Big Brother Final 3 – Rachel : “I can’t believe Adam gets Tori Spelling and will probably win the game” **Updated

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9:23pm Final 3 Chit chat..
Porsche brings up what Jordan said in on the show. “I didn’t really talk to you very much but I know you wear bikinis and like hosting Competitions”… Adam chuckles says Jordan made your decisions a lot easier with a comment like that.
They starts talking about Competitions in general and which comps they are most proud about. Adam mentions that before he started winning comps he was starting to feel pretty bad it made him feel like he didn’t deserve to be in the house. Rachel says that “Mini games” was her favorite comp this year and Greek games was her least favorite because she dropped the ball so many times. Adam says that comp was his most favorite ..Adam: “It made me feel like I can compete in this game” Porsche: “Yeah… because you were so close to Jeff” (close in terms of the comp)

Rachel mentions how She was first to Jury last year and Brendon is first to Jury this year, “But he didn’t make it as far as me”… Rachel jokes that Her making it to final 3 trumps Brendon using the Veto on her.


Rachel tells Porsche she needs to win the Next HOH comp.. She’s worried about going up against Adam in the final HOH. Rachel thinks if Adam wins the next 2 HOH he will be evicting Rachel. POrsche thinks Adam is going to take rachel. Rachel: “If you took Adam he will probably beat you”. They both laugh at how Adam has a really good chance of winning this entire game.

Rachel brings up a second time how Adam will have the votes. Rachel is pretty sure Jeff, Jordan,

Rachel is positive Dani and Shelly will not vote for her. She jokes if POrsche evicts her she will not vote for Prosche to win. Rachel: “if it was me and you Adam would be the swing vote” Porsche agrees.

Rachel jokes if Adam votes to evict Rachel then her and Brendon will not vote for him. They count the votes of for rachel and Adam final 2. Rachel thinks adam will Have Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Rachel will have Porsche, Kalia, BRendon and Dani would be the swing vote. Porsche thinks it’s a given that Dani will not vote for Adam. Rachel says then POrsche would be the swing vote. rachel now says she thinks Jordan will vote for whoever Jeff tells her to, but Jordan love Adam so rachel isn’t sure they may split their vote. Porsche: “Pretty much what we’re saying is they’re all equal.. and we don’t know what is going on in the Jury vote”

Rachel believes that nobody in the jury will vote based on game play they will all vote based on who they hate the least.

(most of that conversation was them talking around in circles… Rachel being very confusing saying one thing then 2 minutes later saying the exact opposite)

They start talking about how Jordan didn’t better than Adam in the last POV comp. Porsche thinks he didn’t care because he was in a good position with all the girls.. Porsche thinks he probably just wanted to have the girls duke it out.

Rachel : “I can’t believe Adam gets Tori Spelling and will probably win the game”

Rachel mentions if Porsche had kept Jordan than Porsche would of won the endurance, Adam would of won part 2 and Porsche would of had to compete with ADam in questions and she probably would of lost. Porsche agrees, she adds that she didn’t think she had a chance to beat Jordan in the final 2.


10:30pm Rachel brings up how Jeff threw the POV that resulted in Brendon getting backdoored. Porsche thinks it’s pretty obvious now from things Jordan and Adam have said that Jeff had no intentions saving Brendon.
Rachel sighs.. “I wrote a blog about it how are alliance turned on us… and they acted how they were America’s sweethearts”..
Rachel: “Do you think if you voted for Brendon that JEff and Jrodan would have”
Porsche: “No”
Rachel: “That’s so BLANK up”
Porsche points out how valuable a player like Rachel was to the JJSA alliance. She was always a target and she was winning comps. Rachel agrees says she was kept around to shield Jeff. Rachel wonders why Adam is so long in the DR. Porsche says she’s probably crying “My best friend in the house left” They both giggle..

Porsche was kinda upset that Rachel didn’t jump on board with her and Dani.. She thought for sure rachel was going to do it. Rachel says she told Dani not to tell Shelly but then found out that Shelly knew and then there was that big fight in the morning..

They start to joke if they make it to final 2 they will tell the Jury that Rachel and Prosche were playing together the entire season. Rachel will say to the jury , “Ahh we have a secret to.. we’ve been playing you all this summer” Porsche: “That would be soo funny.. then they will go home watch the show” rachel: “And find out it’s not true” They both laugh.

11:06pm Adam talking about Kalia and Shelly talking in the room when he was laying down. Kalia was trying to convince Shelly to vote out Adam and Keep Dom. Rachel says that her and brendon had made a deal before they entered the house if given the opportunity to decide Rachel would be the one left playing the game. Rachel: “I probably would of made it farther than he would of had.. ” Adam agrees thinks that Brendon would of been taken out at the double eviction.

Adam brings up how odd the POV picks were this year.. the first three were all vets except for the 2 newbs on the block. He also points out during dani’s second HOH, BR were not selected to play int he POV.

Adam brings up Kalia ridiculous reason for him to keep her last week. She was claiming she would guarantee she won HOH and POV. Adam: “How the BLANK can you guarantee any thing in this game”
They’re basically going over the entire season..

Rachel about Kalia: “She was popping deals out like a toaster”

Adam brings up his biggest regret was turning his back on the Rachel and Jordan when Porsche had the HOH and him, Shelly, Porsche and Kalia were in the back yard. Adam adds that Kalia was really trying to rally the troops and Adam was in it as long as they were all willing to start on a clean slate. (Actually what happened was pandora’s box and KPSA lots the power so Adam floated to JR.)
Adam mentions the one thing that pissed him off most this season was when Dani told him if her dad didn’t Hate Adam he sure does now.

Adam the second worset thing was when Jeff was evicted and he turned to adam and said why didn’t you vote for me.. Adam: “I was like I FUC…. did vote for you”

11:33pm Porsche and Adam talking about how the endurance comp was making them dizzy. Porsche says she felt like puking.

Adam tells Porsche if it was them in final 2 it would be a toss up but her and Rachel he’s not sure.. Porsche: “We don’t have Jeff and Jordan’s vote” Adam thinks who ever wins the final HOH definitely has a case” Porsche: “you’ve played in 27 comps.. I’ve only played in 19.. and rachel played in 20”

Porsche: “Jordan has Jeff’s, Kalia, and Shelly’s vote all she needed one vote”
Adam thinks if he wins the final HOH and if he takes rachel he’s going to call Brendon out. He’s going to say all season Brendon said he was going to vote for who was the biggest competitor. Adam is going to say he won 2/3 of the HOH comps he got were he needed to be. (Adam believes the person who wins the final HOH should get the money)

Adam brings up how production said he only lasted for 22 minutes in the endurance comp.. (Porsche and Adam were getting dizzy.. that makes more sense to me why they dropped so fast)

12:06pm Adam really thinks he’s been a strong competitor. He claims his veto, HOH, veto and if he wins it his final HOH will prove to everyone he deserves to win the money. He mentions if he goes up against rachel he has a vaild case for the jury . Adam does think it will be tough for PA to beat racel. Porsche says she will not vote for someone who evicts her, Adam stumbles and says she needs to think about it differently..

