Big Brother 22 Nominations! Cody “Is Christmas livid?” Nicole “She won’t speak to anyone.”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO
Nominations – Nicole & Christmas
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
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ENZO nominated: Nicole & Christmas
This week the nominations don’t matter, as it all comes down to who wins the veto. The person that wins is the sole vote to evict this week. If Enzo wins the Veto he decides who votes to evict.

5pm Nicole is in the bedroom studying the past events of the season. Who played in which comps and who won. Meanwhile – Enzo and Cody are cooking in the kitchen and Christmas is taking a shower. Enzo heads up to the HOH room to listen to his music and look at the photos from the photo room.

5:45pm Kitchen. Nicole and Cody.
Cody – is Christmas livid? Nicole – She won’t speak to anyone. She just made a sandwich. She sat there, studied and took pop and stuff and now went into your guys room and she is just going to sit there and study. Cody – she grabbed the bible. Nicole – oh did she. She was sitting like this .. the whole time. I just watched. I asked if she was okay and she said yes. That was it. Cody – oh boy! Nicole – was she just blindsided then? Cody – I don’t know, Enzo said that she wanted to know that she was going to go up. Nicole – and he didn’t tell her? Cody – and I guess he didn’t tell her. Nicole – Geezzz louise! She is just going to make it look like she is doing other things but she is just going to study. Cody – that’s okay ..we will just chill and study. Because we’ve been doing it for awhile!

5:55pm HOH room. Cody and Enzo.
Enzo – Nicole said that she (Christmas) won’t talk to anybody? I’m not going to talk to anybody! I’ve f**king had it yo! I told her (Christmas), I can’t put Cody on the block because if I do why would I anger him.. Why would I anger someone who is the best competitor in the game? Well if you put him on the block that will ruffle him.. that will put pressure on him and that might make him lose in the POV comp. I was like why do I want him to lose?!!? Like I don’t understand!? I don’t get it YO! She is just .. I don’t know! She is upset about Memphis.. why wouldn’t you pick him.. Why are you upset at us now? Cody – I am just getting myself locked in for tomorrow and going over my sh*t. Enzo – you’ve already got that locked in.

6:22pm – 6:30pm Kitchen. Nicole and Cody.
Nicole – and honestly that is what I expected when she is on the block.. she said that she is usually happy but no way.. because you weren’t the target right!? Cody – yeah not right.. there is a big difference when you’re going up and chilling and going up and feeling like you’re the f**king target. Nicole – yeah. For sure. Cody – and going up and feeling like you’re in trouble.. like that is where she is at right now. Nicole – yeah. Cody – yeah and so its like we just have to go in and do our thing and if not then I will see you guys in a week. Nicole and Cody start studying the past events of the season. Cody really knows his days. Nicole does for the most part but doesn’t know it all and isn’t as fast. Nicole – that is why you know so much because you did something three times. I am good at it too .. you just f**king stress me out. I am going to kick your a$$ tomorrow. Cody – I am going to smoke you. Nicole – no I am going to smoke you.

6:37pm Bedroom. Christmas is crying under the covers..

7:30pm Nicole is sleeping. Cody is studying in the kitchen. Enzo – tomorrow is going to be 11 days till the end. Cody – we’re almost out of here .. isn’t that crazy. Enzo – I feel bad for whoever wins this comp tomorrow. Cody – I need to win this comp. Enzo – Christmas will be up your a$$ if you win it. You have to use it. You have to get rid of Nicole. Cody – This is do or die for me .. if I don’t win this I could go home. Enzo – I started talking to her yesterday.. its probably in the sh*tter now. Now she is angered. She isn’t going to listen to sh*t now. Cody – if I don’t win this I am going home. Enzo – not if Nicole wins it or I win it. Its only if she (Christmas) wins it.

7:55pm Christmas is reading the bible. Cody is sleeping. Nicole is sleeping. Enzo is roaming / shooting hoops..

8pm – 10pm The house guests are sleeping, studying, lazing around.

10:10pm Bedroom. Christmas talking to the cameras – I feel betrayed and backstabbed and blindsided.. and I mean its the game. This is a ruthless game. I don’t want to talk about it .. or I will get upset. Outside of big brother I haven’t been this upset in years. I go to therapy .. I don’t care I love it. It keeps me working on myself.

