Big Brother Canada 5 Finale recap

After 70 days we’re at the finale. Kevin, Demetres and Karen are the final 3 houseguests.

Final Head of household competition Part 1. The winner of this competition gets sent to part three. the 2 losers have to compete in Part 2.

Karen – Oh my god what am I thinking

Demetres’ outfit is missing the sleeves.

They have to build a pyramid of gold.

Karen claims to have earned her way to final 3.

Part 1 Winner is Demetres
Demetres – Ika I’m not going to let you down

Final Head of household competition Part 2. The Winner of this competes against Demetres in Part 3.

They have to map out a constellation based on questions. The players names are the stars.

Karen says she has to win the competition to show she’s worthy to be there.

Karen’s time 41 minutes and 39 seconds
Kevin’s time 12 minutes and 13 seconds

Part 2 winner is Kevin.

Pre Jury

Karen says her highlight was pushing herself to the limit.

Final Head of household competition Part 3. Winner of this is the final HOH and gets to decide who they will take to the end.
The competition is questions.

Part 3 winner is Kevin

Kevin Evicts Demetres ending the Demika reign of Terror. The FInal 2 is Karen and Kevin.

Demetres says Kevin and Karen will be a hard choice.. (LOL)


Kevin Wins Big Brother 5 by a vote of 9 to 0

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Loved Kraken hour. You’re hilarious. Look forward to BBUS Kraken hour!


Are you satisfied with the winner? What are your feelings on Ika? Gameplay or just a straight up bitch?

Guy From Canada

Attention Kraken Hour (did I do this right?)

Since bbcan doesn’t get a Canada favs like bbusa America favs, would you be in support of a crazy twice where Canada votes for their favorite as second and the person at the end who places second wins squat? Like Canada votes for one player in jury and that winner gets second….so if someone wins first they could get all the prize money if they get the votes. Dumb Kraken twist or brilliant to get players to work harder all season? Your thoughts, and special guest Dres thoughts?

Thanks for the season, cya all his summer

Botox Pelosi

Thanks for all your hard work this season Simon.


Simon the main picture of this post looks like Kevin is “releasing” on Karen lol.


Thanks Simon and Dawg! You guys ROCK!

Mortal Kombat

Kevin Wins
Flawless Victory


(Rips Karen’s head off, and kicks it to the studio audience)


Karen was the worst BBCAN player ever played the game(9-0).


she freaked out when she was on the block week 4 or 5 but decided to throw her game away when there was only 5 players left. and also evicted dillon


why is karen making it sound like she s been with ika and dem the whole season?


are they all going to appear at a morning talk show for interviews?

True Tea

Demika will always be the true winners of bbcan5… best players! respect the game! congratz to kevin.. if the two best couldn’t win (even kevin admitted this), he was my third in line as a player. the three best players of the season. If they can respect that fact, then you all can stop being bitter just bc u dont like ika or showmances …such is life. They still slayed the season! And that’s the true tea!


The true winner is the one walking out with 9-0 win. The true winner is the one commending (AKA “admitting”) one’s archrivals. The true winner is the one fighting 3 enemies alone. The true winner is the one who kneeled down then rised up. The true winner is the one who acknowledged one’s own mistakes. But keep on dreaming, you’re the “true winner” alright, delusional lunatics.


u sound bitter lol true winner isnt declared by title, but by who ruled the season! sry! fighting against 3 lol would we really count karen who wasnt gonna win anything? dem and ika also thought against 4 members of the six… but no. let’s not respect that… he walked with 9-0 bc no one was voting karen .. everyone knows that! he admitted it.. that’s all you need right there… if you ppl can’t it dosnt mater.. doesnt take away fro ika and dem being the BIGGETS players of the season… they made this season! Put some respect on that lol kevin wasnt too blinded or biased to 😛


Love Big Brother. Another season over, cant wait for BBUS. Thanks to Simon and Dawg.


Is it conceivable that from Karen’s point of view, she really was aligned with Ika and Demetres for most of the time in the house?
She believed the Bra-gade alliance was a real thing. She believed the Bra-gade saved Demetres at her urging. She believed that Sindy, Cass and Neda flipped on that alliance.
She didn’t talk to the camera about her alliances in the game. She did spend a lot of time in the bathroom with Ika in the beginning weeks of the game. They would be awake and getting ready for quite some time before others were stirring.
Sure, Dillon called Karen the new Emily; did Karen ever call Dillon the new anything?
It might actually be possible that Karen truly believed morning chats and twenty second who are we evicting conversations were enough to convince her that she was part of an undercover alliance that even Demetres and Ika were unaware of for most of the game. Heck, everyone in Karen’s bra-gade had to remind themselves it existed in week three. It’s Karen. She played most of the game from a strangely surreal perspective anyway. It’s actually possible, and that’s weird.


Even more weird about Karen.. I listen to an interview after the finales, she claims that putting dilon on the block against ika was her doing. Well she will realize he wanted to do that long before she gets that bathroom chat where she claim she put that in his mind. He discuss that to cams long before he win veto.

But even better, she believe she did not win because the Jura was bitter… hahahahaha… yhea right!


So emily and dillion are getting engaged…


Thank you , oh so much for this website ,, I am a canadian living in europe these days, .
without you and your website , This whole season would of been a lonely season for me.
Thank you guys for doing this site and for Kraken
I came here daily ,read every post , read every comment and shared a few comments

This site is my BBCAN family site ,,,,
thanks everyone,,, I was Team Demika and Team Karen lol

Cheers Kim

Big win

What’s the thought on Bruno’s influence in jury? Was it because of him that Kevin’s victory was locked up??


Whose game was better, Neda season 2 or Ika season 5?

Do you agree that the women ruled this season?

Which newbies if any do you think should get a second chance at Big Brother?


Neda. Not even close.


I’d say Neda as well . Even though I don’t like her personality, in her season she didn’t rub the other contestants the wrong way and had she been in final 2 with John she probably would have won. Ika did a good job and was far more entertaining but Neda did better.


Everyone was saying karen was the worst player which isnt super far off.. pretty expected..but quite honestly jackie was an idiot and had no idea what the house was doing or what was happening in the game more than half of the time. She would start pointless fights, couldnt shut her mouth to be trustdd by a single person, and was used to fill space on the block time and time again because NO one cared about her.. She had the least respectful game By far that I’ve seen in big brother canada.


I was actually thinking of this a couple days ago. Neither won so it’s a preference of game play. For me it’s close but I’d give it to Neda. She manipulated people and won comps. She like Ika helped flip the house in the 2nd part of the game. And convincing Jon to cut Arlie set Jon & neda to win more comps & manipulate the rest of the idiots left to final 3.

I would say it was ruled equally. Neda and Ika were controlling the game in the 1st couple weeks but after Jackie won pov on Sindys hoh, a woman never won another comp and it just became Dem vs Kevin with alot of casualties on the way.

The only newb I think deserving to be back is Demetre. Id like to see how he would do without Ika.