Big Brother Canada Emmett talks to Jillian about putting her up on the BLOCK as the Replacement Nominee..

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 22 2013 240pm

2:30pm Jillian, Talla and Gary are out in the backyard. Jillian says that she loves going to Jamaica and other hot places to lay out in the sun so that she doesn’t look pasty white. She asks if Gary likes the sun too. Gary asks black people don’t like the sun because it makes them darker? Jillian says no because it doesn’t benefit them aesthetically. Gary explains that black people like the sun because it enriches their colour and makes them stronger. They head inside.
Jillian and Talla are in the storage room talking. Jillian says that Emmett told Andrew that he might be going home. Talla asks why Emmett told Andrew that he is going home. Jillian says that she isn’t sure .. because he didn’t want to reassure him to the very last minute. Jillian says that Andrew confronted her and she told him she still wasn’t sure. Talla asks why didn’t Emmett wait till Thursday. Talla asks when did he tell him? Jillian says this morning. Talla says oh that’s okay then because he’s been good since. Oh my gosh stressful. Talla says that Andrew wanted to get Gary to use it on him.. why the fu*k would he do that?! Dan would be like? And I would take credit for it .. wait no I wouldn’t because it would screw me over! They leave the storage room. Talla heads out to put her feet in the hot tub. Jillian wonders around looking for Emmett. She can’t find him so she goes up to the HOH room to listen to music. Gary is laying down in the havenot room.
Big Brother Canada April 22 2013 246pm

3:05pm Emmett comes out of the diary room. In the bathroom Emmett talks into his mic and says I can’t do it .. if he see’s me talking to Gary too much he will see it.. I can’t do it.. and what do I have to benefit from this he will think that I have something with Talla.. I can’t do it! (Emmett just came out of the diary room and I think he was talking to them about possibly putting up Jillian to make the others think they aren’t as close to get one of them to take them to the final two.)
Big Brother Canada April 22 2013 3004pm
Emmett goes up to the diary room. Emmett says do you want to hear something funny.. if I put you up. Gary won’t think we are as close as we are .. and Talla won’t either. Jillian says they won’t believe it. Emmett says yeah and I would have to campaign for you to go home. If it was earlier in the season it would work but not now. Jillian says that thinks she should make a final two deal with Gary so that either way one of them will go to the final two. Emmett tells her just to be careful how you word it. Jillian says yeah I will just wait for him to come to me. Emmett jokingly tells Jillian you already have too many jury votes I might not take you. Jillian says I don’t care I have already been on TV making an a$$ of myself. Emmett tells Jillian that she could talk to Gary and tell him that you talked to Dan and he said to talk to you ..can I trust you .. do you tell Emmett everything?

Big Brother Canada April 22 2013 309pm

3:20pm – 3:30pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.. Looks like the Veto Ceremony is happening now..

4:40pm Still Hush Hush..
5pm Still Hush Hush..
5:30pm Still Hush Hush..
6pm Still Hush Hush..
6:02pm The live feeds are back on..

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This last twist just gave the game to Garry WELL DONE BB CAN not just plain bull crap


and the twist before that screwed him and Topaz. So it is fair if you ask me.


Omg says:
April 22, 2013 at 12:52 pm

“I think the show has been strongly in favor of Emmett. If you think of everything that went on in the big brother house, the twists, everything, anyone would agree.”

Well, I for sure DISAGREE! Strongly.
The twists have favored the weak players like Suzette and Gary.
Bringing Dan in with the mission to persuade everyone to get rid of Emmett before F2 wasn’t in his favor at all.

“I hate the editing. Andrew and Talla look like they hate each other on tv and in the meantime they are so funny together in the house. They show Andrew yelling at her all the time or talking about her. ”

Sorry, I disagree again. Andrew and Talla pretty much completely stopped being kind in their teasing of each other since it was clear they’d be on the block together. When they’re bantering, it’s only to secure the other’s jury vote, and you can sense it isn’t genuine anymore.
The rest of the time, Andrew is just nasty in his constant disgust for her, and she keeps asking for reassurance that she’s safe.

