Big Brother Canada 5 – Episode 27 Recap

Big Brother Canada 5 – Episode 27 Recap

HOH Competition Solve for X

HG’s have to solve for X based on the information provided.
Some of the details provided are from multiple weeks.
1st person to buzz in answers and if correct they earn a point.
Most points becomes HOH.

1. Answer –Neda (Ika correct)

2. Answer – Dillon (Demetres correct)

3. Answer – William (Demetres correct)

4. Answer – Jackie (Ika Correct)

5. Answer – Votes were 7-1 against Jackie (Demetres correct)

6. Answer 1-0 Eviction vote (Demetres Correct)

Demetres wins Head of Household.

Nikki Grahame from Big Brother Canada 4, Big Brother UK 7/16, and Ultimate Big Brother shows up to pick out outfits for them for the awards show. Gets

Big Brother Awards

Brunos Makeup or Ikas Brows

Winner Ikas Brows

Favourite Foodie
Dillon During Buzzkill Challenge vs Karen on Slop

Winner Dillon

Favourite blowup

Ika vs Neda or Dillon vs Dallas

Winner Ika

Favourite Kiss
Demetres and Ika Vs Kevin and William

HOH Demeteres Makes the Noms

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Edson Hockey Mom

Word on the street is that Demetres won part one of the final three-part HOH competition!! #TEAMDEMTRES all the way baby!! Bring home that win Greek!!!


Even if Demetres did win part one, they still have to do part 2. Kevin versus Karen. One of the biggest mismatches in history. Name one thing that Karen will beat Kevin in.

Part 3 will be Demetres and Kevin for the finale. Winner takes Karen and that is it.


not a big surprise. Part 1 is usually a physical/endurance type comp. Part 2 is memory so Kevin should have that on lock VS Karen. Part 3 is usually guess the right answer from the jury (social comp). It will be interesting to see who wins that. Neither Dem or Kev had a good social game. I think Ika would kill it if she is/was still there.


part 3 is a guessing game, you are spot on. i’ll never understand why they made the most important comp of the season a guessing game.
Why not just flip a coin?

Guy From Canada

In bbusa I think that if you know the game you can ask the jury members how they will answer, so it will be social. I remember something from after dark on bbusa14 where someone told Brit they would answer as a joke and Brit was passing information across to another player (think it was Ian)


im so glad they didn’t leave part 3 to a guessing game. Demetre should’ve studied


The winner of bbcan5……… KEVIN


Did kevin win the kiss award for both seasons?


who was evicted if Demetres won part 1


no one


No one. You gotta wil all 3 parts before someone gets evicted

Thank you

who was evected : Ika or karen? Who are the final three?

sunny dee

kevin chickened out and evicted ika.

fairly obvious when the edit of the actual show is only showing him and ika and him saying how much ika deserved to be there and how him voting her out wout be a bitch move on his part. you know he was saying other similar things about evicting karen, but the show isn’t showing that part obviously

what would have been a better entertainement factor would have been how karen tried so hard to get kevinmartin out the door, and him just standing up there and evicting her, and he’d have had a chance to make a pretty funny statement. the eviction of ika is lame.

but i pretty much knew going in to the final POV he had a 75% better odds of winning it over demetres, and that ika and karen had zero chance, simply because kevin worked harder than they did. he studies all the time, he knows the stuff. when he got some incorrect it was minimal compared to how many the others were getting wrong and had to correct. it wasn’t even a close race, they don’t study, they gossip and chatter about past events 90% of the time, study 10% of the time, he studies 100% of the time, and not only that, his studying pays off because he remembers it and applies it.

i may have preferred ika and demetres as final two, but no one can say that kevin hasn’t worked and earned his way to the finale.

i agree the final comp is not a favourite, and a 50/50 shot. usually by the time people are at final 2 or 3, they aren’t always the best socializers, and have spent little time with the jury members, so it becomes a best guesser over the other, plus fastest to hit the button. i’ve never had confidence in that being the last comp, i just think it is lame to base who gets to pick on that challenge versus other ones that are a lot more skilled based.


