Jared “What the f**K do you want me to do?!” Kelsey “I hate you right now! Can you just f**K off!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 25th
HOH Winner: Cassandra’s Dad Next HOH: April 28th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy
Have Nots Family members decided no have nots

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track, read our alliance help guide.
Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-22 07-48-50-320
Jared and Kelsey arguing about what Kelsey wants to tell Cass. Kelsey wants to tell Cass that when the 3 of them are in the finals she would take her to the final 2. Jared thinks Cass will think why not get rid of Jared now then. How is screwing me over helping me?! Jared “What the f**K do you want me to do?!” Kelsey “I literally hate you right now! Can you just f**K off”

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-22 06-39-38-356
9:30am Hot Tub room – Kelsey says my brain hurts. We just have to keep her on track to get the brothers out. Kelsey says she needs to believe that at least one of us will take her to the final 2. I’m trying to get into her head a little bit. I get it, its a risk. But we need you to get to that point. But she also needs to believe that one of us will take her to the final 2. Jared says its going to be Joel, the brothers, Tim and you telling her that (Final 2). So she’ll want to get rid of me, I’m the only one not telling her that. Jared says not to do it until after noms. Kelsey says if she thinks that neither one of us will take her to the final two she would try to get us out. I’m not going to throw you under the bus. If she’s thinking about the finals, which everyone is… we need to get out the Brothers, Tim and Nikki. Jared says she’s not so moronic that she would believe that you would take her over me. Kelsey says you need to go talk to her too. Jared says he’s just telling her the consequences.
Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-04-22 06-39-03-684

Cass joins them. She says her Dad told her to talk to everyone. He told her to listen more and talk less. Don’t be like Maddy. I don’t think he should have told me that he told me too much. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Cass says I need you and Tim playing in that veto because if I put Nikki up as a pawn then that is me and her that can’t beat the brothers. Cass says we need to ensure the brothers leave. Cass asks what the brothers said about her. Jared says they said you’re a snake playing the whole house. Kelsey says I think you put up Nikki and the brothers. If the brothers win the veto then we get out an international being Nikki. Jared says I would always put up the two people I want to get out. This week there’s only 1 person that doesn’t play (in the veto). Worst case if Nikki leaves then at least Tim only has you. Jared says then next week you have her, me and Tim who wouldn’t put you up on the block, not even as a pawn. Cass says I wouldn’t put you up. I want to go to the end with you guys. Jared says we want that too. Kelsey says I think you should just put up Nikki and the brothers. Cass says you guys have to know that I’m not a snake to you guys. I’m with you. Cass asks if I put a pawn up and they come off you would vote the brothers out over Tim? Or if The brothers come off and Tim goes up next to Nikki, I just have to make sure you would vote Nikki out. Jared and Kelsey say yes. Cass heads inside. Kelsey says she would want Tim out over Nikki. Jared says we’ll deal with that when we get there. Don’t say anything to Cass about Tim.

10:15am HOH room – Kelsey talks to Cass about how the brothers were campaigning to get Tim out. Cass asks why Kelsey never came to tell her. Kelsey says we were never considering getting rid of Tim. Cass says I want to to know exactly what the brothers were saying about me. Kelsey says they were banking on you not winning HOH. Kelsey then goes to Jared in the bedroom.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-04-22 07-18-47-978

11am Phil and Nick talk. Phil says he wants to tell Cass that Nikki wanted her out last week and if she stays and wins HOH next week she will go up. Nick says if we go out, I can hold my head held high. Phil says if its a physical pov, I could dominate it. Phil says we have options and we can manipulate the house. I want to have Tim and Cassandra in the room.

12pm The brothers talk to Kelsey about how if they go on the block next to Nikki they are going home. Kelsey tells them that everyone loves them… you were Canada’s HOH. Phil says him (Nick) and I were the f**king best players in this house. You just need to start listening to us. Who’s taking you to the finals… what we said wasn’t fake. If we’re sitting next to Nikki who are you voting out? Kelsey pauses. Phil says you would vote us out. In a double eviction you and Jared are going up. Guaranteed.

12:30pm – 12:43pm In the bedroom – Phil and Nick decide to call out Cassandra. Phil says we’re going on the block regardless. Joel joins them and them tell him they’re going up. Joel asks how do you know, did Cass tell you? They say no Kelsey did. Joel says Kelsey doesn’t make the decision. In the kitchen – Phil tells Nick we won’t even talk to Cass and if she asks we’ll just tell her to get ready for our speech.

2pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

3:15pm The feeds are still blocked.

Watch the Big Brother Canada 4 Live Feeds anywhere in the world with HideMyAss VPN.


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Hope Jared will go on the block, or Kelsey. Raul is missing them in Jury!


