“I Don’t know how I got f**ked up on that one” -Demetres

Ika and Demetres HOH

Ika – I thought Cass was one of the best players I’ve ever seen on Big Brother Canada and She left fourth
Demetres – she was good
Ika says That Dr Will went out on final 4 during Big Brother Allstars
Demetres says Kevin’s “odds don’t change”
Ika says they do if Kevin wins the Final HOH and takes Karen.
Ika adds that Kevin told her that he doesn’t think he beats either of them in the end.
Ika says everyone in the Jury hates her she will have no influence over Jackie, neda, Bruno. Maybe Sindy. Goes on about those players all liking Kevin.
Demetres is going to try and “Disappoint” the Jury
Demetres says it was another competition that was “right down his [Kevin’s] alley”

Demetres – “I Don’t know how I got f**ked up on that one.. I knew the answer for all except for the Dre one”
Demetres – makes sense now I had 5 wrong

Kevin and Demetres talking about the Power of Veto Competition.
Kevin wonders if the POV Ceremony is Tomorrow. They haven’t been told how the final week goes down.

Karen Kevin and Demetres Part 1

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Bye bitch. I mean Ika. No, I mean BITCH!


Ika – I thought Cass was one of the best players I’ve ever seen on Big Brother Canada and She left fourth
Demetres – she was good
Ika says That Dr Will went out on final 4 during Big Brother Allstars

BAHHHAHHHAAAHA this bitch is dilusional


A good player doesn’t need to ask for respect they earn it IKA and please stop screaming we can all hear you.


There’s not 1 player on any big brother Canada season that even comes close to a dr. Will mike boogie Ian dan geasling rachel Riley he’ll I can go on n on the Canadian players will never go down as amazing players


Ian amazing? Dude got played. i always say who ever wins deserves it. But Dan should have hands down won that. Bitter jury members are a bitch. Canadian players can defiantly be great players, they might not get the notoriety that U.S players get but that doesn’t make them any less of a great player. The problem with BBcan is they have too many game changing twists that either take out or help great players. i’m Happy with this season, not to many and especially none during the end of the game that changed anything.


There are alot less seasons in Big Brother Canada.

Mark is sexy

The only good thing to come out of this season was Mark.


that was random and creepy


Yeah I guess it’s also creepy when people say ika is hot then?




Mark was really Hot. I will take mark over Kevin anytime any day


And sadly he was forgettable too


Kevin should evict Ika then Demetres and Kevin should take each other Karen should get nothing for doing nothing


Demetres is taking Karen if he gets to choose in the finals but wants Kevin to take IKA over Karen because good players take the best players to the end. Demetres is also a bit closed minded!


Only Cody did that. He lost first place over that decision. A good player keep a floater to have beside at the jury vote. Either of Dem/Kevin will take Karen.



Karen wins, it couldn’t be more scripted for the old lady.



Go Kevin! πŸ™‚


every1 should go back rewatch this very 1st 2 episode sure alot of clues!


Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

the girl with no game
so lame, she couldnt be tamed

Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

she couldnt win a comp
had hair like a mop

Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

the worst social game in BBCan history
how she had fans is such a mystery

Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

she was cold as ice
she couldnt play nice

Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

Her strategy game blows
why’d they keep her around, nobody knows

Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

the jury house is awaitin
Ika you can thank Kevin Martin

Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.
you lose, you get nothin
ika get to steppin

Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

her strategy was wacky
ika say hi to Jackie

Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

she wasnt a team player
all hail Kevin the Evil Queen Dragonslayer


“UMM” is a sociopath and pathetic loser who spent all of yesterday repeatedly voting on comments.
You’re a sad sad little person. Feel sorry for you.


Lol you mad?

Turtle Soup

Best line: her strategy was wacky
ika say hi to Jackie



They are not my favs but, I would be happy if Ika or Demetres wins cause the show was really around them and they worked hard all season. I wouldn’t want Karen to win because she and her husband seem to have done well for themselves financially, and I’d rather someone win that needs it more.