12:20am Porsche knows if she didn’t win that POV it would have Been Rachel, Adam and Jordan final 3. Adam says he put up Porsche and Jordan first because he knew it really didn’t matter who went up and he was hoping it was going to motivate Porsche and Jordan to excel at the comp and he knew that Rachel didn’t need any more motivation.

Adam says he was with the newb 4 alliance he really was but that alliance went to BLANK.. Porsche points out that he was with JR and she felt like she got the BLANK end of the stick She thought they were going to take out JR but it felt like Adam was more with JR than Porsche. Adam says he was with JR and he knew if he turned on that alliance than whatever alliance he made after that wasn’t worth “Foo FOo”. Adam adds that he made a decision to stick with JJR and and stuck to them.

12:33am ARP playing cards Adam telling them they will never see the jury house..

12:43pm ARP POsche and Adam are joking about how they like to smoke weed. Adam says in 8 days he can smoke grass again, he adds that maybe he won’t “do” that anymore.. rachel: “Like every day” Adam claims that He hasn’t done the “everyday thing” for a long time.
Porsche: ” whats a long time.. Like 59 days”
Adam: “no No no longer than that”
Rachel: “2 weeks”
Adam: “No no longer”
rachel: “How did you pass your tests?”
Adam says he hadn’t smoked it in a long time.

1:00AM cards…
Adam asks them if it’s OK he moves into the ROYGBIV room.. POrsche and rachel both say yes. Porsche “we can have a slumber party” Adam: “Do I need to wear fara’s pajamas”

1am – 2:10am Rachel, Adam and Porsche continue to play cards. 1:15am They finish up their card game and head to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Rachel talks about how tomorrow they can lay out and relax. Porsche says that the two people that she was closest to are who she is in the finals with …maybe thats good luck. Rachel asks Porsche if she ever thought it was weird that Kalia slept in the bed with you. Porsche says no. Adam wonders if they will get a HOH camera again. Rachel says oh yeah …I would assume we would. Adam leaves the bathroom and goes to the kitchen to look at the memory wall. Porsche says that the physical part of the season is over. Rachel says well ..the last skill is sometimes physical …but we don’t know. Porsche says that she can’t believe she looked so ill. Rachel asks who said that you did? Porsche says everyone. Porsche and Rachel continue to talk about the competition. Rachel says that she thinks Dani would have done well at the competition, but that Kalia wouldn’t have done well. Adam heads into the candy room to make his bed. Adam and Rachel climb into bed in the candy room. Porsche heads into the kitchen and stops to stare at the memory wall. Porsche, Adam and Rachel are now all in bed in the candy room. They continue to talk about past competitions. Rachel says that the jury house is probably expecting me or you Adam. They talk about random stuff and then roll over to go to sleep…

5:40am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

9:30am No wakeup call yet … They are all still fast asleep..

10:10am Big Brother is letting them sleep in this morning .. ZZzzzz…

10:50am Rachel, Adam and Porsche are still sleeping…

11am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen to wake up the houseguests.

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The vet

Adam….Adam…Adam……a bacon loving, wimpy metal head that loves the sissiest things Jew……don’t buy it. Girl Power

Nicole - TEAM DANI

omg adam is retarted if he thinks winning like 2 comps deserves him the money, he himself even admitted he was kissing everyones ass. I would give the money to porsche or rachel anyday

i love how porsche said she wouldnt vote for someone who evicted her lol, awesome. I hope adam takes that into consideration even if it was just a game move for him to keep her. adam doesnt even deserve final 2.


adam has won more comps then porche and really turned his game up at the end also big brother is not only about winning comps he had a good social game play and was loyal if adam doesn’t win the money i will be very dissapointed i can’t stand porche or rachel. rachel is one of the worst social game players ever she sucked at it last season and this season just because shes won more comps then adam and porche doesnt mean she deserves shit


Ummm, one of those comps was thrown to him, so technically doesn’t that mean Porsche won more comps.


Adam and Porsche have won the same amount of competitions: 2 POV’s and 1 HOH


RA should take to final 2, as for P she should get the boot snivelling loser, and adam shouldnt win, the only thing he has won is the same that losers from biggest losers win, their wieght loss lol. adam is like a domesticated cat, needs to go to whomever gives him the most attention. well that sure is hell one cat i would love to see get nudered. as for R she has made it this far with a target on her back for so long, and when backed into a corner she does come out on top ( Granted she probly has horse shoe up her ass). but adam should win nothing. his social game was not much, im sure a pre-schooler can play his social game just as well 🙂


People winning near the end isn’t as impressive as earlier. Adam didnt win anything till the big competitors were out of the house (Brenden, jeff, dani, kalia) and for his HOH, rachel wasn’t eligable. He is winning by default because there is no competition!




Adam sounds like such an idiot when he talks about winning comps….does he think winning his HOH when there were 3 girls and him left is a BIG DEAL???? Really Adam, where were you for the first 65 days?? I am hoping Rachel wins the game. At least she fought her way through the entire season. Porshe is as big a JOKE as Adam!! This season is ending with two of the biggest FLOATERS ever!!! Please Adam and Porshe, don’t brag about your HOH and comp wins this late in the game!!!


Posche beat Jay-eff


The only thing that Porsche deserves is a kick in the rear end on her way out of the house. She is one of the most vile and evil humans that BB has ever allowed on the show, and should of been sent home a long time ago. At least Adam has some sense of morality and decency about him whereas Porsche has none. Rachel and Adam final two and Rachel for the win.


Morality and decency? I think you should be watching ABC Family or Lifetime. Big Brother is not for you.


According to most post on these comment boards (I’ve read them all season), NO ONE has ever WON a HOH or POV. They have all been GIVEN to them by someone else. Gezzz. Jordan CRUSHED 7 newbies before (J&B goofed off on their shots – and most likely wouldn’t have beat her #3 score). Jeff bean bag missed the hole by 2 inches and slowly moved off the board where Adam only beat him by one point (So, Jeff could have won it and after Production got hold of him he started saying…man I’m good enough to only lose by 1 point). It was Dani that threw that comp. Also, for the most of you “It’s only Fair” folks that say, well that person has won some $$ already. Then, I guess when your local high school wins it’s first game, then it should lose it’s second game to just be fair. And Jordan left with Class and made Dani look PETTY (and I liked Dani until she talked that crap when she left). And all you Dani fans will have to eat your words when Dani votes for Adam over Rachel if their the final two. Then, she’ll say, it’s not personal – Adam won more comps after she left. Can’t wait till Survivor starts now and watch Coach cry again.


i agree cant wait for survivor i would like to see jordon or rachel on survivor to see how long they last adam would not last one day on survivor if he did he would go home on day 3 when the first team that has lost go the tribal. love tosee rachel cry there boohoo woo is meeeeeeeee brendon help meeeeeeeeeeeee


wtf does him being a Jew have to do with anything? Dumbass.


adam is jewish, dont have a problem with that, but i thought jewish people didnt eat pork. am i wrong?


