Big Brother maker Endemol secures support from lenders to restructure debt

Big Brother maker Endemol has been close to finanical ruin for some time now. It’s currently sitting on $4.1 billion in debt for which it does not have the cash flow to service. Lenders have been giving it extensions on loan payback with the hope that some deal between Endemol’s shareholders and Lenders could be made.

Finncial Times has reported that a deal has been made between a majority of the lenders and the shareholders to effectively reduce Endemol’s debt by 80%. Ultimately this means Endemols 3 main shareholders who own 1/3 of the company each will dilute their majority control to a sub 50% stake, this in turn temporarily saves the company.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Brazilian player investigated for Raping passed out houseguest

I’ve always said Big Brother Brazil was more like a softcore pron than a traditional Big Brother Show. Now it looks like someone may have taken it way too far. Reports are saying that 31 year old male model (Daniel Echaniz) engaged in sexual behavior with a fellow passed out houseguests (Monique Amin). Pretty shocking, Daniel Echaniz says he was “too Drunk” and doesn’t remember the incident. The victim found out about it happening after production informed her in the diary room. This is why they don’t give too much alcohol to Big Brother USA houseguests.

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Big Brother 2012 Producer Endemol debt reaches 4 Billion, Time Warner take over bid Rejected

As far as I see it the biggest threat to BIG BROTHER 14 being un-watchable this year is either A) JJBR coming back (Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel) or B) Endemol producer of the franchise going bankrupt.

Dutch media giant and Big Brother producer Edermol is financially kaput and has been seeking a partner to pony up the cash needed to pay it’s creditors and restructure it’s massive debt. It was reported in 2010 that the company was $3 billion dollars in debt. As of 2011, the debt had grown to $4.1 billion. The largely used leveraged loans now weigh heavily on the company essentially putting it in crisis mode.

So what is Endemol and how can this affect BIG BROTHER 2012?

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