Yeah, I would like to see Kevin and Demetrius make it to final two. Take each other. Karen served her purpose to be a vote all season but let’s be honest, she really has not done much then be an entertainer and seemingly a weekly twist with her voting. I hope he votes out Karen and rolls the dice on Ika and Demetrius. He has to win two more competition no matter what and also needs to take the sting of letting weak players leave two weeks in a row, so this might be his redemption and make the season the best ever.


ya that would really sum up this season of bad game moves if they took each other and not karen


ika is goin bye bye! Dont cha know? eh?

Hug a moose
goto Tim Hortons
smoke a maple leaf
choke a loon
put on some snow shoes
dont step in Canadian geese poop (we just call em geese, eh?)
drink a Labatts beer
eat some poutine
ignore the beaver warning signs
dont forget the 4 liter container of maple syrup
slap that hockey puck
grab a slice of ham and call it bacon

This is a new National Canadian Holiday!


So because production made it all the demika show they should win… cool.. nice objective reason for them to win


Hey Simon & Dawg you guys better get some rest because its almost time
for BB19 . Let’s hope for an all new cast .

just saying

I wish Kevin gets rid of Karen to be honest over Ika.
Pay back time bitch for screwing up Kevin’s veto when she evicted Dillon over Demetre
I mean really what does he have to lose.
None of them plan to take him to the final 2 anyways. So what does it matter if he gets rid or Ika or Karen.
And the odds of Ika or Karen winning the final HOH is slim to none.
It will either be Demetre or Kevin. And if Demetre wins it he is getting rid of Kevin. And if Kevin wins he is getting rid of Demetre.
I think Kevin can beat Ika with jury votes. Because they both played a good game but Kevin didnt just play strategically he also won challenges especially when he had to. Yes Ika played a good strategic game but absolutely sucked at the challenges and she burnt some bridges that didn’t needed to be burnt.


Well Jackie got her wish. One week of an Ika free jury house but she’s being sent home right after.
Also, quite ironic that Ika placed the same as Heather in S2.


Would be one more than one week. Dillon left after one week.


omg i didn’t point that out!!! thanks so much man!!!


First- as noted on the previous page-IMHO this season has been on par with BB6 US All-Stars season. Given Kevin’s POV win – for the moment it looks like it will be a Kevin-Karen or Dem-Karen F2. BUT does it have to be? As I’m want to do, I try to put myself in the players shoes and look at what steps I would take in the game. To that end, although it’s unlikely Ika can get herself out of this situation she shouldn’t just throw in the towel.

Here’s a possible argument she could give to Kevin……

* Tell him Karen was working with her since Day one which is why Dillon was voted out.

* Tell him how Dem & her had a huge fight after F4 HOH when he pushed to beat her in the comp which upset her b/c she did so many unselfish things for the team & to protect him. (Granted he would be leaving now) & tell him the truth is Dem (not Kevin) will beat anyone.

* Tell him Dillon went to jury with the express intent of turning all the newbies against Kevin & pulling in Dre/Jackie & William.

* Map out the current scenario to make Kevin realize … should he win the final HOH he might not have the cake walk he assumes he will to the title b/c of the above. Dillon will tell Will how Kevin not only didn’t vote to save him he didn’t even fight to keep him AND how Kevin told Dillon he left his emotions at the door – ie: he used Will (punked him on TV ). Dre hated him & is close with Jackie.

* Most importantly, if Kevin tells her I don’t think I can do that… tell him well Kevin as you know the only thing I did well this season was build relationships and influence people. So, if you send me to jury expect me to reiterate Dillon’s comments & for me to flip all the newbies to vote for Karen b/c she outsmarted you twice in her votes and ensured a F2 seat b/c she knew all 3 of them would take her to F2. And remind him the newbies will have the majority of voting power.

Then the votes would be:
Kevin: Neda, Sindy, Bruno,
Karen: Dillon, Dre, Jackie, Will, Demetres (I think Ika would vote for Kevin – but she can threaten not to)

That argument MIGHT get her to sway Kevin b/c he still needs to beat Dem who will take whoever isn’t Kevin if he wins Part 3. She can say you’re only shot of increasing your chances of winning is to take me. Jackie hates me, Dre left hating me (so she will pull in William) and all the vets will vote for you. If you keep me you can also say it was your intent to keep us to F3, so your win was against the best.

Finally, Ika needs to tell him with the extra time I can mend the broken fences whereas Karen doesn’t have that ability.

