Big Brother 18 Week 4 Summary and Live Eviction Results


Bronte was evicted sending a clear message to Frank he wasn’t in control of the house like he thought. Frank finds out he’s a primary target with only really Bridgette on his side. The rest of the house more or less fell into couples.. With Paul integrating well with everyone.

Paulie wins the HOH and nominates Tiffany and Natalie. His plan is to take out Tiffany. Other parts of the house mainly Da is banking on winning roadkill to take out Frank. Frank talks to TIffany and fills her in on everything that has been going on and they compare notes. She learns she’s been heavily lied to and shit talked by the girls. Frank learns from Tiffany some of the shit talking coming from the other side directed towards him.

Roadkill is played and Tiffany wins. Tiffany nominates Corey in an attempt to break up the showmance.

POV is played and Corey wins he uses it to take himself down. Tiffany nominates Da’Vonne as the replacement. Tiffany, Frank and Bridgette form a group and try to flip the house to evict Da’Vonne.

Corey knows Da’Vonne is coming after him and Nicole knows Da’Vonne has been spreading a lot of lies in the house. It’s easy for Frank to get these two on board but they are unwilling unless they get a majority. Over the course of Monday – Wednesday the votes fluctuate from 2-6, 4-4, 7-1, and all the permutations in between. It started to become apparent that Da’Vonne’s game was in jeopardy. Everyone with the exception of Michelle was starting to distance themselves from her. This includes Zakiyah and James two people that use to be very close to her. The flip looked like it could happen and times but ultimately it didn’t work.

Thursday morning Paulie had several conversations where he said he want’s Tiffany out. Nicole and Corey will not force a tie, it’s 6-2 to evict. Looks like Tiffany is going to “Battle Back”. Feeds went down at 11:30am and won’t be back until Friday at 9:pm PST. Lots of time to for sh1t to happen, it’s sad we’re going to miss it.

Either way hopefully the showmances get taken to task when the feeds come back.

Team no mance


Tiffany goes home 6-2

Results from the show

Cody says Paulie is doing great and forming good relationships. Cody and his dad told Paulie not to get into a showmance because they’re usually targeted. Cody says that Paulie is hands down going to the end and winning.

Vanessa says Tiffany’s biggest challenge is sharing the same DNA with me. There is a real double standard here, Paulie is able to play his own game but Tiffany is not. She just needs to get others incentives to line up with hers.

Big Meech votes to evict: Tiffany
Bridgette votes to evict: Tiffany
Frank votes to evict: Tiffany
Zakiyah votes to evict: Tiffany
Paul votes to evict: Tiffany
James votes to evict: Tiffany
Corey votes to evict: Tiffany
Nicole votes to evict: Tiffany

Evicted House Guest: Tiffany

By a vote of 8-0-0

Julie Chen tells Tiffany about the Battle Back competition. Tiffany says that’s awesome! That’s amazing.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-21 18-43-59-262
Julie “Since the beginning of the game the house guests have been playing in teams and battling in the roadkill competition.. well that’s all about to change. We’ll shake up the game when we return.. ”

Glenn says if he gets back into the house he is going to be gunning for the vets
Jozea says he isnt going to be as cocky as he was before he got evicted. He needs to win the 500K to buy a new pair of prada’s.
Victor says if he gets back into the house his number 1 target is Paulie.
Bronte says she is going to figure out who changed the target from Tiffany to her .. and that person is going to be her target.

Julie announces to the house guests that the team twist is officially over. AND with it goes the roadkill competition. Everyone is now alone and there will also only be 2 nominees. She tells them that there are more twists to come.

Tune in tomorrow for the Battle Back competition – 4 head to head battle will lead to one house guest returning to the game. No Big Brother After Dark tonight.

Before the show ends – Corey asks why did they pick that box … someone’s coming out of there…


No Feeds for you!

They’re blocking the feeds until after the special Friday show 9pm PST. This is because the battle back competitions will be played tonight and they want to make sure people “Tune in” on Friday to find out who won. There may be a leak but I doubt it..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-21 11-21-42-099

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354 thoughts on “Big Brother 18 Week 4 Summary and Live Eviction Results

    1. that was an awful eviction ep. they couldn’t even properly edit the build-up to make evicting tiff entertaining. I am glad the team and road kill is over with. smh @ Paulie with the matching hair cut like Paul.

      1. They love Frank. So they edit things in these ridiculous way to make it seem like people are randomly disloyal to him and he never does anything wrong.

      2. How awesome would it be to see Paul and Paulie side by side, on the block, with those jacked-up twin haircuts?

      3. Paulie matching hair cut with Paul make the two look like a couple of Disney characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs . Too funny

    2. I think an awesome twist would be for the Battle Back winner to return as HOH. Either Victor or Tiffany would have the potential to turn the house upside down.

      Another idea I have is for a Pandora’s Box twist. The other houseguests could get a reward, but the HOH gets a punishment. His/her assigned task would occur at the live eviction. .The HOH must remove someone from the block and substitute himself/herself in their place. If the HOH tells anyone in advance, the HOH is immediately removed from the game.

      It’s Big Brother! Expect the unexpected.

      1. When they bring someone back it’s usually just a waste of time. They’ll all join up to get that person right back out…

    1. Just think if Hell freezes over and Glenn comes back, that would awkward/weird for everyone. Eh what was your name again?

    2. I don’t mind Tiff coming back, if only because i think she was able to learn a valuable lesson about playing the game, and participating. too bad she waited so long, but in this particular case i think she would be the more interesting comeback.

      bronte saying she’ll target whoever flipped the vote, well the BB narrators are saying Day did that. Not convinced that it was her doing it, kind of think Nicole had more interest in tiffany staying over Bronte. but the main reason was to get back at Frank so it would be a bunch of folks she’d have to target, but why do that at all, she wasn’t the target, Frank was, with that decision. question is, is Day going to convince her it was Paulie and Corey who flipped it?

      I think just the nature of BB comps that Victor is the most likely to be the winner. We can see from the photo of the Glenn and Jozea that it is a physical comp and that glenn didn’t take the last 4 weeks to trim down or work out, and he is very unlikely to beat Jozea at such a comp. maybe tiffany would have half a chance if she wasn’t so timid, and she had spent the down time in the house working out or whatever. that these people are so darn lazy irritates me. some people don’t have all that equipment and all that free time to do 3 hour workouts, but would like to be able to, and they just sit on their butts and waste the opportunities provided. (not all of them obviously, but look at the jury house and what Victor was doing versus what everyone else was, even tho they all were told there is a battle back and they know what kind of comps to expect.

      unbelievable, if victor gets back in he earned it, that’s for sure.

    1. Aww I’m sure vanessa will be tossing and turning tonight, losing sleep because you took back your hello. Smh

        1. Man, Vanessa really got in your head didn’t she? If you’re still this worried about her a whole year later…this is bb18, you should probably move along now.

          1. To be fair, she did make an appearance last night. She’s still on the “incentives” bandwagon annoyingly! Obviously, she didn’t teach Tiff how to work the incentive idea. The comparison to Paulie didn’t work for me because people mostly liked Cody, while in the last half of BB17, people mostly didn’t like Vanessa.

            1. Yeah she was on last night, however some people have been talking about her on every comment section (Ahem, Donald) since day one of this new season. It’s time to let Vanessa go lol.

      1. LOL! Seriously, Z has an awesome body- no one is denying that. I just think her ladyboy looks without all that trickery make-up turns him off. He’s Just Not That INTO You girl!!! Get over it! And being extra horny and throwing herself all over him turns him off even more!!!

      2. Paulie has seemed to back off from Z.

        Did Z do something to turn Paulie “off?”

        It is difficult to believe that Paulie suddenly became so laser focused on The Big Brother Game that he stopped actively flirting with Z.

        In the beginning, it seemed as though Paulie and Z were going to be a cute “showmance.”

        Now it seems as though Big Brother 18 is a different show, and, in The New Big Brother 18 Paulie is not, never was, nor ever will be interested in Z.

        It seems as though Paulie and Z ended abruptly. I know that Da’Vonne was talking about taking out the “showmances: Paulie / Z & Nicole / Corey.” However, in the feeds / BBAD Paulie seems very confident. Paulie’s confidence makes it appear as though if he wanted to have a “showmance” with Z (continue flirting with her in the same manner he was during the first weeks of entering The BB House) Paulie would do so regardless of Da’Vonne’s thoughts.

        Paulie has stated over and over again that Da’Vonne One Hundred Percent cannot win anything and is not a threat to his game.

        Z is making up having nightmares to try to get attention from Paulie. Z still seems interested (in Paulie).

        Paulie seems as though he is now trying to avoid Z. Paulie is almost acting like he “picked” Z up in some bar, Z was some random girl that he went home with, snuck out of Z’s apartment the next morning with no intentions of seeing / talking to Z again.

        However, the above is not what happened.

        It has to get boring in The Big Brother House. Paulie’s flirting with Z seemed fun, an enjoyable way to pass time, and benign.

        Paulie stops flirting, backs off, Z “pulls” out her bag of “tricks” (i.e. faking nightmares) to no avail.

        Has Paulie said “I thought that I was into Z / I was having fun flirting with Z then she _______________ which really turned me off. Now I am doing my best to avoid her. I am even going to give myself the most ridiculous mohawk haircut to keep Z from rubbing her finger through my hair around my ears / and hopefully make Z see me as less attractive by giving myself the most unflattering haircut/style that I can think of?”

