Big Brother Canada 5 – Episode 28 Recap

Big Brother Canada Episode 28 Final POV – The Down Under

ells them that there will be a surprise eviction. One of them will be going home.

The Final POV – The Down Under

Chronologically place clues on the buildings in the world up top and place the answers on the corresponding buildings below. The challenge has a maximum time of 45 minutes.
The winner guarantees themselves a spot in the final 3.

Kevin is up first, he thinks he has it but he’s made some mistakes.

Karen completes the POV

struggles and reaches the maximum time limit

Ika completes the POV
Kevin wins POV with a time of 19:15

Everyone gets 60 seconds to send a message to the Jury

Kevin has POV and will probably save himself, Ika tries to convince him that taking Karen to the end is not smart move.
imself and Ika is automatically put on the block. He has the only vote and chooses to eliminate Ika. < Dem_IKA_Eviction.jpg>

Demetres is Sad…

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Spoiler Alert:

Demetres won Part 1 HOH
Kevin won Part 2

Karen is making it to final 2.


We all knew Karen was making it to final 2. Most of us knew it in week 2


My Ika poem (revised)

Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

The girl with no game
So lame, she couldn’t be tamed

She couldnt win a comp
Had hair like a mop

The worst social game in BBCan history
How she had fans is such a mystery

She was cold as ice
She couldn’t play nice

Her strategy game blows
Why’d they keep her around? Nobody knows

The jury house is waitin
You can thank Kevin Martin

She sat on her throne made of glass
This wicked bitch had no class

You lose, you get nada
Guess who’s happy to see ya? Neda

As a tribute to Boogie when Howie was leavin
Ika, “Get to Steppin”

Her strategy was wacky
Ika say hi to Jackie

Karma is a boomerang
Hey gurl, it aint no thang

Throwing shade and spilling tea
She got out played. Poor Demetre

She spewed fire from her lips for no reason
This Evil Queen Dragon eyerolled all season

No studio audience was her fate
It’s what she deserves, oh my god it feels great

She wasnt a team player
All Hail Kevin! The Evil Queen Dragon Slayer


Kevin won over Karen by a 9-0 vote. Congrats!


How do you know? Has tonight’s episode already aired back east? Thanks.


Yes, Eatern version just ended


Really? That’s good, an Albertan from Calgary won!


How do you know it was 9-0? They only showed the first 5 votes. I’m pretty sure based on comments that Dre voted for Kevin but Dillon’s comment sounded like he was voting Karen. What about Dem and Ika?


Arias said it was unanimous.


Arissa told Kevin it was a unanimous vote for him at the very end of the show


Arissa told Kevin it was a unanimous vote for him at the very end of the show


I love me some Kevin right now. I hope he wins over Karen.


Never thought I would say that Karen might have a good reason for winning…but, after watching the last episode where players pleaded their case to the jury and got to hear a bit of her strategy (latching onto a power couple in the house), It may have changed my mind about her. It does make a lot of sense for her to do something like this especially for someone that knows she isn’t going to be a comp beast and is going to be seen as the mom of the house no matter what she does). If she owns this on finale and has a great speech prepared, she may be able to sway the jury.


Karen could have “latched” on to anyone and she still would have made it that far. A lot of the people who went home in the 1st half of the season were connected to Ika and Dem, so all it shows is that the otherside knew she wasn’t going to win anything on her own so they left her in. Karen could have had a better argument by saying that her strategy was to Target Kevin because no one else was targeting him (early in the season), so other players weren’t afraid she’d put them up IF karen somehow won a comp. The other players would be safe while getting out a big player and having no blood on their hands.


TIM !!!!!


About time Ika got the boot. Yay


I have a feeling Ika will destroy any votes dem would get from the jury when she gets into the house she cant stop herself from being a bitch.




you’re confusing salty with despisal


links to the finale ?

Anonymous click replays


9-0?? Are you sure? They only showed the first 5 note the others. I would like confirmation on how the others voted. I think Dre voted Kevin but I think Dillon voted Karen. How do you know it was 9-0??


Arisa said it was unanimous.


Epic win! Arisa said it was unanimous! 9-0 , Kevin thanked everyone for voting for him.


Karen wouldn’t even allow Kevin to hold her hand when listening to the votes. He reached out to her (as most final twos do) and she push it down. A bitch to the bitter end!!


A bitter bitch to the end


She didn’t push it down, she awkwardly shook it and then let go. He seemed like he wanted to hold hands but she wasn’t that rude about it, maybe she just didn’t want to.



Congrats Kevin!


Karma is a bitch

Ika: I will vote for demtre …
Ika who came out next to join you? Demtre


Now we can get to real Big Brother, not this cheap copy.




CONGRATULATIONS Kevin!!! Sorry you had to drag that poor excuse of a human being with you to the final 2. All the hateful comments that spewed from her venonus mouth. Karen, as a mother knew YOUR mother was watching and listening. She went too far. You were gracious to the end.


Did Dilon finally clue in that Karen sold him down the river and lied to him? I did not expect 9-0 vote.


She flipped on him and voted him out, Hello!!


For the part 3 Hoh, aren’t the questions usually “guess what the jury member said” or am i mixing that up the BB US? I can’t remember last years final, but i’m pretty sure that’s how it was in BBcan3. If they switched it for this year it seems sketchy as Kevin was for sure going to win that comp. I wanted Kevin to win but i want a fair win, if that’s how they did it last year then ignore this comment. I never liked the “guess what the jury member said” comp because i felt it was a terrible comp to end Big brother with. Half the time i think the jury gives an unexpected answer just to screw with people at the end.


Considering the first question : Neda’s eviction day 34 or 35 was part of the second part of the hoh challenge, which houseguests were evicted on even days in order, and Kevin participtated in part 2 while Demetres did not….
Yes, the questions in the third part of the hoh are usually based on how well did you know the jurors (assessment of social comprehension), not how well did you know the timeline.


best bbcan5 players hands down demika.. but if they couldnt win next in line was kevin for me. So i’m bummed demika didnt win but kevin still next in line deserving. Love or hate any of these ppl, the viewers need to stop hating and being biased…best bbcan5 game players were those three and ika played her heart out and did a phenomenal job and gave ppl something to cheer for, whether for or against (best bbcan5 player)….and that’s the true tea!

Jimmy 27

Now on to BB19
Get some rest Simon & Dawg
You got 40 days


As far as seasons go, i’m not disappointed. I enjoyed more of the feeds and most parts of the episodes more than i did last season.
As far as winners go, not my favorite, but not disappointed per se either.
As far as legacy goes, a little bit disappointed. When this season is looked at in the future, will people remember the way things happened on feeds, or will they remember the episode narrative? I fear it will be the episode narrative. Myself, I don’t mind the idea of the winner being someone that repeatedly made miscalculations and errors but survived. I’m not so much a fan of the whitewashed everything was calculated and it all worked out according to strategy edit. The beyond golden edit recreation of alternative facts narrative that was bestowed on Kevin is the only part of the season that truly annoyed me, and considering more people watch episodes than feeds, that is what will be remembered. This doesn’t take away from Kevin’s win, the jurors voted for him. That’s the fact of the matter. I am just annoyed, not that Kevin won, but that the narrative edit was so skewed.
Good on Kevin for winning. Thumbs down to the storyline editors that spun us past Oz, through Narnia, and into the land of Golden edits. I prefer the warts and all version of the winner’s game to the contrived version in the episodes.