Big Brother Canada Power Of Veto Ceremony RESULTS!

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: Andrew & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 22 2013 602pm

6pm – 6:25pm When the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds return we learn that Gary used the Veto on himself and Emmett as head of household nominated Talla as the replacement nominee.

Talla and Gary are in the kitchen. Talla is making dinner. Emmett and Jillian are up in the HOH room playing chess. Emmett wins “Checkmate!” That was a good try, I made lots of stupid moves! Maybe next time! They head downstairs. Emmett asks Gary ..where’s everyone at? I mean Andrew I guess? (Everyone is in the kitchen but Andrew.) Gary says that Andrew is sleeping. Emmett and Gary talk about playing a game of chess later. Emmett asks if he is going to lose again. Gary says that he is going to take his time, last time I got too excited to kill your guys. Jillian and Emmett are talking about cutting some meat. Jillian says to use the meat cutter. Talla asks a meat cutter? ..A meat cutter? What’s that? Jillian says it cuts meat! Gary challenges Jillian to a game of chess. Emmett says that they would be a good match. Jillian comments she only learned 3 days a go. Talla wishes they could get some wine tonight. Who’s going on a liquor run?

Big Brother Canada April 22 2013 603pm

Big Brother Canada April 22 2013 610pm

6:35pm Jillian asks why are we away from home? Talla asks what? Why are we away from home.. because we’re BUSY! Jillian says busy on big brother. Jillian asks Emmett how do you make cheese. Emmett says with milk. Emmett says that making ice cream is fun. Jillian asks you make ice cream? Can I make it? Emmett says sure. Andrew joins them. They ask him how his nap was? He says he just laid there.
Big Brother Canada April 22 2013 630pm

6:40pm – 7pm Andrew says that he told them that he asked if he can get some lip stuff and that he wants to cut his hair. He says that they told him he can’t cut his hair. He says why the hell not, what are they going to do evict me? These a$$holes are going to do that for me. Talla explains when you take a punishment you have to live with it. She says I can’t sow my clothes back together. Andrew says they said I can’t cut my hair till Thursday .. but I am not going out looking like this? Andrew comments on how his speech was why don’t you not use the veto and let the people decide who they want to vote out. But he used it. Everyone but Andrew head up to the HOH room. Andrew can hear Gary screaming. Andrew asks how is he here? Look at these slobs! Meanwhile up in the HOH room Gary and Jillian play a game of chess.

Big Brother Canada April 22 2013 703pm

7:05pm In the kitchen Talla tells Emmett that she doesn’t like it when he (Andrew) says stuff like that? That these a$$holes are going to vote me out. Talla heads out to the hot tub room and says that it really sucks being on the block. She says that she will give Henry (The Black moose) a kiss if she stays. Do you think I’m a turnip? Awe you think I am cute! Thanks Henry.. lets just take things slow! I don’t know why .. maybe Gary was just joking about that ..doesn’t matter. Oh my gosh! Henry I am busy right now .. its just going to have to wait. Okay sorry, what’s up? You forgot! Okay well I am kinda busy right now so talk to you later. Andrew joins her and says oh look who it is my old block buddy stoogette! Andrew says it sucks that we are on the block but whoever goes home .. at least there is only a week left! And we did make it to the final four .. and no one can take that away from us .. they did but they can’t! Andrew says maybe whoever stays makes it to the final two and then the other stooge votes for them and they win. Talla says well let the game roll! Andrew laughs. Andrew says what pisses me off is that my HOH and POV didn’t matter. It probably changed the game because if I hadn’t gotten Gary out he probably would have done something to them. Nothing against Gary because what is he going to say thanks.
Big Brother Canada April 22 2013 732pm

7:25pm – 7:35pm Emmett and Gary are up in the HOH room talking. Emmett tells Gary that his food looks like “Two girls one cup” (Don’t google this if you don’t know what it is.. it’s super gross!) Gary says ewww.. why did you say that now I can’t eat it! Emmett says there are going to be some fights this week between Andrew and Talla. Gary says that Talla has already tried starting stuff with me. Gary says that he is just going to sit back and stay out of it.