        1. Perhaps Paulie backed off of Z because she is too available you can say. Don’t males generally like to be the ones to do the chasing? Anyway, just another theory.

        2. I really truly believe it’s because his brother told him no shomances. I think hes really trying to back off because of that. Not because of her looks etc. He knows his brother is watching and he’d get shit on when he goes home possibly because of a shomance. Paulie has his eyes on the prize, not Zakiyah’s thighs. I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it!

          1. Love what you do, Simon and Dawg. Not to complain, but why hasn’t Tiff’s picture been grayed out yet?

          2. I agree, Paulie is very much down with Z, but once James told him what Da’vonne said and what his brother told him, he decided it was best to slow the showmance down. However, he should have told Z from the beginning to keep it on the down low because of the game and they will become targets.

        3. Nicole the troll (and I say that noting I loved her in BB16 but can’t stand her this season) had a “private”
          conversation with Zakiyah asking how much she liked Paulie & whether they had kissed. Z said no & Nicole keeps winding her up about it knowing fully well from Paulie/Corey that P doesn’t want to get “busy” on TV. Then Nic runs to Corey and tells him Z is upset that P hasn’t kissed her which of course he tells to Paulie. THAT was the first thing that pulled him back.

          Then Z was talking about having babies (can’t remember who was present) & one of those people ran & told Paulie. The combo of those 2 things made P back off.

          Nicole is playing everyone b/c she has F2’s with Corey, Frank, Da, Mich, Z and I maybe also with James. She has F4’s with P/Z/Corey the vets, the Fatal 5 now Fatal 4 and with Bridg/Frank/Corey and she has F5 with Paulie/Z/Corey with Da and another with Mich. The girl is all over the place & lying her ass off.

          Hearing her tell Tiff if I had a F2 I’d protect you & never let anyone say your name but we know she’s been
          gunning for Da, has no problem if Frank goes lets Frank/Brig talk about getting out Mich/Z and only has Corey so she gets her daily “handy” work in and he provides a meat shield for her.

          It’s bad enough she is lying and going after Da & the other girls behind their backs but when she told Frank the house wanted Tiff out she blamed it ALL on James. So apparently now that Da’s game is toast her next
          objective is to turn everyone against James. I just can’t with this girl this year.

          Really hope Nicole is one of the people who get ousted in DE this season AND I hope her game gets blown up soon!

      3. Paulie is definitely a homo. When a man has a hot a chick in his bed and he would rather wrestle her than bang her, he;s a homo.

    1. Well you’d think, with someone shoved so far up your butt, eventually they would have to come out the other end.

  1. Now i have no favorite in the house. James is so disappointing and that jr. high cheerleader crap of Natalie’s has worn too thin. I hope Da eats them alive. And I hate Da. Paulie and Paul…..idiotalikes now. Gross Paulie!

    1. They voted out my favorite, so everyone is evil and/or stupid. The show sucks. The world sucks. I’m going to cut myself and listen to Bieber!

        1. All of them talking about what they’re going to do if they get back in and can’t none of them bust a grape. Talking Loud and Saying Nothing

  2. I swear I was in love with paulie. Before the hair… Anyways bye bye tiff. She won’t win the buy back. It better be physical. Cause then Bronte won’t either. I want none back actually. Screw this twist.

    1. In love with Paulie until the hair, seriously? That says alot about you if you’re into self absorbed, arrogant douchebags. Get some self respect, clown.

        1. Why the digs on the house guests looks? Thank you to all (and most) who seem to manage just fine w/out being cruel and keeping commentary a bit more cerebral???? I feel as if going after looks, height, etc is incongruous w the great way most on here comment on the game. Maybe haircuts are fair game as they are self inflicted but I’m pretty certain the guys had no vote in their height, etc.

          1. Thank you for your comment. I agree 100%. It gets worse if you look back into some previous posts. The funny thing is: I wonder what the ones that provide the harsh criticism actually look like. Considering that only 8 women in the whole world are considered top models (I dunno the data for men), I hardly doubt that there’s any human being alive that could sit back and have the moral to be that judgemental regarding somebody else’s appearance.

          2. Cocky, self-absorbed guys who think they are God’s gift to mankind deserve the backlash. Paulie has a lot going against him look wise… He needs a dose of backlash for his attitude. PS: he’s no Cody … Not even close.

      1. Why is everyone saying Paulie is so short, he’s listed as 5’9” on the Rutgers soccer roster. He like most sports people maybe lying about an inch, but that’s not that much. James on the other hand is only 5’2” and Paul is only 5’4”. On the other hand Frank is 6’4” or 6’5” and Corey is a basketball player and might be 6’6” or more, they will make anyone look small. On a more important note, I think Paulie is full of himself and like everyone else who sits and plays who’s to go home next, they are usually the next to go. Without the teams in play anymore, Bridgette and Frank, will be able to nominate him now, Da is already gunning for him, and he can’t play this week. And lets not forget the odds on favorite to come back, Victor, who said if he comes back he’s coming after Paulie for revenge. But Paulie has worthless Z, weakass Nicole, No game James, weak Natalie, clueless Corey all playing for him. And he better not trust Michelle or especially not Paul who will turn on him and run with Victor. Could be very interesting this week. If he doesn’t win VETO this week, he could be backdoored.

        1. Corey is actually into baseball not
          Basketball. And paulie is short. I noticed on the feeds that tiff is taller then him.

          1. To all those talking about Paulie’s height, why hold that against a person who had no choice in their height. It’s like all those other physical attributes that you had no choices. Those things were decided when you were conceived. It’s biology 101. It’s in the genes. I know if I had a choice I would be 5’11” and a supermodel. Stick to the game play. Hair will grow back.

            1. Yea, it’s my real name. I’m horizontally challenged, at 5’1. I had no problem scoring a 6’1″ tall husband for many years. So why jump on Paulie for hight?
              I’m a petite little hippie fairie living a magical life just laughing at BB!
              Lighten up folks! Hair grows out.
              Paulie complained about his hair getting out of control and thought of shaving it off, but I bet he remembered a comp where he might get a POV by buzzing it all off, and it grows back.
              No big deal! Being short is no big deal.
              And no, he’s not my favorite player. None of them are!

        2. I was listed as 6’4′ in my college soccer roster. We wore our shoes and they rounded up. Paulie is probably 5’7″.

        3. My husband is 5’9″. Trust me, it’s short – and Paulie looks to be an inch or so shorter than him. I’m only 5’3 so it works. We’re Italian, a lot of us are short lol

        4. i always assumed Paulie was taller, until i see him beside someone else and realize he isn’t. He’s pretty well proportioned to give an impression of height he doesn’t actually have. better height for a soccer player anyway, isn’t it?

          i didn’t know James was that short, or Paul either. I know Natalie must be under 5ft tall, she’s pretty tiny, and they both fit comfy in a bumper car. it’s interesting to see Nicole look gigantic next to her lol

    2. I was in love with Natalie until…oh wait I’m still in love with her! She could shave her head and I would care one bit. That girl is beautiful and sweet. Paulie is a now just a douche with a bad haircut.

    1. I would love to see that smile wiped of Da’Vonnes face with a well warranted cocky comeback speech from Tiffany.

    2. I can’t believe a grown woman acted so immature in front of everyone and their mother. Lol. I really hope the dr made her do that, if not I’m smdh at that nonsense.

      1. Hey, I think as soon as she acted that way (Da), I remember her doing the same thing last year in her only goodbye speech…I could be wrong, but for some reason it sounded familiar, lol…as she likes to say, “That girl has got to go!” (And Da better be kickin rocks next week!)

    3. What an example Da is setting for her daughter! That childish goodbye message will bring a lot of haters. I hope she’s gone next and I hope it’s Tiff who comes back and does it. Pauline officially made the transition to Mr Douchebag with that haircut! Paul has got to be the most annoying person in the house. One last thing. Please stop showing the houseguests doing those cheesy stunts in the hallway in between votes. Every year and they always look like a$$holes!!!

      1. I hate that! And what’s even lamer is you know they practice ahead of time: “Okay, I’ll walk in and you spin me around and then we high five and jump in the air then bump butts.”

    4. hindsight – Tiff is pure class, I don’t think she has a mean bone in her
      on the other hand – DaVonne is pure ditch trash, nasty thing

      1. Personally I like Tiffany. She definitely doesn’t have the same game play as Ven. Ven was wayyyyyyyyy more aggressive and in game mode the whole time, while Tiffany basically wasn’t until the end when she found out that her whole alliance were just using her to go after Frank. I don’t blame her for switching sides. They shunned her this last week like she had the plague and she was a piece of gum on the bottom of there shoes. Now i’m not a fan of franks but what choice did she have? Her whole team has been lying to her for weeks now. So don’t quite understand the hate for her.

        Now Paulie has to go. I used to like him but after being in power a couple of times its gone to his head and has been acting really cocky and like Jozea the dictator. It’s like the other houseguests are his minums and they have to do what he says.

