Big Brother Canada 4 Pre-Season House & Episode Spoilers!

The first episode of Big Brother Canada 4 is beginning to be taped today with an audience showing host Arisa Cox letting the 14 new house guests enter the house in groups. The newly redesigned house still hasn’t been released and won’t be until Monday, February 29th. However, due to having a studio audience of Big Brother fans its inevitable that spoilers about the house and first episode would be leaked.

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Biggest News in Big Brother Canada History Revealed in Two Days!

Get ready Big Brother Canada fans the première of the 4th season is less than two weeks away! Today big brother Canada host Arisa Cox advised fans to stay tuned for a special announcement that will be made in just two days.

Arisa Cox states:
“ATTENTION BIG BROTHER CANADA FANS!! Only 2 days to go until we reveal the biggest news in Big Brother Canada history! Trust me you don’t want to miss it!”

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Big Brother Canada Season 2 STARTS March 5th!

Big Brother Canada host, Arisa Cox announces the premiere date of season 2! The second season of Big Brother Canada is set to premiere on March 5th, 2014!
Host Arisa Cox says:
“We have such an epic season of twists and drama ahead on Big Brother Canada! So catch the season premiere Wednesday March 5th on SLICE. Plus for the first time ever, we’re launching the Big Brother Canada Side Show. A weekly after show staring two of your favorite season 1 house guests! ET Canada caught up with Gary Levy one of your new co-hosts for the new series tune in tonight at 7:30 for all the details.”

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