If he still says no, then Ika should go the threat route and say well hope you enjoy losing to Karen b/c I’ll get her the votes she needs. THAT might really shake Kevin up -the prospect of losing to Karen.



why’d you have to go and repost this dribble here?


That is blasphemy. Nothing compares to BB US season 6!

Alex Legere

I like Karen


You obviously dont know your Big Brother history, Kevin all the way


Karen is like school in the summertime…
no class


I’ve got reservations about each of the final four. I guess i can skip my reservations about Ika at this point.
My reservations with Demetres: he wasn’t exceptional at development of social strategy or preparedness for final challenges. While he wasn’t Ika’s lap dog as it is suggested often (Dallas, Cass and Gary would have lasted longer if he were truly a lap dog), he never really developed much of a strategic game side of his own. His episode only portrayal makes him seem like even more of an idiot.
My reservations with Karen: it’s Karen. Unless she has a final two argument that says her entire time in the house was subterfuge and acting… it’s Karen. Her episode only portrayal makes her seem like a potty mouthed crackpot. Okay, sort of close.
My reservations with Kevin: when people look back on the episodes as accurate portrayal of the season, they’ll see anything but an accurate portrayal of his game. His social game and social perception in the game was (what’s worse than pathetic) really bad.
My ideal winner is someone that had a good social understanding of house dynamic, some ability in either the physical or mental aspect of competitions, studied the events of the house (have forethought to be prepared for the future), were able to have sway in the house socially even without power. Not one of the finalists has my ideal collection of qualities that i would measure as worthiness to be a well rounded winner of the season.
When the negatives and positives are in equal balance, and nobody truly rises above that balance line in their actual game (not episodic game), I have reservations. Oh well. can’t always get what you want (unless you are being edited to get what you want).


Demetre currently holds the record for the most hoh wins in one season, in BBCA and BBUS


10 other players are tied with the second most hoh wins in a season with 4 wins and 6 of them won their season


Competition records are great. But that doesn’t address my reservation about his strategic social development within the house. Yes, winning hoh and vetoes helps in the game, of course it does, but his social strategy / awareness game? When he wasn’t in power, it wasn’t his social strategic game that kept him in the game, it was someone else’s. Unless he makes the case that he sought out and utilized a partner that made up for his failings as a social strategy, my reservation stands.


week one :
Demetre was socially and strategically connected with multiple people in the house!
Ika, Cass, Karen, Gary!
Demetre and Cass devised a plan, Where Demetre called Dillon out publicaly as his target!

week 6 & week 8:
Demetre won pov both times and pulled himself off the block!

Demetre again was socially and strategically connected Ika and karen

Those are the only times where he wasn’t in power and in jeopardy of going home!

I mean seriously! What game have you been watching?


That was Cass’ plan. Dem basically executed what Cass told him without any questions and I have no idea how it benefited him. it’s not b/c of the fight with Dillon that they let him stay over Mark. Other than that, Cass wanted to align with Dem b/c he looked like a comp beast (telling him she will be the brains and he will be the brawn straight up) and that is what The Six wanted to do as well.
As far as Karen is concerned, Karen would align with anyone to screw over Kevin Martin at the detriment of her own game.
I am not saying he did not play a good game or whatever. But it is hard to figure out what strategy he devised on his own. He first went with The Six and then basically comped out the game for the rest of the season partially relying on Karen’s stupidity. I never saw him think out a plan on his own, do any strategic analysis and I remember at the beginning when he was “honoured” the vets chose to play the game with him where I facepalmed cause he sounded like an empty brain. If you could talk specifically how Dem influenced those moves instead of just following what he was told I might be more convinced.

just saying

ya but who did he have to really challenge him??? usually there is a few muscle men in the house that compete against each other………one winning one week the other the next and so on and so for………he had no competition as far as I’m concerned……Dallas maybe but he was booted early


If Dem wins the Final HoH his record would be SIX HoH’s GO DEM !!!


Ugh. I freaking hate Kevin! Here’s to hoping Demetres wins the final HOH and takes Karen.