        Now NIcole has to play her own game and not worry about what others think. It seemed like after hearing her goodbye message to Tiff she wanted to keep her after hearing what Day has been up to. But Nicole is to afraid to ruffle Paulie’s or anybody elses feathers. She ‘s can’t worry about making others mad She’s here to win the 500,000 and not do what paulie says. I do like Nicole though.
        So Tiff all the way to come back in, but if she doesn’t win I want Victor to come in and blow Paulie out of the water and his ass out the door this week.

    1. Yea but now that the team thing is done with someone can put his ace up much easier. He’s been safe a lot so far but I think he may have shat himself a little when that announcement was made. Several people looked a little shocked when they heard. I hope he does go up tho, I’m sick of him and his douchey ways.

      1. Nivea Eye Cream for men.

        Yeah, I was totally waiting to see his reaction when they announced teams were going away.

    1. Not sure if he was just talking crap, but Frank said yesterday he doesn’t want to win this hoh. He’s thinkimg double eviction is next week and wants to be able to play for that.

    2. My husband is a casual BB watcher. He doesn’t watch the feeds and stuff like I do. And last night during the show I made a comment about Michelle (which I won’t repeat here). And he said “who’s Michelle”? And I answered “Mhmm exactly”. Lmao

  3. I love how everyone trashes Paul. His playing a low key good game by avoiding being a target and playing both sides against each other. He will make it far FACTZ!

    1. Low key? Even Natalie figured out he’s the house rat. He’s not low key lol. His crappy rat game will be ousted soon enough.

      1. I personally dislike many people in the house, never thought much about Paul. But after seeing his cocky display this week it will truly be a glorious moment when that prick is removed.

    2. While I see some comparisons to Paul and Andy’s game (getting info from all sides and sharing as he sees fit), he could be in trouble this week if Victor comes back and Paul tries to convince him that he was the sole vote to keep him. If we recall, he was very adamant to the other HGs (and possibly swore on something) that he was not that sole vote, this could come back to blow up his game.

  4. dang, was hoping they’d have an hoh tonight and make the buyback winner safe for the week to maximize drama.

    the buyback should favor tiffany (if the comp is tossup she’d have a 50% shot to bronte’s 25% to victor’s 12.5% to jozea and glenn each at a 6.25% chance), but it may have a learning curve that would give an edge to earlier competitors. jozea and victor might as well stay gone, they’ll be voted out as soon as they’re back in. tiffany may fall in the same boat, but frank/bridgette/tiff winning or losing a comp could swing the house in big ways. bronte is probably safe for a couple weeks, but will probably manage to ultimately end up on the wrong side of the numbers again. glenn is a total wild card and could go in a lot of ways depending on whether he ends up in with the right people or fails to realize the target the vets alliance has dissolved. so i think i want tiffany to win, but more importantly i want jozea and victor to lose.

  5. Days goodbye message had my dying laughing. Hopefully someone comes back and take out the showmances, seeing how fast James ratted day out all over Natalie kinda makes me want him out first

      1. I hope a guy comes back and the guys work together to take out all the women! They came in saying the women are gonna rule the house and don’t listen to the men… a few weeks later Tiff is a paranoid nutcase, Day is talking too much, Zakiyah isn’t even playing the game… she is trying to kiss Paulie and Nicole is crying over Corey already, Natalie fell for James and has no clue how to play the game, Bridgette is up Franks butt so far it’s ridiculous and I almost forgot Michelle… every week I almost forget Michelle! These women get on my nerves, Tiff & Day are the only women playing the game at least but then they turn on each other just like the men want them to! Get’em all out!

      2. Day only talked game with the idiots, telling them what was going to happen if they did not split up thee showmances. Anyone that get into showmances is begging to get booted of the show. Tiffany is a liar and a crier, she claimed that Momma DA turned on her. When in reality she turned on DA. Da gave her inside information and Tiff turned around and told Frank. If DA did not trust her, why would she give her inside information.

        1. Huh? Did you miss the whole part where Day was pitting frank against Tiffany?? THAT was the entire reason she was sitting on the block the second week because frank was on a get Tiffany out crusade because of Day. If you think that’s loyal and having someone’s back then I don’t even know what to say to you.

  6. What the heck ? Who told Paulie that would be a good idea ? Just liking him less every day. Honestly wasn’t that big of a fan of his brother either. I so hope Tiffany comes back just to drive him crazy and basically void his HOH. But I feel like Vic will win. So ready for tomorrow.

    1. I think it will def be Vic or Tiffany. Wouldn’t mind either but kinda prefer Tiffany just because Vic really doesn’t know much about the game. Which was pretty evident during his time in the house.

  7. I was hoping for Tiff to come back, but after tonight’s episode, I see how vengeful Vic it. I want him to come back and take down Paulie. Karma’s a bitch! Buy the way, Da’ will have her day… with that type of a nasty personality her days are counted.

    1. Live feeds down until after the show tomorrow night. My guess is the returned house guest will show up in the morning and they do the HoH comp.

      1. Thanks! I wonder why CBS Big Brother cut the feeds? It would be interesting to hear the HGs speculate as to what is happening.

  8. I (who am no one of consequence) say the abbreviated form of Da’Vonne should be spelled either with an apostrophe (Da’) or phonetically with a ‘y’ (Day). It doesn’t read well as “Da” (I want to read that as “dah”).

  9. HooRay!!! No more teams & no more roadkill!!!! Yea!!
    This should make it harder to hide behind team-mates (Frank).
    I’m celebrating!!!!!

    1. If anything, it helped Frank so that he doesn’t stupidly throw the HOH to Michelle. I don’t get how he is so unaware of people lying to him. Are they THAT good at acting? I don’t think so. I just think he is that gullible. He has flashes of sanity, but then ignores that instinct. Come on Frank- BEAST IT OUT!!

    2. Anyone notice how everyone in the house seemed happy when Julie announce that team play was over, with the exception of Meech! No more hiding behind her team and riding coattails.

  10. So- their rigging the game so Tiffany comes back because everyone wants that? Poor Glenn, he really never had a chance. I hope he got paid something for being in sequester for so long.

    1. I don’t think they’ll rig it. Although Tiffany only has to face one person and Glenn would have to face them all, it was the nature of the twist. Depending on what type of game they play to return they may or may not favor a particular one.

        1. The twist as I understand it goes, Glenn faces Jozea, that winner faces Victor, that winner faces Bronte, and that winner faces Tiffany and that winner re enters the house. Meaning for Glenn to win, he’d have to win every round whereas Tiffany just has to win once.

    2. but did you see their digs? they’ve been living like VIPs during their sequester, complete with chaperone; not a bad way to spend a few weeks of summertime in L.A.

    3. All right, so Jozea is working on his volleyball game, Victor is working out like crazy, Bronte’s out in the sun enjoying the pool, and then we got Glenn making what looked like a 6 egg omelet. If it’s not a competition involving eating, chances are this guy isn’t gonna win it.
      I think this guy Paul took a page out of the Frankie Grande playbook on how to be an annoying asshole. Julie Chen looks like she hates the guy- the little hallway dance he did- really looked like a complete fool. Dude, you have a clothing line? Really? How?
      As for why there can never be a girls alliance- because they get these women (not girls please- if you’re over 12 years old, don’t refer to yourself as a girl- or boy), who don’t like other women. They’re not hard to find actually, my workplace is full of them. God, Michelle, take it down a notch.

    1. I’d rather they’d compete with the rest of the house for HoH. Giving it to someone who only competed against at most 4 people for Glenn and Tiffany would only compete against one person for HoH then. It’s too much like Nicole’s HoH where the worst performing team was rewarded.

  11. Da caused a a lot of drama on the pretext that her daughter would be watching and she didn’t want her to think some shit was ok, but really? Her behaviour is so bad. Frank and now da made themselves targets.

  12. I would like to see Tiffany or Glenn to win the Battle Back and Da’vonne to win HOH. If that happens, watch Frank, Nicole, and James brown nose Day and throw each other under the bus.

    1. I would like to see frank or bridgette win hoh and watch day, z, and mich brown nose fridgette and throw each other under under the bus!

      1. It would be fun to see Tiffany come back into the game, especially after Da’Vonne left Tiffany such an awful and unnecessary goodbye message to Tiffany.

        Then it would be great to see Frank win HOH.

        Hopefully Frank at this point knows that Don Calafiore sees corruption everywhere in The Big Brother House. Even though Frank understands that loyalty is the only currency in The Big Brother House / Game, and, part of Frank’s game strategy was to remain loyal to Paulie for as long as possible; hopefully Frank now realizes that it is “all bread (and circuses)” to Paulie & Paulie has assigned Frank as the enemy that needs to be “clipped” first.

        Being on Frank’s winning team, Paulie has had it easy. Paulie has even had the benefit of Frank’s loyalty with Frank telling Paulie much of his (Frank’s) strategy which serves Paulie as Paulie can take Frank’s ideas and implement them as his own.

        Also, being on Frank’s winning team it seems as though viewers have watched Paulie “One Hundred Percent” become power “blind” fully transitioning himself out of The Game of Big Brother into the Godfather cliche Don Calafiore.

        Don Calafiore’s describing proper mafia kisses of “death,” cutting people off before letting them speak by saying things such as “I’m the type that never asks a person to do the same favor twice,” attempting to describe Roman History and Roman History’s influence on the mafia / fictional Godfather. Even watching Frank, Corey, and Paulie discuss the lost cause eviction of Tiffany vs. Da’Vonne as Don Calafiore had already made the decision for The House had several Godfather cliches: viewers watched Don Calafiore speak as he stood in front of several oranges.

