Big Brother Canada Spoilers Morning Chores and HUSH HUSH?

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: Andrew & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary


9:30am Andrew and Emmett kitchen Emmett telling him that in the middle of the night production turned the bathroom lights on. They’ve been doing that a lot during his HOH and it’s pi$$ing him off, he’s going to ask them today why they are doing that. Andrew points out how there is so much light that enters the HOH room from the hallway, “Good thing you can put up the sheets” Andrew says Big brother wakes them up at 9 every morning unless they have some sort of special activity to do.

They start chatting about working out.. Emmett says he use to do preacher curls and his lower biceps were “So Huge” you couldn’t see the vein. Talk moves to sports… Emmett says he’s played competitive Soccer and Hockey, “I played junior C in University.. not super serious.. there’s guys there to drop the mitts and there’s guys there to score goals”

Jillian comes down from the HOH carrying all the dirty dishes that has accumulated up there. She also spends the early morning making the bed and tidying the HOH room while Emmett showers and shoots the sh!t with Andrew. They all start joking about a zit/rash/i don’t know that is on Jillian’s upper lip, they call it herpes.

Andrew points out that they’ve (Andrew/Jillian/Andrew) have been up for over an hour now and Talla/Gary have spent the entire time int eh bathroom getting ready putting on makeup (This is only 1/2 true Gary is resting on the bathroom couch Talla has been getting the makeup on) Emmett says that Jillian says if she is in a rush it only takes her 7 minutes to put her makeup on. Andrew: “They spend hours caking it on.. ” (They = Gary and Talla)



9:56am Talla getting ready

10:30AM Hush Hush for the last 20 minutes

10:50AM HUSH HUSH must be another powershift.. 😉

11:40AM HUSH


12:25pm Feeds back

12:30pm Hot Tub Room Talla, Emmett and Andrew

Talking about CHess..

Emmett: “It’s a very easy game.. all about who knows it better”
Andrew wonders what Jillian and Gary are doing.. Emmett: “He’s (Gary) been putting his makeup on for 3 hours”

They wonder what is going on.. sounds like they are going to be outdoor lockdown for some time. Emmett thinks it’s for maintenance.. Talla thinks they might have a “Canada Votes” and get booze.

Talla heads inside to make a shake before outdoor lockdown..

12:45pm Feeds cut


12:50pm Hot Tub Room Everyone Gary wants a cushion but all that is left is the wet ones. Jillian, Emmett and Talla have the dry ones and won’t share. Emmett: “Beggers can’t be choosers” Jillian laughs

Gary says he wants to paint the Chevy Traxx pink with a glitter interior.
Andrew: “I thought you wanted a jeep”
Gary: “Andrew.. you were born in the 70’s did you have any crazy psychedelic sheets”
Andrew: “Yeah I was born in 1974.. My father was a lawyer.. he wasn’t like Wife what do we do tonight.. lets do some acid..”
Andrew: “Not a lot of psychedelics in the Monaghan household”

1:06pm Lockdown over.. Talla is the first one in the house, “I smell SMOKE!”. The rest of the house is still in the hottub room.

1:12pm Gary says he was eating 1/2 a cup of slop a day and he was told by production he has to eat at least 3 cups a day. Talla says the same thing happened to her she said she was going on a slop strike and they told her she cannot.
Gary: “I think they are concerned and that makes me really happy”


1:30pm Andrew and Gary playing Chess Andrew is engaging Gary in small talk as they play.
Gary has to go to the Diary room. Emmett comes up and coaches Andrew a bit on chess. Emmett points out the moves that Gary does regularly. Andrew wishes they had a couple more boards and the entire house can play.
Andrew likes the idea Emmett had that they would go play chess one a week once they get out of the house. Emmett says they can buy the pieces online and meet up at Starbucks.
Emmett wonders if people will notice them and make a big deal about them being on Big Brother Canada.

