Big Brother Canada A night of Tasks continues “I’m going to fart his a$$ off my bed”

POV Holder: Next POV March 9th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 11th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations: Garry Suzette
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Jillian

2:00AM Aj Dances

The HOH crew get Aj to go convince Garry to Dance. Garry doesn’t so Aj does.

Talla does a little dance



2:30AM Talla in the bathroom farting up a storm

She tells them that some people are a night farter but she’s a day farter
AJ: “You’re an all day farter.. I can’t take you home to see my parents you’ll murder them”


3:00AM Feeds come back They are brushing each others teeth. (this can’t be the task feeds were down for 30 minutes) Lots of talking.. You hear things like “I thought this was going to be more awkward” “Your mouth now has that sloppy taste” “Do we need to go back to the living room before bed” No idea what the task was. They head to the living room Peter to Aneal: “We had a really good strategy” Aneal: “I feel fresh and clean” (they brushed each others teeth”
All the houseguests are accounted for in the living room. Big Brother: “Houseguests… Task Complete” everyone cheers starts heading to bed
Andrew: “See you guys in a hour”

Jillian: “We’re going to be up every hour this is crazy”
3:00AM Have nots room AJ steals Talla’s bed in the hopes that she will fall asleep with him. Talla is all stressed now she has to find a place to sleep she goes to the have nots room to talk to Alec, Aneal and Topas. Talla: “AJ stole my bed.. I was going to use yours” Aneal:”YA nobody claimed my bed” Alec: “Just sleep with AJ bro” Talla: “I’m going to fart his a$$ of my bed” Alec: “He likes farts he said so” Talla: “It’s been quiet in the bowels for 20 minutes”

3:15AM Everyone now sleeping

3:40am Phone rings again
TAlla: “I just went to bed”
Houseguests it’s been a long night but it is time for the slam dunk unfortunately there is no basketball hoop in the house .. Tom can you please stand on the stairs with hosueguests on each side before every houseguest jumps in the pool they must do 15 jumping jacks and submerge themselves at the same time. The hosueguests don’t
t understand the task Tom asks for clarification the picture above shows the confusion)

The hosueguests are taking their time getting ready.
Big Brother: “If every houseguests isn’t ready in 1 minute they will all be submerged for 30 minutes GO”

After they do the task you can hear people studying the task. like whats the order of the players on each side of the pool, the number of jumping jacks..








4:41am Task 5 Dance party

Big Brother: “Hi houseguests..I know you are all very tired.. but big brother thinks it’s time for a dance party.. when the buzzer sounds you must dance for 5 minutes.. all four of your limbs must be moving the music will start in one minute if you are not ready there will be another consequences”

7am No other tasks were asked of the house guests yet. They are all still sleeping..

7:41am – Task 6 Lay a trail pf kitchen objects from smallest to biggest – All the way from the bedroom to the stairs.

Big Brother tells the house guests that they are tasked with laying objects from the kitchen on the floor from smallest to biggest all the way from the stairs to the bedroom. Only one house guest is able to stand at a time. The house guests are told that they only have 10 minutes to complete the task or they will have to start all over again. Their is a lot of confusion with this task and the rules. Part way into the task the house guests think of rolling out the wax paper all the way from the bedroom to the kitchen. They then wait for big brother to confirm if that they completed the task. Big Brother cuts the live feeds and when they return the house guests are moving objects again so Big Brother rejected their idea of unrolling wax paper. The feeds are cut again.

Part 1 Video:

8:10am – 8:40am When they return the house guests failed their first attempt and had to put everything back and start over again. They finish but are told that they have broken a rule. They have used two of the same items that are touching so they fix that and then are told that all items must be touching. Big Brother tells them that they have completed the task only when they have returned everything to its original spot. Talla puts everything back and Big Brother tells them that they have completed the task. Most of the house guests go back to bed. Aj is pissed about how slowly Gary gets out of bed for the tasks. He says he is going to bang pots and pans over his head next time.
Part 2 Video:

10:15am The Live Feeds are showing the Hush Hush screen..

11:20am The live feeds come back … they haven’t picked players or played in the power of veto yet. Alec, Andrew, Aj and Peter are talking about being woken up all night and how the US seasons do it too.
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who wearing the thong? looks alright!!


Wow, that was hot! Hopefully we see more of Liza wearing a thong as the season progresses!