If Cass plays this week right she is a lock for F3. I don’t see how anyone would target her in the double eviction. Jer/Kels/Bros/Tim are all “big targets” which people will want on their ‘I evicted XYZ’ resume for the final.


Jared/Kels win HOH..put up Tim/Nikki, Tim wins veto, they nom Cass as replacement and Tim votes her out to keep NIkki, it could happen….


Lol, anything can happen!


If Cassandra is so dumb to put up Nikki next to Tim than she loses the game. Why is she telling Jared and Kelsey they aren’t going up!!!! That will bite her in the ass. She better hope that the bros don’t win the POV.

sunny dee

if cass gets rid of the brothers in this HOH she is unlikely to go up and out in a double. if she gets jared out with this hoh, probably the same, she can always spin to the brothers about how everyone wanted them out, so she broke up kelsey and jared, cuz kelsey still here she doesn’t win comps

jared is right, cass should put up the 2 she wants out, and only use a pawn if one of those come down. 6 are playing veto, it doesn’t matter at this point if she leaves someone off she doesn’t want to play/win, there is only going to be one left over, the odds that they aren’t going to be picked to play are astronomically low, so she can’t rely on that.

i hope she does jared and the brothers, even jared knows he hasn’t done enough to secure her loyalty. and cass has always been sowing those seeds in kelsey so that even kelsey won’t be surprised (or vengeful) becAuse she isn’t going to blame cass for not trusting jared, she is going to blame jared for not doing enough to calm cass’s nerves lol.

Yeah, cass is pretty good manipulater really. she could have done more to solidify with nikki, tho, less massaging tim, and more bonding. she had a great opportunity when nikki came to them asking to work with them,she could have taken nikki aside and said, hey, i’ll talk to tim, i hope he’ll change his mind about this working together 3some. she didn’t, that could come back to bite her.


Wow, Dumb and dumber are really stupid, I don’t just mean in the game. After the last few days I’ve realized that they are genuinely dumb. Like Wow! Phil must have some type of learning disability. Any time he has to have any type of adult conversation it takes all of his ability to put two words together. They’ll be gone anyway after this week. Shouldn’t of got rid of Caillou last week!


Loved the fight this morning between Jared and Kelsey. – He is so short sighted that he actually thinks the whole game revolves around him. The minute Kelsey pushes back against him he calls her dense or some other insulting words instead of just swearing as she was. He just can’t tolerate her strong personality and I think that is his whole problem. He is totally incapable of fighting for himself in this game. Every time he needs to fight for himself it is Kelsey doing it or he needs someone else to go hold his hand to go talk to who is currently in power in this game. I wish someone would send his ass out the door for the love of God! Why people are keeping him around is beyond me because people are blinded by him and think he is a strong competitor when really he is a weak child who has a lot of growing up to do. This is the week they could potentially have the votes to send him home if they played their cards right. – And Cass knows it. So do the Brothers.


The brothers and Jared are in great danger irrespective of the nominations. She might put up the brothers and a pawn (the most likely Nikki) having Jarred as a backdoor option in case the brothers take themselves off the block. Either way, this week either the brothers or Jarred will be leaving.


At this point I don’t see why Jared is a threat at all… I’d vote for just about anyone over him in the final 2. He has no gameplay at all. He’s not the comp-beast that he’s been made out to be, and he has zero strategy and zero idea how to really play the game – all he does is throw hissy fits. He’s insecure and has a huge inflated ego.


That’s the problem. Everyone ELSE is making the guy (Jared) out to be this great player and comp beast. It’s over shadowing the fact that at least he’s an ok kid. He’s no arrogant “beast mode cowboy” thank god. I agree that Kelsey is playing better because shes doing the talking. Jared doesn’t understand that sometimes you have to be sort of an ass kisser to someone you think is an idiot to get to where you want to be. He seems to not want to do that forgetting this isn’t the real world and theres things you have to do to get futher. As undesirable as they might be.


the bros are honestly the most delusional players in a long long while on BB, BUT i can’t help to agree with the statements that they are really young in mind and very gullible and wants desperately to be liked. I can have sympathy for that at the end of the day. They are nice boys. I can also see why winning for them wouldn’t be good because they wouldn’t learn anything. But then i don’t want Jered to win! Never ever would i want a person like him to be rewarded. And Cass is an absolute nightmare. My least favourite hg. So Joel is the only one for me to root on but i’m guessing he will be sacrificed in a double further on anyway. Shame…


Omg the brothers are in for a shock when they get out of the house. I would be so embarrassed…they actually think they are the best..just boggles my mind! Even if you thought that, constantly saying it to avoid elimination just proves that you aren’t the best. Nobody actually GOOD at this game would want anyone to know they are good. Biggest dumbasses in BB history! And them practicing this speech for afyer they are nominated lmao PATHETIC!


