrased to say that is my child. Her boyfriend must have some emotional problems, low self esteem or very low expectations out of life to possibly want to be married with this person who is a liar, a cheater. All he will have next to her is sorrow and missery. If in so little she did not have honor or pride for herself, what will happen when she is faced with real and difficult trials in life. I think she would be the kind that can cheat on her husband with another man or steal money from him. If I was him I would think twice about marrying such a low human being. and if you don’t like what I think about Natalie, I can care less, that is my opinion. most likely you identify yourself with her.


did something happen to this site just a short time ago? i went on or tried to go on and my screen said ”server connection error”’….what does that mean?

nasty h8ter

Mine did that this afternoon also!


I wanted to come on here and say thanks to everyone for another great summer of big brother. I enjoyed talking with people sharing opinions and reading everyone’s views. I look forward to seeing the wrap-up party if they will get it. I guess if they are doing try-outs for next year they are not doing an all-star right..This site is the best. I put my sister-in-law and brother on to this site…..ONLINEBIGBROTHER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohh and I think that if Jordan won the finale HOH she will get nervous and not think straight and evict Kevin. Kevin need to get blood on his hand so he needs to win so he can evict Nat in front of everyone including the jorors and is waiting for her to get on her about the 18yr old mess. I don’t think the age thing was a big deal. I actually thought it was dumb; but Jesse is most hurt off of it and Lydia is only flowing with that b/c of Jesse. That muscle head. I hope he is a better person then what he is portrayed as. And he had an opportunity to come back and show a sweeter side.

Again, with Jeff. He screwed everything up. I said it before and I say it again; he made the BEST and the WORST moves in the game. This is a lesson to everyone don’t let the power go to your head…

See everyone on here tonight. I’m so excited…


I think that most of the jury members will vote for the person that played the best game. Jeff and Lydia are the only ones that will vote based on relationships. Lydia will vote for Kevin in any scenario and Jeff will vote for Jordan no matter what. If Nat ends up in the jury, being the spiteful vindictive creature she is, she will vote against whoever evicted her. The rest will have some tough questions for whoever is in the final two, and they will base their votes on the answers to those questions and the overall game play. You have to remember that with the exception of Nat and Lydia, the jury is made up of the power players of the season. They all played hard and were evicted for being strong players. They will probably lean towards Kevin over Jordan based solely on gameplay, and the only person that has a possible grudge with him is Jeff, so Kevin is looking good for the win. I think even Michelle said in an interview, I think it was on Inside Dish, that Jordan is nice, but that Kevin has played harder. I don’t think Jordan can win the top prize because this isn’t a popularity contest. Most of the jury will have a problem with giving the money to someone that basically did nothing but tell goofy stories, eat cookie dough and coast under Jeff’s wing. For those that say she deserves it because she won this last competition, I disagree. She kicked Nat’s ass, but come on. Everyone can and has consistently kicked Nat’s ass. Would she have won against anyone else, like say Michelle or Jeff or Russell or Jessie? Probably not. It’s easy to win when you are competing against a loser. Natalie’s biggest mistake of the season was not going for the win in round one. She was basing her assumption on Jordan being incapable of winning, which is partly true. The part she miscalculated is that she overestimated her own ability to win anything. However, if Natalie does make final two, I think she could win based on gameplay, so hopefully she will be evicted tonight.


Did this site recap last night’s confrontation with PP and Kevin? If not, Kevin FINALLY called PP out on all her lies, and mentioned how she snitched when he ate a grape. Surprise, surprise, she lied again and blamed everything on Jesse. (10:30ish BB time).


Chloe- I agree 100% with your post. Third place is where she needs to be. It is the worst place to be in?especially since BB is not allowing them into the jury house to trash talk the final two. I do believe that BB did this on purpose – with hopes that Nat would be #3. If she is 3rd-she has absolutly no say in the jury house and no money to take home. I have watched all seasons and there is always a villian but not to this extent. She is in for a very rude awakening when she gets out in the real world. Hopefully, she will learn from this and become a better person.


Still not convinced Kev will take Jordo, don’t believe he has the balls to screw Nasty. I know he wants to, and he knows he should, but when it comes down to it……
I guess we’ll find out tonight.

I want Jordan to win. I believe Kevin will win. 2nd place is anyone’s guess at this point!

nasty h8ter

Simon,is the site gonna hold up after tonights show? It should be very busy and full of crying and bragging…lol


I will be very surprised if K takes N. He seems to really believe that she has more former allies on the Jury. I would also be surprised (and hugely disapointed) if he threw the final HOH – strategically may be a good move to insure him N’s vote but he should know better at this point to assume anything – namely that J would take him.