Good move for Rach trying to convince Por that Rach does not have JJ’s votes….Por will be soooo lame if she doesn’t catch on to it


don’t you just miss Jeff, why not?- what a hell is wrong with you?


I don’t miss him because I’m not a gay man.

Scallywag in Canada

I’m a gay man and I don’t miss him at all so what does being gay have to do with anything?

Nick B

I’m also gay, and can’t stand Jeff. Middle aged housewives love that homophobe, not us.


Ur a douche!!


Seriously Jeff’s a homophobic asshole! Why would u even make that statement


I am a middle-aged housewife and I despise Jeff. I despise homophobes, and I don’t understand why Jeff thinks anyone owes him anything. It’s a game! And he gave Shelly hell. And for what? For doing the same damn thing he would do. Backstab to win! And don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Shelly either…..what a weasel. But Jeff is the most despicable human being in this game, bar none.

There is nothing attractive about a bigot. And Jeff is a low class bigot.


You must be that Captain guy, cause you are one hell of a nut case.

JJ Fan

I miss him too!


jeff is a little abusive man with control issues ! look how he talks to all the women like they were subserviant to him . i wish Brenndon would have really put him in his place when he was talking to rachel in that demeanning way . Poor jordan is so stupid , thats the kind of women abusers go for . look at how Jeff reacted as soon as shelly used her own brain and said i need this for my family . Jeff went craxy on her in the house and then in the jury house . he couldnt believe that a Women actualy would think and out smart him. Jeff also plotted to get his so called Buddy Brendon out of the house . why didnt he save him with winning that POV ? because he was a scared little man that knew that Bren would be able to beat him and he couldnt CONTROL bren . put he thought he could control R ach , didnt he . nobody can caontrol that much crazy ! ha ha JEFF IS A AWFUL PERSON WHO IS A BOLD FACELIAR AND WAS ONLY OUT FOR HIMSELF . Yes you are suppose to lie in the BB house put dont go around proclaiming that you played honest and didnt screw over anybody ! look at how Jordan reacted also when shelly took out jeff ! went off on her . was shelly just suppose to hand those two all the money ? i thin k thinks so

Nicole - TEAM DANI

i agree i hatttttttttteeee jeff, the people who like him are the ones who cant get anyone decent looking, and just drool over people like him LMAOOOOO


You are so wrong Nicole! Apparently you must be one of those girls like Dani who thinks they are hot and even if you were you are to damn obnoxious for anyone to stand you! I like Jeff, Jordan and Rachel! Dani was an immature, conceited, arrogant b***ch! And most everyone on here complain how boring the show had gotten, yet when Jeff confronts people you talk about what a bully he is! Can’t have it both ways! I like for people to stand up for themselves and cause a little drama! But I don’t think that the way people act in the house are who they truly are except maybe Jordan! And no I am not ugly or overweight!


I agree with you, when jeff confronted people he was a bully(whatever), but when the 3 witches of the house, k, d and p said horrible things about rachel, their fans said its ok they were just joking


Definitely agree with you but I actually think the comment witches of the house is too nice to describe Shelly, Dani, K and Porsche. Those four are not nice enough to just be called withces. They are evil, evil, evil women all four of them.


I agree, I was trying to be nice


lol you must be one of those crazys who sent death threats to shellys family


What because I state my opinion I am now crazy and being accused of making death threats? Just stating my thoughts and opinions! LOL if you don’t have something amusing to say then maybe you should change your name!


Agree, the witches comment is too nice for those four. Those four are just vile and hateful human beings.


The hate you have in you makes you an ugly person regardless of what you look like…just sayin’


Can Porsche win at this point if she makes it to the F2? Curious to hear your UNBIASED (doubt it) opinions. Those saying that she is an idiot for keeping Jordan – she would’ve obviously lost to Jordan! Shelly would have def voted for Jordan over Porsche and other than Kalia and Dani, everyone else would go for Jordan. What are Porsche’s chances against Rachel and Adam?


I think Porche can win, but only if she takes Adam. In this scenario, I believe Dani, Brendon, Rachel, and Kalia will all vote for her. In any scenario with Rachel in the final two, Rachel will probably win.


I agree.


I HOPE Rachel WINS….she is the only one of the final three who deserves it!!!


NO PORSCHE CANNOT win no matter who she takes. Adam final two with Porschdumb and he gets Rachel, Brendon, Jordan and Jeffs vote. They have told him as much so Porschdumb loses. IT is what she deserves. Rachel and Porschdumb in final two and no she cannot win because Rachel gets Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Adam because he has already said no matter what Rachel gets his vote. PORSCHDUMB loses and just hope she does not even make final two as that would be justice for the way she has acted in the game.

Katy Morris

Porche vs Rachel: Yes, Porche can win because she will have votes of Adam, Shelly, Kalia, and Dani.

Porche vs Adam. Questionable. She would have Dani and Kalia for sure. Shelly would probably vote for Adam as will Jeff and Jordan. If Brendon votes for Adam so will Rachel.

Rachel vs Adam. Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, Kalia, and Dani will all vote for Adam. Brendon is her only sure vote and Porche would probably vote for her. There is no possible way for Rachel to win because she’s burned too many bridges with ALL the other HG especially with her goodbye comments.


Dani would refuse to vote before voting for adam. As much as she hates rachel there is no way in hell she will vote for adam aka worst excuse for a contestant evert

BB Fan

Dani will NOT vote for Adam. Her and Rachel may not get along but Dani respects the game way too much to vote for Adam. She knows Rachel deserves to win if making it to Final 2 against Adam.


I pretty much disagree with all your scenarios.

Rachel vs Porsche: Adam isn’t automatically voting for Porsche. He will vote for whoever he thinks played the best game. Rachel was a target the entire game and still made it to the final 2, Porsche was never a target. So I’m saying Adam votes for Rachel. Shelly might vote for Rachel here too.

Porsche vs Adam: I don’t know how the votes would go if these two are in final 2.

Rachel vs Adam: Jeff and Jordan would not vote for Adam over Rachel. Jeff and Brendon have become pretty good friends and so have Rachel and Jordan, so they will both vote for Rachel for sure. I think Porsche would probably vote for Rachel too. Dani Kalia and Shelly are a toss up. But I could see Shelly voting with Jeff and Jordan.


I doubt kahlia votes for Adam for the mere fact he coulda kept her..>Thats the problem with Adams game…He was the deciding vote on a couple occasions so the blood was on his hands…He didnt think it all through…Especially when it mattered most…Dani will blame him…Kahlia will blame him…Shelly will blame him too prolly,,,


You are insane–JJ will not vote for useless Adam over Rachel–have you even watched this season? Rachel obviously would beat both Adam and Porsche and do it pretty easily if she gets there.


this is to katy morris i think you are mistaken if its rachel vs adam rachel will win. she will have Jeff, Jordon, Brandon and imo shelly so she will win. it dont matter if its rachel vs either adam or porka rachel will win she deserves it most of all she has worked her ass off to be where she is right now. I did not like her last season and really did not like her half of this season but she pulled herself together and has kicked butt. GO RACHEL


Sorry KATY MORRIS but if you watch the live feeds ADAM has already promised that no matter what if he is not in Final TWO, he will vote for Rachel to win the money. PORSCHE LOSES!!

nice counts

REAL simple what are Porsche’s chances against Rachel or Adam. Her chances are 0. She loses!!