Andrew starts talking about when he saw Jason Priestley at the Apple store. Emmett doesn’t know who that is, Andrew goes on to explain that he was in Beverly Hills 90120. Etc etc.. Blah blah blah..

1:53pm Gary comes back up and an argument starts. Emmett gives Andrew a quick hint. Gary gets Pi$$ed and tells them if Emmett doesn’t be quiet he’s not going to play.

Jillian in the bathroom and says someone has been in the bathroom moving things around.

2:12pm Gary and Andrew continue to play chess while Emmett watches.

Andrew wins “Thank you sire.. my first win”

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WeHo says:
April 23, 2013 at 1:30 am
“I believe Emmett’s choice to keep Gary will come back to bite him in the @$$.”

It’s not an option for Emmett not to keep Gary. Gary used the POV on himself.


Where are you getting these quotes from?


These are quotes that were made in previous threads. I figured noone would read my answer if I posted it back there since new threads have been opened since…


How is Emmett keeping Gary this week.
Gary is not on the block.


hahaha i feel bad for you simon/dawg….these feeds are getting mindnumbingly dumb…who cares if talla and gary spend 4hrs doing their makeup??? There is nothing else to do!!! And Jillian certainly spends more time than that on the show ….ahhhhh……come up with SOMETHING interesting…emmett i swear brings them all down with his lack of anything worth anything to talk about


That Jillian zoom-in of herpes is just nasty!!


enoughisENOUGH says:
April 22, 2013 at 10:05 pm
“I wrote this in a previous post but since once again Jillian and Emmett are having sex on live cams I have to vent.”

Maybe it’s just my “european mindset” – whatever that is – but… what’s the big deal?

They live in this house for more than 70 days. Sex is a normal part of life. They’re both attracted to each other and consenting. They make sure everything but their heads is covered by sheets. It’s their own choice how “normal” they want to behave in this house. Seems they’ve decided it’s ok. If you don’t like it that they choose not to act fake and hypocritical, then you have the option to switch to another camera, watch tv, or go to bed. And you don’t have to click on a youtube link to watch them doing it.

I don’t think Jillian will run into problems for that with her job as an assistant teacher. If she does, then only because judgemental people will send complaint letters to her bosses, getting a thrill out of harming a stranger’s life.

Now that would be something worth venting about. Think about it.


the problem is that people are watching. If it was during a cut in the feeds, that would be completely fine. In Canada I think we’re a little more concerned with offending people. I personally feel that sex is private, but I also understand that there are differing opinions on, and that’s just the day and age we live in. I do think that as a teacher, she should realize that children she is teaching might see that…I don’t care where you’re from – if you are comfortable with your child being exposed to their teacher’s sexual side, it is highly inappropriate. Sex does not add to this game. if anything, I kind of feel like it puts people like Andrew at a disadvantage. He could be frustrated and not able to think properly. I just don’t think it’s necessary.


Maybe I have a problem with the sex on camera because there are minors that may be viewing


Would you let your kids watch the live feeds? Expose them to mature content despite the warnings? If you did than thats your fault, not the people on this show.
Anyone complaining about the content is a complete idiot, you control what you and your kids watch.


“They live in this house for more than 70 days. Sex is a normal part of life. They’re both attracted to each other and consenting. They make sure everything but their heads is covered by sheets. It’s their own choice how “normal” they want to behave in this house. Seems they’ve decided it’s ok. If you don’t like it that they choose not to act fake and hypocritical…”

BigBrother tv show is not normal life. It’s a game and tv show all in one. So sex is not a normal part of it. Sex is normal. Love is normal. But when you have one person perhaps believing that this is the beginning of love and one believing that this is just sex, well, to see that play out on tv kinda makes me feel like i shouldn’t be watching it. Its very personal. The whole idea is for me to watch, because, of course there is a game going on. I feel as bad as i would if i was peeping on my neighbours.

