“When I win [Veto].. I’m going to let them all sweat especially Enzo He’s made his cards be shown”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO
Nominations – Nicole & Christmas
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
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9:43 am Houseguests getting up.

9:55 am Nicole and Christmas chit chat about eggs.

10:40 am not much going on this morning. Nicole studying

10:50 am Everyone seems to be studying the memory wall today.

11:06 am Christmas talking to the camera
Christmas – today is the final 3 veto and I’m exhausted and emotionally beat up I’m just like kicked in the gut by that freaking betrayal by..Enzo by putting me on the block. That was pretty significant
Christmas “I’m focused and I’m ready I am calm and collected and I’m out to win”
Christmas – When I do win this I don’t plan to tell anybody what I’m going to do I’m going to let them all sweat especially Enzo he doesn’t .. that betrayal doesn’t deserve any more conversations gamewise. He’s made his cards be shown and I’m obviously not in the plan unless my coincidence or convenience I am. And I am not a person of convenience so umm.. I know exactly who I will save when I win the veto. Myself but who I will vote for. You guys are going to have to watch to find that out. (CodY)
Christmas – honestly I’m going to squeeze them all to give back a little dirt they’ve given me these last few weeks. Man I am feeling like this game is cruel at times.
Christmas goes on to say this wasn’t her plan this was gods plan they put her where she needs to be to win this Veto
Christmas – you’re going to have a great freaking show today in that veto and if I don’t win that veto that’s gods way and I have a beautiful story afterwards and I will continue to fight I am not out until they kick me out

11:53 am Nicole and Cody
Nicole – I’m so ready
Cody – I know let’s go whatever it is
Nicole – me to. I can’t be any more prepared I feel like or any more ready I feel good.. Nice and awake pretty calm. Enzo is snoozing probably
Cody – yeah he’s passed out doing what he does best in this game sleep (ouch)

12:17 pm

12:30pm – 1:40pmEnzo is running laps back and forth outside the HOH room. The other house guests are sitting around waiting for the veto to start.

1:50pm The live feeds switch to the kitty pound! The Power Of Veto Competition is starting NOW!!!!

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Oh shut up Christmas you and dummy Enzo had chance to do big things can’t cry now y’all all did what Cody wanted you to when all along y’all were disposable to him so shut up with the boo hooing

Game fan

I don’t like her game but christmas actually didn’t had the chance or ability to do something. Yeah when she was hoh ages ago she didn’t put him up .but it made no sense than. Her move was for her alliance not for cody. And it was the right one at the time.
She tried to get Nicole out in the tripple , and if she had power at 6 or 5, she would of put cody up. (The only one!)
she is not playing to be his second/third like nic, enzo, tyler , memphis.. and she is sure not telling him all the deals she has in the game, like enzo, nic, danni..


Poor Christmas !! Three against one !!

Dropping a Duece in Frisco

That is why it will be so sweet if Xmas wins the veto and keeps them all in the dark. It would be fun to see them sweat for awhile.


good for her

Guy From Canada

You know it’s 2020 when you want sh1tmas to win veto….


I see some Botox in Nicole’s future. She has a lot of wrinkles for only 28.


Wow, I was thinking the same thing. Yikes.. She looks really old for her age. She lies about everything else; maybe she’s 40. Lol


Welp, Unless Christmas wins veto, its gonna be Cody and Snots-Slots knocking Enzo Yo-Yo out of final 3

What a revolting way to end a revolting Season


If Christmas wins veto things will get very interesting.

Rosie Johnson

Agree. Unfortunately for Enzo.

Game fan

And if she does, enzo still would be out if Nicole wins the last hoh.


Xmas looks like she aged 10 years in the last 24 hours

Dropping a Duece in Frisco

Nicole looks like she should change her name to Nick.

another name

Did I miss any extra money prizes given out?
Grinchmas won 5k night one in the hoh comp (instead of have not).
Da’vonne won 5k (veto comp)
Dani won 5k (hoh golf comp)
Tyler won 5k (hoh golf comp)
David won 10k (otev veto comp)
Nicf won 10k (special comp yesterday)
? Memphis? shares in that or won 10k as well for being picked by Nicf?
If anyone has info on that last one… please share it with me.

Dunno… So, during jury, a houseguest gets to win money and share it with a juror? Is that some bullshit buy a vote comp?

The Beef

If it is, it’s truly just more bullshit piled onto us by production. Why would they allow players to shower jury members with “gifts” at this point in the game, if not to influence their votes? Hell, they aren’t even in the house anymore, not to mention in the game! At least everyone gets a chance to say what they can to jury members during GBM’s, in order to influence them, so to me, that is all part of the game, but to send them gifts of $$$$ after they are out? This sounds like a lobbyist buying a politicians vote by slipping them an envelope filled with cash under the table at dinner, even though it’s done in clear public view.

The good news is I don’t think Memphis will vote for Nicole no matter who she is up against, but I could be wrong about that, and if I am, it could be that the money is the reason why.


It’s surprising how upset Christmas is to be on the block especially since the only thing that matters is who wins the POV.

Imagine how upset she would’ve been with Memphis – who had stated last week if he won that Nic-Xmas would be his noms.

