“I hate eating this pizza I want to eat the whole damn thing”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 2nd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

It’s been kinda slow on the feeds so I’ll recap in a couple sentences. James won the POV, He wants Shelli out and doesn’t plan on changing the nominations. Clay is going around to everyone telling them to vote him out and save Shelli. Everyone seems to play along with Clay but Shelli will be the one they vote out. (Still early so anything can happen, I couldn’t stress that enough)

There doesn’t seem to be plan in play to get James to use the veto. Shelli and Clay briefly talked about Steve going up but they mostly think this approach is out of their reach.

During the POV there were prizes and penalties. Vanessa got a penalty and it sounds like she will be Jackie’s slave for a day, they mentioned cleaning Jackie’s Armour. It might be a knight squire type of props. Shelli also has to do something 100 times every hour, sounds like it has something to do with a sword. The POV was medieval themed so the punishments reflected this.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-01 17-58-57-224_jpg

5:40pm Austin and the twins
Julia says she doesn’t have a relationship with Clay she would naturally vote him out. She points out that Clay hasn’t won anything so isn’t as big of a threat.
They wonder who James wants them to vote.
Austin says it’s a tough choice right now.

5:50pm Austin and the twins going to bed.
Julia in the green. Julia asks if Vanessa threw the POV. Austin doesn’t think so but understands that Vanessa didn’t want to win it. Liz says Becky threw it
Austin – ya
They feel bad for Shelli she was crying.
Austin – it’s sad
Austin says if Clay lays down and does there’s nothing James can do clay is going home.
Liz says James is scared because Shelli can win HOH and she’ll put his a$$ up.
Austin – oh of course

Liz asks them if they would have taken the 5K or the trip to ireland.
Austin and Julia say they would take the money. Liz would at first but after thinking about it a trip to Ireland is a once in a lifetime trip.
Big Brother Calls all three of them out for not wearing their microphones.
Asution – my microphone is on mother fucker

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-01 18-10-00-703_jpg
6:06pm James alone in the HOH candy gaming.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-01 18-11-19-711_jpg
6:07pm Clay and Meg (Jmac and Meg appear to be drunk from the POV.. apparently they had to drink a lot of wine.)
Meg – I’ll always have your back
Meg tells him if he’s still here he’s got her.
Meg – Clay you know how I feel about you
Clay wants her to vote him out, Meg says she can’t promise him that.
Clay – if I stay i’m going to be reckless
Meg – I know you don’t want to hear this but whatever of you stay your game will be better.

[envira-gallery id=”125490″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-01 18-41-58-602_jpg

6:33pm Becky and CLay
Becky – I promise on my life Clay (She’ll vote him out)
Becky tells him the house wants Shelli out because she is such a strong competitor
Becky – James really wants Shelli out
Clay tells her he’s got Vanessa Austin and the twins to vote him out.
6:41pm bedroom Shellie, Vanessa and Clay
talking about her having to do 100 sword stunts per hour.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-01 18-52-18-808_jpg
6:51pm Jackie and Clay
Jackie – I love you guys I really do

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-01 19-31-58-194_jpg

7:23pm Jackie and James
James saying he used to be able to Pound beer but now he just had a beer and he’s flushed..
James says if they gave her 3 shots of liquor back to back she would be feeling it.
Jackie – Hell ya that would be awesome (Biam)
James says she’s stressed for next week, “if clay wins HOH i’m fu*ked “
Jackie doesn’t think Clay will win, “You have a lot of people on your side to keep you”
They mention how Steve has totally opened up to them since the show started, “He’s totally different”
Jackie – If Vanessa would win would she put him up
James – probably not. I hate eating this pizza I want to eat the whole damn thing

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-01 19-47-53-945_jpg

7:46pm James and Becky Booze talk
They start chatting on why Asians faces turn red when they drink. Becky had a friend that was 1/2 Asian and she turned red. James says she does even though this tolerance is good.