Porsche’s decision wan’t smart b/c she was concerned with going against Jordan in the final two when that was unlikely to happen. She had a much better shot of getting to the final two and winning than she does with Rachel in the game. I think Rachel knows this but is just making sure Porsche will also take her to final two if Porsche somehow wins. It was a given that Rachel would win the endurance and Adam is likely to win the next round. I actually think Rachel will win the last round and take Adam. So basically Rachel will take Adam and I think Adam will take Rachel which is the exact spot she would’ve been in with Jordan, however, with Jordan she actually had a chance to win and chose the final two herself.

R has J,J,B,D (the goodbye message didn’t help but I think Dani would think Adam winning would be worse than Rachel), she also likely has Kalia

R has J,J,B, possibly Adam. He would be the swing vote again and I think it would chose Rachel based on comps

P has D,K,S
A has J,J
B,R would be the deciding votes and it probably depends on how things went down. I want to say Rachel would vote for Porsche based on friendship ad lack of respect for Adam but I’m not sure Rachel and Porsche are really friends. They seem very fake towards each other to me, and I think Porsche’s only been nice to her lately b/c she’s needed to be.

Porsche’s best option would be the final one which could’ve also happened if Jordan stayed in the game and I believe was more likely to happen if Jordan was there instead of Rachel. I don’t think Porsche had a great shot either way but I do think she’ll look back and think her decision was a bad one.


She can’t win against any of them. But I believe she took Rachael over Jordon because she feels that Rachael does deserve to be there over Jordon. Did you guys here JOrdon pleading her case to Adam. Saying Porshe doen’t deserve to be there she did nothing. I want to know what has Jordon won that was not given to her.


These houseguests are wimps! I cant believe that for half a million they couldnt last longer then they did! I would stay on that mixer all night and all the next day to get closer to half a million! As far as competition goes, Rachel deserves the money, she would have stayed up there as long as she had to. I never cared for her or her personality but she does deserve to win BB13, if she doesnt win part 3 though she will be evicted, the other two cannot possible be dumb enough to think they will win sitting next to Rachel, so lets go Rachel!!!


Adam’s actually gonna win this thing, isn’t he? Funky.


if Adam wins I will be very upset


Love Jordon, She deserves america’s favorite

All Knowing One

So glad that Dumb Blonde who tolerates being abused by Jeff is gonzo.


Another jealous, stalker


Nobody is jealous Will. And get off Jeff’s dick, he’s a homophobe anyways.


no kidding


no kidding to Will.. not to Name say… seriously dude.. what’s your problem?? Did Jeff reject you?? awwwwwwww


Maggs I thought you were “done” here and with BB if Jordan was evicted?

Nick B



lol well was gonna stop watching but my daughter, love her, reminded me that it’s been our bonding thing watching the show these last few weeks!! lol honestly, Jordan being gone aint the end of the world for me , would love to see Rachael win cause she is such a fighter!! Love her more now that Brendan isn’t around her, she seems calmer.

OK, so I am still here till the end, just hate some of the garbage written here. Not just about Jordan but others as well.

May not like some as much as others but gonna practise what I preach and try to make sure that I don’t say horrible things about any of the remaining contestants! Really don’t think Adam and Porsche deserve to be in finals, but it is what it is!
So good luck to all, especially Rachael!!! lol

It’s been mainly a blast reading these posts! Thanks all!!! 🙂

The Real Rick

Porshe will win this thing in a thong


I hope “if” she wins she doesn’t wear a thong! She had loaded up the trunk this season! Shoulda started working out a little sooner than she did!lol


So would you like it now if I said you’re jealous of Porsha? Exactly!

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______

If the show continued for a couple more weeks Porsche would have overtaken Kalia in the fat ass / total weight category… She’s an obtuse, useless turd !

Pretty but STOOPID ……


Rachel is playing mind games with Porsche. She knows she has the votes if she gets to the final 2 with Adam.

nice counts

RACHEL has the votes not matter who she goes to final 2 with. As long as she gets to final two, RACHEL WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I do agree that whoever Rachel goes to and she will win. Hoping she can win HOH to guarantee that she will be in the final 2.


Boy am I stupid




Jordan, you ARE stupid hahaha You have the IQ of a strand of hair.


I’m a fat idiot, and listening to Dani’s lame advice cost me $500,000 and all of America hates me!!! WHA WHA WHA!!!!


can’t wait til this is over with. this is going to be boring here on out. they need to have Jury House After Dark.


I would love to see that!


me too! so much better then watching them sitting around playing cards! I didn’t mind Adam but to hear him talk now, he thinks he is the best contestant everr!!! how long did you last in that endurance comp again??? 22 mins?? lol


You do know that Tv s have off buttons. If you don’t like something don’t watch

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______

…..the Jury House should be part of the 24/7 live feed. It would be a hoot watching Jeff and “Skeletor” (aka Dani) throwing jabs at each other. Dani would definitely win the battle of the words whiereas Jeff would be arrested for assault ….. Shelly has probably turned to shoe letter…she is one annoying guy in drag ! And those lips of her’s, phuck they are gross !

The rest of this season is going to be a huge bore. Skeletor and Shelly are going to try and outdo each other on finale night. Skeletor will use dark eye liner on her cheek bones to enhance her “death face” and Shelly, wearing her loose fitting flip-flops and baggy grey sweats, will have 2nd degree burns all over from excessive tanning.

Can hardly wait for the next iteration of the show where “Chicken George” and “Cowboy” will be introduced as husband and husband…..



Midwest Fan



So sad to see Jordan leave, but what a trooper! So much class. People so often misunderstand southern kindness for stupidity, but Jordan sets the stage. She absolutely deserves Americas favorite player. PS please get Porsche “Pinto” out third!!!


Like! She is a southern sweetheart! And she does deserve to win favorite…but I think Jeff will get it…I like him to! Either way I will be happy with either one of them.

nice counts

I so agree with you she is the only player all season that went out with class and dignity, and I loved how she told Rachel as long as you make final two you win!!!! JORDAN is right and agree she deserves to win America’s Favorite Player. I am voting for her.


That is so biased! Brendon went out with more class than Jordan did. The only person in jury that went out with less class than Jordan was Jeff. Dani and Shelly were good sports about it. Jordan made that comment about not knowing anything about Porsche after spending the summer in the house with her. It was really snide, and catty. If she never got to know Porsche it’s because Jordan was always hiding in the HOH room with the vets weeks 1, 2 and 3 and when Jeff was HOH, or downstairs moping and talking crap about Dani and Porsche when Dani/Kahlia/Dani were HOH. She made no effort to get to know Porsche. I can remember several times when Porsche tried to have a conversation with her and Jordan got up and left. If Jordan didn’t get to know her it wasn’t Porsche’s fault. I’m glad she got evicted and glad too that Porsche had a hand in Jeff and Jordan’s evictions.

