Joel “I don’t know if it would make it better for me to leave so you & Cass have a fighting chance”

POV Holder: Tim Next POV May 7th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 1st
HOH Winner: Kelsey Next HOH: May 9th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Tim
Current Nominations: Joel and Cassandra
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy, Jared, Nikki
Have Nots No more havenots

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8:45am In the kitchen – Phil is giving Joel a pep talk about the big brother experience.

In the bedroom – Cass says she doesn’t know what to say. Tim laughs and says ever think about saying the truth? Tim says I think they think that Joel can’t win because everyone underestimated him this whole game. You just have to find the truth. You don’t have to lie. Cass says I’m not going to lie. Tim says in Australia I imagined what it would feel like to win and then I won. Maybe I need to imagine myself winning. Tim asks if anyone has ever won two big brothers? Cass says no. Tim asks what?! Cass says now you want to do it. Tim tells Cass that she should say that Tim will work with Joel next week. (So the brothers will want to get rid of Joel over Cass.) He doesn’t hold grudges. I always do forgive and forget.

9:25am In the bathroom – Joel asks Tim if he can talk to him. They head to the bedroom to chat. Joel says I feel completely irresponsible. I don’t know if it would make it better for me to just leave so that you and Cass have a fighting chance. Tim says you’re not going to leave. I always thought that you were 100% with us. And maybe it was just too much pressure for you to not be exposed. Joel says I feel like crap that I am the reason we are going to be split up. Tim says no, its not just you.. its the others as well. Joel says he thought he could be still good in the middle. Tim says you could have if there was one of us on the block. Joel asks who do you think has a better chance at taking them out next week. I don’t know if Cass is better to stay. I don’t know if people will see me as untrustworthy. I don’t think there is anyone if I win my way to the end ..that there is anyone I would get jury votes from. Tim says I think you would beat me and maybe the brothers. Joel says I’m just not confident in my ability to win my way to the end.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-05-02 06-34-22-026
9:25am – 10:15am Cass heads to the HOH room and tells Kelsey about how Joel is thinking about self-evicting. Kelsey says this is big brother .. and as soon as it gets tough for him he wants to leave. Cass talks about how Joel went to school for acting. Kelsey that she won’t vote for Joel in the end and will tell everyone in jury about how you guys took sh*t for Joel the whole game and when he had the chance to make right he didn’t. Cass says I don’t know if he is doing this so that I don’t campaign at all. I think he is working the sympathy vote with Tim right now. Tim will work with Joel. He sees him as a winner and a misfit and will help him win. Kelsey says I don’t know, I don’t know… I feel like we will just have to wait it out and see. Cass says Tim said all Joel needed to do was own up to it and apologize and I would work with him. I was like so does that mean you’re voting me out?! And he was like I don’t know. Kelsey tells Cas to talk to the brothers. Cass says they won’t listen to me. Kelsey says just just talk normally to them. Kelsey heads downstairs. She tells the brothers that she had an interesting talk with Cass about how maybe Joel is faking all this. Phil tells Kelsey not to listen to anything Cass says.

11:45am Bathroom – Cass says what really frustrates me is after I go, they’re going to go after you next week. Cass asks would you really do that for me? (Self-evict) Joel says I just don’t know if it would make it right with everyone. I don’t know what the right thing is to do. Cass asks do you want to get your true alliance further or do you want to keep fighting. Joel says now that everyone is against me.. Big Brother calls Joel to the diary room.

12:45pm In the kitchen – Tim, the brothers and Kelsey are talking about what it take to win. Kelsey says that you should be rewarded for not having to lie and cheat. Not the other way around.

Tim heads to the bathroom where Cass is getting ready. Cass asks him if he will help with the brothers. Tim says yeah.

1:35pmJoel tells Cass that he couldn’t live with himself if he walked out. He says in the final pov if he won it he would use to to take her off the block to show that he trusts the would keep him. Joel tells Cass that he won’t campaign against her.