I don’t think they have choosen to “not act fake”. I just think they are okay with “showing off”. And being the centre of attention. They love when other HGs comment on their “showmance” and their PDA’s.

But also, if i want to see sex on a screen i don’t want to watch the extras. Like playing house, and groping and smacking lips. I think that is why some people,in response to seeing that in person, say “get a room!” Because its just … well… disgusting. And I don’t want to see people acting like an old married couple. Brushing teeth, crawling in to bed, small talk, then sex. Boring.

Movie stars have sexy sex. Emmett and Jillian just have a relationship with no passion or enthusiasm. It’s just drab. Therefore I don’t want to see it either.


I think Jillian was waxing and accidentally pulled some skin off, I heard her saying something like this on the live feeds yesterday, that it was just raw flesh, that she wants to cover it up but she also wants to let it heal,


It would be great if there was an eviction today! but if there was Production would have to have the feeds down til Thursday and that’s not going to happen. So maybe it some sort of luxury comp…..


BB needs to throw in some more moose tasks… or have them play practical jokes on each other for luxury or non-slop or something… I don’t know how they get through just staring at each other all day, haha.


Wouldnt it be hilarious if when Talla talks to the moose he finally tells her to shut up she is giving him a headache? Or even after she leaves the yard he makes a comment about her never shutting up? They need excitement just don’t let Emmett or Jillian a task from the moose…..they have enough given to them. I do hope Andrew does win a DPOV or something but won’t hold my breath


Wouldn’t it be nice if it was some sort of Pandoras Box and the house guests gets to go do a search of the house for gifts, and while they’re looking Andrew finds a diamond POV which would leave Jillian as the only other option to get put on the block. I know it won’t happen, but it sure would make this week a lot more interesting.


But then again Andrew would probably just vote out Talla over Jillian since he’s still believing in the “alliance”, so I guess there’s really no point.


Simon, Talla finding it would be funnier… and throw a few more people into a tizzy. Of course, for Andrew that may be the last straw. Maybe it wouldn’t be funnier

Nana Jo

Hello, 1950’s housewife syndrome … man plays while woman cleans!

Emmett has only 3 topics of conversation; working out, sports and the game. When it’s over there will be only 2. Gary’s Glitter seems to have lost its sparkle. Talla is a quieter me, myself and I these days. Jillian, in her own way, is just as boring as Emmett.

Production, please, pretty please, give them something to do or talk about!

Bring in a fake cow teat and make Emmett show the others how to milk it.

Confiscate all Gary’s makeup until after the live eviction …. and watch the temper, tears and tantrum ensue.

Make Marsha Moose give Talla a mission that she has to follow Emmett everywhere he goes for the next six hours, talking constantly. Watch him errupt! Then she can burst into tears and ‘confess’ that she secretly has a crush on him and is trying to get it out of her system!

Nana Jo

More ideas to stir things up:

Give Andrew or Gary one of those fake babies they use in highschool programs to care of for 24 hours. The kind you have to feed, change, rock and never leave unattended or it screams like a fog horn.(I didn’t suggest Emmett for this because Jillian would just take care of it for him.)

Give them a board game like Crappy Birthday to play together. It’s a lot of fun and guaranteed to produce much laughter and lift the blah-blah atmosphere.Follow this up with giving each HG a birthday loot bag filled with little toys and junky candy.

Give Jillian a task where she’s not allowed to sleep in the HoH room tonight, and can’t tell Emmett the real reason why. She is only allowed to tell him “I have a headache” or “I need some alone time”!


Oh Nana Jo – If you gave Andrew a fake baby to take care of; who’s going to take care of Talla?! 🙂


I’m all for them getting a Pandora’s box at this point. I don’t even care what’s in it or who it benefits… just do something! lol. Maybe all the house guests could be given the task of acting like a fellow house guest and told to stay in character or else receive a punishment. Heck, anything is a good option at this point. They could unleash a herd of house cats for them to corral for luxury foods lol. Wait a minute… I have the answer… ZINGBOT!! haha! That would liven things up!