“Even though it rots me, emmetts going to win and everyone knows it.”

Well, we won’t be seeing eye to eye on this one! 😉 But that’s perfectly fine by me.
I enjoyed all the discussions Dan had, for different reasons:
– Jillian got to say “… but I’m just a girl!” a few times more.
– Andrew got to be the grumpy inveterate grampa and shut off any suggestions of Dan, even when he himself said both “I’m the pawn this week” and “Talla is the perfect pawn” in that discussion. Still, no, no need to discuss the possibility that J+E wouldn’t keep him.
– “Big Brother for dummies” with Gary. Gary just had no clue what Dan was talking about, kept interrupting him to let it be known that he wants a puppy and that he eats glitter.
– “Big Brother for dummies” with Talla: comedy gold when he tries to explain how her winning the veto might lead to the splitup of the power couple…
– Seriously, even if you’re not a fan of Emmett, couldn’t you appreciate the whole other level of discussion he and Dan had, compared with the others? Emmett has a clear understanding of the game, even straight up told him about Dan unmisting Emmett’s mist. Dan and Emmett both had to smile about it. I thought it was great stuff.
Emmett is a BB player, the other 4 are just “there”. imo.


Johnny, I hope you’ll rejoin the OBB discussion for the upcoming BBUSA season. The commenters are, in general, far more mean spirited and surly. Your civility, your humor and your spot-on analysis would be most welcome come June, buddy!



Now stop that, or I’ll have to call your wife! 😉
We’ll see about BBUS15. If I do watch, it’ll be because of this site, not because of BB!


Only reason they kept Suzette was to piss off Tom.


Gary is certainly not a weak player!


Seemed like Dan favoured Emmett. Emmett had all the power anyway so Emmett had nothing to lose by him being there.


You’re joking, right? You’re just enacting what a delusional comment would sound like, right?
I’m sure you are.
Dan opened Talla’s eyes to how to evict Jillian, Emmett’s closest ally. He at least tried to do the same with Gary.
He laid it out for them why they should fight tooth and nail to prevent having Emmett in F2 in a way that even a baby would understand. So there’s at least a chance that they understood as well.

In BB14, at F4, Dan, Danielle and Shane had agreed to evict Ian. Danielle had HOH and POV. Dan was up as a pawn and Shane would have evicted Ian.
Dan got Danielle to use the veto although the result would have been the same if he had done what he promised to both on his wife’s life he would do, to evict Ian.

Imagine if someone came into this game just at that moment, and had a long discussion with Danielle and Shane about “what would this move accomplish?” “why would you want to do that?” “why would Dan insist on you using the veto if the end result would still be the same?” “Who would Ian take to F2? (Dan) Who would Shane take to F2? (Danielle) … So … Think about it … What would be Dan’s best interest: keeping Shane, or Ian?
I’d say Danielle wouldn’t have used the veto. And Dan would have been pretty pissed about someone just coming in after all the time he spent on misting Danielle and ruin it by “opening her eyes”…


Like your analogy of the Dan/Danielle/Shane/Ian scenario if a “Dan” had come in to talk to them. I wonder though if it would have changed anything? 1 thing we will never really understand is what it really is like to be in this game, to be locked away 24/7 with strangers, fighting to stay in the game, on view for the country/N. America to pick you apart, being blindsided by twist & turns by BB, changing alliances, stuck on slop, etc. etc.

Plus not knowing who really is telling you the truth cause you don’t have access to what is said in the Diary room, or what anyone is saying to the others about you so what looks like a stupid decision to trust this person or to use a veto that puts your “sweetie” in danger can seem logical in the heat of the moment.

Same with getting stuck in a line of thinking – ie. Andrew whining the last few days. It’s like he needs a reboot. Would have loved to have seen a convo between him & Dan last week, before Gary. Think it would have been quite different.

