Big Brother Canada Night of Tasks Building a pyramid and Taking Showers

POV Holder: Next POV March 9th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 11th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations: Garry Suzette
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Jillian


12:04AM Living Room, Peter, Andrew and Topaz

Peter: “So we can draw one of two conclusions on this.. “
Andrew: “Obviously we’re not talking about the seance”
Peter: “Either a we have a saboteur or they are messing with us
Apparently one of the cameras was moved.
Andrew suggests that someone moved the camera for some “Action” (Hinting either s$x or m@dturbation)
Peter things it’s just production messing with them
Alec thinks Andrew is right someone wanted to fornicat

Peter: “I think this will tie in with POV somehow”
Alec: “If it isn’t someone tampered with the Camera”

Alec and Peter decide to play Sherlock Holmes and try to crack the case of the

Alec leaves to have a shower.
Topaz says they are going to have seance to get the Job bot out of Jillian
Peter: “Who had the motive, who had the means, who had the opportunity.. all these questions to be answered on Big Brother Canada”

12:13AM Have nots Aneal and Andrew

Aneal is wondering if the 6 of them are making a run to the end. Andrew asks who, Aneal: “Jillian, Ales, Peter, Tom, emmett and Topaz” Andrew doesn’t know about Tom, He’s sure the showmances have a deal. Aneal is worried about getting left behind. He’s seen enough of this show to know what happens.


12:24AM ringing ALL the housegusts get to the living room where they are given tasks

Big Brother says “Please head to the garden and you must build a human pyramid ”
They build a pyramid.. with 2 people at the top. (throughout the night the houseguests will be given tasks)

Big Brother “Houseguests a proper pyramid has one person at the top ”

They try to build a pyramid with a person on the top but fall, Talla cannot keep to the top so the pyramid collapses. Putting towels on their back they try a second time.

They succeed.. Aneal is the first to hope off


12:40AM Alec and Peter

Alec is worried he thinks that Liza has a girl alliance going. Peter know that he’s not worried because it doesn’t kick in until they’re down to 9. Alec: “She doesn’t like me or Topaz” They decide having Andrew and AJ is much more valuable to them than Liza and Tom. Alec asks him if they still have the numbers around if Tom, AJ, Jillian and Talla decide to do something crazy. Peter says yes, “Talla is expendable”. Alec is worried about him and Topaz going up on the block, he’s worried he won’t have the votes. Alec brings up that Garry thinks he’s in a secret alliance with Alec and Topz. Alec says the entire plan to keep Garry and get out suzette was Topaz she was able to talk Tom into it. Peter says that he’s discuss this with Emmett but they are worried at how manipulatable Tom is, “girls get in his ears and it’s dangerous”. Alec: “Absolutely ..trouble”

Emmett joins them. Peter: “We’re just talking about Topaz got in Tom’s ear about the garry thing”

Alec says Tom was telling hiim and Andrew to use the Power of Veto on Garry. Alec: “WTF.. his reasoning is that Garry has to prove that he’s a competitor.. I was like oh OK whatever… It makes no sense”
Emmett asks him how much they are going to have to do tasks. Peter thinks 8 times.
Peter leaves.

12:44Am Backyard Emmett and Alec
Alec says he heard from Topaz about the target changing not from Tom.. if they are suppose to be close to the end they have to talk to each other.

Alec: “It’ll be in our best interest to blindside Liza.. what does she give us”
Emmett: “she’s close to Peter but I don’t trust her”
Alec: “Peter likes her a lot eh.. that was the one person in the HOH comp that I was worried about.. Pete things he can sway her but I don’t think he can.. it’s tricky man she’s the one that can fu** everything up”
Alec adds that Liza has been going around saying once they are down in the numbers the shomances have to go. Emmett says it was Liza’s idea to take out Danielle she was the one that got in Tom’s ear. Emmett: “She has something with Aneal.. don’t tell Topaz anything”
Alec: “I’m not telling Topaz anything.. the reason i’m keeping topaz close is I see what Tom is doing”
Alec: “Liza and Aneal are two sneaky players I think Tom wasted his HOH”
Emmett: “Tom wants Liza in the jury house”
Alec says Liza is an immediate threat to him and Topaz.

Andrew joins them.. They ask him what he thinks of Aneal. Andrew really isn’t sure about him he gets the feeling he can’t be trusted.

1:22AM Bell rings again

Big Brother : “Houseguests prepare to get really close and really clean.. with your fellow houseguests please head to the main bathroom you must all fit with the door close and the water running for 5 minutes”






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lol at Jillian being on slop..remember last week when she tried it and said it “wasn’t that bad”? I’m sure she’s complaining already


No, like most contestants say is the slop taste is not bad, but when you have to eat it all the time for a week is what most contestants complain about.


I have to say Liza is really annoying me now


Yawn…..big brother after dark is quite boring.


Simon before I turned it off BB asked them all to gather on the deck outside. Everyone was there but Tom. Then they were all told they had to be quiet until further notice. They stayed like that for about 15 minutes and then they still had to stay there. All they did as talk about Talla’s gas issue. I changed channels but when I checked back awhile later Emmet and Tom were talking about the nomination ceremony and Suzette. I thought it was quite boring.


Did I miss the reason why Tom wasnt out on the deck when BB after dark was on? They all had to gather there but Tom was MIA