2:40pm – 3:40pm Cass asks Tim again if he will help her with the brothers. Tim says he doesn’t want to be a part of affecting her fate. Tim tells Cass that what has cost her the game is over playing. Tim tells her that her goal should be to be able to just be in the same room with the brothers. Once you can be in the same room together then you try and talk to them. Tim tells Cass no more game talk. Cass says she’s about to leave in 72 hours and needs to get the ball rolling. Cass says she went into the room with the brothers and they left. Tim says because you smell .. they smell your bullsh*t. No more bullsh*t. Leave it at the door. Cass tells Tim that she doesn’t think Joel would have used it (veto). Tim says he doesn’t think so either. He thought Phil would use it and I would go home. Tim and Cassandra are chatting about random things.

HOH room – Kelsey and Phil are listening to music.

3:50pm – 4:25pm HOH room – Cass tells Kelsey that if Joel stays Tim will work with him. Kelsey says I don’t know. Cass says If you save me this week I am indebted to you and the brothers. Tim and Joel join them and big brother blocks the feeds.

8:10pm Tim tells Cass she needs to do some campaigning on him. Cass says I would rather go campaign other people because you’re almost up to here.. you make one more comment and you’ll be up to here. Tim says I want to go higher! Cass says you’re not even from here. Tim says guess what you’re on the block and I’m not! Cassandra says done!! Tim says good that means I get a Cassandra free afternoon. Serenity!
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-05-02 17-06-35-894

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Marsha the Moose

Not gonna lie. Without know what Joel may be saying in his DR sessions to either confirm or deny what he is thinking, I’ve been wondering if this whole “I’m thinking of self evicting” story is just his acting. Remember the fake date with Cass? Is this his sly way of campaigning against Cass? Is he hoping he will get Tim’s sympathy before the vote? I’m wondering.


I hope that’s what it is, I never liked Cass but, even I’m surprised at how low she will steep to get her way. Her parents did her no favors by telling her she was a princess and everybody should wait on her and bow at her feet. This chick is delusional she really believes she’s a victim and there all just picking on her…..

I admit I don’t watch the show much (only skim through the after dark show) but, as soon as Cass is gone I can maybe watch a few episodes without have to mute it when she comes on. I will vote for the brothers if Canada is given the option to vote…..they are immature but are the only ones that have had to really fight the whole game…..


if you vote for the brothers over tim then you are a person that doesnt know a thing about big brother and how to play the game!


how u call urself BBfan? lol…duh


Perhaps you should watch more of the show, other than the edited version. You’d soon change your opinion of the brothers.


Joel may have acting classes, but he doesn’t have the experience of Tim. Tim is on to him big time and Tim was on to Joel the night of the double eviction.( not all the pieces of course ) That is why Tim wanted Cass to use the Veto on him during the double that night because he knew Joel wouldn’t vote for Tim that night and I also knew it as well.
Tim is working Joel like a fiddle and in the process working the Brothers. Now that Tim has all the relevant information he can now use it and form the game plan. No need to work Kelsey anymore Do it this way and she will be able to see what is happening before her very eyes.
Why not work with Joel – take him back ( or let him think that ) – By all of this I mean – Joel has always wanted someone to take him to F2. Now that Cass is going, Tim hasn’t got her so Joel figures Tim is his best chance. Joel always figures it was the Brothers and Kelsey but little does he know those Dinguses want to cut Kelsey and actually go with Tim. Kelsey is a complete idiot I don’t even know if she has even thought about F2 yet.
So Tim figures let the cat out of the bag via Cass, Go F2 with Joel, the Brothers find out then they start making plans with Joel – then maybe Kelsey finds out she starts to freak out. Meanwhile Tim sits back this week and lets all the gossip play out until eviction night – because I for one would never trust Joel.


Joel will not self-evict. There’s a reason no one ever has. Because 1) they loose all compensation for the time spent in the house/jury. 2) They aren’t allowed to do any publicity afterwards. At least that’s the US reasons. If it’s real, production will talk him out of it.

