“As long as I play the blindly loyal minion you’ll never get rid of me”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 21-11-56-525_jpg

8:54pm Steve not the target still begins his transformation into Audrey. He’s got as long way to go.

Vanessa walks in asks him why he’s sleeping on the floor
Steve – it’s better than on the chairs

Steve says he didn’t throw it but he’s not too upset he didn’t win
Steve says it will be four / two Becky goes, ‘Even if someone flops she’s safe”

Vanessa – have you talked to Johnny about me
Steve – he mentioned he was frustrated, I sympathize with him
Vanessa says Jmac holding onto the Clay and Shelli “Things” is “so F*****G old”
Vanessa asks him if they should stick with scamper squad
Steve – I think we should take this one step at a time.
Steve says he’s trying to build a bridge between her and Jmac.

Steve says if Becky leaves this week that means Becky and Jackie will never be together again.

Steve – You’re playing games with me Vanessa
Vanessa says she’s not playing games
Vanessa – It’s a motivational tool, he sits on his Cornell brain

Steve says Jmac has been in a “Funk” Since “Chelli” Left
Vanessa – I don’t know how to talk game with him
Steve- Let me talk him out of his funk
Steve – so Vaneesa Target for next week, Me.. JOhn..
Vanessa – You’re not a target you f*** tard
She won’t tell him who her target is unless he tells her a name.
Steve claims to not have one .

Vanessa – what’s the percent chance she keeps Noms the same
Steve – 100
Vanessa – OK
Steve – Maybe 99 and a half
Vanessa – I think it’s 100
Vanessa leaves

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 21-17-55-223_jpg

Steve says to the camera he’s highly skeptical of Vanessa but he’ll never let her know that.
Steve -I don’t trust you However I need you for Final two you’re going to take all the blood for the things I do and no one will vote for you in the end
Steve – AS long as I play the blindly loyal minion you’ll never get rid of me

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9:30PM Alcohol.. Very little 🙁

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 21-38-20-752_jpg

9:35pm James and Austin sharing stories about bar fights. For Austin it involves when he was a bouncer with Eddie the winner from BB1. Becky tells them taking a German train to the face. james brings up a bar story were a guys face got shattered.
Becky says her train accident was 18 months ago.
Becky – “We didn’t drill and do surgery to my Skull”
Becky – They’re tram trains there it meant to be heard
Austin – she got hit by a train you would think she would die.. her head got hit of all places
Becky – I’ve had no reconstructive surgery
Becky – it was when the broncos lost the super bowl..
Becky says her medical bills would have been 50 grand if the accident happened in the US but in Germany it cost much much less (25K)

Becky says her family doesn’t have a lot of money it was very expensive for her mom to fly to Germany to see her after the train smashed her. Took her mom a week to get over there.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 22-15-11-304_jpg

10:12pm HOH Liz and Austin
Liz – I’m so lucky I didn’t have a F****g strategy.. I just got lucky with everything that says something
Austin – we got really lucky.. we’ve been lucky the whole game..
Liz – I’m so happy we got Alcohol we won

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 22-23-56-598_jpg

Gl*ry H*le time!

10:47pm Still playing Pot Ball
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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 23-29-17-194_jpg

11:29pm Becky and Jmac

Becky talking about how Austin and the twins have been playing like it’s summer camp all summer.
Jmac says the last few days have been rough.

11:32pm James finds the message Julia left for him. “WE H8 U”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-15 23-48-10-071_jpg

11:44pm HOH Austin, Liz and Steve
Liz tells him she’s keeping the noms the same.
Steve – it will be 4 -2
Liz – Whose voting for Becky
Steve – James and Meg
Austin doesn’t Think They will once they find out the majority is voting out Becky.

Julia comes in tells them Jmac and Becky are scheming in the comic book room. Steve says that is expect they are friends and on the block together.
They talk about Becky trying to steal the “Clay” during the Otev POV competition.

Liz tells them the target this week is Becky
Steve says he did not throw the POV he wonders if Jmac threw it.

Austin says Jmac does not trust Vanessa is his target her
Liz – we have to keep it like that

Austin says Steve winning the HOH set things on the right course again. Points out that they were a bit on the ropes Clay and Shelli were taken out “They weren’t coming after us”
Steve – And Jackie, Meg and James are

Julia asks them who Jmac will put up if he wins NExt week. Austin thinks he’ll put up Vanessa and a goblin.

Austin brings up Vanessa telling them that Johnnymac was going crazy and she was scared he was going to hurt her popshcyally, “Awre eyou kidding me Johnnymac.. It’ too much enough is enough already

Liz – It feel like she’s the one going crazy and going to physically hurt somebody not johnnymac

Steve- nobody’s hurting anyone in here
Steve goes to give them the real definition of “Backdoor” in contest of the Big BRother Game.