D Sisters.

I would really love to see Jordan take First place just because of all the really mean things that have been said about her, First of all she has the biggest heart in the world, she would actually give you the shirt off her back she gave so many cloths to Michelle which was so sweet ,2nd she would clean the house no matter how messy it was , 3rd she would give her heart and soul to help anybody that she could if it’s within her reach .Kevin is also very derseving of the grand prize because he made and did all the dirty work . NOW
Natalie OMG would I have loved to been in the big brother house with her and let her try to run her dirty little lies and mouth with me ohhhhhh nooooooooo it would not happen. it would be so funny to see her try .Good Luck to the 3 of them .
and I can’t wait for the next season off BB live feeds. Love and Peace to all.


Oh, and, Kevin also complained that he hated sleeping near PP because she smelled funky and her hair stunk. So, it seems our thoughts on how she probably smelled were true! I wish Kevin spoke the truth a bit sooner.


Can’t really figure out the jury, in past seasons they have surprised us in their votes. BB isn’t going to show us what they really think, just bits and pieces to keep us hanging. Remember all jury house footage has been edited to keep the suspense.


Very, very good point. There have been a few times where I have been completely surprised with a few of the jury votes. To be completely honest, in BB9 I thought Ryan was going to win, not Adam. I was way wrong lol.


i sooo hope natalie comes in third. i’ve never liked the way she played nor her personality but i have to say she does have a rockin body. perhaps thats just because i’m watching on television and not smellivision.


the population of the united states is a little over 300 million. The viewership of big brother is a little over 7 million… of august( it could be slightly higher now, but…) so, only about 2.1% of people in the entire country know of natalie, jordan, kevin,etc………… it’s the reason that evil dick said nobody has never became famous for being on big brother..the only place their famous in is their home towns…god bless them all when they leave the house and join reality…………….i cant imagine being any of these people, especially natalie.


OMG…..she even slept in his HOH hoodie….seriously…..I think she is trying to get Kevin to let her keep it because it smells so bad…..who sleeps in someone else’s clothes that they already told you to return????


I am convinced that all these jordo’s fans are her friends who also got boob jobs. Jordo said last night that all of her friends had done their boobs and recommend doctors to her. Also, she had to do a number convincing her Mother who needed the money for necessities. She also hinted many other plastic surgery she is thinking of having-then glossed over when she sensed it was the wrong thing to say.

This girl is dumb, too dumb for Jeff to take with him to Hawaii-he is not taking her if she doesn’r win tonight. She will be yesterday’s meatloaf.
So, Jordo’s friend crawl back into the whole y’all came from.

D Sisters.

First and for most Jorden worked 2 JOBS beening a waitress and working at the hair salon , before she came into the BB house, excuse me but if she saved her money to have a boob job don’t be a hater .Big deal she had a boob job and 2nd off all we are the D Sisters from Toronto Canada and would love to be friends of Jordens , you could count on her anytime she is a great woman . PS. Don’t hate !!!!! JJ no more


Lets see now…….a boob job or help out your family??? Mmmmm Wants and needs!!


I have said this before a few times and will say it again, it is no one’s business about her boob job or plastic surgery or anything else that pertains to her private life. Get over it and quit wasting time commenting on the subject. Is is none of your business!!!!! GO JORDAN!!!!!!

canadian fan

Isn’t Nats job at Blockbuster and all the other stuff (to much to list) her personal life as well? I would almost say for sure, that some crazed J and J fan has called and made some kind of complaint to Blockbuster. I agree the boob job is her business but don’t try and sell the poor story if you have money for implants, obviously she doesn’t know what poor is. Cheer for Jordan, its your right, but don’t say one HG has immunity from comments about her personal life when the others are being bashed for theirs.


I was just referring to her boob job, nothing more, nothing less so please do not read into something that is not there. GO




i don’t think it matters who is in the final 2 with kevin because he is winning for sure..jordan will only get jeff and michelle and america…jordan actually has a better shot against natalie because then she might also get russell or lydia’s vote or maybe even kevin’s vote.