G.I Jane

I think there was a past guest who self evicted because he couldn’t take it. He threw a chair and then went into the DR I think and then he was gone. It was the one with the Ex’s coming into the house. I don’t think he was over her or something. (BBUS) I don’t feel like googling lols.

uh duh

Ramsey just self evicted

BBCan Circus

Evel Dick self evicted in his second season.

Axel Foley

Scott from BBUS 4 I think was expelled because he had a violent out burst. He didn’t self evict though :).
Evel Dick had no choice but to leave. He found out he was……..ill.
Ramsey really didn’t have a choice. (he did but you know, he didn’t).
Sheema made herself get kicked out. She might as well have self evicted though.
There are a few others…

No one has ever just said….Fuck this game and just left. Except for the guy who climbed the wall to get out haha but that wasn’t BBC or BBUS.


Cassandra screwed up her own game so I don’t feel bad for her anymore she made a big mistake by using that Veto on Tim in that moment she gave away her whole game!!!! Tim is the biggest target there he already one Australia why is he even still in that house is beyond me these guys honestly need to wake up


My thoughts
Kelsey= Dorothy
so therefore Paxbros=Wicked Witch of The EAST not West this time…
you know how the story ends
“There is no place like Kelsey and Jared winning
“There is no place like Kelloggs and JarHead winning”
Sorry season of BBCAN
compared yo BBUS


Interesting analogy. I would do it this way though: Phil/Nick are the Scarecrow (no brain), Tim is the Tinman, Joel is Lion, Kelsey is the Witch, and Cassandra is Dorothy because she was friends with everyone along the way.


I honestly want to to mush Kelsey and the Bros faces anytime I see them on screen. It’s true. The Holier Than Thou attitude is worn out. If I hear ‘integrous’ one more time I’m going to scream.
1.Kelsey-wonders why everyone thinks that she would never win. Um, duh. Does she actually believe that her protecting Jared and doing all the social work for him entitles her to the prize? Sure, she batted her big googly eyes and wrapped her legs around three dudes in the house but hey, not exactly game play, or strategy.
2.The Bros-that blow up with Cass and Tim was the biggest example of how young, juvenile, and cocky these idiots are. Canada picking them made this worse. Neither them or Kelsey deserve final 2.
3.Cass-If Cass had any physical prowess, she could be a complete player. Her social game is strong. However, her attitude turned a lot of people off. I didn’t like her at all, until seeing her play Jared and the Bros for nomination.
4.Joel-sorry Joel. You’re the least deserving at this point. You sent Kelsey home only to have her come back into the house. You hid behind everyone, with no physical showing, even in mental comps you ended up bowing out when you’re alliance needed you to protect yourself. Because, you were playing both sides. It doesn’t matter that your Threak Show was exposed. A blind man could tell you were hiding something in the hot tub. And, your social awkwardness made you a bad poker player.
5.Tim-Easily the most strategic of anyone left in the house, he’s also the best social player. Physically, it’s still left to be determined if he can turn it on. Sure it blows that a Canadian might not win this year, but this guy has out played everyone.
If I have to watch Kelsey in the Bros for the Final 3, I’ll just stop DVR’ing and look forward to BBUS.


I stopped dvring already. As soon as I heard Kelsey was hoh. I logged in hoping Joel won veto. Reason is the brothers. Didn’t want to read about how great they think they are.

An ornery mouse

I like Cass, but I’ll be really disappointed if she encourages Joel to self-evict all week as her way of staying. Her move to double-cross the brothers would’ve worked out beautifully had Kelsey not won the next HOH…… but Kelsey did win and Cass couldn’t save herself in the POV.

That’s Big Brother, Cass gambled and lost….. now she needs to try and save herself by legitimate means instead of hoping one of her good friends quits the game. This is Joel’s dream too.

Who know’s? Maybe Joel is acting…. I certainly hope that’s the case.


Kelsey says that you should be rewarded for not having to lie and cheat. Not the other way around.