Austin tells Steve that Vanessa has turned into their shield now. Steve recommends they promise Jmac their vote if their mind is made up the sooner the better.
Austin – Before the other side has.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 00-12-51-805_jpg

12:14am HOH Liz and Austin Julia in the bathroom
Liz says they are killing it this week. “Becky is pissed”
Austin – lets see what happens she might say some shit about Johnnymac
Liz asks if she should talk to Jmac/becky or wait for them to come to her.
Austin says they have to come to her.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 00-17-32-662_jpg

12:15am Comic room Steve and Jmac
Steve – what happened may I ask what got you into the funk
Jmac says it all went wrong trying to get Vanessa out.

Steve – you need to win the HOH
Jmac- why
Steve – to stop being the pawn again
Jamc – if we take out Meg and James we’re next
Steve – true

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 00-33-30-540_jpg

12:30am HOH Meg, Liz, Julia and Austin
Meg saying that Becky has been dealing with it well. She’s being positive about the jury member coming back in.
Austin – Before the Veto JOhnnymac came up to me and was like I trust you guys.

Austin wonders ig JMac threw the veto to him.
Austin – they both think they’re staying

They Start talking about Vanessa

Austin – Everything’s Game, Game geam geam..
Meg – what do you think is the best thing this week
Liz Johnny Mac or Becky
Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 00-35-53-534_jpg
12:37Am Chess


  • Goblins/Gremlins = James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” – Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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Bummer Becky lost…. this sucks why don’t they get out Vanessa she’s no good, all evil…


YAYAYA Becky lost i mean come on they going to keep her so that the house goes after her not them NOW THATS SMART so the person who does win it lets just say it would be a dumb HOH now if steve wins it he i think might go after the twins an Austin but the other house would get van out so the twins stay safe they dont even care about Austin if someone puts liz an Austin up juila would try keeping liz safe an say it was all Austin not liz blah blah an then Austin goes so truth be told thats a smart move for them


ikr smart of them.. people on here keep crying take van out then next week james wins it takes out van after that john goes i well jump up an say lmao


i want john to win,lets say john stays then next week he lets say liz an van then van leaves one of the twins wins or Austin well i dont see Austin going to win a dam thing takes out john then everyone well be mad and saying they are not going to watch anymore,now if liz does get van on the block van would be gone if james or john wins they would go after the twins or Austin but i think that if james wins the twins might get james to put up john and steve if one of them comes down put up julia the other one well be gone. i think the twins are going to win it


Punctuation is your friend.


If she leaves then every night is Glory H.le night…. It’s been boring on the feeds after DE.

I don’t understand Steve, he does have it in his mind that he has and will mastermind a lot.


i was confused by steve (talking to cameras) believing that staying f2 with vanessa, who the others credit for getting the blood (which is a stupid term anyway), doing everything, master manipulator, is going to get people to vote him as the winner? since when do ppl vote a win for someone that is trying to be seen as being dragged along by the person who actually does everything and with targets by everyone, still gets to the end.

if he wanted to win it, he stick it out with austin to the end.


You say you don’t understand Steve. Well, would it help if I told you his real name is Renfield, and Vanessa is the master who feeds him spiders.


And if it wasn’t for Becky and jmac the three headed monster would still be oblivious to all vànessa’s lies. This is the perfect time to get rid of her. She doesn’t have the veto and the whole house except for Steve (because he is now using her) would vote her out. If they don’t and she wins hoh she can do a lot of damage before they ever get another shot.

The matress

You are right, the 3 headed monster is oblivious to alot of things happening game wise…I mean Liz just admitted that they are where they are because of luck, she is happy she had no strategy …that will sit well in her final plea to jury smh

Dumb people

I want Austin out next week so bad LEAVE LIZ DONT LOVE YOU the house needs to get smart an get Austin or the twins out. if james or John wins hoh an takes out van then he out next week bz of the twins or Austin Im going lol cz that would be so dumb of them i mean look Austin never or juila been on the block come on people get SMART.. all of you wan van out its funny if james or john wins then if one od the twins or Austin takes them out that be FUNNY I want john to win but no one see it but me

i know right

if they get out lets say van this week then they know people well go after them. if i was them i keep van then next week james or john takes out van. then the twins or even if Austin wins hoh they go after whoever james or john. steve so dumb he thinks he get votes over van she won more then you steve if you step your game up then you well win it.

i would want

steve to win over Austin or the twins OMG i well be mad if they make it to the end i well stop watching BB this season i am getting to think they are going to win all they have to say it was all Austin doing an boom they both are the last 2


Have to admit I am really starting to love this season as it progresses on. I jump up and down and celebrate every time I see Vanessa do her “Debbie Downer face” and then cheer that she is gone soon in this game…

I really hope that Liz would backdoor her this week but I think the chances of that are nil to none.