Thinking about what Joel could say in the final two if he ever got there.
During his HOH he aimed for and got one of the wheel out. The house was foolish enough to let that one back in.
Strategically his game was to be a relatively invisible non-threat. He listened to everyone’s conversations and gave up little information to the majority of the house.
Socially he made overlapping alliances with most in the house, but only enough to be good with everyone in the house, not enough to be anyone’s target. He’s counted as a number with Cass, with the brothers, with Jared and Kelsey and with Tim.
WIthout another comp win that’s the best he has to offer.
I don’t see it being enough, but it’s what he has.
Still have all of the production conspiracy theories in my head that I’ve had since before week four. Still figure there’s a bit of a fix involved, but let’s see how they get to that fix.


I agree Jared hasn’t done much of anything in this game. Everyone says Kelsey hasn’t either but she has been playing for both her and Jared this whole time! She’s the one who comes up with any strategy they use, she’s the one who talks to everyone FOR him. I like Jared but I really don’t think he’s really done much playing at all. I HATED Cass in the beginning but she has totally made me come around, she’s the one manipulating the whole house practically. I really hope it’s her and Joel sitting there in the end, they both deserve it.


so canada voting the brothers didnt go to their head …………


not putting up jared kelsey or the brothers is simply just a dumb move


My sister told me everybody loves me: Kelsey. Your sister lied so you won’t have a meltdown in the house.
Kelsey is the biggest floater. So what she talks to people, saying the same thing over and over. It’s getting down to the point where the bonds I’ve created… it is what it is…. she’s not very talented at this game talk and doesn’t even change it up according to who she’s talking to.
Same old, same old.
I hope Cass gets Jared out this week because he just seems to think he is entitled to be there just because….
Every time I hear Kelsey say, ‘boys you know I love you’, ‘boys’ is so insulting.
I would just lose it on her.


Why, are you a boy? Why don’t you relax on the hate train of Kelsey. She’s not playing that bad of a game eh.


Kelsey playing a great game…for Jared…she’s the worst …I don’t know how they all listen to her droning on and on…boys u know I’ve loved u since I saw u…God shut her up please.

Ariana Grande stinks!

God, please forgive me for being negative, but PLEASE help us and make the cocky Imbecile Brothers get kicked out the BBHouse!


This season is pathetic.. no one deserve to be there yet. They vote to get all the real good player out at the beggining, they are seduce by internationnal players instead of gettim them out earlier… Brother are dumb. Jared is just a little bully than use his physic an relation to make nothing interestiong… Joel is cute and funny but game wise his alone and dumb.. kelsey is just the cute girl trying to stay alive, seriously im missing last 3 seasons players


I feel bad for Jared. It must be weird to have people like you as a person but want to throw you under a moving bus at all times haha (sort of speak). I wouldn’t mind if he won on the fact that everyone wants him out since week one. That right there is a pretty good resume to still be liked, yet everyone wants you out and you manage to survive to the end. Not bad.
I have seen worse players who people actually hated because they were not nice people. Not Maddy sucky pants not nice, but really shitty attitudes and didn’t treat people good. ie: Allison and June BBUS


Hope the brothers tell Cassandra that Kelsey told the brothers they were going up. Cassandra should be suspicious of Kelsey’s motivation to do this. Kelsey wants to look like the good guy and Cassandra to take all the heat when it was everybody’s idea that they go up.


I can see some resemblance of Michael Jackson in Jared.


Phil” I will dominate the challenge” lolololol Okay dude. I love how Nikki doesn’t want to go up but was totally good with everyone else going up as a “pawn/porn” . She’s such a waste in this house. I understand Tim wanting her around because she is always a vote for him but I cant stand her game play, or lack of. No one seems to mind shes useless.
Floater? She takes the friggin cake.

Canadian Bacon

“Put up Kelsey and Jared put up Kelsey and Jared” jeez STFU about that already. It was nice to see 2 other people squirm on the block for a change.
I also think that the brothers did what they wanted to do for their HOH. People were pushing them, Especially Tim, to put up who HE and others wanted then claiming their move wasn’t a good one or a power move. How so? Wasn’t everyone saying how strong Maddy is and how great she is at comps and such. So how the hell is that not a power move to get her out?, Because it wasn’t what you wanted them to do so the “move” wasn’t a good one” Oh shut the hell up . Maybe the brothers didn’t want Jared up because they like him and wanted to work with him. It was their decision period. Whether it bites them in the ass in the end, they still did what they wanted for their HOH.
Tim tried to take that away from them which I thought was really crappy of him. He acted like it was all his idea to go on the block not knowing that the brothers were going to put his ass up anyway. He tried to take that away from them.
He needs to go first, then work on Jared if that’s what people want. Get the internationals out first!!!


