Big Brother Court “If Grandma gets hit you must convict”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 22-14-37-400_jpg

10:14pm Vanessa shows the chocolate that hit Grandma.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 22-15-23-398_jpg

Vanessa shows the pot ball that caused James to go into a fit of rage and toss the chocolate at her

Meg says the caretaker (James) next to her at night and slips chocolates in her bed.

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10:17pm Austin – lets get down to brass tacks

Austin exhibit A two pieces of chocolate
Austin asks her how many times was she hit
Meg – one time
Austin – ONE TIME, 5 before a pelt becomes a welt

Becky points out those are milk chocolate and the chocolates Vanessa was saying were dark chocolate

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 22-19-41-458_jpg

Austin pulls out Exhibit C a condom and Vaseline
Austin says she this is proof that Grandma was sleeping with the dentist. “The same medical examiner that’s going to lie

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 22-20-32-457_jpg

Relax it’s Tresemme Ohh la la

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 22-21-59-459_jpg

Austin pulls out a wig.. says the tresemme and the wig were seen at the scene of crime.
Austin – If the wig don’t fit you must acquit
Meg puts on the wig. LOL it fits
Vanessa- it fits

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10:21pm Austin pulls out some Irish Springs shavings.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 22-26-42-300_jpg

Vanessa calls up the medical examiner
Jmac says Grandma has “Maley Syndrome”
“Basically it means Grandma’s a ditz”
Jmac – the DNA on the Chocolate matches Grandma’s DNA
Jmac – this could cause Some permanent damage

Austin cross examines “You are under oath”
Austin – In your opinion could she imagine all this
Jmac – she’s not suffering dementia she’s just aloof
Austin asks if he was sleeping with Grandma
Jamc admits to (LOL)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 22-30-41-031_jpg


Austin – Have you cleaned Grandma with this bar of soap
Jamc – I’m not her caretaker, no

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 22-32-53-476_jpg

Austin and Vanessa questions liz the neighbor

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 22-39-23-471_jpg

Austin calls Julia his daughter
Austin pulls out the Vaseline asks her where she’s seen it before
Julia – I saw that purposely planted in Grandmas room by the care taker
Julia starts to “cry” says she knows who pelted grandma with the chocolate.. Gets up and points at Austin
Julia- It was my father

The jury find the caretaker guilty of all charges but have reduced the sentence to 10 minutes of jail time and each houseguest get to throw one candy.
Austin and James run..
Austin – Why me I didn’t get convicted

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 23-00-38-696_jpg

They get tossed behind bars (THe HOH steps)
While behind bars people throw chocolate at them until Big Brother tells them to stop. Steve grabs the bar of Irish springs and throws it on the ground breaking it. Austin and James trapped behind bars are forced to witness. It breaks their heart. (See image below)

11:07pm Hot Tub Chit chat
James- Becky you were a pretty fair Judge you should go into Law
Becky – Ya, from retail to law
Jmac talks about being able to prescribe narcotics and Xanax. Says he never prescribes more than 15 vicodin for any procedure he does because they don’t need any more than that.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 23-32-34-955_jpg
11:21pm Kitchen Steve says Jackie was very classy “She gave me a hug walking out the door” He goes on about how he made a mistake on Double eviction.

11:31pm Everyone telling Steve his raw pork chops are not good. (I’ve been noticing this all week.. It’s really gross. check out the picture on page 1)
James – there’s bacteria in that meat..
Austin – I can’t believe you’re eating that
Steve – I’ve been eating them like that all week

11:38pm HOH Julia, Liz and Austin
Julia and Liz are pissed at Becky. Julia is worried Vanessa, Steve and Jmac are forming up a 3 person group.
Austin really trusts Steve now he told Steve whatever Vanessa propses he should say yes to makes her feel safe.

Julia thinks Jmac will try and take one of them out. Austin doesn’t think so says Jmac is after
They start studying. Tomorrow at 5:30am the backyard gets closed.

11:40 being sneaky

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 23-56-02-370_jpg

11:52pm HOH Austwins
Talking about Becky not asking any of them for their vote.
Austin says Becky thinks she’s safe this week.
They mention Becky’s hurt foot. Austin says she probably banged her toe up on purpose.
Liz – Vanessa looks like a inmate in those orange pants.
Liz is telling them they shouldn’t blind side Becky
Julia mentions if anyone she should be mad at it’s Meg and James. They were never with Becky but Meg and james were.