When I’m thinking about the jury I get the feeling there is a double standard brewing.
We all know Bruno is pushing for a Kevin win in jury. We all know that in season two there was a jury agreement that if Jon and Neda took each other to finals, they would vote against the HOH that took the other.
I get the feeling that if Kevin takes Karen to the finals it will be viewed as strategically brilliant to the jury. I get the feeling if Demetres takes Karen to the finals it will be viewed as a cop out sign of weakness and fear of losing to the jury. This doesn’t mean they’d vote for Karen to win over Demetres necessarily, it just means they’d be more bitter with Demetres than with Kevin in dragging Karen to the final two. The jury isn’t impartial.


Kevin deserves to win since he had to play pretty much solo at the end, with a delusional lunatic who’s vendetta against him was more important to her than winning. His social game (while morally questionable) saved his game when he was in the most danger and secured him the majority of the jury votes. It wasn’t 4 vs 1 because he sucked. They were ALL threatened by him.

Demetres deserves to win just for putting up with Ika.

Karen… no. Just no.


How did Karen Flintstone make it this far
Where is Dino, take her away.
aarrgh, L…R


As a fan, if Kevin wins this season I will be disappointed. I would argue that his game as a whole was pretty piss-poor. Sure he’s won some competitions but he’s been so flawed in several other components of the game. I truly can’t believe more people aren’t in agreement on this. And if the jury can’t see this, well, then I guess this season deserves to have him as their winner.


As a fellow fan, I have to diagreee. Has he played a flawless game? No way. He made some big errors that definitely put his game in jeopardy but every time he was able to recover, pulling out comp wins every time he needed it. (Triple eviction, last HOH and current PoV”). You could say certain competitions are “tailored to him”, but it’s not like the comp is a poker game. It’s a memory game that ANYONE can study for. Kevin knows that historically the final 4 veto is a tough dates comp so studying with his awesome sprinkle system was more important than sitting around spilling tea and dragging bitches. As far as him being helped out by production goes, production wants to give us what we want to see. Playing to the cameras and winning their favor is just as much a part of the social game as sitting at the cool kids table. Of course you want the BB gods on your side!


Does anyone else think that perhaps Demetres threw the POV so Kevin will be the one to vote Ika out because he would never do it?


Kevin said that Demetres was at a real disadvantage because he was the last to compete for the pov. Kevin says Demetres didn’t begin his turn until 4am. This means Demetres was left in sequester from 1030 pm until 4am.


Another good job Simon! Heres to BBUS coming soon. I hope your ears heal after what must seem like you have just stepped out of a crate of angry buzzing mosquitos having listened to Karen’s delusional self worth and theories plus Ikas screaming repeated phrases like she felt the whole world was mentally and hearing impaired. I will be following you on the new season coming up. CHEERS!!!


From a woman in her 40’s – I seriously hope Kevin votes Karen out! Ika, Dem and Kevin are way more deserving than her. Given the choice Karen would take Dem to final, and if Kevin took Karen I don’t think the jury would respect him. I always thought I’d want a woman my age or older to win, but not this time. God, I hope Karen does not win this game!


Karen is in Greek “cougar” mode.
Lucky Kevin.


Kevin played a shitty non-existant game… he didn’t start playing until it was too late. He had no influence from early on to more than half way into the game. Demetres and Ika were involved almost every step of the way.

Kevin will win this game but does not deserve to win.

Demetres earned the win but will not get it. Greek Gladiator dies in the final battle in the Arena to the undeserving villain.


Why do you think BBCan is not shown in the US? Do you think it is CBS thinks it will outshine (IMO it has) their BB, or maybe because BBCan is so heavily sponsored during the competitions and tasks be the reason? Seems like it would do great on the Pop channel where BBAD is shown, and would be another source of revenue for BBCan.


ATTENTION Kraken Hour,

Triple evection night
Jackie is evicted then
Demetres was HOH,
noms are Dre, William and Kevin
POV players are the noms and Dillon. karen and Ika
Kevin won POV

Why did Demetres not play in POV when HOH’s always play POV


HOH have never been able to play in TE’s, which I think is fair..Britt didn’t get to either..that is alot of power to be able to nom 3 people and have two go out on your HOH and be safe for both evictions, it’s like winning two HOH’s and be safe for two weeks

Guy a From Canada

With this season deemed Kraken will Simon watch the last few episodes or is he done with bbcan and onto bbusa? And which seasons have not been Kraken and why?


Thank you Simon and Dawg for everything!!! Looking forward to your site for BBUS.