        Being on a team meant that Frank just had to be safe. It did not seem as though Frank felt any need or want to win HOH.

        It would be interesting Big Brother Game Viewing to see Tiffany return – Frank win HOH – Frank / Tiffany / Bridgette take the HOH Power so that viewers can hear Don Calafiore explain himself (many of the events Don Calafiore blames Frank for were Don Calfiore’s actions). It will be interesting to see where “Your Boy The Muffin Man” runs to with Frank / Tiffany / Brdgette in power.

        With Frank / Tiffany / Bridgette in HOH Power Nicole’s “game” has the potential to both completely implode and explode.

        Perhaps with Frank / Tiffany / Bridgette in HOH Power viewers will see Don Calfiore transition back into Paulie.

        It would also be interesting for Frank with HOH Power to “clear the air” with Michelle. Michelle is mean. Michelle’s mean behavior has seemed to somehow attach itself to Paulie. Which is unfortunate because Paulie did not appear to enter the Big Brother Game as a mean guy interested in being a Godfather cliche.

  13. I think victor would have a good shot coming back…he got backdoored but once jozay left he wasn’t that bad and seemed to get along in the house…the guys would want to work with him for their bromance alliance…shake up the nat/James romance… He’d make good for TV IMO… :) BTW he did win the math bb roadkill comp…so he’s not as dumb as he looks haha

      1. Why do you hate little ti*ties? It’s people like you that give cuties like little-titty-Nat low self-esteem.

  14. You know what NO HoH means…. the HoH will be the returning Houseguest… Tiffany and Glen are the least nauseating choices…. though I would love to see Victor comeback and find out Paul is now Paulie’s boy LoL…. I can not wait to find out who returns… God please not Jozea or Bronte. My guess if they want Tiff the last comp will be endurance because women are the best against that one against larger built me. She has the taste for blood when she comes back.

    Option 2 is when the Houseguest returns they do the HoH then… still Frank and Da may have another two weeks and survive double Elimination.

    1. Yea I think the HOH being the battle back winner would be sweet as well. Tho I don’t feel like it would be bc of it being an hour long show and the battle back only being 5 people. Unless they have something else coming. Like an eviction. Other than that I guess it would be battle back then HOH. We can still hope tho.

    2. Julie said the HOH will be played once the returning houseguest is back in house.

      If that rumor person is correct Tiffany re entered the house and they either did the HOH comp late tonight or will tomorrow.


  15. I was for Tiffany. If she doesn’t win the battle back I hope it’s Victor. He’s gunning for Paulie. I want Paulie out! After him I want Michelle evicted. She’s annoying as hell!!!

  16. Did anyone actually expect Day to be a class act? We’ve seen her song and dance before.
    She and Frank and Paulie have gotten shockingly good edits to be honest. If i were only watching episodes I wouldn’t know Da Frank James Tif Brig and Nat were almost the island of misfit toys alliance. I wouldn’t know that Paulie said Vanessa’s name more than everybody combined did in the entirety of season 17.
    Actually, Da’vonne got off pretty light in the edit if they were going to show how much she’s been playing the scheme game.
    Paulie is looking like a reasonable fellow in the edits that isn’t an insufferable napoleon complex douche.
    Frank is looking like a fun loving jokester that goes overboard sometimes and was loyal.
    Meanwhile on feeds…. I have to remind myself that the aired shows and the feeds are completely different animals. Half way through episodes as they talk in d/r i shake my head and say to myself “who’s that, because what he’s/she’s saying isn’t what happened at all…”

    1. Yeah I don’t remember them showing Day exaggerating about the butt slap and ‘slut’ lie. I feel like if the genders were reversed they’d give a full episode breakdown.

      1. Right… because let’s face it: there is a positive and endearing aspect when being called a slut. Slaps on the butt are also sooooo amazing.

        1. Not a fan of Frank but the slut comment was made only after she called him a douche bag. There are several other comments to call Frank to task for but that one isn’t one of them.

          1. DBag is hardly a sexist insult. Also I doubt that she would use the word just because she felt like. He is terrible especially in the way he deals with women. But most of you seem to be okay with people being offensive to the ones you dislike…

    2. Tiff was right. Paulie is scared of a girl, he’s scared shitless of Vanessa for sure. Wish van could’ve popped out of a box long enough to snipe Paulies ass then go.

    3. At least they showed some of Frank’s boorishness, but IMO Nicole is getting the golden edit. Her nightly hide & seek antics with Corey are only outdone by her lies to bury everyone she is aligned with. I can’t wait until she is on the block after bitching to everyone about others being upset on it.

  17. Just finished watching tonite’s episode…the 3 people who seemed to look really affected by the ‘no teams’
    announcement were Michelle, Paulie, and Frank. Perfect! You know that epic war you want to reign on Frank, Paulie? The one you couldn’t because you were on the same team? Ha! Let’s see it all play out. Oh, and Michelle…Paulie and Frank can’t keep you safe anymore. I want to see you look uncomfortable after all of the mean girl stuff you’ve been pulling. Let’s see how you feel unprotected :) Let the game really begin.

  18. Poor Paulie- the whole internet is freaking out over his new haircut. It’s just hair, it can grow back. If just a haircut has all these people turning against him and dismissing him & his looks then it says more about the individuals than it does about him. Remember it’s just a game and these are actual human beings.

  19. So let’s say that Tiffany comes back into the house.
    Let’s say an anti-Frank wins hoh.
    Who does Paulie want evicted?
    What’s a greater fear for him? Taking a swing at Frank and missing, or Vanessa.

      1. You mean “losing” to Vanessa, right?? Wtf is with people using loose as lose?!!! Ridiculous!!!!

        1. People who cannot differentiate between “there”, “their” and “they’re” and the very famous “your” and you’re”. Not life shattering in the overall scheme of things but these are basic words that everyone should be able to use correctly.

          1. The one I hate the most is “should of, could of, would of, etc” instead of “should have” or “should’ve”. It literally make the sentence make no damn sense.

  20. I want tif to come back and win hoh and put michelle and day up and watch them squirm… or paulie and day… wld be sweet vengeance… Past seasons starting with 14 all 4 vets got to jury due to bein coaches n then players similar with teams concept this year then season 15 – judd came back, 16, lame duck nicole. 17- jmac came back 18- hopefully tiff… I can’t remember was judd in s15 voted out right b4 battle back???

  21. I think no more teams benefits frank. He can go after paulie, and Michelle will be an even bigger lost cause.

  22. I agree with who said da, paulie and frank getting good edits especially da n pauie. Momma day tonight was just irritating acting all cocky and arrogant and her goodbye message just showed no class and was very immature. I couldnt stand her last season and she hasnt changed one bit with her nastyness and cattyness. She wont make it much further. Im glad no teams anymore and yes michelle, z, nicole, corey,paul,paulie, and james and natalie now you have to actually play for yourself…

      1. Actually, Julie said “more TWIST AND secrets.” Battle back is a TWIST, therefore there very well could be other “secrets.”

    1. I think there are exes in the house. (Paulie and Natalie) Two nights ago on the live feeds, Paulie said he knew Natalie and her friends from the same circle they hung out with. I thought that was very convenient how they both just happened to end up on the same show. Especially since Natalie isn’t a BB fan. Paulie all of a sudden wants to take Natalie to a final 5. He saids it’s because she can’t win anything but Zakiyah is no better, actually worse at comps. He and Natalie looked a little concerned when Julie mentioned “secrets”. But, only time will tell.

      1. Apologies for this being long. IN SHORT, James and Nat recently had a conversation during BBAD in the Have Not Room. Nat said a bunch of things to James. In the end, James said something to Nat such as:

        “you set all this up didn’t you … you got on Big Brother just to meet me because you have been trying to meet me for a long time … you (Nat) have been trying to meet me via some people that I have a vague connection with.”

        Also, during this conversation James and Nat discussed a female. This female it seemed worked for Big Brother / CBS. Nat and James said this females’ name several times.

        The LONG VERSION of James / Nat BBAD recent conversation while cuddling in a bumper car in The Have Not Room:

        The other night on BBAD, Nat and James were cuddling together in a bumper car (Have Not Room). Nat was telling James stories about her life (?) or maybe how she has been trying to meet James for a long time (?).

        Nat was saying things such as this man (Jeff?) who is like her step father says really funny things; she sleeps in the same bed as her girlfriend and they all joke about it; Nat’s girlfriend got upset because she wanted more family time so she (Nat’s girlfriend) left the house (Jeff’s ? House / the man that is like a step dad to Nat that took Nat into his home out of the kindness of his heart); The “step dad” Jeff? teased Nat’s girlfriend and she (Nat’s girlfriend) cried (Nat was laughing because it was a funny story ….).

        ANYWAY, James made the comment to Nat “Did you set this all up? (get on Big Brother for the purpose of meeting James).”

        James’ comment made it sound as though Nat knew some of the people that James knew, and, Nat wanted to get to know James even before Big Brother 18 started.

        James’ conversation with Nat that caused James to state “I bet you (Nat) set this up didn’t you (Nat)?” was not clear to me.