James explains that Alcohol is poison that is what your body takes it as. “That’s what Alcohol is pretty much poison”
James – you’re body tried to fight the alcohol OFF and that’s what turns us red
Jmesa – I don’t get as red as some asian but I do get red
Becky – i have a really high tolerance for alcohol.. I don’t do shots.. If I take shots BAD NEWS.. it’s too concentrated.
Becky – I can sit and have SO MUCH WINE
Becky – Vodka f****s me up
James- f**** everyone up.. thats what russian’s drink
(It’s awesome we’re discovering all these other players in the house)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-01 20-21-29-923_jpg

8:13pm Becky and James
Becky says she’ll be outside with Shelli the entire time supporting her.
James says something told him to go BIG this week Gotta risk it to get the biscuit

8:45pm Feeds have been cut

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Straight Shooter

Leave it to Clay to play the game wrong. You’re suposed to want to stay dummy.


If James wants to hit a grand slam home run for this week, he will use the POV and take down Clay-mation and put up Liz, insuring enough votes to send that self righteous Shelli home. Knock it out of the park James!!


That’s exactly what I was going to say. I’m not sure where Johnnymac and Steve stand but I’m pretty sure Vanessa and Becky would vote to keep Shelli if he keeps the noms the same.


That makes no sense how does taking clay off the block ensures that shelli leaves. Clay is a for sure vote for her not to mention shelli/clay have more relaionships in the house then Liz.


I don’t get it. That pic of Clay with Meg is hotter than any chemistry he seem to think he has with Shelli.

Mrs. Mac

Oh yeah, Meg Haas been waiting for this moment all season, she is open for business.


Both Shelli/clay will stay. James will say I was only pretending. I really wanted so and so out. He’ll think (james) that he’s got their love (shelli/clay) but they will cut his throat.

Deez Nutz

Is Clay really going to toss his game for this chick?? I absolutely can not stand Shelli…mad b/c sum1 is not keeping their word…hello!! Mcfly!!

I mean, c’mon!! Are u that stupid/arrogant? I can’t wait to see that girl go home…PEACE!!

Repeat Of Earlier Post, Clay's Mom

Look my sweet child the love of my life: What did you get on BB for Money or a chick you’ve only known 30 + days, play the game and try to win the money then you can have your pick of many Shellie’s many. Don’t be a frickin idiot and blow the chance that was given to you over some chick get your head in the game and out of her ASS or where ever you’re putting it. Remember, Student Loans, Student Loans and what seems GREAT inside the house maybe HELL outside the house. Make your own way, Damn Fool Child of Your Father’s!!!!


Yep, gotta believe that she’s 33 and attractive yet unattached because either she chooses to be single or that other guys have dated her and after a bit said “oh hell no” and ran for the hills. It’s like the Halle Berry thing, every guy wants to be with her, but the two that were married to her couldn’t wait to leave. (granted, she chooses bad guys)


Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find the Prince!…and then sometimes you just gotta kiss a lot of frogs! She seems like a cold fish! The kind of woman who still plays games with her virtue as a prize! HoHum!

Captain Crunch

i hope James trow a curve ball in there plan to keep Shelli by taking Clay down with pov and putting up Vanessa


James, take Clayhole off the block and put up Vanessa!!!!!!!!!!

it's me

James did good to vote shelli. She is a good player

it's me

What’s with clay and meg


Shelli goes home and has to watch Clay and Meg… Ahh, that would be cruel. Cruelly awesome!


I would love to see Shelli go home and Meg put the moves on Clay!! Go get him girl!!


Seriously? You would support that? I would lose a lot of respect for clay if he did that.