10:03pm HOH room. Enzo and Cody.
Enzo – I will talk to her (Christmas) tomorrow .. but if she loses the POV she is going to be so f**king pissed you know what I mean? And then here is the other thing.. if I win the veto she is going to want me to use it on her. Cody – MMmhhmmm.. not happening YO! She’s go to win the veto if she wants to stay in this house. Enzo – That is it. Cody – same thing with me I’ve got to win the veto if I want to stay in this f**king house. Enzo – its meant to be for us to go to the end YO! Its our season you know!? This shit is our season! We’ve dominated since the beginning yo! That is it! Its our sh*t. She is going to be a f**king mess tomorrow. She walked by me before and didn’t say nothing. Cody – same thing with me. Enzo – she is upset. I don’t get it she would have been happy if you were on the block but if you win the veto she wouldn’t be happy. It just makes no sense yo! On the block or not you have to win the veto. Cody starts thinking through the strategy if its the life size dice comp. They talk about how Christmas is in her own game. Cody – yeah she is out of it.

10:23pm Christmas is crying again..

Nicole tells Christmas in the bathroom that she knows shes upset and is there to talk if she wants to but also wanted to give her her space. Christmas leaves. Enzo joins Nicole and tells her that if she (Christmas) is crying .. I don’t want to talk to her.

10:40pm In the bedroom. Cody checks on Christmas as well and tells her that he is there to talk if she wants to, even if she just wants to vent. Christmas – its just been a lot and I am just trying to figure out where to put it and how to process it. I’m not mad at anybody.. I am jsut having a really tough 24 hours. Cody – its good to get it out. Christmas – I don’t even know what I need right now. I just want to sleep and tomorrow is a new start and hopefully its settled. Cody leaves. Christmas starts crying again..

10:55pm – 11:25pm Enzo is pacing back and forth outside the HOH room.

11:30pm Bedroom. Nicole and Cody talk about Christmas crying and how they checked on her. Cody – I said you need to be locked in so start studying. It might sound cut throat but.. Nicole – oh my god you’re crazy! Cody – what!? Its the truth.

11:47pm Kitchen. Cody and Enzo.
Enzo – I am going to talk to her (Christmas) tomorrow. I am going to be like look you’re going to make me cry. I feel upset. You are an ally to me Christmas but I have a good relationship with Cody. Cody – Yo, throw her off and say a bunch of sh*t so like she panics and doesn’t get ready for the veto. Enzo – yeah. Cody – yeah what are you going to say? Enzo – If I win the POV, I’ll give it to you. And then you get rid of Nicole. And then I’ll see what she says. Cody – .. you would give it to ME?!!? Enzo – I feel lethargic today. I lost 10K today. Cody – yeah but you won 10K yesterday. Think of it as glass half full.

11:56pm Cody sits in front of the memory wall studying the events of the season..

12am Enzo working out in the HOH room.

12:22am All cams showing Christmas sleeping..

5:40 am Sleeping YO
8:40 am Sleeping YO

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Enzo deserves to lose. Just give it to Cody. Hoping like hell Christmas wind the POV. I want to see Cody when he is nominated and Christmas votes him out?


Throw the whole season away.. why’s this old fool lying at this point. Badly at that too. Whichever idiot doesn’t see he’s got something with Cody gets what they deserve. I hope both women go. None deserve to win and Cody was handed this by undercover cop. Idc this season was sh–

Buh Bye

Well, I have to say that her lash extensions are durable. Ugly cryer.


You ever watch her cake on her mascara?


I am NOT a Christmas fan at all, not even a micro fan, but I sure would like to see Cody sent to jury. It would be awesome to see him have to fight for his spot in the final 3.


Well Simon & Dawg, thank you for all your effort & entertainment. I’ve tried to hit tip jar several times now & it would never go through. Tonight I finally realized—I had to turn on cookies. Duh!

All puff and no stuff

Cookies are the worst! Simon and dawg are the best.


I think I figured it out. It’s a scripted TV show about a reality tv show. To think all this time I thought it was the actors who were terrible but they must be pretty good, they had me convinced I was watching a reality tv show. They just need to get better writers.