Haha! looks like you got your wish more or less – they are currently dressing up as each other in the bedroom – hilarious to watch!!

Andrew is quite a poor sport about everything – disappointing. I think the eviction is really getting to him. 🙁 before, I feel he would have been an awesome sport about it all.


It is boring with just 5 in the house. Remember when Boogie and Erica were left? BORING! Putting on makeup is more interesting than staring at the walls. Dawg & Simon give us PG rated updates. They could record all the farts and other gross bodily functions we all experience, (like some other updaters do), so thanks for the make-up recap.


It’s hilarious that in the Poll, more people voted for Dawg to win BBCAN than for Talla




I didn’t say that.


Anyone else feel like saying F U to Emmett and Jillian when they say beggers can’t be choosers? Can’t wait until next week when one of them are on the block and gone. And jillians face,…wonder what disease she caught

Nana Jo

Looks like beard stubble rash to me … Emmett’s been grazing too much!


Emmett is an all out douche bag. Praying that Gary wins HOH and takes Emmett out. Gary wins HOH and noms Emmett and Jillian. Jillian wins POV and uses it to save Emmett. Talla will be the replacement and Emmett evicts Jillian. That would be funny as hell.


Talla never met a mirror she didn’t love.


put dawg in the house next season plzzz


I have been watching all of these jabs at production and how they are doing things like turning lights on not letting them sleep etc.etc. etc. Andrew and Emmett seem to complain a lot about that stuff. What I don’t understand is what gives these house guests the right to complain about anything? They are playing a game, they are on a reality show. What?, all of a sudden they are Prima Donna’s and deserve to have their way. Honestly these people wouldn’t survive one week in the BBUS version. That version you don’t get as much alcohol as these people have had not to mention you don’t even get cutlery only plastic utensils. I also think BBCAN has bent over backwards to give Emmett all of his milk that he wants. You wouldn’t see that in the US Version.

I look at all of these people complain and am thinking SUCK IT UP its a game ….. If you want the money then do what is asked of you !
I think BBCAN at times is asking themselves …. ” Are these people the one’s we actually cast? ”

Jillian shouldn’t be surprised she has a rash on her mouth after all her and Emmett Suck Face all day long.


i agree….but jillian is the BIGGEST complainer about production!!!!!


Well the HG are adults not children. So yeah they can complain if they want. Why not? Canadians are used to being stuck indoors for long periods of time. It is called winter. Complaining is a sort of past time. No one is offended. Andrew has good reason to be ticked off and down in the dumps.. He lost his chance at 100K. Can’t say I’d do as well as he’s been doing.. Of course he still thinks he has a chance.. Emmett is nuts.. Gary is way better at comps then Andrew..


Jillian and Emmett had on sex on March 5, it was the week when Jillian won her 1st HOH. They knew cameras are all over the place, she is a teacher, WOW! I certainly would write to the school principal if my child will be under her class. Sex is normal thing, you can even do it with someone you just knew in m
hours but you know that it is done in private. Knowing that whole Canada is watching is another thing. Jillian you should be ashamed og your actions. A liar, sex addict, no moals and a teacher. Great personality!


Ty for pointing that out! I’m not convinced either. Pisses me off that people are only calling Jill out, not that I think either of them should be judged for this. Apparently there are a lot of extremely uptight people visiting these boards!

I’ll say it again, they warn of mature content, ultimately the viewers must take responsibility for what they or their kids watch. Feel like I’m pointing out the obvious here to a bunch of morons.

Your watching REALITY TV, what the hell do people expect?


They even warn of mature content that may include sexuality on the 1-hour shows, and there, they only show the tamest stuff.
I can’t understand those who say “they’re making out and they’re forcing me to watch!”

