Big Brother 20 Bayleigh & Swaggy Open up About Their Pregnancy & Miscarriage

With the finale of Big Brother 20 having wrapped up a week ago, Bayleigh and Swaggy open up to ET about conceiving in the big brother house and their unfortunate miscarriage. We had high hopes of the baby one day 20 years down the road entering the big brother 40 house to fight for his/her parents honor. Unfortunately, yet another one of our OBB dreams have been shattered. All joking aside we are truly sorry for their loss and are happy to hear the situation has made them stronger as a couple.

Okay, so let’s clear the air. There is something that has been on my chest — I am getting asked constantly if I’m pregnant. I will definitely be the first to say that I’m not, but during the time that Swaggy and I spent in the house, we spent every moment together and we are aware that we fell a little bit deep in love and that was in the public eye.

Bayleigh confirms that while in the Big Brother house she “did conceive a little baby.” After they conceived Swaggy was talking to Faysal about needing to go ask in the diary room about getting the plan B pill.

She confirms that during her time in the jury house, she had a miscarriage stating that “It’s something that we’re still figuring out. We were both really excited when we found out [we were pregnant], and we were both really, really upset when we found out that we lost it,”

I would have been ecstatic if I were to have a BB baby. It would have been a blessing and we were both really excited when we found out. We were both really, really upset when we found out we lost it,

Swaggy states:

“She was going through a bundle of emotions and the truth of the matter is, I’m beyond proud of her. She fought very hard under those circumstances and it only makes her stronger. She’s by far the strongest woman I’ve met and I love her.” He goes on to state that he did not propose because she was pregnant. “I did it because I love her. The situation made us stronger.”

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Lets check back in a few years.

Art Vandalay

Don’t believe it. They will say anything for attention. She would have been pulled from the game.


Not really, she was in the jury house and probably had access to a regular doctor and a lot less stress. Plus all she really had to do in the jury house was lay around so she could rest as she needed. The biggest issue would be emotional support and I’m sure if nothing else they could have her monitored during those sessions with family. Of course if she lost the baby closer to the end of the show perhaps she was willing to wait the time before going home and nothing extraordinary had to be done.

Mark Cregger

This is doomed, getto love never last.

Over it

What exactly makes them ghetto?


What is ghetto love? What is your meaning?


While I agree the relationship will likely not last, it has nothing to do with ghetto love but rather they met in a surreal environment for just a couple weeks and then the idiot went and added the pressure of a televised proposal/relationship on a fledgling hookup.


Ghetto love?did you see her house?i wish I was that ghetto then ????


she did’t seem distressed at all


I think she had a planned, scheduled ‘miscarriage’ and is just too embarrassed to say so. Thats why no distress, just relief. I’ve had miscarriages and they are wretching and heart-breaking when the baby is wanted.


Miscarrying an unplanned embryo is not the same as losing a baby.


Just dumb!!

Swaleigh still sucks

I just don’t like the exploitation of it…… the next day Chris is on twitter telling ppl to subscribe to his YouTube channel….and follow “ Swayleigh” “ Fesleigh” and 3rd wheel Scottie on their trip to Las Vegas….. I think all this is to improve their douchey reputations and need to stay relevant. Still fame whores


Ya, right, a ‘miscarriage’. Anyone buy this? How convenient this sad event happened AFTER she was evicted and in the jury house alone. Right.

Same Ole Same Ole

I don’t believe a word of it. Serious attention whores.

Art Vandalay

Not only attention whores but just downright whores. Who has unprotected sex on national tv, just days (probably hours) after meeting? BB does provide condoms. These two pieces of nothing need to go away ASAP!!


Did they ever say if they knew each other before BB20? I heard they did…


I feel badly for Bay’s father who now has to financially support the homeless, jobless fiance. I give them about 3 months until Bayleigh smartens up.