Natalie may get a show………EVERYBODY HATES NATALIE. BB even hates her. That is why they changed the format of the show at the last minute. They are playing the game too and leaving all 3 in the house until finale night was their way of assuring Natalie wins NOTHING. Great job Big Brother. Hopefully your plan will work out and the bitch will walk out the door in 3rd place. And this is definitely the one HOH that you want to LOSE AT ALL COSTS. Natalie will be the swing vote.

tiger bernard

any way to text jordon to tell her what is going on in private?

Big Mama

Tiger, didn’t your mom tell you to get off the computer and go play outside? LOL


Yes, but she left her phone at home. I’ll send you a private e-mail with her phone #…….but please don’t stalk her. I know about your past history with stalking.

tiger bernard

i have put the word out on this board about your big party tonight, but no one seems to be going? any extra room for me? would want the steak and lobster to go bad. I can always go buy a tie of color.


People are just now arriving. It’s a costume party and everyone is dressing up like somone on BB. One guy just got here and all he had on were jeans. I said, “What are you supposed to be.” He said, “A premature ejaculation. I just came in my pants.” So I’m assuming he was supposed to be Jesse. LMFAO.

Sorry you didn’t get your invitation Tiger. Maybe next year. And it’s not a tie of color. It is black tie optional.


If jordan wins HOH…wouldn’t she vote out kevin because he voted out jeff and michele. also, jordan seems to like nat….or do you think she is smart enough to know that she can’t win against nat.


I was hoping she would vote out Kevin to get revenge for Jeff. Plus, I think she has to take Nat to have a chance to win.

pamela j



Well she’ll win $50 000 in your scenario genius.

disgusted by nasty nat

Hi Simon, wecome back. Thanks for all of your hard work on this site. Do you know when everything gets started today?


Well, my summer guilty pleasure is about over. I really have enjoyed this season (even with creepy nat). I have especially enjoyed this blog and all the comments posted here. Thanks for all your hard work Simon.
I’m in California so its going to be hard not to peek and see who the winner is before the show airs. Even though Kevin probably deserved the win for better game play, I’m hoping for Jordon. As long a Natalie comes away with nothing I’ll be satisfied. Until next summer…


i agree, as long as gnasty goes AWAY with nothing, i’ll be happy, extatic if jordon wins tho, cause kevin is almost as evil and FOUL MOUTHED as his boss….even if he were to grow some, i can’t get his ugly words and snapping at jeff on his way out out of my mind. they are UNGRACIOUS when they win and twisted while they “play” if you wanna call it play….they aren’t acting AT ALL, they are ugly people, undeserving of the niceties money could afford them. GO JORDAN!!! I’ll REALLY be happy then!!


I second that! It will be hard for us Californians not to sneak a peek before the show airs!
I also agree that as long as Natalie gets “zilch, nada, goose egg,” (and that includes Kevin’s
hoodie!) I’ll be happy with whomever wins. I have to say that I think we’d seen an entirely
different Jordan if Jeff hadn’t been in the game. The girl is amazingly good at lying! I can’t
tell if she’s taking Natalie or Kevin to the F2 if she gets the chance. I’m pretty sure Kevin would take Jordon. I don’t think he would risk throwing the competition to Jordon (so he wouldn’t lose
Nat’s vote) because I don’t think he trusts that Jordon would take him. If Jordon is in F2, the
only 2 votes I’m sure she’d have are Jeff and America’s. Kevin has Lydia and probably Russell.
Michelle and Jessie could go either way (no pun intended! haha).


JORDAN WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I can already feel it in my bones….BB, I hope next year you dont allow any breaking of the rules, no cheating on comps, and I sure hope you have more control of the game, you sure havent had much this year.HOw about some older folks in there, guaranteed they would not act like this bunch as, I love BB but this year has been trying to say the least. So until,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,goodbye


Kevin’s going to win. Jordan is nice but sucks at this game. Kevin is nice and pretty good at this game. He’s got it locked up.

Jessie-Kevin (he votes based on game play and game play alone, he’ll conclude Jordan has done nothing and won nothing…and he’s right.)
Lydia-Kevin (best buds)
Russell-Kevin (he said as much on Thursday’s show)
Natalie-Kevin (she’ll want to look like she voted based on game play and not personal stuff so that Jessie respects her)
Michelle- Jordan (she told Kevin as much during her last week in the house)
Jeff- Jordan (In love)
America- Jordan (because most people are stupid and like bland, vapid people and forget that this is a game)


I think your scenario is bang on!


Becks!!!!! let’s hope you’re right!!



can’t jordoh just evict both of those slimmy LOSERs