Big Brother Canada 3 – Sarah “I shouldn’t win this HOH. I’m f**ked either way!”

POV Holder: Bruno Next POV April 17
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: Johnny and Sarah
Have Nots Brittnee, Pilar, Willow (Pickled Eggs & Chicken Feet)
POV Players Bruno, Sarah, Johnny, Bobby, Brittnee and Kevin
Zach is the POV host

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-15 07-03-09-804

9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. As they slowly wake up and start moving around. They wonder if Big Brother will give them the hot water back for showers. Bobby says well they want us to look nice for eviction right?! Bobby says I haven’t showered since our hot water got turned off. Sarah says we still need to do our gender bender night? Willow ask what is that? Sarah says when you dress as the other gender. Willow says oh! Sarah says you could do a drag queen so well! Willow says thanks I think. Willow says I thought you meant you bend your gender parts, like you tuck it behind but I was like how to the girls bend their parts. Willow says that she’s not going to eat slop this morning. Sarah tells her she has to eat something, we have an HOH competition tonight. Willow says I will have one piece of cardboard. I think it would be more effective if I was dying. Like as a fan I would be on the edge of my seat. Is willow going to make it? And then I run to the end and win.

Willow’s live eviction outfit:
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-15 06-58-14-736

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-15 07-28-45-005

10:30am – 10:45am Big Brother has told the house guests they can have hot showers again. In the living room. Sarah says what a week! It kills me that there was a double power of veto! Johnny says I think Canada was upset about that. Sarah thinks this week might be a double eviction or Canada’s HOH. Johnny says lots of people are playing both sides, lots! Sarah says I should start playing that way. I shouldn’t win this HOH. I’m f**ked either way. Johnny says you could blend back into the back ground. Sarah says could you imagine if we had won the double power of veto! Johnny says that would have been ridiculous. Sarah says it would have been some witch sh*t! Johnny says damn then for taking your broom. Johnny says all we can hope for is a shake up. Twistos Twist. Sarah says come on give us something good. Johnny says something that actually gets used! Johnny comments on how there is something going on out there (backyard HOH comp building), its very quiet though.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-15 07-49-58-268

10:45am – 11:05am Up in the HOH room – Willow and Bruno are talking. Bruno says he doesn’t think this week would be a double eviction week because of this week. Willow says I don’t know because of the noise. Quick setup. Quick take down. Willow brings up the Jeff Schroeder clown shoe incident when he went home during the double eviction. In the storage room – Zach and Kevin are talking. Zach tells Kevin we have to votes to keep you if you were up. Kevin says but if I’m up there against P. Zach says that’s tough, but we still keep you. Zach heads to the HOH room. Willow asks him its going to be unanimous today? Zach says for Johnny, yeah. Willow asks who do you not want to win it? Zach says Sarah, B. Zach says he doesn’t want God to win it, he’s the wildcard. Bruno says yeah. I think he would vote with us but I don’t know.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-15 07-54-03-825

Godfrey gets called to the diary room. Johnny says “don’t even bother. I don’t want a goodbye from him.” In the kitchen Bobby, Zach and Kevin talk about Amber from BB16. She was a knockout. Caleb was a nut job. Bobby says she’s a rock climber too. Kevin says Nicole is such a cutie too. Zach agrees.

11:20am – 11:35am In the bedroom – Willow asks Kevin what do you think is going on today?! Kevin asks what like double eviction? Willow says yeah. There’s not much going on out there. They joke that if JP doesn’t know what’s going on, no one does. Willow says I really want to win. Willow leaves. Johnny comes in to get his bag. Johnny and Kevin hug. Johnny tells Kevin to “Make good use of my swim trunks.” Kevin tells Johnny sorry, I wasn’t fighting for you to stay. They talk about the possibility of him coming back. Johnny says he would play different. Johnny says I definitely don’t have any hard feelings. Kevin says thank you. I love you. Johnny says those are $70 swim trunks, don’t ruin them. I swear everything I said about the gummy bears is true. None of that was made up. Kevin says I believe you.