        It was hard to follow the stories that Nat was telling James (about the guy she lives with who is like a step dad to her (Nat); the girlfriend (as in platonic friendships between two females) that lives in the house with Nat and the step dad “figure” all joke around all of the time; Nat’s “funny” story about her girlfriend getting upset, leaving the house, demanding more family time, coming home, being teased by the step dad, and Nat’s girlfriend ending up crying …. as I do not know why the girlfriend crying because she did not feel welcomed in her home would be a funny story, however, Nat was assuring that it was a funny story.

        I do not know if Nat opening up to James while in the bumper cars in the Have Not Room has anything to do with the secrets Julie Chen was referring to.

        However, Nat and James both said a female’s name during there above mentioned conversation (the one that made James say to Nat “you set this up didn’t you).”

        It was as though James and Nat were discussing someone that works for Big Brother and James was saying “you got on Big Brother to meet me …. you (Nat) set all this up, you knew that I knew these people, you knew this person that is connected to CBS / Big Brother, and used all of this to get on Big Brother 18 as you knew I was returning and you (Nat) wanted to meet me, and, have for a long time.”

        It also seemed as though Nat was sharing with James a great deal of information that left many questions such as:

        Did Nat tell Jams that she has wanted to meet him for a long time, and was hoping to meet James via these mutual associations (the people that Nat knows who knows James)? Did Nat tell James she thought that she was going on a cooking show but was shocked to learn that she was going to be on Big Brother and finally get to meet James (as she was trying to get to meet him via the people that she (Nat) knows that have some type of affiliation with James)? Does Nat know some of the same people that James knows (with James having no idea before a recent conversation with Nat)?

        I enjoy Nat and James as a Big Brother Showmance. In fact, I hope that Nat and James develop a true relationship outside of the Big Brother House that is filled with joy and happiness. It sometimes seems as though Nat is more into James than James is into Nat. I do not know if James got nervous after Nat telling James all of those stories as they could have made James feel as though Nat was just an “intense Big Brother James fan,” instead of a random girl selected to play the game of Big Brother that he (James) had developed an organic relationship with.

        1. I do not mean to be rude, but I do not believe Natalie likes James for anything more than a good friend. I believe she cares for him because he makes her feel safe. He is kind to her, will protect her, will never try to upstage her, etc. I think Natalie is a good person but she is also vain and could never date a Paulie or a Frank because she knows they would attempt to upstage her.
          I think she may string James along through this game and beyond, but I do not see any kind of long lasting romantic love coming out of this.
          Adding- I love James.

          1. I think it’s pretty genuine. That doesn’t mean it’ll last forever but I don’t think she’s stringing him along. That doesn’t fit with her personality.

        2. The problem with that is Nat was initially interested in Vic. If she came to the show for James, it wouldn’t make sense for her to get involved with Vic when she first got there

      2. That is a good point! When is the last time two HGs knew each other and happened to be from the exact same town? BB usually tries to avoid that and has for years. I am watching BB4 for some reason, and forgot that that season was the X Factor bringing in x lovers. I think BB should do that again or at least a survivor-esque,
        Big Brother Blood vs. Water!

        1. BB8 — Dick and Danielle (estranged father and daughter), Dustin and Joe (exes), and Jessica and Carol (ex-best friends).

          Joe and Carol ate the dust pretty fast. And, Dick will never admit it, but the America’s Player twist saved his bacon and resulted in Dustin’s demise, which then resulted in the downfalls of Jessica and Eric, who made a F4 pact with Dick and Danielle at Dustin’s eviction.

    1. It annoys me when people downvote a question so I’ll give a list of my personal reasons:

      1. She constantly wore sunglasses while speaking to indoors. Sounds like a small thing but when everyone is on edge socially it’s a bad move to hide your eyes. Makes you look like a cop or an interrogator.

      2. On the subject of interrogation, she has the habit of firing questions at people rather than letting things flow in a normal conversation. That might work in a video game but in real life people will hate your guts after the 2nd question.

      3. She complains that no one is on her side yet she has done nothing but be loyal to everyone. If she thought about for 5 seconds she’d realize that everyone in the house is desperate to get people on their side. An extra vote can mean the difference between life and death. Yet somehow they are that worried about her that they have decided she’s too untrustworthy.

      4. She is unstable. Once she gets into an emotional mess she needs to be babied. People hate that, it’s just draining.

      5. She has very poor social skills. Big brother is about getting people to like and trust you. If zero out of 12 people like you then there is something wrong with YOU not them. It doesn’t mean she’s a failure in life, but she lacks those skills.

      I know a lot of people like Tiff and I understand this sort of opinion will annoy them. No problem. But I truly think if she just tried to take the edge off some of these things she would’ve been a much better player.

      1. I agree. It’s almost like she projected a self-fulfilling prophecy: people won’t like me. If you project that thought, it will be sensed.

        Also, hiding she was Vanessa’s sister from the beginning made her completely shady. They were sure to feel she is slithering her way into this with some game strategy her sister taught her. She wore hats and glasses like Vanessa did. If she wanted to play her own game, she should have started with something like, “I’m Vanessa’s sister. No matter what you thought of her, let me assure you, I feel fortunate to be here and want to play just as all you do.” Then, she should have gotten to know people by taking an interest in them–not wait for them to come to her.

        If they knew Vanessa from watching BB17, it was obvious they would think she might play like her and they wanted to prevent that from happening. It’s a risk she took and no pity party is needed. It’s just smart moves to protect their own game.

  23. Big Michelle look like she peed her pantys but day looked happy ??? I just have to ask now what was the point of having a teams .. like there just doesn’t seem to be a point and the roadkill to what was the point ?

    1. I think the rationale for road kill was to prevent a boring week where one alliance gets HoH and the outcome is predictable.

      For teams I think it is to try to add more strategy. For example Paulie was unable to target Frank this week.

    2. I bet you Da’vonne was scared she tends to give big smiles to cover up her angst. Her cockiness in play!

    1. Probably what started it was her synthetic, android-like personality and her inability to affect an authentic emotion that wasn’t anxiety.

    2. Tiffany was feared and “disliked” and shunned because she is Vanessas sister. She got a raw deal from the houseguests from early on in game. Paulie never once got anything negative said about him for being Codys brother and Cody got to final 2. Paulie is basically trying to copy Derrick and Cody’s blueprint to F2. No one in house has ever said a word about Paulie.

      Karma is a bitch. Let’s hope Tiff is back in that house right now and those f**kers are scared shitless.

      Hi Michelle and Paulie and Day! Are you glad now that you spent the whole first half of the game sabotaging Tiffanys game?

      Game on!

      1. To be honest I think the dislike for Tiffany with the house guest started week 2 when Victor put her on the block as the road kill nom. I think her constantly needing reassurance and annoying pestering of the house guest starting wearing on a few of their nerves. Plus she would walk around the house with her face hitting the floor, a blanket over her heard, and sun glasses on cornering or following people around the house to make sure she was still “good” for the week. I am not going to lie if a person was doing that to me for 3-5 days straight I might start disliking that person, especially in big brother where there is nowhere to go to escape.

  24. Why does Da always thank god? I mean, yep… there’s god watching BB on his 800 inch 4k saying ” yeah Da, I got your back, there’s nothing else going on in the universe and those other houseguests… meh. I mean… you read the bible every night so yeah, I got ya. Although you do make me look bad when you become a sanctimonious, venomous… not nice person… but ya always give me a shout out”. Sigh.

  25. What makes laugh is when people are all upset with Day for nothing…
    Tiff lied and gave a speech calling Frank a dictator and Bridgette a cabbage patch! But Day gives a speech with an attitude and people are all butt hurt! Day hasn’t done anything anyone else hasn’t done… she did not turn on Zakiyah & Nicole, they turned on her! Hell Nicole told Frank she was down with getting Day out way before this all blew up! Then when Frank told Michelle she shared it with Day and Nicole lied and pretended like she never had that discussion with Frank!!! That is lying, that is a snake…. Day hasn’t done anything remotely close to that!

    1. From what I remember, Da’ turned on the couples the moment after they invited her to be the 5th in their little group because she said she would be the odd one out and she immediately turned on them and started trash talking them. Da’ has run her mouth way too much.. this is why everyone has turned on her.

    2. From the beginning she has backstabbed her alliance. They compared notes and found out what she was doing. If she was loyal to her alliance she would of not been in this position.

  26. Hello Simon Dawn…can you tell me what time Big Brothers 18 will come on CBS. I live in California. The TV Guide shows 9:00pm but BB is not on yet. Do you have any ideal what time?

      1. thanks to Trump bb did not start until 9:45 in Ca. CBS aired a repeat a repeat of big bang and life in pieces after Trump.

        1. I’m personally pro-Trump (because I’m on the right economically), but I would hate to see something like the RNC convention which is just a load of BS. I can’t imagine how painful it would be for someone apolitical or on the left to have an important eviction episode not shown at all because of that! lol

  27. Secrets revealed?
    Tiffany’s really Vanessa ?
    Other people are related?
    Bridgette is really Frank’s girlfriend?
    Other people are going to come back?
    Vanessa and Cody will switch with siblings?
    Zakiyah is Da’vonnes daughter ?
    There is a married couple playing?
    I don’t know that’s all I can think of now.
    What do other people think?

    1. Seeing as how BB doesn’t just blow up people’s secrets, I’d say it’s something game related, and “secrets” is actually the wrong word.