There is a jury blog on YouTube and surprisingly they are giving Demetres the credit he deserves. He’s no longer the lap dog in their eyes. They also talked about Ika and they are not fans. Seems very likely that even if she did make final 2 based on their comments, they wouldn’t give her the win.


interesting, it only proves what i believed 2 weeks ago when i made this comment!

May 4, 2017 at 11:54 am
Everyone in that house should want to keep Ika, so they can guarantee a win sitting next to her in the final 2!

None of the vets will vote for her.
Dre, Jackie, William won’t vote for her.

She’s lost!

Of course the delusional ika fans, disliked it and didn’t want to believe it

sunny dee

you have a point. kevin should have hung onto IKA, for that reason along, and taken her to the end if he had the chance. some might end up voting for karen simply because she ended up final 2, and got there by manipulation. after all, Sarah won in a similar way, she was not a comp winner, she made it to the end and won


My question is who was evicted Ika or Karen


Ika was evicted.


I think they meant who was evicted at f4, if dem won part 1 already. I could be wrong tho


Kevin looks so cute all dressed up in the BBCAN Awards


His his tux he looks white as a sheet…

Kevin has a muppet face the way he purposely exaggerates this facial movements when talking.

Kevin has the luxury of being the only one of average intelligence in that house. Despite being borderline socially retard.


did ika go home?


Ika went to jury


obviously – r u from mars?


Ika’s social game is good and all.
But it’s her job to know the days and details of the game.
Especially for a returnee, it’s imperative that you also study.
It’s an essential part of the game! Just as much as is a good social game.

Ika was too busy going through relationship drama or talking most of the time, often unnecessarily.
You need a basic amount of intelligence.
These quizzes aren’t that hard.
If she could not win an HOH, even the strictly quiz ones like this past HOH which required no physicality – then she puts herself in danger.
She can’t rely on someone winning a competition.

That’s just the hard truth. No matter how great her social game, she needs to defend herself by knowing her days and facts down pat.
She just couldn’t pull out a single win.
You have to study – even if you don’t have a great memory – you have literally all day everyday to do it, and it’s your ONLY mental challenge for the entire time.
It wasn’t a good idea for her to have late night pointless conversations, as well as to keep her partner up – even the nights before the challenge, and create unnecessary sink-holes for her and her partner’s energy. The guy is exhausted !!! Not only did you not help him study, you impeded it !

It’s just too bad that she just didn’t have that aspect of the game, and have that sensibility to be reasonable and just practical and smart in terms of studying and taking care of sleep and mental sharpness.
Look at Kevin, he goes to bed the earliest and sleeps the most — why? because he needs to be 100% for the challenges.
She had everything in the bag except this very common-sense very obvious practical element.
I just can’t believe someone who seemingly wants it so bad would drop the ball so hard on this one very practical sensible aspect – of challenge preparation and just having enough sleep.
She damn well knew that Kevin was studying all the time and had a better mind and memory for challenges… also this POV Wasn’t even that physical… it was based on knowledge….


I’m kind of done with the entire Big Brother genre…. I can’t manage to respect any of the winners or finalists for the game they played. There is no one who has it all… it’s all relative.. but the crowd of people they cast is just repeatedly disappointing…. low calibre, low inteligence, and a bunch of immature kids who are inauthentic and uninteresting / one-dimensional as shit… but what do I expect from reality TV…. Time to start reading again.
This shit is dissatisfying as hell. It’s temporary and ultimately empty. BYE


You said what I wanted to say in a much more coherent way. The producers want to be Age-neutral and so they put someone like Karen on the show: Great. But can’t they find someone in their 50s a little sharper physically or intellectually ? Year after year, it’s the same kind of cast: typically a slow-brain “parental figure” and a half-psychotic head, and in the mix let’s add a few good-looking guys/girls, and there you have it.
At any marathon event in Canada, one can easily find hundreds of over-50s folks who run the 42km length who read a news paper (or read online) everyday. They are the interesting people to showcase.