Big Brother calls Godfrey to the diary room. Johnny says I will literally die if Godfrey makes it to the final two. He is here for a pay cheque and food! Jordan says we will make it our mission he doesn’t.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-15 08-21-01-144

11:45am – 12:55pm Zack says You know what’s idea.. Sarah wins this one. You win the before / after and I win the physical one. Jordan agrees. The feeds change to Bruno and Bobby in the HOH room. Bruno says the only person I feel safe with winning HOH is you. Bruno says I think I’m close enough with Britt to keep you off the block if she wins. Bobby says I want to make Zach not trust JP. Bruno says pretty much as soon as anything ends they (Zach and JP) walk off together. Bobby says just keep dropping hints that JP isn’t trust worthy. Bruno says We need them broken up .. at first I thought it was Zach and Ashleigh but its them. Bobby says Kevin has to go first.

In the bathroom – Johnny is cutting Kevin’s hair. Willow, Bruno, Pilar, Britt and Sarah are hanging out and getting ready. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Bobby, Jordan and Ashleigh are talking about the music they love.

12:55pm Big Brother cuts the live feeds..

2:25pm The live feeds are still blocked.


There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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Why are Twistos flat?

I want the returning houseguest to automatically become HOH. That might be exciting for a week.


I know Big Brother isn’t fair, but that would be taking it too far. They’re already nullifying the HOH of the person that evicted the returning player. Rewarding a person for being evicted is too much.


Sarah for HOH…lets do this…
Hope Naeha comes back although I guess that is still a few days away

Bruno's Thinning Hair

Bobby is now officially the dumbest player in BBC history! Cant wait to see him try and break up Newport, they already think Bobby is a dumb as rocks pathetic egomaniac. Bruno should form something firm with Sarah,B and God. Bruno may be a master gamer but he isnt trusting his gut in this game. He knows something is up and needs to act on it fast, if not I be Newport bounces Bruno over Bobby.

Simon V

I was gonna write the same thing. Bobby is so duh doi. He’s the Cody of BBCan. Nice to look at but bad dumb game player. Just like Cody was so set against getting rid of Caleb even though he was no threat to him. Bobby is going after Kevin for his own personal reasons. If you were just talking about how Zach and JP are dangerous why not break them up. Who does he think Kevin has,pilar!?!?


Why is Bobby so overly paranoid about Kevin? I really don’t understand it. Kevin has no power, and it is obvious that JP and Zach are the slime balls.


I’m now so glad to see Johnny leaving after this past week. He has tunnel vision for targets and no loyalty to anyone but Kevin who is clearly not that into him. And I dont care if Godfrey’s motivation is food & money. WTH are these two there for or any of them for that matter? – MONEY! Here’s a guy Godfrey) who hadn’t even seen a automated door before coming to Canada and has never seen this much food in his life. No doubt but he is use to survival mode. Sounds like he still is really struggling in life far more than these arrogant assholes ever will. I hope Godfrey makes it far just to be defiant but at least to jury to give him a little bit more money – probably would be the most he’s ever seen thus far.


bobby/bruno: we know zach and jp are working together but lets get kevin out first.

um ok?

everyone knows you break up the couples or they will go right to the end together


Maybe Bobby sees through Kevin’s game play?
Last time I checked Bruno also wants that slime ball out of the house


You should include the part after the kevin/johnny talk where johnny tells ashley that the boys in her alliance said she’s the reason he’s not staying. She looked pissed


The video should be in the post


Simon. don’t see it.


πŸ™ we must have missed it


It’s Dawg and Simon’s Birthday today… Happy Birthday Dawg!


Happy Birthday you two. How neat that yall share the same BD.

Newport is Stupid

Wow same birthday for Simon and Dawg? That’s crazy! Thanks so much for all you do!!
Maybe your birthday will give us some good luck and make for an interesting week on the feeds!