Clay is 23 years old. He is not married nor is he betrothen to Shelli. Shelli has done nothing but boss him around whilst sporting a stick up her butt. She seems NO FUN AT ALL. Her attempt at fun was her stupid musical (Is it real?) in which she was so stiff and robotic and not even a good singer. Clay and Meg would be hysterical together- even if it was not a full on romantic get together, they would be much more fun to watch. Shelli (and Becky) are about as fun to watch as paint drying. Bye Shelli!!!


Shelli has literally carried Clay this far. She has to do EVERYTHING. Win the comps, explain the social part of the game. Honestly, I like Clay, BUT aside from flirting and getting with the right group from the jump (shelli, vanessa), he’s not a great player. Not much different than Meg, really. This is a game to win $500,000, not have “fun”. lol


Meg and Becky!

Clay might be an interesting player if Shellie is gone. He has been hanging on her skirt all game.


LOL Meg drank some of that juice and she feeling loose! Meg to Clay “You know how I feel about you!” LMAO
Smelli Shelli gone stab her ass with that sword! Anywho James need to take Clay down and throw Vanessa up to insure Smelli’s exit! BOOM!

Jay A

Wow is he really gonna give his spot up for her?! I feel bad that someone like Jason who wanted to stay and play the game is gone and we have two guys who should be on the bachelor (Austin and clay) still in the house smh I hope clays plan doesn’t success

I know

It is infuriating and it makes me hate them all the more. Hes known Shelli for what? 45 days? And hes willing to give up half a million? W.T.F


So the little story is out about Van and Austwins voting to save Shelli. Hope James gets the message Liz gotta go up. Come on Becky spill it to James.

BB17 fan

Why is everyone saying to put up Liz? If Liz goes up, Vanessa, Clay, John, Becky and Steve will vote out Liz. The only ones to vote to keep Liz are Austin, Julia, Becky and Meg. Vanessa wants to keep Shelli and she will make sure Steve votes her way. Then neither Shelli or Clay will leave..!!!!!


Something tells me shelli would have a real problem leaving clay in the house with meg….she can tell what time it is..lol. I seriously doubt she will dissuade clay from asking for eviction votes. I’m losing more respect for both of them at this point. Clay for giving up an opportunity that so many people dream about and shelli for continuing her selfish and manipulative ways and allowing him to check out of the house.


Clay quit playing the game like an idiot.
You and Shelli are not the next Jeff & Jordan.
You aren’t going to be a couple outside the house.
Maybe you will play the game better without her
Rachel played better without Brendan and she won.

Jeff/Jordan Fan

Maybe y’all haven’t heard, but Jeff and Jordan have MAJOR relationship problems…watch Celebrity Marriage Bootcamp…They are on it, and they’re not even married yet.


The lesson here for all future showmances is this: IF a girl is able to go 3 months without letting you do anything to her, or even doing anything to you, then you probably landed a cold fish who will be no different off camera.See: Shelli and Jordan!


Part of that is they are desperately trying to stay on TV. They’ve made being a couple their job.


Jace, Day, Jeff, Audrey, and Jason are probably about to explode right now. They wanted to be in the game, and Clay just QUIT over a showmance. If he didn’t want to be in the game, then why did he come on the show?

Yo Yo Yo

I could not have said that any better.
That’s why I want him to go home. Can’t stand Shelli but Clay has no game. He just follows Shelli around.
Someone on the feeds said that Austin and Clay should have been on the Bachelor show…Funny but True!!!

Castle Guard Shelli

Nice rack Meg.

Shelli go home

Clay needs to stop with this dumb shit. Shelli is a snake and will leave your ass once this shows over.


Clay is using emotional blackmail. He wants to stay. They both will be there come Thursday.

#Luv the one you're with

It looks like Clay has already found a replacement cuddle buddy. Meg or Jackie ?


Why do asian faces get red when they drink alcohol? Same reason you have a man jaw and horse teeth Becky, that’s the way God intended it. What a stupid question. And by the way, not all Asians turn red when they drink, and some non-asians get red when they drink too.


why is meg flirting with clay? SHE KNOWS WELL ENOUGH he has a thing for shelli. great, they kick out shelli and now meg wants her spot with clay. clay is the best looking man in the house right now but, meg needs to get it together. so disgusting, im sorry.