Big Brother Canada April 22 2013 731pm

7:45pm Talla and Andrew are still talking out in the hot tub. Andrew talks about getting out it will be interesting to see what people’s perception of each of us is. Andrew says I am sure I have some annoying qualities. Talla says that she doesn’t have any annoying qualities. Talla talks about he sister and says that she doesn’t have a brain of a turnip. Well I don’t either it just might not have been shown. Andrew heads inside.

8pm Gary beats Jillian in their game of chess. Gary goes and asks Talla if she will play him. Talla says that she doesn’t know how to play but she will learn. Gary says well you should play Jillian then.

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I’m watching the live feeds and must say Talla’s conversation with herself and the moose in the hot tub is much more exciting than watching the chess game between Gary and Jillian.


This show has become a bunch of crap. BO-RING!! Said it before, I will say it again. Watching EJ run the show for weeks on end is the most boring thing I can think of watching. I used to listen to the feeds at work all the time but now I haven’t listened in about two weeks, nothing worthwhile even going on. Thanks Simon and Dawg for running this wonderful site that gives me all my updates!! (Yes…boring…but I still need to know what goes on!)

The fact that Dan, one of the best BB players in history, came into the house and half of the houseguests didn’t even know who he was just tells you the type of people who are left in this game. People who don’t even know what scenario could play out/affect them if they win the Veto!!! ARGH!
Dan’s convo with Emmett was the only worthwhile thing that came out of the visit, it was the only intelligent game convo! As much as I hate seeing Emmett rule the house, at least he understands the game.

The simple fact that NONE of the players listened to his “advice” he gave them shows me how sad this game has become! He was trying to give them hints about what moves they should make to better their game without actually telling them what they should do and no one could even understand it. Andrew was told *hint hint* “you were put up twice…by your own alliance…when there were other options”. I love you Andrew but I would love to give you a solid smack right now. However, ’tis quite a testament to your character that you believe in honesty that much that you expect others to do the same as you would – not the case with backstabbing, lying EJ. Sad that honesty and integrity will be his downfall in this game. Can’t wait for Emmett to watch the show when he gets out and realize what a REAL ally he had in Andrew – even willing to take him to F2 when it’s not his best shot to win the money, just because he wants to sit beside someone who has played the game as a competitor and not gotten a free ride from others or from production.

Here’s to hoping that if there is a S2 of BBC, production a) picks a better cast and b) STOPS INTERFERING WITH THE GAME!!! Let the game play out the way it’s supposed to. Never have I seen so many twists that alters what was going to happen. It’s ok to throw a few things in there, keeps things interesting, but gawd am I ever sick of hearing “but wait!!…there’s something we need to tell you…” I was in the live audience when they announced that a player would be coming back into the game from Jury and there was an audible GASP from the audience and immediate chatter about how unfair that would be. Excitement at first but then, “wait…that’s not fair!” Would have loved to see Aneal, AJ (yes, even AJ!), Danielle, Kat and Liza stay longer in the game. The house would have been substantially more interesting and dynamic. Alliance of Kat and Liza/Tom? Powerhouse schemers Aneal & Peter? As much as I couldn’t stand watching Danielle, I think she would have brought that element of crazy and drama to the place and spiced things up. A fight with Topaz perhaps? War with Talla or maybe even Emmett? Would be much better than this snooze fest that’s currently taking place.
That’s all for me.


Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda. Three words that can make this GAME to suit an individual that’s watching outside the BB fishbowl and know what each person inside needed to do and how production ‘fixed the game for a favourite.

This is “productions” game and they can and do what ever they want. I have never seen any RULES that said production had to do something a certain way because it was done that way before.

People should quit comparing every episode to some previous episode or season. If each game followed a pattern, the people would be hollering about it being boring and there was nothing new.

How do you know keeping Kat, Liza, Tom, Danielle or Topaz would have made the game more interesting? Even if those 5 had been there right now, I’m sure you and others would have something to complain about.

If you don’t like what goes on, don’t watch or read the updates. Quit complaining and be glad that Canada finally got on the BB Bandwagon and Canadians can audition for the show, win and have the same chance at National exposure as our American neighbours. Be glad you had a chance to be in the audience, here in Canada, probably not far for you to attend, instead of raining on the parade.

I don’t know you but I’m so tired of reading all your negative comments as well as from others. I’m proud to be Canadian, have Big Brother in my country, and can’t understand why people have to always be so negative. Watch it or change channels!