Jordan is one of the biggest hypocrites ever, and her sense of entitlement was out of control, just like Jeff’s . She says Porsche doesn’t deserve to be final 3. Jordan won one competition all season and Porsche, who was not eligible to compete after week one until the golden key was over has won an HOH and two POVs. In the competitions that Porsche didn’t win she usually came in no worse than 4th. Jordan can’t say that about her own performance. She mostly sucked and consistently was at the bottom of the pack. The only exceptions were the snake competition (where Porsche beat her) and the FT competition which Adam won. She is delusional if she thinks she deserves to be there more than Porsche. Bottom line is that Jordan didn’t like her from the start and looked down on her. Even when Rachel was BFF with Porsche, Jordan was always whining about not trusting Porsche, saying she just didn’t like her. Porsche isn’t my favorite, though I hope she wins. I started out not liking her, but she has stepped up her game. As much as I dislike Brenchel, I would rather see Rachel stay than Jordan and I am glad that Rachel realized that her and Brendon were just being used by JJ as human shields. Brendon learned that too when Shelly got to the JH. America’s make believe contrived sweethearts don’t look very sweet. Sure, CBS gives them a great edit, but on the feeds they showed us so many times what petulant poor sports they are. They seemed to think that the table was set for them to win and everyone had to help them get there. Jeff and Jordan constantly ragged on people behind their backs at the slightest hint that they were playing the game for themselves instead of for Jeff and Jordan. I am glad they are gone and hope we never have to see them again. Good riddance. Go Porsche!


I agree completely – Jordan and Jeff were a waste of space in the house this year. Their sense of entitlement was disgusting. I don’t find her stupidity or cuteness attractive at all.

Midwest Fan



beautiful words ! julie chen should read this live on air ! thanks for using FACTS and not delusion .


Perfectly put


Yeah, I haven’t liked her since her season. I don’t like being force fed fake showmances. I don’t like how the network leaves out all the negative things JJ do on the feeds and edit them out to be angels. I don’t like people that feel entitled and if you’re going to lie and backstab in the game, which everyone has to do, at least recognize that as much as others screw you over, you are just as guilty because you have screwed others too. It’s a freaking game. I am a fan of the show and I will always judge based on game play, not on looks, what the HG do outside the game or based on knee jerk reactions. I try to keep my emotions out of it. No matter how much I dislike a player, I will give them their due when they make big moves. You obviously missed the part where I said Porsche was never my favorite. You took the time to look at my comments from two years ago, but you didn’t need to go so far to see what I had to say about Porsche in the beginning. I don’t like her, but she has done well and she has done it herself. I don’t care what kind of person she is on the outside. I know how to separate a tv game show persona from real life. As for being jealous, that’s just silly. I have no reason to be jealous of a snotty little girl with the intelligence of an eggplant. I have daughters her age, and they are hardworking, beautiful and kind girls. Next to them, Jordan looks shallow and not even that pretty. My girls are nice looking without boob jobs and they don’t need to dye their hair. Why would I be threatened by a fake tv persona on a stupid game show? LOL


Also wanted to add that if you look over this season’s comments, you will find occasion where I defended Jordan. I don’t agree with those that say she is a floater, I think she won her HOH fair and square, and also the luxury competition, and I did say that she was the only person that could handle Rachel. The difference between fans like me and fans like hater is that we can criticise the ones we like when they mess up and applaud the ones we don’t like when they make good or bold moves. Not like some people that will always excuse, ignore or justify the bad things and mistakes their favorites do and bad mouth the ones they don’t like for non game related reasons.


How is she the ONLY one to have gone out with class? I don’t recall Keith or Cassi leaving on bad terms.


Yes, Jordan for America’s fan favorite. I think she is really a very nice person.


I have this weird feeling Adam may win the whole thing and I have no idea how to feel about that.


Rachel just won the endurance so she’s golden, now get rid of Adam




Ummm! Are you ready the same spoilers as the rest of us?




no updated ones!


rach is americas most beautiful sweetheart now and she needs to win 🙂 go rach


Why complain about your alliance now? You’ve made it to the final 3. Obviously you picked the right people to align yourself with. These people are so dumb they baffle me. Why would Porshe keep Rachel? If she would’ve kept Jordan she would’ve won the endurance comp. Rachel is the only one deserving to win anymore. Ugh, why do I watch this sh*t every year?


LOL, i always think the same thing every year


rachel has been nothing but classy not nasty (unlike porch who picked her nose and ate her own snots or adam who had toilet paper stuck to his backside 🙂


Rachel classy? Requiring a mental health professional to come in to the house to try and screw your head back on correctly is not indicative of class but rather it is indicative of serious mental health issues. If Brendon wasn’t such a complete tool I’d actually feel sorry for his poor choice in choosing a mate.


rach is Americas newest sweetheart for a reason 🙂 class act all the way
Don’t you wish your girlfriend was just like rach (don’t cha)


She wasnt classy throughout the whole thing, but being a jeff and jordan fan, I have really come to like rachael. She def played the game and she was loyal to Jordan till the end…I hope she wins!


Rachel has been loyal to a fault in both of her seasons. I’m glad she stuck with Jordan. I love them both! I’ll be sad for Rachel if she doesn’t get at least $25k for her amazing work this year and last year.


Sure Rachel deserves to win but I dont know about her being classy. She was sucking off Brendon under the covers a few weeks ago for the entire world to see.

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______

…Porsche eats snot !

With the way she was chowing down all season i’m not surprised. Glad I didn’t get to witness that but I did see her shaving Adam’s back ! Too phuckin’ gross. Wonder if she saved the hair for a “BB13 commemorative pillow”?


Wow, got a stomach ache from laughing so hard at your comment.


Classy girls don’t do the doggie and give hand jobs on camera. Classy girls don’t hide in the bushes and cry when they lose. Classy girls don’t bully others when they win. The only context where the word class belongs in a sentence with Rachel is that Rachel is in a class all her own. She isn’t as great a player as she thinks. Without Brendon, who kept her safe by winning POVs and taking bullets for her and without the stupid return of the duos twist, she would have been gone. Same with Jordan. Those two girls had loyal partners from the start. They had double the chance of staying safe and winning competitions because they were playing with their boyfriends. The newbs got paired up with each other when they didn’t even know each other, and during the key phase the duos played more against each other than to protect each other because the vets had the power. It’s one thing to get to where Rachel is with the help of her boyfriend and the duo twist that saved her and put a much better player out (Shelly), and it’s quite another to make it this far all by yourself like Porsche who lost her partner (who was no help to her, he was a liability) during the first week, and made an alliance with Rachel which Rachel burned forcing her to think fast to keep safe. And lets talk about big moves. Rachel’s moves were evict Keith, evict Dom and evict Kahlia. I guess she had a lot to do with getting Cassie out too, but Dani helped with that and Jordan was stupid enough to listen to her. Porsche’s big moves were getting Jeff and Jordan out. She also was brave enough to vote against the house the first time Brendon was evicted because she thought she was in an alliance with Rachel and she risked pissing the rest of the house off to stay loyal. As for Adam, his “big” moves were not using the POV and getting the last HOH where his nominations were redundant and he couldn’t be accused of getting blood on his hands. Porsche didn’t cry like Rachel when she lost. She didn’t rub anyones face in her victories or bully them like Jeff. She didn’t stick her nose in the air and refuse to get to know people like Jordan and she didn’t piss anyone off by campaigning too hard, cornering people and feeding them bullshit like Kahlia did. Like her or not, Porsche is final 3 because she got herself there with no help from anyone, something Rachel can’t say.

