Big Brother Canada 7 Premiere part 1

Feeds start tomorrow for now we got never ending twists..


This year is all about top secrets, epic espionage, and undercover missions.


Damien Ketlo enters the house as the first agent. Gets to go into the house first and do some “Snooping around” He can’t tell anyone and Canada choice him for a reason because there’s something in the house for him to find.


Damien starts looking around.


finds the surveillance room gets to watch the first batch of houseguests enter…

In comes the first batch…


The Second batch…




The Third Batch which includes Damien.



Introductions ..

Dane takes his teeth out throws them in his drink and jugs is down…




Arisa tells them there’s a big brother “breach” Before entering the house the house guests were asked one thing they didn’t want the other houseguests to know about them. Well BBCAN tells everyone their “weak Spots” Real game changing weak spots.



Head of Household Competition. They have to break out of their cell than dig their way out. The first 7 to get out of their cells get to compete in the digging..



Adam is the first one to dig out.

Adam wins first Head of Household of the season.





Hey It’s Big Brother Canada! grab a Kraken and get ready for non-stop twists.

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Seems to be a good first episode. No one is really standing out yet as a favorite. At least 3 to 4 houseguests that I wonโ€™t be rooting for. The 2 women that we get to vote for a chance to enter the game both seem unlikeable/difficult lol! But thatโ€™s just me! What do yโ€™all think so far?! Big Brother Canada and US are my favs. Really excited about season 7!! Canโ€™t wait till feeds start!!!

Kelly W Clark

Please explain the comment “pumping poison”.

Guy From Canada

Dihydromonoxide is so lethal, true fact!

Kelly W Clark

Wow! So you will be the first to stop using them? I have followed this site for years but can not any more. Thank you for all the past enjoyment you & Dawg have brought to the BB games.


I have never followed BBCAN before, but am excited to do so. It will be interesting see the difference.

blood money

wihou wis wouldn i be like bland game?


These damn twists screw over some good players.

Season 1 We lost Aneal who got screwed over after the twist that saved Suzette. He had saved himself thru classic gameplay of game talks with the HoH and instead we were left with Suzette who had No Game! and had even called the HoH “a F**ing redneck”!

Season 2 Andrew and the First Five alliance were screwed over after dominating the game. The twist shift the power to the other side of the house, and thats where it stayed. Arlie jumped ship and remaining First Five couldnt recover.

Season 3 A lot of players were screwed over by several twists, but the main one was Naeha. Production thought it would be funny for Kevin to make his noms in secret soon after winning the HoH and no veto comp.

Season 4 Mitch the Snitch got screwed after the fake eviction twist where Kelsey could spy on Mitch’s game.

Season 5 Two of BBCAN’s legendary players screwed over. Neda’s immunity twist destroyed her game, along with Backwards week screwed over BB Canada’s golden boy Gary.

Season 6 We lost Erica to the twist that saved Ryan, The trade off was we got to watch Ryan in the house ANOTHER week on the block begging to stay.


Ya season 1 bringing Gary back, Andrew was screwed out of his final 4 spot. Thankfully we had Topaz spaz out during Finale! lol

another name

season 1: kat evicted prefeeds. twist saves suzette: aneal is instant evicted. double eviction takes out tom and liza. topaz nom talk is aired to houseguests. gary voted back in near end of game. the topaz vote fiasco.
season 2: anick evicted prefeeds. canada’s hoh screws the first five. alison viewer voted in from the dungeon. double eviction takes out kenny and sara. the butt veto casualty: arlie. alison instant eviction. canada jury vote.
season 3: canada vote knocks out risha prefeeds. veto twist rules change after voting begins to include option of not using veto buhbye johnny. neha instant eviction. sindy re enters game causing jordans game to hit the toilet. triple eviction takes out bobby, kevin and willow. have not butt veto popularity contest saves britt and godfrey from the block, takes out bruno.
season 4: paige evicted prefeeds. canada votes in two internationals. fake double eviction: instant eviction loveita but loveita and kelsey secret suite outs mitch’s game. double eviction jared and nikki. family members brought in to compete for hoh because that’s the only way cassandra could win one. most of the cast for the season had real world or social media one to two degree of separation links as if the casting department got really lazy.

another name

no problem. i stopped watching five and 6 somewhere just over the half way mark, so i’d actually have to do a search for those ones.


oh ya the infamous Butt Veto!

blood money

you just plain jane game!


No, i just don’t like seeing game altering twists that end up screwing over some good players.

There’s been plenty of benign twists over the years that spice it up , but any twist that introduces power, like an extra veto, immunity or taking power away from the HoH, etc. tend to screw over good players when used.

Last BBCAN season was a great example with what happen to Erica, she was a strong player in comps, strategy, and social. Production’s twist that screwed her over just made the other Houseguest’s game easier and the trade off was to watch Ryan on the block again for the second week in a row begging to stay.

BBUS has gotten out of control with game altering twists, thankfully last summer most were nullified by great gameplay.

blood money

blood veto just from bb uk


BBUK Blood Money was a Big Coins task


I hate these gender specific alliances. I hope Adam and his minions bite the dust sooner than later.


The Pretty Boys

blood money

funny how people hate twuists in the game!sure would would be borting plain old game with doing nothing!

blood money

blood from bb uk so how much blood do people ge on there hands!


getting the blood on their hands during that Big Coins task was cool

another name

anyone else seen the spoilers for tonight’s episode? They wouldn’t have spoilers if they didn’t film eviction episodes ahead of time in front of a live audience instead of actually filming live, but as long as they do we’re going to get spoilers.
I won’t out the main points just in case it’s a no spoil zone, but the task for the 15th person voted in is potentially a strategic quagmire.

another name

short list noms if sources correct for all following: keira, eddie, damian, laura.
noms: damian and laura. damian because he said his gf applied for him. laura for suggesting samantha as a nom.
laura evicted unanimously.
adam, dane, mark and anthony are an alliance. possibly the prettyboys. insert ‘good thing ur pretty comments here.’
sam / adam have some tie to each other (side deal or showmance or previous connection… unknown).
cory (the teacher?) won viewer vote. the house isn’t pleased there’s a new hg. hg’s saw holly and cory with arisa. sam says she knows holly from home.
in order to stay in the game, cory has to make three final 2 deals in the next 24 hours.
again. if sources (2) correct.

blood money

pretty boys are in!we need the screechers

blood money

let hiope first few fight back into the house spy agent blood twist i bet

another name

that would be a surprise to Laura. someone at taping said she was giving away wigs an makeup she wouldn’t be needing anymore.

another name

what i’m getting from the first hour of feeds: they’ve already bad 80’s movie cliqued up. brolliance with their head cheerleaders. now they’re trying to figure out who has a real crush on who… is this what kraken is for?