I agree. Sure, there have been a lot of twists but what’s “a lot” because this is Season One of BB Canada… every country has their own version and BB identity and, well shucks, maybe this is what BB Canada is! BB UK is extremely different from BB US and Canada (they’re literally not allowed to form alliances or talk game with each other… say what? lol) but that’s what BB UK is. This is what BB Canada is. I think people also forget that twists are a part of the game, too. So if the house guests get a twist for breakfast and a twist for dessert, people should just accept it because maneuvering around or overcoming these twists are a part of the BB Canada game.

Plus, I think it’s kind of dumb to constantly dwell in complaining about twists when the players themselves know full and well that there will be twists and that they’re signing up for an anything-goes deal when they go in.




I have to say I have no problem with people complaining, venting, etc.
In fact it can be very productive. If social media spreads the word about viewers disapproval of certain aspects of the show, that might not be so bad.
So I say: keep watching (maybe hoping for things to improve), utter your frustration and critique, cause if you’re a fan of the show and know how good it CAN be (and that can be in a different way each season), you want it to be just that. That’s why people get fired up in the first place, they want to like the show and be a fan.
And even if it just helps a single viewer to get over his/her frustration with a show, then good on them and thanks to Simon and Dawg for providing such an awesome platform for this. So keep watching, keep venting, come to this place and get it out of your system. I love reading all the different opinions and takes on the show and their housegests on here.


While I appreciate all points of view on here, I really dislike being told NOT to offer my PERSONAL opinion on game, contestants or whether or not I enjoy this season of one of my favourite shows. You may like what’s happening, I however, happen to disagree. I also happen to be a sincerely patriotic person and I, too, love my country and am proud to see we now have our own version of this show. To be basically told to not post my personal opinion on here, and worse still to suggest I’m unpatriotic is not sparking debate on this season, I see your comment as a personal jab at me. If YOU don’t like my opinion, don’t read it, don’t comment on it….or here’s a great idea, there’s a DISLIKE button right below my post that you can click!! 😉

I’m allowed to have my opinion of the season just like you are. I’m happy you are enjoying the show, I still am enjoying watching the episodes, especially to get my BB fix before June. However, I just happen to feel differently and see the show as being too visibly controlled by production, which takes some of the fun and excitement over seeing what strategies will/will not work.
If you feel the need to come on here and post a reply like that, please don’t personally put me down for having an opinion, go do that somewhere else and let everyone enjoy the freedom of this forum, as it’s meant to be.


cant agree with you more about jemmit, am seriously sick to my stomach watching the constant celebrating making out and lying those two do, especially jillian is one of the most blatant liar i have ever seen in 15 plus seasons of bb, and I have watched every US bb plus several uk bb’s


“Can’t wait for Emmett to watch the show when he gets out and realize what a REAL ally he had in Andrew – even willing to take him to F2”

You’re wrong.
I agree with most of what you said, but here, you’re wrong: Andrew told Jillian all this time that he wants it to be him and her F2. Not him and Emmett.
Emmett knows that, and that’s why it IS in Emmett’s best interest to get rid of Andrew now.

There’s no doubt that Emmett thinks Andrew deserves to come in above Talla and Gary. But keeping him now would just be too risky for Emmett, since Andrew could win a decisive competition and get Emmett out.


Dunno what else people are expecting. It’s obviously going to be boring when the numbers have dwindled down to the final couple of people.


Maybe the show should speed up once the get down to single digits. Cut it back one week. Make it a little more interesting. Less twiddling thumbs.


So what was up with the red dress and shoes and accessories given to Jill? Anybody know?


it was a luxury item … the week that andrew and talla were sevents to the other three … the guys got the game ect .. jillian got a dress , ect ..


Okay, risking a bunch of thumbs down here but it seems some comments on previous pages are starting to get a bit nasty towards other posters.
I really enjoy reading the comments on this board. I love that the posters here are so fun, interesting, very articulate in their opinions. Love seeing if others have the same take on what just happened, so often someone raises a point or highlights something interesting on the feeds (I don’t watch them). I find there are times I’ll be persuaded to rethink my take on something by someone’s passionate discourse.