Nana Jo

Each day of all that togetherness is like six dates in real life. Try going that long without having some kind of sexual relief with the person you’re attracted to! It’s a parent’s responsibility to make sure their kids don’t watch anything inappropriate, not BB’s. Anyone attempting to interpret exactly what any under-the-covers activity means is a little TOO interested, if you get what I mean. I find all the PDA boring, not offensive. Whatever EJ are doing under the sheets, I don’t have to watch. Also, they are adults and know the public nature of what they signed-up for. Thus, any consequences after the show are theirs alone to bear.


i personally think it was just some petting…im not saying that jillian should be ashamed….but i think she will be. I know where she is from, and I know a lot of teachers….if she was serious about being a teacher I would be very concerned if i were her unfortunately. substitutes are a dime a dozen and there certainly is a lot of competition. sure it is natural etc…but she lives in a rural community and children’s parents can be very influential. I will say that I work in a field where people tell me I should be on big brother and I have said ‘it would ruin my career’. If she was willing to make that sacrifice that is her perrogative, I just worry that she didn’t think it through and I feel bad for her. For the record, I think her behaviour in the game with the temper tantrums, the blatant lying etc would have hindered her as well even without the showmance. I am not a Jillian fan, but I do worry for her leaving the house and I think she will be a bit horrified. I also don’t think Emmett will care knowing his reputation I don’t think it will hinder him any more than any of his actions to date.


Oh, good. Since you called her “A liar, sex addict, no moals and a teacher” 3 hours ago, I thought you might think she did have sex.
My bad.
Unless it’s another person called Name. In that case, sorry for the mixup – but I’d suggest you do get a name!


haha not the same person!!! Name just comes up because I never remember to enter in a name….basically…if its a super negative mean comment…its not me….this is about as ‘mean’as my comments get!


Hi Simon. I hope you are not serious. I have enjoyed and respected this site for the enormous amount of work that you and Dawg do. One of the points that has separated your site from others is the respectable manner in which you present the content of what is going on within the BBHouse. This site is substantially less ‘Tabloid-esque’ than others. Another point is the conversation on this site, between visitors, is normally a higher quality.

What these HGs have to deal with post-BB is their business not ours. AND, if any of us need to view this particular activity of any HG there are obviously other sites that facilitate this. Those that want to judge (or pre-judge) probably already have so I see no point in you taking the time to post it here.

Thanks for all you do. Your site is awesome and …donation to follow…as soon as the mail comes 🙂


can you post the video? i personally watch because i am interested in human behavior and the relationships in the house. i am really interested in how far sexually people are willing to go on camera. i think i was also watching the feeds that night and i thought emmett was rubbing his d*ck over her cl*t, or maybe even was fingering her bc there was arm motion too. by the looks of her face she definitely was enjoying it, but i dont think it was intercourse (it seemed evident from her reaction that he was doing stuff to her). to me this stuff is totally normal in the house bc they have been together for over 2 months, but I would be shocked if they actually had full out sex on camera. unfortunately for jillian, women do get far more judgement from both women, men and in their professional lives, than men do for doing the exact same sexual activities.


Wow. It’s ppl like you that get good teachers fired for your own personal satisfaction. Was it a good idea for her to do that? No. I agree. But writing a school principal is really ridiculous. How would that ever benefit you or the kids? it would blow up the situation even more and drag attention to something that the poor youngsters probably wouldnt even have heard about inthefirst place. As someone said here in the feeds, it’s easy enough to forget the cameras are on you after being in there for that length of time. She made a mistake that she will probably regret for the rest of her life. Imagine if someone picked on you for one mistake that you have made in your life? Im sure the principal will find out Anyway. I’m sure jillian doesnt need parents with nothing else to do to call in and complain. She probably did a million good things in her career and you are picking on her for this one thing. Pathetic.

I’m not a Jillian fan, but don’t you worry, I doubt she will go back teaching after this gig anyway.


Trial and error. If there is another season of BBC, things won’t be as they are now. Many changes will be made.