I think there have been quite a few people who had stopped watching the show because of the lack of intelligent and kind interactions between the contestants. How long can someone keep watching a small group of youngsters fighting to become the best liar, the best “bitch” (“bye bye bitches”? “I’ll pay for your mental bill once the show’s over” ?), as if mean-spiritedness is the ultimate standard of the game.
In a way, the show aims to valorize the lowest-common-denominator mentality.

lol facepalm

don’t let the door hit you on the way out, BYE


That’s why she isn’t the greatest player and they are giving her more credit than she deserves. Even though she manipulated and had people leave she didn’t do anything else. No comp wins and everyone in jury dislikes her. She just proved she knows how to bully people into doing what she wants with her big mouth.


obv. ika goes; kevin has the only vote to evict – duh!


So Demetres won Part 1 of the final HOH. Kevin will most likely win Part 2. Both will take Karen.

Guy From Canada

So on the show last night they said they weren’t impressed with Kevin’s speech to jury and I gathered they saw it as a waste. They liked Karen’s run down however…… yes it was complete bs to Jury but they may have bought it. The only person in jury who really knows Karen is Dillion, and second is Ika (but she has only had a few days in Jury). I wonder if Kevin has made too many mistakes in the jury’s eyes, and Karenoia may have a chance against Kevin?

Dillion would vote for Karen. That’s the only lock she has. He will make an emotional decision…plus the move Kev did to get him out was dumb (even Dillion sees that so that’s REALLY bad).

Jackie will probably vote against Kevin cause he f@cked her over more then Karen did….

Dre was super pro noobie winning, I see her voting for Karen.
If it’s Dem in jury, I see him with a strong chance voting the same for Karen but slightly less because he respects Kevin’s comp wins (depends on how much he evolved as a player and what Ika wants)

William is a wild card, he probably would vote for a Kevin win, but I don’t think that 100%, more like a 80/20 to vote for Kevin.

Bruno S-Cindy obvious Kevin.

That leaves Ika and Neda as a wild cards. Again this will be Ikas season and I see them as a swing vote in a Kevin vs Karen wild card situation. Maybe Neda will pull a fast one and vote for a vet at the end like the last bbusa…….

Over rall I’d say it’s like a 1/20 chance of Karen winning against Kevin. Karen’s argument of positional play over Kevins plea of millennial ” I want this ” makes more sense from a strategical player standpoint, so I won’t count Karen out as a possible winner…… which sucks…..


you never know with these idiots


Ika kept saying she played “strategically and without emotion” and that Kevin did not and I strongly disagree. Ika and Karen both played emotionally with the personal attacks and ignorant attitude and moves that made no game sense. If Ika had skipped the pouty childish fits, and Karen had quit holding a silly grudge maybe they would have ACTUALLY strategized themselves into the finals with a shot at the win.
Kevin let it all roll off his back, and won when he needed to. Did he play a perfect game? No. But none of them have IMO. Karen had a lot going for her, but has been playing a losing game for the last few weeks when it really counts. Demetres is doing well, but will need a strong speech to prove he was more than the braun behind the showmance that distracted and possibly derailed his game.
Just sayin’


Kevin won part 3 hoh and evicted demetris. I’m devastated


Kevin won Part 3 of the final HOH evicted Demetres. karen and Kevin Final 2.


i can’t believe this is a spoiler!
Part 3 should be LIVE, but Topaz the spaz ruined it for us! 🙁

Also what happen to live feeds during the part 1 comp? i remember season 2 showed feeds during part 1, i cant remember if their were feeds during season 3 or 4 part1 comp.


are you doing a post on episode 28 recap?




NOO! I wanted Demetres to win! Kevin Robert Martin should not be the Big Brother 😉


I want to know who the rest of the jury voted for!!! Who did Ika, Dre, and Dem vote for? It’s obvious Dillon voted Karen but based on Ika’s comment I want to know if she voted Karen. I’m thinking the rest voted Karen but I would like to know for certain!


9-0 vote

Sigh of relief

Demetres: “I give credit where credit is due. Good game buddy”. “buddy” is Kevin or Karen , what do you think ?
Dre: “I vote with William”. Who did William vote do you think ?
IKA: I forgot what she says. Probably not something worthy remembering.