Watch the f***ing past seasons before you say how you think the Jury should pick winners. Tired or these people who were picked by production without any knowledge of the game deciding how the game should be played. She keeps trying to forget and make others forget about the time Mitch called her on her shit that she and Jared had deals with everyone in the house. So tell me Kelseys, how have you played a more honest game than anybody in the house again? If you came here for Fame and not for Game don’t b!tch when you’ve been out played. The lies and backstabbing are what make the show soo great! It’s great to see someone when they were blindsided and think how were they able to pull that one when they’re all in the same house!

Does she even know who Dan G is?


Kelsey doesn’t know its “Lie Cheat & Steal” with this game. I see why she thinks that’s not a good thing haha. I don’t know if she would know who Dan G is or even the significance of his game plus people like Allison or Danielle and Evel D. Or Danielle Reyes I loved her game play, both times.

Its weird the things you do in this house. You would say I wouldn’t do this or that if I was there but then again you are surrounded by people who want to take you out all the time. IRL that isn’t going on and it isn’t a kill or be killed scenario every other day lols (I hope not).

I think if I knew that I was about to lose my spot in this game and I knew I could say, “So and so said this” and knew it would save my arse…Hmmm . I cant say I wouldn’t be sneaky. Its not how I live my life but like I said, I don’t have the pressure to win or lose $100.k looming over my head on a daily basis.
(Im sorry , what was the question? hahaha )

Lie ,Cheat and Steal.

sunny dee

watching full discussions with cass and joel, and cass is definitely NOT encouraging joel to self evict. she does talk about how she wanted to be in the red carpet episode, but she’d really just finished that convo with kelsey anyway so it is still fresh. And that was after joel made it clear this is what his plan is.
the fact is cass told him to sleep on it, don’t make any decisions, think it over. and talk to tim, etc.

the problem with strategy players like cass and joel is that they get caught up in not revealing themselves to others, but at a certain point, like final 5, it’s too late for that. it is also way too late since they already discussed the Freakshow and the other 2 already knew he was working with cass and tim. So if he had gone hard to win, and done what he should have done which is take cass off the block, so kelsey is forced to put up the brothers, it would have been fine. Tim was sketched out rightly so by joel helping phil in the veto comp, however the help came about it was seen. joel was overthinking it all. but also working for himself. had he just continued to work with the group, and confidence in the group, the brothers would be gone this week, and he’d still be part of the solid 3.

The 3some works, but it takes one shakey part to have it collapse. i am not sure how much of what tim is now saying to the other 2 as a way to show he wouldn’t work with cass if she was to stay. it is too soon to tell. because the pov ceremony was done a day early, is this going to be a week with the eviction on the wednesday or is that next week?

oh, and really, just want to shake the brothers stupid right now. How is it that Kelsey knows what happens in final 4, and phil doesn’t. Here’s what he’s told nick, nick tells kelsey, then nick goes to double check with phil who confirms it.
/According to Phil and NIck: in final 4, hoh puts up 2 people, everyone plays the veto and whoever has the veto can take one person off the block, and that leaves one person left on the block, there is no replacement, and the person left on the block goes home because THERE IS NO VOTE. so if joel is on the block, with tim, and wins the veto, he takes himself off the block, and tim is the only one left on the block so automatically goes home (even tho according to them there are two people plus hoh not on the block who could be voting?)

and kelsey who hasn’t seen the show is saying, no i don’t think that’s right………..


Hmm – So the Veto ceremony was a day early …. That afternoon on the Feeds I noticed, that in the bathroom, the Camera guy was panning where the Oxy detergent was in one of the empty spots he was stuck there for a long time?? – No one else was in the bathroom. – Yesterday, today, all day lots of talk about special veto coming in to play ( even though ceremony already happened ). Add in the fact hardly any twists this year. Then this afternoon Cass was in the bathroom applying make-up almost all day ( except when talking to Joel ) went back to bathroom to finish, went to DR ran up the stairs and back to BR, and then the feeds went dark.
Just saying It may not be true, but you have to expect the unexpected in BB – And if she does find another Veto then that would mean the Brothers would go up. How sweet that would be. I could just imagine the complete and utter Meltdown Phil would have. – But would Cass and Tim actually vote them out after what Joel pulled this week? Note so sure now. Tim might want to keep the Brothers now. I would vote Joel out – That is why I really think there is a secret Veto right now and BB wants Joel gone that way and the Brothers to stay and Tim and Cass to make a deal with the Brothers.

lol what?

