Big Brother Canada 5 – Episode 9 Recap

Big Brother Canada 5 – Episode 9 Backwards Week POV

Nomination vote

Neda – Gary and Dre
Dre – Dillan and Emily
Emily – Dre and Gary
Kevin – Gary and Dre (But he’ll tell everyone he voted for Karen and Dre)
William – Bruno and Dillon
Dillan – Dre and Garry
Jackie – Garry and Dre
Bruno – Dre and Garry
Demetres – Dillon and Jackie
Sindy – Dre and William
Karen – Jackie and Kevin
Garry – Emily and Dillan
Ika – Dillan and Emily

POV Competition Spelling Competition

Highway to Spell
Same letters on windshield
Players race to spell a word of a certain length.
The final round players must spell the longest word possible with their remaining letters.

Competitors are:

Host: Bruno

Round 1 – 3 letter word (45 Seconds)
They all move on

Round 2 – (Begins snowing) 5 Letter Word (1 Minute)
Emily and Dre are eliminated

Round 3 – (Begins to Rain) 4 letter word (1 minute)
They all move on

Round 4 – 6 letter word (1:30)

Gary is throwing his letters around, then he crawls around looking for a letter he needs.
Gary is eliminated.

Final Round – Longest word
Neda wins POV

Watch Wednesday!

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