    2. LOL truly hilarious! I don’t think Da is old enough for that lol. How about Glenn is Derrick Levasseur’s uncle? Or Paulie’s family’s dog groomer?

      1. Someone will try to use the new house guest. The house is too in flux not to. Frank and Paulie are well aware they are going against each other so I can see Frank try to get more head count. There are alot of 2somes in the house so they could split away from the larger pack. I could see James and Nat move over to Frank’s side but not if it’s Victor back since Victor will go straight to team Frank. With Paulie not able to play HOH I see Frank winning

  28. The Battle Back Comps are completed at this hour. No word on who won but there was a report from unknown source that Bronte, Victor and Glenn were all seen getting into a black SUV and leaving the studio lot.

    No Tiff or Jozea sightings.

    My best guess is that Tiffany re entered the house late tonight. All of what will air friday on CBS will be taped. So first time that you will see Tiff back in the house live will be Friday nights After Dark on PoP.

  29. Da’Vonne is so pathetic, that goodbye message was as catty as cheap like her. Day news flash you did not outplay Tiffany only reason you are still there is we got a bunch of pussies in that House who cant make a big move. Leave God out of the BB game also, its so annoying to hear people talk about God after winning a football game, winning a grammy…God has more important things to do then worry about your game in a reality tv show Da’Vonne

    1. You know I think it’s pretty sanctimonious of you to suggest that you have any idea of what GOD has time for. You people kill me with all your judgments of these houseguest about how badly they are treating people but you are doing the exact same thing.. How ridiculous is that. If you are going to comment on a person’s game play fine but to attack a houseguest on a personal level (calling people you have never met catty and cheap) because they don’t like the houseguest you are rooting for or because things in the house isn’t going the way you like, is crazy is hell.

  30. For this season to have any hope of remaining interesting we need Tiffany to come back and either her, Frank or Bridgette to win HOH. I am sick of Paulie and his group, if they win Frank/Bridgette will be up, one of them will go home and the season will crash.

    1. Question: As someone who dislikes Paulie, what do you think of his brother Cody? I found Cody to be much more likable and less aggressive.

  31. Jozea will rise like a Phoenix once everyone absorbs his new humility. He shall overcome, his wisdom will take him and his followers through darkness and light, and throughout his epic journey to the falling balloons and confetti his empathy shall inspire millions. He will then record an album with Kanye, and a coin toss shall decide which one of them will be president, and which will be vice.

    But I’m hoping for Tiffany. I kinda like her.

  32. Just wondering since they’re basically starting over, would Paulie be allowed to play in this week’s HOH competition?

  33. I hate when individuals watch the show, the feeds, and come on here to read what happens and then say the show is awful. If the show is so awful why are you using 3 networks to watch it. These houseguest are people and the amount of crap they take on the internet is unfair. We are all fans of this show so if we want to go on one day than would we want to be degraded on the Internet by our actions. Be respectful of the people on the show because it was hard to gain the courage to audition . And if you one day wish to go on this show stop criticizing it because if everyone talks shit about the show then there will be no show. So shut your stupid mouths and watch the show for gods sake and if you don’t like the show TURN OFF YOUR TV because thsi television show is awesome and I hate having it ruined by ungrateful haters

    1. just enjoy the show yourself, allow people to have their own opinions without needing the world to reflect just yours

      1. I agree although I think there is a limit. In past seasons I have tended to like people who are hated by the majority of viewers (Danielle Murphree in BB14, Aaryn in BB15, Frank this season). When you post something about their strategy you tend to get vicious, shallow replies that focus on their looks or negative claims about them. It’s honestly like posting praise about Trump on a democrat forum or posting about Obama on a republican forum. Just feels like your wasting your time and not getting any objective responses.

        There’s nothing you can do really except hope that one or two people will eventually try to discuss the game in a reasonable manner without cheerleading like there’s a god damn election going on that will change their lives.

  34. Producers “make” Paulie walk around without a shirt almost 24/7 because they think women will like it but they allow him to cut his hair like that?! His best move would be to shave his head as a punishment at this point in a comp. Lets hope that becomes an option.

  35. Here is my prediction….. share your prediction too

    Jozea will beat Glenn
    Victor will beat Jozea
    Victor will beat bronte
    Tiffany/Victor 50-50 which one comes back into the house.

    Next HOH winner will be Frank or Nicole

    1. doubt Nicole is winning anything. (her only win was against 3 peeps in a comp that gave her a big advantage being so much smaller & lighter than everyone else) She isn’t winning against the entire house unless it is a total crap shoot comp where anyone can win but, even then, her luck isn’t any good either.

  36. When it comes to comparing Tiffany and Vanessa, Vanessa is like Michael Corleone. While Tiffany is more like Fredo.

    1. Have no fear, without the team protection she has had her mean girl butt will be on the block and out the door shortly! She would have been on the block already if not for the team safety BS. This has allowed her to talk “tough” and think she is playing such a great game sitting with the cool kids. Now that the teams are done
      (as Da would say “thank you god!”) I believe she will see what the game looks like from the block within the next two weeks.

  37. I am so HAPPY Julie Chen did not acknowledge Paulie’s new look! I was beginning to suspect that the guy is a pathetic jerk and now it’s been confirmed.

    1. I’m not Paulie fan but I though it was pretty funny of him to copy Paul’s haircut like that. Also out of character because he loves his hair sooo much.

  38. Everyone needs to calm down about Da’vonne’s goodbye message because it just really isn’t a big deal. People in the comments are way too quick to call others “pathetic” when most people do tons of things that are considered pathetic. Besides, people like Britney Haynes were idolized for catty messages. The comment above saying that “her black was showing” does make me wonder if it’s a race thing for some people, whether or not they realize it.

    1. Britneys good bye messages were creative and funny. Day sounded like a 5 year old. Not to mention, just like Evel said, she didn’t “beat” anyone unless she actually wins the game. Getting out 7th or 8th as she most likely will, is clearly not winning at anything.

      1. First of all, I agree that she sounded like a 5-year-old; my point is that it simply isn’t a big deal. Also, regardless of what Evel (who I usually agree with) thinks, by definition placing higher than someone is beating them (although I will say Da’ hasn’t necessarily beaten Tiffany because she could still come back in).

  39. Why would Paulie want to look like Paul? I hope tiff comes back just so I can see Paulie’s face. He thinks he has the house under his control not any more. Michelle needs to step up her game or go home cause she’s not really playing. Can’t wait to see who comes back only want Glen or tiff the others were just an annoyance.

    1. I’m starting to think Jose would be a good returnee so we could watch his delusional ass get booted one more time.

    1. I’d love to see Davonne get evicted after Tiffany comes back and Tiffany gives her goodbye message saying the exact same thing Davonne did at the end.

      1. Ha that’s what Evel dick tweeted last night. He was dragging Da’vonne for being such a crappy player. Too funny.

  40. So not sure this info is correct or not but on another site jokers one of the admins says he knows who comes back from battle back and wins hoh. If u dont want to know scroll down..

    Jozea wins battle back supposedly and also wins hoh! Was an endurance hoh they said… well that sucks if its true. He also said it was down to natalie and jozea for the win for hoh… lil hard to believe but we shall see. If u want to see for yourself go to jokers website and look its by dreamer

    1. I find that a little hard to believe only bc of time. That would mean they would’ve had to had a battle back comp after the show last night AND an endurance comp for hoh. All those comps after 8pm. Makes more sense for battle back comp to be last night then hoh comp today. But who knows.

      1. Even less sense to have an endurance comp start last night. The house guests were not dressed for that. Most likely the returning house guest came in either last night or first thing this morning. It would be hilarious if they just slipped them in without telling them anything. Wake up and see Tiffany, Victor, Jozea, Bronte, or that other guy sitting at the table eating muffins. Do they ever mention poor Glenn?

        They most likely will have or already had the HoH this morning, early afternoon. Unless they do it live during tonight’s show or just start if it’s an endurance one.

        1. LOL at everyone forgetting about Glenn. Even the HG’s did. They kept referring to Jozea as the first one out. Hilarious.

  41. So not sure this info is correct or not but on another site jokers one of the admins says he knows who comes back from battle back and wins hoh. If u dont want to know scroll down…

    Jozea wins battle back supposedly and also wins hoh! Was an endurance hoh they said… well that sucks if its true. He also said it was down to natalie and jozea for the win for hoh… lil hard to believe but we shall see. If u want to see for yourself go to jokers website and look its by (dreamer)

  42. I don’t understand why everyone wants Tiff to come back, it’s not like she was this giant comp beast. She basically laid down and sulked, cried, laughed, campaigned- then rinse & repeat. She wouldn’t win the HOH and it would absolutely be the same as last week, everyone trying to get her out and lying to her face about it. For her sake, she should go home and rejoice in the fact that she is out of the High School on top of a building. If the viewers knew how much of an underdog F&B truly are, they would know that ratings would boost if the power shifted to the “other side.” — Also, did I read that right, that Michelle told Nat she “has never said anything bad about anyone?” I’d say that girl needs to look in the mirror, but that’s all she does. Combs her fake hair and like Z, applies that thick-as mask to her face.

    1. I’m not commenting to you only because I know a lot of people are criticizing Da’ for her goodbye message BUT…Come on people. It wasn’t that bad, there’s been so many awful things said in other goodbye messages before. I think she’s just happy she beat a “strong” competitor who happened to be trash talking her. Would you not be feeling that way? Remember she was the second one evicted her season so to her it’s big deal.