It’s funny how none of the hamsters every stop to consider whatever they are capable of so is someone else. Xmas for example had the WGs with Enzo/Memphis but she also had a F2 with Tyler which she said was her priority (although she shifted to saying it was Memphis after Ty left) AND was part of a girl’s alliance AND has a F2 with Nic (and Enzo I think). So what? Enzo wasn’t allowed to do the same? Or anyone else?

Come on hamsters — wake up and smell the fact this is a game & especially this season when alliances have been more plentiful than Enzo’s “Yo’s” they all are going to have numerous alliances.

Xmas for some odd reason believed Nic was alone when she KNOWS by observation that NiCody is a real thing or she wouldn’t have been on the block with Tyler. If she’d bothered to pay attention last week instead of being so caught up in Memphis she would’ve noticed NiCodyZo were CONSTANTLY up in the HOH hanging out.

The Beef

Sometimes I think those people in there are about as sharp as bowling balls. I agree that she SHOULD know the three of them have been working together closely, but we can’t forget the damn paranoia in there runs strong and fierce, and that they WANT so badly to believe things that just can’t be true in the end. To her, it may be obvious that Enzo is the third wheel to Nicody’s bicycle, so he should be willing to help her get one of them out, so she is disappointed that HE doesn’t see it that way.

I just want her to get her head out of her ass, realize the only important thing is to win the veto, and it doesn’t matter what Enzo thinks then! As you have pointed out (and many of us agree), it will probably be some type of competition that production can pick the winner, so it won’t really matter, but this is our only hope of busting up this pre-game alliance duo before they enter the final 3 HOH competitions, so I hope she somehow comes out of it on top, but I won’t be holding my breath.

The Beef

And now I see that indeed CODY has won the POV competition! How shocked I am that THAT has happened! LOL


I am not a fan of Xmas at all, but I would love for her to win the veto and Cody is on the block and sent home. Enzo is loyal to a fault and that is his downfall. If Enzo makes it to F2 and takes Cody, he will definitely lose. I can see him winning in F2 if he takes Xmas or Nicole. Whomever Nicole is aligned with in F2, I don’t see her winning. In fact, Nicole should have been evicted like the previous winner Ian, but Enzo would not make the big move. I haven’t been excited about this season in a while, but I am so looking forward to the POV today. Xmas for the win( oh my God, I can’t believe I’m saying this)! lol


That is my hope as well….and I can’t believe I would want Xmas to win anything….Grrr. BUT I am still holding out hope that Enzo wins the VETO and has the balls to put up Cody….it might be his plan, as he should know that it is his only chance of winning this game. I would rather the VETO win go to Enzo than Xmas. He would have to take Xmas down….once again Grrrrr…as Nicole will of course keep Cody. Oh man….this season sucks.


Enzo will not put up Cody, If he wins the Veto, they’re “Jersey Boys”. Noms will stay the same. Enzo hasn’t made any big moves this whole season, all he did was talk about big moves. When push came to shove, Enzo chickened out of making big moves. I still would rather see Enzo and Xmas in the F2, than Derrick and Dan

Dropping a Duece in Frisco

The only big moves made by Enzo will be in the bathroom.



The Beef

If he wins and doesn’t put Cody up, then he deserves to lose. It’s as simple as that.


I want this also. It’s the only way this crappy season can end well. I wouldn’t even care if Enzo ended up winning, just so it wasn’t Cody or Nichole.

Big Dog Dangle

It’s funny how they act Enzo hasn’t done anything. He’s done more than anyone left besides Cody. If Enzo was smart he’d hope for a back door on Cody this week. If not he loses

another name

I fail to see any reason to have any sympathy whatsoever for Grinchmas. She has isolated herself, and she’s crying. So what. How many times did she encourage others to be shunned, ostracized, and attacked in her original season? How many times has she suggested everyone as a group shun or gang up on someone this season (she’s suggested it more than once). Cry me a river.
All I see is someone that has a false image of herself in the game, complaining any time she isn’t the winner of a comp. She’s a bad sport, and now she has to actually come to terms with the real image of herself in the game. Aw. So sad. Too bad. Next.

Dropping a Duece in Frisco

Lets all just hope that this is the last season of All Stars ever.


I agree with you 100%, she is nothing but a bully. She has been mean and hateful, her obsession with Memphis was her downfall. She put Kevin on slop while on the block to weaken him, she deserves what she gets. She makes me sick with her bragging and always one upping everyone. I hope she goes to jury with her new boyfriend.


Thank YOU! I mean in your own words X-Mess… “It’s not personal, it’s just game” Buh-Bye


If Christmas wins veto it’s going to be the worst winner and runner up ever. If that happens Christmas will evict Cody and then Nicole or Christmas will win the next one and evict Enzo. It’s such a small chance Enzo will win anything so he will be out next. I can’t stand either Christmas or Nicole and certainly don’t want either to win. I’m sure Nicole will win if that does happen.