As a woman, I am really disappointed at other women trashing Jillian’s reputation and NOT Emmett’s. First of all, neither one should be scolded for being intimate (they are adults and monogamous), so why all the judgment? Even men are calling her trash but that is more socially what has been happening anyway. They are not exactly sleeping around are they? I don’t like watching all the intimacy but I tend to fast forward their PDA’s anyway.


i can tell you that they have very different reputations so there are more risks for jillian than emmett…


I agree babybare.. Jillian and Emmett have Sex and only Jillian is the apparent lying trash. What is Emmett. Chop liver.. I wouldn’ t want him around my daughters if I had any…


I vote we give Dawg….Mr. Jones!
A plushy bud for when he’s alone.
He can sit on the monkee and give it a squeezin’
when he’s frustrated by TWISTS beyond reason.
Dawg can take Mr. Jones in his dawg teeth
and growl and shake him and get some relief
when feeds are down and he’s feeling grief.
Dawg can slobber all over that grinning monkee,
chew him up good and make him smell funky
when – like any good BBCAN junkie
there’s a POWERSHIFT by Production skunkies.

I just don’t want dawg to feel bad about not topping any polls.
Other than that, I don’t have anything relevant to say.


During Dan’s 2nd season, remember the comp where they had to go through a bunch of plastic eggs (I think) to find a power (of veto?). Fuzzy on the details but I remember how desperately Dan & Ian wanted it & much angst over the result. Can anyone fill in the details on that? Am wondering if this is something like it that might be introduced at this point?

& totally in agreement with posters on the boring”ness” of Emmett, Jillian & Gary – Talla does have some moments & the stooges moments were good. Seems like Andrew is having “Andrew fun convos” moments again. But yeah, you can really see now with less people in the house & with Andrew off his usual repartee just how boring Emmett/Jillian/Gary/Talla are. Convos are just painful.


Emmet was on top of Jillian, they were kissing. The movements in the sheets would give it away. He was grinding!!!!


For someone who was so disgusted by this you sure no every single little detail. Just saying maybe you need to get “taken care of”? Maybe you can use it for your own little personal stash of porn you hide in your closet with all the other nasty things you keep in judgment. Get a life. Get laid.


you might be mistaken at to who said what. I was above (“movie stars have sexy sex”) and this was someone else.

i am sick of ppl who come on here and put down others who comment on the game and the HGs. There is a thumbs up/thumbs down. USE IT! We don’t need your personal attacks as it is not part of the game. It only makes you look bad as it seems you cannot separate a tv show from real life. Considering BB basically only takes place on the TV/internet it is not a true reflection of the ppl on this forum. It is a small (and obsessive) part of their time and lives. Just a blip. But ppl who attack other posters seem to take it way too seriously.

This is fun place to comment and vent and cheer about a game we love so much. Hello!? We are still here. With all the ranting about “intervention” etc the love of the game keeps us watching and participating in these forums. Even the threats of stomping away in disgust is not enough to keep ppl away.

So deal with it. And stop with your shenanigans as it seems you are the one with the problem and not the others commenting.


There is nothing ‘fun’ about reading your posts. You need to re read what you wrote today because you went second by second telling us what happened on March 5 – is that FUN? Maybe you need to reconsider your hobbies. Very sad for you though. I have no more time to talk to you but I’m sure you have much more to fill us in on, so I’ll just read and laugh at you.


like i said, you are mistaken as to who said what. “name” only shows up when you forget to type out your name. So if anyone forgets (in the heat of the moment) then many people can show up as “name”.

So don’t be so sure you are attacking the right person when something is said


Name says:
April 22, 2013 at 9:41 pm
“If Jillian wins HOH again this Thursday, I will not watch Big Brother Canada again unless they FIRE all the production msnagers of BBCan.”

