Big Brother Canada 4 April 21 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 25th
HOH Winner: Cassandra’s Dad Next HOH: April 28th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy
Have Nots ?

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First post.

Vote me up or you are a maddy lover


What a stupid comment.


I agree. Very stupid comment.


This is very interesting! I am excited to see whom Cassandra will target since she has a connection with everyone left in the house. I see either Nicki or the brothers a target for her (safest bet).


guessing shes gonna nominate brothers and nikki, cause shes close with everyone else.

sunny dee

Go Cassandra’s dad!


This is what I was afraid of with Cass – She won HoH ( well someone won it for her ) and as soon as she steps foot in the HoH room she turns in to a Grade A Bit*h. – She tells everyone Don’t touch my Sh*t, don’t leave your crap in my room – but I bet you she will still expect everyone to still cook for her! – The fact that BB has now influenced 2 HoH’s back to back this close to the end now without letting the House guests actually playing themselves bothers me. I didn’t mind last week but there is only 3 weeks left after this week. I didn’t particularly care for this HoH comp either.
But aside from that Cass is a wild card as far as noms go. If she goes with what she kept talking about with Tim she will still try and get the Brothers out but she has been slowly slipping away from Tim and spending more and more time with Kelsey lately.
On another note nice to see the Brothers squirming in their shoes about being nominated before it even happens. – Little do they know they never had any security.

What I notice from this season.

Every time someone’s an HOH since Raul, they end up being a jury next week. It’s the curse of HOH. We’ll see what happens next week.

Big Brother Is Life

Not only did it start from Raul but it did happen as well with Loveita. HoH week 3 and then gets backdoored week 4 in a double. This is such an interesting season in that these people can’t keep themselves a week after power.


yeah, daddy coming in and doing the comp for her was likely the only way Cassandra was ever going to win one.
So. Have all of her complaints Cassandra had about Tim become bygones for the week? Most likely. So what if he threw her under the bus or exposed her game to multiple people.
Who will she turn on? The brothers breaking the deal she has with the brothers and Joel?
Tim? breaking the deal she has with Tim and Joel. Or the deal she has with Tim Jared and Kelsey? Jared? which pushes Kelsey to the brothers? Uh oh. problem. she’s got a deal with everyone except Nikki.. and she may have had a Tim and Nikki deal at one point as well.
In final three comps she stands the best chance with Kelsey, Joel and or Nikki. Kelsey and Joel are safest of those three because Nikki has loudly stated she wants Cassandra gone. The three have about equal track records in comps without family or team participation.
The brothers and Jared? Only one of the two leaves. If she nominates Jared she loses Kelsey’s bond. Jared will be a bitter juror. Kelsey will hold a grudge. that’s been their game method from week two on. If you put one or both of those two on jury, you want to be the friend that tried to help them to get their vote, not the betrayer that axed them. They don’t get game, they think friends.
So, Funny as it sounds, if she wants to ruffle zero feathers she targets the brothers. The jury won’t really respect that. The juror thinks they are dolts. Seriously, even Raul thought they were fools – think about that. Weird as it sounds, and improbable as it sounds, if she wants to make the move of the game that gains her everyone’s respect in jury, and cements her with everyone in the house but Nikki, she targets Tim. Even Joel in front of Kelsey and Phil has said Tim’s duplicity game is blown he’s got to go.
90% she will go after the brothers. 90% Tim will push Jared and brothers. Almost sure Cass will choose Nikki as a pawn and the brothers. Tim will get pissy. Cass will get defensive and angry. That leads us up to the pov. after that i’m not sure.
I’m just guessing based on her past theories mixed with her threat response tactics.


You are totally wrong on that one if she wants to make the move of the game that gets everyone’s respect wouldn’t be to put Tim up it would be to backdoor Jared and send him packing. Blindside at its best.
It would be idiotic for her to turn on Tim right now when there’s still the two thats gaining momentum and is harder to get out of the game the longer they stay in it.
But honestly who knows if she’ll even do that because she’s such a wildcard. Jared and Kelsey will be bitter jurors regardless. But they’ll have no choice to vote for her if she was in final two with Nikki.


Getting rid of Jared gets fan respect.
That’s not the same as jury respect.
Mitch didn’t think much of Jared’s game. He wanted in with them only for the number shield. He knows Kelsey and himself motivated their moves until week five.
Maddy thought much more of TIm’s game than Jared’s. She herself stated the brothers have actually played better in her opinion than the summercamp kids.
Yes, Jared has to go, but it isn’t the move that will gain you a vote in jury. The player that unseats Tim will most likely get his vote. The player that unseats Jared will never get his vote.
If you are the player thinking of votes at the end, you have a higher probability of getting the votes of Maddy and Mitch and Tim himself if you are responsible for his eviction.
The only person taking Jared to the end is Kelsey. even if he makes top 3, he has to win a physical (doable against what’s left) and a mental / house guest awareness / timeline comp. That’s where he’s beatable.
weaknesses: Cass: physical. Joel and Kelsey: nerves during timed comps. Jared: knowledge of his fellow houseguests, less aware of timeline than others. Brothers: Phil if he hasn’t thrown everything. Tim: less physical than many of the others. Nikki: anything that doesn’t involve vodka and tantrums.
So, if they realize they have to get down to 4 in less than 2 weeks, they know there is a double looming. Is that not the better time to take down a couple? Especially in an even voter week. Anyone that is thinking will be completely in the force a tie mindset in order to make Cassandra reveal her game.


