Big Brother Canada Andrew “the best talking occurs behind people’s back”

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: Peter & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)


12:02AM Hot Tub Room Emmett and Jillian

Emmett: “This Big Brother Game is like a deck of cards” .. ‘Play it the best you can and the rest is luck.. you know what I mean”
Jillian finishes off her glass of win.. says she should have just saved it for tomorrow because they are going to bed soon.

Andrew joins them “All is well in the have nots room.. she said i’m sorry” (Talla)
Emmett: “She just realized she was on the block”

They start talking about what was said in the Diary room and “Behind people’s backs” Andrew admits he’s said things about everyone. Jillian says she will take such offence. She adds that outside the house she’s not friends with anyone that talks bad about her.
Emmett mentions that they may be talking behind her back. Andrew: “That’s when the best talking occurs behind people’s back”

Jillian whispers to Emmett “I’ll let you in on a little secret.. I’m really good at math it’s weird”
Emmett: “Good you can do my books.. you think you know excel”
Jillian: ‘I know numbers.. it’s really weird”
Emmett: “Good you will be kept on” (laughing)
Jillian: “Good cause I don’t have a job” (laughing)
They head inside.. in the HOH room Jillian shows Emmett the picture of her friends.


12:13AM Andrew and Talla Have Nots
Chatting away..
Andrew: “Talla and Andrew are back together”
Andrew: “I know I can be a arse hole at times.. I’m very sarcastic and sometimes I don’t know my own limits”

Andrew: “Remember what I told you about AJ.. remember AJ and I go back to forth and AJ was not as good as me.. AJ told him he never met someone that was so witty .. AJ asked Andrew to take it easy on him”
Talla: “ahhhhh”
Talla: “Well.. goodnight you stooge”
Andrew: “Good one.. goodnight sweetheart”
Andrew hopes that tomorrow they get some “Canada voted” thing that pulls them off slop.

Andrew and Talla start saying goodnight to each other with their hands. Each hand has a different voice and personality.
They both complain how hot it is.. Andrew says he has a lot of trouble sleeping in the have nots room.

Andrew: “People watching AfterDark are probably great it’s either we watch these two idiots that talk with their hands or Emmett and Jillian playing cards by the hot tub and talk about sweet nothings or other horse sh1t.. and listen to this “(He starts making smacking sounds.. basically sounds just like Emmett and Jillian kissing)
Talla: “OK Goodnight”
Andrew: “Goodnight”
Talla: ‘ kim chee breathe”
Andrew: ” kim chee cheap cigarettes”
They both laugh (Have no idea)

Andrew: “Maybe I should go get a cold face clothe and put it on my head”
Talla: “Great Idea”
Talla: “go get it”
Andrew: “Don’t tell me how to live my life”
Talla: “Haven’t heard that in awhile”
Andrew: “I like to mix it up”
Talla: “Love it”
Andrew: “Busy”



12:40AM Bathroom Jillian and Emmett
Getting ready to go to bed in the main bedroom. HOH is way too hot.


1:00AM Bedroom Jillian, Emmett and Peter
They move beds and start looking in the glass. They get a “Andrew Stop That”. Peter wakes up.. “Where’s Andrew.. oh man I’m confused” Jillian is giggling away.. They go back to bed.

(I didn’t see Andrew doing anything looks lilke he’s sleeping in the havenots)

1:10AM Everyone sleeping

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PETER – – – -Wise OWEL.
EMMETT – – – – Confused HAMSTER.
JILLIAN – – – – Bugie RACOON.


2 new Drake songs today! Canada is on fire lately!


awww stoogies are back together… they were just on a break 😉


This is going to be an interesting week. I have a feeling we are going to have a “restart” this week and no body will go home. Think about it. A jury member is coming back this Wednesday, before the eviction, so I bet they will have a new HoH challenge and a Veto challenge that day and then evict someone. Its going to be weird to see how this all works out, but I’m sure that’s how it will work out. Seeing as it isn’t fair to the one who would get evicted this week, that doesn’t give them a chance to make it back. We’ll have to wait and see I guess.


The jury member is coming back Wednesday?. where did you hear that.


Oops I meant Thursday. They said so on Sundays episode of BB. I’m sure everything will happen right before the eviction happens.


Do you know for sure the jury member is coming back on Wed?

I do think it will result in a game reset, w/no eviction happening. But then, I’m just guessing so I could be way off. 😉


There’s a good chance of that. I’m thinking that they might give Jillian a Pandora’s Box and when she opens it (they all do haha) it’ll release a returning house guest and restart the house. Seems like something they would do. They’ve already done a “Power Shift” before when one side of the house stayed in power… and with back to back Jillian & Emmett HOH’s, I think the show will do something like that again to keep Peter in the house!


Talla says she’s out of cigarettes. How do they get their cigarettes? Do they have to bring in enough or can they put them on their ‘shopping list’? How does that work for smokers?


I think you had to bring them in with you. I remember her and AJ trying to ration them. I know BB will buy them nicotine gum/patches, Talla has mentioned it before, but I don’t think they provide cigarettes.


I had thought I heard AJ say they would get him more cigarettes when he was out (vs. gum or patches.) I think once he left BB changed their mind and decided it would cause more drama to let Talla go without.


Cant wait for Thursday for things to get interesting. What a snoooooooooze fest.