I’m thinking Dan was probably tearing his hair out after chatting with him, Jillian (I don’t really need the money – oh but yeah, I have a ton of student loans that I could use $100K; I don’t know anything about the game, just seemed fun to do); Talla – stalker; Gary – Glitter Glitter. So yeah, Emmett is sitting high, but is taking credit for a lot that he didn’t orchestrate but hey, he’s laying out his argument to jury.

Anyway, I just think being in the house, in this type game isn’t easy. Look at Peter & Alec – studied the game & were so sure they would smoke everyone, in fact are so embarrassed to get out when they did. Just not as easy as it looks.


Is this you Peter? Your last speech sounded just like Peter’s goodbye talk with Arissa. Everyone else is dumb and blah blah Emmett is great. Lol


No, I’m not Peter! If that’s a proof to you: I think Peter sucked at this game!
If you haven’t already, please watch the videos of the discussions Dan had with each of them.
Then, tell me if you disagree with what I wrote.


So I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I’m completely over this Jillian and Emmett show. I really wish BBCan would stop editting the shows to make Emmett look like this sweet milk man, (please shut up – I have a girlfriend who works in production and yes he lives on a farm, but he really is just a manager at Hollister so enough of that bullshit). Anyways, as much as I really loved Andrew, his repetitiveness is getting annoying, and his trust in E&J is really disappointing. By the way, to end this off, I found this on the internet, “Jillian Effs Emmett”. It looks like it was uploaded a while ago, but I really REALLY hope for Jillian’s sake that her students havn’t watched it. Either way, I doubt she’ll have a job when she returns home. Enjoy 🙂


hes not a manager at hollister anymore….at least the word around hali is he got fired. i wont say why, but if you find someone from halifax theyre bound to be able to find out for you. he has a haunted corn maze that he just started last yr though trying to rival truro’s


Well that is proof right there why he won’t put her on the block….. He will have to lose his screw buddy. Great morals you both have. Bet mom and dad are proud of you now. Well there is always the porn industry if teaching fires you


Accidently posted this on the 11:33AM recap so reposting here.

Didn’t watch the E/J video, just read the comments & that was bad enough! Over 30K have watched this video & how many watched it during After Dark (according to 1 comment it was shown there)?
Still some observations:

I’m wondering if this happened after 1 of the booze nights? An excuse maybe but can see that happening. Consider:
there is an attraction;
the unrelenting closeness factor of having HOH together so often;
the out & out fact Emmett was/is always groping her (sometimes looks like he’s milking a cow – sorry),
& as was pointed out here, no matter the conversation, he starts sucking face, pushing her back on the bed, couch.
Pretty easy to get carried away…

Plus, it’s amazing how quickly you get used to cameras & actually forget they’re there. I was working in a TV newsroom when they changed the format to from having cameras focused just on a news desk to shooting out in the room at large. At 1st everyone was hyper aware of the cameras, on best behavior, but as time went on, you forgot them. Led to some embarrassing shots – especially if someone ticked off a camera man or Director just before air – grins. Fortunately, I was lucky not to do so, they’d give me a heads up if I was in the shot. Once was on a break, reading the paper & got a 5 sec heads up “you sure you want Canada to see you reading the comics?” LOL

I’m not saying Jillian is the poor innocent virgin here & EM the big bad wolf card. Not at all. Just can see how it can happen & do believe Jillian will be mortified.

Ahem – also maybe explains why Andrew’s been a bit more cranky lately & Emmett a little more chill. 1 is going on 6+ wks cold turkey — Talk about your Haves & Have nots!


I see what you’re trying to get across but she did get a wake up call from big brother themselves by making Talla and Andrew watch videos of them groping, kissing, etc. At that moment, she opens her mouth wide like “OMG” but 5 minutes later, no make that 60 seconds, she’s back to it. Even Emmett’s family were referencing it and once again she pulls the “O” face (no pun intended). What I’m trying to say is her excessively flaunted sexual relationship with Emmett is her own downfall. That videos surfaced and we all know it’s impossible for that to be brushed under the carpet now. Her career will be tainted because of the image she’s created for herself. For those who say, it’s her life and it won’t effect her career? As a teacher you are required to maintain a reputation and be a role mode. Emmett on the other hand isn’t a teacher and isn’t required to uphold any type of reputation. Of course, he will be labeled that guy that had sex in the big brother house.