2 game breaking twists already isn’t enough for you?


Today’s Lessons (What we heard vs. What we know)
Tim already knew nobody had ever won big brother in two different countries before. That’s why he wanted to be on bbcan. He’s following his bbau story ark almost to the letter. Asking Cass about it is a little easter egg for the episodes. His d/r comments in the Sunday episode about never being devious were vomit inducing if someone has watched feeds, but magically match the edit he’s been given in episodes.
Joel’s self eviction talk, it’s just talk. Sure he may be depressed, but he’s amplifying it for the sake of anti-campaigning. The more time Cass spends trying to get him to self evict to save her, that’s time she isn’t actually campaigning to voters. Honestly, expect him to take up residence next to the ‘plays with her heart’ Kelsey any time now. Just to cut Cass’ campaigning ability even more. There’s going to be some got ‘caught up in the game’,’ lost sight of right and wrong’,’let how they’ve played the game affect how I played the game’ ‘tried to get Cass and Loveita to play together so I wouldn’t have to be two faced’. It’s coming. In one form or another, Joel will use part of that to try to get Kelsey’s sympathy.
Kelsey and the brothers still don’t quite understand how final four works. In broad strokes they do, but in terms of how the final four vote works… they’re still mostly in the dark. Kelsey pretty much had it, but Phil and Nick are adamant she’s wrong.
Okay Cass fans, get ready with the pitchforks and torches. Her sense of entitlement matches or surpasses Jared’s (is there an entire generation of entitled little farts in Winnipeg?). So she expects the nominee next to her to walk out the door (knowing he was going to be nominated with her before veto she already asked him to campaign for her if they’re both on the block). She expects Tim to campaign to the brothers for her because she burned the bridge to smithereens, and she desires Kelsey to keep her after she took out Kelsey’s ride or die. Tim telling her he saw a card that said secret veto at noon last night was funny. Only because it’s the fastest she’s moved since the pantry was restocked.


This season is still on?

sunny dee

Joel is going to self evict he says, then gets called to the DR and 20 minutes later now he’s just promising to not campaign against Cass, and all talks about self evicting are over.

whatever, it would have actually been interesting. The fact these other idiots think the vote would still occur, with only one person on the block, cass, if joel self evicts is only matching their idiot idea about final 4.. how do they think there will be a final 4 comp, hoh, and so on if joel evicted himself, leaving 4, and then they still get to evict cass? you can just see the wheels turning while they try to wrap their little half brains around it.

you can’t automatically have 3 people left all set to do the final 3 comps, someone has to win HOH and guarantee themselves final 3, and someone has to win final veto and guarantee the 2nd spot (IF that is 2 different people) and someone has to be stabbed in the back by that veto holder who will be the one (if it is not HOH as well) voting one of 2 remaining people out the door. And that whole scenario is impossible with 3 people left.


Adios everyone no more BB for me,will not be back on this page anymore such a screw up from production and most of my friends feel the same way,why couldn’t they have the same game plan as BBUS,anxiously waiting for July.


Bye Felicia!!! We Gonna miss U Girl!


I feel bad for Cassandra in away because she did play a great social game and she did have Tim’s back along the way she used the veto on him and saved him or he may not even be there but at the same time she dug her own hole


I feel a bit bad for Cass cuz she did play a great social game & she did have Tim’s back all along the way she even sadly used the veto on him &
It saved him yet it screwed her hole game~ he wouldn’t even be there right right now if it weren’t for her but I also get that she dug her own hole. House guests seem to forget that lying is part of the game so nobody should really be held too much accountable for that and I feel they were ostracizing Cassandra yet everybody in the whole house has lied and talked crap about each other at one point or another. Tim is the biggest target I don’t understand why they never took him out weeks ago it would be a shame if he won not that he’s not a great player or anything but he already won big brother Australia, he seems to be the lesser of the evil in the house I would not want those bros to win I don’t think it’s fair that 2 people get $50,000 each Plus they suck ugh Joel is too shady & insecure Kelsey Has a horshoe attached to her lol she’s soooo lucky & especially lucky to have won the HOH at this point in the game~She is sitting very pretty right now & could easily win!!!!


