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Big Brother 20 Spoilers – Cast Reveal Schedule

Big Brother 20 is only 2 weeks away! The cast reveal will happen June 18th on the Big Brother Live Feeds @ 11AM ET/8AM PT. This will be similar to last years reveal. No word if Jeff will be the host. Out of all the rolls they’ve given Jeff hosting the reveal interviews are the best.

You’ll need the live feeds to catch this live. If you haven’t picked yours up and you like our site please use the affiliate link below.

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It’s been suggested by the Grod there will be a new cast, and a revamped house. From looking at twitter and the comment on this site it’s save to assume the feed watching community wants a no new cast “twist” to be true. Regular TV only viewers may recoil in horror. No official word about the house reveal. For BB19 was one week prior to the Premiere. It will most likely be the same for BB20. The schedule below is from BB19.

  • June 19th 2017 – BB19 cast revealed on the Live Feeds
  • June 21st 2017 – House shown “destination temptation” theme
  • June 28-29 2017 – Premiere episode feeds start

I would hazard to say the schedule will be similar this year. We have most of the dates below confirmed jut the house reveal is up in the air.

  • June 18th  – BB20 cast revealed on the Live Feeds
  • June 20th – House shown “?” theme
  • June 27th – Premiere episode – 1 @ 8/7c
  • June 28th – Premiere episode – 2 @ 9/8c
  • June 28th – Feeds Start 9pm PST/1am EST
  • July 1st – Sunday’s episode @ 8/7c


(Grod don’t fu** up #BB20 )

Audrey from Big Brother 17
Audrey from Big Brother 17
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Cancel everything connected to Big Brother for the rest of my life. ????? I hate bbcan6 but liked the winner. Please don’t fk it up grod or Jules. ??

Guy From Canada

Yup bbcan6 was so boring except for the one week Johnny went bat sh!t crazy and the week that the useless 3 cried. Paras winning saved that season slightly and made it slightly better then bbcan4. Crazy the legal stuff going on and how Big Brother may get cut with the lawsuits, they should have done all new people none of this vet returning crap to raise some ratings.

Love the new website setup Simon, will check in a few weeks once the school work is done


I think everyone here is of the same opinion regarding returning players; all or none and mostly none. You can’t mix them because it’s obvious they’ll be protected by production because they were cherry picked for the ability to draw viewers. There isn’t any previous player I’d liked to see come back in a handicapped show which is what we had last year. Paul was quite popular in his first season and thoroughly robbed by the nasal one who spent three quarters of the season under the covers rolling the sausage. So they seemingly tried to force the check into his hand and it failed spectacularly.

I would so much prefer to see an all new cast with no known faces. I don’t want to see someone’s relative, buddy, or service animal brought in so they can refer to the other cast member. Ariana’s brother didn’t have a name until half way through the show. I don’t want social media pseudocelebs. I want the hilarious idiot from down the street who really could use the money.


They will be bringing back Paul once again and instead of 3 weeks of safety he will have immunity until final 3.


At least the other two know they still have a shot at the grand prize…


If the prize now is $1 million, I think there is a possibility that they will be bringing back Paul/Josh and Cody/Jessica, which would suck. The only thing that would save it is if there were really strong superfans. Otherwise, it will be boring AF.


I don’t see that as a possibility. Paul’s played two back to back seasons, Josh won, and Cody/Jessica won the Amazing Race if I heard right. Plus there was a lot of negativity regarding all of those guys with Cody/Jessica’s likability turning around at the end because of the anti-Paul sentiment. I’m hoping the casting folks are not total morons and actually give us an entire cast of folks who haven’t been on a “reality” show yet. Please for the love of all that is not reprehensible, allow us to come to love and love to hate a whole new group of people!


I could see Christmas coming back. I just saw her on a talk show last week.