Kevin 100% deserves to win just Ika and Demetre. So what if he had a game play you didn’t like, just because you didn’t like how he played the game doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to win. He was a target very shortly after neda was evicted. Did he have help in the game, sure you can say William was definitely a big part in him staying, but if kevin didn’t make a move and solidify that relationship with William, he would have gone out the door. Kevin stayed in the background most of the first half of the game. (His youtube video he made before entering the house he even said he was gonna do that, stay low and try to not have much tv time) That is still playing the game. He won competitions when he needed to stay in the house. He deserves to win. The only person in that house right now that does not deserve the win is KAREN!!! Ugggh she is so annoying and I can not stand that woman!!


This is why i think Kevin is a deserving winner: He positioned himself in a large alliance. Even though Ika and Cass tried to make him and Bruno targets early in the game they survived. They used Neda as a shield as well as using her to help take targets that were targeting them out. He made several smaller alliances, one with Sindy, Bruno, himself, and well as Neda/Bruno/himself. He had close relationships with Gary and Will. He threw comps to not make himself a target early on in the game. Once Neda was evicted, he had to change his game plan as it was obvious that the six were no longer able to work together. When Will won the HOH, the tide on the house turned and there was a clear divide. His relationship with Will was so good that even Dre or Ika could not get William to put Kevin on the block. When Dillon won HOH he was able to once again make a deal and keep himself off the block. People that say he would not be there if it were not for a twist, Will has said in all his interviews that if he did not have the SPOV her would have used the regular veto on Kevin because of a strong relationship. The other side of the house does not think he played well, because they don’t know or understand how he played the game. He built relationships with Gary, Will, Neda, Sindy, Bruno as well as Dillon to some degree. Once he had to show his comps strengths then he did and has been either HOH or POV winner since day 34, once all his allies had been evicted into the house. Now he has won the POV that has guaranteed him final 3, and forced Dem to place his #1 ally Ika on the block who, Kevin will probably evict and send to jury. If he wins final HOH, he will take Karen, and will with 3 HOH’s and 4 POV wins. Not too shabby.

Jun Tang

Does anyone else think Emily was underrated?




In a way, Emily was underrated.
She successfully caused others in the house to doubt the Dallas/Dillon break as real.
She attempted to gather the newbies together as an alliance, correctly assuming the vets had created an alliance. This failed because so many of the newbies were thinking of their personal ties they’d formed to a vet, not because it was strategically unsound.
Barring that she attempted the can’t beat them/join them tactic with many of the vets.
She believed the Dillon and Dre deal made to cover Will/ Dre/ Dillon/ Emily while Dre was on the block would continue to be valid when Will was HOH only days later.
She spent about a half hour tightening her social bond with William in the pantry the night of the camp out right before nominations.
She correctly assumed her can’t beat them / join them alliance would sell her out, and threw them under the bus. She was part of the veto plan that Ika later sank. Further, she correctly assumed that she would be the target not the pawn in an eviction sitting next to Dillon.
She didn’t play amazingly, but she wasn’t horrible.


Kevin is in a tight spot, once again with this vote to evict. If he evicts Ika then he is left with Karen whose soul purpose in that house is to get him out, at all cost. Karen will try and persuade Demetres to get rid of Kevin if Demetres wins that Final 3 Comp. and take her to F2. And if by chance Demetres does win those final comps. there is no way in hell he takes Kevin after Ika goes home !!!!
If Kevin evicts Karen then he is left with Ika and Demetres and any of them can win in F2. But his main question will be can he convince ( or trust ) Demetres to evict Ika and take him to F2 ?? – Because we all know Ika can’t win a comp. to save her life in this game.
It’s not and easy decision this time around as everyone thinks – My guess is Kevin evicts Karen. We all know he shouldn’t, but after last eviction Kevin will want Karen out. That will be Kevin’s downfall.
Kevin is so unpredictable.


it’s pretty easy, remove the showmance, points with jury, keep the bitter goat, Dem will never take Kevin anyway, and neither would Ika take Kevin..Dem would either take Ika or Karen so it does not matter cause Dem/Kevin won’t be in final 2, both Dem or Kevin have to win out, they both will take Karen..Ika has to go…it’s really a no brainer at this point


Agree, If he wins final Hoh and brings the person whose been so against him that she sabotaged her own game to mess up his would be epic. What could Karen possible say at the end to the jury that will get her votes? Her game was to target and get out Kevin and not only did she fail (so far), he brought you to final 2.