I get how passionate we can be about moves, twists, players & when something happens that puts our fav (Team Andrew!) in danger or evicted. This is a place we can let our fingers bewail our feelings in the heat of the moment. I have found though, that for the most part, once the height of emotion has passed, emotions even out & next postings are pretty even keeled again, even while still bemoaning/missing our fav. We just get right back in there, enjoying the game, & cheering some moves, picking apart others. Just enjoying being part of this wonderful community that Simon & Dawg have created & have dedicated so much time & hard work.

That’s why it’s disheartening to see over the last couple of days posts that some postings feel like actual attacks on the writers of other posts rather than on the whatever they are saying pertaining to the game.


Interesting that you thought you were risking thumbs down with your comment, then proceeded to get 46 thumbs up and 0 thumbs down.


Giving them a chess board was a huge mistake. With Andrew being evicted the feeds will be absolutely un-watchable.


Seriously that is the worst HoH gift to give any house guest ( Chess ) it makes for boring TV and Live Feeds. No one talks while playing plus it also is a very tiring game because of the mental stamina to play it. DUMB !!! They would be better giving HoH a game of RISK ! Now that can cause some fights when people play it LOL.
I am so sick of Andrew at this point. Goes to show you what he is really like when his back is up against the wall. Rather than fight he chose to belittle people and complain about it being unfair.


why should andrew bother fighting for himself at this point…all the houseguests should of been told at the beginning of the game that production have already pre determined that gary will be the first seasons winner, even if they manage to evict him, he will win…. andrew isnt allowed to cut his hair, what r they gonna do kick him out? altho when gary was supposed to stay awake for 24 hours and fell asleep at least 5 times!


Let me preface this comment with the fact I used to work with Andrew, so while I’m not close with him, I do know his him/his personality outside of the house and he has been the reason I watched this show (because I probably wouldn’t have without him).

That being said, this week has been really hard to watch. I understand him being really frustrated about knowing that he was going home the moment he didn’t win the POV and I totally understand being in a funk for a bit but he has gone on far too long and burned every bridge he may have had left.
This house has really gotten to him and brought out a really shitty side.

I didn’t even bother watching last nights episode because reading this updates were more than enough for me. It’s just sad to see him leave like this and I know he’ll be disappointed about it too once he’s not angry about everything anymore.


I was always a big fan of Andrews, for me he was hands down one of most entertaining of the players.

Always sucks to be going home when f*ckery is a foot, nothing that a couple jars can’t fix


Hey, I was also a big Andrew fan from early on, I wish him all the best after this show and I hope in retrospect he will see it as it is: he experienced every possible aspect there is to BigBrother, was the “dark horse” for a while, became a favourite for many viewers, played a hell of a game at times (social and competitions), was likeable, funny and very entertaining to watch. For me he offered the whole package as a houseguest.
Yes he kinda lost his plot since the return of Gary and the Veto loss, but hey, that’s human. Who knows what we wold do in those circumstances, people cope differently. He also seems like someone who after a while is able to commit when he was over the top about something or someone. Overall he can still be very proud of himself and will hopefully be able to laugh about himself being cranky and a little self-righteous. 😉


The real travesty for the first season of Big Brother hasn’t been the twists and the fu*kery it’s been Dawg only getting 5.64% on this most recent poll !!!!!

Vote Dawg!

Nana Jo

I have to say that I am so glad I stumbled upon this site! The comments are well thought-out, articulate and interesting. It is far superior to what I’ve read on some other forums. I have enjoyed the fact that people are also willing to read others’ points of view without it degenerating into a personal slam fest.

I hope Andrew will feel a form of redemption when he realizes that he has many fans out there! Fans who appreciate his honesty and integrity, his dogged persistence and fight, and also his wonderful sense of humour.I am sure his quick wit and rapor will return as soon as the uncertainty he has had to live with over the past weeks is over. He definitely has my vote for favourite player, if there is one!

As for chess … they couldn’t have picked a worse game to generate viewer interest! Give them a pool table… please!


Thanks Nana Jo,

We’ve had an amazing bunch of people this season.. I wish I could spend more time in the comments chatting. 🙁


andrew’s game is going downhill fast, i feel for him but it’s big brother. I do hope next week they take the chess board away. I also hope Talla wins hoh or even better power of veto even Gary winning would be great, crossing my fingers that jillian wins nothing.


I don’t understand why people get so butt hurt about lying in this game. Is there a single person in the history of BB who has one the game without lying??