I’m not a fan of any of last 4. Cody being tutored by Derrick is pathetic. Cody has to be coached how to play please. Nicole she has become a two face coward always shadowing behind a man. Too bad cameras wont be around to capture Nicole’s stunned reaction to her sponsors dropping her. She deserves nothing especially $500,000. Mr YoYo is all talk no action. None deserve the win. Donate that winning pot to charities who desperately need help. These 4 stooges not a penny.

The Beef

Personally I think it would be LOL hilarious if Christmas and Nicole end up in the final 2 seats! Two shitty players sitting in the final 2 seats to end a shitty season! What could be a better way to end it than that?


Let’s all hope the stars align and flippin Christmas wins the most needed veto. No one else but Christmas and yes make those other self centered, bragging, shallow 3 sweat and shake. That would be pure joy!


I would like Enzo to win and make him decide if he wants to win or follow Cody. IMO the only person he has a chance against is xmas with jury.

Rosie Johnson

Shocking that Nicole thinks she will win BB 22. All season she saved Cody for the $500,000.00.
She played a sneaky game and the jury knows that. I would like to see one BB season without ALLIES as the rules apply. Because then everyone has a chance. ALLIES lock people out e.g. Da’i and Bay, Tyler, David and Ian, etc. BB is not democratically played meaning those who gang up on the floaters get to bully them out of the game. Julie should move out also she is too old. Past winners should be made the host instead.

Lady E

Predicting this gameplay – If Enzo wins POV, he can evict Nicole and still have allies in the game to take him to F2. He won’t break his word if he lets them take him to the end. 1st Place with Xmas or 2nd with Cody.

Another Canadian

Christmas has lost it and is clearly delusional. This won’t be a “beautiful story afterwards.” You’ll be remembered for bullying POC, no matter how many times you’re shown reading the bible.


when you win veto? ha.


Pre Alliance or not….Several HG’s knew what was happening and did absolutely nothing for weeks. So I can’t really be mad about the pre-set alliance anymore. Kaysar called it out in Week 4….yet no one said or did anything even then. Several weeks of eliminating the HG’s Cody wanted without him even being HOH….. Yeah….That’s a good idea! (Sigh) So Memphis, Tyler, Christmas, Dani, and soon to be Enzo (if he doesn’t win the last HOH) Congrats! You played yourself. Good Job!

another name

The only part that annoys me, is that production had a meeting with houseguests, informing them that they were not allowed to act against the pre alliance, even though Kaysar called it out, because the pre alliance members went to production whining it wasn’t fair becasue of the wall yellers.
This is why Ian changed his moves and threw the HOH in week 5.
This is why nobody made a move against a pre alliance they knew existed, allowing it to go unchecked so far into the game.
Even though it was noted numerous times they were aligned, nobody made a move because of the complaining about the wall yellers.
Not only was the scale tipped before the season began, but then production put their thumb on the scale as well.
I find that annoying.

The Beef

I’m not challenging what you are saying here at all, but in order to make a move you have to WIN something. Maybe Ian did throw the week 5 HOH, but given that his strategy seemed to be to float through to the second half of the season and to not make waves, I’m not sure he would have put up big targets from within the Committee had he won. That’s the week Christmas “won” by only having to go twice, and both of her opponents missed their questions (Memphis, I believe and Da’Vonne in the finals) for her to “win”. Of course she was a Committee member, as were all of the rest of the HOH winners, except for Enzo, who won HOH during week 4, and we all know Enzo sure as Hell wasn’t going to make any waves, despite his big talk. He felt safe because he was “in” with Cody, Memphis, Tyler and the crew, so no way was he rocking that boat.

Nobody else outside of the Committee won anything really, except for Kevin and Day who each won one veto, and Kevin didn’t even use his. Day did, which is what ended up getting Ian sent to jury, which was probably the biggest “move” of the season, so kudos to Da’Vonne for that.

None of that changes what you said, and again, I’m not challenging that. It’s very sad production stepped in to “even the playing field”, when the pre-game alliance folks already had such a huge advantage over the others to start with! It just goes to show we are all delusional to think this is an actual game that it’s played fairly from start to finish. That’s what we want it to be, but clearly it’s just not. It’s a freaking TV show, and they control the outcome. I don’t know why all of us keep getting surprised when they step in and do exactly that. I know I’m as guilty of it as anybody in here, because I want the game to be “pure”, in the sense that it’s a real “game”, not “pure” in the sense that it’s innocent. We all know it can be cutthroat, and we’re okay with that, but we want it to be an actual game, and not some production controlled theater, with a pre-determined outcome. Unfortunately, it’s just not that way anymore, if it ever was.

another name

I’m not so much surprised that the concept of ‘fair’ leaves much to be desired. I just don’t like the obviousness. It was completely obvious that production stepped in. I know that reality entertainment programming performed in a gameshow style situation is not scripted, but is plotted to a great extent. I just don’t want to see the monkeys.


Wow… not aware of all of that behind the scenes info so thanks for the recap. This is all just BS. I just wish the game returned to what it once was but I have a feeling we’re too far gone and this will be the norm *sigh*


Its was so funny to see Cody & Nicole in diary room upset at Enzo for actually playing for himself. haha I think it was be so Karma if Enzo won this whole thing. Go Enzo!