Kraken hour. If you guys were to pick which person you would be most like in the house who would that be? Would you guys prefer to be villain or hero of house. Also has any one tried to escape the house in any of the seasons?


Kevin could make another brilliant move and leave himself on the block


I can only imagine how embarrassed Ika will be if she is evicted with no audience. Yet for some reason I still think production is going to figure out a way to have Karen evicted instead. I was or still was..kinda rooting for her to stay because she has tried very hard but she does make it difficult when she doesn’t study and has useless though entertaining arguments with others. But what really makes it difficult is that she talks non-stop!!! Annndddd…. she tries to make Demetres feel guilty for winning or not throwing competitions every other day. She really needs to learn how to edit herself. Not everything is meant to be said because sometimes even if someone forgives they never forget.
If and when she leaves I would like to see Demetres win only because he has been fighting 100% since Day one. Kevin has turned out to be a worthy opponent but I wish he had done it earlier and not have made silly mistakes like not nominating or saving Ika. I really am not too concerned with the personal attacks in the house as I understand it’s just game.
“Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t really mind.


fighting from day 1 means you made yourself a target , which really isn’t the best game play..being in a showmance, winning comps (even when you didn’t need to win like the one during backwards week) isn’t always the best way as it makes you a target as well. so some of that is his own fault…he did alot of other people’s dirty work for them…he is a comp beast for sure..but if he wasn’t he would have been gone…both Kevin and Dem have a good arguement if they make it to final 2…


Some people can’t help but be a target irregardless of what they do. For example Demetres due to his size he was already perceived as a threat. Neda for obvious reasons. Gary andd Cassandra the same . So I will not discount the fact he had to fight from the beginning while others coast.


News just in Kevin evicts Ika and in a twist no one saw Karen self evicts right after .so now BB goes right to part 3 of the HOH. Can only wish


you mean they go right to finale


I am someone who actually respects Kevin’s game. He’s made some horrible moves, but so has everyone else. Ika failed to keep people that she wanted to keep, and she tried to get Kevin out and failed. Also Demetres game was great physical, but socially that was Ika. He and Ika are both together really great but by themselves they wouldn’t have gotten where they are. They are the ultimate team. I’m not a fan of anyone this season but I can respect Kevin’s survival mode. His moves weren’t that great but what he did to survive was great. He won when he needed to, and survived after being the main target for the last few weeks. In the end he can give Ika and Demetres a run for their money because he fought for his right to be in the final 2. He didn’t just lie down after his alliance left he fought and won POVS and HOHS so that he wouldn’t go home. As long as Karen doesn’t win I’m okay because 3 out of 4 deserve to win. That’s something that hasn’t happened in years. They’ve each made way better game moves than the last few seasons of big brother US.


I don’t get y anyone likes Kevin n wants him to win he’s a douchebag the fact that he thought it was ok to mess with the 2 gay guys heads is disgusting making out with a guy to get further in the game is disgusting gay people go through enough shit as it is no need 2 mess with there heads for a game he has no gameplay at all he will never be seen as a dr. Will Mike boogie dan Geesling Ian Janelle Rachel Riley the list goes on were 5 seasons in n these fools can’t hold a candle to BBUSA’s worst players these fools have no game play n seriously I’m so tired of production interfering to help certain players stay in the game longer these hidden POV’s are stupid this shit is rigged I mean even the season when Brittney n the other girl got the 2 secret veto’s come on how much more rigged can this show get


WHAT!!!!!????? Dude, ever heard of punctuation? I didn’t understand 3/4 of it.