Vote Jordan

from Jordan’s speech , i think Jordan told Porsha she ( Jordan ) would not take her (Porsha ) to the final two if she wins the last HOH, that’s why Jordan knew she was being evicted. Think Jordan did it on purpose so Rachel would not be evicted.
She just too nice for this game.

vote Jordan for the 25K so her and Jeff and move in together.


I agree




Ain’t gonna happen. Jeff’s no brainiac either, but he made it clear all season long that he was just using Jordan. He could barely sit still when the two of them were alone and Jordan would start blathering on about something or other that, as usual, completely missed the point. His contempt for her was papable. I remember one scene in particular where the two of them were sitting outside on the couch and someone announced that dinner was ready. Jeff got up so fast in his haste to get away from Jordan that he thought he had let on to the fact that he doesn’t give two shits about her. In a split second he tried to do damage control by turning around and saying something condescending like, “Come on, sweeeeeety.” Funny thing is Jordan never opened her mouth because, being the dumb blonde she is, she didn’t catch on to what was happening. Jeff’s mouth was moving faster than his brain, and so he then said, “What?” trying to give himself time to come up with a response to a comment that was never made. He looked into Jordan’s eyes, saw nothing but her same old vacuous, glazed look, realized she hadn’t caught on and said with relief, “Oh, okay.”

Nope, these two will NEVER tie the knot.


she didn’t blame porsche, she just said they never talked, calm down


Her eviction speech was just a fun joke kind of thing, chill out.

Midwest Fan


Women know how to offer “digs” with a smile and Jordan did just that.


I loved Jordan’s dig at Porsche. Porsche is so jealous of Jordan. She kept talking about her and wanted to know if Jordan was going to get a long interview and questioning how Jordan got a big applause. I honestly do not like Porsche. She is very annoying and full of herself. Her nor Adam deserve to win. They started winning comps when all the competitors were gone. Rachel really does deserve this. Everytime her back was against the wall, she pulled through and saved herself.


She started winning when she needed to. Why show your cards before you need to.


she started winning when she had to, because the only competitor left was rachel


right…… Porsche is obsessed with Jordan. i guess that’s why Jordan took her low blow at Porsche during her speech? and i mean, it’s not like Jordan constantly talked about having to get Porsche out.

let’s be real… Porsche won more comps, made it further in the game and looks better in a bikini than Jordan. Jordan is a has-been mental-midget.


Jeff was attracted to Porshe…and made plans after the show with her to do some work with him…..He told Jordan to stay away and not talk to her because he didn’t want Jordan finding out…she really is dumb…but nice in her way….but Jordan sensed that and was very jealous of Portia towards the end because of Adam…


porsche is not that cute, if you think she is, you seriously need glassess


sorry, glasses


she does not look better than Jordan…. NOT AT ALL


Um…..Porsch does not hold a candle to Jordan in a bikini. And for Jordans sake, let’s hope the Baffion runs off with Porsch!


Jeff is a very self-centered, angry man. Jordan is too good for him. She’ll be better off if he hooks up with Porche.


I agree, I thought it was funny


porsche is very mean and rude. notice how when brenden was evicted, her and dani were in the room all giddy, then she goes to rachel and tries to comfort her? & when jordan came in, she rolled her eyes, made a noise and left. shes very jealous of jordan, because she was close to rachel first. but she let her jealousy get in the way, and thats why jordan and rachel were close. once the vets started taking hits, by losing brenden, they all ran to the backstabbing vet, dani. dani would have won this game if she had stuck with them and if evel dick hadnt left the house. but, yeah. it disgusts me that porsche and adam are left. they need to stop taking out the awesome, good players and evict the floaters, and stop keeping them for numbers. because shit like this happens, and porsche or adam will either end up with 1st and 2nd place or theyll end up 2nd to rachel. its horrible. i dont like dani, but she deserves to be there more then porsche or adam

I'm Jordan, please verbally abuse me Jeff.

I’m stupid.


Sounds like someone is either jealous or obsessed…get a life!


LOL, so funny!!


Hey guys, who is the BB contestant that Porsche says she knows from another season??



Brown Fat

big ol dime of votes for porsche online, she is my favorite because she likes to wear bikinis and whatever else whats her name said before saying ‘bye y’all’


Can someone please remind me, do we always get to choose America’s favorite player from all the contestants including the final two? Somehow I thought the final two were not included but I couild be mistaken. Has anyone won first or second place and America’s favorite?


You can vote for all except the Winner


They use to only choose the favorite jury member. This is the first time everyone is eligible.


actually i think u are correct…


shut up! Jordan was a pretty good social player, otherwise she wouldn’t have made it so far.
Just because you don’t like her you don’t have to be so cruel with your comments.

just watch Jeff or Jordan are going to get the 25,000 or whatever the amount is this year.

As for now, I don’t even care anymore who wins -since I’m pretty done with season 13 when Jeff left.




She claimed that she was a good social player, but when asked about Porsche, she said she never talked to her.


Seriously…does anybody know anything about Porsche? I watched the whole season and the live feeds and know this about her.

1.from florida waitress
3.has 3 somes with old men for car rides has been married 4x
5.likes to show off her body to be the host
7.thinks it’s ok to host in a bikini
8.met Janelle
9.came to BB in hopes to further her career in tv/movies.
That’s all I know about this skank called Porsche,which isn’t even her real name.


you forgot to add that all porgie pig does is eat , eat, and eat some more. kahlia didnt make it to the jury house, porgie pig needed a snack. she keep kahlia eating all summer for that reason.


your comment is vulgar and youdo not have much intelligents. marlene


HA! And you’re questioning DR’s intelligence? You can’t even spell the word intelligence. Iroooooony

kalia the hutt

while you’re at it why not make fun of DR’s spelling of the word “riddance”


Did I miss something? How was his comment vulgar? I must’ve been reading the wrong comment.


This guy’s a dusche


DR = dusche


It’s douche you idiots. Jordan’s fans are as dumb as her – and theres a lot of them!




I’m going to laugh so hard when Jeff dumps Jordan

Midwest Fan

Everyone voting for Jeff to win America’s Favorite is giving him
25,000 more reasons to dump Jordan.
He wants his freedom from the phony $howmance.