      Also people making a big deal about her flipping her hair. LMAO some people actually said that she should have got a penalty vote for that!!! LOL Are we watching the same show here? Some of you are being overly sensitive to certain things, yet making personal attacks on people’s looks at be same time… like sorry but you can’t complain about someone being rude catty cocky etc then have a username making fun of a players looks. I don’t know it’s just this vibe of prim and proper “my word, did you hear her dreaded goodbye speech? What a horrible example she’s setting for her daughter! She should be banished to hell to for that I say! Hear hear!!” Then you turn around an say she has ugly ass hair or Z looks like a man and Paulie’s hair is ugly etc etc. I don’t know, I guess I shouldn’t even bother. It’s just the love hate relationship with the big brother comment section /rant.

      1. For me it was the WAY she said it. In that 5 year sing song “I beat you” blah blah blah. She’s way too old to be acting like that. If she wanted to say something “mean”, I would hope she could come up with something better than that. It was lame and childish. Made her look stupid.

  43. I Think one of the secrets to be revealed is that paulie and zakiyah are a real couple if you don’t believe me take a look at the 4 minute video of paulie and zakiyah talking in the living room on july 6 saying what he will say if they are on the block together.

  44. I can’t believe that no one has mentioned that Paul and Paulie now look like members of the Lollipop League of the Wizard of Oz, especially if you remember those outfits they had on the other day with the suspenders and shorts. Truly priceless.

  45. I think one of the secrets to be revealed is that paulie and zakiyah are a real couple if you don’t believe me go look at the 4 minute video of paulie talking to zakiyah in the living room july 6

  46. Simon Dawg I am hearing that there was a leak and that Jozea won the battle back is there any truth to this? If so I am so bummed out did not want to see him back in the house wanted Victor or Tiff this sux

  47. Hello people. The human genome was mapped 13 years ago. Since that time extensive studies have proven without a doubt that there is only one race of humans. The features society has used to segregate people are not genetically differentiated from any other. There is more genetic differentiation between all people of all skin colors (as a group) living on one continent versus all people of all skin colors (as a group) living on another continent than there is between individuals of different skin colors from the same continent.
    Any person referring to groups of people within humanity as separate races is showing the world they lack education or are unwilling to let facts get in the way of their hate.

    1. A few increase their power and wealth at the expense of the masses using the simplest of techniques. Divided = conquered. Manufacture inequality for groups that will identify themselves as separate from others and you have the framework for self perpetuating conflict. There is no benefit or change that comes from resenting and seeking to punish people who have had a social advantage. There are a very small few people (and they have different skin colors. Contrary to what you might want to believe, they are not all one skin color) who hold more than 80% of all the wealth and power. But, rather than unite and fight for true equality and go after their 80% the masses fight among themselves over the 20% table scraps thrown down by those who lord over us providing them with entertainment and true superiority as we show them how small and stupid we are holding each other back, holding each other down (over scraps) and never once turning on them in any effective way.

  48. A little big meech gossip : She had a convo with James in Byard not too. Long ago about her family, she said her 19 yrs old sis is most likely to get pregnant and her parents might get divorced…YouTube link here:

    However, this did not bode well with her sisters in charge of running her twitter account, they are no longer team Michelle and starting dissing her on her own account!!!..Big meech is basically disowned now ..even Derrick chipped in …

    1. I saw something about that a few days ago (her sisters dissing her on twitter), but it appeared to be an extremely clear case of hacking. Can you show otherwise?

      They were saying stuff like we are no longer rooting for you Michelle etc.. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was hacked because she is so hated by the public.

    2. I’ll add that someone probably guessed her password but listening carefully to the things she said on big brother (e.g. mother’s maiden name).

  49. Do you think whoever comes back will automatically be a target? I hope they have to compete for HoH rather than have it handed to him/her.

    Do you ever get sick of all the twists shows like this and Survivor come up with? This season took stupidity to a new level. Teams, roadkill, battle back.

    Da’ is trash.

  50. Really curious what happened to make the vote 8-0 to evict Tiffany? Last I saw/read, she had at least two guaranteed votes in Frank ad Bridgette.
    Agreed with another commenter about Glenn: he is eating his butt off talking about going after the vets…with what? A frying pan and a spatula?

    1. Frank said even though he tried like hell to save her, he would vote with the house if she’s definitely going out just to avoid any unnecessary conflict with Paulie etc. I’m sure he told her that before hand, they were telling her she’s going an hour before the eviction.

  51. frank for hoh tonight in tiffny back in the game please that’s what my family in I want
    that whould be great tv

    1. Frank reminds me of some athlete from the 70’s mixed with Ronald McDonald with no makeup. His whole persona is jacked lol.

      1. Someone posted that Frank reminded them of ANNIE – I can never look at Frank’s curls without a little giggle.

  52. Nicole finds out Corey has a EX gf and is upset. Like did she think he never dated before? Then she assumes the ex gives a crap about her or Corey. She dumped hi. Stop making her out to be some stalker that still wants Corey.

    She is a sweet girl named Alexia. Played basketball at TCU. Is beautiful and hot! She couldn’t care less about Nicole. She has a life. Unlike Nicole who keeps trying to get back on BB because it’ is the only time any males give her attention is when they are using her to try and win 500 grand. Nicole is a potential stalker of Alexia not the other way around.

  53. I’m the biggest Vanessa fan I know. I just think it’s a shame that her poker career dried up and she’s forced to work as a DJ’s assistant. She’s just not a top talent in poker anymore. The game has passed her by.

    1. I hate Vanessa with all my heart but I know that the poker world has changed a lot over the last 5 years. There was a huge surge of youngsters coming into the sport and they have grown up to be very sharp playings, backed by solid mathematical analysis and rigorous training. The old school (people like Vanessa, Negreanu, Dwan) don’t stand a chance against these machines.

    2. Troll 101. Claim to be a fan then spew hater drivel.

      Actuallly Vanessa is still one of the top poker players in the world. She just a week ago competed in the WSOP-World Series of Poker.

      And you hater are still trolling the internet with her in your head space. I hope things get better for you.

      1. “She just a week ago competed in the WSOP-World Series of Poker.”

        So did my dentist. No joke. He plays every year. He has won thousands and lost thousands.

  54. And no I am not a family member. I know the haters don’t want anyone to think Tiff has any supporters/fans but she has many.

    Tiff, I hope it’s you we see get back in tonight but either way you played a great game!

    You exited the house with style and grace! You received a raw deal in the house but you didn’t come out complaining or blaming.

    We hope to see you back in tonight! but if not best of luck and I’m sure you will continue with your success in life .

    I hope I can say this again in a few hours….


      1. Flawless?? Laughable!! If her game were flawless, she would still b there! If she had played the whole time like she did the last few days, instead of being an insane mess, she would still b there… Saying all that, I would like to see her back in over any of the others and hope she would play like she has the last few days…

    1. Don’t let the haters stop you from posting here. I personally like to see what people think about the players.

    2. I’m a Tiffany fan too. Sucks for me that she’s out but if she doesn’t win the battle back, she’s going to be just fine, I’m sure.

      I wish they would have waited another year to put her in there. A lot of her problems stemmed from other houseguest comparing her to her sister.

      Van was right, there really was a double standard because no one ever says a word about Paulie/Cody. I wish she had more of a chance to play though! Will just cross my fingers and hope she wins.

  55. The show will bring back either Tiffany(for drama) or Victor(to stir things up). And no I don’t think the show is completely rigged but it’s defineatly think competitions are geared to what people are good at so that the show can get who they want back on the show.

  56. In the beginning, my hope was for Day and James to go far. However, they are both too consumed by Showmances. Day is too comsumed with getting the Showmances out that she hs lost sight overall gameplay. Why not hide behind the showmances until the time to strike is right. I believe her fear of not being able to win a challenge caused her to jump too soon on getting out the showmances. Plus, she runs her mouth too much. She has great perception. She doesnt know how to keep her nig mouth shut. And James. I love James, however, the same reasons why I love him are the very reasons his game play nonexistent. Hes so caught in his emotions that hes forgot that hes there to play a game. I hope im wrong and he is playing a lowkey game by wanting to tke Natalie to the end bcz he knows he would beat her in a final 2. Im still rooting for James. Day unfortunately is done.

    1. James just told Natalie this week the secret is to lie low until Jury begins (even told her it would be wise to throw HOH this week since he suspects next week is DE).

      He told Nat you lie low, observe what’s going on, who is talking to who, don’t mention people’s names in
      conversations and find someone you trust so you can vent. Once jury starts you make sure to stay in the loop. He told her Meg & he played too passive last season & ended up without options b/c they should have been more aggressive.

      Case in point, just this past week he observed Paul getting super close to Paulie so he told him Da was after them. He’s maintained contact with each of the vets and gets along with everyone. He’s also indicated he’ll let Natalie go when the time is right, though I suspect he’s just saying that.

      IMO James is fine other than Nicole trying to throw shade at him & up his profile to the others as a target. Nicole blamed Tiffany’s eviction on James to Frank who told Brig we need to wake James the f**k up & put him on the block (all b/c of Nicole).

      Personally I can’t wait for Nicole’s game to get blown wide open as the only person she is currently protecting is her “handy” man & she’s even told Frank she is fine with him being cut.