Austin says they don’t have to tell Becky straight up just tell her that things are flip flopping in the house.
Austin – we’re only two votes
Julia – we want to go with the house
Julia – Jmac has been acting cool
Austin – trust me he’s not getting close to Vanessa, Steve is a good guy he proved himself during the double eviction.
Liz says they need to talk to Steve.
Austin – Steve scampers till 5am we’ll talk to him

12:02Am Meg joins them..
They bring up the backyard being closed at 5.
Meg says the HOH is endurance, it’s the log and James will win it.


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freeks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac

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james is funny if I was on big brother it never be borning


The “trial” was the funniest thing this season. Anybody still bored should go watch reruns of The Walking Dead.


“5 pelts to make a welt” – LOLOLOL

I can't
I can't

Please, make it stop. The feeds are so incredibly boring. This is what happens when “fans” get what they want. All the gamers are gone except for Van. Enjoy your weeks of boredom once Van is out, if you are lucky Jackie will return and you can watch 3 goblins sleep instead of 2!


I must say that the houseguests this year have great imaginations as far as trying to keep themselves occupied. A lot better than sitting around rehashing the same old stuff all the time.


They really are very entertaining. The last 2 nights of BB After Dark have been hysterical! It was so funny when James was getting pelted with chocolates and he yelled “Big Brother stop this” and when him and Austin were in the makeshift jail and Vanessa dropped the soap on the floor in front of them. Johnny and Meg were really funny too. This really is a great cast of people for entertainment value. They make me laugh out loud. I believe outside of the game they are all great people and are a lot of fun.


BBcourt??? Really??

Oh Geeze...Another Pulpit for Vanessa and Steve's Boogers
Oh Geeze...Another Pulpit for Vanessa and Steve's Boogers

With Vanessa scripting everyone’s part because she went to law school and lecturing Becky. Boorrrriinnnggg. If this is funny, you’re not getting out enough. Again all at Megs expense, and James & Austins boorish behavior gets swept under the rug. Meg cannot stand being sweet after all the crap she has to put up with from James since Day 1, but that’s the strategy she picked. Or the only guy left to hide behind since she had no BB skills.

Seriously, the guys this year are horrible. And we have to watch the girls giggle while they put the guys in Jail. Topped off with Steve’s false sympathy for Becky’s foot while he picks his nose and wipes it on her blanket. Disgusting. This season is like one big looong stag film. Belch, burp, fart, insult, paw, grope, bang, pornos and torture, while the girls grit their teeth, hide under blankets and beg for psychotropic meds.


Lame, boring, stupid feeds. This season showed so much promise. Starting to think this is summer camp and a bunch grade schoolers.

BB needs a major overhaul.


The Judge is hot….she can sentence me to some hard time….she rules



Steves Wasted Hoh
Steves Wasted Hoh

I really despise steve in this game….Can he really be this slow?




Having watched only the last 5 yrs of Big Brother Feeds I have to admit this is the most talented and funny crew for the game. I mean name me one other BB Season when they did a food challenge and and CourtTV episode… I love them all but Vanessa…

Smart Guy
Smart Guy

All of the extra activities is because of the record number of floaters in the house. Beyond coattail riding and floating, they have little to nothing invested in the game at this point, so why not pass the time by throwing foil balls into pots with your BFFs. People are normally playing big brother long before mid-August and they don’t like each other enough to make up games. Since all but one of the gamers has been evicted so far, this week is the equivalent of the first week of a normal big brother season because all of the floaters are just getting to know each other. It’s as if this season is two big brothers in one.

We all know floaters make it to the end but none of us knew all of the floaters would make it to the end.


At least this group has some good imaginations. Always making up games, activities, pranks. Nice to pass the boring days. Good for them.


Still laughing abut the comment that Jmac made by Dawg and Simon…. “RWWWWHAAAAAA wyyyyyyRAAAAaA”

That sums up Jmac so nicely… Love it


Points for staving off the boredom by doing ridiculous things. Skits, commercial jingles, PotBall, cooking shows, court…I’m kind of into it. I mean, every moment they’re playing made up games are moments we don’t have to watch Austin and Liz’s PDA party.