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

Meow fits Enzo,he is such a P***Y! He will end up 3rd again.Come on Christmas,show us what Enzo does not possess.Win that veto!

Miss Impression

I’m still waiting for a quote on car insurance!Your service is terrible.




I about eye rolled myself off my chair ready what dumb and dumber were saying


What is up with Christmas crying all the time? Is that Memphis hat on her bedside light? I think they have a thing. Did anyone notice when she was putting her pants on while she was getting out of her bed and Memphis was just sitting on his bed?


Enzo wins last HOH before Final 3.

Enzo: It’s too early to make a big move. I can’t anger “the best player in the game.”

Enzo gets third place. Again.


Enzo doesnt even deserve 3rd. What a complete putz Enzo is. And Cody is so full of himself. Ugh hate this season. Dont care who wins at this point. BB Allstars such a waste.


Enzo knows that it doesn’t matter who he puts up. This week the only thing that matters is who wins POV so why put up someone who might take you to F2? If Enzo wins POV then he needs to take him out but before that does him no good. Cody knows Nicole could get votes as a past winner making it this far so he might not take her over Enzo.

Game fan

Danni you are right the problem is
if enzo gets veto he won’t change the noms
I’m sure about it


Unfortunately you are probably right. He is too loyal to him and probably doesn’t realize his only way to win is against xmas.

The Beef

And if he doesn’t, then it just shows what a massive moron he truly is. At that point he would just be playing for second place, hoping only that Cody would take him over Nicole. If that’s his game, he doesn’t deserve to win anyway.


Christmas need to get this POV, so they can send a winner to jury. Last hope, kill this pregame alliance once & for all


IDK I’ve kinda enjoyed this season. Not silly drama but good Play. It just got boring cuz they dominated the game so fricken much. It was masterfully played.

Miss Impression

Yeah,Derrick did a great job.


Yes, I agree that Derrick’s pregame helped but there is only so much that could have been done. Anything could have happened to turn the game in a different direction. Janelle, Kaysar and DaVonne all came in 2nd in the HOH. If they would have won, this whole season could have been different. I have to give credit to Cody for winning when he needed to win and for steering the HOH towards his target for the most part.


Cody was given the first HoH. No one else had a chance after Cody was allowed to see the shaking platforms and everyone else had to wait until they stopped moving before they could come out. After taking out one of the only people who might have played with Janelle and Kayser, we were left with only one side of the house because the left overs who were excluded from the pregame stuff wouldn’t do anything to upset the status quo so they could sit around the house and pretend they were relevant. It’s obvious production is keeping a pretty heavy hand on the steering wheel. It’s like wrestling but less entertaining.

The Beef

Good play? Tell me where you’ve seen that! Veto has been used exactly ONE time I believe during the whole season, and that by Da’Vonne of all people, the person who had never won a competition for 2.5 seasons up until that point. Even then, she was chastised for using it by many of the others. Good game play you say. Every single eviction was predictable, even when we got to the the “OMG so exciting TRIPLE eviction”, it was predictable. We almost had a surprise eviction with Nicole, but nope, Enzo left his grapes in the mayonnaise jar back in the bedroom, and instead David went to jury.

Everything after that has gone according to plan. No excitement. No big moves. No good game play. Just mundane “follow the script according to the pre-game alliance” as laid out by Derrick (and production) for Cody and Nicole, and everything will be just fine. It’s not even a game at this point, it’s just scripted TV and it’s a joke. Hard to play masterfully when nobody is even playing. Hell, the supposed opposition refused to even engage, deciding instead that it would be a good idea to just “vote with the house” and eliminate their own strongest competitors during the first four weeks of the game. That was some seriously good game play by them wasn’t it?

This season has sucked, and there’s a whole lot of people to blame for it, but it starts with production for allowing the players to form these pre-game alliances weeks before the game even starts, with NO penalties for doing it. The players themselves also bear responsibility for doing that, and those outsiders (read people NOT actually playing the game but still influencing the pre-gaming, and I’m talking about Derrick and Dan here) who had a hand in it should also be eliminated from the Big Brother family for ruining this season, but they won’t be. There was never any chance for good game play due to the pre-game alliances – THAT’S the reason why the committee dominated this season. Hell, they had all of the good players stacked on their roster (except for Janelle and Kaysar, who they promptly evicted). Nobody is surprised they won all of the comps, when you stack the teams like that. Nobody.