      Hopefully Frank who isn’t one to keep secrets let’s out that Nic blamed everything on James as he’s someone not afraid to nail her in DE or straight up as a nomination. It’s the only reason I’m mad Road Kill is done as I want Nicole on that block worse than anyone else in that house. I’m worried she’ll be as successful trashing James as she’s been with Paulie to Frank and Da to the girls/Frank. Sure Da dug her own hole but Nicole made sure to dig it deeper (she even put her own lies on Da). If she does that with James he could go from being
      protected to being the next big target.

      1. It’s going to be fun watching Nicole’s game explode.. it’ll happen soon :)

        To be honest and I know this is going against everything I preach, I didn’t mind the roadkill twist. It allowed for someone on the block to strike back. Never really worked but was interesting. team twist was the part that sucked and of course retunreesereresererser or whatever they call them. . . PISSED

  57. Would rather see Tiff in the game than Mich, Nicole or Zeee(snore)
    Paulie is morphing into Paul…not a pretty site!

  58. It’s funny to see some people freaking out at what Da said during her goodbye speech. People have been saying that BB is just a game, therefore what is said regarding the game should not be taken seriously. So why this commotion? I didn’t see Da defaming Tiffany but just teasing her. Chill pills are complimentary, okay? Take one on the way out and just accepted that your beloved Tiffany was evicted. Also feel free to indulge in your crying because it’s free.

    1. Youre right! People loved Brittney Haynes goodbye speech to Boogie when she answered the phone in the d.r. “oh, hi Janelle, no mike boogie isn’t here right now” (points and laughs chill town style)… that was the best, but really the same kind of message Da sent lastnight… Its a game, relax, Tiff is a big girl with a lot more opportunity in life than most of us will ever have…

      1. I can’t believe you just compaired Brittney Haynes to Da’…. absolutely ZERO comparison… Da’ has NOTHING on Brittney Haynes.

        1. Relax butters mom… I compared their cocky farewell speeches… Brittney is my alltime fave… Da is the person I like the least in this house…

    2. Da’vonne was aware a player could back into the game. Da’vonne should have been aware that a speech like that may bite her in the butt if that player is Tiffany! The speech was childish, petty unlike Tiffany’s speech. I found Tiffany’s speech was a battle cry that may have scared other HG’s (Paulie) and put them on high alert.. another fail!

      1. Hmm is this real life? It was just basically friendly banther. And unless you are sugesting that Da has been given info by production, no one knew that one of the five first evicted HGs were coming back. That’s a new twist.

  59. After watching Unreal the last two seasons
    I’m sure there is a lot going on in the DR that we don’t know. I just wish everyone would vote for their game and not follow the house. It’s so boring knowing who is going home each week. They should stop people from talking about votes the same way they stop people from talking about production.

    1. If they stopped people from talking about voting then that kills a huge part of the social game. You have to be able to campaign for or against someone.

    2. Ignore the final vote total. It is meaningless. The real vote this week was 4-4 with Paulie the tiebreaker against Tiffany.

  60. I thought that at one point Julie said the returning HG would be safe for one week. That doesn’t jive with the returnee playing in the HOH…

  61. Hate to say it – But I told everyone that Tiffany would be leaving the house and she DID !!!
    Now I hope she stays OUT !!!
    I hope Victor comes back in – Only reason being is because he said if he came back in to the house he would go after Paulie, and Paulie is really beginning to annoy me with winning his HoH’s. All that power is going to his head.
    I can understand thinking about making moves for the following week but talking to players about making moves 2, 3 weeks down the line that is what got Frank in to trouble in the first place. So yeah Paulie needs to go.
    Also I have noticed a considerable change in Frank since him and Da had the fight over the slap on her Butt. So maybe he was warned by production to Cool it or he would be OUT of the House. Not sure.
    Now Da has screwed her game obviously by wanting to get Frank out, same with Frank – but it’s no different than the others in the house if Da was to win HoH. Just because she hasn’t won HoH doesn’t mean she won’t ever. But it’s a toss up none the less it would be wise for her and Frank to team up for the numbers. No one would see it coming. They are both Vets and they know how the game works for survival. Suck it up to get further.
    What I would like to see is Victor come back and team up with Frank, Da, Bridgette, Paul, and 6th of their choosing. And hopefully they get Paulie and Corey up on the block together.

    1. I’m also glad Tiff is gone. The crying, whining, wearing sunglasses inside, various headgear (but no showering), hiding in corners and lack of loyalty to those that saved her last week was out of control. I started fast forwarding through her scenes on BBAD.
      I hope Jozea comes back in. He could be a good ally for Da and go after Paulie & Frank. It would shake up the house! I hope he learned something useful from his short exile. It would at least be entertaining :)

    1. Josea was playing volleyball with a handler. If they are sent to sequester during the season each houseguest lives with a handler. There will also be handlers living in the jury house. They make sure there is no game talk between evicted houseguests.

  62. What I meant was talking about how you will vote on Thursday. House guests could still campaign for votes. But anyone who isn’t on the block couldn’t discuss their vote. The last several seasons one person in the house is controlling how the house votes. If anyone goes against the house, they are the next target!

    Also as far as secrets it would be interesting if people telling secrets to the camera is revealed to the entire house. That would sure blow up some games!

    I have never seen so many houseguests look for which camera is on as they are talking and playing to the camera as this season.

    1. these people want to be REALITY Fame H***s. Production finds these people on the Internet which sucks big time. I want to see BB contestants that have an interest in BB, the regular Joe!

  63. I know I’m going to get blasted for saying this and no one cares…well then don’t read my post if you don’t care fool. lol

    If Tiffany doesn’t re enter the house tonight I am out. No more feeds. No more After Dark. No more CBS or OBB.

    I find myself more annoyed and frustrated following the game this season and it isn’t really worth that girief any longer. If I’m not being entertained I stop doing things I’m not being paid to do.

    Tiffany I find entertaining. The rest are not to me. I enjoyed her in the game and supporting her. If she is out. I’m out! That’s me.

    I don’t care if you care. No one asked you to read this.

    1. I am with you!!! If she’s out for good I’m out for good! This season has pissed me off so much already it’s hard to keep watching when your favorite is out

    2. While I understand what you’re saying, I’ve threatened many times to stop watching and I never do. Every year, I cave and I hate myself for it. LOL

      I’m probably not alone in this opinion (since there are so MANY opinions) but the main reason I’m STILL disappointed in this show is it’s the same all the time. Vote with the house or get voted out next week. Borrrrrrrring.

      To get my “real” Big Brother fix, I watch BBUK. It’s way more fun, the DR is awesome, Big Brother talks a lot, they get more alcohol (more fun to watch), they get punished for talking about nominations, and the PUBLIC gets the vote! For me, there’s just way more to love about the UK version. Just sayin.

    3. Pretty standard BB fan reaction, imo. A personal favorite leaves, therefore the show sucks. Or a personal favorite is in trouble and if the game isn’t rigged to help out the favorite, the fan threatens to quit watching.

    4. Well, we’ll miss your insightful comments, your contribution to the Neilson ratings, and I’m sure it’ll mark the beginnings of the fall of humanity.

      1. Tiff is not a good player… she cracks under pressure and her social game was awful… she did better her last week in the house, but I feel bad for anyone who was watching this season just for her… and I am not biased, I wanted Da out over Tiff… this has been the best BB season in 5 years and after tonight it would be better… While I would love Tiff to return, its not because I think she has a snowballs shot, its because I would love to see Meech’s reaction and breakdown… start liking people for their games and not their DNA… Frank for the win!

    5. Don’t feel bad. I’m with you. I’m cancelling my feeds tomorrow. The only reason I kept watching was because of her, especially after the way they treated her. I just can’t get behind any of these people at all! They’re all horribly unlikable besides Nat and James.

      And yes, I know the world will go on and no one cares if we don’t watch, but it’s good to voice your opinion anyway.

  64. First off I have to admit this is only my third year of watching Big Brother ( now I know why I did’nt watch it before ) BUT it is kinda entertaining to watch grown ups ( or so they say ) be such STUPID people , even the BUNDYS are a better class of people then the house guest of Big Brother . with all the he said , she said , this and that , makes me wonder if there are on the play ground . I think all of them should GO HOME, GROW UP AND GET A LIFE ! in case you are interested girls, I hear IHOP is hiring , as for the guys , maybe the girls can get you hired as dishwashers or better yet a HOST ( FOR THOSE THAT THINK THEY HAVE THE POWER) and can’t get there hands dirty ! LMAO I think they should have a new reality show called the Biggest Losers from Big Brother let them sit there for 3 months and just whine and complain about each other , fuss and cuss , no play time no FUN , no Comps and see how fast they leave , last 3 people left wins, DRUM ROLL PLEASE A years supply of VITAMEATAVEGMIN

  65. I know this thread is MASSIVE and this will most likely be missed but if anyone has questions for me I’ll be on the kill show in 2 hours to answer.

  66. Hey guys, are you gonna post a live stream link for tonight?

    It’s about 3 am where I’m at and I’m basically up for this :)

  67. Hmmm is this real life? It was just basically friendly banther. And unless you are sugesting that Da has been given info by production, no one knew that one of the five first evicted HGs were coming back. That’s a new twist.

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