It’s funny how all of the houseguests use the same tactic of one one person does something wrong they ostracize them just to take the heat off themselves people should read between those lines nobody’s perfect everybody lies everybody talks behind everybody’s back it’s big brother it’s part of the game people need to take things less personal and just MoveOn I just don’t like the way their ostracizing Cassandra meanwhile everyone has done stupid things if anything she’s had a very good social game and is a nice person to everyone so nice that she even used the veto to save Tim meanwhile she screwed over her own game now that’s loyalty and something to admire! Kelsey is only getting rid of Cassandra because Cassandra took out her boyfriend Jared so it’s a revenge thing once again another week game move but it is what it is….it’s all about the comps it’s anybody’s game at this point it would be funny if Joel really did self evict Cassandra would be back in the game that would be so exciting or even if she found a secret Vito


Kelsey getting rid of Cassandra because she set up Jared kinda reminds me of the Godfather 2, you know the part where Michael Corleone says to his brother-in-law Carlo, “you have to answer for Santino, Carlo”.

An ornery mouse

And the brothers are like having two Fredos in one family.


It’s funny how all of the houseguests use the same tactic of one one person does something wrong they ostracize them just to take the heat off themselves people should read between those lines nobody’s perfect everybody lies everybody talks behind everybody’s back it’s big brother it’s part of the game people need to take things less personal and just MoveOn I just don’t like the way their ostracizing Cassandra meanwhile everyone has done stupid things if anything she’s had a very good social game and is a nice person to everyone so nice that she even used the veto to save Tim meanwhile she screwed over her own game now that’s loyalty and something to admire! Kelsey is only getting rid of Cassandra because Cassandra took out her boyfriend Jared so it’s a revenge thing once again another week game move but it is what it is….it’s all about the comps it’s anybody’s game at this point it would be funny if Joel really did self evict Cassandra would be back in the game that would be so exciting or even if she found a secret V

Slop Lord

People saying how nice Cass is talking to Joel and gentle and what ever need to stop looking through their rose coloured glasses. She knows how to talk to Joel and how to appease him when doing so. “I don’t want you to evict, that wouldn’t be right ect ect”….SURE, Yes I totally believe that…I also have some swamp land for ya.
She knows We are all watching and would be calling her a monster if she was trying to encourage him to evict himself. She knows this so she talks to him like the manchild that he is and then looks like she has a heart.

If Kelsey decides to keep her, then she is a total waste to put back in this game. I do feel shes doing well right now for someone who doesn’t know the game all that well. I guess if Cass convinces her to keep her then Kelsey was out played.
For once the brothers are actually right in telling Kelsey not to listen to Cass. Kelsey needs to trust them with this.


Who fits more appropriately in the Big Brother Canada fifth place club?
Andrew was season 1. appeared in a few big brother assignments, didn’t have much input in episodes. Seemed to be stuck in an outsider alliance until the half way point.
Adel was season 2. production darling appeared in a few big brother assignments. Seemed to be stuck in an outsider alliance until it was wiped out.
Pilar was season 3. appeared in d/r only when absolutely necessary, didn’t seem to understand the game for most of the time she was there. Was carried everywhere as a vote holder in a major alliance.
Damn, I think Nikki was supposed to leave in fifth. Somebody’s gone off script and now the production wranglers are trying to fix things.

Anonymous Big Mouth

Remember Canada! The HGs are playing for your vote now. Canada will be needed to break a tie!
Some players will know (or think) that Canada will not vote for them in the case of a tie, so they must work really hard to win enough votes in the jury so that our choice won’t matter!

