Big Brother Canada 2 – HEATHER is the POWER Of VETO Winner!

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV April 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

HEATHER WON THE VETO!! And Neda & Sabrina won $3000! The competition was the type where they were individually timed where the person with the best time won!

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9:55am – 10:15am Big Brother is let the house guests sleep in this morning.. the lights being to turn on now.. Sabrina is called to the diary room. Adel says did you guys hear all the banging and smashing all night?! Jon says yeah! Adel says f**king F**kt@rd! Jon says and I’ve got to wear this f**King diaper again! I’m f**King tired and my neck is crooked! Heather leaves the bedroom and comes back and says well it doesn’t say ceremony on the screen. Jon is called to the diary room. Neda says I really feel like I’ve died! I have literally heard them banging all night! We literally only got 1 extra hour of sleep! It’s not okay! Adel says I wanted to screen stop working F**KT@RDS! Neda says I am literally going to throw up! Big Brother says good morning house guests its time to get up for the day! Neda says I don’t know how I am going to do this.

BBCAN2-2014-04-27 07-04-38-551

BBCAN2-2014-04-27 07-28-57-686
10:20am – 10:45amIn the bathroom – Sabrina says I really feel awful I am literally going to puke! Heather wonders if they are taking it down still? Neda says they are either still taking it down now or putting something else up. Sabrina says no it doesn’t take that long to take that down.. Big Brother calls Neda to the diary room. Neda says nope! That is not happening! In the bedroom – Jon says what’s up f**Kt@rd! They slap their hands together a few times. Adel says man you’ve been playing a flawless game so far this season. If you put me up I would understand it. Its the odds she finally has the odds with her. Jon says even if I did put you up I wouldn’t vote you out. Sabrina joins them and wonders if they’re building a luxury comp in the backyard. Adel leaves the room. Jon says if they pull some sh*t like that, like yesterday and Canada really has the veto I am going to freak! Jon heads downstairs. Adel says to Jon.. the stupidest thing is that they kept us in the HOH room for another hour after! Jon says yeah I know. Jon says I’m going to throw up for sure.. Jon asks so tonight is an instant and someone is evicted? Adel says he thinks so ..this is the home stretch. Jon says so this Thursday we have 4 people. Adel brings up how she went for the money and won $3000 .. I haven’t go for any money all season. Adel says you’ve played a flawless game… you deserve it. If you want I will start ripping them all apart! Just tell me..

BBCAN2-2014-04-27 07-35-36-295

In the bathroom – Heather comments on how she feels happy. Neda says yeah well you should be! Heather says that she really didn’t think she was going to win with her time. Heather comments on how Neda won money during the competition.

10:50am – 10:55am Adel says all it takes is gonads (Neda) to mention to her (Heather) that we promised final three and they team up and we’re out.. Deny Deny Deny! JOn heads to the bedroom and he and Neda talk. Neda says I feel like we should have just went for this veto! JOn says YUP HUNDO!

BBCAN2-2014-04-27 07-48-06-903

11:10am – 11:25am Adel is in the bedroom alone and talks to himself about how he knows he’s going up as the replacement. F**K! I can’t get paranoid though because as soon as you do your game is done! In the bathroom – Heather says I am the happiest girl in the world today! Neda says yeah especially after yesterday.. that must have been awful. Neda says but you won veto! That’s your first one right!? Heather says yeah! Heather says on top of the you, me and Jon are for sure going to final 3, or 4 YAY! Neda says unless some crazy twist happens and I go on the block. Heather says at least Sabrina would still be on the block though.

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Happy day!!! So happy Heather won, hope Adel goes home now!


Yes! Go Heather !


I think it would shake up the game if Jon puts up Neda! Also, Jon will not win if he takes her to f2. Wake up Jon……she ain’t taking you. Make a smart move!


Bad game move for Jon if he puts up Neda. He is too smart for that. He will put up Adel and Adel will go home because Jeda thinks that Adel is a bigger threat than Sabrina, and if Neda goes she is the ONLY person left in this game that would possibly consider taking Jon to F2. The only way HUNDO Jon goes F2 is if he win the POV next week. Additionally, Jon wants Neda to win the 100k if he doesn’t so no way will he put up Neda.


Yea, he should realize by now that Neda is scheming behind his back. Even if it is a “bad game move” for him, he needs to get rid of her, because shes a strong player, and next week i bet shes going to have HOH, she will cut a deal with sab and heather for a girls final 3, and there goes Jonny boy.


That is why Jon must win POV regardless who wins HOH


nice job heaher now take out jon or neda


Yaaay! Way to go Heather!


you think Jon has the balls to put Neda up? he obviously have feelings for Neda




I am so happy for Heather!!!!


Adel should go, but it will be Sab..


Yes! Now hopefully, Adel goes up and Neda convinces Heather to vote for him and send Adel packing.


I’m really happy Heather won! Yay. I wonder if Sabrina or Adel will be the target?


So happy that heather won this veto…..only chance in dethroning Jeda. I know it’s Adel and Sabrina on the block, but I hope Adel leaves so that we can truly have Sabrina thinking about playing the game for first and not second. If Adel leaves, guaranteed Sabrina goes to Final 3 maybe even Final 2.


if we get rid of adel and Heather ends up winning the next HOH (the final 4) she has a great chance to be taken to final 2 with whoever it is that wins the final HOH! Go Heather.