One thing is for sure, as the numbers dwindle, the pressure is just gonna keep going up. I think the Austwins will crack. Eventually they will have to turn on Vanessa and she them in the coming weeks if either side wants a chance at winning. It’s gonna be so good! MegCity’s “vote” is becoming more and more powerful too, she might not be winning comps or all that smart, but she as they keeping picking off her buddies her swing vote becomes more as more crucial.


Show some guts liz take becky down put up Vanessa and watch the meltdown


It’s amazing how unlikable some players become while they’re HOH.


becky… …

Hindsight is 20/20..

If ONLY Vanessa had followed through with the plan to backdoor Austin instead of sending Jason home….that was the beginning of the end for her, IMO.


I agree, I feel either austin/jason going home that week woul expose Vanessa, but had jason stayed, she would be WAAAAAY less stressed for sure.

The game would bo so diferent right now….. except for Meg……………. she would continue to be #POWERHOUSEMEG


its to bad she didn’t


Love her or hate her, there’s no one in the house with the ability to make things happen like Vanessa. I’d hate to be sitting on the block opposite her.


That may have been true before this week, but now nobody believes anything she says and she is a huge target that would go home put up next too anybody remaining (except James and possibly Austin). Her time is coming very quickly.


her game being exposed completely without her knowing makes her a great person to get rid of later and later. And the returning Jury thing is throwing people off.

You have James/Meg, John/Steve, Austwins, and Vanessa. You break groups first. But this house has lacked logic all season so I don’t know.

What are the odds of a HG returning? There’s only 6 weeks left and 9 people left on the house? Is there a bigger chance of another DE than adding more to this house???


Supposedly no one in the house believed her last week and look what happened….


I’d hate to be sitting on the block with her for F2 only. Before that, hell yeah, I’d sit on the block with her.


So Steve is happy with his Renfield impression. He’s playing the house as much as Van, leaving everyone think he’s harmless while he’s passively working against everyone. I wouldn’t be sad if Liz put Steve up with JMack then let Jmack and Becky take out Vanessa next week.

Norman Bates

A mother is a boys best friend! We know how that ended Steve!

Steve tv

I would think Steve’s family would be a little embarrassed by the way he’s acting. Calling his mom Mommy, sleeping with a teddy bear. I mean come on you’re 23..I can deal with the Asperger’s, and the fact that you play dumb, for your own play moves, but you have serious mommy issues…Someone take him to a shrink. Or maybe him and his mommy.


Another proof how stupid steve is in the game, “they’ll never get rid of me if I played the blind loyal minion”, please, he’s playing for fourth-fifth place, unless he can win it out from that point on he’s a goner. Also, Vanessa will not have a vote if she’s in final two? The fact that there is a big target on her in final 9 and she manages to reach final 2 shows how strong of a competitor she is, her game has already blown up and from the looks of it she already knows that the austwins are now ready to drop her in a minute. Even if she does go to the jury next week, it will only be detrimental for the HOH and the house that week if she was the one targeted, there is a clear trio in the house that has no wiggle room, they’ll be crazy to evict her over any of the austwins.


I think that mommy is a weirdo.
I think it’s appalling that she didn’t tell him to stop with the mommy crap ten yrs ago. Wouldn’t she want her son to fit in with his peers a bit more?
Or is she too caught up in her youngest child always being her baby? :/
It’s her responsibility as a parent to help her son who has Asperger’s to act more appropriate for his age.
Mommy is a fricken loon and needs professional help asap.


Mommy is an enabler and I think she loves having Stevie under her control. Hope she can talk him down when next we hear of a shooter in a theatre of workplace.


Stop with that comment. That is nothing to joke about!!!


It’s all a fu€^n act…I haven’t believed Steves fake socially awkward act.. to be like Ian since day 1.


Anyone ever heard of norman bates??


Unfortunately for vanessa now that everyone knows she lies about almost anything and then tries to play the victim, anything she says sounds desperate and petty. I don’t think anyone would be afraid to be next to her on the block. Maybe last week but not anymore those days are over. Right now they would have a better chance sitting next to her than anyone else.


I totally agree with you. Except for maybe Julia. I think there is a good case that to this point, Julia has done nothing and it was a mistake for them to bring her in. However, if Vanessa does last that long, despite all knowing how she played, she deserves to win next to anyone.