I think that Kelsey will want to make sure she has Canada’s vote. And Cass too (considering she vote out Jared). The brothers already think they are viewed favourably by Canada as they were voted (along with Nikki) to have a chance to win that HOH. Cass knows (thinks?) that Tim has been entertaining and that Canada might vote for him despite him being an ‘international’. And that leaves Joel, who is probably not sure that he can win enough votes in jury and may have to count on Canada to break a tie. So with Joel, the fact that he is considering (pretending to consider) to just bow out might endear him to all of us for his self-sacrifice and big heart.
So now we may not be able to tell fact from fiction as they will be playing us too!


i simply cannot wait for eviction day! Cass leaving will be glorious.


Kelsey breaking the tie and sending Joel out as payback


OMFG !!! Kelsey thinks she has played the game just like Tim ?? Now that was funny LOL She wishes she was just as smart as Tim. Blows my mind that Kelsey and the bros think they are the Best players. If they make it to F2 I’m NOT watching the Finale wont waste my time. I’m in the US have been watching live feeds since season 8 come on BB18. Wish Tim would have played BBUS instead of BBCAN.


I haven’t watched in quite awhile because IMHO this is the worst cast ever
all so clueless
I didn’t like Tim on BBAU … thought others were more deserving of the win
That said … Tim winning BBCA would be a perfect ending to BBCAn’t watch
I wish they would bring back BBAU … It was very entertaining
BBUS right around the corner …
hopefully they have a cast who is capable of strategic thought

Thanks Dawg n Simon for hanging in there through this torturous season


This has never happened to me before, but I’m rooting for all of them (usually I dislike everyone besides like one person but they all grew on me) – I’d be happy if the brothers win, if Tim wins, if Kelsey wins, if Cass wins or if Joel wins the game. I’m also ok with whomever goes home and whomever stays at eviction, I like both Cass and Joel.


Yeah, totally agree, except for the part where I like the bros and Kelsey and want them to win! Hopefully somehow production steps in and gets rid of the white trash!


I am really hoping that if the Bros get evicted they don’t do something completely stupid & give each of them a vote. They should have said by now if Canada was getting that final vote IMO Why wait? Other than to see if the Brothers come out..that would be the only way to break a tie & that would suck for anyone but Kelsey.

Too bad

Kelsey just got lucky sooo many times in this game I don’t get it is she big brothers pet like her fate in this game is crazy !!!!!!! She didn’t really make any big moves all game except for winning this HOH!!! And She is only voting out Cass to get even for Jared eye for an eye yet she’s not Jared so it’s kinda stupid but at the Same time shows that Cass is a threat cuz she played a good game wayyyyyu better then Kelsey who thinks she’s some type of genius smh Cass was entertaining & awesome to watch, Too bad she used the Veto on Tim big mistake, even Sarah Hanlon tried to tell her & unfortunately she lost her own game after that…She will be sadly missed & I soooo hope she wins fan fav !!!!!!! Nobody for the WiN


I would like to know what makes Kelsey so stupid. She go out Mitch. Did all the work to keep Jared. Ensured Maddy left by keeping tight with the Bros. Didn’t hop on the get Tim out bandwagon at the wrong time.
She won this HOH FAIR AND SQUARE. She studied and knew her shit.

She is not mean, not superficial… I don’t see what is so bad about her.

Cass played the game well YES, however, what separates her from a good game player and a sociopath is her GLEE at fucking over the brothers when she had Veto. I would understand if she owed them packback or something… but no, they trusted her and she only served them maniacal laughter in place of a sorry.

Lying in this game is appropriate, but I don’t like Cass because she has zero accountability, and is happy to screw people over.. delighted.


Cass is BRUTAL! She is basically pushing Joel out the door. Poor guy feels bad enough, doesn’t need the guilt trip she’s laying on him on top of it! I was routing for her, I’m all for good game play but this tactic with Joel just doesn’t sit well with me.