BIG BROTHER CANADA Season 2 – Premières March 2014!


Get ready Big Brother fans! Your favorite reality television show is back for its second season! Big Brother Canada Season 2 Premieres in March 2014!

The first season of Big Brother Canada premièred last year on February 27th and concluded on May 2nd. The response to the first season was so overwhelming that a second season was an easy decision to approve. After the conclusion of US version this last September many fans have been eagerly awaiting the second season from the neighbors to the north. We’re excited to see what type of crazy characters they cast this season and what twists and surprises are in store for the new cast.


Canada’s #1 reality Show is BACK!
Get your FREAK ON!

The edited TV episodes for the second season of Big Brother Canada will air three nights a week. The schedule is likely to be the same as last season where the 1 hour episodes aired on Wednesdays at 9pm ET/PT, Thursdays at 10pm ET/PT and Sundays at 9pm ET/PT.

There is no official word on if the Big Brother Canada live feeds will be the same and free like last year but it is suspected that they will continue to be free. As soon as we hear an official confirmation of the specifics we will let you know. In addition, the second season of Big Brother Canada will also likely have the nightly Big Brother After Dark segments beginning after the premiere episode in March. Big Brother After Dark offers viewers a 3 hour unedited view of the house guests in the Big Brother house. The schedule for Big Brother After Dark will likely be the same as last season which aired seven days a week from 2am-5am ET/ 11pm-2am PT.

Once again Simon and I will be back providing 24/7 live feed updates of Big Brother Canada Season 2 with minute by minute coverage including thousands of images and videos.


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YEA! SO excited! I didn’t find out about BBCAN 1 until after the BBUS15. I LOVE this site and thank you SO much for all of the videos, next best thing to having the LIVE feeds!


Great to have BBCan back!!!!…Make sure u post how we in the USA can watch it this year…last year we had alot of trouble trying to watch it…so many bad links everywhere…and the free Live Feeds were almost impossible to find…but im sure u will find all the good Links for us to watch BBCan…?…


Very excited!! Can’t wait


Can’t wait to watch it.

Arthur Tubbs

where can i find BBCAN in america?


Last year you included extended Youtube clips of significant house action. Will you be doing this again?


Is watching still going to be free this year?


So excited! I live in Canada and last year I always had two websites going at all times, the live feeds and you guys! If I did miss anything I could always rely on Simon and Dawg to fill me in.
Looking forward to seeing who they will bring in this year too. I am hoping for a whole group of unknowns and no relatives of any last year guests getting their own face time now. (I heard Andrew’s brother auditioned, is that true?)




I just can’t wait. I wonder which girl is going to play the hot young racist.


I live in Canada, get the BBC feeds for free and still prefer this site over that. You guys really are doing the Lord’s work here.


Would be nice to see a few in thier 30’s and 40’s or half 20-29 and the other half 30 +


Since the US feeds are still available to Canadians, I wonder if the Canadian feeds will be open to US viewers this year. Hmm…


It’s been confirmed that the show will start March 5th !!!