Did you listen to their convo? Meg drank a lot of wine. Clay asked her to vote him out over and over. She kept saying no, she’s the wrong girl to ask to do that. Says she knows he’ll regret it later. They are very touchy huggy but that’s it. By appearance, very easy to misinterpret what. Was going on.


Yeah what was that? Lost little respect for her. She doesn’t need to be getting involved with that.


Why not? They are both young, hormonal, in the game, and extremely good looking. They look like they have more chemistry than Clellie, and maybe Clay can at least score a decent kiss!


No she is flirty, flirty with him This last week. You can easily tell she has a little thing for him. Besides a pictures worth a thousand words, and in the pic above she is clearly pushing her breast toward him. And he knows it too, look at the look on his face! Lol. She may be losing her inhibitions because of the wine, but that only proves it in my mind, when you drink you tend to be a little more honest with your feelings.


Just don’t want to see her fall into that classic trap of a tool. Unless she plans on using it to him out next.


I agree. I mean, who would want Shelli’s sloppy showmance seconds? Eww.

Vanessa with a V

James had better get his face out of the pizza box and think this thing through about keeping the nominations the same. If Vanessa can get Austin, the twins, and one other person (probably Steve) to vote to keep Shelli, then Clay gets his wish. With Vanessa’s vote they will have the five they need to keep Shelli. Clay will be a civilian again, free to chase 20 year old bimbos. Think it through James: use the veto on Clay and put up any other member of the 6th sense. Meg will be happy if you do.


So glad Shelli is getting a taste of her own medicine this week! Karma is bitch!


This season reminds me so much of BB15. Shelli and clay aka McCrae and Amanda and shelli is a little like Aaryn in winning comps. Becky is like another Andy. Jackie is Elissa and my scared to do exactly what she wants. Johnny is Judd. And Vanessa is a new and improved Ginamarie.

Geez Louise

They’ve known each other a month and he’s quitting for her… I’ve been married to my husband nearly 8 years and I’d be campaigning against him all week! This is why people who don’t love this game shouldn’t be cast. No wonder A&M suckered this last yesr. Their quarterback was a quitter. Ugh


I seriously wonder what Clay’s family thinks about his save Shelli campaign? I would let him know what a jackass he made of himself & the ultimate quitter he was & on tv for others to shake their head & think what a waste! Definitely Jason deserved to be there when Clay could care less about being here to save Shelli’s selfish behind. What a slap in the face!


On Twitter they’re saying that Shelli’s dog tweeted “See You Thursday” Lololololol!!!




LOL best comment ever.


I dont mind Clay going home now cos hes being stupid.. people would love to be in that house and play and you quit your game for someone u met a month ago????? You can go now take Austin with you, you two are the same lol


Wow! That pic of Clay with Meg looks much better than any with Shelli! Would love to see Shelli go and Meg put the moves on Clay!! What would Shelli think as she watched from home??…one can only hope!!!


as much as i dislike shelli in the game and think she probably deserves worst, thats just going to make meg look like a hussy, and clay like he’s man slut. some of these people are just having a good time and all, but they need to remember that the cameras are always on. people will perceive meg like a loose/desperate girl taking shelli’s sloppy seconds(I KNOW SHELLI AND CLAY NEVER EVEN KISSED). maybe meg is that type of girl, IDK.