funny how people say it was rigged for Kev. I don’t call rigged every time something happens that doesn’t go the way i want it. IF this season was rigged, it benefited Dem/Ika more than Kev. Sure Kev won a lot of comps down the stretch, but those are comps are usually the same as the previous seasons. So are you blaming big brother for playing the same games that everyone knows are going to be at the end? Dem is also aware of the comps that should be coming up and he’s been winning the ones Kevin hasn’t played in or just couldn’t beat him. Karen, Ika, Dillon never studied so it was really only Kev vs dem in comps. Secret Veto’s are part of the game, Karenonia has been saying it since week 1. And Will found it a week before Kevin was on the block so how was that rigged to help him 2 weeks later? Examples on how the show benefited Ika/ Dem are… Dillon and Karen keeping Ika over Jackie? Karen said anytime a vet is on the block she would vote them out, but she didn’t this time…also as it was looking that Ika was going home, all of a sudden Dillon talks game to Ika and Dem for the first time in the game….very suss. And i think about Kev’s decision to put up Dillon over Karen, could production have told Kev that Dillon & Dem were getting close knowing that if Karen was off the block she would keep Ika? And don’t get me started on Karen keeping Dem over Dillon. Again i’m not saying this season was rigged, I’ve enjoyed bbcan this year over the past seasons because it didn’t look rigged or have twists that favored fan favorites (besides Neda’s early safety)

And adding to your comment where you said “the fact that he thought it was ok to mess with the 2 gay guys heads is disgusting making out with a guy to get further in the game is disgusting gay people go through enough shit as it is no need 2 mess with there heads”. It sounds like you’re calling gay people weak or easy to manipulate which i think is a horrible and inaccurate statement. And the fact you name Dan G as one of the best big brother players (which i agree with), but did more manipuating and swearing on crosses/bibles than anybody. I wonder if Ika won the final 3 Hoh and decided to cut Demetre would Ika fans say she used Demetre or would they say it was a game move. I mean she made out with Dem all season. Double standards much?


Regardless of who you’re rooting for to win, it’s unfair to compare Demetres and Ika’s relationship to William and Kevin’s. Demetres and Ika have a genuine bond, Kevin was just using William and he said that many times in his DR sessions. Good game play but a little heartless.

Willy nilly

They were both playing each other a bit. and its a game. Also kev did the same thing season 3 so if will was dumb enough to develop legit feelings thats on him.


I never compared their relationship, i asked if Ika won Final 3 hoh and got rid of Dem would people say she used him to get to the end or would it be seen as a game move. Plus Kevin was making out with Will before Will had any power in the game. When did Ika jump on Demetres again? Was he using Will?…sure, but aren’t you supposed to use people to win the game? Dan G did it to a lot of players and he’s up there for the greatest big brother player ever. And don’t act like we haven’t seen players use false relationships to get further. Liz using Austin & Amber using Beastmode are the more recent ones i can think of. And why’s Kevin to blame for “manipulating” Will. Will was a fan of the show he should know what to expect going in. If he was going on there to find a showmance and not play big brother, that’s on him. What makes Will so weak that makes this ALL Kevins fault. Heartless or not, it’s not the first time or the last time we’ll see this.


All I meant was the relationships are different and I don’t think there is a double standard bc if Ika had used Demetres it would be seen as a game move and that’s exactly what Kevin did when he cut William, it was a game move. I don’t think she can “get away” with something that Kevin can’t. Kevin was making out with Willaim early on because he wanted an ally on the “other” side of the house to cover his bases and William was an easy target. I by no means feel sorry for William because he allowed himself to be used and that’s on him. William being “weak” doesn’t make Kevin a bad person or the one who is 100% at fault, but William being weak also doesn’t make Kevin a good person or completely blameless either. They both are responsible for their own actions. It’s apparent that William did not come play to big brother, but Kevin did by any means necessary. As for Dan Gheesling he was a master manipulator but I don’t recall him having to seduce anyone romantically to go far in the game…that’s one of the reasons why he’s one of the best player of all times. Kevin is a good player, but I wouldn’t put him in Dan Gheesling’s league.


