OBB Kraken Hour Episode 11 Finale!

No green screen out in the garden. Simon and Nick do the Big Brother Canada 5 finale Kraken hour. Yeah… the technology fucked up on us.. But for you fans I think enough worked out.

Thanks again everyone for listening and enjoying.. BBUS19 here we come…

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Simon, you are so loaded. God bless the Kraken!!!


thanks again guys,,,
just a note; I think I got 7 thumbs down,,, because I wrote ,I liked Karen ,,, haahaa


No body likes Karen unless u too are a sour loser like her. I can’t believe she throw her game away cuz she did not like Kevin. I feel bad for her kids.


Image froze on a great shot. Get some much needed rest before the viewers and comments increase for bbus.

Big Win

Enjoyed thanks. Keep the kraken hour going. If you build it they will come…. or something like that


been reading this blog since I was a young lad.. had no clue yall were some cute white boys 😉