Big Brother 20 Tyler moves in with Angela

The Big Brother 20 Finale only wrapped up a week ago and Tyler and Angela have already taken their relationship to the next level. Its no secret that spending 3 months together in the big brother house fast forwards your relationship and as such they have decided to live together. Tyler has moved to LA to live with Angela in her home.

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Well at least he didn’t propose…we’ll see how long things last without Sam keeping things tidy. Remember Tyler, seat goes down!

This is the first season I’m actually interested in seeing how folks are doing after the season ends. I guess I wanted to hear about the previous seasons folks as well but wanted it to involve a lot of unpleasantness.

Festicular Logic

They seem more authentic then the ever attention-seeking Swaleigh & Fes


beautiful couple… i hope it last

Ann L Sekks

So he is a freeloader who can’t afford his own place.


Why should he get his own place? They’ve already lived together. I’m sure the plan is for him to get a job and help pay expenses.

Ann L Sekks

The plan is for him to mooch off Angie.


Why would he need to mooch off Angela if he won $75,000?

Ann L Sekks

LoL! That beach bum could not afford a happy meal


Pretty sure be won $75,000 so yeah he can afford a lot more than a happy meal. At this point he probably has more money than her so stop talking stupid.


Did you even watch the B.B. finale? Cause if you did you’d know Tyler won $75,000 so I highly doubt he’s freeloading off Angela. Why would he get his own place when they want to live together? But if he did I’m sure he could afford it.


Saw them in the audience on DWTS last night.


And you will see Tyler back on Big Brother soon because the fans love him.

Ann L Sekks

Yes. Tyler is gay anyways.


Did anyone else see how good Natalie and Paulie did on MTV’s The Challenge?



Any info yet on the cast for the second season of the USA version Celebrity Big Brother?