I can honestly say that I do not like any oh the hg’s in personal level ; they all have their own faults.
So I have picked my favorites on game play only. So taking that into consideration the only ones that I feel that have played the game the entire time are Vanessa and Shelli. I find every contestant unlikeable from one degree to another. And the only ones that I find are playing a good and manipulative game is Van and Shelli. The rest are playing summer camp or have zero idea of how to play so at this point I feel as though only Van and Shelli deserve to win the game. And James to a lesser extent.

Disclosure: I can change my mind , depending on how things change over the next few weeks.


Praying we don’t have to endure a BB wedding with the sideshow freak and his lizard handmaiden.


I want to love Jmac because he is a PSU alum but he also scares me representing my alma mater at times. Guess he’s better than Steve for the win.


Whose leaving next week? Presume that Becky goes Thursday.

Goblins are HOH……. Van, J Mac or Steve. This likely would be Austin’s call and they may keep Van another week til the HG returns. I think this is J Mac goes over Steve.

Austwins HOH…….they keep Van and either J Mac or Steve go up and out. I think they keep Gobs safe but it’s a 60:40 split. Again in the end J Mac likely goes.

You better win HOH….. J Mac/Steve better not throw this HOH. They nom Goblins on the Freaks and Geeks deal. Van goes up only if POV is used. I think Freaks and Geeks won’t use POV keeping Vanessa another week safe. James or Meg go unless J Mac or Steve put the other on the block. Yes these noobs could be that stupid.

Van the only hope to go after Austwins but won’t happen. Goblins or Johnnie Mac and I think J Mac in trouble here to.

In real danger Johnnie and slightly less Steve. I actually think Vanessa gets a pass. Then the HG returns making them an instant target. I think this will be the next double. Returning HG plus Van evicted. 6 left with Austwins Goblins Steve or J Mac. Note that’s 3 more evictions without Austwins being targeted. Meg the do nothing triplet will be F2 choice so assuming 1 twin goes along the way she has about a 50% shot at 50K. Looks like Liz has best shot at 500K if Van goes.

Clay, aching
Clay, aching

BB : What three things would you want to take into the BB house? — Austin : Three ‘Color Me Badd’ CD’S , so if I broke two , I would still have one left …–.Me: This is both the funniest and the saddest thing anyone has ever said….ever


Simon or Dawg, who’s planning all these games and activities? Austin and/or James?

big brother snoozefest
big brother snoozefest

excuse me I’m snoozing

Guy From Canada
Guy From Canada

Normally blogs keep me up during my graveyard shifts….I guess its coffee for tonight ;) Thanks Simon and Dawg though for the blogs even on a slow week like this one.


Judas reminds of Satan and his twins are the those evil little chicks from The Shining. I hope Vanessa squirms out of another pickle an wins. She and James are tremendously entertaining.


I watch wwe on a regular basis and nothing to do with Austin but I find that some BB fans who post on here are similar to those who post on the wrestling message boards.

No matter what happens no matter how the story lines change no matter who’s champ or HOH there were will always be over the top bitching and negativity.

You know what else these fans have in common? They won’t miss a column or a show!

So watch and enjoy, read and enjoy, and take the entertainment for what it’s worth— OR do something else!!!!

Jmac wants Becky
Jmac wants Becky

Johnny’s whole obsession with getting rid of Vanessa is based solely on his desire to please Becky. He is so in love with Becky it’s creepy. Becky doesn’t even give a shit about Vanessa anymore because she knows Vanessa outplayed her. But Johnny he still feels if he gives Becky Vanessa’s head he will get her love. The dude is true creeper with his focus on getting
out Vanessa.

Your whole BB strategy can’t be obsessing on getting out one person. Johnny either sleeps. Sits and stares or talks to Steve and every sentence Steve says Johnny replies “No we have to get out Vanessa” Stfu already creeper.


I agree he is overly focused (or obsessed if your glass is half empty) on Vanessa.
I think its not so much because of Becky, but more because He tried to plant information to make the divide between goblins and freaks greater, and got found out. His first visible offensive game move, and he couldn’t pull it off, so the person that shined the spotlight on him has become his enemy. Sour grapes.


Best comment tonight, when Austin says he wants a lawyer , Becky responses with “you can’t afford a lawyer. You can’t even afford a shirt. “