Xmas Cryer

Call the waaa-mbulance for Christmas.


The only saving grace to save this season is if:

  1. Christmas wins POV.
  2. Christmas comes down off the block.
  3. Enzo puts Cody on the block in her place.
  4. Christmas being the SOLE vote this week, sends Cody packing.

Anything other than that one scenario and Cody will as pre-game predicted, win the game.
Btw, I’m not sure if anyone saw the feeds last night, but Cody was super pissed that he blew the HOH competition, as whoever won the HOH this week can ALSO play for HOH next week and Cody wanted that in the worst way.

Game fan

I think Nicole might still get him out.
She knows she has to. I think cody will win induranse , but nicole can win against enzo in the second hoh than on the last one (questions) against cody. She might even do it this week.
Nicole proved with the ian vote she is playing for herself. She also threw danni utb a tone of times and she is her friend in rl more than cody is.
She might do it.


Calling all manipulators… Where are you?

I just want an entertaining season. I know this is a game for money but I seriously dislike this being the kind of game where people think that they are great gamers because they made it till the end when really they didn’t do anything strategic or successfully manipulative to get there. It is as if the Christmas HOH game (where she won by default- literally by doing nothing) has become indicative of the entire game.

Several people roll a ball down a beam to get it to fall in the highest number slot. There was little strategy in that as each roll was a “hail Mary” roll for them. Several one-armed blind and disabled monkeys could have done the same but in the BB house you are a comp beast if a gnat on the beam hit the ball and nudged it into a high number.

I knew this season was gonna be blah the moment they made that big alliance. Actually, I had a suspicion of it day one when they brought back the little adorable Nicole who- though lovely and lively in every way- didn’t have the wherewithal to not choose a super tight showmance over her only ally in her season.

Sigh 🙁 Sorry for the rant, I just had it with all this goofy delusional egotistical comp beast mentality stuff that they all have.


Enzo is an idiot. Period.


Someone please explain to me why Christmas is crying. Nominations mean nothing POV is all that matters this week who cares who’s on the block. She needs to get a grip. Enzo needs to stop playing for 2nd or 3rd place even if he goes with either Cody or Nicole to the end he doesn’t win way he wins is against Christmas. He better hope Christmas wins and evicts Cody. I don’t think if he wins he will backdoor Cody which he should do for his own game. Also I really hope if Cody makes final 2 he choses Enzo over Nicole. Nicole will win for making to the end twice.

Game fan

true for enzo but cody is winning against anyone.


Warning – long post

The Nicole Chronicles:

As I’ve mentioned previously, I was a fan of Nic F in her first season (BB16), I even threw her some AFP votes. She was much more a breathe of fresh air that year (similar to Nic A last season) and at least offered someone alongside Hayden who was willing to play something other than Derrick’s mandated template.

It’s common for players to not be as likeable in their second stints – Paul is the perfect example of a player who ranked high in likeability in his first season and was abhorred in his second stint (the irony of course being his catchphrase – ‘friendship’). Personally, although I felt he made the costume thing fun and I’m always keen for an underdog I wasn’t necessarily smitten by him in either of his seasons but like most felt he was the more deserving winner especially in his first season (BB18) against Nicole.

I think part of the reason players aren’t as likeable in returns is their game play is known so they need to mix things up often becoming the villain. My all-time favorites like Dr. Will, Janelle, Danielle Reyes, Britney Haynes, Dan & Tyler became favorites based on their strategic acumen, competitive prowess, humor (Britney especially), social game or a combination of those factors. And those six remained personal favorites as returnees.

I also liked Kaysar, Ian (who we never really saw play this season as he was too busy waiting for jury when he planned on kicking into game mode) and yes even Enzo in his first season. Likewise, Dani has always played a messy game but I liked that she ‘PLAYED’, albeit I wasn’t as fond of her cruelty this season & wasn’t sure if I simply missed that aspect about her originally or it was the company she was keeping. As much as I hated BB16 I didn’t mind Cody but this year his absolute dictatorship & punishment for even slight wavering has turned me off especially with all the benefits he had to start the season.