BB15's Howard's Fedora

Good on Heather!


heather u a bad ass bit?? im happy for u, youre the only one with the balls to go after jon now do it…….


Adel should tell Neda and Jon if they vote him out he will tell Heather that the plan was to vote her out. They will lose Heather and Adel’s vote. Sabrina if makes it to final 2 might get 4 votes Allison, Rachelle, (bitter jury) Adel and Heather. I believe it is smarter to keep Adel. Wondering if Adel is smart enough to make this move.


Kinda wish Adel had won to pull Heather off and put Neda out.

This way at least if they vote Adel out, heather will KNOW that the plan was to put her out… if she didn’t already know. The smart move would be to vote Slobby out and not tip their hand, but I don’t think Jon and Neda have that sophisticated a game strategy.


Just to clarify this is not an instant eviction as we all know. Veto ceremony then eviction ceremony after at some point. If I was a betting man 2-0 Sabby goes jury. I think Heather will refuse to keep Sabby leaving Jon needing to break a tie and I don’t see it. Sabby got comfortable that may not have been a good thing.


Literally read the caption of the post and got soooo excited. Way to go Heather pulls through when she needs it most.


Sabrina looks like the penguin from batman. She needs to go. NOW

The Truth

There is a God!


Adel is done like dinner without a doubt.

Neda masterminded Arlie’s exit, and i guarantee by tonight they will have decided to eliminate Adel…

Lets face it, they (Neda & Jon) know Heather will take Adel over Jon, and Neda knows Adel will take Jon over her.

So Delly is done this week… (which i dont care, as he is obnoxious and plays with his emotion instead of his brain)

Nana Jo

I am sooooooo happy right now! If Heather didn’t realize before that she was the target, she sure does now with Jon and Adel walking around as though someone had died. Talk about mournful! The girls should get together and target Adel and then Jon. Neda is sitting in the sweet spot at the moment. She gets what she wanted all along without any blood on her hands. I pray that Heather wins the next HoH! I know Neda won $3000 but I wonder how much money Sabrina won? Also, I’m not clear but did Jon and Adel go for the money, too?


adel infuriates me! How can someone be so stupid, and his game talk i don’t understand half the things he says, he has absolutely no clue what is going on.

I think they are gonna send Sabrina packing because if she ends up in final 2 there is a very good chance she will win since she has votes(rachelle, allison, maybe arlie)


So happy for Heather! Yayyy! 🙂


Damn! What happened? Didn’t everyone go for the veto? If Heather was the only one fighting for the veto then where were the great strategic minds of Neda and Jon? Such an amateur BB move. I’m running between jobs right now so maybe I’ve got it all wrong. Am I missing something? How could any one of them jeopardize a $100K for a few small cash prizes at this point in the game? I’m so confused.


It REALLY sounds like neither Jon nor Neda went full out to win the Veto. Who did they think was going to work hard for it? Adel? not likely, are they really saying they didn’t even try? Sounds like it if Neda won $3000 that usually means they gave up trying to win in order to get a prize (not always, but you know what i mean). If they really wanted Heather gone, this was not the one to not try to win.

Altho if it was at 2am that they were playing whatever it was, then i can see them just playing thru exhaustion, if Heather was the first to go thru. We probably won’t know that tho.

Anyways, i hope they take out Sabrina. The best thing to do is that, so that Heather ‘knows’ that she never was the target. And it sounds in these recaps that they expect an eviction today, so they have to do POV as well.

Not sure why jon mentioned thinking Canada has a POV, since Heather won the POV


It’s quite simple; they’re not as smart as people make them out to be.


Do you think Production is now rooting for Heather?


Arlie will vote the person with the best game and won’t be a bitter jury. Someone on facebook heard him say this in an interview. The rest will vote on their emotions I believe. Jon and Neda turning their backs on the final 4 is only making them lose jury votes. Bad move.


Adel will definitely be bitter if he goes this week. He said the one thing he wouldn’t be able to take is if they betray the F4 deal and evict him before Sabrina.


hello adel that was the plan this week , betray heather…. fu?? off you have no choice this time….


There should be rules for Jury members to follow. I’d be pissed if Adel or Sab beat out Jon or Neda at the end. Letting personal feelings and emotions rule over who played the best game overall shouldn’t happen. But, obviously it does.

GO Jon. I want him to win.


I’m so happy for heather! Honestly this season i was pretty disgusted with some of the other houseguests. I felt so sad watching heather cry over the names ika called her. I understand that it’s a game and that things get heated but there is still a fine line. As someone that has suffered from horrible acne i can sympathize with heather. It is hard enough to deal with it emotionally and mentally as you always feel inferior without people making nasty comments. Ika went way too far as her comments had nothing to do with the game and were personal. People don’t realize that for people that are bullied because of pimples comments like ika’s will stick long after the game ends. Heather has now become one of my favourite players in the game and i just want her to be strong and win so that she can then shove the 100k in ika’s face. Bullies need to be stopped!


That Adel is a real butt head and they need to get him out of the house.






Heather deserved to win since she placed 2nd in that tuff hoh comp on the ropes…she went hard!!


An unofficial facebook page in support of Heather:

If I am not allowed to promote this page, please do not approve this comment. If this comment is shown, feel free to join.


High fives all around.. So glad to see Heather take control of the game.. Very mean of Jon to not tell her what was up before nominations. Break his deal with her . She trusted them…He is letting Neda run his HOH and game.