BUT BUT, Tim claimed he made the biggest move so far in the game, he thinks volunteering to go up as a pawn is a big move..rolls eyes. Don’t think Tim has a clue what a big move is…told the brothers putting Maddy up wasn’t a big move but putting up Jared would be. HOW? Maddy has won a few comps, Jared won one HOH at the beginning and nothing since. Mitch wasn’t a big move but getting Raul out was…Any time the HOH doesn’t do exactly what Tim wants he says that’s not a big move. Always falling back on, but I’m not going to tell you what to do, that’s not how I play. Funny cause I am pretty sure when Phil refused to put up Jared, Tim got pissy and said I will never talk game with you again and don’t ever ask me for advice… What Tim did to phil that day in the pool was disgusting. Tim was trying to bully Phil in to doing what he wanted him to. I am happy as hell the HGs have figured out what Tim is doing, now if only Cass would put Tim on the block..he needs to go. the ole I will never lie …yeah cause you don’t want to win the game …woops that’s a lie Tim… will cheer really loud when Tim walks out the door…LOL


The safest play I think is to put either tim and nikki or joel and nikki…with a bd plan in motion of course. Cass Better make sure got the votes to get either jared or the brothers out.


freak show alliance cruise control now1


Figured the house this way…..

7 left dah! The talk here about lil Timmy going up puzzles me. Poo has been up Tim’s butt so far she is wearing him for a hat. I just cannot imagine him going up. That leaves 5 left.
Jared/Kelsey- the obvious logical choice but she has promised them safety…….I have no idea what she thinks this accomplishes?
Bro’s- all the talk was they go next. They’re delusional enough to think they aren’t the targets if they go up.
Nikki/Joel- Bro versus who? Nikki is an easy nom if Cass want’s to keep Joel. I do not think Timmy will like that one bit.
It’s Tim’s HOH and as much as I think he wants Jared gone, and he should! Jared will be backdoor discussion only. Bro’s versus Joel with a Jared backdoor maybe. If Cassie Poo gets a backbone and sticks with no Jelsey then Nikki is the replacement with Bro’s or Joel going 1st Thursday if POV is used this week.
This season has been played very badly to be kind. 6 left after this and potentially the biggest physical threat(Jared) and Timmy second still at 6 left plus Jared has a bloody showmance! One of those 3 wins the money I’m betting production fixes it for Kelsey. Much easier ride to fix the season this season versus last at this point at least.


OMG, those brothers are delusional! Phil just gets under my skin, best player in the game, you have to be kidding me! And wtf is Kelsey doing? Why can’t she just keep her mouth shut, I’d be so pissed if I was Cass. She should put Kelsey up beside the brothers.


another 3 headed monster in tyhe houser aka freak show alliance week 7 was made but they wont added it to the alliuance guide come on dawg-simon!


Kelsey is an idiot to tell the brothers they are going up before really asking Cass if she should say anything. After telling them, she goes to cass to tell her what happened, cass says don’t say anything, so, instead of saying, I already did cass I’m really sorry, she just says ok and walks out of the HOH bathroom. Kelsey should be really worried now, if Cass has a clue she should put Kelsey up as the ‘pawn’ for opening her mouth. I’m sure tim-boy will work really hard to get cass to put up J/K. But I am still holding out hope that Cass will put up Tim/Nikki, they really need to get the wild cards out..they have lost their entertainment value and would be a sad time for Canada if an International wins BBCanada. Could be Cass’ turn to get back at Tim for voting her out and all the bad mouthing her he has done to everyone. And the brothers, OMG! Idiots..more so Phil. Pathetic that he probably thinks Canada voted him as potential HOH cause he is the best player in the game, guess he forgot that Nikki was also voted by Canada, does that mean she’s the best player too?? LMAO. Phil is just arrogant, cause no one can truly be that stupid ..can they? oh wait its phil, never mind. He probably thinks they will be voted “Canadas’ favorite player”..lol. Can’t even imagine what will go through his head when he reads all the negative comments online about him… If he hadn’t made so many rude comments to Nick people may have actually liked him some what. And I love the comment from Cass about how she won HOH..no actually you didn’t win HOH your dad did…you had nothing to do with it..LOL. It would be like the brothers saying “I won HOH” no, you got voted in by Canada…neither Cass nor the brothers had anything to do with winning their HOH. Just happy it wasn’t Tim or Nikki as HOH.. LOL


Jared is a jealous loser. He also thinks everyone is there to give him the money…Kelsey has battered wife syndrome…she’s more worried about Jareds game than her own…can’t believe I’m saying this but my votes for Cass to win


Omg…entertain us bbcan…ur all boring