Big Brother Canada Nomination Ceremony “How could something so pretty produce something so vile”

POV Holder: Next POV March 9th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 11th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations: Garry Suzette
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Jillian


7:34pm HOH Big Tom and Emmett

Tom is telling him that Garry and Suzette are going up and Suzette is going home. Tom has no idea if Suzette wins POV who the replacement nominee will be .. It’ll either be Aneal, AJ or Andrew. Emmett thinks that Andrew would be a good player to backdoor because he’s got a bit of play in him. Tom doesn’t think it’s a good idea to put up Aneal again as the pawn it’ll jeopardize the relationship they have.

Tom about POV: “I hope you (Emmett), Andrew, and Jillian get picked .. I don’t want Aneal to get to play”
Tom : “I want the vote to be 10 to evict Suzette”
Emett: “If we’re down to 6 and liza wins HOH who will she put up “
Tom: “Topaz and Jillian “
Emmett asks what if the final 6 is Emmett, Tom, Peter, Liza, Alec, Andrew and AJ. Tom says she’ll put up Andrew and AJ, “100%

Tom: “I can’t believe Suzette man.. She won’t even look at me.. no respect.. acting like a total baby “
Emmett: “She shouldn’t have said what she said.. can’t take it back”
Tom: “She said a lot of dumb shit to people”
Tom complains that the head of household TV doesn’t work because he wants to see who is knocking at the door and if it’s not someone he likes he’ll just tell them his in “the shitter”

Emmett warns him that this is the biggest Big Brother ever and there are bound to be some major twists they need to be prepared for the unexpected. Nominations are coming up Emmett thanks Tom for a good talk and leaves.. (I had a video for this conversation but the audio was buggered :( )


7:46pm Backyard Andrew, Talla and Suzette

Suzette insinuates that it has been confirmed from production that TOM has made remarks about her being personally.
Talla: “I would hope that’s not true”
Suzette:”He did confirm that he’s been saying things about me and he did confirm he’s putting me up”

Suzette says that people know what she has to deal with in this house.


8:10pm Kitchen Talla, Aj and Topaz Talla is farting up a storm.
AJ: “How could something so pretty produce something so vile”


8:30pm Nominations underway

10:11pm HUSHH HUSH

10:30 Guess what.. hush hush it’s either a Willie moment or they’re hiding all the arguments from us so they can use them on the show.


10:22pm Feeds come back for about a minute Suzette and Garry on the couch not looking happy.
11:04pm HUS HUSH OMG
12:00AM Feeds back
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Simon you sound frustrated with all the hush hush screens today. You are still doing a great job keeping us posted. I can’t imagine what the BB after dark will show with it being down so much


Simon it is pre recorded.


Something must be going on. It kind of reminds me of the Chima or Willie incidents. The feeds were down a long time. If this was BBUS I would be bitching because I pay for the feeds. Can’t really complain if it’s free though. I hope they let us see if there is drama happening!


I’m definitely happy that the feeds are free but do all the cameras have to be on one room?? Isn’t the point of having 4 cameras is to see 4 different things going on??


I like how the BBUS has their feeds. You have the 4 cameras and then you can click on one box to view all 4at once. I also like the flashback option. But again this is free so cant complain. Maybe next bbcan the will work out the kinks.


Is Topaz ever going to get out of that bathrobe? She has been in it all day today/ Does she own any clothes?


Great when the feeds do come back up we get the pleasure of seeing Tom being rubbed down by Liza.


So now production is snitching on certain players? I bet they haven’t told Tom the vile things Suzette said about him and the girls of the house. Pretty f’d up that production has a bias for certain players. I’ll be surprised and shocked if they didn’t create a POV specifically for Suzette to win (see: Chicken George in BB All Stars). How can anyone like her? She has fans? Really lol…all she sees is that she’s aboriginal and he’s white. That’s the only way she looks at it and is probably the reason why she hates him. I hope she doesn’t have non-aboriginal fans…because she probably hates you too.