So this wasn’t you writing this? I was already prepared to have to say goodbye if she was to win HOH 😉


@ Name
“Jillian and Emmett had on sex on March 5, it was the week when Jillian won her 1st HOH. They knew cameras are all over the place, she is a teacher, WOW! I certainly would write to the school principal if my child will be under her class. Sex is normal thing, you can even do it with someone you just knew in m
hours but you know that it is done in private. Knowing that whole Canada is watching is another thing. Jillian you should be ashamed og your actions. A liar, sex addict, no moals and a teacher. Great personality!”

This is an earlier post in this thread that you made. Anyone could easily take offense at you threatening the womans job as you stated and I quote…”I certainly would write to the school principal if my child will be under her class.” What you gonna write she was under the covers in a reality series so all her years of earning the degree and her willingness to educate young people should be thrown away for doing something(maybe) natural. You don’t want harsh comments for this foolishness don’t post inflamatory retoric like the quoted garbage. If you don’t have a spine perhaps you need to only post fluff and read the rest.
Really disappointed with your rant on folks expressing thier opinion if it’s different than yours. Post your opinions I appreciate everyone even those I disagree with.
By the way BBusa starts June 26th As a vet of the boards you may want to consider staying off the forums if you get offended easily. This is like peewee hockey. BBusa boards are the NHL. Alot more elbows and knees and a good fight now and then. The “Yanks” are definately not as nice as us Canucks! 🙂


And her hand said she was, uh, engaged in …. hmmm. … coitus

And even it wasn’t actually that, the whole scene said it was pretty damn close. Or just hands being used. Either way, nobody will find it that important to make the distinction because it sure looked like it. A rose by any other name, is still a rose. To-mAte-o, Toe-matt-o.




Umm… What? Where did this come from?
I’m honestly clueless


Johnny, I think your opening reply quote to WeHo (about Emmettt having no choice now, but to work with POV winner Gary over Andrew) wasn’t at all the point WeHo was trying to make, late Monday night. To me, WeHo wasn’t talking POV. I think WeHo feels strongly that Emmett is making a huge mistake this week, by preferring to keep Gary in the game, over Andrew. I took WeHo’s comment to mean that, to him, Emmett is wrongly and unfairly bailing out on Andrew this week, and WeHo feels that’s just not right. To him, Andrew has been nothing but loyal to Emmett all season, and he deserves the same loyalty in return this week.

WeHo and Johnny, I’ve found both of your many postings this season to be fantastic. You guys rock! This is just a honest misunderstanding. I myself type things in all the time, and, even though I knew what my point was, someone else reading thought I was making a totally different point. I do know, after reading his many BBCA posts, that Johnny doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. If there’s one thing we’ve all seen on here, it’s that people root *very* hard for their own favorite HGs. For them to stay in the house, to win HOH’s, POV’s and the whole BB game. And when a commenter thinks that *their* favorite is gettin’ “totally thrown under the bus”, by a long-time alliance member, they often get furious, and come out with both guns blazin’!

I hope I helped. I mean well. Just hate to see anybody get that upset over BB. Peace!


I agree BabyBare, there is still double standard in society about the sexcapades of Jillian & Emmett. Unfortunate but reality & I know if I was in the house knowing that this is the case would have played a big part in how far I’d go, no matter how infatuated I’d be. I actually think if Jill has to face this when she comes back into the real world, well then, fair turn – Emmett has to deal with the full frontal shower view…

What I find perhaps even more disturbing & wonder if anyone else is noticing this – Jillian knows Andrew is attracted to her; I believe she does like him & especially loves talking with him, they can go off on so many subject, loves how he makes her laugh… unlike with her milkmance. But I do believe she’s using Andrew’s attraction to ensure he helps her however things play out. That’s okay in itself, a little flirting, right? But it seems she goes far beyond that, obliterates personal space when doing something together; Wearing the least amount of clothes possible when cutting hair, or asking him to fix a bra clasp of the like, so he has to put his hands on her…

Might be innocent but there are times when it’s like, Emmett was just there, he could have done that but you wait till Andrew is there, the two of you alone… just makes me think it really is calculated on her part. Kind of a c*** tease….

