Big Brother 14 House Images Leaked

Looks like someone jumped the gun in releasing the Big Brother 14 House Images (Actually they were leaked on the survivorsucks forum. Special thanks to SMG for giving us the link) .. Every year CBS brings in various people from the media and has them participate in a day mock day in the Big Brother House. Last Friday we got word about media day and some hints about the participates. The following Monday we saw a short clip of Julie Chen “painting” a wall in the Bathroom of the Big Brother 14 House. Now Finally we get to see the whole enchilada, the entire collection BIG BROTHER 14 HOUSE PIC courtesy of the good folks at . Check out our BB house Floor maps if you want to get a look at the layout of the house.

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Whats next will be the Official Big Brother 14 House Pictures and they are slated to be released Monday at 12:01am after that we have the deluge of cast interviews, Bios, twists and all the juicy goodies before the Start of Big Brother 14 on July 12th. Check out the Big Brother 14 Road Map to get all the dates. OnlineBigBrother is all geared up and ready for another season of Live Feed blogging and ranting.

Viewers beware there is pictures of Rachel below. Also there is no pictures of this rumored “2nd Floor” What do you all think of this new house?

These images are from MEDIA DAY not the BB14 cast

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The part that sticks out most is there are only 13 picture slots on the wall


Lol I mean 14 I am still half asleep


The house is sort of reminiscent of a gamer’s hub or something.


So,they brought back Rachel.I wouldn’t had guessed that Big Brother would bring her back,because she just won last season,of Big Brother.The house looks the way it always does.I didn’t notice any major changes.But I probably should take another look at it.


that sucks, I cant stand the whining and crying. She looks like an angry Daffy Duck.


I think they should just stick with another Allstars season and no mentors!


You have got to be kidding me; Rachel is in the house? Please do something different, BB.


I agree Gabby. Rachael needs to be deleted from all shows….Seen enough of her, She snivelled in The Amazing Race, ENOUGH of that skank already.


Are these the new people who will be in the house? Or are these mock players, I am confused.


Was Rob Cesternino a part of media day as some speculated or no?


Thanks Simon…but WHY is Rachel there? She needs to go away!


I would like to see Janelle. That is a huge break from JJBR.


I have to say, I really do NOT want to see Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan as so-called, “mentors.” I honestly do not find either of them appealing in the slightest. CBS constantly builds up Jeff and Jordan as America’s Sweethearts, and even with the edit, one can see that they are not sweethearts. Even if they were going to bring back some old players, mix it up a bit, and let’s see some OTHER people from S6, S5, S9, S10, or S11.


you’re welcome ; )


I saw Rachel and nearly crapped myself, Thank Goodness this was only the media day!

Jake K.

SO good and bad news regarding the twist. The mentor twist definitely seems to be in effect unofficially confirmed on many sites compiles throughout the Internet.

The mentors will draft the houseguests and win 100K if they have a mentee win. The house will feature 14-16 houseguests plus the mentors. The mentors will indeed live in the upstairs. So…here is the good and bad news. The mentors are as follows:

Mike Boogie Malin
Dan Gheesling
Janelle Pierzina
Rachel Reiley.

My analysis of this…is I hope it’s true besides Rachel. Yet she is a winner and a good player at that. Especially with no Brendon. The other 3…gotta love how BB stepped up on this one. Really love the other 3 houseguests and I think all BB fans will appreciate the gameplay of these contestants Rachel included.

This will turn a lot of ppl off maybe for the season….but the mentor leaves with the mentees. Her mentees will surely be targeted first. And her strategy won’t match up to the other three especially Dan and Janelle in my opinion.

Apparently the goal of doing this was to draw an audience for the returners but most focus WILL be on the 14-16 newbies actually playing the game of Big Brother which was definitely lost last season. Despite the slight Rachel idea, I think we are in for a GREAT season with the other three and to be honest, I am personally gonna love to see Rachel vs. Janelle. Janelle won’t take her whiney bull up on that second floor.

Once again, this is all from other speculation throughout the Internet. Another thing that seemed to have happened was Britney and Daniele were both first and secondly asked respectively to fill the spot of Rachel but apparently both turned it down in hopes of more Allstars in the future.

Either way, bring on BIG BROTHER. Being a fan since I’ve been 5 and never missing an episode since, I have strong confidence in this season. And no matter how “bad” a season may be, it will always be the best show in my eyes.

Guess this will all soon be confirmed or not (hopefully in the case of Rachel) in the next coming days and weeks!!!

Happy July, And hellooooo to our favorite show.


I found it odd that there are no single beds…just queen and king size beds….does BB want them to sleep together?…?…

also they didnt show us the little room on the hallway going towards the bathroom…i love that room every year, lol…?…

Love the blue hallway to the DR and the HOH room looks Awesome with those dim lights by the door…?…


Brendon is in the house too his picture is on the wall, not just Rachel


That’s part of the media day. All the media actually PLAY a simulated day in the house.


What is BB’s obsession with Rachel? Someone please tell me. I honestly do not get it.


If what Jake K. wrote ends up being true.Then the only name that I’m ok with seeing on that list is Dan Gheesling(from season10).Anyone that read my comment on,if I had to choose which player’s I want for mentors.Probably already know that I wrote that I would pick Danielle(season’s3&7),Dr.Will(season’s2&7)and Dan(season 10).The reason I gave for these player’s returning back to the game.Has to do with,in my opinion the 3 of them had great strategic game play.I’m aware that I’m probably the odd person out,when it comes to preferring a player that has a great strategic game over a player that wins the most competitions.My other post goes into more detail of what I consider makes a great Big Brother player,and that’s under the article titled Big Brother14 Rumour-Big Brother Alumni Return as “Mentors”


Thanks for the info Jake K.! As for Rachel, I don’t think (and hope) she isn’t a mentor because she was invited to media day. Wouldn’t that give her an unfair advantage?

Jake K.

No problem guys. Guess we will have to wait and see for what happens tomorrow during the Today Show!

Jake K.

Or the Early Show? Whatever morning show they have on CBS that they always announce the houseguests on every year.