Happy Birthday Simon and Dawg!!!!! Have a good one. Thanks for the great job you guys do on this site. You make BB so much better.


good riddance johnny….super fan comes in to make doe eyes at Kevin…stupid!
Bruno is smart but is too far in with dumbo Bobby..
Sarah is smart but Brit is too emotional and could bring her down
Zack and JP are transparent but someone needs to be brave enough to take shot
Ash and Pilar are a waste of space and are a disgrace to women…any woman going on BB from now on should know better than to get in an alliance with majority guys to just be their play toys…ridiculous


LOL Brit is emotional but Sarah isn’t. People are going to be disappointed with Sarah’s game. She has a meltdown every 5 minutes. She’s 6th place if she’s lucky haha. B had a solid game before Johnny/Sarah said she was working with Bruno. She might have acted jealous but it would have meant nothing if they hadn’t said she was flipping. Sarah has included her in things which B doesn’t even know about. Then she blames it on B.


Britt is way more of a disgrace to women than either Pilar or Ashleigh. She is needlessly catty, petty, and jealous. Not to mention she’s essentially slut shaming the girls and not saying anything about the guys. Neither of those other girls hate on women the way Britt does. It’s embarrassing.


Happy Birthday Dawg & Simon!! Hope you both have a wonderful day : )

Thank you both for the work you do on this site as well, it’s nice to have a place where intelligence exist. (especially this season!)


This show is so boring now. Hope Naeha gets back soon!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Simon and Dawg. You guys are awesome, hope you have an awesome day too!


Thanks for teh birthday wishes everyone.. Fingers and Toes crossed something exciting comes out of this HOH tonight.


Happy Happy birthday Simon and Dawg !! i hope you 2 have a super amazing day. And thanx for all the hard work you 2 put into this site each and every bb season for these past couple of years……dont know what i would do with out you giving me my bb fix and forfilling all my bb needs.


Does anyone know what Johnny has against Godfrey, other than being close to Craig? He seems to really dislike him but i see no reasoning behind it.


I don’t know for sure but have a couple theories. Godfrey is ostensibly playing like he has no clue about the game. Johnny believes this and thinks he’s just floating around which makes Johnny mad. They seem to think if you’re not talking game and making up alliance names/hand signals every 5 minutes you’re not playing the game.


I think it has something to do with the other night when they got drunk. Johnny was very annoyed and complaining about God wanting to kiss him.


Shawna, I doubt it is something that happened that late in the game. Simon is on point but there are also remnants of what occurred during the time Risha was in the house and Godfrey going after Sindy for the camara breaking. Johnny was also pretty miffed that Godfrey never considered johnny as part of the ‘boys side’, always lumping him with the girls side.

But seems willing to kiss anyone, so whatever it is it runs deep.

another name

i’m interested to see how the editing crew can actually keep this week in context. unless they have a delorean and a flux capacitor.
Bruno and godfrey talked about being on to Zach and Jordan before the veto ceremony.
Gummibear story time was before the veto ceremony.
jonny’s campaigning has no context without the jonny/sarah convo.
sarah setting up the flip/float has no context either.
so either they have to play with timing on feeds to make pre-veto into post veto, or they will skip it entirely and make the Newport conversations of ‘yeah sarah might flip but jonny can win comps so he’s gotta go’ the focus, without context of campaigning but with the added continuation of the end of the nomance of jonny and kevin.
i’m hoping it isn’t more of the sappy music ‘oh kevy wevy’ crap. the horse is dead. stop beating it.
oh…. and happy birthday simon and dawg!


Happy birthday Simon and Dawg! Thank you for all the hard work you put into this site and keeping the fans updated. This is the only BB app I use and recommend.

Could you perhaps provide the link to support this site (similar to what you post at the end of the season)?

I’m sure some of us would like to donate as a birthday present to you both πŸ™‚


Thanks CrisC,

This page has the donation and Amazon links


People keep referring the “gummy bears”? What’s the story?

another name

I’m getting a feeling of dread. for some reason I am seeing Zach or Jordan or Kevin as hoh. not just because I see it as being what production would like… but it’s just the pessimist in me. I hope i’m wrong. maybe Friday will make a difference.

Just Curious . . .

Why would anyone dislike happy birthday wishes? I hope it was an accident, but it seems pretty consistent . . . . . . .


seen that too, I think there is a jerk lurking around in here with nothing better to do.


Happy Birthday Simon & Dawg!!! Hope you guys had a great day!!! Thanks for all you do & for keeping me in the loop while I’m at work ????????


Thanks! it’s been a great day.