At this point Tim is a solid number for Cass.


Tim is only a solid number for Tim.
Does anyone think he would take someone who played the same game style as him to the final two?
She will target the brothers. that’s a given. That leaves the internationals and the foursome with a strange mixture of pre-existing relationships before game as the final six. With a double elimination looming.


If Cass were really smart, she would realise that she needs to get rid of Jared, Tim and the brothers to have a real chance in a final 2. Therefore, she should nominate the brothers and Tim, tell Tim he is the pawn and if pov is used, backdoor Jared, a move which could win her the f2. If pov is not used, just evict the brothers and she still has jared and kelsey on her side.


soon as all the hot chicks are gone i’ll stop watching


Let me guess, Jared and Tim will slide by again. Not sure why she’s out to get Phil/Nick. Yeah they can sweat for once, but that’s good for people watching not her. There’s two other bigger fish.


I’ve been thinking since my last comment. Have any of this year’s strategic mensa members bothered to think end game?
FInal hoh is three parts. physical, endurance/season awareness timed comp, and mental ‘how well did you know your housemates’/timeline trivia.
Who do you take to the final three? Who can you beat? Who would / would not take you?
There’s three weeks left.
They’d better start thinking about it.
You can’t go to the end with Jared and Kelsey unless you can beat them in at least two of the three parts of the hoh. They’ll take each other no if and or but. Kelsey studies the days multiple times a day. Jared doesn’t want to study, he thinks in the end he’d take the physical endurance. Neither knew the rest of the house guests particularly well really.
You can’t take Tim to the end. period. The whole Canadian should win doesn’t mean Canadian will win. Especially if you don’t have a reputation for playing the game in the way the jury will respect.
To the house guests with the worst reputations for dealing with physical or timed comps, or being able to answer trivia… which house guests would take you? Will the jury think game, or will the jury think friends. depends on who is on jury.
Imo, the house waited too long to take out the wheel. They played in every way weekly based on friendship and false entitlement. That’s two votes against whoever they hold responsible for evicting them, maybe three.
No matter how well anyone manages potential jurors, many of the jurors they end up with are going to vote based not on what someone did in the game, but who they did it to. And then there’s Nikki. Base winning the money on Nikki as the swing between the looking for the best game and the bad morals/bad people shouldn’t be rewarded sides on the jury…

Big Brother Is Life

Another week Joel gets by safe. Joel is so the Steve of this season and if he goes on a HoH run or at least get one more he has a good chance to win.


If I was Cass I wouldn’t have wanted this HOH but now that she has it the easy play is the Bros and Nikki. However, I think if the Bros won veto she should put up Jared or Tim to go home, eliminating one of the stronger players and allowing her to roll with the other side to final 4.

I get the feeling that Joel is going to win even though he really hasn’t made any moves. His likability is going to carry him and if he finds himself in the final 2 I think he can beat anyone even if he doesn’t have the best game. This season is starting to take a downward turn after a great beginning.


Since cass is riding the middle,the worst thing that could happen, happened. She overplayed by never choosing a side. The girl is with everyone, including the kitchen sink.

Now she is forced to show her hand…any move she makes now will piss off everyone because believes they are with her.

Her safest move is probably is to nom joel and nikki. And just let the chips fall where they may. Tim is a backup nom if one comes down.


I think Cass best option is to get Nikki out but not make it seem like you wanted her out. I know ill get thumbs down for even mentioning Nikkis name. But it would help out Cass. Other than Nikki..and kelsey Everyone in the house sees Cass as someone whose done nothing (her dad having to win HOH for her dosn’t help). SO getting the person out everyone wants to take to final 2 helps her chances of people taking her to final 2. Taking out Jared would be a bad move because then Kelsy gets into her floater role. And taking out the brother moves her up in the Threat order…..Not somthing she wants.


Her safest bet is to get the brothers out because everyone is on board with that and she won’t ruffle any feathers. Phil’s stupid move is that he is going to tell her that he and Nick are not the ones who wanted Tim out and if anyone tells her that they are campaigning. Cassandra will not believe them over Kelsey and Jared. This will backfire on them.


Maybe not. Cass would be suspicious why her allies didn’t tell her Tim was the target until she became HOH. If Kelsey and Jared are on team Cassandra, why are they keeping secrets. Nobody is allowed to keep a secret from Cassandra. She’s the only one capable of having and distributing information as she sees fit in her opinion.


Why is everyone protecting Tim ,Nikki and Joel through out this whole show?