Ohh can’t forget meg can be Helen since she’s aligned with Jackie, and Jessie as Liz.. BB17 and BB15 are way too similar but a little less drama


Idk I’m wondering if Clay is throwing out some reverse psychology. It’s a win-win because he can appear like the “honorable” guy and pretend he’s taking the heat for his showmance. The whole Meg thing is just….Awkward. I was thinking for the last week or so she has a little thing for Clay, guess she just confirmed that. Lol


If James takes down Clay to guarantee Shelli is eliminated and puts up Liz here is how the votes will turn out:

Becky, Clay, Vanessa, Johnny Mac and Steve vote to evict Liz
Austin, Julia, Jackie and Meg vote to evict Shelli
Shelli Stays! 🙁

The only person I could see defeating Shelli is Vanessa, but James doesn’t fully know how connected she is to sixth sense and the floaters so it is unlikely she will go up. Jackie, Meg and James feel they’ve got Becky’s vote which will be their flaw in trying to get Shelli out 🙁


James will fuck around. Clay and Shelli will stay.

Frankie sux

You wait!! 10 minutes after Shellie is gone clay will have a new showmance.


James is a dick for brain. He’ll go after a minion when he could have had a gueen.


What is happening? I actually really liked Meg, like nice a down to earth girl, but whatever she was doing was just ew. Where did that come from? Lost a little respect there. I expected her to be able to see what this guy was really like.


Hey Simon & Dawg. Word must be out that you have a magical power to get force James to put up Vanessa with Shelli. Everyone here is begging you!


Clay is in love with a piece of ASS!! I don’t know why her teeth are as big as her face. What 20 ye old man would come on this show and fall in love with a 40 year old trash box? Maybe he needs to go since he likes to quit, let him go and let the other people in the house play the game. TRASH BOX!!!!!!


Booooo. Trashy comment.


You must feel real good about yourself trashing someone’s appearance and calling them “trash box”. Real mature.


Yeah their whole relationship is very obviously staged. They were together the MINUTE they got into the house before either had a chance to look at anyone else. Just odd and suspicious. She’s old enough to not be able to have his kids soon, they never kiss, have zero chemistry, and she’s not the best looking thing, there are younger and better looking girls in the house! and what is she going to do with him, wait for all her hair to turn gray before he’s ready to settle down? No way, one or both of them were hired. I don’t even think Clay is straight tbh. Is Clay getting paid to try to get Shelli to stay be the show needs a villain. Makes no sense otherwise.


Can’t believe I am saying this but I want Clay to stay. I want to see him with my girl Meg. His mom (Shelli) would FREAKOUT.


Meg has a crush on clay. If Shelli goes …clay will be okay.


Ok in what way? Meg can’t keep clay in the game like shelli has. Hell Im not even sure Meg realizes she is currently IN a game.

Chill Town

You’re really obsessed with the married couple in the house.


I won’t be surprised when stupid james pulls a blindside. Can’t wait til his neck is on the block. I see right through him.


Meg should enjoy herself. If he were smart meg makes so much more sense long term than the cry baby


If Clay really wanted out, he would just give his nominee speech and walk out before the vote.

But don’t be a douche bag. For god sakes this is a TV entertainment show and people want to see competition. You play football. If you were playing against your brother would you just let him walk in for a touchdown? Does Peyton Manning let his brother win or does he compete?

The honorable think to do is compete. Millions of people


May james game go down in flames if anyone other than Shelli/clay go home.


Clay is 23 and shelli is 33. Get the ages right atleast geez.

Clay is still a dumbass and james needs to find out.

Min O'Pause

Well! Not that I’m being catty but…..those thighs in orange tights? They look like a couple of big ol’ yams.

Modesty Blaise

Damn, I go shopping and out to a long dinner with friends (partially to wean myself away from checking on what’s happening in the house), and come back to all sorts of weirdness: Vanessa speaking with a Scottish accent, minus her green cap; Jackie looking all kinds of uncomfortable in a suit of armour, and Shellie looking like a demented medieval She-Ra warrior princess, and from what I’ve read, Meg and Clay are warming up to bump uglies. What the fresh hell is in the water??