On a side note, I personally think they don’t look right together. She looks a decade older than him and he looks like he’s about to go to college…Am I the only one?


OMG I cannot STAND Emmet sucking on Jillian like that any longer, he truly disgusts me, the way he does not let her speak, she even has to push his head away to finish a sentence. But he just “likes buggin her” hahaha how funny… not. I keep on watching videos of them expecting game talk and then he creeps onto her once again.
I hope he gets evicted next and all his scheming plus the unfair twists get blown up in his face. He couldn’t even figure out all possible scenarios, needed Peter to tell him and now he’s all smug and wants to take credit, gimme a break milkiot. He loves being in power, is a cheater and a sore loser, being niceguy to everybody is just an act and because he has zero personality, it’s not even fun to watch him play the others. Imagine all houseguests were like Emmet, what a terrible snoozefest that would be.
Phew… feel better now I can calm down and carry on 🙂


Emmitt ftw!

I’m more inclined to sit in judgement of all the freaks that come to this site whining and complaining about what poor judgement E/J are showing in the house. Fact is they are owning the show, and are playing the game far better than anyone else in there. Snoozefest for you? Not enough drama? Don’t like the intimacy? Too freaking bad, switch the effing channel already. But no, every hypocrite and their mother feels the need to pass judgement while they continue to watch from their high moral perch. I’d like too see anyone else do better holed up in there. But that won’t happen, it’s far more gratifying to act like a douche, and pretend like your somehow better.


If there is a double eviction this week and Emmett can survive it, he will win this game.

I predict Andrew is voted out this week.

Gary wins HOH – puts up Jill and Talla

Jill wins veto – takes herself off

Emmett goes up as a replacement

Jill votes out Talla

On to final 3 with Gary/Emmet and Jill

This is where it gets tricky…
Gary gets choice on who to bring – he will bring Jill – thinks he can beat her
Emmett gets choice on who to bring – he will bring Jill – thinks he can beat her and wants to give her the 20k
Jillian gets choice on who to bring – she will bring Emmett. There is no other choice. She will be loyal to the end.

In all scenarios Jillbot is guaranteed the 20k folks.


Ann, if you were a stockbroker, I’d buy whatever stock you recommended to me! You’ve been spot with your BBCA comments and predictions all season. Always enjoy reading your posts! 🙂


Kupac, you are so right. Kudos for having the guts to say it. A lot of hypocrites in here that seem to like having their hateful dribble seen in print.

Thanks for pointing it out. I guess they never saw the movie Bambi when young, where Thumper said, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”


Coming from the person who says if u can’t say nothing nice…


Is this campaigning on Gary’s part – making up shit. Black people get stronger with the sun um, no they don’t.


Bothered by Emmett telling production he “can’t do it.” (put up Jill.) So is production telling the HG what to do and say That means it is not a reality show. It is the dog and pony E/J goofy gong soft porn creepy off broadway play.. I didn’t notice this crap on BBUS. Well maybe just a touch. Guess they are better at misting the public..They are certainly better at doing the show. As for BBUK. Never seen it and never plan to..
Big brother Canada you really suck. Hated the twists. I like the US Pandora Box and DPOV as rewards and twists. The moose tasks and parties as rewards was boring. .. Except for Talla. Her “talking with Talla” skit was gold. And her lying on the chair in the DR drunk using her hand as a puppet saying “helloooo” was so funny.. Out the the ten thousand BB fans that applied I’m sure you could have come up with a better smarter mix of HG..Congrats on the sponsors. But I think the prize money should have been handled differently. 100K to the winner. A car to second..25Brick gift certificate to Canada’s favorite player. And spread the other 20K to reward challenges during the game…


Simon.. I put a post here. Left for an hour. Came back and poof it was gone??


Now it is back… The Simon @ Dawg magic show.. Love it..