Nicole is the exception for me b/c she seemed like a completely different person – the girl next door was now the mean girl. The player who wanted to compete & win & didn’t want to kiss Hayden on TV was suddenly content to lay in a bed pleasuring Corey, appearing only on Wednesday night to ensure her safety and to backstab. Suffice to say she became one of my least favorite BB players EVER (and that’s saying a lot considering how long this game has been going).

If it’s possible I dislike her more this season than I did in BB18 which is likely partly due to her privileged attitude and the mean girl demeanor being even more pronounced. In fact, both Nic & Cody have bothered me by their over the top hypocrisy especially since they were the two with the greatest advantages entering the house. It’s not likely coincidence two of my favs (Janelle & Danielle Reyes) aren’t impressed by Nicole either. Aside: did you catch this week when Nic spoke about every player from this season EXCEPT Janelle?

Not all of us will agree on these matters & I respect those who differ. For those who do have a similar feeling regarding Nicole this tidbit from Andy Herren was interesting. He was on RHAP and pretty much trashed her …

Hayden (her boyfriend from BB16) lived in Chicago where Andy also lived & b/c of this Nicole became friends with Andy & was a frequent guest in his home. When she won BB18 he was with one of her BFFs watching at his house. As for the wedding Andy was surprised to not get an invite particularly b/c Janelle was (fwiw – Andy confirmed Nic absolutely HATES Janie — read: Janelleousy). Andy cut deep though stating a BB15 player who barely knows Nic or Vic was invited & they were sure the ONLY reason was based on their strong social media following. Andy called her opportunistic & a shell of the BB16 Nic he once knew.

Not sure of the how authentic this second part is but someone claiming to be part of Nic’s past replied to the tweet on what Andy said stating …

Andy Herren is mistaken. I’ve known Nicole longer than he has and she is exactly who she was in BB16 and before. Only difference is she let her mask slip. She’s always been cutthroat with her “friends”


NiCody elitism catches major shade:

Nic & Cody chat caught major shade on social media for their entitlement & privileged attitude following Enzo’s HOH win b/c they didn’t get their way (Cody winning HOH). I said it all season NO ONE is allowed to make a move or play the game except those two (at least in their minds).

And I’m sorry there is NO WAY Cody throws that HOH — no way – he wouldn’t go all the way in this game to F4 & throw the HOH – NONE. The proof— if he’d purposely thrown it he would’ve told Enzo he was worried Nic would cut him & he NEVER said that. Instead he was whining about the comp & trying to imply he gave it to Enzo who stated – he got the advantage b/c he moved last of the three & ensured Cody he isn’t putting him on the block.

Drama that may ensue following POV:

As the quartet prepares to play F4 POV each scenario can provide differing levels of drama for the week.

An Xmas win would equate to Cody’s exit with effort from the Root to sell Nic down the river & outing everything negative she said about Xmas.

Nicole winning would offer drama with either choice. Keeping Cody could result in an Xmas-Nic fight b/c Ssscole would be exposed for all the lies she told Xmas to gain her F2 promise. Or if she turned on Cody — well we can only imagine how he’d explode with presumably threats to blow her up in jury for lying in a bed until F5.

A Cody/Enzo win would likely give us minimal drama although we should expect the Meow Meow to deliver negative Nic intel (or lie if he has to) in order to get his preferred F3 with Xmas in the mix. Additionally, Nic will start burying Xmas which could offer some fun if Enzo shares any of it with Xmas as that could also result in a fight. Not that it would change Cody’s F4 vote but it might cement him cutting her in F3.

Logically, odds are on Cody winning POV in a timed event courtesy of his handlers — aka production. Yeah — it really has been a season of yawns.

Like Literally ... Yoyoyo

Nicole is scared to death somehow SHE will be the to go. I’ve never been a fan of her game play, but I’ve never disliked her. This season she seems to get in my every nerve. That said, Cody deserves the win (blah).


2 words to describe this week…. A Prickly Pickle…..LOL!

Barbara Clark

I’m team Cody all the way! I have never liked Christmas because of her attitude and racist comments! Nicole is sneaky! She acts so sweet n acts like she can’t do the comps and then wins that vital comp and veto. Love Enzo! Wish they could have 2 winners!