I don’t understand why there’s so much hate for Shelli? From the beginning she was just trying to survive knowing she was involved in being a power couple and being a comp threat. Her personality is to speak up, she’s not a shrinking violet, that’s why she seemed to be the ring leader but in reality people were just trying to be quiet to get by and not cause waves. I think the hate for Shelli should simmer because it’s almost sounding personal but you can tell in real life she’s better than just being a good girl.


I totally agree. I don’t get the hate either. I think people are mad that she’s had a hand in taking out their favorite players or they don’t like a couple having power. Who knows. But the hateful comments are harsh. I don’t know in what alternate universe 33 is considered old. Maybe to a teenager I suppose.


I’m guessing that it has to do with the holier than thou attitude. I’m sure many people (myself included) are jealous of the beautiful piece of meat she has hanging all over her 24/7.

I’m not sure if there was as much hate towards her until she started going on about being honest when everyone knows she wasn’t. It is fine that she wasn’t, this is Big Brother after all but don’t go around pretending you’re little miss perfect who never did anyone wrong and then complain when someone returns the favour. People will forgive a lot but its the hypocrisy that they can’t get past. She F’d over Audrey and then James and tried to blame everyone else. She flat out lied about James and made a deal and an alliance that included him and was instrumental in getting rid of him almost immediately. When James went back on his word she couldn’t contain herself and showed her true colours.

I agree that the horse teeth and age jokes aren’t kind but hey it could be a lot worse. For those saying she’s too old to have kids, yikes. I do want to scratch her eyes out though when a half naked Clay is laying on top of her and she chastises him like he’s her dog.


I hate james with a passion. The little runt perv. I’ll probably hate him more next week. I can hardly wait until Vanessa, Shelli, and clay stab him in the heart.

Misty Beethoven

Well aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine? Now that you have all that pent up anger out of your system, go take your meds, have a cup of cocoa, and go to bed. It’ll all be better tomorrow.


I don’t care what anybody says. I still think Austin is tall dark and handsome. And I bet he does have a large package.


He needs a bubble bath, shave,less tattoos,WAY better taste in music!!! …and I still would NOT!


I was trying to get behind Vanessa as a frontrunner this season but after investigating her personal life I am appalled! Her husband got a rare form of Cancer, had a 10 pound tumor removed from his abdomen, and she left him a year later while he was battling for his life! She mentioned being with her girlfriend for 3 years and there was definitely an overlap! unfortunately her husband died July 3,2014…not getting behind this girl! Too wicked!

Chill this Town

if you think its painful watching Clay give up his VERY comfortable game(if shelli leaves its comfortable) for a older woman he will never have a legit relationship with…..



Honest Question: Why do so many people hate CL & SH so much?
I know that is a popular sentiment, because so many of the comments lean in that direction. I’m not criticizing or asking anyone to stop b/c I actually like seeing other Points of view, I just don’t know what either of them did to earn the hate. IMO I actually think this is the most likeable cast in a long time. Of course every season there are at least a few HGs that seem to get the brunt of the feedster hate so that part isn’t weird to me, I was just really surprised that they were the ones to get it this year. I’ll probably get hate for just asking the question but I really just want to know.

Is there a specific incident that I missed when they did something really nasty to trigger the disdain?

I read things like “bitch” and “self righteous” but I never really got those vibes from watching the feeds and reading the updates every day. Just wondering if there are any real reasons or if they are imaginary (like the ones Vanessa needs for renoms whenever she’s HOH)?

Simon & Dawg, This site rules. Thanks for all your hard work.


James says he’s stressed for next week, “if clay wins HOH i’m fu*ked “
Jackie doesn’t think Clay will win, “You have a lot of people on your side to keep you” lol yeah right, she still doesn’t have a clue, So stupid, she is out for revenge for two guys that did nothing for her in this game. Plus Jeff is the biggest tool ever and she still is really friends with him. Unless Jackie wins, her or James will definitely go next week. Everybody including Becky, John, Steve will turn against them, as soon as they are out of power.