Why??? Why would you find pleasure in someone else’s pain?? If the did do this,which I doubt, why would you find it enjoyable?? Did she do something to you?? I doubt it since you don’t even know the girl!

Before you jump all over me saying I am JJ fan, it is not the reason I am questioning you. I just find it somewhat disturbing that you would derive so much pleasure from someone’s pain. I’d feel the same way if this comment was made about Rachael, Dani, Porsche, Kalia…

It’s just rude!!


ughh “he” lol fricking fingers lol

Midwest Fan

IMO, Jordan will face much greater pain in the future if she doesn’t
wake up to the fact that their $howmance is over.
Will they be good friends in the future?
Hopefully they will, but that depends on Jeff being honest with Jordan.
BB11 was kind of romantic and it became an income and business for them
She may still be invested emotionally to Jeff but he doesn’t appear to have that with her.

BB13 was platonic.


I agree..i dont think there is much sizzle between jeff and jordan anymore..they live in different states..if you were together for the summer with someone you love after not being with them for awhile dont you think you would show a bit more affection for one and all looked staged to me..Rachel and Brendan always showed affection to one and other..jordan won half a mill..if her and jeff were that much in love dont you think they would have found a way to be together and not living seperately in diff states…they were crowned americas sweethearts and i think its a cash cow for them as long as they portray that they are still together.they act more like friends than lovers.


Opinions are like assholes,every has one and they all stink.


Here’s to hoping Rachel wins the whole darn thing. She deserves it after the effort she has put in on all the comps. Not to mention just the fact that she was able to change my opinion on her this season. Go Rachel for winning the 1st HOH and heres hoping she will win the 3rd HOH and be able to pick who she takes. I will be sad to see Adam and Porsche in the last two seats. I don’t care who Rachel takes with her as long as she is in one of those two seats.
As far as “P” is concerned I didnt even really notice she was on this show till just a couple weeks ago and Adam, well, he has always kept his cards close to his chest and has played the ultimate social game of the season. Again, GO RACHEL!!!
So sad to see Jordan go (to all you haters) some of us like her and thinks she is just a sweet kind girl. But, she has had her chance in the last two chairs and won and I am pretty sure either her or Jeff will win Americas player so I am not to sad.


Did you see the pool during the competition? Looks like Kalia got there first. (why else would the water be so yellow?)


that would’ve required her to be awake lol, it looked like shelly’s tan -ugh!!!

Tekilla sunrise

It seems to me that Jordan got really insecure in her last hours in the BB house. Porsche’s physical appearance got to her and became a source of frustration for some reason.
Yes, Porsche has feminine ways (Please Jordan don’t tell me that’s the reason you hung out with Shelly more than anybody else in the house, you felt more secure around her masculine ways or something? )
Yes Porsche was walking around in bikinis ( Was she the only one during this summer in the BB house?)
The question is : why focus on it in your last hours?
I guess it was her way of coping out. Porsche had her fate in her hands…poor thing …she was feeling really down, powerless, talking about I don’t deserve to be here, I need to go, I saved by other people, how is Adam going to vote? oh no ! Adam is under Porsche’s spell… Porsche is too sexy for her shirt, too sexy for her car, too sexy for the BB house …blah blah blah whew…

You’re fine now girl, , go on, you are safe, you will be with Jeff, away from Porsche’s irresistible sexyness. At least until next week…lol

On another note…IMO Porshe will regret her choice… I hope for the sake of her intelligence that it was a DR suggestion and note her own game move…if you kknow what I mean, lol.

Tekilla sunrise

it’s 3 am, I can’t seem to spell things right in my comment, oh well…


I dont really recall seeing porsche in that many bikini’s, i do recall those horrible sweat suits and actually seeing her dimply fat ass through them, she’s gross


If you listened to her porkies reasoning, she said there was a better chance racheol or Adam would take her to final than Jordan. Floating til the end


The only way my physical appearance got to Jordan is because she gagged as did all of the other house guests as soon as she saw me as well as all of America. I guess they did not like my greasy disgusting hair, my picking zits and leaving them on the mirror, my eating snot as fast as I could, or my fat ass getting bigger every day, or my fat mouth talking about killing babies or me putting stuff in the milk to make people sick. I guess I really am STUPID!!!

MRKnowItAll number 2

they all think they are hot shit cuz they made the final 3, rachel is turning back into her obnoxious self when JJ told them that they were voting brendon out, and how in the hell does porky pig know what jeff was thinking, they werent even on the same side, worst cast EVER in BB, winning it this year is not an accomplishment


Simon, This guy copied my name.


Hahaha, Pinto wondering if she can win Americas Vote if she doesnt get to the final two. No dumbass. No one has a chance its Jeff or Jordan, that is really the only thing that is garunteed in this game…


Actually the two of them may split votes and a third person may creep in, possibly Dani. But yeah Porsche has no chance of winning it.


glad someone else understands that these polls arent rigged

brenden back in the house…not rigged. why? cassi/dom voters split…2/3 1/3, ALL brenden supporters voted brenden, all Rachel supporters voted brenden, then some random keith votes, and of course brenden was going to win because of a SPLIT vote.

regardless, at this point rachel is playing the best game x10

shes even positioned herself to SOMEHOW be taken to the final 2 if she doesnt win the third HOH


Wow, who peed in your Cheerios??? Experience road rage much???

Team Rachel!

Team Rachel!!! Rachel has provided so much entertainment! You can tell from what Regan and Jordan have said about her that she is really quite sweet. Her persona is a little grating at times, but the last several weeks she has been soooo normal. She has been pretty wise to so many people, while others were getting snowed. I’m so glad to see her make it to the final three…and she so deserves to win!


Rachel is a big cry baby!!!

Midwest Fan

Rachel is a true BB Gamer and has earned support from BB Fans.


Why pick on just Rachel…a lot of them have cried during this whole show…Kalia is a big whiney one too..with the biggest non stop motor mouth…Shelly cried too and her man voice never answers anyone’s questions straight…….ya straight shooter my *ss……even Dani cried once I believe… stop picking on people who cried….

and anything Rachel tells Pork belly is all for her game now…she truly likes Jordan..they became friends….and what she tells her now is all for her strategy in the game to make Porscha (with her flab hanging out of her sweat pants) believe what ever Rachel is trying to make her believe………GO RACHEL !!!


..I have been saying all along that Jordan is the Nastiest and most under-handed HG!.. Sooo glad her Dummy A was evicted… By Porsche!!True!


You sound like an Evil Dickless Danielle fan, who didn’t go very far in the game.


The jury votes are kind of unpredicatbled since we don’t know how the hell Jordan will vote. Will she vote Rachel? Or vote with Jeff? But I hope Rachel wins though.


Jeff and Jordan will definitely vote for Rachel, I think.


Does the HoH part 2 usually happen the day after part 1?

Team Rachel!

And is there a show this Sunday or is next Wednesday the next and last show?

Team Rachel!