Lets vote #PowerhouseMeg for Americas fave player just for fun!!!


Come on people, Franzfranz said “for fun”. I like fun! Meg for fan fave….

Game of thrones

Crazy ideal what if austin is really just acting that he is truly in love with liz. If he is it would have to be one of the best games ever played by someone.Not saying this is the true. but keep in mind him be a wrestler he should know how to get people to love or hate him.


I’m sure that’s what he will say when he finds out Liz doesn’t like him. ROFL


I wish these twits would stop targeting each other and band together to get Sir HandsAlot and Twinevere out…while they have the numbers to do it. If they don’t go after the twat-triplets now, they are going to ride to the final together. I can’t stand watching Creepy McMouthBreather groping all over his pretty…or her pretending like she gives a crap about her “knight in hairy armor” for another week. Someone…ANYONE…has to get the shaved wookie out! And if he saves himself with the veto…then boot his partner-in-slime. As much as I am fed up with “The Hand” and its constant petting…I would tolerate having to look at his gaping maw a little longer, if it was to watch him being miserable that Diz was gone. It will be like Lennie from “Of Mice and Men”…when he kept petting the furry animals to death.

*Rant Over*


^^Best comment of the night ^^
Keep ranting, it’s hilarious!


I don’t know if its just me but I thought that was pretty funny. I loved all your references.( All except the one with tw#t. The words tw*t and c*nt grosse me out). Other than that very funny.


I know these people can’t be this blind. Take out the common thread (Liz) & the other 2 will NOT stay loyal to each other! Its not that hard to break that group with 1 simple eviction. And honestly at this point I think everyone knows Vanessa is one person now and they could take her out later. And when Van was talking to Steve about her target next week how much you want to bet it’s Austin. I’m not a Van fan whatsoever but the girl isn’t dumb and she knows if Austin is gone she can manipulate the twins by using “she’s a bigger target and a shield”.


Meg will be final 2 she doesn’t need to be America’s Player lol. Plus I think our #incognitodentist JohnnyMAC has that one in the bag!!!! #GoJohnnyMAC


Its ironic that the whole house is using their poker face and humoring Vanessa. She is being bluffed and doesn’t know it. It would actually be kinder to put her out of her misery because she has truly become the mad hatter and not in a good way.


Actually, she DOES sense it. Why do you think Austin keeps crying about Vanessa not trusting him? Judging by the questions she has been asking Steve, I’m pretty sure she has a inkling that they are turning on her.


Ssssteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevuuuuhhh what the helllllll.


Does Steve actually think he has a chance of beating ANYONE at the end game? I mean seriously? The mere fact that you were someone’s “minion” is indicative of how undeserving you are of the win.


Jmac, Steve, Meg, Vanessa, and James better freaking wake up. Their numbers are getting down and the Austwins are very soon going to be the majority. Who leaves a three person alliance intact at this stage of the game? The one they need to get out first is Liz. She is the strongest of the group. Then the next HOH Julia needs to go so that only one of them have a chance to come back. That is the only way to be sure to break up that threesome and they have to do it for the next 2 evictions or it will be to late. Wakeup house guests!


Poor little minion Steve. I’m glad he now knows Vanessa is a liar. Its just too bad he’s yet to find out that she doesn’t care how loyal you are she will take you out in a heartbeat. But if by some miracle he makes it to the final two with her and explains he knew what she was doing and knew about all the lies and used her to get there. He may just win the money. Good luck with that.


Time for a golden power of veto, a game reset, Pandora’s box, I will take anything to shake the house up a bit and make the Twins and Austin scramble!!


Please send Liz home soon. That would destroy the Austwins, as Austin would be completely lost with Liz gone , and Julia doesn’t like Austin to begin with! Both Austin and Julia stink in competitions, so that would turn them into two very weak players instead of a strong group of three.


I can see the wheels turning in Vanessa’s head right now. I have a sneaking suspicion if she gets the HOH next week she is going to take a swing at Austin/twins somehow. Just a feeling. She may be crazy, but she isn’t stupid, and as soon as the Veto ceremony happens and she is safe this week, I think the deal making will start. I like JohnnyMac but he is close to Steve, and could be influenced by Steve to not go after Vanessa. Becky on the other hand will definitely go for Vanessa for sure. I just would hope that JohnnyMac keeps to his target and goes for Vanessa. Vanessa has been too quiet this week, and am gearing up for a grand explosion. That is why she is so gungho about getting John on her side.


Eww, Austin and Liz kissing! It’s like when you think it’s fudge, but it’s really something else, ewww!