Not just tearing down a fellow female – Emmett I know has played this sex card 1000% but still. What do you think?


Yes, I COMPLETELY agree. She has used it (gameplay or not). Personally, I’m not fond of this behaviour in the ‘real world’ of in the BB house. I think though after some time has passed, Andrew (being as wise as he is), knows she is doing this now and doesn’t appreciate it. Andrew doesn’t seem like the type of man who thinks with his d**k. Absolutely, I personally would not want this to be recorded for all to see ad infinitum and both of them know that. If Jill had a full-frontal shot at the shower, she would have been burned at the stake by every website, blogger, hater, etc. but Emmett’s was just a “wow” moment from what I gathered. It’s one of those subjects that brings out some polarizing views on sexuality. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I don’t care what they do if they don’t care what they do. Like I said, I find them boring to watch anyway, so I tend to fast-forward. Peace Chili.


WOW JOHNNY!! U really got under WEHO’S skin today. HAHAHA!! Let’ play nice people. There is nothing wrong with a good debate. The cursing and personal attacks is juvenile and un-called for. Anywhooooo…… It looks like Andrew heard a lot of us last night and he has taken a chill-pill and a break from game talk. Good job. Now all he needs to do is steal Gary’s make-up, blame it on Talla and he will be safe from eviction. Shame on you Canada for voting Gary back in the house so he can sit down in front of the mirror and do his make-up for 3 hours. Absolutely HORRIBLE!!! When Talla gets evicted next Canada will vote her back in the game so she can float for another couple weeks……. Womp womp




Seeing Jillian clean up HoH this morning well every single time she is there LOL. Has anyone ever seen Emmett clean anything while he has been there. I don’t think he has.
Simon and Dawg I’m auditioning for next season ……. If i make it, I promise I will bring a rubber ducky in to the House with me with the word OBB as it’s name LOL. Then you all know it is me. Haha I might even dedicate all of my DR talks to you !


first of all nobody got under my skin
secondly telling someone to eff themselves is hardly a personal attack



I still don’t get why you wrote this to me in the first place


WEHO appears to be from Newfoundland. Andrew is originally from there. Perhaps you were tough on Andrew! LOL


I think I’ve stated numerous times that I liked Andrew a lot until I thought that his behavior changed in a bad way. Even now, while I’m sad that he’s gotten so bitter, I still agree that he has the right to be bitter, as I’m against all those twists.
I’ve been saying that given the 2 options (Andrew or Talla), I thought it was Emmett’s best interest to keep Talla over Andrew.

But whatever I said about Andrew, I think I was polite enough not to warrant a personal “GO F**K YOURSELF!” directed at me.




Andrew is very angry , hurt, humiliated, and helpless, he tried and can not see a way to get himself out of this eviction, don’t fool your selves, he knows he is going home, he knows he has been loyal and played for a fool, right now I see a man trying very hard to control his pain, not blow his stack and make a fool of himself.
Because showing his pain and helplessness is a sign of weakness ,,, it’s a man thing, like asking for directions.

So lets cut him some slack, how funny and entertaining could you be , in his shoes? Just saying!


Love your compassion, Klassy – I really feel the same way about Andrew – Hope his blood pressure doesn’t get too high.


TYVM Sowhat

I wonder if Jillian even told her employer where she was going for the next couple of months, a teacher at my child’s school wanted to try out for Big Brother Canada and was basically told go ahead and you will not have a job when you back. So it’s really not fair that some school boards in canada allow their teachers to do things while others don’t.


she is a SUBSTITUTE TEACHER. THat means, she doesn’t work for a school or a school board…she subs within there. There is already a lot of nepotism in teaching, she probably does have cause for concern, so don’t assume it is ‘the school board’.