Go Rachel! You are loved! I’d love to see you win this thing and carry that confidence with you as you start your new life. You are baby steps away from winning this! It doesn’t mattter who you take. Even Shelly will vote for you. I KNOW IT! BB sure tried to make it look like Jordan was so okay with leaving ..yet the night before she looked like she had been crying her eyes out and wasn’t so cheery with everyone HA! The hypocrite is gone. She might be sweet, but its only because she’s not super smart and realy gullible .. In other words, she just not smart enough to figure out when people have made a fool of her…you can tell she is one of those people that should carry a sign that says “walk all over me.” Love Rachel!


lol….Adumb is now in nervous mode about the jury votes. he has to know he has no shot in getting the 500k. Rachel & Porshe has done way more in comps than him. this idiot wastes about 6 hours a day chain smoking and lasted only 22 mins on the blender HOH comp. Adumb will be the deciding vote if he does not make it to the F2. Dani, Kalia and Shelly will vote for Porshe. Brendon, Jeff and Jordan will vote for Rachel, and that leaves Adumb deciding vote in who wins 500k.


when is part 2 of the hoh held?


Okay obviously you dislike Jordan (quite a lot for just being a game ) Anyway, you have to really be ignoring the obvious which is, Porsche, talked crap about Jordan from almost day 1! (yes, I know not just Jordan, but also basically anyone that was not in her vicinity at any given moment). She constantly made references to Jeff thinking she was Jordan and thinking that meant Jeff was attracted to her (conversation she had with Dani) Also, comments that were very similar to what Jordan said were also basically said by Shelly, Jeff, Brendon, RACHEL, Dani (and I’m sure others) to Porsche’s face and behind her back, so it was no “shocker” that it would be repeated, like Jordan said she didn’t really know Porsche at all. By Porsche’s on action alone that description fits her. When Porsche won her HOH she wanted to change into her bikini so it would show her in it for the show, also she constantly asked to be the host and CONSTANTLY wanted to wear her bikini in them. So I think Porsche set herself up for those comments. IF you seriously think Porsche is better looking than Jordan than that’s you opinion but I would think a person who showers rarely, wears the same thing continually, steals things from people, spikes muscle milk with benefiber, has to talk trash about everyone to feel better…more power to you…Jordan is more of a lady than Porsche has in her little toe. For the record Jordan and Jeff may have not tried in the veto to keep blood of there hands but if the votes were there Jordan and Jeff would have voted for Brendon…they had stated numerous times that they would have rather it had been Rachel leaving and Brendon staying because they thought he was more stable…so Porsche once again is lying through her teeth. I want y’all to know I was not nor ever had been cheering for jeff/jordan to win I wanted someone like Cassie or Dom and for awhile Rachel to win, so i don’t want to be accused of having my lips attached to Jeff’s ass. (Porsche had told Jordan to wear her pretty eviction dress because she was voting her out the night before and the morning of the noms so Jordans fate was already sealed)


sry this comment for some reason showed up at the top when it was referring to one at the bottom 🙂 I was replying to tekilla sunrise…sorry for the misplacement!!!

Tekilla sunrise

If, like you said, you were talking to me, know that I have no opinion on who is prettier then who, I was just talking about the way Jordan felt like Porsche had some kind of mighty sexyness, so basically she is the one who started thinking that Porshe was prettier than her, not me.
You could tell by the way she was getting frustrated by Adam and also during her DR session and I’m not even going to count her last comment to Porsche.
People see dislike for Jordan everywhere.
Even though you jumped to defend her , you stated that you’re not particularly a fan and I’m going to believe you, so give me the benefit of the doubt when I say I don’t really care about Jordan to the point of liking or disliking her, she’s just another houseguest to me. I talk about all of them whenever I see something worth commenting, that’s it.


Saying who wins the last HOH deserves the money is like saying whoever is the first to win 3 comps gets $500,000!
Congrats Adam you won comps when there’s basically no one left! The dude is delusional!
I always have a habit of rooting for the home state, not to mention I’m also from Hoboken, but he’s been disappointing for sure
Not to mention the biggest floater!

BB Fan

I guess this comment was supposed to be funny? I think it is just dumb and retarded. I honestly think only bullies and people who hate themselves need to sit there and insult others like that. Wow…
I like Jordan. She isn’t my favorite. I love Rachel. Also the dumb names are stupid and getting old.


I know who JACK SHIT IS

Jack is the son of Awe Schitt and O. Schitt. Awe Schitt, the fertilizer magnate, married O. Schitt, the owner of Needeep N. Schitt Inc. They had one son, Jack. In turn Jack Schitt married Noe Schitt, the deeply religious couple produced 6 children: Holie Schitt, Fulla Schitt, Giva Schitt, Bull Schitt, and the twins: Deap Schitt and Dip Schitt. Against her parents’ objections, Deap Schitt married Dumb Schitt, a high school drop out.

However, after being married 15 years, Jack and Noe Schitt divorced. Noe Schitt later remarried Ted Sherlock and, because her kids were living with them, she wanted to keep her previous name.

She was then known as Noe Schitt-Sherlock. Meanwhile, Dip Schitt married Loda Schitt and they produced a son of nervous disposition, Chicken Schitt. Two other of the 6 children, Fulla Schitt and Giva Schitt, Were inseparable throughout childhood and subsequently married the Happens brothers in a dual ceremony.

The wedding announcement in the newspaper announced the Schitt-Happens wedding. The Schitt-Happens children were Dawg, Byrd, and Hoarse. Bull Schitt, the prodigal son, left home to tour the world. He recently returned from Italy with his new Italian bride, Pisa Schitt.

So now when someone says, “you don’t know Jack Schitt,” you can correct them.

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what a freaking bitter person you are!! you don’t know the girl, having never met her but are alright with insulting her on this personal level! Maybe you shouldn’t watch shows like this since you seem to take it so personally! Everyone in that house has not always been or said the nicest things about each other. Porsche and Rachael are great examples of that right now, being so nice to each other, knowing that they have both said horrible things, especially Porsche.

So, seriously, relax budd!


It is not fair that you can win the first comp and than lose the last comp and the person who did not win any thing at all can be pick to go to the finals just like dani di when she lost both comps but her dad pick her to go to the finals


If you think about it, it is very fair. It is the final HOH comp and who ever wins has to put up two ppl up for eviction. By default it is the other 2. The house guest votes would be 0-0 and the HOH has to break the tie.

They just do not go thru the formality of having Julie Chen telling the HOH that they have to put up two people and then Julie Chen saying “The votes are in and it is a tie at 0-0 and the HOH must now select who to evict.” They just go straight to eviction.

As for it being three parts (different types of comps) it makes it more fair because lets face it, each house guest has different strengths and weaknesses.

So it appears to me to be a very fair way of doing it. In normal HOH comps there is nothing for second place.


Funny how all the haters talk so much shit about Jordan…yet everybody feared her,why fear somebody who so called did shit all season long? Oh I know why…because she played her own game and not they way the Dani fans wanted her too.Even Porsche said the other day…don’t be fooled by Jordan,she’s playing hard.

Dani fans no need to apply…If I want any shit comments from…I’ll squeeze your necks!!!!!!!!!!