I was in NO WAY comparing Dan to Kevin. The original poster was calling Kevin disgusting for using Will, but praising Dan. I was just pointing out that Dan had done some shady stuff that others might call “disgusting” by swearing on a bible/cross. And i just realized they mentioned Mike boogie who was very openly using Erika.

finale start time

7pm est


It’s sort of weird.
When i read about rigging or fair vs. unfair.
We all know Big Brother is a reality program in the format of a game show, but not an actual game show, right?
I mean, we all know that it’s in the contract that Big Brother reserves the right?
Have I been deluded in thinking that there are writers and storyline editors?
We’ve watched the feeds and shaken our heads wondering how instead of going from a to b, they somehow went from a to fish to 4. Go back and watch the veto episode when Kevin had “a hunch” that William would renom Bruno. Watch the episode where Kevin last minute devised the plan remove Ika and renom Dillon “due to his talk with Karen”. We all know that just didn’t happen. The fact that these recreations have d/r input from Kevin means he’s well aware of how the storyline is being made that he is a much more saavy player than he’s actually been. He didn’t have a hunch about the veto. he was informed. He had decided two days before the Karen convo that he’d remove Ika from the block. It wasn’t due to that conversation. His diary comments to the contrary show us that there’s fishiness. We chose to deny the evidence of fishiness in order to maintain our own illusions of a fair fight; that doesn’t make the illusion real.
So why do I keep watching if I don’t believe it’s a fair fight? I like to see how production crew will take what we have seen on feeds, and twist it into a storyline. I like to see just how much they expect us to suspend our disbelief. I like to predict where they will take the storyline based on what we’ve seen on feeds in a week in comparison to how they’ve twisted the events in previous weeks. I like to predict the narrative. doesn’t mean i think the narrative is real or fair. Until the finals, I think there is a level of fantasy to the reality experience we’re watching.


like i said go back 1st 2 episodes on my dailymotion account


Uhhh Ika was the one who told Kevin about William replacing Dillon with Bruno and not Jackie.


Exactly. But the edit gods and the d/r overseers have decreed that Kevin just had a hunch, made possible by his superior poker player people reading skills. Episode viewers that don’t watch feeds would be led to believe that Kevin has social insight, instead of Ika informing him of the plot. That’s part of my point about the added fantasy element even beyond the reality experience formatted as a game show hypothesis.


I tried giving ika a fair chance and not judge her but todays show she pissed me off and realized how much of a **peep* she is. She says she wants to win a comp on her own, Dem wins hoh and shes mad at him cause he didnt give it to her. Dem is too good for her and drop her first chance he gets.


The jury vlog on the global site was… interesting.
What we learned? Good thing Ika is evicted, because there is no way she would have gotten a vote in finals. They reduced her game to meanspiritedness, and said she’d never have been able to make any of the moves she made without Demetres. They praised Demetres on comp ability, but backhanded it through their tone with the sense that they believed he had to comp out because he didn’t have much of a brain. Most were very impressed with Kevin socially, except for Sindy that thought his social game should be attributed to everyone else, not Kevin. William still wants to sleep with him. They want Karen to justify being carried to the finals as a strategy (they have not respect for her). They thought Dillon was a follower and did nothing for himself. Jackie was bitter with Dillon.
I don’t hold much stock in the vlog as anything more than a production tool, but it’s interesting nonetheless.
From the sound of spoilers that came out after last night’s episode, it sounds like everything you’d expect is happening. A showmance in the house at final four, with neither having the vote? Wonder what will happen. First part of hoh being a physical / endurance challenge? Wonder who won that late Sunday night.


interesting, it only proves what i believed 12 days ago when i made this comment!

May 4, 2017 at 11:54 am
Everyone in that house should want to keep Ika, so they can guarantee a win sitting next to her in the final 2!

None of the vets will vote for her.
Dre, Jackie, William won’t vote for her.

She’s lost!

Of course the dilusional ika fans, disliked it and didn’t want to believe it


bye bye ika


ika set another record hoh-pov win 21

record broken so far

most povs kevin 4
most hoh win 5
combine wins dem 7
time nom dem 4


times nominated in canada is still held by sabrina and brittnee at 6.
dillon had 5 nominations.
kevin has tied the record at 4 for pov.
demetres has tied the record at 7 overall comp wins.
both of these are tied with the brothers from season 4.
The only “breaking” of records (beyond ties) are ika for number of comps without a win, and demetres for number of hoh.


yup dem will be nominated again kevin should 5 povs to


five pov? no. kevin won pov when dillon and emily were on the block week… 5 was it?
kevin won the last three including the one we will see on tomorrow’s episode.
there is no pov in the three part finale hoh.
therefore, kevin has won 4, and there are no more for him to win.
The record of 6 times nominated is safe because demetres has been nominated 4, and even if he is nominated again, it doesn’t break any record.